Friday, July 31, 2015


  1. The sport of choice 
for the urban poor
2. The sport of choice for 
maintenance level employees 
3. The sport of choice for 
front-line workers 

 4. The sport of choice 
for supervisors 

 5. The sport of choice 
for middle management 

  6. The sport of choice for 
corporate executives and 
officers is GOLF.

The most amazing aspect of this 
survey is the higher you climb in the 
corporate-government world, 
the smaller your balls become.
There must be a massive tanker load 
of people in Washington, DC 
playing MARBLES! 

The Republican Establishment 
plays with BB's!


  1. For what it's worth, my family and I are baseball people.

    I wonder why soccer isn't on the list?

    1. Or shooting paper targets with BB-guns for that matter? ;-)

  2. IF only! Republicans in DC HAVE no balls...

    1. I forgot to add the last segment, Thersites –– the one that says,

      "And Establishment Republicans confine their play strictly to The Sandbox."


  3. It's the sport of Blacks, there Re very few white Basketball players Any more.
    I think it's becUse of the fact that so many blacks drop out of school and hang around the playgrounds playing basketball when they are young .

    1. Calpurnia Clemmons Novodka said


  4. Soccer is the Working Mom's sport of choice, AoW. And let's face it, they've got the biggest balls of them all!

    That's a really funny piece, FT.


    1. JMJ,
      Good point about working moms and soccer. Why is that so?

    2. Im glad you saw the humor in it, Jersey. we HAVE to laugh every one in a while. If we don't, we'll very likely go mad.

    3. Do wish you'd come back to answer AoW's question, Jersey.

      What IS the connection between working mothers and soccer? I have to admit I haven't a clue, myself.

  5. I have to be honest.
    Sustained laughter.

    1. Saying it like it isJuly 31, 2015 at 5:41 PM

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. I'm glad you could see the fun in it, Ducky. There may be hope for you yet.


  6. Why do Blacks favor and dominate in basketball rather than whites?.
    Baseball and football rather than Golf, or Tennis, require several pieces of equipment and that’s a hard head and fast legs, something that Blacks have and Whites do not. Thus they are faster and jump higher than Whites. So my guess would be the demographic concentration of African-Americans in ghetto areas, which are naturally conducive to basketball, and seeing Black Basketball Pros flashing big amounts of cash is a big draw to the sport..
    In America' ghettos, the Black kid proves himself to be great at basketball becomes somewhat of a neighborhood legend. To be great at basketball earns you respect and adoration, sort of like the leader of the pack. These are kids who look forward to the promise of a big payday, and or a quick buck. Black Kids often idolize, looking up and emulate other famous figures that they see, driving sports cars , having sexy ladies at their side and big homes with lots of luxuries. Basketball courts in school yards and in Play-Grounds are much more common in urban, and ghetto neighborhoods, thus one need only look at Black Americans as becoming interested in sports such as basketball rather than the Blacks from other countries to see how they thrive and prosper in this country. Those Blacks in Europe, or elsewhere other than the United States who self-locate places other than in ghettos, become entrepreneurial, and, they get the hell out of drug and gang ridden Dodge when possible. They don’t make fun of education. They don’t bully or denigrate others who are good students or achieve success.
    Jews and Italians achieve their success in the schoolroom and become Doctors and Lawyers, rather than Ball players and Hip Hop Musicians, or Drug dealers. You’ll find that young Blacks all over the Caribbean are more interested in becoming Cooks and Chefs

    1. Can't disagree with anything you said.

    2. I can't either, Hans, but how was it connected to the point of this particular post?

      If we're not going to try to discuss the material presented, why present anything specific at all?

      Why not just have an endless series of "OPEN THREADS" where anything goes?

  7. My Rusty old JaguarAugust 1, 2015 at 11:23 AM

    It’s true because a lot of black players usually start playing at a very young age and they have more passion for it then white players and a lot of white people either play baseball or football basketball is a Black sport thats why lots of whites don’t play it if they did they’d be just as good as black players and usually most black kids grow up in the ghetto where basketball is an every day thing.Black kids put a lot of their time in the school yards playing Basketball everyday, it's there way to move up the social class. Either that or rap. And something to due to their genetics? In, my observation. While White kids spend their time INSIDE the School getting an education... You see, you don’t need to be educated to play Basketball, all you need to do is run, jump and push your opponent.

