Sunday, November 17, 2013

An' GAWD, Ain' it de TROOF?


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  2. Maybe you meant it to be that way, however it is what it is, we can not change the truth..Nuff Said..........PERIOD..........

    ~Erich Fried

  3. AOW: Here's Ducky is one of those people who doesn't know when or how to turn it off.

  4. Low class is as low class does. what you've done to the First Lady of the United States is something you'd expect from those of the lower classes that follow you.
    Normally I don't Care about these things but this is just disgusting! The First Lady is stunning, and elegant.
    Your racist filth matches the work of rightwing slime such as Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Karl Rove, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, and Rush Limbaugh, and reaches a new low for a already low hate ridden blogger like you! Your astounding bigotry can only be natched by those I’ve mentioned above.
    And what gets me is that you “claim” to be a friend of Shaw Kenawe’s. Trust me you are NOT a friend, you are a filthy Back Stabber. Don’t you have any self respect? Any at all?
    And don’t try that “Mirror Act” again, it didn’t work the last time, and will NOT work now.
    You are the Ignorant dumb ass to think that anyone believes you or trusts you. So I hope that you had fun with your crazy moment, because you just KILLED ANY CREDIBILITY THAT YOU MIGHT OF HAD LEFT. . So stay there where you belong and don’t come sucking up with your poems and you BS. It’s not going to work or get you any sympathy or pity . If Shaw takes you back again then she would lose any of the credibility that she has now.

  5. A fan of the 1st AmendmentNovember 17, 2013 at 9:35 AM

    Too bad, Anonymous, but you can't fix ugly!
    I Humbly and gratefully I stand before you, grateful for patriots such as you, but I feel that I must ask you this. As the liberal you are, shouldn't you support freedom of speech?
    I wonder if you were so angry when the left was calling George Bush all those Dumb Chimpanzee names and jokes. Or when Shaw was calling Sarah Palin and her children all those disgusting things, (and btw, she still does) so this only proves how hypocritical you are.
    As for Free Thinke’s post about Moochele, Ask yourself Do we still have Freedom of Speech here in America? If the answer id yes, the stop complaining about Free Thinke’s blog. He is our answer to the disgusting things that you leftist say about the Conservatives.
    Talking about idiots Unfortunately you are not even not going to receive a Liberal Medal of Honor for your defense of Shaw. I love to debate you further, it's just hard to debate libs who have no functioning brainpower to form a coherent thought.
    You're a liberal, shouldn't you support freedom of speech? Or are you a HYPOCRITE?
    I realize that the bearer of bad news is always unpopular, but never the less, do you support your President LYING to the American people?
    As the great George Washington said, “Truth will ultimately prevail where there are pains taken to bring it to light.” To bring the truth to light is our challenge – this day and everyday.
    “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32).
    How can liberals claim to help citizens achieve the American dream when they support a president that Lies to his people? Didn't Barry promise back in '08 that his regime was going to be so transparent, that everything would be televised on C-SPAN?

  6. Thinking about the Tea Party and its politicians like Louie Gohmert and Michelle Backmann, and media marvels like Sarah Palin, I think just how appropriate your short post today is.

    Thanks for a great post FT!


  7. To Anonymous 9:08
    Are you old and bitter? Or just a bitter old liberal?

    What did you dream about being when you were a little girl? Did you dream about the Greatness of America? Do you see it disappearing right before your very eyes today? Do you see your president striking out with every thing that he does? Do you appreciate his lies and lies to cover up his lies? If you don’t, then the you are either young and stupid, or old and stupid. Because you repeat that progressive propaganda.

  8. And that CREEPY Anti Semitic Lester chimes in with his BS.. Talking about people with low credibility.
    Spoken like a true kool-aid drinking dim-witted ignorant liberal or libertarian, or whatever you call yourself these days, whose only reason for being is lying about history and reality.
    Who can trust or believe this Doofus,two-faced ass kissing wacko.

  9. Liberalism used to include a "respect" for other people's opinions, regardless of how distasteful they appeared to us. What ever became of that former respect that the Left still considers "progressive"?

    1. Until the left -vs- right mentality and idea that the winner take all as being all important is shattered don't expect to witness much change.

