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Corrupt Newscreatures Bedeviling Conservatives

Verdict on Last Night’s Debate

There was not one Republican candidate on the stage last night who would not make a better president than anything the Democrats have dredged up from the cesspits in the last hundred years.


The sneering, condescending, contemptuous attitude of conceited leftists and the sheer, unmitigated nastiness of leftists in general was amply demonstrated by the panel of so-called moderators who attempted to stage an Inquisition at last Wednesday night’s debate. The unprincipled tactics and badgering, presumptuous tone of these leftist operatives do more to make the case for Conservative-Libertarians than any straightforward, carefully considered presentation of pro-Conservative-Libertarian ideas and values possibly could. 

A prime example of this arrogant, frankly vicious attitude occurring throughout the last Wednesday's debate on CNBC dominated the proceedings. 

Carl Quintanilla, Becky Quick, and John Harwood who led the pack were obviously set up not to moderate the proceedings, but to act as Inquistors in a virtual Kangaroo Court, instead. Their flagrantly biased performance as leftist-activists posing as “journalists” was as disgraceful and inappropriate as it was obnoxious.


[NOTE: The astonishing American correspondent recently working as a co-anchor for CNBC’s show Squawk Box Becky Quick was born on July 18, 1972 was named Rebecca Quick by birth. She belongs to American nationality and Jewish ethnicity. She was born and raised by her proud parents in Indiana, Texas. Her father was a geologist ...  She ... has three younger brothers. The family ultimately settled in Medford, New Jersey. –– See more at: ]

I KNEW la QUICK was Jewish right away. It was written all over her. I looked it up just to be sure, and of course I was correct. Now HOW could I POSSIBLY have KNOWN that? WHAT gave it away?

[To be fair to Ms. Quick, FOX NEWS’s own Megyn Kelly , an outspoken Catholic girl of Irish-Italian ancestry has been every bit as obnoxiously aggressive in her, apparently,  self-generated feud with Donald Trump as Ms Quick was last Wednesday night. Maybe it's a just Woman thing?]


Though born in Michigan, Qjintanilla is obviously of Hispanic origin. There’s nothing like an “educated” member of a troubled, supposedly downtrodden  minority to make a first-rate LEFTIST ATTACK DOG journalist.


His father was a prominent journalist in Louisville, Kentucky. Unfortunately journalists are by nature a dissident, muckraking, generally nettlesome lot. If that were not so, why would both Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson have had them (illegally) MUZZLED? Harwood has obviously been conditioned from birth to be a leftist.


Discussing House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s surprising primary loss, on Friday’s Washington Week on PBS, John Harwood, chief Washington correspondent for CNBC, a regular on NBC and MSNBC, and a political writer for the New York Times, blamed hostility to Jews in Cantor’s “very rural conservative southern district.”

“Eric Cantor is a Jewish Republican,” wrote Harwood. “This is a very rural conservative southern district where that is not a -- you don’t have a lot of Jewish members of Congress from the South.” ... Harwood first forwarded his theory on Wednesday morning’s Squawk Box on CNBC, where he cited Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report: “He said he thought the fact that Eric Cantor is Jewish played a role in this very conservative district.” - See more at:

Don't you see how the left almost ritually issues charges of "anti-Semitism" whenever and wherever possible in order to smear and discredit anyone who opposes the LEFTIST agenda? 

That the vast majority of Jews are in fact unabashed, loudly outspoken advocates of LEFTIST policies quite naturally makes Conservatives ripe for charges of "anti-Semitism."  These charges, THEMSELVES, are probably more responsible for generating suspicion and resentment of Jews in general than anything else. In this regard lamenting, loudmouthed, forever ACCUSATORY Jewish "intellectuals" are their tribes' worst enemies.


  1. This situation made Ted Cruz who by the way had a very strong night follow-up and began his fiery tirade against the CNBC moderators, by saying “The questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the Media” Mr. Cruz said instead of answering a question about the debt limit. “This is not a cage match.” Cruz said. And I thought that Cruz made the home run hitting comment of the debate talking about the media and the moderators.
    Just look at the questions: 'Donald Trump are you a comic book villain? Ben Carson can you do math? John Kasich will you insult two people over here? Marco Rubio why don't you resign? Jeb Bush why have your numbers fallen?' How about talking about the substantive issues people care about?" Do they ask the same type of questions when they moderate a debate with Hillary?

    1. "Do they ask the same type of questions when they moderate a debate with Hillary?"

      Obviously not, Anita. The Double Standard is not only alive and well, it is BLATANT and tragically PREDOMINANT in the ENEMEDIA

  2. So who were the Winners and who were the Losers at last nights debate?
    To answer that would be simple, I could just quote Ted Cruz, who said the moderators were doing a “disservice” to the candidates by prodding them to insult one another rather than addressing the issues of interest to Republican voters. This made the crowd applaud like they were seeing the NY Mets winning the World Series, which unfortunately didn't happen.
    I think that the debate stand outs were Trump, Rubio, and Cruz; although there were no breakout performances. There were a few spirited exchanges, but many of them were directed at the moderators who were unusually biased.

    Donald Trump who said,"Our country is in serious trouble." showed that he has a softer and , more reserved side and even showed that he can be more presidential, than he seemed at the first debate when he made mincemeat out of Megyn Kelly, refrained from making any personal attacks on other candidates and ditched the theatrics.

    The result was a win for Trump, who may have assuaged concerns of some voters skeptical that Trump has the temperament to be president.
    One thing was for sure, the CNBC liberal media got a well deserved ass kicking by the Republican candidates and they were exposed for the Democratic Socialist Party butt lickers that they really are .. And I enjoyed that. A few words of wisdom never hurts.

