Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Latest Outrage

We must stop this modern day Inquisition before it destroys 
our Nation.

Which do you hate more? Which is more dangerous?

The Stuff of Nightmares Unending


  1. What? No mention of all the church burnings?


    1. JMJ,
      Who has been arrested? Anyone?

      Appearances can be deceiving.

      All sorts of activists are afoot.

      Look, I'm not saying that the church burnings were not the acts of a vile racists (KKK?)t. But we don't have any evidence yet, do we?

    2. "a vile racists" should not include the indefinite article. Damn iPad autocorrect.

    3. As you know, it's either A VILE RACIST (singular) - OR - VILE RACISTS (plural).

      By the way, do you really believe that all racists are necessarily vile?

    4. FT,
      No, I don't.

      But a racist is indeed vile if a racist acts upon that racism by committing acts of destruction or murder.

      I also differentiate between someone who is proud of his race and a racist. I frankly do not care what someone thinks.

    5. Yes. I concur, although we should always keep this old saw in mind "The thought is father to the deed."

    6. FT,
      The old saw should read: ""The thought is often father to the deed."

      Often, but not always.

    7. A commenter to the above thread stated the following:

      A number of non all black churches have been vandalized or burned along with a number of Christian and Jewish monuments.

    8. Looks like militant God-hating atheism to me.

      Will you stand with us Christians, Jersey?

    9. Didn't think so.

      Civil liberties are an alien concept to leftwingers.

      At least you guys are out in the open about it now.

    10. You mean civil liberties like birth control, gay marriage or reproductive choice?

    11. Abortion is MURDER, you fool.

    12. Ducky: As long as you're not holding a forbidden symbol or saying something the Progressive PC police have forbidden.

    13. These foul hypocrites seek nothing less than to enmire us in endless pettiness in order to cripple and enervate our resolve to grapple intelligently with REAL problems –– i.e. THEIR debilitating presence in positions of power and influence.

  2. The list could go on and on ad infinitum to the point of exceeding bandwidth. It's a cascade of horrors now.

    1. There is no doubt bout that, AOW, but as my post tomorrow, –– most unusual for the Fourth of July to say the least –– will tell you in no uncertain terms, fretting and worrying about anything is not only unproductive, it is also ungodly.

  3. As you can see all too easily, a standard tactic of LEFTISTS is to introduce a topic IRRELEVANT to the mix. This, of course, immediately diverts attention from the designated business at hand, and once again –– we're off to the races.

    Leftists ALWAYS want to discuss whatever is NOT present. ALL they can see and all they WANT to see is what THEY want YOU to believe might be LACKING.

    This, dear friends, is the very ESSENCE of Critical Theory.

  4. I just read these headlines to Mr. AOW. His comment: "Whoa! What kind of Third World country is this?"

    1. It's called the Progressive State of Amrika

    2. Nonsense, SF. It's more properly called The Decline and Fall of a Once Great Power –– a perfectly-natural-though-always-undesired part of a Life Cycle.

      In the words of one of the great hymns:

      We blossom and flourish like leaves on a tree
      Then withereth, and fadeth, but naught changes Thee.

      "We," of course, could easily refer to us as individuals, or it might refer to any and all human societies past present and future.

      "Thee" stands for immortal, invisible, unresting, unhasting, unchanging, almighty, always victorious God –– the Source and perfect expression and embodiment of Life, Truth, Love, Intelligence, Principle, Soul and Spirit. The Giver of Life –– the Force that animates us in the firs place.

      When we, –– either as individuals or as a people –– cease to strive towards ever more perfect harmony with our Father, we begin to crumble, decay and turn to dust.

      This is what happens early to societies that become militantly secular, vain, and morally wayward.

      If that sounds "old-fashioned," or "Out of date," that constitutes proof in itself that we are in Decline and are about to Fall.

  5. Before my rant, let me be clear and concise in my disgust at the animal who committed this atrocious act. My prayers are for the family of those killed, those who were killed as Christians are now in the arms of the lord. God Bless them.

    Now To My Nitty Gritty Gut Reaction.

    President Barack Obama’s rush to the stage to push for gun control. He said all the right stuff first, then went right into his agenda push. He’s been trying to enact strict gun control laws since he was in college with Bill Ayers. But he picked a time, before the bodies were even collected to make statements that do not match reality at all. Which the sheep in the media immediately covered up and parroted.

