Wednesday, April 19, 2017

An Enemy Within, 
or Just a Fool?
Has President Trump been duped by Speaker Ryan, and thus neutered?

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.
~ Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 B.C.)
Can the Trump Presidency, –– which today means The United States of America ––, survive the machinations of Paul Ryan, whose self-styled "BetterWay" is already well on its way to undermining and defeating the president’s agenda?
Beware Ambition, a bitch goddess with the power to destroy whole nations


  1. Ryan's a proud member of the ESTABLISHMENT. All that democrap rethuglican crap is just for show.

    They're already turning Trump into just one more squishy president.

    1. Possibly, but I wouldn't say anything to ENCOURAGE that point of view, if I were you, –– unless, of course, you WANT the Enemedia to win.

      I said weeks ago that Ryan is "The Nigger in Trump's Woodpile," and I think I was right, even though no one paid any attention to the –– deliberately provocative –– observation., so mired have we become in the dicta and constraints of FUCKIN' PC.

    2. Helen von MergatroidApril 20, 2017 at 6:16 PM

      I agree, FreeThinke. Call a spade a spade.

    3. I often do, Helen my dear, if only to prove it can STILL be DONE in this pusillanimous world of squishy hypocritical hogwash, coy code words, and putrid, weaselly whetoric that so blights the politically correct landscape of public discourse.

  2. William Dingleberry said

    OSSOFF WINS 48% of VOTE in GA!

    "As it became clear late Tuesday evening that Jon Ossoff would fall just short of the 50-percent mark in the first round of voting in a suburban Atlanta special election, Democrats back in Washington started leafing through their calendars and asking: When does the winning start? Ossoff’s moral victory — capturing 48 percent of the vote in a conservative-oriented district — was welcome, but after two successive close-but-no-cigar finishes in House special elections in Georgia and Kansas, a new worry is beginning to set in. ..." - Politico

    By systematically thwarting President Trump's agenda on healthcare and tax refrom PAUL RYAN is more responsible for this "moral victory" for DEMONRATS than any other single force in government.

  3. I think you're not seeing the real problem here.

    Trump did not run on the issues, or any particular ideology. He ran on anti-status quo furor (along with ethnic nationalism and fear). What that status quo actually is, why it is, how it works, his voters did not know. All they know is life is getting tougher and the government doesn't seem to be helping things at all. They've been told by the Right that the government is the problem, so they figure giving the government a big smack in the face was the way to go. That's all well and fine, but then there's actually governing...

    Here's the problem: When it comes to actually addressing these ostensible problems, the GOP does not have any popular ideas. Get rid of Obamacare? And then what? Was it any better before? No. Are they offering something better? No. The far right, meanwhile, won't do anything that would be politically popular beyond their very narrow base. Trump is President of the whole of the United States, not just enclaves of conservative, white, middle class, religious people.

    Wait until Net Neutrality is destroyed! Most Americans have no choice of broadband carriers. It's one company and that's that. Once those companies can control the flow of content? The people are not going to like it.

    Republicans suddenly discovered most people don't have many "choices" in health coverage either. They blame it on Obamacare, but the problem loooooong preceded that. What will they do if they get rid of Obamacare but none of the problems blamed on it are resolved?

    What will they do when millions of graduating students have their debt repayment skyrocket thanks to DeVos? What will they do when Wall Street goes bust again but there is no safety net for the retirees who lose everything? What will they do if we are dragged into another war?

    Ryan was the hope of the future for the GOP just a few years ago. Smart, charismatic, a Jack Kemp man who was once adored by the Reaganites. Now, stuck with a job he didn't even want, realizing his party has no popular positive positions but rather just years of "being on record" complaining and opposing and blaming and finger-pointing, Ryan can only try to herd the cats as best he can. The GOP, now that it is firmly in majority power throughout the land, has splintered (see all of history). Seeing the opportunity such power presents, each faction expects to get what it wants, but are discovering that's not so easy, especially when much of what they want is deeply unpopular or simply wouldn't produce the promised results.

    Ryan is not out to destroy Trump. He's trying to steer the party along a realistic path, because he knows the American people are impatient right now and if the GOP is unable to do anything, the voters will turn on them next. It's a lot easier to be united by opposition, to obstruct and blame and complain, than it is to actually get things done.


    1. Oh dear! I just can't get into untangling the yard you have tossed out al over the place, Jersey.

      Right now, all I can say in lawyerly parlance, because of time constraints, "You Assume Too Many Facts Not In Evidence."

      Or to put it President Reagan's way:

      The trouble with our Liberal friends
      is not that they're ignorant; it's just that
      they know so much that isn't so.


    2. Ah, but you will find belying any of those facts as likely as the GOP passing any major piece of legislation that changes anything in the next two years. They may even shut down the gov again! Who will they blame? The Ghost of Ted Kennedy? ;)


    3. You may be rght, Jersey, but that doesn't stop it from being deeply regrettable.

      The GOP suffers terribly from LEGISLATIVE CONSTIPATION PRECIPITATED by CRAVEN CONSTERNATION motivated entirely too much by vain, shallow, short-sighted SELF-REGARD.

      The Democrats in the other hand have flooded the land with LEGISLATIVE DIARRRHOEIA thus befouling the atmosohere and gumming up the works of most trully worthy endeavor.

