Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hubris personified! Ta ta! Hasta la vista! Bye!


We loved you madly once,  or so you thought.
But now your reign is soon to come to naught.
This makes your story sad for us to tell,
So let’s be kind, and just forget the hell
You and Michele have given. Left unsaid,
We sweetly choose to sing to you, instead.

Farewell, Obama,
Adios, Addio, Adieu! 
Farewell, Obama.
It was no fun, and now it’s done, 
Still now and then, vain Obama,
When you are strutting 
with the stars beyond belief,
We’ll recall all the stress 
and the high drama, 
Vanished now with a sigh of relief!

~ FreeThinke (with apologies to Cole Porter)

Buh-bye, Babe! You won't be missed.


  1. The drooling over Obama began in 2004. The Cult of Obama on display!

    And, tonight, he will give his farewell speech. How much of a farewell? He's young and sticking close to D.C. So, what prestigious position will he next hold?

    You know, BHO could have done a great deal to unite this country. Instead, he engineered balkanization, including, but not limited to, a worsening of race relations.

    1. Excerpt from Young Obama voter admits: Race relations are worse after Obama [VIDEO]:

      When asked about the Chicago kidnapping of a young white man with special needs by four African Americans, Okafor was shocked and believes President Obama has created a culture in America that makes this type of behavior acceptable.

      “Under Obama’s administration in the last few years has been almost this validation to say that ‘white people are bad,'” Okafor pointed out. “If you’re not white, then really you’re superior.”

    2. Are you planning to watch The Big Goodbye Speech tonight?

      I hope TMC offers something I can stand watching. It's either that, reruns of What's My Line, To Tell the Truth, or the Home and Garden channel.

      I wouldn't be caught dead listening to Obooboo anymore than I absolutely have to.

      Do you think I am shirking my duty as a responsible citizen to skip this Historic Event?


      Frankly, my dear ...

    3. I might watch. I'll have to decide if watching increases my pain levels.

    4. More a matter of NAUSEA, I should think.



  2. Report: Obama Will Likely Take Shots At Trump In Farewell Address

    "One “Obama loyalist” claims that Obama will give “admonitions about the challenges we face moving forward,” which CNN’s John King report “will likely be squarely aimed at President-elect Donald Trump.” Among other things, King notes that Obama hype the importance of America’s diversity during the address.

    Obama has previously hinted that he may disregard the example set by his predecessor, former president George W. Bush, and say disgusting things about Trump.

  3. Obamas Speech will be a list of how many "accomplishments " he has had. Even though we all know that list was VERY SHORT.
    Trump will outclass Obama anyday of the week , no matter what he says in his farewell, we all know that.

  4. Ruthie Julie Annie said

    What a daring sendoff. WOO HOO! for sure.

  5. It’s time to say buhbye to the Failure-In -Chief, the Obama era ends not with a bang, but with a whimper; with the national consensus that, he really was a failure and that maybe he didn’t really matter so much after all... except to the Die-Hard- Fans who are uninformed, or who just can’t come to the reality that he was such a BAD President after all. . And those to whom he did matter the most to were his enemies determined to undo everything he did.
    And in less than two weeks, Obama will be gone and a new President will attempt to lead us into a new era, an era of returned American greatness and success. And to hopefully undo the damage that Obama and his lot of idiots such as John Kerry and Hillary Clinton etc had done to this Country! Yes, in less that two weeks Donald Trump will be the new Leader of the United States of America, and he will be fought tooth and nail by the Democratic members of Congress and the Senate, perhaps by some within the GOP as well, but if we, the people stand together and back Donald J. Trump, the damage that HAS been and caused by Obama can be wiped away as we disinfect this nation from the disease of Liberalism, Progressivism, and the smell of it that lingers throughout the Nation. And the Patriotic Citizens of the USA will get their Republic back...The stench of the old will be wiped away just like cleaning out the cages at the
    The 8 years of that disgusting era in America’s politics will be wiped away “like with a Rag”and hopefully never to ever be repeated again.
    I always loved a story with a happy ending. And if true, there is no better place in history for obama than no place at all. obama is a ego-maniac. For him, he has to the center of attention, the talk of the town, the one man who is everything to everybody. He is incapable of being even modest. The greatest thing that could happen to obama is for to him to fade away from sight and mind.
    All of us can remember or name at least ten of the 44 presidents. We remember them for one reason or another, either the good they did, the bad they did, or simply because of the fact that they were a president during a memorable time in history. We remember them for reasons like they served 4 terms, or because they were the first president to do one thing or another.... And to be honest, in my eyes, Obama didn’t do anything good to be remembered. Instead, he will be remembered as, being the First Black President... Or should I say the First Half Black and Half White President... ..

