Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sunrise or sunset?

What Concerns You Most?

The intransigence of Congress?

Islamism and the Middle East?

The Influence on Congress of AIPAC 
(The Israel Lobby)?

The Ostentatious Threats by North Korea’s 
Kim Jong Un?

The Hysterical Counter-Productive 
Antics of Democrats?

Increasing Robotization?

President Trump?

The Wall?

The Thwarted Travel Ban?


What would they think of us today?


  1. Congress total disregard for the American people. Their priorities are becoming more established as concrete, personal power, personal wealth, party, keeping my job and somewhere way down the list and only if pushed do something meaningless for the American people. They are all sewer rats.

    The elite media who have a motto, Truth be Damned. They can't get over their selection lost and keep up the mantra the DJT has the lowest ratings in recent years. They neglect to mention 96% of people who voted for him would again.

    The paid protesters against all things Trump.

    Trump tweets, he needs to cancel his account and realize he doesn't need to respond to Everything.

    Drain The Swamp, NOW. Propose term limits be put on the next ballot and let the people decide.

    Rework obamacare and get away from repeal/Replace. The republicans have had eight years to come up with a plan and they haven't do a thing.

    Use the term for Medicare and Social Security paid for benefits not entitlements. Change the reference for welfare, adc, free phones, and all of the other give aways to Thank You Taxpayers.

    1. I agree with most of your statement, Skud, expect your opinion of President Trump's Tweets.

      His "tweeting" is THE source of his great success. It has enabled him to bypass the ENEMEDIA, and reach vast numbers of citizens DIRECTLY in plain, economical language most members of the rank and file can understand.

      The ENEMEDIA is THE primary force that has for decades been deliberately gumming up the works by making an honest, direct, unequivocal exchange of thoughts and feelings virtually impossible.

      At this moment I see the ignoble Establishment Tool, PAUL RYAN, as the primary bete noir befouling the atmosphere in congress, thus constipating or completely BLOCKING the promised agenda that got President Trump elected.

  2. The Rats who are called Progressives

    1. But what about the dirty Repubican RINOS?

      Aren't they ever bit as much –– or more –– to blame as the Leftists if only because they refuse to take advantage of the power voters have given them?

  3. I agree with the comment above. The left is the American Taliban.

    1. Yes, but it's much more complicated than that, Sal.

      We are suffering right nam because the GOP hs failed to take advantage of the power granted to it by the voters.

  4. President Trump. Hands down.

  5. Enquiring Minds What To Know:

    Why did Bill Clinton meet PRIVATELY with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the Tarmac, when his wife Hillary was a candidate for the President of the United States of America when the Justice Department – could be impartial in the Hillary Clinton investigation. Just days later, FBI Director James Comey called Hillary Clinton’s actions “extremely careless” but declined to recommend charges.?

    What was the conclusion of the IRS scandal that materially interfered with a presidential election by curtailing tax-exempt funding to those perceived as being conservatives and not progressives? Why were IRS officials such as Lois Learner and IRS Director John Koskinen NOT held accountable for their actions, especially lying to Congress?

    What was the Obama Administration’s need for a cover-up in Benghazi? Was it to cover-up incompetence before a presidential election or was it more sinister – involving illegal and unconstitutional arms trafficking to Islamic terrorists?

    How did Hillary and Bill Clinton avoid prosecution for the Clinton Foundation and its involvement in U.S. foreign affairs? How did Hillary Clinton and quite a few highly-placed government officials avoid prosecution for the very same activities that saw numerous lesser individuals sent to prison for lesser offenses?

    Why is FBI Director James Comey still heading this agency when he was a failure to faithfully execute the duties of their office?

    1. I don't know. Haven't you any ideas that might help answer the questions you've raised?

  6. These are good questions.

    What Concerns me most on that list falls under "other."

    Big, structural ailments are chronically hobbling us and holding us back.

    Our ridiculous criminalizing of every social ill under the sun if severely hampering our upward mobility and general growth as a nation. One third of the working age population - think about this - ONE THIRD of the working age population has a criminal record. On average, these people have half the chance of getting a job as they would have without it, let alone the effects on education, the family, income, health, our communities, and all else that comes with it. And sure enough, "the overwhelming majority of Americans with a criminal history were never convicted of a serious crime; many were not even formally charged with one."

    But cops and prisons are powerful political and profiting tools, and fear of "young thugs" and demand for "law and order" plays really well with older folks - and, unlike the understandably disaffected young, they vote. So this condition has only been getting worse for many years. We are beginning to see some political impetus, from both sides of the aisle, to do something about this, but it seems to have been set aside for other "issues" these days that seem to me to be of far, far lesser consequence.

    "The intransigence of Congress?"

    That's a loaded question. Intransigence to do what? I don't see them offering to anything anyone really wants, but for a few special interests. They put out a healthcare bill that was just silly. They are having a hard time assembling a budget because Trump wants to build a silly, unrealistic, literal "wall" (as if it was still the 10th century and "drones" were something only certain monks did), and he wants to put Medical coverage for the poor up against it to make a "deal" that no one on either side of the aisle in congress wants in the first place.

    "Islamism and the Middle East?"

    It's a mess. It will require constant watching and law enforcement and intelligence and the occasional missile strike or special forces mission, and it will go on and on. It is an issue, but it has changed little in recent years and doesn't seem to be headed anywhere better in the foreseeable future.

    "The Influence on Congress of AIPAC
    (The Israel Lobby)?"

    It's too late to worry about that now. We should have taken the Jewish refugees after the war and we wouldn't have to worry about that insane nonsense. Live and learn.

    "The Ostentatious Threats by North Korea’s
    Kim Jong Un?"

    Kinda like the Islam thing, but I think China will eventually step in and straighten things out a bit. The situation is becoming untenable for all involved.

    "The Hysterical Counter-Productive
    Antics of Democrats?"

    I don't know what that means or why it would be important to anyone.

    "Increasng Robotization?"

    Fact of life.

    "The Wall?"

    See above.