    1. I noticed that Obama’s minions in the media salivated over every politician that threw out “Gun control is needed” and asked every politician with a strong 2nd amendment stance isn’t it time for gun control.
      The bodies had yet to be been transported to the morgue.

      I waited a couple days befor making up my mind on this, and now I’m ready to speak my mind...…

      So Obama and his minions are back on the gun control wagon. We in the NORMAL THINKING WORLD understand that guns are a tool. They are a defensive tool in the hands of 99.9% of the nation who own firearms. Yet the liberal mind wants to ban the tool.
      The facts:
      Arizona instituted constitutional carry laws a couple years ago. The Brady crowd, the Anti-Gun nuts, liberal politicians from coast to coast and some RINOs proclaimed “There’ll be blood in the streets” after a few years, data shows a MAJOR DROP IN VIOLENT CRIME, by major I mean not just a dip, but a DROP! So if results matter….

      Then, here’s the argument when we mention those results and compare with Illinois. “Criminals are getting guns in red states and coming back to Chicago to use in crimes” Well, YEAH! Why? Because back in Chicago, the population are likely not carrying a firearm. Why wouldn’t those people from Chicago do their crimes in the states they got the guns? Because there’s FEWER EASY TARGETS THAT’S WHY!

    2. The way to give innocent people a chance not to be victims isn’t to enact laws that make them MORE LIKELY TO BE VICTIMS, its to enact laws that punish the criminals in such a way they have to be concerned about it.. AND TO RESCIND THE LAWS THAT INFRINGE ON THEIR RIGHTS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES!
      The confederate flag. The shooter was a racist. Granted. He was the ONE TIME.. THE REAL RACIST DEVIL THE LEFT HAS BEEN SEARCHING FOR! Every other mass shooter of CAUCASIAN outward appearance (Notice that I said CAUCASIAN, because I can’t say white anymore, that would be much too PC).
      The shooter a CAUCASIAN separatist/racist etc. Took action based on his belief. The liberals are euphoric they finally found their unicorn.. Every CAUCASIAN shooter has been labeled a racist. So when there finally is one, there’s little shock value left.
      There are images of the shooter in the past holding a confederate flag. The battle flag. But there’s also images of him burning the American flag and stomping/spitting on it. So, exactly who supports the stomping/burning of the American flag? Yeah, not the republicans/conservatives. THEREFOR THE CONFEDERATE FLAG, MUST BE BANNED!
      Look, I nor nobody else doubts that this guy is a racist. Now we know the signs of a racist potential mass murderer right? So we should be able to keep an eye on them right? Lets not overlook the black racists who are in Ferguson/Baltimore/Charleston/Cleveland/LA etc. They are the ones pushing for the very same thing the murderer in Charleston wanted. Let that sink in.
      .The fact is again: The confederate flag is only “Racist” to those who don’t know history OR who have been brainwashed to believe REVISIONIST HISTORY or for political gain use the battle flag of the confederacy as a demonizing tool. Again, liberals have no issue with banning the tools they fail to understand its the PERSON who the tool is the hands of that is ultimately responsible for the tools use.
      Here’s an example: A Republican in office wants to save lives so with today’s technology, it is entirely possible to limit vehicles to posted speed limit speeds ONLY! There is no need for vehicles to go faster than the posted speeds right? So why have a vehicle people can buy that will go 100 mph? Cars kill more people than guns, so lets start there. They won’t and the reason is simple. That would create a problem for them, they have cars, they like the freedom to go as fast as they want when they want. To “Infringe” on that freedom would be insane wouldn’t it? Where in the constitution does it say you’re free to go as fast as you can when you want to? It does say YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS…
      Now, we have ban the confederate flag, Ban guns etc. Because of feelings not facts… So when you liberals get your way and get things banned… When you get older and ask, hey how did this happen. For Gods Sake, LOOK TO THE LIBERAL MEDIA.

  6. Speaking of critical theory and attention diversion, those murders and beheadings in Tunisia and France at the hands of islamic butchers sure got short shrift, didn't they?

    But an electrical fire in a church down south is big news...

    1. Of course the news items you mentioned have gotten short shrift! The Progressive agenda must be advanced.

    2. That news won't even slow down the screaming lefty propagandists

    3. I'd like more coverage of those, Silverfiddle.

      1. My guess is that the incident in France is an employer/employee homicide and not terrorist. I'd like to read a report.

