Saturday, April 29, 2017

In the Realm of Politics
Is Hypocrisy Always Dishonest, 
Or is it Merely Business as Usual?

Or Must We Accept It 
As A Fact Of Life?


  1. Hypocrisy should be frowned upon. It is dishonest, even deceitful. But, the reality is humans are, and always have been, hypocrites. Self interest drives hypocrisy and what is good for me is often considered not good for thee

    Hypocrisy might as well be accepted because it is here to stay. People insure this is so.

  2. Reduce the power of the Presidency... and you reduce the potential for damage to the country through "corruption" of government.

    1. I think you need to elebatoarate on that a wee bit, FJ, before us poor peasants could hope to understand why you said it.

  3. Our dearly departed former leader has been hailed by the liberals and the Liberal media as wildly successful. Look at how he kept the economy from collapsing in 2009! By spending a trillion or two dollars that we didn't have. And it went to things that nobody can put their finger on. Nothing to show for it. And there's all of those jobs he created, all part time flipping burgers, with nobody qualifying for his damn Obamacare, that he passed without a single Republican vote.

    Oh well, Don't get me started

    1. But should this properly be labelled "HYPOCRISY," or is it really SELF-DELUSION?

      There IS a difference, you know.

  4. Shaw's nemesis JoanApril 29, 2017 at 9:07 AM

    And what infuriates me the most is that these dimwits are still bitching and moaning about “Hillary winning the Popular Vote” !
    The Electoral College officially elected Donald Trump President of the United States today. This despite the best efforts of Hillary's campaign, President Obama, apparently the mainstream media’s attempt to derail the political process outlined in the Constitution.

    Nothing is worse than hearing a bunch of leftist progressives lecture the people of the United States about what the Constitution says. If leftists were so concerned about the Constitution, they'd defend it all the time instead of throwing it in the trash, or having Barack Obama wipe his feet with it. .

    I'm especially fed up with Hollywood has-beens reading from a script to try to delegitimize Donald Trump. Are we going to have to put up with that spew for four years? Or the 8 years that I think he’ll be in office! It was bad enough to listen to leftist whining through the Obama years.

    1. Could you please tell us –– just ONCE –– about something of which you approve, or better yet something that DELIGHTS you, Joan?

      Endless KVETCHING is an awful bore, because it shed no light, offers no hope, and has no trace of humor.

  5. I have people I know who are Democrats. I will still respect them and talk to them when they are around me. The only thing is some have lost their minds and dignity. They need to accept the fact that Melania Trump is our First Lady and truly deserves the American people respect. Donald J. Trump is our President people. Accept it like we accepted Obama. Move on. Give our President a chance. We moved on and accepted Obama for 8 years. No brutal beatings. No rioting. No protesting. Give it up. Start acting like American citizens and stop acting like buffoons. Your Obama is the one who caused so much that is wrong with this country. Stop blaming President Trump for what Obama has created and divided.

    1. "They" claim, of course, –– with some justification –– that "we" never accepted Obama, and did nothing but attempt to oppose and undermine him from the day he decided to run for the presidency.

      Now HOW would YOU answer THOSE charges? [I have plenty of ideas, myself, but I'd rather hear some intellgent support for "our" side from YOU –– or anyone else who might care to expand on that particular theme.]

  6. But he does deserve the fee he is getting. After all he was a Nobel Prize winner, kept the largest economy in the world from growing for eight years, was a master at playing in the sand, lowered employee costs for thousands of company and single handed brought down the middle class while helping to make millionaires richer. Those are achievements he is not praised for.

    He has been acknowledged as one of the most brilliant speakers of our day because he has mastered chop speech. I hope I am invited to hear him speak because it is better than drugs to help you sleep.

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  8. The Worm Has TurnedApril 29, 2017 at 10:15 AM

    Is Colin Kaepernick Still Looking for a Job?
    I think that Kaepernick needs to leave football and replace Rachel Maddow on MSNBC as their prime time anchor. He'd make more money and could rant in that ignorant voice of his, better than Maddow. If he underwent gender reassignment surgery it would be more palatable to the viewers. Maybe the MSNBC opening credits could be a burning flag?

  9. The U.N. Tells Trump: Repealing Obamacare Illegal And Thst Thry Won’t Allow It!

    1. The UN can go to HELL, they have no say in what OUR government says or does!

    2. Where did you get that information? I've neither seen nor heard anything about it.

      I am no fan of the U.N., but they do NOT have any jurisdiction whatsoever over the way WE run OUR internal affairs.