    "The Thwarted Travel Ban?"


    "President Trump?"



    Well, the healthcare sector is a real mess right now, and with the added confusion from the current governing majority, a fifth of our economy and the only thing that really matters in our lives (our health), is in a tenuous state.

    The thought of massive federal revenue reductions, with the usual crazy borrowing that will come with it, is disconcerting. The banks and Wall Street are literally drooling, all napkinned up and banging their utensils on the table right now, so if you think that's good...???


    1. That is MUCH TOO MUCH to deal with in this venue, Jersey. I agree with you on some things, but decidedly not on others. Your apparently blithe acceptance of numerous phenomena I, personally, find abhorrent as inevitable –– like Robotization and the presence of brutal, savage, violence-prone Islamists on our midst –– disturbs me greatly

      Failure to contemplate the possible RAMIFICATIONS of these and other dreadful developments and at least TRY to ward them off all but guarantees our DOOM.

      Also, you are completely WRONG about our treatment of Jews. There are more Jews living in the USA than there are in Israel. Most of them live in the New York Metropolitan area and a great many on the Atlantic Coast of Florida. HOLLYWOOD, an original, wildly successful creation of Jews, is completely dominated by their presence.

      Jews have been better treated in the USA than they have anywhere else in the world. They are not only ACCEPTED, they have risen to the top of most fields, and are permitted to ride roughshod over the rest of us with impunity.

      Unpleasant though that may be to contemplate, doesn't change it from being a matter of FACT. That we are supposed never even to DARE to NOTICE it –– much less speak openly about it –– bothers me a lot, as I believe it should bother ANYONE who favors Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Assembly, and Freedom to enjoy rights of PRIVACY.

      Your claim not to understand what I mean by "The Intransigence of Congress frankly astounds me, since it happens to be one of THE most obvious ugly truths about Washington, D.C. owe suffer with today.

      I agree with you about the absurdity of criminalizing many aspects of private human behavior, but do you realize there is a corollary to that that I find even more objectionable? That would be the detestable practice given to us primarily by Child Psychologists of classifying every bad habit, every act of defiance, and anti-social behavior as a DISEASE.

      Thans largely to SIGMUND FREUD we have come to regard the concept of personal reposnsibility as INHUMANE. "You're not BAD, you poor dear thing, you're just DISEASE, and you are doubless a VICTIM of BAD PARENTING. Well shit on that, as they used to say down South. };^)>

      If you doubt this, try to find a copy of The Excuse Factory by Waltern Olson (1997), –– probably on Amazon.com now –– and read it carefully. You might find yourself undergoing a change of heart.

      Meanwhile, I hope you are feeling better, and will soon get all the medical attention you need.

  7. Dimenshia Freecocks sid

    FBN: Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd blasted Speaker Paul Ryan for not funding President Trump’s border wall in this year’s budget.

    Judd joined Stewart Varney this morning on Varney and Co.

    Stewart Varney: There is a report this morning that Speaker Paul Ryan is suggesting that Congress delay border wall funding until next year. What do you say about that?

    Brandon Judd: I disagree. President Trump promised he was going to secure the border and part of securing the border is putting in place the proper technology and resources that allows us to be successful. And a border wall in strategic locations is one of those things that must get done.

  8. Caspar Morgan McLeod said


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    O, wad some Power the giftie gie us
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    It wad frae monie a blunder free us
    An' foolish notion:
    What airs in dress an' gait wad lea'e us,
    And ev'n Devotion!

    ... Robert Burns (1759-1796)

    1. Now why did you choose to post THAT old chestnut at his partcular time, Caspar?

      Did you, perchance, fancy you saw a louse on one of the bonnets HERE?

  9. Oh, ya' know, I missed that last question...

    "What would (the Founding Fathers) think of us today?"

    I think in some ways they be really amazed, and in others they'd be disappointed, but that's how the future always goes. What would Jefferson, and undeniable genius, think? He imagined an America of little farms one coast to the other. Washington would wonder what we didn't get about staying out of the world's business, then he'd find out about Hitler and the nuclear bomb and all that... Madison, I think, would be the least surprised by anything, and have the most to say about it. I think Federalism, the powers and structure of the Senate, and some other structural precepts, would have been a little different had the Founders known that we were simply going to fabricate "states" out of mostly empty territories in the 19th and twentieth centuries. It's causing terrible federal problems today.


  10. I'm most concerned with the apparent change in Donald Trump from one challenging the globalist tyranny in the making to becoming just another one of them. I don't like the global bullying he's adopted like bombing Syria on trumped up rhetoric which the media amplifies and giddily cheers the death and destruction raining down from above from the most powerful military on the planet. And always with the intent to expand.

    It's also troublesome that Donald Trump has a penchant for dumping those that helped him when it wasn't apparent that he'd become the next President. Apparently he show no loyalty to those that helped him.

    And his current turning on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks by stating that he doesn't know who they are reinforces that shallow pragmatism that will likely be his undoing, IMO.

    1. Those thoughts have occurred to me too, Waylon. I am concerned about it, but don't want to be too quick to judge or to jump to conclusions, –– especially when they cast aspersions on what-may-well-be The Last Best Hope or the Survival of the Free World.

      The ENEMEDIA perpetually gives a warped, totally negative view of Reality, so please let those of us who see past their obfuscatory tactics retain a hopeful;, ore confident view, UNLESS our hope has been conclusive;y PROVEN to have been based on nothing more than a cynically crafted ILLUSION.

  11. The fallacy with the wall is unless it is manned you can get over or under it.
    Maybe we should enforce our laws, fine employers who hire illegals and increase our border patrol and ICE agents to the level they can do their job. Immigration is a federal law and cities should not be allowed to violate it, sanctuary city my ass.

    To cut crime legalize all drugs. How many people are killed, imprisoned and lives ruined over the sale and purchase of illegal drugs. Legalize them and it is their choice. We have been fighting the was on drugs to long. Take that money and people and redirect them to other forms of law enforcement, like ICE.