      2. Yeah, Tunisia is critical. Trying to move to a more democratic government in a very inhospitable economic environment. They need all the support we can give them but it won't get anywhere near the front of the line.

    4. Yes, how perceptive of you, Craptain Arab, and right on cue–– like one of Pavlov's dogs –– IN rushes the foulest of fools with sharp elbows to make sly insinuations, and quasi-intelligent-sounding interrogatives wherever angels fear to tread.

  7. Please note that federal officials have now stated that last night's burning of AME church in South Carolina is not suspected to be arson.

  8. So I got to thinking today, if these ding-bat liberals want to dwell on the sins of our past, and just to set the record straight for the record I'm against the Confederate flag being taken down or removed from anywhere! However! If the lefties want to say that the Confederate represents “racism” And I support anybody's right to think whatever the hell they want to but in that case, why not BAN the American flag?

    People are claiming that the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism/oppression because of slavery in the south. If that's your argument, fine, I’M not going to get in tho that argument because I not only don’t I agree with it, but I think it’s stupid!.

    However, with that logic how could the American flag NOT be a symbol of racism/oppression. After all the USA slaughtered millions of Natives, and their symbol was the American flag. During the Trail of Tears what flag did they fight under? The American flag.
    So if the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism/oppression against black could the American flag not be a symbol of racism/oppression against Natives?

    The American flag means different things to different people. To is a symbol of aggression and oppression. To others...a symbol of freedom and opportunity.

    Just as the Confederate flag means different things to different people. The people who think a flag (any flag ) defines who you are and what you believe are idiots, and some are simply raving lunatics.

    So, please, don’t destroy people’s lies, their illusions, or their foolish beliefs, because if you destroy their illusions they will not be able to live without their hatred.

    1. Trust me, brother, the American flag is next!

    2. I'd love to have you sketch out how you think that will happen.

    3. WHY –– to provide another target for your sneering sarcasm and relentless derision?

      Who needs it?

  9. THIS is what happens when American Idiots elect a COMINTERN Socialist!

  10. Replies
    1. If by any chance you're referring to that endearing old Disney movie classic Song of the South, it was banished from public view a very long time ago along with the story of Little Black Sambo, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, Amos n' Andy, and Heaven knows who all else.

      Lovable and admirable as she is, Mammy too will have to go, and so, of course, will Prissy and Big Sam.

      ANYTHING that even hints, however mildly, that there might have been something pleasant wholesome, lovable and worthy about The Old Order MUST be DESTROYED, INCINERATED and FORGOTTEN so the The New World Order may reign secure and unchallenged.

      It may not be long before Official Book Burnings will be mandated throughout the land.

    2. So lets Ban the Confederate flag, Ban the American flag, Ban guns, Ban “Gone with the Wind” Ban Cars, because Cars kill more people than guns do, Ban children’s cartoons that have anything to do with Blacks like Uncle Tom's Cabin, Ban Uncle Remus, oh wait, he has already been banned because it is a racist story. and television shows like the Amos 'n' Andy Show etc.
      The liberals wanted to ban a radio talk show host Don Imus because of a joke he made about a Black Rutgers women's basketball player until he apologize to Al Sharpton, and Imus, was suspended by CBS for two weeks without pay because of it..
      Jimmy the Greek was FIRED, and was never forgiven for saying that blacks were better athletes than whites because during slavery the biggest and strongest slaves were bred together to create bigger and stronger slaves. ( a true statement)

      Because of the liberals and/or Blacks who’s feelings are hurt not facts…
      So when you liberals don’t get your way things and people get banned