  6. Today starts the beginning of a New America, it's time to Make America Great Again.
    And to ALL you Obama Fans, and Idiots... Please accept my y condolences.

  7. Lets give Obama credit, where credit is due!
    1- Immigration Reform
    2- Obamacare
    3- Iraq
    4- Libya
    5- Benghazi
    6- Race Relations
    7- His Comments about us Domestic Terrorists.
    8- The Apology Tour
    9- Syria-Red Line
    10- KILLED our relationship with Israel.

    And lets long forget the good that he did for business
    He became The Gun Salesman of the year, for the most Gun Sales in American History.

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      Thank you.

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    The Obama's, of course, are Fair Game. So are other PUBLIC figures whose attitudes and policies we find objectionable, but please AVOID WITLESS VULGARITY, SPITEFUL INVECTIVE, and MINDLESS REDUNDANCY, and BOILERPLATE.

  15. Is Trump and other public figured whose attitudes are found objectionable by millions fair game as well?

    1. Not HERE, Les. Now please just GO AWAY. You are not welcome here under any circumstances and never will be, I assure you, so GET OUT and STAY OUT.

    2. By the way, Les, YOUR particular brand of pestiferous commentary falls under the heading of MINDLESS REDUNDANCY, which we abhor and will not tolerate.

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      In plainer language YOU are a PAIN in the ASS.

    3. Anonymous of a different orderJanuary 10, 2017 at 11:06 PM

      Sounds like Les is a burr under your saddle FreeThinke.

    4. NO, Les. I regard you as more like a TURD in the punchbowl, VOMIT on a Damask Sofa, STEEL FILINGS in the Turkey Stuffing, or GROUND GLASS in the Fruit Salad at a party. Also the type who makes OBSCENE PHONE CALLS or DELIBERATELY emits silent-but-deadly FARTS in a crowded elevator at every available opportunity, quietly chuckling to himself

      In short –– a TOXIC, WORTHLESS MALIGNANT human being COMPLETLY UNDESIRABLE from every possible aspect.

      The very definition of a TROLL.

      Now once again, Les, I'm telling you –– and all your wretched kind –– to GET OUT and STAY AWAY from this blog.

      In other words BEAT IT, BOZO.

  16. What disgusting humans.

    9 More Days!

  17. I watched the speech. It was nice. He was a good President. Now, we're hearing Trump may be seriously compromised, to the point of impeachable. We shall see. It doesn't look good. https://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2017-01-11/trump-said-to-be-told-of-unverified-russian-intelligence-plot


    1. Hi, Jersey. Yes, I'm sure it was "nice" if you're prone to like that sort of smarmy, ingratiating, disingenuous rhetoric that doesn't really mean a thing. I didn't watch it mainly because I fell asleep very early last night

      The soon-to-be-EX-president never raises his voice, and always appears "cool" and unflappable. But the expression on his face betrays petulance, arrogance, condescension, and barely-concealed contempt for his audience more often than not. And he shows no discernible trace of a sense of humor. His eyes appear dead –– they never twinkle –– and I don't remember ever hearing him laugh. Lots of grinning before the cameras at photo ops, but no laughter.

      If you could tell us more precisely why you believe he has been a good president, I'd be more than happy to listen to your thoughts.

      As for the rest, I'm sure it comes from LEFTIST Opposition Research Centers who have consistently resorted to exaggeration, distortion and outright fabrication for the past twenty or so months in an eall-out-effort to stop Mr. Trump, while trying, of curse, to boost Madame C-Word.

      I, personally, trust absolutely NOTHING pushed by the enemedia which now includes FOX News.