    1. Your point on drug legalization is spot on skudrunner.

      The so called war on drugs has cost billions, ruined lives, increased prison population, and has been an abject failure.

    2. It's not legalizing, but rather decriminalizing drug abuse and other petty offenses. It should be handled as a vice, an aggravating factor, or a health issue when it comes to head with legal matters. Like booze.

      The police state in this country, at every level, but especially at the states level, has grown amok. It's too much. A third of the working age population now have arrest records. It effects many aspects of their lives. It's dragging down our productivity. It's cannibalism and it needs to be reined in, period, or one day we will wind up a flat-out fascist totalitarian state.

      Another fallacy, I may point out, is this one of "enforcing the laws." In many if not most states, the laws are such that it is very easy to hire people here illegally. E-Verify is not the federal law of the land, and it's not perfect. It's a volunteer program that states buy into at one level or another. The federal gov't uses it also.

      We need a national system, and we have the capability to make it with what we have already, but we need to grant some sort of legal resident alien status to the millions of people here now for a long time who have to be mainstreamed into society and their kids become Americans like every other immigrant group that ever washed over our land. This is another "war on ourselves" that we could do without.

      Together, with a real and accurate national (the states would all have to buy in and they could run it if they like or pool it centrally, for this to be constitutional, or we have a friggin' amendment for once in a while) ID system, and seriously handling all the international traffic and commerce we have all the time everywhere (the Mexico border is just a slice of this), and we could get handle on illegal immigration and a lot of the drug smuggling, which should remain illegal.


    3. Laws that manage to get enacted and put on the books MUST be OBEYED, –– whether we like or agree with them or not.

      If enough citizens dislike and disapprove of a law, they CAN work to get it REPEALED through the political process.

      Getting rid of the Volstead Act, better known as PROHIBITION (the 18th Amendment) is an exquisite example of Democracy working exactly as it SHOULD. Instituted in 1919, it was finally repealed in 1933 (the 21st Amendment) after the public became fully aware of and fed up with its disastrous consequences.

      With citizens who flout the law with impunity backed up by overzealous leftist judges who IGNORE the Constitution and all laws they, persoanlly, don't like, we no longer have a republic, we have judicially-sanctioned ANARCHY

  12. islam = cancer. Needs eradicated. All else is manageable

    1. I think so too, Kid, but HOW could this be done in a world in madly love with the idea of committing SUICIDE by permitting EVERYTHING no matter how outrageous and potentially lethal in the names of Equality, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Tolerance, Social Justice, and Non-Discrmination?

      ISLAM today is the moral equivalent of THEOCRATIC TYRANNY, NAZIISM, MARXISM, the KKK, and the MAFIA.

      ISLAM is NOT a RELIGION, it is an INVASION.





      This does not mean that i favor KILLING Moslems. It DOES mean that most heartily favor FORBIDDING the RACICE of ISLAM in Western Countries and the DEPORTATION of ALL who insist on wshippin Allah –– whether they are 'natural-born citizens' of this or any other western nation or not.

      This is not "HATE," this is merely good COMMON SENSE.

      Once we defy, deny and forbid obedience to the Law of Self-Preservation we might as well take the nearest knife and slit our throats from ear to ear.

      The ONE THING we can NOT afford to TOLERATE is INTOLERANCE, itself. And ISLAM is the quintessence of INTOLERANCE by its own admission.

    2. Islam may well be a problem, especially for those that are not of the religion, and especially if it becomes the dominant ideology.

      But I don't see it as the immediate problem that needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth today. There's a BIGGER problem, and it's much closer to home, and it does involve Islam and a specific country—Saudi Arabia.

      Saudi Arabia today is considered an ALLY in the fight against the frothing hatred of terrorism. Saudi Arabia has succeeded in burrowing deeply into the western and specifically the American political scene. Only by completely ignoring the true nature of Saudi Arabia itself can we pretend it's possible to consider Saudi Arabia an ally in this sort of fight, perhaps even a death struggle at the end.

      Saudi Arabia is almost a perfect example today of what a Sharia Law tyranny would look like. Women are brutalized and treated as second class citizens. There's an official state religion, slam—specifically Wahhabi Islam. And it's aided and abetted in its spread into other countries by the accumulated wealth of Saudi Arabia in building mosques in other countries across the planet.

      An honest man becoming President would surely recognize this and identify this problem. So far I'm hearing only crickets chirping while acts of war are committed against a small country struggling against the Saudi Arabian tyranny on its borders, by dropping bombs on that country on phony trumped-up charges.

      In the political swamp of Washington, where buggery is king, can we expect the swamp to be drained any time soon?

      And Trump by attempting to appease his political globalist enemies has not endeared himself to the enemy in the media, except perhaps for Brian Roberts who sees beauty in bombing of innocent people in smaller countries.

    3. It's funny. Just replace "Islam" with "Judaism" or "Christianity" and Kid sounds exactly like a radical Islamist terrorist!


    4. Yes, Jersey, but for one thing it is OUR interests at stake not THEIRS. That means the law of Self-Preservation must apply.

      For another, "WE" do not stone people to death, or kick their heads in while they're buried up tho their necks in sand.

      WE do not topple heavy masonry walls on homosexuals and watch them die a slow agonizng death after their bones have been crushed. Neither do WE tie homosexuals up like mummies, and toss them off the top of tall buildings to watch in righteous glee shoutng "JESUS CHRIST is LORD, HALLELUJAH!" as they DIE a gruesome death.

      WE do not treat women with less consideration and respect than we treat our pets.

      WE do not butcher people, mow them down by the hundreds on sidewalks with trucks, spray machine gun bullets into innocent crowds, set buildings on fire trapping all in side to burn to death or die of smoke inhalation.

      WE do mot lock people in steel cages and lower them into the water to drown.

      WE do not lock them in cages, our gasoline on them and seet them on fire, etc.

      WE do not PERSECUTE, TORTURE, and MURDER others simply for NOT being Christians.

      You'd have to go all the way back to ancient Rome and the Mediaeval period to find barbarism of that sort.