      How COULD they?

    3. How COULD they?

      If you have not heard of the U.N.'s Agenda 21 and its "voluntary" compliance with its agenda you should look it up. If you don't think there are any American's of great political influence that are strong advocates of globalist centralized control then maybe we are not seeing the same reality. Since there's an obvious connection between the ideology of Agenda 21 and globalism, IMO, at least.

    4. I know about that, waylaid, and disikes it asmuch or more than yu, but the fact remains that there is –– as yet –– no estabished and officially sanctioned INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT that has the authority to intervene in the internal affairs of sovereign nations. It may be a POTENT FANTASY in the minds of "progressives," but it is STILL a fantasy, thank GOD.


  10. Hypocrisy is the contrivance of a false appearance of virtue or goodness, while concealing real character or inclinations, especially with respect to religious and moral beliefs; hence in general sense, dissimulation, pretense, sham.

    The word hypocrisy comes from the Greek ὑυπόκρισις (hypokrisis), which means "jealous", "play-acting", "acting out", "coward" or "dissembling".[4] The word hypocrite is from the Greek word ὑποκριτής (hypokritēs), the agentive noun associated with υποκρίνομαι (hypokrinomai κρίση, "judgment" »κριτική (kritikē), "critics") presumably because the performance of a dramatic text by an actor was to involve a degree of interpretation, or assessment.

    1. Thank you for providing the classical definition of the word.

      I never stop thinking, however, of the very fine, often fuzzy lines existing between Hypocrisy and Diplomacy –– between Mendacity and Tact –– between Candor and Cruelty –– between Bare Statements of Fact and Wisdom, etc.

  11. Hypocrisy is Dishonesty and Cowardice's little bastard child, and of course it cannot be eliminated. It is part of human nature, and it is a fundamental component of political rhetoric.

    * Leftwingers cater to the rich and powerful and are funded by them.

    * Democrats claim to be for "the little people," but rarely do anything for them, and rampant illegal immigration and the globalism Democrats champion is hurting working class people.

    The GOP's hypocrisy is especially rich.

    * GOOPers blather on about smaller government, cutting budgets, more freedoms... etc, but grow government and create more debt every time they get their grimy mitts on the levers of power.

    * GOOPers and their Chamber of Commerce con-conspirators love talking about free markets, economic liberty, etc, but the so-called captains of industry and corporate pirates are scared shitless of a free market they cannot manipulate, rent seek from, and demand government favors and impenetrable government-enforced barriers to market entry.

    Fie on them all!

    * The most shameless parade of naked hypocrisy is hosted by Congressional GOOPers who "bravely" staged something like 10,000 meaningless Obamacare repeals, and actually crowed about it to voters, but who now cringe in fear when they actually have the power to do it.

    Not just "Fie on them all," F*** 'em all. They are a shameful confederacy of cowards, scam artists and crooks.

    The worthless, ball-less, flailing GOP's only utility is that when they are in power, the DemonCraps are not, meaning the DemonCraps only get about 20% of their agenda through instead of 100%.

    1. Silver I used to like you but after reading the garbage above that you wry, I think that you really DO need to retire from posting. I think that you have completely flipped your lid...❌

    2. Which of my comments do you disagree with?

      I am open to countervailing information.

    3. He may not be objecting so much to the CONTENT of your statement, Silver, as he is to the TONE.

      I too am disappointed, of course, –– but not at all surprised –– at the performance of congressional Republicans.

      The problem –– as I see it –– is that NO PARTY comes anywhere close to representing policies that I, personally, would like to see enacted.

      Hope may spring eternal, but I doubt very much if I will see what- I-would-like come to pass in my lifetime –– and I doubt it will happen in yours.

      The world is long overdue for:

      A) a genuine REVIVAL of CHRISTIAN FAITH based on vigorous encouragement of positive humane values, with a marked de-emphasis in condemnation. A TRUE Christian should be devoid of self-righteousness, and any eagerness to vilify others.

      B) A SECOND ENLIGHTENMENT grounded in the principles of the FIRST, certainly, but made to deal with the dehumanizing challenges brought about by Industrialization, Automation, Robotization, the overwhelming effects of a too-rapidly-advancing Technology, and the false promises of Internationalism –– One World Government –– the ultimate in Centralized Power.

      In an ideal world PERSUASION would ultimately replace COERCION.