  11. In my wildest dreams, I would have never believed that a political party in America would ever nominate a candidate whose lies, corruption, and criminal behavior is on page one for all of the world to see.
    Promote division within America by proactively fanning the flames of racism to create dissention between Americans.
    Promote policies that drive productive Americans and their corporations from their homes by onerous regulations and skyrocketing taxation.
    Openly welcome socialists and communists into the highest levels of government.
    Allow a corrupt and racist organization to exist in Congress.
    Obstruct justice in both civil and criminal matters to the extent of ignoring blatant and sanctionable acts of criminality.
    Allow the tyranny of the minority to override the best interests of a majority.
    Create a class of professional politicians whose self-interests supersede the interests of their constituents and the country they purport to serve.
    Allowed affirmative action, where color trumps competence, and sex trumps style, to produce.
    Allowed political correctness to trump free speech and discussion; most sadly in the realm of science.
    A person with un-American values, a person who would LIE at the drop of a hat, a person so corrupt as Hillary Clinton is. …
    What the hell have we done to America …
    How have American citizens gotten to the point where they will sit idly by and watch our elected officials betray the United States Constitution and the rule of law?
    I can understand the dilution of the American culture by embracing millions of illegal aliens, many of whom will not assimilate into American life and continue to be loyal to their former country, embracing their language, food, and customs as if they were trying to recreate their country on top of American social safety nets and entitlements. But what I can’t understand is how we are allowing our politicians to gerrymander our districts specifically to create safe districts for politicians who continue to pander to a minority portion of the electorate to the exclusion of the interests and welfare of the majority? I can understand why politicians would ignore their country and constituency for the large donors and special interests who provide campaign funding, voter support, and media attention. But not to the detriment of their personal honor and sworn allegiance to the Constitution and their constituency.
    And, I can understand why a corporatized media would bend or break journalistic ethics and practices to secure corporate advantages, including tax breaks, favorable positions in monopolistic markets such as cable franchises, and access to content and political figures. But not to the extent of selling out our nation to foreign sovereigns or criminal interests. Where a white police officer dealing with a black thug is endlessly covered while black gangs the murder hundreds of people a month get little or no mention.

    1. But the true shocker is that I am not speaking exclusively about the progressive socialist democrat party – but the GOP whose “go along to get along” policies and refusal to uphold their oath of office has severely compromised our country.
      Where political animals like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is as detrimental to our nation as former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who used a political rule trick to enable the passage of the unconstitutional Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). And where House Speaker John Boehner is every bit complicit as former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when it comes to putting their politics before the people who are currently suffering in America.
      Unless we cure the corruption, we are totally and thoroughly screwed. The idea of a Hillary Clinton, an open socialist like Bernie Sanders, as a future President of the United States demonstrates the clear and present danger facing our nation. Sadly, In one respect, the open socialist, Bernie Sanders, is the most honest one of all – not engaging in cronyism and clearly stating his core beliefs.
      So what are you going to do? About voting for corrupt politicians as if they were celebrities? About donating to politicians who cannot manage to tell people what they actually believe in? And, about a mainstream media that has been so thoroughly corrupted as to become unbelievable?

    2. It's TIME for a RINO SAFARI!

    3. "That's the way that the world goes 'round
      You're up one day, the next you're down
      It's a half an inch of water and you think you're gonna drown
      That's the way that the world goes 'round"

    4. Among the many non-delights
      Found in the blogosphere
      The intellectual termites
      Are certainly most queer.

      The time they spend is worthless
      In seeding comments sections
      With waspish, witless, mirthless
      Phrases filled with misconceptions!

      ~ Anne Animus

    5. Those last two lines are quite effective. Well done!

  12. stomp, snort, and gruntJuly 1, 2015 at 9:30 PM

    Hell, declare civil war. Should you win; well, to the victor goes the spoils.

    1. No one EVER "wins" a CivilWar. Only LIVES are LOST and usually for no good purpose.

      Look at the results of OUR mid-nineteenth-century venture into massive self-destruction –– and for WHAT?

    2. stomp, snort, and gruntJuly 2, 2015 at 10:11 AM

      Excellent exclamation point FreeThinke.

      Other than the end to physical human bondage? Obviously not a thing.

    3. So you TOO believe "The Ends justify the Means," eh SSG?

      What a pity!

    4. stomp, snort, and gruntJuly 2, 2015 at 9:14 PM

      Not neccessarily FreeThinke.

      Human bondage to maintain a highly productive economic system seems contrary to... All men as created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights; among them the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

      I guess back then some men were simply more equal than others. It was the sign of the times I guess.

      I do think left alone slavery would likely have ended. At some point. Maybe in another 75 years or so.

    5. Nature has made us in such a way that the very idea of "equality" is improbable-if-not-impossible because it is impracticable.

      Haven't you noticed? –– No matter how we try to FORCE "EQUALITY" into universal application, enormous pressures erupt all over the place to set things back in their natural order again.

      We are by nature Creatures of the Hive –– despite all pretense to the contrary. We CRAVE hierarchical structures in which to live, work and play. We absolutely can NOT handle "freedom."

      Liberty is daunting –– terrifying, confusing, much too challenging, and ALWAYS ripe for abuse.

      Unmonitored blogs ALONE prove that. What The American Experiment HAS produced after a scant two-hundred-thirty-nine years seals the deal. Mankind obviously PREFERS slavery (in the metaphorical sense) to freedom.