      The point is WE have EVOLVED.

      ISLAM has either REGRESSED, or FAILED altogether to DEVELOP a decent CIVILIZATION with constructive, humane ideals.

  13. What concerns me most is the inability of adults to consider evidence and draw a conclusion. People today seem locked into ideological boxes and are unable to think outside of those boxes. Instead of thinking, they wish to silence the messenger.

    1. Man isn't that the truth!

    2. I should have said "draw a logical conclusion."

  14. Angus Ottorino Swenson said

    I'm concerned about judicial overreach, particularly on the federal level. The power liberal judges have assumed makes them more of threat to liberty and democracy than the president and congress combined. These tyrants who constantly equate their whims and personal feelings with the law constantly "legislate from the bench." This ignores or undermines the Constitution, makes a travesty of the law, and rides roughshod over the will of the people.

    What happened to the founding principle of three co-equal branches of government? What happened to states' rights?

    1. Angus,
      Judicial overreach is tyranny and in direct conflict with the principles of federalism.

      And we have no way to protect ourselves from judicial overreach!

      Government of the people, by the people, and for the people is eroding before our very eyes.

      The electorate made clear on November 8 to put the brakes on the growing excess of federal power and on globalism (The Wall), but the electorate's wishes are being disregarded by the courts and by the Congress critters.

    2. LOL! The only thing this past election proved is that Americans are not a serious or mature people.


    3. Jersey, any way you slice it, it is no laughng matter.

      What you are really saying here is that anyone who doesn't share YOUR point of view doesn't deserve to be given so much as an ounce of consideration.

      You and I are friends, because I happen to like you and value your humanity above your politics, but I HAVE to tell you that making sweeping statements like that means you dismiss more than 50% of the voting public as idiots who have nothing of value to offer.

      Now THAT, my friend, is ARROGANT. It's also insulting to ME, because I voted for Mr. Trump gladly, partly because he is not HILLARY, of course, but also because I took the trouble to LISTEN to his unedited, uncensored speeches on C-Span, and came to the conclusion that there was GREAT DEAL MORE TO HIM than the ENEMEDIA had led us to believe.

      No sensible person should DARE to regard that as NOT SERIOUS.

      Mr. Trump was elected, because enough people woke up in time to realize that American Communist Party, formerly known as the Democrats, is wholly in favor of DESPOTISM pure and simple. We hoped –– and still hope –– despite the vanity, venality, inredible disloyalty, and blatant stupidity of the Congressiinal members of the GOP, that Mr. Trump was our best chance to avoid a future as mere GALLEY SLAVES for ourselves and our progeny.

    4. Well, it shouldn't be insulting, my dear friend. As you know, I voted for Jill Stein and my wife voted for Trump. Our motives, yours, hers, and mine, were not all that different as well. And also, the entire election, the "issues," the "scandals," and most of the candidates themselves, was proof of our un-seriousness.

      As for you and I...

      I'm not going to hold up you or I as typical voters. We are educated people. We've been around. We're well-read, erudite, urbane men. MOST AMERICANS ARE NOT. I was just over at Briggs blog, and he was bemoaning the universities, and all I could think was, regardless of whatever you think of the thousands of universities and colleges, at this point in our history, NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BE ANY KIND OF ANTI-EDUCATION! LOL!

      My wife and I voted that way for two reasons - we wanted to shake the living you-know-what out of Washington (and we both found it thoroughly amusing), and we were operating under the assumption that the GOP was not going to take the Senate. Once again, assuming bites us on the first syllable.

      The Democrats have not been a majority governing party in America in years. Many Americans might have thought otherwise, but they were wrong. People get lied to a lot these days. The GOP and "conservatives" in general have been the governing majority throughout the land for over a generation now. "Conservatism," as a governing ideal, has been having it's way since Reagan. Now, to you, that may be just well and fine, heck, not nearly enough, and certainly I did pretty well myself when I was YUPPYing it up, but to the vast majority of Trump voters, they don't even begin to grasp any of that. Their grasp of reality is just not in our league.


    5. I happen to agree with JM. We had two choices in this election. One who was promised the nomination eight years ago if she would sit on the sidelines. That was the DNC choice and to hell with the people. They made sure she was selected and kept everyone out including bernie. The RNC said we will make this a farce and a free for all. They didn't figure that the vote will be divided enough to not cast the majority to a narcissistic non politician.
      Give those two choices the right person won. Now he has the lamestream media after him and both parties. They want to keep their jobs and Trump is talking about term limits which is heresy to a professional politician.

      Now the stalwart of free speech is giving massive coverage to the students who only support free speech if they like what is said, in other words the media is for controlling free speech.

    6. Jersey, the Democrats have, indeed, had a powerful majority in both hiuses of congress for decades.

      How could that be when they've lost their majority everywhere you turn?

      The Democrats still have a large majority because a HUGE percentage of REPUBLICANS are really DEMOCRATS parading under a false flag.

      As for "EDUCATION" these days –– the quality of ur curricula in both the universities and secondary schools has degenerated so badly it deserves only to be labelled as MIS-EDUCATION. Young people are not learning HISTORY, instead they are being fed a steady diet of LEFTIST POOPAGANDA mislabelled "REVISIONIST" HISTORY.

      If you haven't already, you should read Allan Bloom's THE CLOSING of the AMERICAN MIND(1987) - a well-received scathing indictment of the University System's failure to give students a proper sense of perspective and a thorough grounding in reality.


      "[A proper] education is the movement from darkness to light."

      "The failure to read good books both enfeebles the vision and strengthens our most fatal tendency –– the belief that the here and now is all there is."

      "Nothing is more singular about this generation than its addiction to [Rock] music."

      What too many today appear to have lost is the vitally important distinction between EDUCATION and INDOCTRINATION.


      Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.

      - Joseph Stalin (1878-1953)

    7. Skud, if I understand you rightly, I have to say I disagree with your characterization of President Trump as a "narcissist."