      That could never happen, however, unless and until a culture dedicated to the proposition that constantly improving and refining the individual's determination to do his or her best at all times –– REGARDLESS of any negative forces being brought to bear –– is gthe ONLY choice anyone has in the ceaseless struggle to avoid misery and degradation.

      The DEVIL may be in the DETAILS, as we are forever being told, but GOD may be found in devoted reliance on bedrock PRINCIPLES.

      Ifs we train ourselves to rely in First Principles ALWAYS, the details are bound to fall into place much more easily, if not automatrically.

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  14. I see some constants here.

    - It is much easier to fubar something than make it better.
    - politicians are by and large failures - failed lawyers - failed business people, etc, so their existence demands that they put on a fake facade
    - None of Americas problems have been made better by politicians, the can gets kicked down the road
    - the road has an end point somewhere.

    1. Does that mean you favor outright ANARCHY, Kid? ;-)

    2. No sir. I favor everyone following the law, most especially politicians - who are the worst at disregarding the law.

    3. True, Kid, but they're the ones who MAKE the laws, and they make so many BAD ones it's often hard to respect The Law.

  15. Well, at least Obama earned it honestly and was pretty consistent about the way he invested and his ostensible values.

    Here's a link comparing how Obama made his money with the way Paul Ryan made his money.


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    2. Depends on how you define "honestly." Jersey.

      Personally I think you're wearing ideological blinders.


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  17. As the Spring air enters, things are becoming more clear to me. And as someone who voted for Donald Trump, I have to wonder, what is the link, and the significance between one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors and the Women’s March? Turns out, it’s very significant. My research proved that once again George Soros has funded, and has close relationships with, at least 5o or more of the Women’s March’s partners, including key people of Planned Parenthood, which opposes Trump’s anti-abortion policy, and the National Resource Defense Council, which opposes Trump’s environmental policies. So isn’t that a convenient fact to ponder over! And moreover, other Soros ties with the Women’s March organizations include ,which was always been pro-Clinton, the National Action Network which has a former executive director lauded by Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett as a leader of “Tomorrow” a march co-chair and another official as “the head of logistics”. Other Soros grantees who are also partners in the march are the American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Constitutional Rights, Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch!
    Proving that this “March” was NOT exactly spontaneous, and organized by a bunch of “dissatisfied Women who just happened to have a ship load of Pussy Hats, and those disgusting costumes, along with pre-made posters, and signs. Proving that this entire farce smelled from a lack of credibility, and just more whining from the left.

    And after hearing those “speaches” for the Hollywood Jackass’s, like Madonna, and Ashley Judd, all I could get from it was that the loons got loonier and their true colors of moronic came through before the eyes of the viewer.
    Women should be ashamed of themselves for even being associated with these fools and their really stupid little hats.
    So much nastiness on display from the people that were supposed to be better, and role Models Trump had been President for only ONE day, Obama for 8 years, where were the protests then about equal pay then? . I guess they were scared they would be called racists!

    1. I agree abiut thew foolishness and the essential nastiness of it all, but it well behooves those of us who oppose the "progressive" brand of thinking NOT to MIRROR their tactics lest we become less and less distinguishable from these fractious, ill-tempered, virulently self-righteous, thoroughly obnoxious Lost Souls. ;-)

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  20. o/t


    "Once more on Fair Schuylkill we cheerfully meet,
    Our Sachems, our warriors, our brethren to greet;
    The Great King above, has allow'd us again
    To bury the hatchet, and brighten the chain.
    Then your hands all my sons—who for freedom have stood,
    Who rescued my land at th' expense of your blood:
    Such honors in hist'ry's bright annals shall shine,
    And I glory to think such bold heroes are mine.

  21. I watched about 30 minutes of the Trump Bashing Party at the Washington Correspondents Dinner Saturday night. I have always enjoyed it and, this time, it was dull as dirt. As you all know, president Trump didn’t, so no celebrities were there, just news people. Part of the fun was watching their HYPOCRISY and the fact that their slamming Mr. Trump was as cowardly as it could have possibly been. And these is the reason why I mention this: A dinner where political elites read jokes off cards about media elites written for them by Hollywood elites, and Mr Trump was supposed to just sit there ans listen to these idiots ridicule him?
    The topic of this Gang Banging was “Free Press” Well:....What about the “Free Press” omitting the real stories for the PAST EIGHT YEARS? What about the IRS, story? Lois Lerner situation? Did they covere THAT in depth?” “What about the fact that Obama got the Nobel Prize? Anybody ask what THAT was about with any seriousness?” “Did you ever hammer Obama about NOT fulfilling his promise to close Gitmo in 8 years like you’ve hammered Trump for not doing all he said he’d do in the first 100 days?” “How about the Michelle Obama school food fiasco? Anybody but the Conservative media cover the trash cans all over American schools loaded with the broccoli and carrot sticks she recommended but the kids wouldn’t eat?” “How about how you handled Chelsea versus how you handle Ivanka?” How about you guys ganing up on a 10 year old boy? And was Hillary’s emails“ such a small story that no one even mentioned it, ? How about the new interviews asking Dan Rather about journalistic integrity after all HE did for integrity!!? WHAT?”

