Thursday, August 18, 2016

Please Draw Your Own Conclusions 
As To What This May Or May Not Imply

Four Mysterious Deaths 
Connected to the DNC in 
Less Than a Month


Please give us your reasons 
for telling us why 
or why not?


  1. People die everyday.

  2. Passes quite easily:

    1. John Ashe was not going to testify against Clinton and no portion of his court case pertained to Clinton.
    The allegations come from the same site which wrote President Obama ordered the military to nuke the city of Charleston.

    2. Shawn Lucas was in fact just a process server and not a lead attorney.
    Why risk the murder of the process server after the fact?

    3. Seth Rich was out at 4:00 AM in an area where a string of robberies had occurred. Far more likely that it was a robbery.

    4. Victor Thorn (real name - Scott Makufka) author of the highly respected work The Holocaust Hoax Exposed , well I'll leave it to you to read up on him. Quite a guy.
    The bit where it is claimed that his publisher, American Free Press is under attack by Zionists makes for exciting reading.

    So there's a logical rebuttal.

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    2. Where did you get your information, Ducky? Please provide us with a link or two or agree.

      I'm not saying you're wrong, but why should we believe you more than anyone else?

    3. I assume you can use google, FreeThinke.

      It would be good to make it a habit before joining the conspiracy theorists.

      Start at snopes. They do comprehensive work.
      But do research the holocaust denier. Terrific stuff.

    4. SNOPES? Nothing more than a very cleverly run EXCUSE FACTORY for LEFTIST skullduggery.

      Same with and Politifact.

  3. Replies
    1. "We are not amused."

      - Queen Victoria responding to a lampoon of royal authority by G&S

  4. I don't see much of a nexus here, but there are areas of concern. Here are my thoughts:

    Seth Rich's death concerns me.
    - Shot in the back, wallet and cell phone still on him
    - Julian Assange suggests Rich was a Wikileaks informant

    John Ashe: One of many corrupt UN officios, one of the few to get caught. I don't see the Clinton connection, but someone other than the Clintons could have been concerned about what he would testify in regards to international dealings and corruption. He needed dirty partners to deal with, and they didn't want to be exposed.

    Victor Thorn had already written copiously about the Clinton scandals, so its doubtful the Clinton Crime Syndicate would risk exposure by whacking him. He was supposedly working on a new indictment of Hillary, but killing him would not make sense unless all drafts of this supposed bombshell he was working on were all purloined as well.

    Shawn Lucas did indeed serve the papers, but what else did he know? Unless he held some key piece of info no one else had, I don't see this fitting in.

    So, Seth Rich's death is the only one I find suspicious based upon what we know right now. A robbery? But they shot him in the back and didn't rob him??? Add in his posited role as a Wikileaks source, and this one should have everyone's hackles up.

    Other observations:

    Ducky's little canard about Thorn also being a Holocaust-denier is a logical fallacy. Just because he was a kook in one area doesn't mean he didn't get some good research in another area, but regardless, I see nothing there. Just wanted to point out a typical progressive tactic.

    More disturbing is the child-like credulity Ducky and others display in thrall to their political heroes. Rotten regimes of all forms and stripes absolutely depend upon a foundation of naive numbskulls who unquestioningly lap up everything the regime tells them.

    Such sycophants are especially reliable dupes when they can be easily whipped into a frothy frenzy of hatred against regime enemies.

    Nothing smothers logic and debate like a smoke-billowing farrago of ad hominems, smears, special pleadings, No True Muslim fallacies, and accusations of racism-sexism-(fill-in-the-blank)

    If you can successfully put those hated interlocutors beyond the pale, then they are not worthy of a hearing or a response. That is so much easier and much less risky than having an actual debate upon the facts and merits. Logic is the enemy of Dogma-based regimes such as today's Leftwing Progressivism.

    1. Goes to credibility, Silverfiddle.

      Holocaust denial is going to give any sane individual pause regarding this guys other claims.
      Presenting him as legitimate without mentioning the focus of his "writings" or disregarding his denial is irresponsible.

    2. As sf said, a "robbery" where nothing was stolen...

  5. The Well Digger's ApprenticeAugust 18, 2016 at 1:25 PM

    Deep stuff.

  6. "Since the killing, Seth Rich has been at the center of several conspiracy theories, many of which suggest he was planning on revealing sensitive information to the FBI or was linked to the leaking of hacked DNC documents to WikiLeaks.

    Police have called the murder an apparent botched robbery but the investigation has not produced any arrests.

    Recently, both Newt Gingrich and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange have fanned the flames of the conspiracy theories by seeming to link the killing to the Wikileaks document dump.

    Both Joel Rich and his wife Mary Ann have asked people to disregard these theories. They firmly believe, based on evidence gathered by the police, that Seth was the victim of a random robbery in a neighborhood where armed robberies have been on the rise."

  7. Fatty FlibbertigibbetAugust 18, 2016 at 5:02 PM

    President Obama was going to cut short his vacation and go to New Orleans, but decided against it when he heard the golf courses there were all under water.



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