Friday, January 10, 2014


So, What Do YOU Think?

BOO! HISS! or CHEER! What's it going to be?

Would you buy a used car from either of these guys? If so, which one?


  1. I cannot abide Christie! So any of my observations about this scandal would not be objective.

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  3. Nomed Ami said

    LOL! This is rich! Nixon all over again. Glad this dirty dog got shot down before he could louse up Hillary's plan to take over the White House. With this loudmouth fatass out of the way nothing can stop her now. The Rethuglicans are so stupid it's pathetic. Every one of their no good asses ought to be run out of town. We don't need these stupid morons ruining our lives. Christie might just as well have jumped off that bridge. Thanks, you fat idiot. You made my week.

  4. So many important things are being ignored, in order to trash Christy. This is what the Dems do. This is how they destroy our candidates all the time . How aboy putting Bengazhi back in the headlines, and destroy hilderbeast?

  5. DId you know, AOW, that according to FOX NEWS polls before this bridge brouhaha broke out Governor Christie is the only potential Republican candidate who has even a faint chance of beating Mrs. Clnton?

    I'm not wild about him either. He's much too liberal and slippery for my tastes, but don't you think one of these RINO's makes a better alternative to yet another leftist?

    Politics is often called the Art of Compromise. I con't like to compromise with leftists, but isn't it true one must in order to survive in politics?

    Conservatives will get trounced, if they don't learn how to play the game better than they're doing now.

    ----------> Katharine Heartburn

  6. You live by the media, you die by the media.

    Good riddance!

  7. If this helps grease the skids for a Bagger candidacy hen Hillary is smiling.

    It does add to the considerable difficulty R's have finding a candidate that is anywhere near America's center.

    Cruz/Nugent 2016

  8. Chrsitie said was, he said, heartbroken. Embarrassed. Sad. Disappointed. Humiliated. Did anyone ever hear Obama say any of those things when he was caught in HIS LYING , or his SANDALS! Did anyone ever hear Obama apologize? He never did! Contrast this with 0bamas excuses for Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, Afghanistan. What! He didńt apologize or take responsibility! Oh for Goodness Sake! Christie is head and shoulders above the Lair in Chief.
    Obama should get some leadership points from Chrsitie. Neither he nor anyone on his staff are ever held accountable for anything that happens on his watch (NSA spying, use of IRS to intimidate opposition voters, fast n' furious, Benghazi, Obamacare, etc.) Except, of course, Bin Laden.

    Even Kathleen Sebelius didn’t apologize, all she said was 'I am as frustrated as anyone” Well big deal!
    I know how the people on the progressive blog feel, but what would you expect! I for one believed him, And I suspect Christie has gained a few fans by the way he has handled this thing.
    But the Progressives are out to destroy and is ready, willing and able to do it. Fair warning, Republicans, this is what they do. Look back. At all of our previous candidates.

    The Dems didn’t even seem to care when Clinton was up to his eyeballs with filth,
    If Christie comes clean on this and I believe he will, that world be a night and day contrast to what we have seen with the IRS and Benghazi, telephone and e-mail snooping, and Fast and Furious, etc and etc

  9. ducky,

    Republican "media darlings" most certainly DON'T represent the country's "center". They represent the media-reported "Center" of the Far Left.

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  11. FT,
    DId you know, AOW, that according to FOX NEWS polls before this bridge brouhaha broke out Governor Christie is the only potential Republican candidate who has even a faint chance of beating Mrs. Clnton?

    I hadn't heard that. I heard the opposite -- that is, that Christie couldn't defeat Hillary.

  12. Chris Christie, I like him. I don’t know if I’d vote for him as president, but I like him. And compared to a Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, or a Barack Obama, he would be MY choice. As for the press conference yesterday, I think that Christie handled it very well. In spite of the media’s intentions to rip him apart. As for now, nobody really knows if Christie really knew about this thing or not.
    But lets face it guys, eating our own is not a good strategy. The enemy (Progressives) loves it when opposing factions divide and begins to fight among themselves.
    The media goes ape over a traffic jam, yet how to they react to things like a dead Ambassador and three others in Benghazi, the IRS going after Obamás political opponents. Maybe Christie should have just said, "What difference does it make now?"

