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Ann Coulter

August 3, 2016

Khizr Khan, the Muslim "Gold Star Father" who harangued Americans at the Democratic National Convention, with a mute, hijab-wearing wife at his side, is just another in a long string of human shields liberals send out to defend their heinous policies. The "Jersey Girls" were the classic example, first described in that magnificent book Godless: The Church of Liberalism

In order to shut down a debate they're losing, Democrats find victims to make their arguments for them, pre-empting counter-argument by droning on about the suffering of their victim-spokesperson. Alternative opinions must be preceded by proof that the speaker has "sacrificed" more than someone who lost a child, a husband, or whatever. 

Khan's argument, delivered angrily and in a thick Pakistani accent at the DNC, is that "our" Constitution requires us to continue the nonstop importation of Muslims. 

If the U.S. Constitution required us to admit more than 100,000 Muslims a year -- as we do -- we'd already be living in Pakistan, and Khan wouldn't have had to move to get that nice feeling of home. So the "argument" part of Khan's point is gibberish. 

Luckily, Khan had Part Two: His son died in Iraq, whereas Donald Trump does not have a son who died in Iraq, so he can't say anything. 

Yes, a candidate for president of the United States is supposed to be prohibited from discussing a dangerous immigration program because Khan's son was one of fourteen (14!) Muslim servicemen killed by other Muslims in our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That's why we're obligated to import yet more Muslims – including, undoubtedly, some just like the ones who killed his son. Q.E.D.!

If you think that doesn't make any sense, keep your yap shut, unless you lost a child in Iraq, too. 
There were virtually no Muslims in America before Teddy Kennedy's 1965 immigration act. Today, we admit more immigrants from Muslim countries than from Great Britain. 

Are Americans allowed to have an opinion on whether that's a good idea? 

So far, it's worked out great! 

In addition to the sudden appearance of honor killings, clitorectomies, hijabs and massive government frauds, Muslim immigrants have given us: The most devastating terrorist attack in world history, followed by terrorist attacks at Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon, a military recruiting center in Chattanooga, Times Square, Vaughan Foods in Oklahoma, San Bernardino and an Orlando nightclub, among other places. 

We've admitted 2 million Muslims just since 9/11 – that’s more than had been admitted before 9/11. If we don't make it 3 million, we're monsters? May we ask how many Muslims Khan's mystery Constitution requires -- or is that out of bounds unless we had a child who died in Iraq? 

Apparently, sending out a victim to make their argument was the only option left for the "Make America Muslim!" crowd. 

After Trump  somehow got the crazy idea that a presidential candidate was allowed to discuss government policies and proposed a temporary ban on Muslim immigration -- which, by the way, is perfectly constitutional -- the entire media and political class erupted in a sputtering rage. 

Conscience of a Nation, Speaker Paul Ryan proclaimed: "That's not who we are." Jeb! Bush made the subtle and clever argument that Trump was "unhinged." Marco Rubio called any pause in Muslim immigration "offensive." ABC News' Jonathan Karl called Trump's plan "outrageous" -- which was way better than MSNBC, where Trump was compared to white supremacists and Nazis. 

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Trump had "disqualifie(d)" himself from "serving as president" for suggesting any slowdown in Muslim immigration. Vice President Joe Biden -- tribune of blue-collar Americans everywhere! -- said that if Trump were the nominee, Hillary would "win in a walk." 

Then it turned out Trump's Muslim ban was a huge hit with actual voters. Hillary, who promises to quadruple the number of Syrian "refugees" we bring in, is quite far from winning "in a walk." 

So the media and political class had no choice: They had to produce a victim to make their argument, in order to block any response. For their next trick, Democrats plan to produce a little girl whose parents were recently murdered to present their tax plan. (Better make sure they weren't killed by an illegal alien!) 

Does anyone know what Khan thinks of gays? How about miniskirts? Alcohol? Because I gather we're going to have to turn all our policies over to him, too. What have you sacrificed, Barney Frank?? 

Muslim troops accounted for 0.2 percent of all U.S. troop deaths in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Southerners accounted for 38 percent of those killed in Iraq and 47 percent in Afghanistan. 

What has South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley "sacrificed" compared to the families of these men? How about Nikki put their flag back up? 

The Confederate flag won't lead to thousands of dead and maimed Americans, as Muslim immigration does. The only danger posed by the Confederate flag is that media elites will hold the South in even greater contempt than they already do, assuming that's possible. 

