Saturday, January 28, 2017


A Looming Threat

Another Enemy Waiting 
to Pounce

A Feministic Chimera

A Harpy 
More Hideous 
Than Hillary

Lizzie Warren's sharpened axe
Waits to give "Kapital" forty whacks,
And when she has destroyed the banks
She'll say you owe her many thanks.
Then engines of th' economy 
She’s reduced to beggary
Will go down on bended knee 
To save themselves from bankruptcy
At your expense, and then you'll see
The end of private property,
And all forms of democracy.

Lizzie’s worse than Hillary.
You'll be reduced to penury
By Lizzie Warren's axe.
She longs to heavily levy on thee





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    1. Good! I'm glad you appreciate our wry sense of humor.

      Few do, Alack and Alas!

  2. I can't abide Elizabeth Warren. She quivers with Leftist rage and damn near foams at the mouth.

    I expect to see her on the Dems ticket for 2020.

  3. Replies
    1. I couldn't believe my good luck in finding JUST the right images early this morning, when I put this thing together. The verse has been gathering dust for more than a year.

  4. So "why" does an anti-bank attack dog conceal a $1.3m line-of-credit with BoA? Hypocrisy or oversight?

    1. Shouldn't the answer to that be self-fevident to anyone not a blind follower of Marxian precepts?

      Useful idiots don't count, because they are impervious to Reason, dismissive of Common Sense, and blind to Truth.

    2. A brash, boorish, mouthy, tasteless, hyper-aggressive SHREW with the body language of a poorly made WIND-UP TOY.

      BTW, the video you linked before was not only hilarious, it was BRILLIANT, and that is why it NOW is situated at the top of the post as an FEATURED UPDATE.

      Thanks a million!

  5. A real POS. But then aren't all democrat politicians?

    1. Like Hillabitch she thinks her deceptions and her hypocrisy won't matter, because she serves the "politically-correct" narrative. The harpy's philosophical orientation should only be labelled "crypto-Communism." because that's what the policies she advocates tell us she IS, although she and her mind-numbed followers would vehemently deny it.

      I'm not sure "POS" adequately describes precisely how vile Fauxcahontas really is. If you had seen her unmercifully badgering Betsey de Vos at the hearings for Secretary of Education, you would have to realize this dreadful creature is a MONSTER possibly worse than the illustrations that accompany today's posted item.

      SHIT can at least be used to fertilize plant life. Lizzie Warren is more like LETHAL POISON than mere excrement. She is TOXIC –– a MALIGNANT human being. DEADLY!

    2. This LETHAL POISON appeared at the protests last night and was, as usual, foaming at the mouth with rage (which her adherents see as righteous anger).

    3. It's hard to believe considering the high degree of material success Lizzie has achieved that her endless public cross of "outrage" could possibly be authentic, but her posture of perpetual shrieking invective aimed always at Conservative-Libertarians long ago became her stock-in-trade, so we won't see her modifying her stance any time soon.

      What could it possibly BE about ASSACHEWSHITS that attracts, holds and fosters so MANY of these vicious, anti-American types?

      I hate to think of the way poor John and Abigail Adams must be spinning in their graves to see the disgusting travesty that has been made of their home state and the splendid legacy they left.

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  10. Yeah, the Dems have to be careful with Warren. She's done some really good things in her life, and she shouldn't be demonized for a few faux pa, but she is not going to be the face of the Left. She'll get Hillaried. It's just the way she comes off. And that Native American thing was just stupid.

    She is, however, a powerful voice in the Senate and she knows what she's doing. The GOP drops the ball anywhere near the Hill, you can be sure she'll get the rebound. I wish her luck. Her job just got a lot harder.


    1. Hi, Jersey.

      We do NOT want a SHRIEKING VIRAGO –– or even a handsome, charismatic, heroic-looking MALE with a suave manner and honeyed voice –– to lead us to COMMUNISM.

      The Marxicrats love to pretend the profound evil they perpetrated has done a great deal of "good." Well, I don't buy the culture of victimology, –– superficiality, –– deceptive, merely expedient policies, –– and the militant march toward ever greater CENTRALIZED POWER. I have never bought it, and neither, at this point, does slightly more than half the nation, thank God.