      Why single HIM out? If FDR, JFK, LBJ, Jimmy Carter, Bill and Hillary, John F. Kerry,baarack Hussein Obama, and James Comey and myriad others who have ought priminence don't qualify as narcissists I can't imagine who else would.

      President Trump is surely no worse than any of those, and I have come to believe after listening to many of his uncut, unfiltered speeches on C-Span during the campaign that Mr. Trump may in fact be more honorable and genuinely altrustic than any of those cited.

    8. FT, I am of the belief that they are all narcissistic blowhards out to help themselves at the expense of the American people.

      As to Jersey's claim about the democrats. Their mindset is that the founders of Jim Crowe were not democrats but republicans in white sheets who happened to be democrats, they are confused.

      Trump is trying to cut taxes but the leftists are up in arms because it may help Trump even before the particulars are out. I don't remember there being an uproar when JFK had a tax cut even though it would help his family. Of course I don't remember the right rioting against a speaker on a college campus either and then having the ACLU sue over free speech. Since the NEA is owned by the DNC it is no wonder our educational system is in such a shambles.

    9. Well, Skud, the Double Standard is alive and well in Washington, DC, –– and anywhere else two or three are gathered together in the name of political endeavor. };^)>

      Virtually ALL politicians are HYPOCRITES, because frankly they HAVE to be in order to SURVIVE. The public DEMANDS hypocrisy, because the public does not WANT to face the TRUTH.

      HOWEVER, of the two parties, both of whom I despise, the Democrats are by far the worst offenders in their complete abandonment of any semblance of HONESTY, DECENCY, and INTEGRITY. They care about NOTHING but WINNING. PERIOD!

    10. http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/barbara-hollingsworth/after-winning-7-more-seats-gop-dominance-state-legislatures-all



      Republicans have been a majority at the state level, throughout the country, including governors, most of the time since 1994. The same goes for the US Congress, only more so. Same goes for the courts. Look at the numbers, please. These are real life facts. After the Reagan wave, then the Gingrich wave, then the anti-Obama wave, the GOP has has record control of the government. Neither party has ever had that much power. Real. Life. Facts. ;)

      Just how many years of failed wars on everything from ourselves to verbs, a stagnant economy, boom and bust markets, do we have to suffer before we think, "Hey, the GOP has been running this s#itshow for decades now... hmmm..." ;)


    11. Jersey,

      You point out the the GOP has had the Majority of control in the States. You then go on to point out the swings in the economy, the failed wars. I cannot remember a State having a lot of influence in the country's economy and the last time a State went to war was during the civil war.

      California and Louisiana during Katrina are great examples of Democrat management of State governments. I am all for States rights and giving them more authority to govern. The democrats are opposed to state control because the Republicans control the states and have, as you pointed out, for some time. If you don't like the way a state is run you can move, not so easy with a country.

    12. All I can say to you, Jersey, is this:

      If you think things are BAD right now, just think how much WORSE they would be if a vast majrity of DEMOCRATS had been in charge.

      Jevvah consider it from THAT angle? Betcha nevvah did.



  15. Islamization of the west. Islam--as practiced by much of the world--is incompatible with western liberal democracy.

    You didn't mention globalization, but its right up there, and enabling almost everything else you mention.

    1. It sure is, and thank you for mentioning it, SF.

      I couldn't spell out EVERYTHING in one post, of course, and that is why I gave everyone the chance to add more fuel to the fire by saying "OTHER?" at the end.

      Besides, anyone who knows me should be awarethat I have been virulent opponent of what-I-prefer-to-call INTERNATIONALISM ever since I recognized it for what it already is –– and fully intends to become.

    2. Globalization (internationalism) is destroying Western civilization.

      The dangers should be apparent to anyone with two brain cells. But the denial of reality continues apace -- and is accelerating.

    3. Che, T-Shirt Salesman to the TardsApril 27, 2017 at 10:18 AM

      Another factually-bereft red propaganda puke from the Beantown Bolshevik...

      Capitalism has lifted hundreds of millions of people from poverty.

      Socialism and communism have mired societies in poverty, hunger, misery and slavery. Socialism and communism also killed over 100 million people in the 20th Century.

      Go peddle your grimy, tattered shit-filled propaganda pamphlets somewhere else, Chairman Quack.

      I hope Trump's ICE deports your sneering, lying ass to North Korea where you can enjoy all of communism's glories unadulterated by any hint of religion or conservatism, you horse's ass.

    4. Sorry, "Che," I don't permit Canardo, the rebarbative purveyor of stale Communist propaganda, to post at this blog, except in the rare instances when he is polite and makes a bit of sense.

      And please, while I basically agree with your sentiments, I dislike the vugarity combined with barbed, humorless vitriol that characterizes your prose. Surely we could learnto express our dissatisfaction, displeasure and disapproval without reaching so deeply into the gutter, n'est-ce-pas?

  16. So the Trump ass lickers are gloating over having satisfied their rabid hatred of Obama and Clinton, and are still high over their win; never mind that the entire planet thinks that we're nuts.

    The very best way to oust the orange clown and his billionaire cabinet, is to let them screw their own base of nitwits. Only then will this clueless base wake up to the fact that it wasn't ONLY democrats who lost.....

    1. Your vulgar, intolerant, belligerent, –– incredibly NASTY and DESTRUCTIVE –– mentality is NOT WELCOME HERE, as I have told you countless times.

      Just listen to yourself. If you ever did confront yourself with a shred of honesty, you would be ASHAMED, HUMBLED and eager to REPENT.

      You do not THINK, you EMOTE.

      You offer nothing but VITRIOL devoid of insight and filled with BLIND, UNREASONING HATRED.

  17. As a society, because we have made the fatal mistake of allowing ourselves to fall under the the three-part spell of Political Correctness, Multicuralism, and FALSE EGALITARIANISM, we have lost touch with the bedrock PRINCIPLES rooted in an enlightened, humanitarian understanding of the GOSPEL on which the West (formerly referred to as CHRISTENDOM!) thrived and prospered.