  4. I'm not sure about Ryan, he may well be undermining President Trump as you state. But I do believe some others that Trump has appointed like Tillerson and Pence are foul balls that belong to the Washington pedo-establishment.

    1. I'd be interested to year you explain why you feel that way, Waylon. What cold wrong with either Rex Tillerson or Mike Pence? You can't seriously believe either is a "pedophile," can you?

      I fear Neocons, Communists, Islamists, DemonRats, and Internationalists –– not necessarily in that order –– far more than I do ANY form of sexual aberration.

    2. Yeah, what's with the "pedo" thing?

      As for the establishment, I don't think that was the case with Tillerson. If anything, it seemed the GOP wanted the State Department marginalized, dismantled even, anyway, and Trump's choice was perfect for that. Tillerson is like Major Major Major Major. I think he literally climbs out the office window when people come to see him. (Really, you should read about the SoS - he's a funny character!)

      Pence is the bunny-eyed, true-believer, ideologically-pure, conservative Republican. But he's not a radical, so he comes off as establishment, which is fine, because he pretty much just always does as they say anyway. President Pence would be Bush III (God save the Trump!).

      Priebus is the official establishment political guy on the inside. As well, the Pentagon is extraordinarily represented in this administration, which has some upsides, one of which is that they tend to be politically very smart and level-headed. Flynn was an exception to that, but Trump was stupid to bring him in anyway, as he was not politically smart at all, and he screwed his last boss just like he's screwing Trump now. Trump is an odd judge of character.


    3. The most significant thing we could glean from the current toxic stew of Washington politics, Jersey, would be the complete DISUNITY of the GOP. As I've already said several times in several places over the past few weeks, the GOP is in SCHISM –– it is NOT One Party.

      That old saw about The Evil Party v. The Stupid Party holds true now more than ever. I'll leave you to guess which I think is which. };^)>

      The situation in yesterday's Georgia election to fill Tom Price's seat is a good case in point. Instead of playing it SMART and running ONE good strong Republican candidate against the bumptious upstart Jon Ossoff, the stupicd bastards ran ELEVEN thus splintering the vote and all-but guaranteeing the expense suspense, and annoyance of staging a runoff election in June –– to say nothing of precipitating the DELAY in keeping a full complement in House of Representatives.

      I still believe the Republicans are more on the right side of most of the issues than the DemonRats, but frankly as TACTICIANS they STINK OUT LOUD.

      Hey! I have to say I'm glad to see you up, around and feisty as ever after your medical ordeal last week, Jersey. But WHEN are you going to get that much-needed surgery?

      Long delays such as you are experiencing were never typcal of OUR country until we started moving ever-so-gingerly , and ever-so-foolishly clumsily toward SOCIALIZED MEDICINE.

      The MAIN reason the cost of medical care in the USA has far outpaced the rate of Inflation for several decades and is now completely unaffordable now the initiation of MEDICARE into the system bad in the early SICK-sties. Before that, I assure you, it really WAS posible for middle and upper-class people to pay for their own care directly out of pocket without going bankrupt.

      I spent the bulk of my adult life just below the statistical poverty line, and I NEVER had any trouble getting good medical attention whenever I needed it. NEVER!

      I have to say this for myself, however, I also made a practice of putting first things first. Most who find themselves poverty-stricken and always coming up with the short end of the stick never learned –– or just wouldn't bother –– to do that.

    4. FT, when Tillerson was being vetted for Secretary of State it came out that Tillerson had been fundamental in a position with the Boy Scouts of America which ushered in the pdeo agenda of allowing homosexuals to become scout leaders. This was done in Canada and the results were dramatic for boys wanting to become boy scouts—membership declined by about 50%.

      It's all about corrupting the young and vulnerable in Washington as most world politicians are well aware.

      There was an issue brought up earlier in which Michael Flynn was urging an investigation into the pedophile ring operating in Washington but Pence stepped up and sidelined both Flynn and the investigation because a close friend of Pence's would have been named.

      I'm surprised you hadn't heard about THAT.

    5. Isn't it apparent that there is only one political elite that rules and the pretense of two political parties is a sham? No matter who is elected it turns out that the new President is only elected to carry on with the actions of the previous administration. This is the result that has become most obvious in the last three elections.

    6. And recall that the founder of the Council on Foreign Relations was Col. Edward Mandel House a committed Marxist and the Snake who manipulated Woodrow Wilson in imposing central banking on the country, imposing an income tax to make sure the enslaved masses would have funds extracted to pay debt created by the administration and the central bank while lying to the people to be elected to a second term by being the "President who kept you out of the war". WW! was immediately entered after he was elected to a second term.

    7. Waylon, I doubt you're much of a Slate fan, but I found this take on Tillerson telling:

      The rest of what you're talking about sounds a little tin-hatty to me.

      FT, I completely agree about the GOP. They've splintered badly. They have no discernible platform, a brand. It's "USA!USA!USA!" and that's about it. Addressing any serious issue Americans face in their daily lives seems beyond their capacity, concern, or competence!