      Read my little rhyme again. It may appear humorous, because getting you to laugh at the ludicrous side of all this hogwash was my intent, BUT –– like many words said in jest –– it happens to be perfectly true.

      What happened to Hillary, Jersey, was no one's fault but HILLARY's. Not only is she an odious person –– a pathological liar with a repellent, rebarbative personality reeking of hypocrisy and duplicity –– she was by any sane analysis a truly LOUSY candidate.

      She stunk on ice, as we used to say in Brooklyn. };^)>

      With Lizzie and her Axe, however, we have a MUCH more formidable foe than HRC. Lizzie is equally charmless, but she is STRONGER, more FORCEFUL, and far more AGGRESSIVE than Hillawitch ever was. Not only that, but she gives the impression that she truly BELIEVES in the TOXIC BALONEY she's ever-so-eager to feed the American Public. When an evil can manage to cloak itself in an aura of RIGHTEOUSNESS INDIGNATION coulee wth SINCERITY, it's time for us all to WATCH OUT.

      I'm glad you at least realize and admit that Lizzie has grossly overplayed her hand by acting the part of a sharply aggressive, vainglorious, –– even villainous –– PROSECUTING ATTORNEY at these hearings for President Trump's nominees for the cabinet.

      If you've ever gotten the impression that i loathe and despise sharp-tongued, hyper-aggressive females, you're right. When they emit an aura of haughty SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS coupled wth MESSIANIC ZEAL the red flags go up, and my lifelong resistance to AUTHORITARIANISM takes over and drives me to unbridled rudeness in my desire to DEFEAT and DESTROY such creatures.

      As the picture I posted a couple of months ago of a young man wearing a T-Shirt that said of Hillary:


      So would I say of Sharp-Tongied Faixcahontas.

    2. Agree Jersey.

      Warren is a hard core Democratic Socialist. Doubtful she would lead to communism. Perhaps something more like Emglamd, France, or Scandinavia.

  11. There is no such place as SCANDINAVIA, Anonymous. In future please refer to the region as The Scandinavian Countries, –– or better yet to Norway Sweden and Denmark –– each of which still maintains its own language and a separate and distinct identity.

    At any rate, no American in his right mind would want to live in Europe as it is today. Just a cursory study of the REAL ESTATE MARKET in those places ALONE should tell that WE still live in a relative PARADISE by comparison.

    And by the way Socialism IS one of the many forms Marxism took after it's poison was introduced into the Western Mind.

    1. Thank you for your astute observation & correction. Of course Scandinavian countries is how I should have defined what was meant.

      BTW, my great grandfather was born in Sweden in the 1800's and came to the USA in the late 1800's.

  12. NOTICE: Sorry I cannot answer your individual comments. The REPLY function is PARALYZED again. This for the UMPTEENTH TIME in the past year.

    1. FT,
      Options to restore the reply function:

      1. Reload the page.

      2. Reboot.

      3. Sign out of Blogger, then sign back in.

    2. THANK YOU, AOW! I did just that, and it WORKED, though I try NEVER to sign out, because I'm never quite sure ow to get back in again. ):-c

  13. Of interest:

    Elizabeth Warren Failed To Report $1.3 Million Line Of Credit (dated January 28, 2017):

    Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren is under fire after lecturing about ethics and financial transparency in the Washington Post....

    Much more at the link.

    1. YES! I saw that headline at DRUDGE yesterday. Thank you got bringing it to us here.

  14. Excellent post! Elizabeth Warren is a traitor, but she's only the tip of the rotten communist internationalist iceberg.

    The rotten shitbags in the press are going full propaganda, making President Trump's temporary travel ban look like the a modern day holocaust. The filthy ACLU bastards shopped their bogus lawsuit to a sympathetic pinko judge who issued and injunction. What bullSHIT! Either a nation has the right to control who comes it, or its not a nation.

    The screaming, hysterical unhinged left will trash and beshit everything in their quest to stop President Trump from Making America Great Again. I hope they all die in a car fire.

  15. Irmgaard Gottimhimmeliesa Wunderschoener said

    That video you posted up top is screamingly funny. The actress who did the send up of Elizabeth Warren is a genus. The body language and overall look is so perfect it's unbelievable, perfect yet exaggerated just enough to show that woman to be the silly caricature of a woman that she is. Whoever did Haillary was great too.