But as long as they brought it up, if only people who lost children in our wars may discuss public policy, then only they should vote, not only on how many more Muslim immigrants this country needs, but on all government policies. What has Chuck Todd sacrificed? Have any current members of The New York Times editorial board ever lost a son in war? (Fighting on the American side.) 

The inevitable conclusion to the hysteria over Khan is that only those who have worn the uniform and heard shots fired in anger can vote in our elections. Hello, media? Hey –– where'd everybody go? 


  1. A Pissed off VeteranAugust 4, 2016 at 9:36 AM

    The bottom line is it's wrong for politicians, be they vets or not, to denigrate the US military for political purposes, like the Democratic's constantly do. In this case, out of political hatred of John Kerry, you are supporting a call to pull the medals of every veteran who was wounded or killed by friendly fire, even if that friendly fire was their own fault. "Jumped on a grenade to save your fellow Marines? Fuck you. You did it to yourself

    1. PLEASE avoid using EXPLETIVES. It doesn't reflect well in you, and does nothing to help the Conservative-Libertarian, anti-Clinton Cause.

  2. These Democrats are all the same, they don't give a damn about grieving mothers unless they can be used to advance their agenda. Just like Our Dear Leader.

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  4. The Democrats hope to obfuscate personal with symbolic authorities. Khizr Khan's social-symbolic moral authority as a "Gold Star" father which was conferred by the death of his son is purely symbolic and completely irrelevant to any discussion of the Presidency. His personal and more authentic "authority" as an immigration attorney for rich Islamic immigrants undermines any and all of his authority as a "gold star family" members. Democrats hope to obfuscate his personal authority with his social-symbolic "moral" authority. We must remind the public of these differences. Khan's SON is due REAL MORAL respect. The FATHER, is due NONE.

    1. There s only one way to analyze this, Farmer.

      The right got its head handed to it. Absolutely crushed by a blind side blitz.

      The sooner harpies like Coulter drop it, the sooner the damage is mitigated but we know you can't stop whining.

      You were out maneuvered and took the consequences.
      Stop digging a deeper hole.

    2. You are correct, of course, Thersites, but being "right" has never held sway, has it?

      Just as weeds far outnumber the flowers and dross far exceeds the supply of gold, so also does the number of fools far outweigh the wise.

      Vulgarity flourishes in abundance. Refined sensibility and elevated taste is and always has been exceedingly rare.

      Nothing really changes beyond the costumes, sets and slanguage of any given era. Making up new words to denote ancient concepts and practices amounts to little more than mental masturbation –– always a lonely, hollow, sterile procedure whose sole purpose is to make ordinary men feel they have a right to claim to superiority..

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    4. No, McDuck, there are two ways to analyze. Correctly and Incorrectly.

    5. Hillary would like to conflate her actual position as "private citizen" with the social-symbolic position of "President of the United States." THAT will NEVER happen.

    6. ...for manufactured outrage, much as manufactured consent, may be the MSM's supposed "contribution" to the neo-liberal economy, but the more it tries to manipulate, the more it exposes it's heretofore "Hidden" hands.

    7. The increased power of propaganda and the specialized knowledge required for effective political decisions have rendered the traditional notion of democracy impossible. - Walter Lippmann, "Public Opinion" (1922).

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  6. Let's not forget that there is a large group that thinks that Hillary is totally fantastic.
    thsnk God there are insane asylums to house these nut jobs otherwise they'd be voting

    1. There is no asylum large enough to hold them, Laura.

      The entire world appears to be running amok. Our country was "the last, best hope for mankind,"and it has loosed its moorings and is about to be washed away to oblivion by the tides of history.

      We've had our turn, and it appears now to be coming to an end.

      As Emily Dickinson said, "No vitality excels decay."

    2. You make some very good points

    3. Thank you, Laura, but you have no idea how much I hope I am wrong in what I believe I see.

    4. Thank you again. Please return often –– not necessary because we tend to agree, but because you know how to behave like a responsible adult in stating your views.

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  8. Replies
    1. If that be true, then "The People" are no longer fit to govern themselves, and we will lose our blessed republic, lapse into European-style socialism. and end up as a failed state overrun and and enslaved by the Islamic hordes.

  9. It must be silly season again. All the heavy artillery in the democratic realm has been brought forward to the front lines to to proclaim that Trump is unfit to become President. That includes the media whoredom as well as the current President, Obama, himself.

    If there ever was a man that was unfit for that position it was Barrack Obama.The media whores never fluttered an eyelash about his calling the Fort Hood terrorist attack an issue of "work place violence".

    Any questions raised about his background, including his life in Indonesia and college life in the USA where nobody seems to be around that can recall, ever seeing him in classes he supposedly attended.