    I also I thought that Chris Christie got in a good line when was asked a question, then when Christie started to answer it, one of the moderators tried to put words in his mouth and Christie said " Do YOU wanna answer it or do you want me to"? Then told him he was rude, even by New Jersey standards.
    So yes, I enjoyed the candidates calling out the moderators out for their obvious bias on the topics and questions. This needs to happen more often! It showed that the liberal main stream media is totally in the tank for Hillary and absolutely can't be trusted, and that shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone here. I’m still waiting for someone in the MSM to call Hillary the liar that she is.

    As for Carly Fiorina, I didn’t think that Carly Fiorina made any points or headway.
    So there were really a few of the candidates that were winners, and CNBC was the big loser.

  3. Why we Liberals LOVE Hillary Clinton.
    We Liberals are fortunate that this one woman can do what it normally takes an entire political party to do -- make the opposition howlingly monkey-shyte crazy. If she has the Tea Baggers this poo-flingingly hysterical, this FRANTIC!, then she must be one amazing dudette. Whether you like Hillary or not, you have to give her credit for keeping the Baggers foaming at the mouth and being distracted from the damage they could be doing if they were engaged in something important.

    Keep it up Hillz!

    We normally judge a person's character by who her enemies are. Any sane person would welcome the hatred of a group of people who have consistently been on the wrong side of history and who actually believe Donald "Fat Mouth" Trump, and Kindly Dr. Ben "America's Just Like Nazi Germany" Carson are qualified to be POTUS; people who don't believe in Evolution or Global Warming/Climate Change; people who still call our gay citizens "sodomites" and believe they have a "gay agenda;" people who call all Muslims "vermin" and want American Muslims thrown out of their own country; and people who still believe President Obama is a Kenyan Muslim Commie, Marxist Kitten Killer. Those are the sort of losers you'd want as bellowing adversaries, because those who overreach in trying to take down a Clinton and those who underestimate a Clinton's ability to wipe their enemies' hatred off with a flick of the wrist will always be the last to understand what hit them.

    1. If you realized how unintentionally COMICAL you are, "Hated Here," you wouldn't bother to post your witless, bigoted, bitterly partisan claptrap.

      You are NOT hated, you are merely regarded with PITY, for you are as pathetic an example of a wasted life as any I've ever seen.

  4. Excellent blog post. Succinct and on-target.

    My only concern with the GOP is the old quote about not picking fights with those who buy ink by the barrel.

    The Evil Empire will strike back.

    1. life after the tea partyOctober 29, 2015 at 12:13 PM

      Yes, the Evil Empire, aka GOP neo con and NSA wonks certainly will.

    2. Obama pushed for, and Dems in the House and Senate re-approved NSA's Free Ticked, the Patriot Act, so try again, dumbass.

      Obama and the Dems wrecked Libya and armed terrorists in the Middle East, dummwad.

  5. All the Libs/Progressives talk about is the Republican the "clown car"
    They don't ever mention the lies and half truths that are said in the Democratic debates...
    So lets be real.. The democrat primaries are a freaken farce and you know it with outany sense in them at all. Let me just add, that as of right now, I wouldn't vote for anyone on that lefty platform at all..Not one of them ever tell the truth.
    For example, and this is so true, last night Marco Rubio blasted Hillary Clinton’ by saying:
    At last week’s Benghazi hearing. Hillary Clinton went before a committee she admitted she sent e-mails to her family saying hey, this attack in Benghazi was caused by Al Qaeda-like elements. She spent over a week telling the families of those victims and the American people that it was because of a video. The mainstream media is saying it was the greatest week in Hillary Clinton's campaign. It was the week she got exposed as a liar.

    Last night I especially loved the way the candidates largely controlled the latter part of the event, after bitch-slapping the commentators several times, and given the extremely positive audience reaction to that bitch-slapping.

    Given the 'baiting' techniques being employed by the so-called 'moderators', they deserved some bitch-slapping, and they got it...

    It was funny to watch those biased media spin-doctors squirm uncomfortably under the reaction of an audience - normal Middle Americans - that wasn't merely a gaggle of hand-picked Liberals talk about “clown cars” , who would have been more sympatico with their bullshit tactics.

  6. While the 10 or so Republicans were sparring with each other at last night's CNBC debate. Hillary Clinton must have been sitting in front of her TV popping pills to stop her diarrhea. listening to Marco Rubio talk about last week's Benghazi hearing.
    She will be branded LIAR for the remainder of her political life

    The move irritated at least one Republican, Marco Rubio, as he tore into Clinton this morning, while doing a victory lap, having had one of the best performances during the GOP debate.

    'I found it hilarious as well as outrageous that she used video from a Benghazi hearing,' Rubio told ABC's George Stephanopoulos. 'A hearing about the loss of four American lives, to put up something trivial like her brushing something off her shoulder.

    On another note, CNBC should be embarrassed for their Moderators pitiful display of liberal media bias at that Circus.