      Classical Liberalism needs a rebirth

  10. Rational Nation USA gets..Four Pinocchio's!

  11. Anon, How original. And you get Five Lemmings.

  12. Laughing at Stupid Things Liberals SayNovember 17, 2013 at 11:44 AM

    So Free Thinke expressed his Freedom of Speech and posted a subject that caused shock and surprise amongst Liberals and of course the “Progressives” we can’t forget the “Progressives” after all there is where the whole out cry began. The Madam in Chief didn’t like what Mr. Free Thinke, wrote! She didn’t agree with his Right to say whatever he wished to say, be if for the reason that he said, or for any other "ulterior motive" (sneaky misleading dishonest ulterior motives) she suggests that he went beyond what he openly said . And I say...........So What!

    Let's stipulate that the motive of the blogger was to say exactly the message he said it was. (to show the mirror image of the poster). Was it the stupidity of the dumb-assed poster Mr. Free Thinke to do so? Or was it the stupidity of the dumb-assed Liberal thinking people who missed that important point when the Great Mr. Free Thinke was making his point of the now infamous post. So, If you like the post, you can keep it Others such as Mr. Free Thinke, who have been known for evil acts or crimes. against these Progressives, have had to back-track so not to cause people to think you are bad or evil. Even if they have to surrender their First Amendment privilege so that they won’t and don’t pissed off people on the left. But that my friends this is not easy! Especially if you don't really give a flying fig. It is very difficult to please a blogisphere full of dummies...especially if you really have feelings for them as Mr Thinke has for a certain lady aka the Wicked Witch of the blogisphere But to try to please lefties, especially progressives is a huge mistake, as the the one just made was really their own STUPID fault. Saying otherwise would be hypocrisy and we all know what that means. Even the dummies know it now don't they?? (heh heh heh ...this is exactly the conundrum that the blowhard Dems are in now.

    Once again my question is...So what?? Bottom line have a sense of humor or bear with us who so, because we are going to do what we do anyway. Or just shut up and say nothing at all.

    1. The 1'st amendment right to free speech is to protect and guarantee the right to and exercise of free POLITICAL speech.

      How does the size of the First Lady's butt or the clothes she wear have anything to do with politics and 1'st amendment rights.

      It is a question of civility versus boorishness. Everyone has a right to be either.The post in question puts on display the choice of the poster.

  13. Rational Nation USA said...
    "The 1'st amendment right to free speech is to protect and guarantee the right to and exercise of free POLITICAL speech.
    How does the size of the First Lady's butt or the clothes she wear have anything to do with politics and 1'st amendment rights.

    Maybe you missed the point as you people generally do.

    The point was that the 1'st amendment give one the right to say what they want to be it the size of Moochies Butt or anything else.

    Is that clear to you now? Your incompetence is staggering!
    But then again, the last election already showed us that.
    Also President Obama’s signature healthcare legislation, otherwise known as Obamacare already proved the incompetence of the left.
    You must be absolutely close minded. People like you (Rational Nation USA) are simply are not connected to any sort of reality. In short, they are mentally ill. And by the way, what does any of your unhinged diatribe have to do with the fact that the First Ladies Posterior, it is a well known fact and well documented and would be very irresponsible of you to think otherwise.

    1. No, "you people" miss the point and purpose of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

      The right to your opinion on non political stuff has nothing to do with the first amendment.

      No one is disputing ones right to be uncouth or boorish. That had always existed. There was a time. likely before you came of age such behavior in public forums was looked upon with disdain and shunned.

      But by all means carry on.

  14. With all the problems racing this country (as well as globally), who cares about the First Lady's butt! How ridiculous! And as an aside, I thought the look today is to have a rather obvious back end. It appears that a healthy butt is preferred. Flat went out quite some time ago. I can think of a lot of other with significantly more important topics than the First Lady’s butt.. The First Lady is a Black-American female of distinction, class, and style. I am personally quite proud of her and her look. I love the Obama's and we were lucky as a country for him.
    PLEASE, let's keep to serious topics. If you were black you would have a big butt. It's nature stupid! I am so sick of people really saying "If your not like me your no good".
    And just for the record, Shaw was absolutely right to be angry at this FOOL Free Thinker to writhe such a disgusting thing. At lest the president and his wife are not like some of these rightwingers who are still cheating on their spouses, and stealing all the time. You people are sick, just realize your time is slowly being eroded, change is coming to the USA in the form of a different color. Get over yourself, and accept a beautiful women when you see one. Neither Clinton, or both of the Bushes come close to Michelle.
    I am appalled at the level of discourse entertained on this site. Understanding the immeasurable pressure the First Lady is under, I wonder how many would dare change places with her for a day? And she has to hear these insults on top of it! Her proportions are her own, adorable and unique like all of us. Nothing insulting, prurient, to write about today? Imbeciles, go back to your caves, she should be untouchable.