    I could on and on and ON and on and ON………..

    And these liberal writers have the GALL to say TRUMP IS HOLDING BACK A FREE PRESS?

    1. Thank you for not going ON and on and ON.

      The idea of changing libel laws to stop the press from reporting truth Trump dislikes should concern all who respect our democracy.


      FOR THE RECORD: I do not think it wuld be appropriate to make it possible to SUE the ENEDMEDIA for being what they are, becase it would set a dangerius precedent that coud too easily cme back to do some seriius butt-biting once the tables are turned. Nevertheless, some sort of OFFICIAL COUNTER-ENEMEDIA organization should be established to DENOUNCE and REFUTE their fraud, deceit, calumny, character assassination and general aura of perpetua MEAN-SPIRITEDNESS on a daily basis.

    3. Not Shakespeare: You've made excellent points. Thank you for a meaningful contribution.

      ~ FT

  22. So today is “May Day”, or as some call it “Worker’s Day”, or as I call it “Commie Day”... I hope that you’ll pardon me but I don't celebrate pagan, or Commie holidays!
    To many today is just another excuse for the Lefty Protesters to Riot and Protest, and get out of control. After all it’s National Commie Day.

    But lets not forget as the Lefties say, it's the Tea Partiers who pose the real threat with their peaceful gatherings, where they dare to say the Pledge of Allegiance, and they even stans uo on their two feet wile doing so..

    This is the same bunch from the other “movements like the “Occupy” crowd, and the “Women’s March” that was supported by lefty sponsors, and true Res like Soros, and many of the governors and mayors. Who didn’t have any regard for public, or private property or the safety of the police officers.
    It's the first of May again and these “Tolerant” people hope to welcome in Spring unless
    you're in favor of the Communist Workers of the World, and are commemorating the life of Stalin, or Mao, or the Million that were murdered during the Cultural Revolution.
    .All of which are Standard operational procedure for 'Commie Day'. Nothing new here.
    Just a collection of Moronic and senseless Idiots that believe that "civil" disobedience is a right.
    Lets just day that it's May 1st. It is time to remember the hundreds of millions of people murdered, dispossessed, and abused by Communists.

    1. "The First of May, A new Song in Praise of St. Tammany, the American Saint—
      "Tune, The hounds are all out &c.