    6. stomp, snort, and gruntJuly 3, 2015 at 9:58 AM

      Orwell perhaps said it best in his allegorical dystopian novella Animal Farm; “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

      It is most assuredly IMPOSSIBLE to force everyone to treat their fellow man equally in all respects because not all have the same education, qualifications, motivations, abilities, aspirations, and frankly most (but not all) prefer to belong to a particular tribe.

      Having said the above; all men are deserving of equal RESPECT should they prove they want it, as well as equal OPPORTUNITY should they prove capable of it and WORK to deserve it.

      Yes, we are tribal creatures, no doubt about it FreeThinke. Many do crave hierarchical structure in ALL things in life. However, not all do. Many respect the HS and realize it is necessary to maintain order in society, as do I. But, most really do want more personal freedom and for those who recognize the additional responsibility and accountability that more freedom (or liberty) demands of them personally more liberty is not problematic.

      Complete total liberty, because of the animalistic and tribal instincts in us all, would of course result in anarchy or mob rule.

      Mankind does not prefer slavery in the metaphorical sense or otherwise IMO. But it sure as hell has proven time and time again it CANNOT handle freedom and liberty very effectively.

    7. ____ What Makes A Democrat? ____

      Willfulness is part of what it takes;
      Haughtiness makes a component too.
      Yearning for a better life’s heartaches
      Beset by Self-Deception’s shuttered view

      Earns suicidal urges ‘mongst the Rich,
      And fosters dreams of Vengeance in the Poor
      Deny this truth? You’re apt to lose your niche
      Ending up locked outside your own door.

      Money too diffused loses its power.
      Our hope to see Equality for All
      Creates a fractious mental climate sour
      Resulting in Revolt bound to appall.

      A misperception of our truest needs
      Traps us where upon ourselves we feed.

      ~ FreeThinke

    8. stomp, snort, and gruntJuly 3, 2015 at 1:31 PM

      Forgive if in error FreeThinke but for me this exchange was not about democrats, money or lack thereof, yearning for a better life's
      heartache, suicide, or vengeance.

      It was about treating others with the same (equal) respect and trust you would want others to offer you. It was about opportunity being available to all equally within the qualifications, skills, abilities, and motivations that each individual possesses.

      As for those who through no fault of their own (the disabled and the mentally challenged) that are unable to supply all their own needs society has an obligation to help. Unless one is completely devoid of any humanity.

    9. Oh dear! You're beginning to sound priggish, and I had such high hopes for you –– for a while.

    10. stomp, snort, and gruntJuly 3, 2015 at 6:51 PM

      Priggish (noun) - self-righteously moralistic and superior...

      Not at all FreeThinke; simply stating the obvious IMO. But of course as you know there exists many opinions, and, like assholes EVERYONE who thinks has one.

  13. Was the Charleston tragedy another one of Obama’s Knee Jerk reactions?
    By now, we all know about the mass murder in the black Church in Charleston South Carolina. Before my rant, let me be clear and concise in my disgust at the animal who committed this atrocious act. My prayers are for the family of those killed, those who were killed as Christians are now in the arms of the lord. God Bless them.

    Now to the Knee Jerk Reaction...
    President Barack Hussain Obama’s rush to judgement once again to push for gun control.
    Just like he did after Ft Hood Obama didn’t call for gun control, he lcalled it a “Workplace Violence”!
    And like he did just right after his friend the professor Henry Louis Gates was arrested in at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts when he said the Police "ACTED STUPIDLY"!
    In this case, he may have said the right thing at first, then went right into his agenda about Gun Control. . He’s been trying to enact strict gun control laws since he was in college with Bill Ayers. But he picked a time, before the bodies were even collected to make statements that do not match reality at all. Which the sheep in the media immediately covered up and parroted.
    Now Granted, the shooter was a racist. He was the real racist devil that the left has been searching for to blame it on the Republicans! Every other mass shooter of Caucasian appearance (we can’t say white anymore)

    The shooter a white separatist/racist etc. Took action based on his belief. The liberals are euphoric they finally found their unicorn. The problem is: Most of us are “Cried wolf” out. Every white shooter has been called racist. So when there finally is one, there’s little shock value left.