  15. Hmm... Stephanie, that's a complicated thought you're expressing there. But I’m afraid that there's a bit of "Let's Shoot the Messenger", combined with "Let's Shut down Unpleasant Speech even if it is Free Speech" in your rant..

    While I'd certainly agree that some comments may be unproductive, I'm not sure that the Blogger has any particular obligation to steer commenter’ s thoughts in any particular direction. For whatever reason, people are continuing to comment, so the blog post piece is still kicking around and attracting more and more comments. That's generally how “Good” blogs work.
    Though you may be right that “big butt” is a pejorative code word for African-American woman, but who am I or who are you to prevent anyone from either talking about it or joking about it. Free Speech can not be selective Nowhere, and noone can blame people for their choice is using Free Speech. In a free society, all rights are retained by all citizens. In other words, Payback is a Bitch!

  16. How does the size of the First Lady's butt or the clothes she wear have anything to do with politics and 1'st amendment rights.

    What did Eva Peron's?

    The first lady doesn't "have" to lecture the American people upon the "evils" of obesity, butt she "chooses" to do so. So if her message doesn't match her own posterior... I should be allowed to point out the obvious "dichotomy".

  17. The size of a persons posterior is not indicative of their obesity or lack thereof.

    As a personal fitness trainer with CPT credentials I admire the First Lady's commitment to improving children's health and fitness through education and openness.

    30% of adults are obese and children are following the same path. Obesity puts one at risk for diabetes and other serious health related conditions.

    IMNHO parents should be emulating the First Lady don't you think?

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  19. Just because Michelle has a challenged posterior, that no reason to make jest of it.

  20. Vladimir Vladimirovich PutinNovember 17, 2013 at 2:45 PM

    Geezz, and all this time I thought that Barack was the one that had butt problems!

  21. The Truth Will Set You FreeNovember 17, 2013 at 4:33 PM

    Shame on FT for posting a subject like that!
    The real subject should be...Should Moochelle's enormous butt be declared a national monument?

  22. MNHO parents should be emulating the First Lady don't you think?

    You mean like pretending to grow healthy foods yourself in the White House Garden... but the garden goes to hell during the shutdown?

    No thanks. America has enough hypocrites.


  24. IrRational Nation USA said..."Parents should be emulating the First Lady don't you think?"

    Me thinks that Michelle really needs to start grazing in her White House vegetable garden.

  25. F.T. has the right to post whatever he wants. That's free speech. And others have the right to criticize his choice to malign and humiliate the First Lady of the United States of America in photos and nasty names. And to call HIM any names that you see fit. As he says, it’s the American way
    "Ho," indeed.

    If FT or his fans are feeling outraged at the reaction by left leaning people, then they should look deep within their dark, ignorant, and nasty souls at what it was that instigated this attack on our African-American First Lady in the first place. Did he wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Did he wake up with a solution in his hand? Or are we seeing his true colors for the first or the second time? In any case I think that this stupid, childish moronic "Conservative" idiot, should seel\k some help, as he is close to being committed for insanity. Lets face it, there are certainly a lot of idiots in America, and they all seem to be conservatives.
    No one wanted to stop FT from exposing himself in this sad display of pettiness and bad manners. Nothing as dumb as rightwing intellectuals, they can't even seem to find there own ass in the morning with both hands.
    We certainly can learn a lot about what sort of character a person possesses by how he or she behaves toward people they disagree with.

    Shaw, in the future, when I see anything posted on your blog by this jerk, I will turn off your blog.

  26. Anonymous AnonymousNovember 17, 2013 at 5:23 PM

    Your lies about experiments, and “mirrors” are simply nothing but lies, you have used that stupid excuse one time to many.
    Your vile and disgusting, despicable, appalling, awful, disgusting, distasteful, dreadful, distasteful, posts are reprehensible, and shameful!
    There’s a place in Hell for people like you.

  27. