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  1. If Obama signed an executive order changing immigration law, he is in violation of the Constitution. The proper procedure at that point is impeachment charges.

    Merely using Congress's power of the purse implies that the executive order is Constitutional and allows for further assaults on the Constitutional principle of separation of powers.

    If, as I read yesterday, Obama didn't actually sign such an executive order but rather a prosecutorial directive, he may be within his Constitutional powers. Certainly, Congress can use the power of the purse in that matter because, as I understand it, whatever Obama signed includes funding.

    PS: I hope that this comment makes sense. I'm on my first cup of coffee for the day.

  2. They took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Either do it, or get out of the way. Because others will.

  3. Thersites:

    Are there really any people in power in DC who will defend and abide by the constitution?

    There is too much money to be made and too much power to be gained by abusing it.

    I think we're already too far down the road. That document is on life support, it's 4th, 9th and 10th Amendments have almost completely shut down. Zombie corporations operate with impunity, Wall Street pirates continue their predations and plundering...

  4. After the crash, the country will need to find its' base again. The Constitution is a pretty good base to start from. Building a legal structure on top of it that prevents Struldbrugs from siphoning off the country's working capital will be a project for the next generation. The lessons of corporate "personhood" and "immortality" had to be learned. No one believed Jonathan Swift.

  5. It's good advice from a moral, maybe even a legal, standpoint, but given the nature of the media, who always manipulate data to the advantage of Democrats, and public opinion it's probably damaging to Republican prospects politically.

    ----------> Katharine Heartburn

  6. This is a very interesting article on the subject matter of this post. I found it quite revealing.

  7. Mozart:

    That's old propaganda, dipshit.

    Reagan and Bush took action pursuant to laws passed by congress and signed by Reagan.

    Now run along little boy, the adults are having a conversation.

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  9. It's not a particularly interesting article, "Mozart." It's merely another restatement of what-has-suddenly-become a leftist talking point -- a "meme" if you will.

    The problem with "Reagan did it too" lies the then-Democratically controlled congress's failure to uphold THEIR end of the bargain, which, basically, was to "seal the borders" in the wake of the 1986 Amnesty Agreement to make sure the issue would not arise again. Instead, as we have seen, it has grown exponentially to monstrous proportions.

    The problem with Obama's current Edict is it's IMPERMANENCE. At best it is a temporary stopgap measure. In three years we -- and the poor illegal immigrants who vainly imagine they are now being "saved" from the stingy, rotten, mean, legalistic Republicans -- will be right back in Square One.

    These vicious cycles set in motion by inadequate, badly motivated policies will never end, unless someone in power has the courage of his convictions and is willing to sacrifice his political career, and probably whatever financial advantage might be attached to it, to do what is truly right and proper.

    Apparently, there's too much that might be lost were congress to at courageously and decisively.

    It's long past time we stopped the childish game of "If I stink, you stink even worse," and get down to brass tacks.

    1. Yes, business loves cheap labor. Thus the lax enforcement if any immigration laws by both sides. Smoke and mirrors methinks and a lot of gullible folks. Recipe for what we have.

      One has to wonder if the smoke thickens and the mirrors increase in number over tg e next 225-30 years.

      Republicans are not serious, they merely want to kick the can down the road until Obama is out of office hoping one of their own is in the oval office in 2017. For them it's all political. Has been for 6 years.

      History will judge, not political hacks and operatives convened only about special interests, economic and social.

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  11. .THIS IS GOOD ADVICE, It Reminds me of the reality of the now. If you're a black boy, man, girl, or woman, don't go near the police for ANYTHING, because you are risking your life .
    Even when or if they know they're being filmed, because they know NOTHING WILL HAPPEN to them. This is how a totalitarian police state works. This is supposed to be the United States of America, not Chile under Augusto Pinochet, and NOT Saudi Arabia, or Iraq under Saddam Hussein, where secret police can beat and kill citizens with impunity.

    What you Teebaggers can't seem to see in front of your nose, is that the tyrants are our police forces that get away with brutality and homicide.
    NO, NOT ALL COPS ARE BAD, okay? But most of them are when it comes to Black people.. And there is evidence all over the internet now that too many of them do this sort of dirty work, and most of it is just swept under therug and not heard of by the general public. .

    While you and your GOP’er friends howl about the "tyrant" Obama, police forces in too many cities and towns are beating the crap out of people and killing children. And most of these Right-wing Gestapo’s are Republican’s. That doesn't seem to disturb you or your friends. like the idiot’s who frequent “The Porn Queen” and her degenerate boyfriends are positively orgasmic over these sort of deaths.