      I can't even see my surgeon until late June. The chemo I received was very extreme. It wasn't that the cancer itself was so bad, but that it was so aggressive and widespread, they gave me the full monty of chemo and immuno. With the surgery(s) I require, I wouldn't be able to heal for at least 10 weeks after this chemo. On the other hand, as the chemo wears off, my ability to withstand the discomfort from the injuries improves, and they actually will heal a bit on their own! So, though I still have a ways to go, I will be able to live more normally pretty soon, just carefully and with a funny gate. ;)

      I can't say I agree with you about "socialized medicine" (or even what exactly you think that would entail), but now I can see for myself how devastating cancer can be on people's financial lives. The debt I'll be carrying from this will go on for years. Had I been more well-off at the time, I'd have lost everything and be right where I am now anyway! The irony physically hurts.

      When I look around the world, I see all sorts of universal healthcare systems that work very well, are not really "socialized medicine" but usually hybrid systems with different sub-sectors handled in different ways, better outcomes than ours, and down to half what we pay. And it's more than just a single national health insurance that must be addressed - there's the ridiculous cost of school, the importation of health professionals, the entire malpractice "system," patent reform, monopolies, and on and on. We have some serious problems that we really need addressed in this country. "USA!USA!USA!" just ain't gonna do it. ;)


    8. JMJ,
      This may interest you:

      Protect Our Nation's Cancer Care System (April 20, 2017).

      Note what government intervention appears to have done:

      The reasons for this are a textbook example of the unintended consequences of bad public policy. It all started with the Medicare Modernization Act’s dramatic change to Part B drug reimbursement in 2003. This was compounded further by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) decisions that cut drug reimbursements by including wholesaler prompt pay discounts and the Medicare sequester in calculating reimbursements. These cuts devastated community oncology practices while hospitals found an elephant-sized loophole in the 340B Drug Discount Program that actually increased their profit.

    9. And this paragraph, too:

      The impact these polices have had on our nation’s cancer care system will only grow if the recommendations are implemented. For example, according to the Community Oncology Alliance’s 2016 Practice Impact Report, in New York, 30 community cancer clinics have been acquired by hospitals and 12 have closed completely since 2008. On a national scale, the causalities are much greater, with 380 practices closing and another 609 acquired by hospitals. Patients are the ones suffering most as they have less access and are paying more for their care.

    10. The writer reminds me of a physical therapist I once knew who was convinced Hillary-Care would fail miserably and HMOs would save us all!

      She is talking very specific points on a broad subject, and much of it had to do with Republican laws like Part D, and the other "reforms," especially block granting (which preceded the inflation mess with Part B and D). Most oncological care has always been performed outpatient at public or private clinics and research clinics. Hospital systems can do these things too. But whatever the system, the STATES have a huge say in all this. New York is trying to save it's hospitals. The Red States have been trying to get of them for years.

      Why things work out the way they do has to do with things like the spend-down rules, donut holes, etc. Because of the nature of Medicaid, in particular, there's a loophole (I do NOT do this kind of thing), whereby long-term onc and other types of patients, will show up in an emergency room at the start each cycle, to accrue a massive bill, and kicking them through the hole. So, hospitals are getting an unnecessary little bump there, but to begrudge the hospitals for that would be like blaming Casio for a conman selling one of their watches as a Rolex. The hospitals would be the first to tell you they'd rather have less of that business. Meanwhile, the specialists couldn't live without it. The writer seems to want it both ways.

      The whole health care sector is a friggin' mess, taking up a fifth of the economy, forcing mass bankruptcies, just awful.


    11. You're right, Jersey, it IS a friggin' mess, but you don't want to believe me when I tell you WHY it is the way it is. I'll give it to you again:

      The MAIN reason the cost of medical care in the USA has far outpaced the rate of Inflation for several decades and is now completely unaffordable now the initiation of MEDICARE into the system bad in the early SICK-sties. Before that, I assure you, it really WAS possible for middle and upper-class people to pay for their own care directly out of pocket without going bankrupt.

      Now, I didn't say it was the ONLY reason the cost of medical care is now completely out of control, but it IS the PRIMARY reason.

      Serious illness could never be a good thing, and it has NEVER been easy for ANYONE –– even the super-rich –– to resolve. Think of Steve Jobs, and you should know exactly what I mean. Think too of Christina Onassis, the daughter of Aristotle Onassis and step-daughter of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, who had all the money in the world, yet committed SUICIDE at age 29.

      MONEY sure can help –– if you have the wisdom to know how to use it to advantage –– but it is NOT the ANSWER to our most pressing human needs.

      Our BASIC problem today lies in our idiotic determination to try to find a MATERIALISTIC solution to every urgent situation.

      Why else do you think I despise Dialectical Materialism so intensely?

      It may sound trite, but MAN DOES NOT LIVE by BREAD ALONE.

      Until we get THAT through our thick skulls, and work daily to get ourselves in tune with the Holy Spirit who dwells in each of us, we are DOOMED to suffer eternal failure and everlasting punishment.

  5. I fear Neocons, Communists, Islamists, DemonRats, and Internationalists –– not necessarily in that order –– far more than I do ANY form of sexual aberration.


    You can't be okay with the use and abuse of underage and vulnerable people at the hands of the more powerful and politically connected, are you? What's wrong with YOU?

    1. I don't even know what you're talking about. Gays in the scouts? Gays are all over the place. Whaddayawant?


    2. I wouldn't expect you to know what I was talking about Jersey. You seem to be pretty dyed in the wool "progressive" —one who condescends to speak down from a perch, just because you consider yourself a progressive.