    As for me. I am really hoping and looking forward to the next President of the US NOT being a narcicist, arrogant, pompous, talkative, bombastic, boastful; LIAR not someone who loves the sounds of his/her voice, like the Schmuck we have in office now or the Butcher of Benghazi!. But if course the Commies must destroy Christie, as he WAS a threat to Hillary, .
    As for Christie, I’m not worried about him, he can handle the press, and he can take the heat. And he’s one of our owns so I’m not going to come out and destroy him. The Libs will do a good enough job doing that, no matter if he’s guilty or not..
    The Butcher of Benghazi Hillary let four Americans die for Bozo's re-election. She should be in jail as a traitor with Hanoi Jane, and Obozo COVERED it up!. But the news headlines are ALL about Chris Christie!!! Talk about creating a distraction!
    Hypocrisy, thy name is liberal democrat.

  13. Omed Ami said

    Obama the "LAIR" in chief caught "lying in his "SANDALS."

    Oh that's beautiful. Progressives don't have to work very hard to 'destroy" rightwingnuts, do they? They do a terrific job of it on their own. Keep providing us with quotes that show just how stupid and badly educated you are. It's a great help to our cause.

  14. Omed Ami said

    "Hillary the Butcher of Benghazi"

    Woohoo! It just keeps getting better. Keep 'em coming. You have no idea how I love this stuff. It's like watching your worst enemy take poison voluntarily,

  15. Christie said, heartbroken. Embarrassed. Sad. Disappointed. Humiliated. Ohhh, poor baby!
    Christie appeals to certain people on the right who go all fuzzy-wobbly inside over a bullying authoritarian mean-boy.
    ” Christie said. “But I am not a bully.” That was the understatement of the century.
    Those same folks jumped for joy when some poll showed that Putin was seen as more popular than Obama. Yes. The folks who are the quickest to call anyone slightly left of center a COMMIE! have a major man-crush on the guy who led the KGB! Some even wondering why Obama couldn't be more like him. IOW why can't Obama be MORE LIKE A JACK-BOOTED TOTALITARIAN?
    I find Christie's approach to politics very unprofessional, and his attempt to obfuscate and distance himself from the event while accepting blame really nervy.
    It's hard to figure these folks out, when they're not screaming COMMIE! at lefties, they're meltingly swooning for an actual person who was a super COMMIE over our American president.
    A bully isn't born a bully. A bully learns how to be a bully from those they look up to. Whether or not Governor Christie
    knew about the traffic jam isn't the point. The point is that he has created
    a culture of bullying. He's bullied reporters, teachers, politicians, and more.
    His staff has learned the culture from him and so they obviously saw nothing
    wrong with their own bullying actions. Just apologizing for the mess
    and firing those responsible is not enough .Loose cannons do not become high-level staff to governors and their ilk. In other words, Christie knew what his staff was doing. He a perfect example of what is wrong with the conservatives, and the conservative bloggers who love him .
    This, I think, explains their fascination with a bully like Christie.

    Ema Nymton

  16. Omed Ami, you sound like a freakin' idiot! Like the rest of your ilk. Apparently YOU have the same mental deficiency as every single person who voted for Barack Obama.

    You as the average Obama supporter has the IQ of stale bread, You may not like my comment, but my goal is to speak my mind and educate others like you about the events in our world, and how other idiots like you who voted for Barack Obama have cause this one time Great nation that many of us have fought for and some have died for has gone to pot. But Idiots like you will never understand that.

  17. The media will see to it that Hillary gets a pass on Benghazi; Christie will get no such pass -- even if the bridge scandal is a not a scandal after all.

  18. Ellie Rosenfield said

    At another one of these right wing blogs someone thought I was you, Ema.

    I can't tell you how flattered I was. You are one of the great spokespersons for our progressive cause.

  19. Well, Well, there anyone surprised that Christie undoubtedly had a hand in this? This man is crude, and rude and low class. He has real Anger Management issues. I would like to place a bet---that it was his idea for that bridge mess ! Sounds like something he would take great joy in. Kind of like most Conservatives.
    I’m not going to shed a tear over that corrupt “Conservative” Chris Christie and his corrupt right wing tactics. The bully is finally getting his payback!