    But may they have been complicit in burying some sexual harassment scandal at Harvard while he was editor of the campus newspaper ... that likely didn't make the cut because he's a man of color and it was an incident homosexual in motivation.

    Obviously a much bigger scandal if a female and a "straight white man" was involved.

    1. I agree , Waylon, about the Veil of Secrecy placed over Obama's background in areas where that information should have been made readily available to the voting public BEFORE the 2008 election.

      That it's mysterious –– and persistent –– absence seems to have had no effect on the Left, and precious little on the RINO Establishment SHOULD be disturbing to every THINNING person in the USA. Unfortunately "thinking persons" appear to be scarcer than hen's teeth.

      I fo NOT agree, however, that it's right or proper to express unproven allegations and unfounded innuendos about the president's sex life. That is called using SMEAR TACTICS, and it ought to be far below any standard set by decent people.

      Nevertheless the GULLIBILITY –– and-or massive INDIFFERENCE –– of the voting public to any thoughts that challenge their pet peeves and complacent assumptions does not bode well for our future as a healthy, forward-moving sovereign state.

  10. I suppose the Clinton Foundation is off limits to most of the main stream media but here's an interesting insight into its machinations:

    "Here is a good, concise summary of how the Clinton Foundation works as a tax free international money laundering scheme. It may eventually prove to be the largest political criminal enterprise in U.S. History.
    This is a textbook case on how you hide foreign money sent to you and repackage it to be used for your own purposes. All tax free."

    "Here's how it works:
    1. You create a separate foreign "charity." In this case, the Clintons set it up in Canada.

    2. Foreign oligarchs and governments, then donate to this Canadian charity. In this case, over 1,000 did –contributing mega millions. I'm sure they did this out of the goodness of their hearts, and expected nothing in return. (Imagine Putin's buddies waking up one morning and just deciding to send untold millions to a Canadian charity).

    3. The Canadian charity then bundles these separate donations and makes a massive donation to the Clinton Foundation."
    " Net result – foreign money goes into the Clinton 's pockets tax free and untraceable back to the original donor. This is the textbook definition of money laundering. Oh, by the way, the Canadian "charity" includes as a principal one Frank Giustra. Google him. He is the guy who was central to the formation of Uranium One, the Canadian company that somehow acquired massive U.S. Uranium interests and then sold them to an organization controlled by Russia. This transaction required U.S. State Department approval, and guess who was Secretary of State when the approval was granted."

  11. I think I'd pay to see a cage match between Ann Coulter and Eve Ensler.

    Eve Ensler's vagina has burped again:“So my revolution is to stand firmly in the WE, to say what happens to you matters as much as what happens to me, to say your struggle is my struggle, to say tonight American individualism is dead and global solidarity is alive and on the rise.”

    1. Ann is superb at digging up dirt, and drawing inferences damaging to the Left. She's also pretty good writer. However, like President Obama, –– the Master of Hemming, Hawing, misplaced rhetorical emphasis, and making Awkward Pauses when speaking extempor√© ––, Ann is NOT good at speaking "off the cuff." Her appearances on TV have never failed to disappoint.

  12. The War on ISIS
    As I write this, the president is about to give a press conference. The press conference is about the progress on the war on ISIS.
    Few people know, because the media is to busy covering every idiot thing Trump says, that we are pounding ISIS.
    You won't here about that on NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, and certainly not FOX. If you seek out the information on the progress on the war, it is readily available. It's amazing the right hasn't said a word about it, especially since they are claiming Obama is doing nothing about ISIS, which of course, is just another lie about Obama from the Republicans.
    Obama is prosecuting the war exactly as he said he would and is having great success. ISIS is basically beaten on the field. Their tactics are changing because of their defeats on the field. It's the attacks around the world by small groups sometimes individuals that make the news and are killing people.
    We are at war. If you want to criticize the president on how he is prosecuting the war, then you have to know what is actually happening. While Trump was making headlines with his vitriol, our soldiers killed 250 of the enemy in one attack.
    And where are all those Republican pro military activists? No cheers for our victories? No cheers for our brave soldiers? How about it Sen. McCain?
    So back to the Republicans bitching about Obama doing nothing about ISIS, while he is winning the war against ISIS. Republicans prove their hypocrisy again.

    1. If you believe ANYTHING the ENEMEDIA has ti say about ANYONE, you may be even more gullible and less intelligent than the American Booboisie.

      The ENEMEDIA is SUPERB at the art of LYING with FACTS. That are not above using out right FABRICATION or DISTORTIONS, and HALF-TRUTHS to implement their obvious Power-Agenda.