  16. I just don’t understood, nor do get why so many people are so surprised about what the President is doing. Trump has been telling us what he's gonna do for eighteen plus months, since he was first being considered for the Precedency, and HE WAS ELECTED! . The only shock should be how quickly he's doing what he said that he would do, Imagine that... a President that actually does what he says he's gonna do. How refreshing is that?!!

    Without any doubt, we can blame the propagators of Political Correctness, Liberalism, Leftism, and Socialism for the sad state of affairs we're facing at present here in the US and abroad in much of Western civilization. Therefore, no accommodation, no acceptance, no tolerance to an ideology—the goal of which is to destroy Western civilization and culture and dominate the world. The message of Islam is one of world domination under sharia law...and a free people are under no moral Or constitutional obligation to accommodate such that would seek to bring an end to our cherished natural born liberties.
    And the mainstream media is still up to their old deceptive shenanigans. And as far as Chris Wallace is concerned, he is really starting to be like a bad taste in my mouth.

    These media personalities are behaving like judges, prosecuting attorneys, and advocates for illegal aliens, Muslim refugees, and criminals. The Media only give lip service to the actual care of legal American citizens and our families but they fight tooth and nail---talking about the so-called rights of non-citizens and how they are being hurt. I am SICK of these so call “Celebrities” Sick, of these Bullshit artist’s in the mainstream media

    I've lost count of how many times I've heard Democrat politicians Or media personality along with the many celebrities, 'Yes we should look out for Americans followed up with a BUT

    1. Yes, but did you give any thought at all as to how your remarks might relate to the topic of this post –– namely ELIZABETH WARREN?

      If not, WHY NOT? We are SUPPOSED to acknowledge the CONTENT of the places where we post comments and those remarks are SUPPOSED to RELATE to that content.

      That's ELEMENTARY, Watson.

  17. The smashing of windows, burning of cars, and of MY Flag, and throwing trash barrels in the streets is not what I would call peaceful. Yes, the power was transferred from a Democrat in the White House to a Republican, but so far it has been anything but peaceful. Not at all like it was when Obama won the White House! But then again he Gave Us Hope and Change! Yeah Right!

    Also witness the unhinged lunacy on the part of the folks that lost the election. That pinch-faced liberal hag on the Alaskan Airlines flight who completely lost her composure and got kicked off the plane after she berated her fellow passenger simply because he suggested that he did not adhere to her extreme liberal views of how things should be run in our country. Peaceful transfer of power? NO, Hardly.

    A woman was being interviewed at the Washington D.C. women's rally on Saturday and said (I paraphrase here) "if women continue to march in the streets, it will lead to action." I would be curious to know just what kind of 'action' this cretin is talking about. Does she think that Donald Trump, when seeing protests against him will simply abdicate his office, and swear Hillary Clinton to the presidency? I believe she just might think this will happen. And of course most people with half a brain understand that this will never happen.

    Or maybe she really doesn't know what kind of 'action' she wants, she just knows that things didn't go her way, and she truly believes in her teensy brain that she should get what she wants when she wants it. And that stomping her feet, setting things on fire and smashing windows will achieve these goals. Much like a 4-year old in K-Mart, who throws a wild tantrum when Mommy doesn't buy him that box of Fruit Loops.

    These are all Spoiled brats who never grew up. Maybe if they played with matches a long time ago we wouldn’t be having them around to spread their hate and vulgarness around today, and we'll be rid of them!

    What she is talking about, all of this 'action' rhetoric, is something that everybody else except unthinking dolts like her and her movement understands: she is talking about violent revolution.

    This is how people have transferred power in every other society on earth since man crawled out of the ooze: not until our Founding Fathers wrote up how things could peacefully change with the results of peaceful elections, social change was handled by the most people with the biggest guns and the angriest voices leading the largest mobs, leading to lots of blood in the streets. This was how it was done back in the good ol' days.