      "Of St. George or St. Bute, let the poet laureat sing,
      Of Pharaoh or Pluto of old,
      While he rimes forth their praise, in false flattering lays,
      I'll sing of St. Tamm'ny the bold, my brave boys.
      Let Hibernia's sons boast, make Patrick their toast,
      And Scots Andrew's fame spread abroad,
      Potatoes and oates and Welch Leeks, for Welch goats,
      Was never St. Tammany's food, my brave boys.
      In freedom's bright cause, Tammany pled with applause,
      And reason'd most justly from nature;
      For this, this was his song, all, all the day long,
      Liberty's the right of each creature, brave boys.
      Whilst under an oak his great parliament sat,
      His throne was the crotch of the tree,
      With Solomon's look, without statutes or book,
      He wisely sent forth his decree, my brave boys.
      His subjects stood round, not the least noise or sound,
      Whilst freedom blaz'd full in each face;
      So plain were the laws, and each pleaded his cause,
      That might Bute, North and Mansfield disgrace, my brave boys.
      No duties nor stamps, their blest liberty cramps,
      A King, tho' no tyrant was he;
      He did oft' times declare, nay sometimes would swear,
      The least of his subjects were free, my brave boys.
      He, as King of the woods, of the rivers and floods,
      Had a right all beasts to control;
      Yet content with a few, to give nature her due,
      So gen'rous was Tammany's soul! my brave boys.
      In the morn he arose, and a hunting he goes,
      Bold Nimrod his second, was he;
      For his breakfast he'd take a large venison stake,
      And dispis'd your flip-flops and tea, my brave boys.
      While all in a row, with squaw, dog and b__,
      Vermilion adorning his face;
      With feathery head he rang' d the woods wide,
      Sure St. George had never such grace, my brave boys:
      His jetty black hair, such as Buckskin saints wear,
      Perfumed with bear's grease well smear'd,
      Which illum'd the saint's face, and ran down apace,
      Like the oil from off Aaron's beard, my brave boys.
      The strong nervous deer, with amazing career,
      In swiftness he'd fairly run down,
      And, like Sampson, wou'd tear wolf, lion or bear;
      Ne'er was such a saint as our own, my brave boys.
      When he'd run down a stag, he behind him wou'd lag,
      For so noble a soul had he!
      H'd stop, tho' he lost it, tradition reports it,
      To give him fresh chance to get free, my brave boys.
      From his quiver he drew forth an arrow so keen,
      And seiz'd fast his imperial bow;
      It flew straight to the heart, like an Israelite dart;
      Could St. Andrew ever do so, my brave boys?
      With a mighty strong aim, and a masculine bow,
      His arrow he drew to the head,
      And as sure as he shot, it was ever his lot,
      His prey it fell instantly dead, my brave boys.
      His table he spread, where the venison bled;
      Be thankful, he used to say;
      He'd laugh and he'd sing, tho' a saint and a king,
      And sumptuously dine on his prey, my brave boys.
      Then over the hills, o'er the mountains and rills,
      He'd caper, such was his delight;
      And ne'er in his days, Indian history says,
      Did lack a good Supper at night, my brave boys.
      On an old stump he sat, without cap or hat,
      When Supper was ready to eat;
      Snap his dog, he stood by, and cast a sheep's eye,
      For venison's the king of all meat, my brave boys.
      Like Isaac of old, and both cast in one mould,
      Tho' a wigwam was Tamm'ny's cottage,
      He lov'd sav'ry meat, such that patriarch eat;
      Of ven'son and squirrel made pottage, my brave boys.


    2. * * * *

      As old age came on, he grew blind, deaf and dumb,
      Tho' his sport ‘twere hard to keep from it,
      Quite tired of life, bid adieu to his wife,
      And blaz' d like the tail of a comit, my brave boys.
      What country on earth, then did ever give birth,
      To such a magnanimous saint?
      His acts far excel all that history tell,
      And language too feeble to paint, my brave boys.
      Now to finish my song, a full flowing bowl;
      I'll quaff' and sing the long day,
      And with punch and wine paint my cheeks for my saint,
      And hail ev'ry first of Sweet May, my brave boys."

    3. ____ On St. Tammany's Birthday _____

      A shame the name of Tammany’s been linked
      With the vilest of politicos named Tweed,

      Who ran New York in manner quite distinct

      Eschewing never any dirty deed.


The entity still known as Tammany Hall

      Shall live in infamy, and so obscures

      The truth about its namesake, overall

      A noble savage, whose good name endures

      Only in the writings of The Sachem,
Neddy, who on Tammany heaped praise.

      But kind words today are scarce. We rarely watch ‘em,
      Because none restores these days, instead they raze.

      Of Tammany, himself, we should think kindly,

      Not follow false associations blindly.

      ~ An FT Encore Presentation ;-)

    4. Thank you for the appreciative acknowledgement, FJ, –– and for remindng us once again of "St. Tammany," and the significant role he played in the early days of our founding.

  23. There is always an element of dishonesty in hypocrisy. Sometimes the dishonesty is nefarious, sometimes not.

    And dishonesty cannot be eliminated. To think that it can be eliminated is utopian thinking.

    As for Obama's $400,000 Wall Street speeches, should we expect that he would do otherwise? Of course he is going to seek out the highest bidders -- never mind the source of the dollars. Human nature and all that.

    What's more, Obama is probably one of those who think along the lines of "He who dies with the most toys wins." A multitude of people with absolutely-zero money concerns think along those lines. Greed begets greed.

    Adage: "You can never be too rich or too thin."