  7. Speaking of nutjobs I wonder how some of those "Progressives" can function at all, let alone write those dumbass comments without their meds,

  8. I want to start by saying that I've been reading a lot these Progressives and their Love and Loyalty to Barack Hussein and our Dear First Lady Michelle Obama.
    These Liberal idiots who have been posting about their White House Idols, Barack Hussein and Michelle Obama sound like the biggest hypocrites in earth! They have the gall to call the First Lady beautiful, and fit... when even a girdle couldn’t contain that gigantic stomach and her fat behind. And she eats like a starving cow and preaches about “healthy eating”.
    These blogger’s are such hypocrites that I just can not believe what I am reading sometimes.
    Ever hear the saying about people who live in Glass Houses should not throw Stones?. Well, someone should tell Michelle about it, when she stuffs those cheese burgers, and french fries down her mouth. . I couldn’t care less about her or anything she says, she should be called The First Hypocrite, not the First Lady!
    And by the way Mr. and Ms. Progressive, who are so impressed with these two, what has either one of the Obama’s done for black people? I think that he has done more for illegal Mexicans then he has for Blacks. But you are to blind and drank too much of his koolaide to realize that. Chew on this! 96% of African-Americans voted for this guy, ask yourself why. You and the majority of the blacks voters in America just go to the polls blindly give their support to a man ONLY because he is black.
    I don’t give a flying fig about Michelle, When she said “For the First Time in My Adult Lifetime, I’m Really Proud of My Country”
    When she said it, she meant it, and I found that to be extremely offensive.
    I always believed and still do that she is full of herself. As for that comment about And now the Progressives are trying to wiggle out of it as they always do whenever their side says something stupid, like Madam Hillary and Grinning Joe Biden ALWAYS do.
    The bottom line is that she was not been proud of her country before her Hubby was elected, and she is a hypocrite in just about everything she says and does. Lets face it, what the hell has Obama done in the past 4 1/2 years? He is long on his BS speeches but falls short on specifics.

    1. This post is about the CNBC REPUBLICAN DEBATE. It is NOT about the Obamas, and please try to refrain from using vulgar terms worthy only of junior high school kids –– it discredits the substance of your comments.

  9. I thought that Carly was a Definitely and intelligent, and more than qualified person to run for Office! If she should get the nomination, she'll have my vote. I'd be proud to have her as the first woman President.

    1. How could anyone be "a Definitely?" I like Mrs. Fiorina a great deal too, but we all need to be more careful how we use the language –– especially when we're writing for "the public."

  10. The Presidents new Bill is a good one. I think that I as an American do have do have a right to your personal and private info. Unless you have something to hide, you should feel the same. The government Has every right to suspepect criminal behavior and activity. In
    which case thry can deal with it before any problems arise.

    We disagree and it is extremely likely we will continue to do so on this , as you are such a self serving republicken.

    1. This post is about the CNBC REPUBLICAN DEBATE. It is NOT about the Obamas, and please try to write in clear, correct English. Your remarks are so vaguely stated one would have to be mind reader to understand fully what you were trying to tell us.

  11. the press is an arm of the Democrat Socialists

  12. I loved it when Rubio said, OK. I know the Democrats have the ultimate SuperPac. It’s called the mainstream media ... Last week, Hillary Clinton went before a committee. She admitted she had sent e-mails to her family saying, “Hey, this attack at Benghazi was caused by Al Qaida-like elements.” She spent over a week telling the families of those victims and the American people that it was because of a video. And yet the mainstream media is going around saying it was the greatest week in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It was the week she got exposed as a liar. It was the week that she got exposed as a liar…
    But she has her super PAC helping her out, the American mainstream media.

  13. It's difficult, as someone who finds most of the politics of those on the stage abhorrent, to pick winners and losers. I think for people like me watching a couple of points stood out. First, on Social Security, these guys are nuts and are scaring the hell out of millions of Americans. As usual that talk should wind down as we get closer to the election, but here once again we see that very unpleasant agenda unveiled. Second, the tax talk has gotten really old. With 70% or so of the workforce now in the service sector, taxes just don't mean as much to them. They only wish they made enough money for federal taxes to matter. And when you really look at these plans, as you can be sure Hillary will, you see they all come with hidden VAT taxes (essentially sales taxes) that disproportionately hurt the poor. These are not just not progressive, but are flat out regressive. An educated voter will be long since well aware that Voodoo Economics do not work. Federal-to-state devolution reared it's head again, and again an educated voter will see that as no panacea for anything. The effect of the last round of devolution was to make the poor states even poorer and the blue states more blue, with the bigger red states become bluer. If the GOP thinks this is a good idea, then they can have at it. But for those of us who care more about our countrymen than our partisanship, it's just another bad, failed idea. Hillary is going to be our next President.


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    3. Moishe Adrenaleinstein said

      HE votes? Day bermidt dot? Ach! Dot iss vy dis bor guntry vill not survife mutch longer.

    4. They're lettin' the patients vote from the bug house now?

  14. The CNBC clowns got the political stinkface from Cruz and Christie when Ted and Chris rebelled and revolted against the turd stirring circus clowns., and told them off

  15. Lots of idiots, nut jobs, and ignorant people vote, that's how Obama won.

    1. There's life after the Tea PartyOctober 29, 2015 at 1:03 PM

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    3. Like most things coming from progressives, the Tea Party hater can't stay fugue that out so cut the dingbat some slack.

    4. The Tea Party has 17% support nationally. They are hardly in a position to be demanding anything.

    5. Only 30% of voters are registered Democrats. They are hardly in a position of demanding anything nationally.

    6. ps - add 26% of Republicans w/ 17% of Tea Party Independents, you've got 43% of the national vote. Split the remaniing 25% of Independents 50-50, and the Tea Party wins w/ over 55% of the national vote.

    7. A recent poll taken by our local congressional representative showed that over forty-five percent of Republicans favor the Tea Party, while approximately the same percentage prefers the Republican Establishment. An even split with a very few undecideds.