      The only good things I can say about Mr. Obama is that he looks very good when he wears a well-tailored suit of clothes, and he has a good baritone voice, and speaks for the most part in decent Standard English, except when he's affecting a Black Preacher-Rabble Rouser role, which he does so uncommonly well when he believes he's "among friends" that i find it eerie.

      Okay, you're next. §;^D

    2. FT,
      I watched most of the speech, which certainly contained some good moments. The flavor of the speech? That of community organizing.

      At one point, BHO said that Trump was "freely and fairly elected." I found that interesting -- particularly in light of the story that broke overnight.

      Last night's speech was quite a production number, along the lines of Obama's acceptance speech in 2008. I'm not a fan of such obvious staging -- no matter the political party.

    3. What do you mean by "good moments," AOW? I suspect ir was all "Showbizz," and therefore, disingenuous.

      How the could be "good" I don't understand, but I am fast becoming an Old Sobersides.i admit it. ;-}

    4. FT,
      One moment was his statement that America is exceptional.

      Another: his strong words of support for our Constitution.

    5. Well, he got us through a very difficult period. But there are lots of various examples.

      His use of the "sequester" to force the GOPs hands to cut the deficit with a workable budget, essentially kept everything in place, with roughly 10% cuts across the board, and the deficit is down from 1.4 tril to 587 bil. He didn't think they'd, the GOP, would do it! It cuts the military too, after all. But they did. And then it became convenient cover for them to stop presenting anything at all. No presentation is easier than any, and it's better than anything they had to offer anyway. Obama was a very clever there.

      He's no great lion of liberalism, but he did a few things we libs like. He got us through the Arab Spring without further embroiling us in any further invasions. When he did intervene, he left as soft a footprint as possible and got out. He's criticized by the right for following through with the withdrawal from Iraq in 2011, saying that led to ISIS and such, but in reality Iraq was pretty stable in 2011, the Syrian civil war was in it's infancy, and it was from Syria, later, that ISIS and such came in and destabilized Iraq. In other words THANK GOD he withdrew, or we would have been embroiled in THAT disaster too.

      I could go on and on.

      Obama was a good President.


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    1. We don't permit blog gossip or personal remarks couched in terms of invective here, unless I feel it warranted. Gratuitous insults with no humor attached are not only unnecessary, they are toxic.

      Please try to remember that.

  19. Thank you for deleting the toilet-drinking comment by Rusty, directed against AOW.

    I am just curious? Does he have a wife? Would he punch a man's lights out for talking like that about his wife?

    Just another talking turd.

  20. Not to take the Obama Farewell speech out of the lime light, but there are other things going on in the world and in this Nation of ours, For example, and not to be a nitpicker BUT Mr. Obama, ALSO KNOWN AS “The White House” (AS IF THE White House can speck) Refused to Light White House “Blue” for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, a tradition to light the White House blue for National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day! This is a day that shows the Men and Women in Blue how much we are thankful and how much we value their service and protection of our Neighborhoods, and Communities all across America showed their support by lighting up neighborhoods with Blue lights. The schools and communities, across the Nation held ceremonies to simply say “Thank You” during this very difficult time This is a day that is meant to show our support and show that we highly appreciate, their courage, bravery, and integrity, that is shown by Our Nation’s Law Enforcement Officers every day and their help in the ongoing War on Cops. Especially when one of our own Police Officers the Hero NYPD Detective Steven McDonald Died yesterday after long 30 years of suffering from being shot and Paralyzed from a 15 year old punk. But the Moon=bat in Chief had once again refused to partake in this tradition, as he previously did when he refused to light the White House Blue to honor the five Dallas police officers who were assassinated in the name of the Black Lives Matter Gang of Thugs.
    But I guess the Public is more interested in Kim Kardashian, and Jay Zee....