      I put in a bit about the CFR and its origins since it's based on the very "progressive" idea of globalism, and yes it's been around that long. Not that it would matter to you. But you never know who reads this stuff that isn't brain dead.

    3. And, of course, there are gays everywhere. My point is "who cares" whether they are gay or not? Why do we have to cower to some self-identified gay individual, just because of their sexual proclivities?

      If sexual preference becomes the most important aspect with which we identify somebody it seems shallow, more animalistic than human. "Unprogressive" I suppose, in you parlance.

    4. BTW, Jersey, I found the Slate article saying much about nothing. Not as informative as the American Thinker article which does reveal new and meaningful things about Tillerson that are ignored in the MSM. What some would call the "fake news" of say the NYT and their ilk.

    5. I'm sorry. Waylon, but I have to disagree with you on this. We usually see eye-to-eye on many of the major issues, but not here. I read most of Mr. Birdnow's article in American Thinker –– a publication for which I've had considerable respect ever sunce I beame aware of it several years ago. HOWEVER, this particular article strikes me as unduly tendentious. It has all the earmarks of a typical LEFTIST hatchet job, or a semi-hysterical polemic penned by a religious fundamentalist whose hopelessly shallow understanding of "The Word of God" mires him in the morass of taking the Bible LITERALLY.

      his approach too often leads to an arrogant, ferociously bigoted approach to life that often takes the form of "Witch Hunts," "Vendettas," and in earlier times outright PERSECUTION of perceived "heretics" that often included Imprisonment, gruesiome forms of Torture, and even more gruesome forms of Execution [Please take a look at my article called It's the Belligerence, Stupid, written for this blog in 2012.]

      Religious fanatics –– a disturbing category that most often includes "fundamentalists" –– are almost uniformly MORALLY BLIND, UNIMAGINATIVE, completely LACKING in INSIGHT, viciously INTOLERANT, disgustingly SELF-RIGHTEOUS, innately TYRANNICAL, and possibly INSANE.

      Today, we are happy to ascribe all that –– I think quite correctly –– to ISLAMISTS, whose depraved culture has kept them trapped in a seventh-century culture –– i.e. a savage, MEDIAEVAL mentality,

      You, Waylon, have made it clear in the past that you are a skeptic, or an agnostic, not really a True Believer, so it surprises me that you would latch into this particular issue in the face of all the the truly hideous challenges we must face n this brutally hostile, fundamentlly BARBARIC world.

      Thanks to the Enlightenment –– a revolutionary cultural development originatng primarily in England, France, Switzerland, and later The United States –– we made tremendous advances towards becoming more understanding, more humane, more considerate of one another, more tolerant, more broad-minded, more fair-minded, more INTELLECTUALLY CURIOUS, and CERTAINLY more able to tap into the tremendous resources of our own individual human potential.

      The history of the last four-hundred years bears that out pretty well, though it hardly indicates Western Societies ever got anywhere PERFECTION –– but at least we were for a time pointed in the RIGHT direction.

      I think it might be advisable for you to do a little research on The McMartin Case. It's a stunner and a real eye opener about the the nature of Mob Hysteria fueled by stupid, wicked, personally ambitious officials who wreaked havoc on an entire community and destroyed several lives un the process.

      The veneer that helps us appear civilized is exceedingly thin, delicate and too early broken by cocksure, self-righteous, blundering ignoramuses ready –– and much too EAGER –– to do violence at the drop of hat.

    6. FT,
      The McMartin Case is one thing.

      What Waylon has provided is a different thing.

      Just my two cents.

    7. I can't claim any great familiarity with the McMartin Case but I did notice that it was something that FBI agent Ted Gunderson investigated and concluded that what the children asserted was true.

      Gunderson uncovered more information about the practice of Satanic rituals including live child sacrifices. The media has not addressed this in the past and it has become more of a "conspiracy theory" which would be consistent with the treatment of the Wikileaks revelations in the Podesta emails. This has also been "debunked" as a "conspiracy theory".

      And just to ensure that it is squelched the heavy hand of Google and YouTube have become involved in officially patrolling the internet.

      From what little I know about the McMartin Case I'd say it's not remotely related to what the article said about Tillerson.

      It's no wonder that there is such uniformity between the two political parties as they both pursue their global agendas—effectively creating a one party communist state, just as expected.

    8. FT, I'm not making the point on religious grounds but more the hypocrisy of a political system that make appointments to important positions of people that are not distinguishable on politics and more and more represent a view that is progressively globalist.

      Tillerson apparently passes the smell test with Donald Trump and I think the view expressed in the American Thinker article is one that should be considered, just simply because it represents an important act done by Tillerson which would have consequences far beyond that act itself.

    9. Waylon, you are proving FT's point, and AoW, you are ignoring it.

      Waylon, what is it exactly you think Tillerson will do? What will be the effect of a Tillerson State?


    10. Thank you , Jersey. I wouldn't say AOW ignored my point, but rather that she missed its significance, or didn't see the connection between raising the alarm about a protean figure like Rex Tillerson by making bald ASSUMPTIONS about his moral character, and the mentality that gave us the McMartin Case –– a latter-day moral equivalent of the Salem Witch Trials.

      Waylon, I believe you may be in error when you equate acceptance of homosexuality per se with some sort of Blanket Advocacy of Child Molestation.