  16. Every question raised by that panel of churls, hit men, harpies, and vampires was a variation on "When did you stop beating your wife?" Dr. Carson had a beautiful moment while they were trying to insult and badger him. The audience rose up and loudly booed the moderators. Carson, who quietly and steadfastly refuses to be put on the defensive, had said nothing in response, but as the audience reacted to his tormentors, suddenly his face broke into a broad grin, and with a merry twinkle in his eye said, "See they know."

    This has not been reported, because it's obvious no one in the media, including FOX, wants todo anything that would encourage either Mr. Trump or Dr. Carson, but as Lincoln said, "You can't fool all of the people all of the time." Hope is still alive and well.

    --------------------> Katharine Heartburn

    1. Thank you, Katharine. I can always depend on you for astute analysis.

  17. "...the vast majority of Jews are in fact unabashed, loudly outspoken advocates of LEFTIST policies..."

    According to

    "Nearly twice as many Jews identify as Democrats or lean Democratic (61%) than identify as Republicans or lean Republican (31%)."

    Certainly a significant majority, but I'm not sure I'd call it "vast" in this context. for comparison, consider other ethnicities: Democrat / lean Democratic lead among non-whites is much higher than the lead among Jews.

    And by religion:
    "61% of those who do not identify with any religion lean Democratic ... 25% ... identify as Republicans or lean Republican."

    "Fully 70% of Mormons identify as Republicans or lean Republican; fewer than a quarter (22%) lean Democratic."

    "White Catholics lean Republican by about the same margin as all whites (50% to 41%). Hispanic Catholics lean Democratic by more than two-to-one (58% to 25%). This is little different from the balance of leaned party identification among all Hispanics (56% Democrat vs. 26% Republican)."

    and by age group:
    "51% of Millennials (ages 18-34) identify as Democrats or lean Democratic, compared with 35% who identify as Republican or lean Republican."

    "The Democrats’ advantage in leaned party identification narrows among Generation Xers (49% to 38%) and Baby Boomers (47% to 41%). And among the Silent Generation, Republicans hold a four-point lead in leaned party affiliation (47%-43%)."

    (from the same site, published by the Pew Research Center, which, according to them, "is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research. Pew Research Center does not take policy positions.")

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. The move from Republicans to liberalism and Democrat among Jews intensified in America’s large cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and so on because of the anti-Semitism in many American cities. Anti-Semitism kept many talented Jews out of many prominent schools and universities, jobs, country clubs, law firms, and especially the movie industry that were perceived as synonymous with “Republican types.” Jews could not spend a night in many decent American hotels, could not rent apartments even in parts of Manhattan, were barred from Ivy League schools each year after the universities filled their respective annual Jewish admissions quotas, were barred from practicing medicine in many of America’s best hospitals, and even were kept out of prominent American law firms or relegated solely to practicing then-disfavored bankruptcy law. Republicans were not identified with giving Jews a break, while Democrats did open some doors.

      In order for many Jew to get into some of these fields they changes their names such as Emmanuel Goldenberg to Edward G. Robinson, Leo Jacob to Lee J. Cobb, Bernie Schwartz to Tony Curtis, Betty Perske to Lauren Bacall, Jacob Julius Garfinkle to John Garfield. They were changed from Judith Tuvim to Judy Holliday, Benjamin Kubelsky to Jack Benny, Joseph Abraham Gottlieb to Joey Bishop, Jacob Cohen to Rodney Dangerfield, Arthur Leonard Rosenberg to Tony Randall. Even among the more recent, Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz became Jon Stewart, Andrew Silverstein became Andrew Dice Clay, and Jerome Silberman became Gene Wilder. After world war 2, thinhs changed . Look up the name David Rubitsky in google and see what you’ll find!
      During the second world war, there were more than 6,000 Jews who served in the armed forces, and many such as myself served in Vietnam. Many of them were killed or wounded. And the Jewish War Veterans of the USA is the oldest active veterans organization in the country. If there are still many Jews in cities like New York and LA, then so be it. But please don’t underestimate the American jew of today.

    3. There was no move, let alone move intensified, from Republican to liberalism and Democrat. They weren't Republicans to start with. If anything, there was a move in recent decades from Democrat to Republican and conservative, but it seems to be holding at about a quarter to a third. It's not so much about anti-Semitism any more, rather political and social positions that run contrary to Jewish thought. Jews do not share many of the tenets of conservative-WASP beliefs.


    4. David Rubitsky:

      "After two years of intensive research and investigation, the
      United States Army in Tab H of its official conclusion released
      on December 15, 1989 stated uniquivocally that the engagement
      of December 1-2, 1942 in which Rubitsky claimed to be involved

      The Jewish War Veterans of America and B'nai B'rith's Anti
      Defamation League both backed Rubitisky originally during
      the two years culminating in the Army's December 15, 1989
      report. Nevertheless, after reading the Army report both
      Jewish organizations accepted the Army conclusion that the
      engagement "DID NOT OCCUR AS ALLEGED." Abe Foxman
      even congratuled Lt. Col. Terrance Adkins, head of the Army
      Awards Branch at that time, for the thoroughness with which
      it pursued its investigation of Rubitsky's claims of valor and
      charges of anti-Semitism against the Army.

      Moreover, all of Rubitsky's 92 congressional supporters -in-
      cluding Wisconsin's Senator Herbert Kohl-all accepted the Army
      conclusion that the engagement "DID NOT OCCUR AS ALLEGED."

