Monday, January 13, 2014


by Ben Gazi - first posted 1/11/14 at 7:37. PM at AOW’s blog (edited by FT)

Who cares that four embassy employees in Benghazi were killed by rebels the Obama administration had armed?

What difference does it make?

Who cares about the IRS targeting every right wing talk show host or PAC that donates to conservatives?

What difference does it make?

Who cares that the DOJ is shaking down banks, insurance companies, and big businesses for cash through lawsuits?

What difference does it make?

Who cares that guns the Obama Administration gave to drug cartels are still turning up at crime scenes along the border?

What difference does it make?

Who cares that the Obama administration refuses to enforce our laws or enforces them selectively?

What difference does it make?

Who cares that our government has brought down several dictators in the Middle East and allowed Islamic radicals to take their place?

What difference does it make?

Who cares that not the Administration is not only allowing Iran, our mortal enemy, to continue building nukes, but they're also scaring everyone else in the region into wanting them for their own defense, because the Obama administration has made it clear they can't count on us to protect them anymore?

What difference does it make?

Obama is glad more are no longer working now than in the last 30 years. For every job created last month five people dropped out of the workforce, and cannot be counted as part of the ever growing population of terminally unemployed. 

What difference does it make?

Obama sees this as progress, a strong economy, strengthening the middle-class. He claims that unemployment is good for the economy. His primary concern isn't that more have no jobs, but that all are not making the same income. 

What difference does it make?

He claims his website isn't indicative of the mess his administration has become. Not only can he not be trusted to keep his promises, but even on the rare occasions when he does, it always turns into a hassle for everyone involved.

What difference does it make?

Who cares that with every new rule or regulation the costs of running a business goes up astronomically and the costs to the consumer goes up as well? 

Who cares that the EPA is intentionally driving the costs of energy through the roof?

Who cares? What difference does it make?

Bridgegate is the issue that should concern  us most. The worst thing anyone could would be to hold up traffic in NYC. There o be no greater offense. This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks. More will come out about this, they promise us. This The Mother of All Scandals. Somebody causes a traffic jam on the GWB and one nonagenarian died, or probably she did. This can't be allowed to happen in America. 

But, when it comes to international murder of Americans, our national security and the putrid, stagnant economy, who cares?



  1. Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state who leads all 2016 presidential polls, ranks dead last on a new top 10 poll of who Americans admire most, and at the bottom of who the world admires most, behind celebs like Angelina Jolie and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    According to the new poll conducted for the Times of London, Microsoft's Bill Gates is the most admired person in the world, ahead of Pope Francis and President Obama, the runner-up on that list. Clinton ranks 27th on YouGov's world list.
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    On the U.S. list, she does even worse, coming in 10th of 10 listed and most named. Among Americans, Pope Francis is the most admired, followed by the president, evangelist Billy Graham and former President George W. Bush. EVEN RUSH LIMBAUGH, THE NATION'S MOST POPULAR CONSERVATIVE TALK RADIO HOST, BEAT CLINTON. HE CAME IN NINTH.

    As former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton battles new allegations that she only considered presidential politics in voting against the successful surge of troops to Iraq in 2007, the 2012 Benghazi attack continues to haunt her, with a new poll finding that Americans believe the administration “deliberately misled” them on the scandal.

    But I knew all along it was Dubya's fault, but the NYT just forgot yo say that! But if you ask the left, they'll tell you there's no scandal. Nothing sticks to these reptiles because they have scandal proof skin. The problem here is that when Hillary Clinton got that '3:00 AM phone call' from the personnel of the diplomatic mission in Benghazi, she did... nothing. She did not call in the U.S. military to help protect Ambassador Stevens, she did not even ask for an extraction of the Ambassador, she did... nothing. Once the story hit the news, though, she did everything to try and cover up what happened. Obama joined in on the cover-up, since it contradicted the image of doing things that he carefully constructed after the bin Laden raid. The administration has continued to stonewall over the Benghazi incident, and is no better than Nixon covering up the Watergate break-in.

  2. Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Susan Rice Deliberately Misled the Country on the Benghazi Attack, Period.

    As for Susan Rice, Her Appointment To UN Ambassador, Was Because Of Payback for Her Loyalty. More proof that Affirmative Action Appoints the Dumbest to a Position of Authority

  3. Hillary's histrionics when she was testifying before Congress out to be enough to make anyone shy away from the very possibility that she might be elected to the Oval Office in 2016.

    Honestly, she looked like a mad woman out of a Gothic novel!


  5. Ah.. what difference does it make? You liberals are such idiots, How can you idiots support this fool and want her as your president?
    How can you even support anyone that would say “what difference does it make”
    Would you say “what difference does it make”? If Chris Christie covered up the story about the George Washington Bridge? I’d bet not. If fact you libs are having a field day blogging about it.
    How can you not believe that she was part of the problem in Benghazi!! She did nothing to help those 4 Americans nor does she care at that time. Do you idiots seriously want a leader like that? Haven't we suffered enough from Obama? Why do you idiots want more of the same? Other than her racking up milage points please give us a few of her most successful accomplishments as secretary of state. And what has Obama done that is so great, other than rack up one scandal after another, and you sit behind your computers complaining about Chris Christie! Just compare a story about a traffic Jam and the attack in Benghazi where 4 Americans were brutally murdered in our own Embassy. while it was burnt down. Hillary and Obama are both liars, leaches, and phonies and I don't want either of those callous morons running this country. Liberalism is what is killing America. What difference does it make? Obama and Hillary along with the rest of that bunch sat by and watched them die in Benghazi, that’s what difference it makes!
    " What difference does it make"? 4 American diplomats were killed...And she LIED about the facts surrounding their death. And you want her to be your president?
    WAKE UP!?

  6. Javonilingus JacksonJanuary 13, 2014 at 8:31 AM

    Is America ready for eight years of scolding by this shrieking harridan?

    You know where she's puttin' that fist, right?

  7. But, but, how can that be? Didn't the New York Times already tell us the conclusion to their “Investigation” about a week ago, and assured us all that the government had told the truth all along? And that there wasn’t anything to cover up at all?
    Yes they did, but we all know that wasn’t so. We all know exactly what happened that day. And we also all know that our dear leader has be lying about it from day one.
    But if you ask the lefties, or should I call tem the “Progressives” as they want to be called, but the truth is they are Communists and afraid to use the proper nomenclature, they'll tell you there was no scandal. What has the government has done since the attack? And please don’t tell us that it’s nobody's interests except Hillary Clinton and Barak Obamas. It IS in our interest! I want to know what is MY Country, and MY President doing to protect the interest and the lives of Americans over seas! .

    Both Hillary and Obama blamed a bogus You Tube video, period. And Hillary sacrificed Chris Stevens as a lamb and to tie up loose ends, by just trying to silent those survivors from talking to the press, until they all got their LIE rehearsed. .
    And to this very day the White House refuses to tell anyone where and what Hillary and Obama was doing while these Men were dying in Benghazi. But we DO KNOW is that the next day the Campaigner in Chief was off to Las Vegas!
    The obvious conclusion is that at the end of the day, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and Barack Obama were ALL lying to the American People. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton make one hell of a team. If you need a team of PATHOLOGICAL LIARS they’re the first ones you should call.

  8. I highly recommend that EVERYBODY on ALL sides stop screaming, shouting, mocking, insulting and otherwise denigrating, stop shrieking out stale, cut and dried talking points, and try to argue from philosophical PRINCIPLE supported with FACTUAL EVIDENCE, and do this, please, in your own words -- not cliché-ridden rhetoric.

    Believe me it would help foster a more productive atmosphere. If you aren't willing at least to TRY to understand opposing views, -- that is find whatever shreds of credibility there may be in the position held by opponents -- you don't belong in a debate. Instead, you belong in a street fight, a barroom brawl or a food fight in a junior high school cafeteria.

  9. Just how obsessed is the Main Stream media with Bridgegate?
    Just how obsessed is the Main Stream media with Benghazigare?
    Regardless what the issue of the day may be, the Liberal Media will pick and chose which story to give legs to.
    I guess it all depends on what “Is” “IS”! Or should I put it this way!
    I’d say that most are interested in Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious etc. etc, and etc...
    Bin Laden is dead GM is alive. Al Qaeda is one the run. BUT WE are “evacuating our Embassies.
    Just more evidence of the extreme hypocrisy of these "bridgegate" critics who came to the defense of Obama with Bridgegate over Benghazigare! And let us not forget that the New York Times already gave Obama and Hillary a pass with their PHONEY Investigation.
    But don’t you worry, have NO fears, Obama is on it! Obama is on the Golf Course where he thinks best. and over the weekend he will make up his mind and tell us all what he’s going do when he’s on and the Jay Leno show. Or while he’s relaxing on and Martha/s Vineyard or in the Hampton’s where he can think best in the quite atmosphere of the beach.
    Or maybe he should go in a hand shaking apologizing tour with his friend friends with them Putin?
    Or better yet, maybe he should send Al Sharpton over to Yemen to protest against al-Qaida and tell them to "Stand Your Ground"!
    Or send Dennis Rodman that dumb drunken ex-basketball player to North Korea to negotiate for us.
    Oh Yeah, Obama has al-Qaida on the run. Right? Running all over us!

  10. Free... what did you expect? You posted an oversimplified list of complaints about President Obama that leans heavily on black and white understanding of highly complex issues.

    And then you gave no context for feedback.

    My experience tells me that when either side engages in this type of boilerplate posting, they get what they claim to abhor... more of the same.

  11. The answer, of course, is that it matters not at all.

    We live in a nation that elected a feckless, inexperienced narcissist. Twice

    My buddy Luis, who hails from Guatemala and makes his living driving around a mobile taco stand has more leadership experience, more wisdom, and more knowledge of the world than our current president.

    People don't care, so the bespectacled bag is correct:

    Who cares? What difference does it make?

    Answer: Nobody. It doesn't.

    The people have spoken, and they will speak again. Hillary will be our next president.

  12. Mort... even as a Dem, I am not so sure Hillary will get there... she has to win the nod of the party first and like the GOP and their headlong rush to the right, the Dems are heading even further left...

    At least, i think so...

  13. How about sticking to your Tacos and Tamales, and leaving the advice to someone that knows what they are talking about

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  15. I'm surprised that the right is actually concerned about Christie.

    They must realize that if he messes this up (50-50) then they haven't any normal candidates on the bench and will have to raid the crazy bus.

    It's inevitable, FT. The fringe has taken things to an extreme and people are going to push back.

    I can't wait till Cruz announces his candidacy and fires up his constituents by hinting that he'll name all the Duck Dynasty denizens to his cabinet.

    The fringe right is just way too far down the rabbit hole but keep yelling Benghazi. Clueless.

    1. As is the fringe left Ducky. As is the fringe left.

  16. Wow! Accepting advice from an extreme Marxist on the importance of issues to run a successful election campaign on the right, sounds like Ducky has spent too much time living in his own "rabbit hole". Not likely for that extreme leftist fringe head case to emerge and take a breath of fresh air anytime soon.

  17. Seems like boilerplate takes the day.



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