    What will it take to make YOU low-life Cretins and others see this reality? Another 12-year-old child being shot in the stomach for playing with a toy?

    Your gratuitous mention of that loud-mouthed bully Chris Christie or the New Kids on the block have nothing to do with this situation, but mark my words, as of nest year they will all be out like Vampires in the night.
    And NO, President Obama isn't to blame for racial profiling and shooting unarmed American teenagers. Your insensitive and inflammatory remarks on other blogs that tries to put the blame on Obama and his attorney general is a perfect example of looking elsewhere instead of at the facts for causes of this sort of Republican made brutality.

  12. The police were DEAD WRONG as always when it come to Black people. The black leaders are absolutely RIGHT. . as is Mr. Obama and AG Holder are.

    Why not just forbid the police from strangling/killing people over misdemeanor offenses?

    The cops could have simply issued a citation to appear in court.

    There was no need to touch him..

  13. Anonymouse:

    I don't know how cops vote and neither do you.

    These atrocities are happening in LIBERAL Democrat-run cities, and the government sets policy for the police.

    So, what this show us is that liberals are unqualified to run anything larger than their own lives.

  14. The problem with the Reagan did it too argument is that it is irrelevant. Precedent doesn't govern illegal or unconstitutional behavior.

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  16. Garner was an obese thug who resisted arrest and paid the price for his stupidity !!!

    After being arrested for twenty-three times for the same crime, you would think he would have learned his lesson !

    The next time you are being robbed, raped, or anything else that requires needing help, call a Big Fat Thug, not the Police, and see how far you get.. !

  17. I am stunned by those who protest against the people who enforce the law. I am stunned by the media that supports the lawless mobs that riot and vandalize property in honor of the law breakers who cause their own demise by defying the law enforcement officers. Well, I am not really stunned, what else can we expect from a bunch of non productive individuals whose only purpose in life is to destroy the civil society created and sustained by those who have dedicated and sacrificed their lives to preserve that society. I suspect these mobs, laughingly referred to as protesters, are comprised of individuals who have never actually worked (welfare recipients and certain types of students) or done anything worthwhile in their lives.

    The President, the Mayor of New York and the liberal media are giving the impression that it's good to be a criminal, it's ok to steal, it's ok to assault store owners, it's ok to assault police officers with deadly force and attempt to strong arm them for their guns! This is a slippery slope and the only racist are those who are protecting the criminals, their behavior and creating a thug mentality that says, I can break the law and not face consequences. It's absurd. Beyond comprehension and frankly disgusting. I'm in support of these officers.

    Want "Good Advice" Obey the law and the police, screw the criminals.

  18. We don't welcome HATE POSTS and we don't want to encourage FEUDS involving other blogs. We are not interested in staging yet-another FECES FESTIVAL.

    To avoid being eradicated please keep your comments relevant and reasonably polite.

    If Mr. Garner had been polite to the police, he doubtless would still be alive today. That said I think the NYC Police grossly overreacted to a minor infraction of a STUPID law, so in the Garner case EVERYONE INVOLVED was DEAD WRONG.

  19. FT,
    AMEN to the last paragraph of your comment @ December 5, 2014 at 10:24 PM!

    I think that it's very likely that all those marching in the streets of NYC the past few days actually support the Nanny State idea of the law prohibiting the sale of loosies.

  20. It's all on the order of using police to shut down lemonade stands run by little kids, because they didn't get a "license" from the city.

    They're doing this more and more with yard sales now too. Where I live you have to buy a PERMIT from the city to have a friggin' YARD SALE.

    I've been out of the flea market business for more than twenty years now, but we USED to be able to buy space from a promoter in either an open field or an armory or even a church social hall, set up shop, wheel and deal, buy and sell entirely for cash, and no one tried to "police" these affairs.

    Nowadays they probably police the use of pay toilets. It just gets pettier and more confining every hour of every day.

    TO WIT:

    "When you break the big laws, you do not get freedom; you do not even get anarchy. You get the small laws."

    ~ G.K. Chesterton - in the London Daily News, 7/29/1905

  21. Daemon Mailer said

    The Registered Nurse always has such illuminating insights and encouraging ideas to share, doesn't he? What a privilege to have such an original thinker on board!

  22. Daemon Mailer,

    Funny thing that. I too had pegged Mozart as the East Coast Progressive, the Registered Nurse.

    By the way, are you related to Norman?

  23. Florence Barton and Clara Nightingale said

    On behalf of Registered Nurses everywhere

    Ours is a noble profession that ought not to be sullied by any and all claims of direct association with internet trolls and other unsavory pathological personalities past, present and future.



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