    Personally I find Christie's approach to politics very rude, unprofessional, sort of like the Soprano’s, and his attempt to obfuscate and distance himself from the event while accepting blame really nervy. People in his position don't get there by surrounding themselves with people that aren't smart or go rogue. He, by his very deportment, signaled what was acceptable and not acceptable behavior. While throwing Kelly under the bus, he totally ignores the complicity of his closest allies - Wildstein, Baroni and Samson. This is consistent with an attempt to conceal the true atmosphere in his administration. His veiled contriteness, and his statement during the press conference that he represents the people that elected him, demonstrate his unfitness for office. I thought a Governor represents all of the people of his state. He obviously has little interest in doing so as he continuously belittles those who confront his controversial stances and bullies those that disagree with him. I now see his actions with the President after Hurricane Sandy as political expediency and fiscal reality rather than any attempt at cooperation and conciliation. His treatment of the citizens of Fort Lee is just a continuation of his contempt for those that don't agree with him. In other words, there is NO doubt that Christie knew what his staff was doing. Hopefully this will be the Beginning of the End for this thuggish, corrupt, and utterly unsuited for national politics Chris Christie.

    Ema Nymton

  20. What Ema Nymton is saying is nothing new for these Left wing slandering liars.. What did anyone expect coming from her?
    I think Christie did a pretty good job explaining, defending and firing. If we keep killing off each one who might run for president, we?ll have no one left
    Unlike Obama, Christie doesn’t keep fools around, he fires them.

    Whats the big deal here, a bridge gets tired up in traffic and all hell breaks lose and thrown in Chris Christie ‘s face.. The George Washington Bridge is not Benghazi!

    If the press had paid half the attention to the Obama admin's progressive reductions in the guard force at the Benghazi compound, even as terrorist attacks and bombings increased there all summer, while Obama was running for re-election all the time telling us that the terrorists were "on the run"!

    Maybe somebody might have been prosecuted by now for the deaths of four Americans including and Ambassador. Or at least someone may have been fired for doing a lousy job.

    But NOOO, we can't have that.
    So scream at Chris Christie instead! Because one of his aides deliberately caused a traffic jam!

  21. Just look how the media is covering the Chris Christie story! Wouldn’t it have been great if they did the same about Bengazhi?
    The Media and especially the NY Times are playing up the Chris Christie story and playing down Benghazi to facilitate the 2014 election of Hillary Clinton.
    The NYT is shilling for Hillary Clinton - If she has the audacity to run, just run the video giving evidence to Congress, looking like a demented "wicked witch of the west", saying "what does it matter now". Well lady, it matters very much to great number of people! During the campaign just play that piece of video, over and over, and over again.
    Its just more propaganda, but we the people can't let this die like the Americans did at Benghazi. We have to remember this, and remember how there really has been no investigation and certainly no accountability for this. We need and have to hold Obama and Hillary directly responsible and when the democrats put Hillary in the race for president we need to remind everyone of Hillarys' stance and convenient amnesia when it came to Benghazi. We don't need politicians like Hillary in any form of power and we certainly do not need a deceiver n chief in the white-house, enough talk its time to act. We need to fight our battles locally, and win but also never lose sight of the big picture and that is the deceit and scandals in Washington and those that are responsible for them. We the people must unite and let the gov't know we are tired of their elitest altitudes and hold them responsible for their actions.
    The New York Times is a dirty fish rag covering for a low life piece of trash AKA HILARY CLINTON

  22. Best explanation of Christie's stupidity yet

    But despite the 60 Minutes disgrace and the NYT investigative report on Benghazi the right will insist the nation continue wearing a hairshirt and carrying a scourge.
    That's why they are going to get routed.

    Cruz/Honey Boo Boo 2016

  23. Notrub Farolf Naed said

    Rachel Maddow is not credible as a source for anything but left wing propaganda. The creature wouldn't know the truth if it blocked her in the sidewalk and spit in her eye,

    1. I get it, really. Maddow is to progressives what Hannity/Palin are to conservatives.


  24. I see the far left (Progressive's) blog sites are keeping busy on this "Bridgegate" non-issue.
    As usual they are doing their level best to smear another Conservative candidate so they can bring this up again in 2016, hey have at it, " what difference does it make"
    I'm guessing that they need to deflect from the 4 dead men at Benghazi and Robert Gates new tell-all book. The REAL important issues that they seem to neglect.

    Is it just a coincidence that it happened after the Gates book came out



  25. Mr. Free, If you believe Christie's lies, I'd love to sell you a bridge over a river in Egypt called Denial
    Actually, it makes no difference what we on here think.
    Or what side we take.