      What the ENEMEDIA does NOT tell us is probably more significant than what it (they?) CHOOSE to impart –– always in service to a profound Leftist Bias and Internationalist Aims set by the loosely formed cabal of non-American Oligarchs who own, operate and direct the course of just about everything –– and everyone –– in a position to foster substantive changes in public policy from behind the scenes.

    2. A dishonest boob like you has no clue. Now delete again.

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  15. Why should anyone be surprised that Meg Whitman hopped the aisle and decided she needed to endorse and support Hillary Clinton?

    Meg Whitman, Calling Donald Trump a ‘Demagogue,’ Will Support Hillary Clinton for President.
    Why should anyone be so shocked at one Moron supports another Moronic Idiotic Lying Old Hag?

    1. PLEASE avoid NAME-CALLING. It makes yoU and those you want to support look CHILDISH and just plain NASTY.

      And besides, it's against Our Rules. ;-)

  16. Donald Trump was NEVER called va Racist in his entire life until her opposed Hillary Clinton

  17. Truer words have never been spoken that these wich were found on the internet this morning..

    Ok, how many of you out there with common sense are buying that a dead-of-night $400 million money drop, of American taxpayer dollars, laundered into Euros and Swiss Francs flown into Iran on an unmarked cargo plane, just as Americans illegally detained were released and the Iranian nuclear agreement is signed, was a coincidence?

    This once again gives witness to just how dumb the Obama administration thinks the American people are. But mostly, it’s a testimony to the fact that Barack Obama believes he can do anything and the liberal progressive media will cover for him.

    You see, Obama is their guy. Now, to this day, the left will still attack Ronald Reagan over the Iran-Contra deal in their attempt to demonize and delegitimize his legacy.

    Consider that if this were a Republican president, the leftist media would be going 24/7 apoplectic and yes, every leftie in the world would know. It would be interesting to see what the Media Research Center (MRC) comes up with on media outlet coverage of this story — my assessment, it will not be heavily covered on those outlets. I’m quite certain the leftist media will still try to get …

  18. Headline today at Drudge:


  19. Try to look shocked when Khan pulls an ar-15 and screams Allah Akbar while he mows down the crowd.

    1. I doubt that, but to trust ANY of "Those People" is as foolish as playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded revolver, or skydiving without a parachute.

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. We are bound and determined to keep this a LES-FREE ZONE, so please GET OUT .and STAY OUT, you disingenuous creep.

    2. Very Good Idea, we need lees Creeps here And more Sane thinking people.

    3. Glad you agree, Mr. K, so why don't you start by giving us something substantive?

  21. Do you want to know what America is going to look like (if) you keep voting liberals like Obama and Hillary Clinton into power. Hillary says if she is elected as president she's going to up the number of Muslim refugees into our country to 65,000 annually. Sadly a lot of voters won't realize their bad judgment until the chaos is right in their faces. The liberal media & politicians keep is telling them that the right is playing fear politics...well that what happened in these places where Islam is now out of control. Trump is the only person making sense at the moment...put a cap on it until we can work out details! There is nothing racist about that!!

    1. TRUE enough, but please try in future to tell us something we don't already know.

      Reiteration of ANYONE's "Talking Points" is a bore.

  22. OK, let's face it Obama really sucks. He's anit everything that this country stands for, he's anti free markets. He seems to walk on water if you think like the leftists and the nutty left wing media dies.
    But seriously, the guy who never had any qualifications to be President and has spent seven and a half years of failure and is clearly "not fit to be President?"
    Obama was a "community organizer." I don't even know what the hell that has to be to meet the qualifications for being president! . Putin spent eight years bitch slapping him. He has the worst economic results of any President in American history. And yet he's judging Donald Trumps fitness to be President., that is hilarious. What a stupid comment, just like his Secretary of State .. Let's not forget that the candidate he's supporting is a known liar and criminal who allowed the deaths of Americans in Benghazi and has accomplished nothing in any of the previous positions she has held, AND either through intent, carelessness, incompetence, or stupidity compromised national secrets. Quite the legacy of "accomplishments".
    Obama's was never fit to be President, and he is NOT fit to do so who gives a rip what he thinks about Donald Trump? Trump may have his flaws but he is a Saint compared to Crooked Hillary.

    1. All right, Anita, but I'll tell you the same thing I told Mr. Know-It-All:

      Peace try to avoid telling us what we already know.

      Very frankly mere reiteration of ANYONE's "Talking Points" is a bore.