  21. Remember this my friends and fellow Conservatives, and Republicans, WE WON , and we must stay focused, as the lefties will not go down without losing their last breath ans they are going to fight until the nest election. And they won’t give up, as we already saw in the Disgusting Drama Queens Speech at the Gold Globes the other night. So remember, there is strength in numbers, and we the people proved it last November the 8th. Now, we have to stay in the fight; as the Hyena packs keep circling the wagons in the slim chance of their winning the prize, picking at it little by little, persisting in the effort of trying to wear us down, the Progressives will do the same to get back in power. They won’t stop until their Red Ass’s turn Blue. We can’t let that happen. And it is NOT going to happen. They are going to throw out whatever lies and Bull-Shit that they can dig up, no matter if it’s true or not. That doesn’t make any difference to them.
    They only know how to play dirty, they name call, they dig up those stupid pictures amd they lie, lie, and lie, until people begin tho think it’s the truth. This election was a revolution. A peaceful one, that prevented the violent revolution that would have occurred had Hillary Clinton won. This country has had it with the Commie and Muzzie crap put forth by the Clinton’s, the Black Lives Mater thugs, and yes Obama and his minions. The left will, of course, continue to demand to impeach Donald Trump, because that are so freaken scared of him.
    The Marxist’s the Progressives, the Democrats should thank their lucky stars that Trump Won
    So stand firm, steadfast, girded with hardened steel if necessary; be ever vigilant to snuff out ANY flicker of flame that comes out of the progressive movement. It won’t stop, neither should we.

  22. Last night after falling asleep after Obama's "Fare-Well" speech, Tossed and turned most of the night. I kept hearing the cheers and celebrations of the crowd at the 2nd farewell speech of Barack Hussein Obama. Their loudest cheers and standing ovations were for the laws and policies that he passed and helped passed. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE LAWS ARE AN ABOMINATION TO THE ONE AND ONLY LIVING GOD - to our CREATOR.

    When I woke up I was reminded of the time Moses went up to the mountain to seek God's face and ask Him what it was He wanted to say to the people. When Moses returned with the 10 commandments, he found the people celebrating, worshiping idols, lusting over gold and riches, having orgies and sex one with another, they could care less if it was man, woman or beast and they did NOT want to hear what God had to say. Sounds familiar?

    I saw Illinois, California and New York. Those were 3 states Hillary won in greater numbers. They are the most liberal progressive states in our nation. These are also states who's leaders and lawmakers willfully and knowingly turn their backs on God Almighty.

  23. Goodbye, Obama


    by Gene Healy

    In the presidency´s long march toward full-spectrum dominance over American life, the POTUS has become, among other things, host in chief of our national talk show. Barack Obama fulfilled that role better than most. Our 44th president never seemed more completely in his element than when trading zingers at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. We find it reassuring somehow to be reminded that the guy with the kill list has a sense of humor. At the 2015 version of the annual press and pols confab, Obama got one of his bigger laugh lines when he joked: "Dick Cheney says he ...

    Read the complete article at Lucianne.com' News Forum Homepage


  24. Today was NOT a good day for the anti Trump gang, the Libiturds, the crybabies. The sore losing Lefty loud mouths, and for the 'Fake News' media . Today Buzzfeed got exposed for Fake, Incompetent News of EPIC proportions - their colleagues and other news sources slammed them & even CNN tried to distance itself from them, and CNN actually had someone call them what they are in public.

    As President-Elect Trump said to CNN: 'You're FIRED!'

  25. I wonder what Obsma is planning to do after January the 20th? Apparently all the community organizer jobs a filled for the time being.

  26. As if the Liberals havent been stupid enough this week , Ira Madison A writer for MTV News, just recently attacked Jeff Sessions for bringing his granddaughter to proceedings. Sessions’ granddaughter happens to have an Asian heritage. This douchbag, racist, liberal, reporter, Said to Sessions, "sir, would you kindly return this Asian baby to the Toys “R” Us store you stole her from.”.
    As we know Liberal A-holes, never seem to change.

  27. According to a new Government-backed study, an alarming number of teachers are dropping Holocaust studies from their curriculum in order to avoid offending anyone!
    “anyone”? WHO ARE THE “anyone’s”? Are they the teachers who are fearful of confronting anti-Semitic sentiment and Holocaust denial students aka the Muslim pupils.>

    Or are they the Politically Correct Liberals who don’t wish to deal with History? I have been taught that knowing History was paramount to Preventing such things from ever happening again..But that's not so when it comes to offending Muslim!

    I have a good idea, why don't we just stop teaching History altogether, I’m sure that would make Obama happy so we don't offend any of his Muslim friends.