    Some one found an old photo of the shooter with the confederate flag, so therefor the confederate flag became a “Racist Symbol ” . But there’s also images of him burning the American flag and stomping/spitting on it. So, exactly who supports the stomping/burning of the American flag? Yeah, not the republicans/conservatives.So is the American flag now a “Racist Symbol “, a symbol of Hate?
    Now, after we ban the confederate flag, Ban guns etc. are we going to Ban the American Flag, to give the Liberal’s their way?

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Ya' know, FT, for such a "cultured" guy, you have one hell of a dumb-ass lowbrow taste for sensationalism.


    1. Really? Who knew?

    2. Kipling called it "The Common Touch," Jersey. A good thing in his estimation –– and mine.

  15. astomp, snort, and gruntJuly 2, 2015 at 12:19 PM

    Which to hate more???

    Neither. Hate consumes, eventually destroying the hater.

    Which is more dangerous???

    Hillary. Why???

    Because she is a liar, not to be trusted; period.

  16. If you could separate Hillary from Bernie and produce a "gap", you'd find in that "gap" the difference between them. And in this case you'd find that Hillary is in it for the personal gain that only wealth and power can buy, and Bernie's in it for his name. Both, however, are ideological dry-holes for America. And so Bernie will probably be dead before he ever realizes that his "name" belongs next to Hugo Chavez and the Castro's, and not Che Guevarra.

  17. Hellary Rotten Clinton is way, way more dangerous than Bernie.

    If I had to vote for one or the other, I would easily pull the lever for Bernie. Unlike Hellary, I believe he loves America and he sincerely cares about people.

    Hellery would be an unbroken continuation of BushObama.

    1. I agree. If it's Clinton v Bush in 2016, I vote third party. If it's Sanders v Bush, I'll vote for Bernie. At least that way, we'll get a start on "some" of the change we need.

    2. ...although I'm not quite sure if Bernie is MORE of a global neoliberal or an American anti-neoliberal yet. If I figure it out, I'll let you know.

    3. That either one of you, gentlemen, would seriously consider casting your vote for an avowed SOCIALIST constitutes clear proof in the immortal words of Ruggiero Leincavallo that La commedia e finita –– almost.

      Precisely WHO will deliver the coup de grace and HOW still remans to be seen, but the Founders' Vision is not even on life support any longer. It's demise is only a matter of time –– and not much of that, I'll wager.

      Once we desert PRINCIPLE in favor of EXPEDIENCY, we're done and we might as well be dead.

    4. You have to have a principle first, FT. And the Founders were not dopey Dixie-Cons, and nor were they Gods. Get over yourself. You do not carry the patent on the US Constitution, republicanism, or good taste, certainly that could said of all the dopey Dixie-Cons. Bernie Sanders could do wonders for this country. The US Presidency has limits - for you stupid Dixie-Cons who don't understand the Constitution in the least - and within those limits a President Sanders could never be the next Castro or Chavez, but he could be the next FDR, and this country could certainly use that right now. Just the same - Ain't. Gonna. Happen.


    5. Heh heh...

      That's funny... a leftwing proglodyte talking about the constitution.

      kinda like a tick talking about a dog...

    6. Better than dog food talking about a dog.


    7. Testing the Presidencies "limits" has been Obama's raison d'etre. And when the limits "fail", you end up with a Chavez.

  18. Farmer,

    I feel more assured hearing that my thinking is along the same lines as yours.

    FreeThinke: We are fighting a multi-headed beast. President Bernie Sanders has a chance to slay at least one of the heads. No other candidate has such prospects, except Jim Webb. If he's viable by the time the Colorado primary rolls around, I'm switching to Democrat and voting for him.

    1. No, sir. That "multi-headed beast" is none of other than SATAN, himself. His greatest achievement to date, of course, has been to persuade the majority to believe he does not exist.

    2. FT,
      His greatest achievement to date, of course, has been to persuade the majority to believe he does not exist.

      Spot on!

    3. FT: Why would you reply with such an irrelevant comment? I believe in God, and I believe that Satan is real.

      We are caught in a pincers of all-powerful government and all-powerful globalist oligopoly.

      No viable politician can slay the government beast, or even nick him for that matter, but a socialist like Bernie, with a multi-million citizen angry rabble behind him, could tear the plutocrats a new one.

      Then, if history is any guide, they will collapse the government and economy within a decade or two, and the pendulum swings back. Or it doesn't.

      We have three paths before us: Slow death (which we are on now); Quick Death (going the socialist full Monty); or near-death-rebirth.