  8. Replies
    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Well, Jersey, it was supposed to be FUNNY. As usual the conversation did not turn out to be what I'd hoped to see, but how is it UGLY?

      What makes you think that? Is it because some chose to talk about blacks and basketball? It's perfectly true that blacks –– for whatever reason –– really have dominated pro-basketball, just as Jews dominate the world of high finance, news and entertainment, the legal profession, and have been largely responsible for the way leftist thinking has manifested itself in the West.

      Italians have created and dominated the Mafia, but that doesn't mean that ALL Italians are mafiosi or in any way sympathetic to the Mob anymore than all Negroes are fit to play pro-basketball. ;-)

      Facts are facts, so why it is "ugly" in your opinion to reveal and discuss Reality?

    3. Did you read those comments?

      Simpleminded at best, just plain eugenic at worst.


  9. Blacks as youths play basketball in the ghetto far more than they play any other sport, so it stands to reason thet they are good at it..
    The black community, in this nation has always had this, what they really, REALLY need is more responsible leadership from people like Alan West, and Condi Rise, and fewer of the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Sheila Jackson Lee, Eric Holder and that ILK! Or even film makers such as Spike Lee..
    Go to a project in the ghetto and you will always see a basketball court filled with kids, no matter what time of the year. Go to a white suburb and the goals are very different, kids are in their homes studying and doing their homework.
    Black kids, having historically had much different role models, they identify with Black athletes, rappers, and the tough guys in the movies, and seek to emulate them.
    Today the NBA stands for the Negro Basketball Association!

    As long as these useful idiots are taught to avoid assimilation, think differently as victims, set themselves apart by language, dress, and custom, they will continue to be surprised that corporate or commercial America doesn’t have time for their bullshit.

    How effin’ stupid is it when the black community destroys the police infrastructure that is needed to protect them against the gangs — urban domestic terrorists. But, then again, if you don’t keep the dung heap in turmoil, the leadership has nothing to promise.

    The so called black, ghetto culture is what destroys any young person of color that may be inspired to improve his/her lot in life. If it imitates “whitey” it is anti black. If you go to school, work hard, study, make good grades, speak intelligently, and don’t break the law you’ll be much more successful than hanging around the playgrounds shooting Hoops.
    And remember this, A Black Panther Is a Vicious Animal .

    1. Saying it as I see itAugust 2, 2015 at 9:05 AM

      You are absolutely 100 percent correct, american4americans. Our country used to be a unique one, mostly because we had a strong moral base, and citizens who cared who were patriotic.
      The Constitution of the United States set the foundation for the government. And now we find ourselves with a leader that tramples all over it.
      American culture was built uniquely in that it melds together influences from all over the world to create something entirely new, not a bunch of grabbers who come here ILLEGALLY and are GIVEN handouts the minute they land on our boarder.
      During both World Wars I and II, it was used to rally the nation to mobilize against a common enemy. In today’s America our enemies are living right here on our shores among us.
      This has been systematically degraded by the liberals and progressives almost to the point that there are no moral absolutes. It will be the death of us all

    2. Neither of you made any attempt to respond to the specific material presented in the post. Instead you just gave us a ration of boilerplate ideology from the conservative perspective. I don't don't disagree with much of what you said, but what is the point of railing on and on about depressing things all of us know already without offering any constructive alternatives?

      Also, playing basketball is a heck of lot better than doing drugs or mugging victims n the sidewalks or raping them in alleys.

      Were either of you aware that the post was intended to be humorous, and that the point of it was to poke fun at the pusillanimity of politicians in BOTH parties?

    3. I don't think either of them have ever spent more than enough time in "the ghetto" to drive through it.


    4. And You do?
      What do you do there, Shine Shoes?

    5. Hey, every wino vagrant needs shiney shoes!

  10. That was funny. I love ball sports!

    1. Funny is ALL it was supposed to be, Phil. Fascinating though what comes out of the woodwork no matter what we post. Unfortunately I have to jettison nearly half the remarks that come in for being completely off topic or just plain rude and ugly.

      I certainly did not intend this to spur a discussion about BLACK people pro or con. But that's what seems to be uppermost in the minds of many who choose to comment.

    2. It is a crying shame people today cannot take some humorous poking and prodding for the simply gaiety it is.

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    1. Sorry, Michael, but as keep saying, WE REMOVE IRRELEVANT REMARKS, especially when they are vituperative.



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