      The blogosphere is saturated with too much NOISE, too little THOUGHT, too much DENIGRATION, too much mindless ANTAGONISM, and too much HEAT with not enough LIGHT.

    2. Sorry FT, but we can't make it any "lighter" for you!

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. "The Party of (Lying and Corrupt and President) Hillary.
    According to Paul Joseph Watson, who has consulted with mental health experts, Hillary experienced convulsions and may posses personality disorders that make her lack any sort of empathy for human interaction, leading to exaggerated expression and other harmful and brain-altering side effect. Her lack of action got those men killed. Then she dishonored their memory by fabricating a story about their death.
    That Screeching voice is enought to drive me nuts!
    And the FBI Dirsetor said that she was...."Extremely careless" "Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information."
    2. "Should have known" "There is evidence to support a conclusion that any reasonable person in Secretary Clinton's position, or in the position of those with whom she was corresponding about those matters, should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation."
    3. "Especially concerning" "None of these emails should have been on any kind of unclassified system, but their presence is especially concerning because all of these emails were housed on unclassified personal servers not even supported by full-time security staff, like those found at agencies and departments of the United States government -- or even with a commercial email service like Gmail."
    4. "Still obligated to protect it" "Only a very small number of the emails containing classified information bore markings indicating the presence of classified information. But even if information is not marked 'classified' in an email, participants who know or should know that the subject matter is classified are still obligated to protect it."
    5. "Generally lacking" While not the focus of our investigation, we also developed evidence that the security culture of the State Department in general, and with respect to use of unclassified email systems in particular, was generally lacking in the kind of care for classified information that is found elsewhere in the government.
    6. "Hostile actors" "We do assess that hostile actors gained access to the private commercial email accounts of people with whom Secretary Clinton was in regular contact from her personal account. We also assess that Secretary Clinton's use of a personal email domain was both known by a large number of people and readily apparent."
    7. "Sophisticated adversaries" "She also used her personal email extensively while outside the United States, including sending and receiving work-related emails in the territory of sophisticated adversaries. Given that combination of factors, we assess it is possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton's personal email account."
    Let you or I try this and see how long it takes for you or I to be placed in prison. Trump and Bernie has it right. The fix was in and the system is rigged, fixed and CRUPT!

  25. Is Ducky and the Regestered Nurse illiterate or just plain stupid? Didn't it sink in to their thick block heads yet that Hillary deliberately described a terrorist attack a spontaneous protest over a film near an election. The USA is not at war in Lybia. Hillary Clinton ignored warnings of unrest and did not prptect the staff. Obama made no effort to save the staff.

  26. Hypocrites, thou be thy nameAugust 6, 2016 at 3:45 PM

    Once again we see the king of hypocrisy allowing his commrners to run amuck with all kinds of lies, and writing their own factlist history.

    with no statistics to back up what they say. According to figures detailed by the Council on Foreign Relations and summarized by

    The United States has the highest rate of gun ownership in the world—by far. And it has the highest rate of homicides with guns among advanced countries. … The firearms homicide rate, and homicide rate overall, is also higher in the U.S. than other advanced countries, such as Canada, Australia and those in Europe, according to data from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

    PolitiFact presents a more complex table, using data from researchers who looked at mass shootings in 11 countries from 2000 to 2014. During this period, four high-fatality incidents in low-population countries—Norway, Finland, and Switzerland—inflated their per capita death tolls from mass shootings, making them appear more dangerous than the United States. Statistically, this is an artifact of extremely low sample size. We easily surpassed every other country in per capita mass shooting victims—including all the countries with three or more mass shooting incidents—and our homicide rate was at least three times higher than the rate in every country but Mexico."

  27. The Columnist Ron Fournier asks the question: why can't Hillary Clinton stop lying? I'll answer that. Her and her husband have pushed the boundaries of legal and ethical conduct for so many years they do not know any other way. It isn't just lying about emails, or Benghazi but going all the way back to Whitewater, Travelgate, Rose Law Firm records and the rest.

    To sum it up, Hillary's inability to tell the truth in so many situations for so many years makes her entirely unqualified to be President of the United States!

  28. Hillary needs to take a hard look at the message she is giving to Children, Using Children as pawns in her commercials are disgusting!! Evidently she shows her true colors...if I was voting for her..after that commercial I would absolutely NOT vote for her!! Evidently she says do you want your children listening to this...number one...Donald Trump does not talk like that and number 2...would they be better off listening to a pathalogical liar and to find out that they have no say in their countries future as it is run by corrupt politicians. So, just say, Never Hillsry, and remember that when you go into the voting booth ..



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