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Woman Fighting Fine For Selling Tamales Without Permit

August 11, 2016

by Jeff Paul

A Carrollton mother is stunned after receiving 
a “warrant arrest notice” in the mail 
because of her tamales.

Dennise Cruz recently found a yellow postcard from the City of Carrollton stating she needed to call the court or she could find herself in cuffs.

 “That has to be wrong. I don’t have any tickets under my name. That’s just my first reaction. Never would have I thought, tamales,” said Cruz. “To know that somebody can be arrested over that, that to me is unbelievable.”

A few months back, Cruz decided to whip up some masa, steam up some corn husks and post on Nextdoor she was selling tamales.

“It’s just so common. That’s why to me, I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal,” said Cruz.

But it was a big deal and carried $700 fine with the offense.

“When it hit me, I was like that is a lot of money,” said Cruz.

When she called the city, a clerk told her someone reported her for not having a food permit to sell the tamales.

“I don’t understand because if anything I would have rather them come to me first if they had any concerns,” said Cruz.

Carrollton Environmental Services said it takes food borne illnesses very seriously.

A director said a fine was issued and not a warning because tamales are considered “potentially hazardous food” due to the cooked corn and meat being used.

“What if somebody got sick from them? What if somebody could have died from them? And I completely understand those concerns,” said Cruz.

But she feels the city’s actions are a little extreme.

 “I’ve seen so many people doing it. And unfortunately it’s me who’s having to deal with it,” said Cruz. “I’d just rather stay away from that at the moment, making tamales.”

Cruz said the fine would be $617, but because she wants to fight it in court it is $700.

A friend set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for the legal costs Cruz currently faces.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. Let's see if we can make it last a while.

      What do YOU think of using government power to shut down Children's Lemonade Stands, prohibit or tax Yard Sales, private Bake Sales, and Church or private Club Fundraisers?

      Should the IRS have the power to bilk and harass BABYSITTERS, WAITRESSES and HOUSE CLEANERS?

  2. The Arab Spring comes to America... strangling those who's source of income is not corporate.

    1. The blame for where we are today can be laid squarely at the feet of the Industrial Revolution the unintended consequences of which have been Marxism, Unionism, Progressivism, and Internationalism all of which have magnified and glorified the lamentable tendency of Human beings to bully, harass, dominate, exploit and enslave one another.

      That is why political power ought to be as DIFFUSE as possible.

      Sadly, Industrialization brought with it an inevitable Concentration and Centralization of Power of all sorts. The Telegraph, Telephone, Moving Pictures, Radio, Television, Personal Computers, the Internet and Smart Phones have all pushed us toward ever increasing Centralized Power on all fronts. The results, as sure you can see, have been disastrous.

      Materialism untempered and unchecked by a solid underpinning of Spiritual Values and inculcated Respect for a Higher Power than the human intellect cannot help but lead us back to the Colosseum –– then to the Caves.

  3. Looks like the GoFundMe is going to turn a nifty profit.
    One way to handle an overzealous agency. A simple desist order may have been more appropriate here or nothing at all.

    Hot tamales and they're red hot

    1. Cute song, Ducky, but the problem here is not the "product" but the ever-present desire human beings have to find excuses to TYRANNIZE one another –– especially in the names of "Serving the Public Good," "Protecting Public Safety," and "Promoting World Peace."

  4. A Pissed off AmericanAugust 13, 2016 at 12:50 PM

    Delivering the commencement speech for the City College in New York on Friday, she couldn’t help herself from bringing up RACISM.

    She told the students, “I wake up each day in a house built by slaves…”

    If it’s so bad then GET THE HELL OUT you ungrateful POS, you are a America hating pile of garbage!

    1. I'm not sure I fully agree, nor am I sure this most dismal interpretation of Mrs. Obama's remark is accurate. But even if it WERE, I don't believe it is helpful to HARP on negativity to such an extent. After a while it just sounds MORBID.

  5. A Pissed off AmericanAugust 13, 2016 at 12:51 PM

    PS, it's GREAT to see you back again.

    1. Thank you. Now, if you all remain well behaved blogging colleagues, I will soon tell you the true-life story of My Great Aunt Mary's American Dream Come True –– piece of Family History Predating the Progressive Era.

      It makes a perfect corollary to the sickening spectacle of small-mindedness run amok featured in this post about Selling Homemade Tamales in the Neighborhood.

  6. I agree, good th have you back again 😬

  7. Yahoo!

    EXCLUSIVE: Multiple FBI Investigations are Now Underway Against the Clinton Foundation!
    clinton foundation

    From the Daily Caller News Foundation:

    Multiple FBI investigations are underway involving potential corruption charges against the Clinton Foundation, according to a former senior law enforcement official.

    The investigation centers on New York City where the Clinton Foundation has its main offices, according to the former official who has direct knowledge of the activities.

  8. Now, it’s been revealed that the Clinton Crooks donated $18 million dollars to……Themselves.

    1. How this relates to the theme of overzealous officiousness at even the lowest, most local levels of
      of governance I can't see, but what you report IS part of the Big Picture that shows how sadly degenerate and dysfunctional we have become.

      We no longer rely on Common Sense, Faith in the redeeming power of Jesus Christ, nor do we believe in our own innate Goodness anymore.

      Having abandoned the concept of inculcating Self-Control in our youngsters we have, of course, devolved to the point of ASSUMING we NEED a Big Brother –– or a Big Daddy or Big Momma –– or even a NURSE RATCHED to make our decisions FOR us.

      The inferences we should draw from that are frankly horrific.

  9. I belong to my local Nextdoor network. The concept is a wonderful idea and an attempt to re-establish neighborliness.

    Now, this nonsense about not having a permit to sell homemade tamales?

    Permits for everything! Sheesh.

    1. Restrictions on the number of time you'll be permitted to flush your toilet are in the works and well on their way to every home in America.


    2. FT,
      I believe it!

      When Mr. AOW first came home from the nursing home, I had to use a great deal of water -- much more than this household had ever used. Five loads of laundry every day for months on end.

      We got assessed a special fee, which was, in essence, a fine for exceeding our usual allotment. Absolutely no water shortage, either.


  10. If you believe that two people (Clintons) working in government their whole lives can earn 150 million dollars without being crooks then you’re too stupid to vote.

    The only thing that will change if Hillary wins is an increase in her speaking fees.

    1. Yes, Laura, we understand, but once again I ask you WHAT DOES THAT HAVE to DO WITH INCREASING GOVERNMENT CONTROL of EVERYTHING WE DO?

      In case you didn't notice that is the theme of this post.

  11. Carrollton Environmental Services

    The tyrannical bureaucracy!

  12. While the press is doing everything humanly possible to convince us that she’s the more popular candidate in this election, the facts just don’t seem to support that narrative. While her opponent Donald Trump is filling massive venues to capacity, old Cankles McSlimey is having a hard time filling up high school auditoriums.

    Such is the case in Scranton earlier today. Even though she brought along Biden, who’s said to be loved by the people of Pennsylvania, and they were even in his hometown, they couldn’t even get 200 people to show up, and that’s not even the worst part. The worst part was that 4 people showed up to greet her when she first arrived



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