Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What's Wrong with This Picture?

Is There Anything Right About It?

 }}}}}}}}} R-E-M-I-N-D-E-R {{{{{{{{{




  1. Obama, thinks that he is so much better than anyone else that's why he has a 70% disapproval rating from the people in this country

    Obama might DREAM of being like Reagan. but there is no way in hell that he could even come close to that dream...... Reagan won with 49 of the 50 states something the Dear Leader Obama dream of doing. Reagan was very popular and admired President. Obama is admired by takers, rioters, illegal’s, and of course thugs.

  2. You've left out the two most important elements of al, Texas. The Intellectuals, who infest our schools, colleges and universities with poisonous, anti-American thinking, and the Filthy Rich Marxian-Fabians who have nothing left to gain but DICTATORIAL Power.

  3. Accomplished ?

    When did this president "accomplish"
    Anything of substance?
    One must have to be either dreaming, smoking the "funny weed" or stupid to think that he has !

  4. Seems like more Obama Derangement Syndrome.

    Yes, you can second guess and say he acted too slowly but one important objective is not to increase the chaos in the Mideast.

    So far ISIS has been driven back from strategic areas and we;ll see if it can maintain support from less radical Sunni's.

    Now, what to do in Syria. Not time to be brash.
    He could be rash and then have it all screw up the way Reagan emboldened terrorists in Lebanon.

  5. Duck,

    Not so much as he acted too slowly with ISIS/ISIL/ it is he is responsible for their success. I am going to pull all our troops out so you have six months to train. Can't wait till tomorrow when he draws another line in the sand.

    I will just assume he will read an impassioned list of things he is going to do but it won't be done until after he is out of office that way he can blame someone else.

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  6. I will repeat, Skud. You may not agree but you have to consider this position.

    The cause of the rise of groups like ISIS is the chaos and instability in the region.
    Our invasion was a big cause and it made no difference how long we stayed, the damage was done.
    If Obama made a mistake it was sticking with that clown Maliki so long and alienating the Sunnis.

    Once we invaded the choice was this or stay forever.

  7. How the Chinese manage their problem children allies...

    Obama doesn't appreciate the game of "Go".

  8. The Chinese Plate Spinners are a perfect metaphor for our "Media Plate Spinners" today. Funny how all the trouble spots pock marking the face of the planet today, in every instance, America portrays itself as the so-called good guy defending the rights of the poor people being crushed under the jackboot of some despot with world aspiring to enslave a country.

    Digging deeper into these trouble spots and those destabilizing the countries being overrun by ISIS or a Russian KGB trained leader, and it's easy to find the fingerprints of the American CIA involvement. Destabilizing countries in the Middle East with the phony "Arab Spring" and the Ukraine by installing a State Department stooge, Yatseniuk, to replace an elected president who was forced out of the country.

    Come to think of it the obvious results of American involvement in foreign war at least since Viet Nam has achieved the opposite of its pretended objectives of expanding freedom and "democracy".

    But with so many plates spinning in the air at once it's easy enough to be confused.

  9. Oh, yes the images portrayed in the core of the post ...

    Media created images intended to divert the attention of the individual away from the real people behind those two catch-all images in today's news, ISIS and Obama. Both Isis and Obama were selected by power-mad groups to advance a larger agenda and to appear as the worst enemies of certain individual perceptions

  10. Ducky... so right on this... once you go in, you cannot un go in...

    There was no undoing what we did, the apple cart was upset, the plates broken and unless we were willing to fund a presence of 100,000 for years, we were doomed.

    The strategy of the previous Admin for the time after the initial invasion was horrible... even the most charitable understanding of that sees it as a debacle...

    Even those involved in the planning/nonplanning of it.

  11. Duck,

    Zuviel ist gerade so falsch wie zuwenig...

    Too much is just as wrong as too little.



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