    The revolutionary humanitarian ideas fostered in The Enlightenment inspired the founding of our once-much-greater-than-now nation.

    By abandoning God, insulting Jesus Christ, and worshipping "Science" and "Progress" instead, we have cut ourseves off from our roots, and have bought ourselves a huge mess of trouble and confusion in exchange.

    In abandoning or losing sght of PRINCIPLE we are now mired in a swamp of myriad details –– many of them petty, many of them downright toxic.

    The "modern" anti-Christian social and psychological philosophies that have taken root like so many ugly weeds in our once-beautiful garden are literally choking the life out of all that was beautiful, fine, noble, encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring.

    Modern Thought, if I may call it that, is based on MATERIALISM –– i.e. there has to be a PHYSICAL solution to every concern. Materialism denies the very idea that MIND informed and inspired by SPIRIT coud have a salabrious effect on human endeavor.

    In short we have forgotten –– or stupidly rejected –– the understanding once taken for granted that Man Does Not Live by Bread Alone.

    In abandoning PRINCIPLE in favor of an endless, ever-expanding BOG filled with ever more irritating, enervating, confounding details, we have lost sight of The Big Picture, and have effectively BLINDED ourselves to the Guiding Light God gave us to help us work it our Salvation, albeit wth fear and trembling.

    "Modern Thought" encourages the notion that we are all VICTIMS of LIFE and therefore have no duty to take RESPONSIBILITY for OURSELVES. Instead it encourages us to feel ANGER, RESENTMENTMENT, BITTERNESS, REBELLIOUSNESS, DEGENERACY and to embrace limitless SELF-INDULGENCE no matter what it might cost others.

    That IS true, and how could it possibly not be the primary cause of the Great Unravelling we've been experiencing for the past hundred or more years?

  18. People like Mr. Obama seemed to be bullied, harassed and discriminated against because they're gay, even though being gay isn't a choice. While we certainly have dramatically evolved on this, gay people should not be ashamed that they were born gay.
    Just look joe Bsrrack Obsma has advanced himself

    1. W___H___A___T___?

      I suppose you are one of those people who want to believe that Michelle Obama is a transexual too?

      How then do you explain the existence of Sasha and Malia both of whom clearly resemble their parents.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. Chelsea Clinton Called Donald Trump a Liar Would Someone Please Remind Her Who Her Parents Are

    1. I can't think of more trivial concern. It's long past time we stopped caring ––– and talking ––– about the Clintons. They're a spent force.

      Poor homely, dumpy, clueless Chelsea ain't goin' nowhere.

      Chelsea is reminiscent of Caroline Kennedy who possessed a NAME, but was cursed with an exceedingly LAME bRAIN.

  20. Something else about which to have concern...

    Ann Coulter Cancels Berkeley Speech After Threats of Violence: ‘Sad Day for Free Speech’

    Key sentences:

    Ann Coulter is canceling her scheduled speech at the University of California, Berkeley, after losing the support of conservative groups that sponsored her appearance


    In February, a campus event featuring alt-right personality Milo Yiannopoulos was canceled after demonstrators shamed the area in a violent protest which caused $100,000 in damages.

    I'm not a devotee of either Coulter or Yiannopoulos, but the very idea that inviting these speakers to a campus can result in such silencing of voices should alarm every American.

    We're apparently in a battle between anarchy and our First Amendment.


      April 26 (Reuters) - Conservative commentator Ann Coulter has canceled her speech planned for this week at the University of California's Berkeley campus after a dispute with university officials, who feared violent protests, over whether a safe venue could be found.

      "There will be no speech," she wrote in an email to Reuters on Wednesday, saying two conservative groups sponsoring her speech were no longer supporting her. "I looked over my shoulder and my allies had
      joined the other team," she wrote. (Reporting by Mark Hosenball in Washington and Jonathan Allen in New York)

      WOuldn't yu just love to know WHY her former sponsors decided to desert her at the eleventh hour?





      What ELSE might it be?

      And WHY didn't Ann persevere and do it ANYWAY?

    2. Every time a liberty is squashed, a progressive devil earns his horns

    3. I wonder if the ACLU will sue Berkley for a free speech violation?

  21. Just who are these people that are spreading Fake News, Rioting in our streets, Burning our Flag, saying things like " He is Not my President ", calling for him to be associated!
    The Democrat Party of my parent’s era is gone. The aging hippies who thought that they could do a better job of governing proved that they were both corrupt and ineffective. One need only look at the leaders of Nre York to see what damage he has done to the City that Rudy cleaned up just a short few years ago.

    And now we have a generation of fragile snowflakes who are aggrieved if they even see a portrait of President Trump on campus, let alone a Republican speaking at there campus Can you imagine these people going to war and fighting and dying to preserve our nation and our liberty? Hell, that could never happen today. Can you even see them have the guts to stand-up and question those who wear face-covering scarfs during campus rallies?

    1. You are consuming too much right-wing political media. I watch FOX and read the National Review and such, because I want to know what they're saying and thinking. But if all you consume is that kind of thing, let alone Newsmax and Breitbart and all that, which are just political versions of the old shopping store gossip tabloids, you are not going to have a very realistic understanding of the world around you.

      A couple of canvasses out of thousands have a few kids who act in a way you don't like, and next thing ya' know, "snowflakes" are taking up an entire generation, "rioting in our streets..." What are you talking about? What rioting? Do you have ANY IDEA of the history of rioting in America? A few campuses and you think the kids are all pansies?

      And Guiliani? The whole country saw crime rates go down dramatically in the 90's. He was the mayor of New York City, not King of America. He did some good things, but to say he "cleaned up" would be a ridiculous representation. Up until recently, I managed a restaurant for about the last 6 years. I will tell you right now the average kid out there is no snowflake. They work hard, they have huge school debts, the difference between the cost of living and what they earn is much tighter today, and they are having a lot harder a time than I did. And most of them have no inclination at all to care about the kinds of things you read on Breitbart.