      It should not be forgotten that the Army was prevailed upon
      again in 1992 and 1998 to investigate Rubitsky's Walter Mitty
      fantasy. The conclusion was the same as the 1989 result:
      The engagement "DID NOT OCCUR AS ALLEGED."

      One final question which only David Rubitsky can answer:
      Why didn't he demand that his 32nd Division comrades-in-
      arms come and see the results of his alleged heroism
      immediately after he said it occurred.

      The only honest answer Rubitsky can make is that there were
      no bodies of Japanese dead to witness because the engagement,
      as the Army said on December 15, 1989 "DID NOT OCCUR AS

      It should be noted that the Army never investigated Rubitsky's
      claim that he was denied the Medal of Honor on another
      occasion for killing another 200 Japanese soldiers while
      allegedly destroying seven machine-gun nests two years
      later in Leyte in the Philippine Islands.

      Also, in a 1990 taped interview, Mrs. Eveleyn Smith denied
      that she had signed any document attesting that her husband
      supported Rubitsky's alleged Leyte exploit.

      Mr. Farah certainly owes his readers an apology for spreading
      Rubitsky's baseless claims of heroism when a little research
      and work on his part would have shown him that Rubitsky
      is simply one of the greatest liars since the late eighteenth
      century German nobleman Baron von Munchhausen."

    5. JEZ,

      First the Pew Research Center is avowedly LEFTIST in its orientation, despite any claims they may make to the contrary.

      Second, I'm certain that a more objective measure would show that 70-80% of American Jews do, indeed, vote consistently for the Democrats. I've yet to meet one who isn't "proudly liberal" by his or her own admission, and very much "in your face" about it.

      Third, even if we accept Pew's figures on other demographic groups, not one of those other factions has anywhere near the power that Jews have amassed unto themselves in our society. In this country Jews either control or dominate the dissemination of News and Information, the Publishing Industry, the Educational Establishment, the Legal Profession, and the Entertainment Industry, and Banking. Also, please don't forget that THE dominant corporate entity that virtually governs the corrupt, greedy, cabal of Crony Capitalists we usually refer to as "Wall Street" is named GOLDMAN SACHS. Also the Federal Reserve was formed largely by Jews, and Jews have dominated its leadership ever since I can remember.

      Please note too that of only NINE members of the Supreme Court THREE are Jews, yet Jews make up less than 5% of the population.

      Doesn't it seem more-than-a-bit strange to you that a tiny minority of less than ten million people could gain such a high degree of ascendancy over a nation comprised of approximately 350,000,000.00 souls?

      It seems even more strange that we citizens are not supposed ever to NOTICE this much less COMMENT on it.

      I'm sorry, but I don't believe that ANY identifiable entity should be held EXEMPT from and IMMUNE to criticism, investigation, or questioning of their possible motives..

      And THAT is why I continue to broach this admittedly unpleasant, inflammatory subject periodically.

      I do not believe in TABOOS, except for those elements that preach overthrow of the established order by violent aggression, theft, torture, mayhem, and murder.

    6. Surely it must be covertly leftist, if it claims otherwise ;)
      Exit polls agree with your estimate, suggesting 69% of jews voted dem in 2012 (another Pew survey, sorry), but this also agrees with the other article, which shows the dem lean falling since the election.
      Goldman Sachs is a prominent investment bank, but it has competitors. I wouldn't say that it governs wall street, nor that its board was overwhelmed with Jews (

      Don't see anything strange yet - I would expect any sample of lawyer's children to do well and gain "disproportionate" power.

  18. One rainy evening, three people walked into a bar and sat down. One was grim, another solemn, while the sole woman among them was absolutely giddy. The bartender poured a few shots of whiskey and said to the trio, “Why so grim, so solemn, so giddy?”

    The grim man with squinty eyes and a huge forehead went first. “My life is over. I ‘conflated’ a couple of war stories, said I was aboard a helicopter in Iraq that got shot down when I wasn’t. Now, everything I’ve worked for my whole life is gone.
    “Gee, that’s tough,” said the bartender.

    The even more-horse-faced solemn man next to him went next. “I said I won a bunch of medals for honor and bravery as captain of a fast patrol boat in Vietnam, but then all my comrades swiftly said I was lying. I lost the job I really wanted.”

    “Damn. Rough. What about you, lady?” the bartender said to the dumb looking grinning blonde.
    “Ha! I once lied and said I OUTRAN SNIPER FIRE IN BOSNIA”. They even had videotape of me walking calmly across the tarmac to meet a little girl who gave me a poem — a poem! And I’m probably going to be the next president of the United States!”

    Let’s get something straight right out of the chute: Brian Williams is just a guy on TV. He’s not even a reporter, he just reads a 20-second intro into a story gathered by real journalists. In Europe, he wouldn’t even be called an “anchor” — a too-lofty term for what he does — he’d be called a “presenter.” Rightly so.

    Second, no one elected Mr. Williams to anything. He’s a paid employee (reportedly $10 million a year) at NBC — which also operates the decidedly liberal MSNBC (of course, there’s a lot of crossover between the two). In that way, he’s like a plumber who works for Roto-Rooter: An employee who calls in sick now and then and occasionally has to attend that HR presentation on sexual harassment in the office.

    So, here’s the thing: If you don’t like that he lied about being in a helicopter that was hit by an RPG — you have but one way to voice your displeasure: Turn the channel. (And by the way … he most assuredly did “lie about,” not “conflate” the RPG attack. How do you “conflate” the time you weren’t on a helicopter that was hit with an RPG with the time you were on a helicopter that didn’t get hit with an RPG?)