    I enjoy commenting here at this Fantasy Blog at times.
    From day one I pegged him as a nasty, vicious bully and that has NOTHING to do with his political party.
    Politicians are often bullies but not in PUBLIC......Christie has a bad temper and has gotten out of control.....again publicly.
    Being straight talking and even forceful is NOT the same as viciously verbally attacking people who disagree with you.
    C'mon Free Thinke, nobody is that stupid.
    IMHO only......Tony Soprano types do NOT allow their underlings to do things without their knowledge and approval. Repubs are “The Shutdown Specialists”
    they shut down the government, shut down food stamps, shut down Medicais/Medicare, shut down Planned Parenthood, 47 votes to shut down Obamacare, shut down the EPA,shut down the safety net, shut down the child tax credit..............and now they shut down the George Washington Bridge , the busiest bridge in the world! How shocking!
    Again, JUST my opinion.
    So I might as well get some popcorn and get comfortable and enjoy the show for the

    ****Did I tell you guys I HATE Conservatives
    ‘and especially Conservative bullies.

    Ema Nymton

    1. Your bridge Ema is undoubtedly a bridge to nowhere.

      By the way Ms. Ems, hate destroys the hater because they are consumed by their hate.

      Peace, love, and kindness dear Ema. It is what IMNHO is the prescription you need.

  26. And THIS is the guy they want for President!!! Puhlease, enough with the stupid jokes
    Sorry, Christie's pathetic apologyfest yesterday proved their's something there. Time will tell what that is, but their's something there.

    Always On Watch and Right-Winger must have been trained by Fox news. When in doubt, just bash Obama, that’ll work!
    It is a joy to watch the NJ Governor flame out. This is such a sweet spiteful story of greed, graft, and grief - worthy of Shakespeare.
    Personally, I'd like to see Christie and Bush share a cell
    Moving right along, the governor is finished at national level. The RepublicanT Party was never really willing to allow the man to become a national candidate, not after the "Sandy Hug".

    (Oh I forgot. This is all a made up story to distract from Ben Gazi (snicker, snicker, snicker).)

    Loven' It!

    Ema Nymton

  27. You never fail, Miss Nymton, to make your feelings abundantly clear. In this you are not alone, but you articulate your sentiments very well. That does not mean, of course, that all must concur with your evaluation of this or any other situation. One person's vision of reality is another's fantasy.

    I just posted (most of) Act III, scene 3 of Julius Caesar. It occurred to me (belatedly for my usual 12:30 midnight deadline) how closely it parallels the woeful state of politics everywhere in the world today.

    I'll be most interested to see what, if anything, others make of it. What might they see? How might they twist it to suit their own preconceived ideas? Might they try to ascribe "liberal" or "conservative" motives to Will Shakespeare? Or will they regard as an antique bit of public entertainment? -- a mere diversion? -- a pastime? -- a distraction from reality with no intended meaning at all?

    As an intelligent person, do you believe it possible that an author, playwright, composer of symphonies, etc. could create a masterwork without realizing it's profound implications and applications to real life concerns and events?


  28. I find it amusing when Conservatives talk about how Obama is supposedly "Trying to destroy the GOP."
    The GOP is doing a fine job of destroying itself, ala Governor Christie, he doesn't need to help.

    The GOP destroying itself is the best thing that ever happened, because they are a Phony party to begin with. They talk Freedom and limited government, while they give us War, the Patriot Act, the NDAA, the NSA, the 'War on Drugs', etc., ad-nauseam... Let the GOP disintegrate like it should, and let new blood in that values Liberty -

    Another hint: Quit talking about how Pure and how Righteous you think you are, because it is obvious that you are not. Quit talking about how you hate government programs, when most people know that most Republicans couldn't live without them. Like your guy Bobby Jendell said, " You look stupid when you make these kinds of statements."
    With people like Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio all campaigning for the 2016 presidency! You sure look stupid!

    Ema Nymton

    1. Many former GOP, as well as current GOP members do indeed recognize the
      "Phoniness" of the current GOP leadership and the childish behavior of the Palin, Gohmert, Cruz wing of the party. These individuals Ema are declaring as independents.