    By the looks of this past week, this is going to be how the Left wants things to return to; gunfire and bloodshed. Unfortunately, the Left has never really been keen on gun ownership, and they have not thought this revolution thing all the way through: the only way revolutions work is with an armed movement, and the only side in this upcoming skirmish that is openly and proudly armed is the other side (that would be me and my ilk). Sure, they are familiar with Molotov cocktails, crow bars, sticks and stones, but guns? Uh uh.

    I don't see this working out for the Liberal Commie Pinkos, or the Cry Baby Progressives, in the end. This revolution business requires fire power, something they are still a bit squeamish about. And until that changes, they will be resigned to setting garbage cans on fire, and HOPEFULLY getting arrested.
    And as for those Golden Globers who stand on their Golden Stage accepting Awards in their in tuxedos and evening gowns preaching to me about letting those who hate us into our homes
    It's hard for me to be sympathetic to a bunch of millionaires, telling me who to vote for and how to live instead of just entertaining me like I tuned them in to do!
    Funny, I can’t remember them being so concerned when 4 American Men were Slaughtered in Benghazi!

    1. WHEW! It's amazing you can still breathe after all that.

    2. Is that all you got from it?

  18. Does anyone CARE about those asinine Golden Globe Awards? Just like the Oscars Another bunch of a bunch of narcissistic non-producers patting each other on their backs and making more of their idiotic, imbecilic, ridiculous, ludicrous, political speeches.

    And this months dumbass of the month award goes to......Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the Most Brainless UN-Talented Actress in the crowd.

    1. How can you relate this to the topic of this post –– i.e. ELIZABETH WARREN?

      Did you even give Lizzie a thought before you posted this piece of BOILERPLATE?

  19. _ Kipling’s Little Man _

    _______ ~ or ~ ______

    _ Bolshevism Revisited _

    A Leftist caught in doubt
    Lifts up his head to shout:

    Your treatment is unfair,
    You bully! How you dare
    To question my veracity
    With cruel, hard-eyed tenacity
    I do not know. My views
    Which boldly you accuse
    Of being falsely ranked
    In truth are sacrosanct.

    My thoughts are Holy Writ.
    Your thoughts are quite unfit;
    Based on selfish fears
    They inspire tears
    And dare to say the blame
    Lies squarely in the frame
    Of those whose failing lives
    Look to him who thrives
    And say: Your gold is mine,
    You greedy, bloated swine.
    You have more than you need.
    It's up to you to feed
    Me, the ill and weak,
    Else Heaven that you seek
    Will ever be denied.

    And I will see your hide
    Shredded, tanned and dried.
    And hung outside the gates
    Of each neighborhood that hates
    The needy and the poor,
    Who soon will storm your door
    And drag you from your bed
    And then lop off your head.
    While the masses you denied
    Will ever take great pride
    Your ignominious demise
    Was effected in the guise
    Of condign righteous wrath
    Giving Bourgeois digs a bath.

    With stolen food and goods
    We'll raze your neighborhoods
    And laugh to see you hurt
    Dying in the dirt.
    We live for your demise.
    We thrive on righteous hate.
    It is by now too late
    To make a plan to stop us
    End the Founder's opus.
    Our Marx destroyed your God.
    He's in - not on - the sod
    Feeding nematodes
    In their dark abodes.

    With mockery and shrill
    Sarcastic gibes we kill.
    We drool with sheer delight
    At the thought of endless night.
    Where everything that's witty,
    Charming, gracious, pretty
    Slumps to the nitty gritty,
    As we revel in the dung
    Corrupting all your young.

    For 'we are the little folk, we
    Too little to love or to hate.
    Leave us alone, and soon you will see
    How quickly we'll drag down the state.'

    ~ FreeThinke
    * Rudyard Kipling

    1. And THAT, dear ladies and gentlemen, is an excellent evocation of the insolently destructive mentality that Lizzie Warren personifies. For all her acquired wealth, status, and "education," she is in truth a very LITTLE person –– mean, narrow-minded and stupidly belligerent. A kind of MONSTER really.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.


    SOMALIAN REFUGEE IN U.S. For ONE WEEK From Country On Trump’s Travel Ban List SENTENCED Today For SEXUAL ASSAULT Of Mentally Handicapped Woman In S. Dakota

    1. Good! Now what did Lizzie Warren have to say about it? After all, Lizzie IS the focus of THIS thread.



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