  19. *continued*
    It’s far from clear whether Mr. Williams will survive his now-too-numerous-to-list lies — another whopper comes out every day (like the one about seeing a dead body float by in the French Quarter after Hurricane Katrina, except that the French Quarter never flooded). A few sources inside NBC tell me it’s touch and go: The top brass want to ride out the storm while lower-level managers — you know, the ones who do the real work — say he just can’t stay.
    But he’s just a TV personality, another hubris-filled, shallow egotist. NBC doesn’t care what you think, and if they decide he stays, he stays. You don’t have any say in the matter: It’s a corporate issue.
    But not at all so for Hillary Rodham Clinton. In March 2008, giving a foreign policy speech on Iraq about her days as first lady and a trip to Tuzla, Bosnia, she delivered an unbelievable tale.

    “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”
    So, picture that: Chopper lands, sniper bullets pinging and zinging everywhere, she and her comrades sprinting across the tarmac, perhaps zigzagging to throw off the sharpshooter.
    But it didn’t happen. None of it. Right after the speech, she was asked about the sniper fire. “There was no greeting ceremony, and we basically were told to run to our cars. Now, that is what happened,” she lied.
    A week later, she changed her whole story, telling the Philadelphia Daily News editorial board that she “misspoke.” Yes, she said that word. When she said snipers had fired at her, when really a little girl had given her a poem, that was her just “miss peaking.”

    The next day, she told reporters: “So I made a mistake, So I “miss-spoke”. That happens. It shows I’m human, which for some people is a revelation.”
    Oh, and an incredible liar, a valor thief, a fabulist. And dangerous.
    Now, Mr. Williams you’re stuck. But Hillary? She’s different. She’s no employee of some company — she wants to be the top employee of the American people. You’ll decide. Probably best to just say, “Thanks for applying for the job, but we checked your resume and, well, too mendacious. So, don’t call us, we’ll call you.
    But Madam Hillary wants to the president of the United States of America, and millions of people STILL want to vote for her... What does it say about her mental faculties to tell a bold face lie knowing that the event was recorded and there were witnesses there? Yet the liberal's media will make it seems she walks on water. As do stupid sheeple who still want to believe her and vote for her. Maybe Brian William would make a good Vice president!

    1. *continued*
      In the dark of night, once again the corrupt and lying Politicians, Senators Congressmen and women, Governors, and yes even the President and the Secretary of State, and all others involved in politics have perpetrated lies, frauds and concocted stories to feed upon the American people …
      Remember all those promises to reduce spending and curb waste, fraud, and abuse – they were all lies.
      Remember all those months when the Senators did little or nothing with the budget, thus creating an artificial “do or die” deadline that provided cover for all of the spending they secretly plan to divvy up amongst themselves – that is fraud.
      And, let us not forget the President who holds Congress hostage with the threat of vetoing the bill and disrupting the government and funding for critical programs such as the entitlements and the military – that is coercion and extortion.
      These frauds that we know as our “Representatives” do this, time after time, day after day, and year after year, hiding behind closed doors, making deals with each other in the dark of night to pass bills that nobody fully reads nor understands. Remember Nancy Pelosi saying "You must Vote for it so that you can read it" "We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It"
      How Stupid do these people really think that we are?
      Why should we worry so much what happens in other parts of the world, about us invading their countries, when we are getting screwed right here at home by our own Representatives”?.

    2. Anita, I like the content of most of your statements, but I honestly think that besides following my suggestion of ALWAYS double-spacing between your paragraphs more closely, you need to look up and study the meanings of PROLIX and PROLIXITY. It would be helpful to if you could try to remember Shakespeare's admonition telling us that "Brevity is the soul of wit." :-)

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. When a candidate blantly LIES to the American people and there are so many other negative factors about this person from way back to when she was the First Lady to the time she was the Secretary of State, how can anyone in their right mind even concider her to be their President? It just boggles my mind.

  22. FT, there seems to be some confusion in the links above regarding Becky Quick. The first discusses "How Mark met Becky" who happens to be a Becky Rosenberg from St. Louis. The second seems more accurate and discusses how Becky met Matthew after divorcing Kevin.

    I recognize that many Jews change their names for different reasons, some even to fool the goyim and not be recognized as a foreign element in the undermining of their enemies world as they pretend to be their friends.

    I didn't watch the "debates" on CNBC. But I do regularly watch Squawk Box and am somewhat familiar with the correspondents involved. I haven't paid a lot of attention the political leanings of Becky Quick on that particular show and it didn't cross my mind to consider whether she was Jewish or not—and I'm still not convinced that it matters much. There are a lot more serious Jewish nut cases in the media today including the likes of Wolf Blitzer and even James Cramer, who seems to have a special spot in the hearts of the media honchos—maybe even because of his self-proclaimed resemblance to his hero Vladmir Lenin.

    But Beck Quick seems to have a special place in the heart and mind of Warren Buffet, the global capitalist out of Omaha. So can she really be THAT bad???

    1. If you had seen last Wednesday's "debate," you wouldn't doubt for an instant that Ms Quick is, indeed, "that bad," and probably a good deal worse. I'm sorry if I linked an irrelevant article, but it does no harm to the point I'm trying to make, which was adequately covered in the rest of the material.

      My friend JERSEY, of all people, articulated it very well when he said, "It's not so much about anti-Semitism any more, rather political and social positions that run contrary to Jewish thought. Jews do not share many of the tenets of conservative-WASP beliefs".