      The Democratic Party is not your parents, or mine, but that's life. The GOP literally, geographically, flipped over just a couple generations ago. The Party of Lincoln is now the Party of States Rights, the Dixiecrats. So, have fun with that.

      When the Democrats figure out how to get the labor movement into the service sector, then they'll be back. Until then, the working class is screwed.


    2. Joan is more than a bit of an ideologue, Jersey, I'll grant you that, but that doesn't mean her observations are not fundamentally correct, even if she does have a tendency to bear down too hard on the obvious.

      You, on the other hand cmmit the grievous error of assuming that publications such as the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Alphabet Networks, etc. are committed to telling you the TRUTH, when in fact they ALL function as a gigantic megaphone for pointedly LEFTIST views, and Marxian poopaganda.

    3. I don't think those outlets are even all that "liberal," let alone "Marxian." They are commercial entities who, in the case of the Times and Post, do some very professional, good work. The TV networks are a little different. The commercial entanglements are more striking. Sometimes they seem "liberal" or "conservative," but usually, whatever the story, it has little to do with partisan politics. That's the thing - most of "the press" is just flatly reporting things that happen.

      And I don't assume facts. And I either truly feel I understand something, or I learn about it from every direction. I'm obsessive that way. That's why I always toss aside the Marx thing. I have no evidence to suggest that "Marxist" anything has much to do with any of our modern lives.

      The point I was making to her is that she's obviously getting all her news from political, partisan, sensationalist tabloids. I'm sorry, but the NYT is not the National Enquirer. That's the real difference here - actual commercial (or non-profit) journalism, and tabloid craziness specifically designed to scare the bejesus out of the Joans out there.


    4. " ... the NYT is not the National Enquirer ..."

      You're right, Jersey. It's far far far far FAR WORSE.

    5. LOL! Well, if by that you mean the Times can be a very pro-status quo/establishment institution, you're not going to get any argument from any educated liberal I know. ;)


    6. As I have stated many many times, Jersey, what-we-tend-to-mislabel-as "Liberals" today is a large faction of conceited individuals who have been systematically MISeducted by a perverted educational Establishment that came to be totally dominated by the Left long before you were born.

      This has created a Cossetted, Cocooned Culture of Conceit based on a tragically warped, wholly negative view of life which is in truth a harmful, self-defeating misrepresentation of Reality.

      In short Conservagtives see the glass as half full, while Liberals see it as half-empty and evaporating fast.

    7. Gee, I'm not sure what to say about that. I should start by saying that I think "liberals" and "conservatives" are neither a majority of Americans in the first place, and when you boil it down, issue by issue, the labels themselves are almost completely moot. As a quirk of our two-party system, which is pretty unique in Western Civilization, we tend to "bipolarize" everything. But in reality, there are many different mixes of political philosophy in America, but they don't have a color available in this bi-chromatic palette. I think this is why most Americans are politically disaffected, and neither liberal nor conservative in any substantive sense.

      Now, to say conservatives are optimists and liberals are pessimists? I disagree. There are plenty of pessimists and optimists among conservatives and liberals. And if someone is complaining about something, that doesn't necessarily make them pessimistic anyway.

      Activists are the people doing the complaining, at least they become the face of it and take whatever attention-getting actions to address their complaints. They are a tiny, tiny minority of the Americans. They are conservative and liberal, and some other things, and tend to be hyper-so about it. They are not a large faction of anyone. They are a tiny, tiny minority of people.


  22. Does Anybody Really Care about Oprah Winfrey? I know that I couldn’t care less about ANYTHING this womwn says or does!
    Yes she has worked hard to be successful, but so has Kim Kardashian, Jerry Springer, and Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner, and millions of other people, and frankly I couldn’t give a Rat’s Ass about any of them either.
    As for her being a racist, well thats open for discussion, but I will say that once Barack Obama was elected, Oprah decided that it was time for her to show her true radical-leftist, leanings. Until the Moochie became jealous and then their love affair ended pretty darn swiftly.
    She once said that mostly whites or “ Rich Whites” are the problem and that they have to die out to achieve the goal of inter -racial mixing. I think that there are some problems with that kind of, arrogant, and yes RACIST way of thinking. First of all I already see that happening, to some extent, and I don’t think it’s because “whites”have been dying off!

    I have to wonder who it was that gave Oprah her opportunity to get a TV show in the first place? Was it a “White” person who since died, or was it some mysterious guyblike Reverend Wright?
    And yet where would Oprah be today without the Liberal White Soccer Moms that constitute a majority of her audience, and who support her!

    Just by her saying that “White people Must “DIE” She, herself, is judging the character; of all white people by their skin-color!

    1. You need to name and verify your sources before making such sweeping statements about a gifted, much admired performer who is in fact A Great American SUCCESS Story.

      I cannot believe she EVER said, "White People Must Die," unless she was making an attempt to be funny.

  23. The first hundred days of a first-term presidency of a President of the United States are sometimes used to measure the successes and accomplishments of a president during the time that the president's power and influence are at their greatest. The term was coined in 1933, in a radio address by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, although he was referring to the 100-day session of the Congress . Not the first 100 days of his administration

  24. The new WashPost/ABC News poll found that Trump Would BEAT Hillary In the POPULAR VOTE If They Re-Did The Election Today!

    Hillary Clinton continues to cling to after her stunning upset at the hands of Donald Trump in November is the fact that she won the popular vote, by about 2 percent (48 - 46), which though ultimately meaningless in the electoral college system, Democrats have attempted to hold up as "proof" that Trump is "not their president." But buried within a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll is the delicious little nugget that if a rematch were to be held today.

    Thus, the survey found that Clinton lost 6 percent of her support, while Trump maintained nearly all of his and then some, and Trump's rematch popular vote victory would surpass Clinton's real world 2-point edge. The Post provides a closer look at the numbers:

    Obama had no reply , maybe he hasn’t yet read this news, being they don’t have TV or Internet under the rock where he’s hiding ... But then again you Libs aren’t concerned at all the he increased the National the debt from 9 trillion to 19 trillion.

