Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Leonard Bernstein - "On the Town'

Eileen Farrel and Bernstein 
in a unique television appearance 
very late in their illustrious careers
"... We will be glad for what we've had ––
and what's to come ..."


  1. Farrel sounds great!

    I love this tune, BTW. All those chromatic blues!

  2. Whats to Come? We have all ready seen "Whats to com! Our Dear Leader has already shown us that Socialism isn't really about raising up the poor, it́s about tearing down the successful businessman, the Corporations, the hard-working family man who wanted to leave his children something that he worked for all his life! Not to have some Socialist inept community organizer take his hard earned money away to give to some lazy, stupid jerk who waists for handouts.


  3. What the commenter above says is very true, Obama Hates big business, yes the stock market has been doing well lately, but ask yourself why. Their over head and employees have been cut o the bone. that’s why we have such high unemployment. These democratic moron don’‘t see that and can’t understood it. But it’s true, think about it. Some people think at if the Market is going up then things are wonderful! But no, it’s not so wonderful at all, that another typical stupid ideat by someone who has no idea what is happening in business.
    Small firms, particularly the mom and pop shops have been closing their doors like no other time since the Great Depression. And the threat of upcoming Obamacare will make it worse. It’s not hard to see the reasons for pessimism. Yu don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist. And as for the rich, Obama has promised to tax them to death as will the new Mayor of New York who sounds like a off-spring of Obama. Two peas in a pod.
    It is not hard for Obama to threaten our country. We already have enough problems that we desperately need to work on. He works like this.
    If we were an alcoholic, he would offer us a drink.
    If we were a fat person on a diet, he would offer us chocolate.
    1. Right now we have runaway entitlements that are driving us into debt and he champions those in need as if it is a sacred duty.
    2 We have a border problem to our south and he takes the side of the illegals.
    3 We have racial tensions and he ignores black on white crimes while making a national issue of one white on black one.
    4 He came in promising to reform, to come down on the rich, and none of the crooked bankers have been arrested but given bailouts as well.
    In every place that we need to make hard choices to survive, he works against our resolve and our judgement.
    There's nothing wrong with being rich, working hard so that you can enjoy the good life is that’s what the American Dream is all about! Suck that up Liberal.

  4. I don't disagree with most of what the last two posters said, but it has NOTHING to DO with the subject of this post.

    It's sort of like trying to teach a course on Irish folklore and mythology to a class that ignores the subject, and keeps talking about TARANTULAS and POISONOUS SNAKES, MONSTER MOVIES and HONEY BOO BOO.

    The subject here reflective, is bittersweet, nostalgic, full of wisdom and timeless significance.

    All of that is much more worthy of our time than the antics of the knaves we, the people, have put in charge.

  5. FT,
    As you know, I get way-off-topic comments all the time.


    Attention Deficit Disorder.

    A sign of the chaos into which culture has descended.



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