      Jersey may not have realized it, but he effectively made my case with that statement. In general "Jewish Thought" has been antagonistic and bitterly opposed to the founding principles of this nation, to Christianity as the basis our system of Law and Justice, and to most of our traditional customs and mores. The problem I have with Jews stems from EXPERIENCE. They do not want to assimilate and become an integral part of our society; they want instead to DOMINATE it. I hold that truth to be self-evident.

    2. I would never say "In general "Jewish Thought" has been antagonistic and bitterly opposed to the founding principles of this nation, to Christianity as the basis our system of Law and Justice, and to most of our traditional customs and mores." I certainly made no such case.

      Since long before the founding of this nation, Jews have been dear friends of the American ideal. Like any other group, they have their ups and downs. But as a people, they're an old and close member of the American family. I do not share your view of Jews at all, and I've known many.

      The silly nonsense from the modern American right has nothing in common with the founding principles of this nation. Christianity is not the basis of our laws, you idiot. C'mon man, I'm not your gullible grandchild sitting on your knee. Jesus Christ, man, you know better than that. American law, the Constitution, all come from British common law and theory. America didn't invent anything all that new, but it certainly wasn't that old either! And Jews have been scattered among Western people since the Romans lost their temper with them 2000 years ago. Most of that time we all got along pretty well.

      Get real man.


  23. Information You DeserveOctober 30, 2015 at 2:54 PM

    Late Breaking News!

    Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus sent a letter to NBC News saying the GOP is "suspending the partnership" with the network for a February debate.Priebus, who made his letter public on social media, wrote that the CNBC debate "was conducted in bad faith."

    1. Too little, too late. Like Michael Steele before him Reince Priebus is a weak-chinned, mealy-mouthed Caspar Milquetoast who should never have been placed in the position he now holds. More evidence that the GOP Establishment deliberately engineers the massive failure to win the White House.

  24. Do the Democrats hate Ben Carson because he is black ? Or Do the Democrats hate Ben Carson because he is just to smart to belly up to their nonsense?
    I actually think that the Democrats, Liberals, Progressives ,and all the other Psychopaths, Sociopaths, and all other maniacs, lunatics, and unstable people with mental disorders and their sycophants in the media attack and lie about Ben Carson because he is a black man who doesn't follow their orders. This is the real reason he is being attacked. They hate him because was a man who grew up poor in bad neighborhoods and became a accomplished brain surgeon with above average intelligence. He proves that you don't need the slave masters of the Lunatic Democrat party to become successful.

    The lunatics in the media, as well as the Lunatic Democratic Hate groups, with their Blogs, their Facebooks and what have you will be running 24/7 to supply all the lies, the damaging made-up stories, and the Race cards that the Hillary Faithful can either dig up or make up.

    Ben Carson is proving the truth that us Conservatives already knew that the oldest American hate group in America (the Democrat party) has never really changed.

    The liberal sicko’s the, screwbals, the kooks and the loon are scared to death that the Republicans will elect a Black man and therefor put all their lies about Republicans being racist to bed once and for all. But just wait, now that he has taken the lead in the polls away from Donald trump who they have succeeded to destroy, the ding-a-lings will go to work with their VICIOUS LIES about Ben Carson.
    After all, how dare he as Black person not be on the Democrat Plantation?
    Wouldn’t a Donald Trump Ben Carson as a Vice President make a great ticket, as well as a nightmare for Hillary Clinton!

    1. "I think that the Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, ... and their sycophants in the media attack and lie about Ben Carson because he is a black man who doesn't follow their orders."

      YUP! That edited version of your statement sums up your entire post, and shows you to be absolutely correct.

      Please allow me to suggest, however, that lengthy strings of name-calling and a morass of extraneous detail is self-indulgent, worse it weakens the impact of your observations. We all need to edit ourselves constantly to make sure we are saying exactly what we want to say –– and no more.

      Aim to be more concise, and your communications skills will improve greatly.

      Sorry, but I have taught college level English courses, and have functioned as editor-in-chief of a newspaper and two periodical journals, so I really do know what I'm talking about.

      My advice is meant kindly. I hope you may benefit from it.

  25. Us liberals are primed to believe stories that fit a certain mold without question and often with a good deal of desperate enthusiasm. In other words, if it Walks like a Duck, Quacks Like a Duck , it’s a Duck! "Ynarmed child" is shot in the back while kneeling and begging for his life, a kid is arrested for taking a clock to school. We don't bother with the facts, because after all, there is a history of minorities being treated unfairly and therefore we assume that if B follows A, B implies A. It doesn't and there's a name for the fallacy.

    A kid brings an apparatus in a briefcase to school, made out of clock parts and looks to me very much like the bomb timer you see in so many movies that counts down the minutes to the explosion. If I were a teacher or Principal, I would have called an expert too and I have a background in electronic engineering. It looks very much like something the movies have conditioned us to see as a countdown timer for a bomb. Did he "invent" a clock and put it in a "pencil case" that looks like it came out of a
    James Bond movie or did he take apart a clock and stuff it in something chosen to look suspicious? Your assumptions here mean a lot. The way it's framed means everything. As many on both sides of the political divide seem to agree: "It looks like a f*cking bomb!"

    But because police have a history of abusing minorities, any arrest is abuse and because the kid is a Muslim, we, as dependably bigoted and privileged white people are to be presumed acting from bigotry. It must be an act of racism, for are we not white? It must be racism for is he not Muslim?

    The thoughts of Liberals seem to be steered by the same sloppy, emotional and instinctive pseudo-reasoning as those of Conservatives, Libertarians, Socialists and for all I know, professors of mathematics. Go ahead, you blue eyed, blond Norwegian Lutheran - put some clock parts, a battery and a mess of wires in a briefcase and try to get on a plane so you can claim the TSA is profiling Scandinavians.