  28. Have you noticed that the Liberal Hollywood Trump Haters are all in support of Obama communist / Globalist plans. Notice how these are the same people who made it to the top and do extremely well in Hollywood, as they do on the Basketball teams and the Rap Singing bunch of Hoodlums as well. . Ever notice those who kiss the Democratic liberal political asses are the same ones who get noticed and those who don't stay in the background.

    They have sold their souls, to the devil and here is another hint many of them donors to Hillary Clinton’s phony Foundation...........
    As for Maryl Streep, she has a lot of experience with foreigner...they clean her houses, they clean her pools, they wash her cars, they maintain her elaborate grounds around her mansions...they watched her children.....she loves them as any 1%er loves the poor foreigners who work for them...
    As for Samuel Jackson, he is another Hollyweird Jerk, and he is done in my book ever since he said when he said. " I voted for Obama just cause he's black"...

    Such a shame too he was a good actor. Notice I used " was"!

  29. Wait one frikken minute did Obama Say That We Haven't Been Attacked By Foreign Terrorists In The Eight Years of His Presidency?
    Did I hear right, or what? No, I think that is exactly what he said.
    Our Lame Duck, Our Dear Leader, Our soon to be Ex-President Obama DID say in his farewell speech last night that No Foreign Terrorist Organization has planned and or executed an attack on the United States homeland in the past eight years. .
    What he Did say... Exactly Was: “Because of the extraordinary courage of our men and women in uniform, and the intelligence officers, law enforcement, and diplomats who support Them, No Foreign Terrorist Organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland these past eight years”

    The president has been laying it on thick over the past week with this claim as he has been doing with many other of his “claims” Either that or he has been smoking dem weeds again! . Last Night, on January 4, at Fort Myer in Arlington, President Obama addressed members of the military in a farewell ceremony, where he reiterated the claim that "no foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland these past eight years."

    Really? Seriously? No Kidding? So, the Fort Hood shooting, the , Orlando killings, , the Boston marathon bombing, the San Bernardino incident,, and the Chattanooga killings were not terrorist attacks? Then just where and when did the above listed the attacks happen since the beginning of Obama's presidency: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.
    Please see the Washington Examiners article here.> http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/obamas-victory-lap-on-terror-comes-with-a-lot-of-caveats/article/2609889

  30. Cory Booker Didn't Say Anything Of Merit Today, And He Hardly Ever Does, So Why Would He Start Now?. Cory Booker is a little Barack Obama Wannabe... Typically a Progressive Spineless Idiot to the Core. He's Better at Jumping into Fires than He Is at Politics.

  31. Like a dog that returns to his vomit, this lame duck president just can’t help complimenting himself.. Well at least somebody loves him even if it's himself.

  32. Donald Trump was elected and will be the next president and if you don't want him as YOUR President, then you can join to list of Hypocrites that said they would leave the Country. ( which will never happen).
    Trump is President, Hillary is Not.
    All I know is that life is good.

  33. We all know all lives didn’t matter in that case in Chicago when the Black Lives Matter thugs didn’t give a Rats ass about the Kidnaping and the Torturing foe 48 hours of that poor special needs, mentally disabled white young man. Or the hatred that led to this HATE CRIME!
    Whenever a mob riots, takes to the street as the Black Lives Matter mobs have done…destroying property, looting, burning businesses to the ground and beating or shooting people…those caught by the police should be tried on charges of terrorism…as their actions are clearly directed by both political and social motives.
    If four black so called “teens” kidnap a WHITE special needs kid, torture, beat him, and make him yell "F Donald Trump" there are those willing to make excuses for the perps, and try to tell us that there wasn’t any “Hate Crime” involved! Do they really think that we are that stupid? . Even the Obama admin was saying it was "too soon" to say it was a Hate Crime, until Obama apparently saw the video. Were we as he so often says, “Jumping to Conclusions”?
    But that was only the tip of the Iceberg. …