      I would agree that we have devolved into a terrible situation where entirely too many "tails" are asserting a highly dubious "right" to Wag the Dog" that is our formerly-esteemed democratic republic, but that does not mean it woud be a good idea to discard and abandon ALL concern for Human Rights, –– especially those of despised, rejected, often-persecuted minorities.

      The Golden Rule never ceases to apply to ALL human interaction. If we abandon THAT, the descent into Savagery is bound to be swift and terrible.

      "In so much as Ye have done it unto the LEAST of these, my brethren, Ye have done it unto Me."

    11. ALSO, Waylon and All:

      The indication that Rex Tillerson may possibly BE another Internationalist –– possibly even a NEOCON –– DOES raise my hackles

      The rest of it, I believe, is just so nuch eyewash.

      Mr. Tillerson is an impressive figure –– a Big Man who has performed Big Tasks with apparent aplomb for many years. He is, according to the criteria set by modern Amercan culture, a BIG Success.

      I happen to believe the current "profession" consumed with Digging Up Dirt to Smear on Notable Figures for Political Gain is IGNOBLE in the extreme and frankly disgusting –– a thoroghy unworthy pursuit that should be regarded as thoroughly unworthy.

      "We learn more about Peter from what he says about Paul than we learn about Paul.

      It has been ever thus.

    12. JMJ,
      I am not ignoring FT's point. I understand it. As a teacher and former school principal, I have seen several cases of false accusations.

      I've also seen actual cases of pedophilia, one resulting in the pregnancy of a 5th grade girl. In a private Christian school, no less!

      I'm merely saying that the two cases do of McMasters and Tillerson do not equate. It is my understanding that Tillerson is quite candid about his position with regard to the Boy Scouts.


      It is best to avoid making ANY KIND of PERSONAL REMARKS WHATSOEVER when discussing "The Issues."

      It's much more difficult to feel insulted and take offense when a difference of opinion is expressed OBLIQUELY.

      If my meaning is not clear, I'll be happy to make every attempt to elucidate, if asked. Otherwise, it might be best to let any aggravation we may feel about disagreements be quietly laid to rest.

      There's more than enough antagonism in the world already, as I'm sure you know. Please let's not do anything to add to it, if we can possibly avoid it.

      I've deleted more comments that begin with stupid stock schlock phrases such as "All the Libidiots and stinkin' Democrap assholes ..." than you could possibly count.

      Once I see something like that I just STOP READING, and DELETE the remark, because I KNOW it won't be worthy my time –– or anyone else's.

    14. Being an employee of Exxon/Mobil for forty plus years Mr. Tillerson could well be an impressive figure. But on the other hand it would be hard to believe that he rose through the ranks of that company to the ultimate position of CEO without being boosted by, ahem, David Rockefeller.

    15. ...So Tillerson probably earned his stripes as a globalist with a set of knee pads placed between David Rockefeller's knees.

    16. Jersey, your guess is as good as mine regarding "what Tillerson will do".
      Since I consider the globalist movement of global central control over the planet to be the intention of the globalist movement I would think Tillerson could well be a clone of David Rockefeller because of his roots in Exxon.

      It that type of central control your cup of tea?

    17. Guilt by association? Maybe. Maybe not. I don't think we have a right to ASSUME that, however.

      From the cut of Secretary Tllerson's jib, however, I have a great deal of trouble picturing him in the role described by Waylon just above, although I'm sure you didn't mean it literally, Waylon. ;-)

      Lying With facts is one of my favrite themes, because it's so PREVALENT un the enemedia, and so easy to do if you are determuned to serve an AGENDA instead of the truth.

      This is a game played by left and right alike, and i thik it stinks to high heaven, but who's going to stop it?

      "The partisan, when he is engaged in a dispute, cares nothing about the rights of the question, but is anxious only to convince his hearers of his own assertions."

      ~ Socrates (470-399 B. C.)

      And THAT was observed c. 450 B.C.

      "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves."

      Unless and until a basic change in Human Nature occurs, it's very likely we will stumble on with the same old problems till the End of Time.

    18. FT, I hadn't thought that it wouldn't be taken literally, but I suppose one could take it figuratively as well.

      IOW, we could call him a "cork soaker" instead.

    19. I'll take that as humorous, and let it go at that, Waylon. };^)>

      I do think ,however, that MOST of the information we get is tainted one way or another. After all, unless there are clear moving pictures with good clear sound of outrageosus events described, I think it best to take most things with a grain –– or even a shakerful –– of salt.

      I'm a skpetic who tries very hard NOT to become a cynic. I prefer to look for the G)OD in people, even when it's not really apparent, though no ine could call me a Pollyanna.

      Our culture is now SO steeped in negativism and the fierce desire to insult, defame, bully, punish and DESTROY just about ANYONE who has risen to prominence who doesn't happen to appeal to our personal sensibilities, Ibelieve we are in real danger of ruppng to shreds the very fabric of Civilization,

    20. The indication that Rex Tillerson may possibly BE another Internationalist –– possibly even a NEOCON –– DOES raise my hackles.


      I do consider globalism to bee the ugly face of the worst aspects of tyranny of the 20th Century. Globalism in full bloom and full control would be nothing less than an axis of Communism/Fascism/National Socialism bundled together and expecting to run a world order or world government.

