Sunday, December 14, 2014

Words From the Wise

Need anyone say more?


  1. Barack Obama and Heinrich Holder should be side by side in adjoining jail cells

  2. Eric Holder was the worst, most partisan hack, to ever pretend to serve the American people. Oh wait, he served the cynical progressive ideal of "black America" perfectly. To them he was "our hack".

  3. TMIM,

    That creature calling itself Sue Welch, is a vicious, moronic troll -- one of many Alas! Such characters are jetisoned immediately upon discovery here. I won't put up with ess-aitch-eye-tea anymore -- not after 14 years of blogging.

    Good to see you!


  4. America has a race problem. As with any problem of consequence there are many sides, or slants to the narrative. With a problem rooted as far back in history as the race problem in the Untied States of America the issues are complex and the solution, if it is to be found, will require shedding old paradigms and beliefs held by many white folks. Like it or not this is the simple truth.
    I also am fed up with the racist a-hole white folks (Progressive’s) that give (the occupy types), along with the thugs who give Al Sharpton his ammunition.

    If the backwards cap fits, wear it.
    But this is what the Blacks when their not happy with the Courts verdict/verdicts .. they loot, steal, burn, and riot.
    We have these progressive racists with academic degrees teaching in classrooms who call themselves “Professors” , but are actually a bunch of anit American-Slobs who couldn’t get a real job. .Yes, our universities are a ship of fools who can only relate to their academic brethren to15-year-olds
    This crap has got to stop and the Democratic Party, along with the Bleeding Hearts have to stop inspiring it constantly, it is tearing the country apart, and NEVER, EVER doing anyone any good.

    Take the Rodney King case for example. Rodney King was a convicted felon, a no good lousy street thug who served two years in prison for assaulting and robbing a Korean store owner with an iron pipe.
    Racial tensions fanned by the verdict and the general feeling of disenfranchisement and distrust of police among LA's black population and a Black man who was one of the protesters attacked an innocent white truck driver named Reginald Denny, who himself became victimized during the chaos by being pulled out of the cab of his truck and nearly beaten to death, only because he was WHITE!.
    A concerned citizen filmed King's arrest after he led Police Officers in a dangerous high speed chase across L.A. The film showed white officers swinging clubs at Rodney and sent the film to the local T.V. station The National media picked up the video and it was shown over and over for months on prime time.
    And what do you think happened? The City of Los Angeles paid Rodney G. King $3.8 million in damages in compensation for his being beating by the police .
    Even though King's injuries were minimal the left wing powers insisted that the Officers be placed on trial for the most serious charge of attempted murder. When the Officers were found not guilty the media encouraged or seemed to justify violence. About 53 people were murdered and about 3,000 people were permanently injured in felonious assaults and millions of dollars in damage and looting while King pleaded "can't we all just get along"?
    No one wants to say it but the real danger to Black Americans is 'another Black'
    Payback is a bitch when the media runs the show. King finally ended his own life with a drug overdose a couple of years ago. GOOD RADIANCE TO A PIECE OF GARBAGE!

    In ending, I fear that people have to have a PERSONAL experience with Black America to cause an awakening, as George Zimmerman did.

  5. The Ferguson “riots” were mostly created by the MSM, the Democratic governor of Missouri, and mostly by Al Sharpton and the Obama administration. I have to give most blacks credit since cities across the country have not exploded. I live in a large city and had heard that blacks were going to riot. Except for the usual, few, “paid, professional” protesters, nothing happened in my home town. Or I should say “YET”. This is a sign that whites are fed up with them. What whites must focus on now is how the so-called “white, conservative, are in the USA. are doing about it. What I have noticed for a couple of years now is that when Democrats loose in elections, the Black in America go wild and riot all over the country. And this case in Missouri and as in Staten Island NY may or may not be part of the consequences.
    The despicable behavior as the rioting blacks all over the country is outrageous and should not be allowed or tolerated by the the mayors of these cities or by the president of the United States.

  6. Good ol' mockery. It's a funny thing. Where would intelligent discourse be without it? And where would good ol' fashioned class and race hatred be without it?


  7. I dont think of the "sign" as "race hatred," Jersey. To me it's an amusing, highly succinct way of expressing good, old-fashioned common sense advice.

    BTW, did you see the nice, long missive I left for you at Lisa's? You might enjoy it. Everyone else has given it a wide berth. ;-)

    I certainly don't hate black people, Jersey. What I do hate is the way their very real concerns have been EXPLOITED by those who don't honestly care about blacks at all, but who USE their concerns to gain greater political leverage. I don't count you among those who exploit. I think you would really like to help.

    So would I. I just don't believe the Welfare State is the answer.



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