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  27. The First 100 Days with 1,360 Days to Come...
    And Donald Trump Keeps making America great over, and over again. So what will happen in the future? Travel ban will be upheld in courts. Border wall will go up to stop illegal insurgency. Tax reform will happen. Obamacare will go bye-bye. America's enemies will conform to standard or be destroyed. The Wall will be built with El Chapo’s money. Trade deals that cost American jobs will be readjusted or eliminated. 2nd Amendment will be upheld. An hopefully, the Pig in a pant Suit will have to trade in her Pant Suite for a Jump Suit. No, Chelsea Clinton’s Mom will never be President.

    And just think about it, that most of New York and California voted to leave Kim Jung Ung alone and let him have his way.... I guess they are more concerned over getting free stuff than the millions that could die instantly,oh wait, Typical Democrats

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  28. Wkat exactly has he accomplished that has made America great. Other than Gorsuch on SCOTUS? It has been mostly a bumbling three ring circus.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. That's because you mistakenly trust the leftist propaganda you read in the New York Times, the Washington Post, their affiliates and subsidiaries, and what you are permitted to hear on NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN, et al., Anonymous

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  31. America Without Obama

    Is like a day filled with sunshine


    As Ann Coulter canceled Berkeley her speaking event amid protests
    The University says "The hecklers used their veto”

    Conservative writer and commentator Ann Coulter told Fox News that she would no longer give a planned speech at UC Berkeley after The Young America’s Foundation pulled its support for the event amid threats of violence, calling her decision "A Dark Day for Free Speech in America."
    NO,- the 'HECKLERS' did not use their 'Veto'. It Was the Rioters, Looters, Arsonists, Destroyers of Public Property, and Those Snowflakes Who Engage in Un-controlled Violence Used Their 'Veto' Power.

    Liberals Have Sunk to a New Low..I think we are witnessing the very End of Free Speech right before our eyes!

    1. You shouldn't worry too much about this. The vast majority of liberals disagree with these "antifa" sorts. They aren't helping anything. They just reinforce the paranoia of the right. Prominent liberals have all spoken out against it. It's hypocritical of these rioters at best. If College Republican sorts want to invite obnoxious provocateurs to come "speak" some of their usual unpleasant sophistry, let them. It's not like they're going to be winning a lot of people over. Most smart kids can clearly see through the likes of Ann Coulter. They would wiki her anyway before showing up, right?

      But to say "we are witnessing the very End of Free Speech right before our eyes" is just ludicrous. Bet a paper bag. Breathe. Take it easy. THAT is not happening.


    2. Jersey man: BULLSHIT!

      The totalitarian left absolutely depends upon street thugs and media scolders to silence opposition.

      Progressive Statists are using marxist tactics to cow the masses into submission and mooing PC platitudes along with the herd.

      Progressives have no ideas that involve individual liberty; all their grand plans are a long march to dogma-driven hive totalitarianism.

      Stick that in you ass and light it on fire!

    3. Oh, give it a rest. When's the last time some liberal thug attacked you? You'd be far more concerned with your well-being in some hick bar or some ghetto than you would on any college campus 99.9999999999% of the time.

      And no one is silencing the opposition! There are plenty of crackpots, ideologues, wingnuts, and scoundrels for us to enjoy. Ann Coulter will sell more books because of this than she ever would had she just agreed with the changed terms of the Berkeley speech (different building, one week later). You think she's stupid? She knows how to play the game. You do see the little game there, don't you?


  33. Ferruccio al Husseini O'Rourke said

    My advice to the Republicans in Congress:

    It's time to SHIT or GET OFF the POT.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  34. Actually what concerns me most is the number of dumbasses running around. Without dumbasses we would have evil dumbasses in government and things would be a lot better all around. Plus the dumbasses that would be out there would be afraid to reveal themselves like it was back in the good old days when dumbasses were still capable of being embarrassed.

  35. A Right Wing DumbassApril 27, 2017 at 9:50 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  36. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


  37. When Obsma was president he called them “fat cats,” but now he’s likely thanking them for a huge payday.

    But now that he's getting $400.000.00 a speech, the tables have turned.

    1. After all he learn from the best!
      Crooked Hillary!

  38. So far, it looks like you have none, other than to make fools of yourselves.

    Why don't you guys have a meeting, and decide what you want to do other than call Mr. Trump and his family all those vile names and post photoshopped pictures!

    It might help if you had a coherent strategy.

  39. Liberals, globalists, progressives, democrats and anything conected to SOROS and the Clintons, whatever name they use is corruption, lies and hatred of the USA they need to be stopped

  40. You might think that because your ancestors were slaves, that you are owed something. You’re not, because you were never owned by anyone…they were…and hundreds of thousands of people who looked more like their owners than your ancestors paid the price in blood for what your ancestors were owed.

    And besides…it wasn’t the ancestors of white people who put your black ancestors in chains to begin with…your black ancestors did that. If you would like to file a grievance with them…please…by all means feel free to do so, and good luck with that

  41. Have you noticed that ever since Donald Trump was elected President, the left has been peeing down their own leg. They've are freaked out.I'm not exactly sure why - other than the fact that they buy into propaganda. But the proof is in the pudding, just look at those Progressives "blogs". I myself wouldn't even call them blogs, but I'm going to respect Mr. FT's blog and not use the language that I would other wise use. . The upside to it is that they've suddenly embraced the U.S. Constitution. The people who pushed so hard for the federal government to control everything are now talking about "state's rights".

    California has taken that to a new level with their proposed healthcare bill. I could not applaud that hell-hole state more. This is 100% constitutional (assuming their state constitution - which admittedly I am not familiar with - doesn't restrict the state in this capacity). This is how the United States was intended to function. Rather then vehemently opposing this as conservatives did with Obamacare at the federal level, none of us outside of the state of California will oppose this (it's none of our business).

    If our fascists "friends" on the left will continue down this path, we can absolutely coexist with them. Achieve your socialism either through foundations (ideally) or at the state level (assuming it does not violate your state constitution)

  42. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.



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