      Every damned stinking GOOP candidate, like all candidates, will stay the course on our slow, shambolic stagger into the graveyard of history.

      The only bright spot is that often opportunities and boons will come out of the blue. Most likely, whatever happens in the future will be something no one predicted, and I do have hope that it is something positive.

    4. Man, you guys are depressing. You do realize most of your problems are not that bad, and they could be relatively easily fixed. The first step is to understand conflicted interests - and the second step is to stop listening to them. Each personally, people can be conflicted by all sorts of things if they involve their desires - money, power, sex, love, narcissism, whatever. But money? Money is the one thing we have some control over. That's the one conflict-causing motive that you can spot and do something about.

      This is why, FreeThinke, Silver and Farmer said what they said. They see Sanders, unlike the others, seems unmotivated by money, for himself or anyone else. That's why, FreeThinke, regardless of his Democratic Socialist (nothing like Castro, a little more like Chavez, but not much) rhetoric, many folks on the Right are tolerant of him and even like him (though they always throw in the caveat that a Pres Sanders would unwittingly wreck the country).


    5. stomp, snort, and gruntJuly 3, 2015 at 3:10 PM

      ... many folks on the Right are tolerant of him and even like him (though they always throw in the caveat that a Pres Sanders would unwittingly wreck the country).

      Well Jersey, he likely would bestow a bit of havoc and dislocation on the nation; but no more or worse than George Walker Bush or Obama managed to do.

    6. I don't see how Obama bestowed any such thing. What havoc and dislocation has Obama brought us?


    7. Fred Beard's GhostJuly 3, 2015 at 5:03 PM

      Obama is a corporatist crapitalist in Bolsheviks clothing

    8. The official unemployment rate, which cruelly overlooks the suffering of the long-term and often permanently unemployed as well as the depressingly underemployed, amounts to a Big Lie.”…Gallup CEO Jim Clifton
      “In today’s labor market, there are nearly 1 million “missing” young workers—potential workers who are neither employed nor actively seeking work (and are thus not counted in the unemployment rate) because job opportunities remain so scarce. If these missing workers were in the labor market looking for work, the unemployment rate of workers under age 25 would be 18.1 percent instead of 14.5 percent.”…Economic Policy Institute May 1, 2014

      “We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”

      You should know by now that over 30 percent of millennials live with family members due to the horrid jobs situation, higher rent costs and student debt.

      Gen X, Generation X, has also been hit by the Obama economy.
      Gen X, the leading edge of which will turn 50 next year, with the youngest hitting 35, are facing the reality of their looming retirement prospects. And so far, there is much room for improvement.

      Gen X was roiled by the Great Recession, losing nearly half (45%) of their wealth. Now, a new study by Northwestern Mutual reveals that Gen X is compounding that major setback with the poorest financial habits of the four generations surveyed. ... Almost four in 10 (37%) admit they do not “at all feel financially secure,” an outlook more pessimistic than any other generation, even the often money-challenged “Millennials.”

      White Americans have been decimated in the job market since Obama took the White House in January 2009. Recent figures show 75 percent of the employments added went to Hispanics and Latinos.

      All of this is cast against a virtually non-existent economic recovery where weak demand has curtailed spending and investment have led directly to lackluster wage growth. This of course, makes it still more difficult for would-be buyers to make a down payment... Rates of homeownership remain the lowest on several decades even though Fannie and Freddie are backing loans with down payments as low as 3% while FHA has also cut premiums.

      New graduates are having difficulty finding jobs commensurate with their education. College degrees have become so commonplace they have largely ceased to differentiate among candidates. Also, many young job seekers are discovering that their $35,000 educations did not provide them with employable skills. Meanwhile, student loan debt constitutes the biggest impediment to homeownership for the young.

      Combine a 14% U-6 unemployment rate for 18-29 year olds with soaring rents and a housing market with prices that virtually exclude young adults in desirable locations, and you have the recipe for historically low homeownership.

  19. The far left needs its political slaves and often gains them through their propaganda.

    Has Sharpton apologized for his comments in Ferguson, has Obama apologized for Al Sharpton and his spreading of hate?

    The far left religion is the most dangerous religion on the planet, that is why the support and idolize ISIS..
    The left just wants to shake things up..and by shake things up I mean they destabilize our society. The want to destroy our economy, military, police departments, etc. everything. The people who consider themselves on the left that do not believe this are useful idiots, who are being led like sheep by extremely evil people.
    Thy should think about their position the next time theyor a family member are the victim of a flash mob or knockout game. That behavior needs to cease.