    Those who shoot at or kill members of the Police force are equally as guilty of committing politically and/or socially motivated acts of terrorism as are those who streamed their beating of that man in Chicago. When those thugs, or goons target our police officers, when they shoot at and/or kill officers of the law under the guise of any political or social motivation…those are acts of terrorism meant to “…coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives,” and therefore, are clearly acts of terrorism. And the very same should apply to these random shooting of innocent people who’s only crime was Minding Their Own Business.
    By sending armed para-military personnel to a place like the Bundy Ranch…to coerce and and intimidate those ranchers in what was clearly a politically motivated situation…by using the tactics involved over the course of that standoff, and the one in Oregon as well…Obama…by the definition of terrorism provided by the FBI…perpetrated acts of terrorism. By sending his minions to the funerals of thugs who died while threatening officers of the law. Obama was condoning acts of terrorism. This no doubt was inspired by the practice of jihadists throwing Gay victims off roofs.

    By ordering both Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch to launch federal investigations into police departments where police involved shootings of, or deaths of thugs led to acts of further terrorism…Obama attempted to use government force to intimidate or coerce segments of the populations into bowing to social and political compliance, thus committing acts of terrorism.
    CNN host Don Lemon said Wednesday evening the broadcasted torture of a bound and gagged victim in Chicago was not “evil,” adding that the suspects had “bad home training.” Who the hell is he kidding? And it was also said that these THUGS were just doing some “Childish Prank”, wow, how about them apples. Just how stupid and naive do these News Idiots think they are talking to! Don Lemon should be fired for making a statement like that!

    But Don Lemon ain't alone, when this story first broke a few days ago I learned of it on line, It was reported as it was four blacks and a white kid, no mention though early on he was special needs. In fact they reversed the story at first and reported that it was for whits that did this horrific thing to a Black kid! Several hours later I heard the first radio news report of it, reported simply as four youths being the perps with no mention at all they were black and the victim white. The fact is that I don't care what color the victim was, just hunt the Bastards down and throw them in a dirty cell for the rest of their pathetic lives. It's a no brainer that these Black Lives Matter thugs have reach a new level of cruelty! And THESE are your Domestic Terrorists

  34. Don't let the screen door hit you on your *ss on the way out...


  35. Finally, Trump put these Democrat hacks in their place. It would be a good thing if he refuses to talk to these fake news outlet for eight more years. The president-elect just told the whole world CNN news organization is fake. The only people who are drinking CNN's propaganda News are gullible and undiscerning!

  36. This has got to be the biggest Hoax and Fake News snow-job ever, and the idiotic News Stations that ran it only because they hate Trump, like Buzzfeed, and CNN needs to severely punished for it Like severely fined, or the people that are responsible should be fired.
    Also the LUNATICS who are STILL posting about it after it was proved to be FAKE should be thrown off of these boards.
    I love it! They Exposed the Left Again! All of Hillary’s and the Left’s their cries about fake news coming from the right, and yet here the LEFT ran with fake news and spread it far and wide! Now everyone knows just who actually runs with fake news now! So tell me now, Who Is Deplorable, and Despicable!

  37. Last Sunday evening, while most people were either having a nice dinner with their familu or watching the NFL playoff game between the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers, the FBI posted on its website more than 300 emails that Clinton had sent to an unnamed colleague not in the government — no doubt her adviser Sid Blumenthal — that had fallen into the hands of foreign powers. It turns out — and the Sunday night release proves this — that Blumenthal was hacked by intelligence agents from at least three foreign governments and that they obtained the emails Clinton had sent to him that contained state secrets. Sources believe that the hostile hackers were the Russians and the Chinese and the friendly hackers were the Israelis."
    But wait one minute there is more to this story then just that Old e-mail rehashed over again...

    Senator Paul asked Hillary Clinton if the huge weapons depot that we kept in Benghazi had been shipping weapons to Libya as well as other countries in the region.
    Of course, Secretary Clinton was ready with one lie-after- another lie about not understanding the question and saying only the CIA knows for sure. The “wiping of the server with a Rag, was no longer going to be a good excuse.
    But wait! Hillary Clinton actually discusses shipping the weapons from Benghazi to ISIS in her emails , I wonder if Bernie Sander IS GOING TO SAY “: PEOPLE SICK OF CLINTON'S DAMN EMAILS” THIS TIME!

    So what was her crime exactly? Lying under oath? Yeah, thats a good start.



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