    1. Thank you for making generally well-phrased sensible observations. What a pleasant surprise! We see very little of that in the blogosphere.

  26. Hands up! Don't Shoot! It was just a clock! The knife was Military Style! Devious uses of the Framing Effect litter the ground and every thing we read, see and hear are attempts to manipulate opinion, but even the huge, gilded Rococo monstrosity of this frame seems to escape our notice. Even our experienced knees jerk when tapped by the professionally wielded little hammer.
    First, the boy presented his project to a science teacher, who learned in advice that the device was NOT A BOMB. Vetting in advance by the science teacher did not [pardon the pun] defuse the situation. Instead the kid was frog marched -- in handcuffs -- to the police station. That is why the story strikes us an another over-reaction on the part of school authorities, one of many in recent months.

    Within the past week, there was another story making headlines -- a kid beaten, arrested and taken away in handcuffs by law enforcement for the unpardonable crime of JAYWALKING! There have been too many incident like this recent months.

    We read a lot about cops who don't treat black people properly, therefore any incident must be seen as racism? Affirming the consequent. Can one legitimately extrapolate from other and apparently similar incidents? If so it's a weak argument although it's behind most of the hysterical arguments dangled before us from Tawana Brawley to Michael Brown. Stated another way, similar results do not argue for similar causes. It could well be that taking away the box and having it examined by someone expert in the field was appropriate even if the authorities overreacted. Those terrified about school safety may well think not enough was done. If it had proved to be dangerous, the cops would have been fired.
    Within the past week, there was another story making headlines -- a kid beaten, arrested and taken away in handcuffs by law enforcement for the unpardonable crime of JAYWALKING! There have been too many incident like this recent months.
    It was framed as a case of racism and now it's being framed as something else. Nothing appears in the news any more unless it can be framed or packaged as something inflammatory and scandalous and this year the Leitmotif is racist attacks on Children.
    Yes, Black Lives Do Matter, and more than all others do!

    Certainly it's all Racism and I am not amused here, I am angry about this and say that, but ignore the other thing because it's not on the menu this week.

    Anyway, the kid is now famous and gets scholarships from guilty Liberals anxious to prove something, so I hardly feel sorry for him.
    Are we, as liberals combing the news for examples and when the supply is low, are we so relieved to find yet another juicy one that we suspend disbelief, squint our eyes a little bit and react a little too passionately?

  27. Hillary Clinton is the one women who drives the Righties insane. Between the raunchy, sexist, misogynistic epithets they throw at her and their screaming BENGHAZI! LIAR! BENGHAZI! LIAR!, it's abundantly clear that this woman not only gets under their skin, but she lives rent-free in their heads, morning, noon, and night. She haunts them in every paranoid waking hour, and she fills their sweat-soaked dreams with anxiety and rage. Meanwhile, it is they who continue to give her the power to drive them mad! And they haven't the smarts to understand this. With every smear, insult, and attack the Tea Baggers throw her way, she grows in stature, respect, and power. GO HILLARY, whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it right!

    So let's not ask these losers tough questions in the debats. And no, the media didn't ask Hillary about the bogus email controversy and Benghazi crap. PS. You're an idiot FT.

    Thanks Obama ... Feel The Bern ...

    Ema Nymton

    1. Ah dear Ema! We can always depend on you to appear insolent, vindictive, abusive and full of prunes, can't we? ;-)

      You will continue to follow the Primrose Path to Perdition no matter what I say, of course, so I won't attempt to argue with you, but I have great difficulty believing you to be a real person and not a chimera dreamt up by someone with a serious Addiction to Antagonism.

      Your fusillades of ferocious fatuity are so absurdly exaggerated they make you appear more like a CARICATURE than a living person made of flesh and blood.

      The effect your ridiculous outbursts have on me is to produce LAUGHTER. Your personality, whether real or fabricated is an excellent source of comic relief.

      Please visit us soon again. You have great entertainment value.


    2. I could make the converse arhument for Carson/Trump Ema. Apparently "Hillary's" supporters are not quite as "smart" as you make them out. :)

      'SuperEgo' is not an "intellectual" argument.

  28. Bill O'Reilly is waiting patiently in the wings to moderate the next debate:

    He'll separate the shit from the shinola

    1. I wanna see Carly and Hillary on TV do mud wrestling with no referee.

      Lenny Lenoppi

  29. The current Klown Kar of pathetic Democrat Candidates always get softball questions...

  30. Today I saw the following on another Facebook
    And I would love to answer him. However, I think a simple reply to a simple person should suffice...
    "Now someone give me a real good honest answer why she belongs in jail? Is it Because you just don't like her? How about Nixon who committed a felony and was pardoned by a Republican, or Reagn who sold weapons illegally and blamed it all on Oliver North, or Bush who went to war for no damn good reason and because of his actions thousands have died. So who belongs in jail? Because she deleted emails, or because some terrorist attacked our compound? What she did it all by herself? Grow up"
    My answer short and Not so sweet would be..
    Hey! YOU Grow up, I have news for you!
    We are not discussing Nixon, or Reagan or sny one, or snyting else that happened 25 years ago.
    How about discussing the present, how about discussing someone who what's to be your and my Leader? Is this what and who you want to be your President? I surely don't . But keep up your belief in deamenizing the past. Maybe it will change things. And maybe a Princess will ride in on a White Horse and do something good. So if it happens, please wake me up.



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