      That's what all the wars and blood she have been about for the past 100 years and maybe more. Why would David Rockefeller be involved in all the nefarious organisations working to this end, like the CFR and Tri-Lateralists, both stalwart American organizations. The land upon which the United Nations sits in Manhattan was donated by the Rockefellers.

      Now there is a question about Tillerson who spent 40 years of his life toiling in a Rockefeller vineyard—EXXON?

      Am I missing something here?

      Or are YOU, FT?

    21. AOW, I had NOT seen that regarding Tillerson.

      If it is genuine then I do say there could be light at the end of the tunnel.
      But I have heard more globalist rhetoric lately from Both Trump and Tillerson. And that gives me pause.

      Plus the bull shit rhetoric both have used regarding Trump's about face on Syria, effectively becoming another Obama or Clinton in that beleaguered country.


      I do not like any of THAT any better that either of you do, BUT I am niwhere near ready to say, UNCLE!" yet on President Trump.

      As I've already stated, the thing I like LEAST about the Trump White House is the presence and growing influence of of JARED KUSHNER.

      At any rate there is NOTHING any of US can do about ANY of it. So, it's best to adopt a "wait and see" approach, and continue to hope for the best –– if only to preserve our own mental health.

    23. Waylon,
      That information does seem to be genuine.

      I found it by using this Google search: rex tillerson david rockefeller.

      Yes, we have indeed recently heard globalist rhetoric from both Trump and Tillerson. That could be placating the forces lined up against them -- or it could be something else, something nefarious.

    24. FT,
      At any rate there is NOTHING any of US can do about ANY of it.

      Sadly, that is true with regard to nearly everything about which we blog!

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    1. Sorry, Lord D. We don't permit IMBECILES to post here.

  7. The republican congress is an enemy of Trump and Us. Possible exceptions Gowdy and Cruz.

    1. Most members of the Freedom Caucus strike me as AOK, Kid. From what I've seen oh him so far I like Jim Jordan of Ohio. Mark Meadows too is all right, although he strikes me as a bit too mild-mannered for my tastes.

      WIKI says there "about three dozen" members of the House Freedom Caucus. Here's a partal list of still-active members supplied by WIKI:

      *Mark Meadows of North Carolina, Chairman, 2017–present
      Justin Amash of Michigan
      Brian Babin of Texas
      *Joe Barton of Texas
      Andy Biggs of Arizona
      Rod Blum of Iowa
      *Dave Brat of Virginia
      Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma
      Mo Brooks of Alabama
      *Ken Buck of Colorado
      Warren Davidson of Ohio
      Ron DeSantis of Florida
      Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee
      Jeff Duncan of South Carolina
      Trent Franks of Arizona
      Tom Garrett Jr. of Virginia
      *Louie Gohmert of Texas
      Paul Gosar of Arizona
      Morgan Griffith of Virginia
      Andy Harris of Maryland
      Jody Hice of Georgia
      *Jim Jordan of Ohio,[48] Chairman, 2015–2017
      Raúl Labrador of Idaho
      Alex Mooney of West Virginia
      Gary Palmer of Alabama
      Steve Pearce of New Mexico
      Scott Perry of Pennsylvania
      Bill Posey of Florida
      *Mark Sanford of South Carolina
      David Schweikert of Arizona
      Randy Weber of Texas
      Ted Yoho of Florida

      Notice the complete absence of members from the Northeast, the West Coast, Illinois, and too many midwestern states. The names starred are the only one I know anything at all about and precious little at that. But, I sympathize with what-I-believe-to-be their objectives. It might pay us to do some research in each of these guys, and learn more what they're really about. Renember the Freedom Caucus includes only HOUSE members –– and far too few of them at that.

  8. So once again the Nutty Fat Boy from North Korea Kim Jong Dong is talking tough, and dragging out his toys that he calls missiles with his threats and promises.. He said that he’s planned on launching a couple missile tests to correspond with his Daddy’s Birthday Day as a show of strength and a threat to America and his other enemies..

    Well, his show of strength never happened. And no such missile tests occurred, his toy missile fizzled out. .And once again, Pudgy Kim looked like the idiot that he is.
    Personally, I don’t see President Trump’s actions toward North Korea as the Liberals say, dragging us into a war. No! Not at all.

    Instead, I see his moves as a stance that has been needed for years, but there was no one in the Oval office capable of doung so with conviction.

    President Trump is not only showing our allies his commitment to them. But he is also making it clear to China that America will not abandon those allies they way Barack Obama did for eight years. Obama’s gone. And the grown-ups are back in charge, and China knows that.
    Perhaps Pudgy Kim Jong Dong hasn’t figured it out yet, but make no mistake about it, he will. Let’s face it there’s a new Sheriff in town and this guy doesn’t just draw USELESS Red Lines in the sand.

  9. Sometimes ya just gotta call a spade a spade. Whether it pisses folks off or not really is unimportant. If what’s being said is right and needs to be said, so be it. Or at least so I’m told. Okay, I’ll chuck the bullshit and say it straight out, that’s me saying it’s unimportant if it pisses folks off. This dude understands this as well as anyone. Why do I say this? Because I’ve spent the majority of a lifetime doing things that needed to be done and saying things that needed to be said. All to draw paycheck and move the corporate interests forward.

    Being in charge and having responsibility for other people is the perfect place to be in if ya don’t have a major problem with pissing some people off regularly and taking daily abuse by people who frankly may have trouble figuring out which side of the bed to get up from. In short, somebody will always be pissed off about one thing or another.