  24. Just yesterday when I saw most liberals( I don’t mean to say ALL Liberals, but So many on this facebook) were calling President Trump stupid, and insulting his children to no end... which proves to me that the Stupidity of these liberals, knows no bounds). I had an epiphany on how "STUPID" those liberals really are. Most liberals think that Barack Obama is a genius, along with Namcy Pelosi, Chuck Schoomer, Hillary Clinton, with her PIG of a Husband, and other predominate Democrats. Like The Progressive Mayor of New York for example along with Donna Brazile, and Maxine Waters! Incidently they see Maxine Waters as a genius! Maxine Waters who actually believes there is a town in Syria called Limp Popo! But we now have a Billionaire President who took a pay cut to be president and they call him stupid. this coming from people who have EBT cards, Government Healthcare, Free Cell-Phones, and other government programs. Maybe if they stopped drinking the liberal Kool Aid they could see how stupid they really ..

    I honestly believe that most of these liberals here are NOT stupid, but as we see here every day. Some actually know better but for some demented reason, they like to just lie, or believe the lies. And then again there are those who have simply been brainwashed to think a certain way and stubbornly refuse to see what is right in front of them.
    There’s one guy here on this facebook who goes nuts every time he hears about Trump playing Golf ON WEEKENDS, at his own Gold Course! But fails to acknowledge that Trump is amazing he has time to run the country, fix problems, taunt liberals, bitch slap the left wing media, make deals with foreign nations, and play golf.
    But they still love and admire Hillary Clinton a out and out criminal, and possibly the worst candidate to ever run for the Presidency. Which proves that you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can fool a liberal ALL the time. For example, how did that Hope and Change work out for you?

    The bottom line is this, Trump is simply not a stupid man, you don't rise to the top of the New York real estate market and stay there for decades if you’re not a smart and good business man. Haters hate, and chapter one in the hater handbook states that it is easier to justify hating someone if you are jealous. Thus, it makes the haters feel better about themselves if they can say Trump is stupid. It's the old Liberal mentality. "He's not like us, so he must be inferior". Doesn't make it true, but they're not really worried about the truth, are they?
    The Snowflakes went long with the Hilldebeast and are losers just like she is. Sorry, I try to remember to call Liberals Progressives, but old habits are hard to break.

    The Democratic brains trust of Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Debbie Wasserman and that clown Joe Biden who said over the weekend that Crooked Hillary lost only because she was a woman.

  25. So we just had the milestone of President Trump’s first 100 days (by the way, it was not Hillary's first 100 days thank God)President Trump’s first 100 days have produced dividends for both political parties. Republicans are thrilled over tighter U.S. borders and a booming stock market, and evidence of much more to come . Democrats because it’s made superstars out of Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy on SNL

  26. You know that this President must be doing something wrong when the Republicans runs both Houses of Congress, plus the Presidency and yet they can’t pass a single piece of legislation passed , which translates to an utter failure of Trump’s agenda

    1. ...or it's an indicator of the depth of the swamp.

    2. BRILLIANT, Memberberry! Just BRILLIANT!

      If we handed out prizes for brevity, wit and succinctness, you'd win hands down.

  27. Dr Jane Goodall, Gorilla WatcherMay 1, 2017 at 5:44 PM

    Baltimore Libtards wonder why the murder rate is spiraling out of control

    Lefties don’t live in dey Sanctuary Cities No more
    Dey get up tight every nite, bullets in da townhouse door
    An’ Abdul don’t need no stall to pee
    He just whip it right out
    On the boulevard tree
    Lefty don’t live in that Sanctuary City No more

    Lefty don’t live in his Sanctuary City No more
    Pancho don’t tune his big El Dorado No more
    You can smell the smoke of those strip mall fires
    Set by BLM and their Soros hires
    Lefty don’t live in his Sanctuary City No more

    Lefty don’t drive in his Sanctuary City No more
    He get car-jacked drivin’ to the neighborhood
    Liquor store
    Nita still loves her coke and rum
    But she sits alone
    Cause her Lefty don’t come
    Lefty don’t drive in his Sanctuary City No more

    A Liberal tool in a section 8 shack
    Feeding her kids from a paper sack
    She gotta see da case worker
    And she be right back

    Lefty don’t live in his Sanctuary City No more
    He got shot tight Friday night
    Bled out on the danceroom floor
    Lefty spit out his fine cigar
    But we know you smokin’
    Wherever you are
    Lefty don’t live in his Sanctuary City No more

    1. Melanie Wilkes Furbush said

      That's racist, unkind and not the least bit clever. Shame in you!

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  30. The first day in May has been a holiday for labor groups and leftist organizations for more than a century. May Day is a national holiday in many countries, but not in the lest not until MOE

    1. Philander Kraft-Ebbing said

      Hurray! Hurray!
      The first of May!
      Outdoor fucking
      Starts today!



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