      If your belief is they are hecoming more progressive, ie, like you then you are mistaken. If your goal is to nudge them in your direction your present tactics will not work. Hating, belittling, and idiocy usually never does. As the far right wacko wing of the GOP conservatives are finding out, but will never recognize or admit to.

      You Ema are quite like the aforementioned GOP.

  29. RN, being an idiot, excuse me I meant to say Being a“Libertarian” will not excuse the fact that you and half the people in America have a below average IQ. They love to think that they are smarter than they really are.. But the real problem is that they vote.

    Well time moves on and the American (Murican') public is obviously not any brighter and now old enough to vote. And the financiers' of this arbitrage of our politics realize these people are stupid and will vote against their best interest, just lace the conversation with none too subtle racism. These poor dumb rednecks on food stamps/Medicare/Medicaid will vote in the Paul Ryan budget because they believe that only blacks and Mexicans will lose their social security/ Medicare/ Medicaid. Yup , George Bush really ruined 'Murica! And that John McCain, Sarah Palin ticket really was ridiculous!

    So, as Archie Bunker would say “stifle yourself"

    Ema Nymton

    1. Well, Ms. Ema, it is increasingly evident that you are, as AOW says below, a rather ungifted spammer.

      Your progressive boilerplate is all to familiar and it is getting stale. No, more accurately stated is it is getting RANCID.

      You have ZERO original thoughts, your ability to entertain serious thought is quite impaired if not nonexistent, you may be Intelligent but you are severely lacking in common sense, your ability to peak outside of the box that your progressive masters have succeeded in putting you in limited at best, and aside from that Ms. Ema you are. frau answering to the little voices inside your head.

      I have problems with some conservatve thought as well as some
      libertarian thought. Incidently Ms. Ema
      I do not believe all liberal thought is bunk. I have the ability, unlike you, to discern the good.

      Now Ms. Ema, why don't you go back to middle school and show them how brilliant you've become.

  30. I have found it's best not to indulge in recriminations.

    If someone wants to make and ass of himself or herself, just let 'em. It's no skin off your nose -- or mine.

  31. Great discussion , please wait until I refill my bag of Popcorn before you continue

  32. Enema,

    If it's really you where's your usual avatar and your typical syntactical 'train wreck'?

  33. I agree with Byron York.

    The rotund governor is either telling the truth, or he is a liar of Clintonian proportions.

  34. Yes, Mortimer. You are right, certainly, BUT no matter what the truth might be -- Governor Christie very likely is dead in the Hudson River.

    There's blood in the water now, and the sharks, better known as the enemedia, will not let up till there's nothing left of the man but his indigestible bones.

    The DOUBLE STANDARD reigns supreme, and is ALWAYS vigorously employed to protect Democrats while it destroys Republicans.

    Haven't you ever NOTICED?

    Frankly, I think the whole thing is just a PAGEANT choreographed by The Oligarchs, but thats a subject for another day.

  35. Do you even know what the hell irony is you badly programed piece of junk? The good news is that social conservatives according to a new study find you're not really such bad people, you're just stupid. And also Racists! And after reading your blog and seeing your comments, I am not at all surprised by this finding. So much for the teachable moment.
    As for that lying, fat idiot Chris Christie, whether we like it or not and believe me I don’t there’s a significant chance that Chris Christie will be the 2016 Republican nominee. He should listen to someone who not only loathes but can’t even stand to look at his fat ugly face. He would have a better chance winning if he was running on the Democratic ticket as V.P. for Hillary.. He is not or never will be trusted as a conservative.. He is as liberal as Hillary, he will never get enough votes to win the primary on the Republican ticket anyway.
    The hand full of Conservatives that believe him are living in a fairy tale.

  36. That's all you got? Kinda weak. Doncha think?
    Just a friendly thought, not a criticism.
    Well good luck with that anyhow. Christie figures he can make it on the back of moderates from both parties and doesn't need help from the conservative base. Maybe he can, but I really think he’s living in a dream world. Hillary will enforce party loyalty at least as effectively as Obama has. Odds are that Christie be another washed-up never-was in 2017, kind of like the rest of the also ran’s.
    Romney promised to back any of the candidates, and your mob stayed home rather than back him, as they did with McCain and now your party presumes to lecture Christie on backing the nominee. Wow.

  37. FT,
    Frankly, I think the whole thing is just a PAGEANT choreographed by The Oligarchs...

    And WE THE PEOPLE are the pawns. **sigh**



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