    Oh, and the corporate interest thing, it’s true, officers of a corporation and their managers really do look out for corporate interests, even when they may not completely agree. That’s what they are ultimately paid to do. That’s tough as well. Why? Because when managers express their reservations and disagreements they take hits from above as well as from below. It’s simply the price one pays sometimes.

    You may be asking what is the point here. In which case the answer is we’re still trying to figure it out.

    Someone, somewhere, is pissed off with their job, their family life, their relationships, and many seem to be always pissed off with politics all the time. Just trying to figure out why it is so difficult for folks to understand it doesn’t have to be personal and compromise isn’t a bad thing in business, ones personal life, or in politics and government.

    Yet here we are and my guess is here we shall remain. Or put another way the more things change the more they stay the same.

    1. You've managed to SAY LESS in MORE WORDS than anyone else on the board.

      I'm sorry to have to tell you that congratulations are NOT in order };^(>

  10. Let’s get serious here as we inch closer to the much-to-be-desired conclusion of the Obama presidency, and take a look at ten of his most significant “achievements”–policies that will be viewed positively by hard-core leftists and negatively by right-minded Americans
    1.First president to divide the country intentionally and start us on a path to a race war. 2. first president to ram through nationalized health care that will bankrupt the nation.
    3. first president to intentionally reverse our foreign policy objectives in order to help our enemies.
    4. First president to publicly say he hates more than half of the American people.
    5. First president to intentionally emasculate our military.
    6. First president intentionally debase our moral principles and family unit.
    7. First president to advocate for late term abortion, early abortion - all kinds of abortion. 8. First president to nationalize certain segments of the private sector.
    9. Fist president to be associated with communists, socialists and anarchists and still be elected president.
    10. First president to actively try and subvert, reduce, marginalize white America. This wasn't hard I could go on for at least about 20 more

    1. All well and good, but isn't it a bit LATE to bring all this up in llght of present circumstances?

      This thread is NOT about either OBAMA or HILLARY, but it is about –– well suppose you tell me –– or don't you know?

      Irrelevant presentations of this sort are classified as BOILERPLATE, and are NOT welcome at this blg, –– even if we think they make sense.

  11. The man who knows everything.April 20, 2017 at 5:51 PM

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  12. What happened to Repeal Every Word of Obamacare. ??

    1. It remains what it always was - rhetoric.


    2. Hi, Kid. As the title of the post tried to indicate I believe that PAUL RYAN –– and the RINO mentality he too ably represents –– has functioned as The NIGGER in DONALD TRUMP'S WOODPILE.

      Whether the president realizes this or not is one of THE most crucial questions we should be asking.

      What the president intends to DO about is of even greater concern.

      And by the powers vested in him by the Constitution what CAN the president DO to clean out the Washington woodpile?

      I don't believe presidents are able to FIRE members of congress, federal judges, or entrenched bureaucrats either for that matter. If they COULD, we would not have a representative REPUBLIC, we would have a MONARCHY –– or a DICTATORSHIP.

    3. I think Trump would fully repeal Obamacare if he could, but I also believe he would want to "replace" it with something else, as opposed to just going back to having tens of millions uninsured, hospitals going out of business left and right, and health costs being even more of a burden than they are now, and even now, as it was before Obamacare (which didn't do that much to address this particular issue) they are the number one cause of bankruptcy.

      As we do live in a republic, popularity of laws matter. The GOP can't produce a law that is more popular than Obamacare, which is funny, as it's not like Obamacare was ever very popular, nor can they just be rid of it, because that's less popular an option as well. Trump, in the past, has been on record supporting single-payer universal healthcare. If he really had it his way, I think that's what we'd get. Now, THAT would be popular, but it runs diametrically opposed to everything the GOP stands for.


    4. Jersey said:

      ... Trump would fully repeal Obamacare if he could, but I also believe he would want to "replace" it with something else, as opposed to just going back to having tens of millions uninsured, ...

      I'm glad you both SEE that and ADMIT it, Jersey. That's a BIG concession coming from a Democrat. I always knew there was hope for you. Good man!

      Yes. That is EXACTLY what Mr. Trump promised to do, and it is ONE of several very good reasons why he was elected. HOWEVER, –– and this is THE main point of THIS post –– the Republicns in Congress, –– as led by PAUL RYAN, –– whom I, personally, have come to DESPISE ––, have done everythng they could to THWART President Trump's agenda.

      I'm sure you can see that. Most Democrats can't get past their being SORE as a Parliament of Boiled Owls, so all THEY can do, poor fools, is LASH OUT with FALSE ACCUSATIONS, and SPUTTER like an ICBM that can't get off it's Launching Pad.

      These losers remind me of the famous rhymster who gave us these immortal lines:

      Here I sit broken-hearted
      Paid a dime, and only farted!

      The part you don't often hear is this. The Potty Poet went away so pissed off he returned later with an AXE and a can of lighter fluid, reduced the doors of every pay toilet to splinters, busted up the sinks, broke all the mirrors, pissed all over the floor, shit on the whole stinking mess, wrote FUCK PAY TOILETS in shit all over the wall, then tossed gasoline on it, and set the place on fire. (:-o

      YEP! That is JUST how the silly members of your party are acting, –– like a bunch of Juvenile Delinqy=uents –– and what they are doing is every bit as destructive –– and frankly CRIMINAL –– as the grotesque scenario I just outlined.