  20. My take on Americans and Independence Day and if you don’t think that America's problems are now better under Our Dear Leader, you are a racist!!!
    Personally I’m totally exhausted reading and talking about the Confederate flag controversy.. And I still think that it’s a total distraction from the facts regarding the race riots allover the United States.

    1. Yes, Rottweiler, ALL these essentially PETTY issues the enemedia loves to get everybody "all het up about" are EXACLY what you say they are.

  21. hell or handbasket are our choices! amen! Blessed Independence Day to you and yours :))

  22. He says, I report.July 3, 2015 at 4:08 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Trump is America's "Master Signifier". Don't like it? Then legislate a new one. A new kouros or kore is all that is needed.

  23. The male equivalent of a frump
    Surely must be Donald Trump.

    His hairdo always makes me frown;
    He's just a self-promoting clown.

    I don't think we should move with haste
    To back this icon of bad taste.

    ~ Anne Animus

    The Donald is THE consummate VULGARIAN.

    1. stamp, snit, and grumpJuly 3, 2015 at 6:44 PM

      It's an uncomfortable moment for Republicans, who want more votes from the surging Latino population.

      And it could be a costly moment if more candidates don't go beyond their Donald-will-be-Donald response and condemn him directly, said Alfonso Aguilar, a Republican who leads the American Principles Project's Latino Partnership.

      "The time has come for the candidates to distance themselves from Trump and call his comments what they are: ludicrous, baseless and insulting," Aguilar said. "Sadly, it hurts the party with Hispanic voters. It's a level of idiocy I haven't seen in a long time."

    2. Few Hispanics vote in Republican primaries. More actual citizens do. The RNC has nothing to worry about. Besides, James Webb is on the DNC ticket. He's a "secure the borders first" guy. Nobody is screaming to get him thrown out of the Democrat Party.

    3. I like Webb, too. He's "old school" Democrat.

    4. stomp, snort, and gruntJuly 3, 2015 at 7:24 PM

      But they DO vote in the general.

    5. So if Webb and Trump win their primaries, they'll stay home. Big Whoop.

    6. Webb USED to be a REPUBLICAN.

      WHY did he become a turncoat?

      What GOOD did he expect to accomplish with that move?

      It's a bit like Vanilla deciding to masquerade as Chocolate –– i.e. ABSURD!

      In general it's safe to say the very worst RINO is still better than even the BEST D'Rat.


      Because the Democratic party has undergone virtual transformation into cryto-CPUSA.

      Corporatism = Crony Capitalism = quasi-Communist Corporate Socialism = Marxism.

      This was he only way for Business to take back the Reins of Power and save itself from utter destruction.

      Business (Capital) couldn't BEAT the Bolsheviks, so it JOINED 'em.

      As always it is the PEOPLE who wind up getting betrayed, exploited and abused.

      Neither Business nor Government can exist to SERVE people. In order to survive ad prosper both must exist SOLELY to EXPLOIT them.

      The same is true of ORGANIZED RELIGION too, of course

    7. Portia Bassanio said

      Boiney 's imitatuh soitenly has dat Noo Yawk JOOISH accent down poifect, don' he?

      To think we've come to THIS awready: OY! GEVALT!

  24. Fascism come to the Progressive State of Amrika wrapped in political correctness and screaming shit-flavored brand of "tOLERANCE' and "dIVERSITY"

    You learn from Chinese rulers, no?

  25. I guess that Donald Trump was right after all.
    The San Francisco Police said that on Thursday they arrested Francisco Sanchez a illegal Mexican aliens in the shooting of a beautiful 32 year old woman and shot her...and then threw the pistol off the pier and ran away. She fell pleading: "Help me dad, please help me".

    This piece of trash who was already deported to Mexico Several Times walked up to this beautiful 32 year old woman and shot her...
    The Police said they arrested Francisco Sanchez for the shooting an hour after it occurred.

    On Friday, ICE revealed their records indicate the individual has been previously deported five times, most recently in 2009, and is from Mexico. His criminal history includes seven prior felony convictions, four involving narcotics charges.. So I guess that The Donald was right after all, that ought to give all the liberals a tingle up and down their legs....Sickening story, YES, but liberals want illegals here, so what are you gonna do ?
    Trump gets MY vote.

    1. ICE, being the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement



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