Wednesday, January 18, 2017

We All Should 
Wish Them Well

The Official White House Christmas Card, 2016

For all the quips and jibes and taunts
And brutal castigation
This First Family's image haunts,
And begs new valuation.

Both elegant and wholesome 
This group radiates great charm
We should feel proud 
they reached a goal some 
Tell us did no harm.

Their image, lean and lissome, 
Does great credit to their race.
To know them might be bliss. Some
Might wish to kiss each face.

The father’s been a failure
Many say with unchecked bile.
Rated as the Holy Grail your 
Welfare class adored his style.

Conservatives despised him
And insisted he must fail,
While the the Left who idolized him,
Thinks the Right belongs in jail. 

And so we’re now divided
Many saying we’re at war
With those we have derided
Thus forgetting what Life’s for.

Although his leftist stance
Has been essentially perverse
We should not want to dance
Upon his grave. That make things worse 

By deepening the chasm 
That now between us yawns
We kill enthusiasm
Thus darkening all our dawns.

So please try to remember
Barack with charity;
His legacy’s an ember
Now. Let’s pray Trump sets us free.

~ FreeThinke


  1. At this point, I'm more worried about the Trumps' and the Pences' personally safety and than about the Obamas' personal safety.

    I've never before seen so many security measures for an Inauguration as I've seen this year. It's creepy.

    1. I did not indicate any concern for the Obamas' safety. Only an implicit concern for the well being of OUR souls.

      Poetry rarely spells things out, it tends more to imply.

      With all the vitriol, vituperation, castigation and endless recriminations we're being treated to these days, I thought it was high time SOMEONE said SOMETHING conciliatory or at least a bit charitable and fair-minded.

      By the way seventy-fives years of living have taught me that the Alcoholics are CORRECT. There is NO POINT in fretting over things we cannot ho[e to control.

    2. I was referring to the portion saying "We should not want to dance upon his grave." I'm sure that some LITERALLY want to do that.

      Yes, our nation is horribly divided. We are alienated from one another. Healing that divide -- if it CAN be healed -- will take time.

      Here in the blogosphere and on newspaper comment boards, I see much hatred -- some directed at Obama, some at Trump. Vile stuff!

      However, the WaPo, thr NYT, Vanity Fait, and many other publications are offering much goodwill toward and veneration of the Obamas.

      The same goes for CNN and some other networks. The Obamas ARE being wished well.

      I'm not sure that some CAN wish the Obamas well -- or the Trumps, for that matter. I'm beginning to realize that we are no longer the civil society we once were.

  2. There is no doubt in my mind that President Obama has done his very best to do whatever he could to the United States of America …

    From destroying the Americans healthcare to making Americans more vulnerable to kidnapping by paying ransoms to the Taliban and Iran to releasing or not prosecuting leakers whose actions have resulted in material damage to the military and diplomatic affairs of the United States. To giver Billions of Dollars to the most terrorist nation in the world. To releasing all those terrorist killers back to the battlefield to kill more Americans.
    And from violating the Constitution and Rule of Law to breaching the sovereignty of our nation.
    So why am I not surprised that President Obama would commute the 35-year sentence of Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning, a gay/transgender soldier who violated the Espionage Act and turned over classified military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks.

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  5. So Obama, in the last days of his presidency, just donated another $500 million of taxpayer money to the United Nations’ Green Fund to help developing nations. That brings our total contribution to $1 BILLION DOLLARS against Obama’s pledge of $3 BILLION.

    You will notice, that even with additional security, Obama prefers to live in Washington, D.C., Palm Desert, California, or Hawaii rather than in his Chicago neighborhood with the likes of racist anti-Semites Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Wright, Father Phleger, and the domestic terrorists, Bill and Bernadine Ayers.



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