    5. Jersey,
      We had a single payer system until obamacare was shoved down everyone's rectum. It was called medicaid and took care of those who could not or would not take care of themselves. They went from free healthcare to healthcare they can't afford. Obamacare was and is totally flawed from the get go because only those who are really sick signed up and that drained the system.

      It is unfortunate that we had a horrible speaker who was replaced by a horrible speaker. He had promise but had put personal power in front of serving the people, guess that is the definition of politician.
      DJT can't put down his massive ego long enough to govern and the media is out to crucify him at every turn which he asks for.
      Now the democrats own obamacare and they would live for the republicans to take than wart off their backs because like chuckie said, you change it you own it.

    6. FT, I don't believe Ryan or any other cabal in the GOP are working to thwart Trump any more than I'd blame the Democrats for obstructing anything at this point. It doesn't do the GOP any good to fail miserably and blame it on the minority. We have an effective one-party state at this point, and it's the GOP's. The GOP is in charge. It's up to them now. They don't seem particularly up to the task.

      A favorite among Trump voters, Bill O'Reilly's show officially came to an end tonight. O'Reilly had more to do with the election of Donald Trump and the rise of the GOP in recent years than Rush Limbaugh did for the Republican Revolution of '94. O'Reilly lied and lied and lied on television every night, for two decades, to millions of older, white, ill-informed Americans. It encapsulated the Republican dilemma - The world is changing, change scares people, but they have no good ideas for dealing with change, so they distract, and lie, and blame the powerless, and hold up scumbags as models of virtue, and once in power? Nothing. They have nothing. They're just crooks and crooked.

      Trump would have been 1000% better off if the Dems had taken the House and Senate in 2016. But he's stuck with a party that is stuck in the very swamp he says he wants to drain. Heck, they aren't just stuck in it - the GOP IS THE SWAMP.

      skudrunner, Your first sentence is incorrect. A complete misrepresentation of how the "system" works. Your second sentence reinforces my opinion of your first, and belies it's very premise.


    7. Jersey, first you heartily concur with my assessment of the Republican Party as fractured and schizoid, then you reverse yourself in the stagement mmediatly above.

      Now how am I supposed to deal with that? ;-)

      It is patently OBVIOUS that Paul Ryan has fully intended from the beginning to frustrate, balk, thwart, and neutralize President Trump's agenda.

      Speaker Ryan was always firmly oppsed to Mr. Trump. How could any aware person miss Mr. Ryan's negative intentions? By his fruitlessness you shall know him.

      Actions ALWAYS speak louder than words, do they not?

    8. Jersey, you have a terrible habit of asserting without showing when you make certain outrageous statements such as "Bill O'Reilly lied" for two decades as if everyone else that ever watched the show was too dense to detect these lies.

      You must start by enumerating the lies you detected when you watched the show "for two decades" to have a valid argument.

    9. Jersey,

      Medicare paid for the healthcare of the indigent. It was a lousy system that should have been corrected to provide better care but instead they created a boondogle called obamacare which raised the cost of insurance for everyone. Prior to obamacare my 28 year old son could get high deductible insurance for $130 a month. With the enactment of obamacare he has a higher deductible policy that costs $360 a month but he is covered if he gets pregnant.

  13. The biggest issue of the day is North Korea. Lets face it and let’s be honest North Korea could be wiped off the map pretty quickly if we had to. Hopefully they’ll find a way to undermine this regime like we did in the past.

    Trump is the right guy in the White House right now. I don’t see anyone of the other candidates on either side that would have been willing to deal with North Korea who is threatening a nuclear strike and actively working on the hardware to get it done because they’d be too afraid of confronting China and Russia.

    We have kicked the can down the road for decades, and are now looking at the end of that road. The end will be when North Korea has the ability to strike not only others in the region, but the mainland USA
    We will have sufficient reason to act sooner or later if the Crazy, Psychopathic Narcissist Fat kid doesn’t change his course.

    Fortunately, we now have a President that can play Fat Boy Kim’s game, unlike his predecessor. The UN should realize this, but like always, you don’t hear one single word from them. . The Donald knows how to call bluffs, and will do so with Korea.

    1. Nothng to do withP aul Ryan's betrayal of President Trump, but it's both interesting and plausible, so it stays,

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  15. 33866 331 83264
    An Egyptian-American charity worker has been released from prison in Cairo after three years behind bars. The American citizen returned home to the United States late Thursday.

    “President Trump and his aides worked for several weeks with Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi to secure the freedom of Aya Hijazi, 30, a U.S. citizen, as well as her husband, Mohamed Hassanein, who is Egyptian, and four other humanitarian workers,” reports The Washington Post. “Trump dispatched a U.S. government aircraft to Cairo to bring Hijazi and her family to Washington.”

    Trump apparently succeeded where former president Obama failed. The Post continues:

    The Obama administration unsuccessfully pressed Sissi’s government for their release. It was not until Trump moved to reset U.S. relations with Egypt by embracing Sissi at the White House on April 3 — he publicly hailed the autocrat’s leadership as “fantastic” and offered the U.S. government’s “strong backing” — that Egypt’s posture changed. Last Sunday, a court in Cairo dropped all charges against Hijazi and the others.

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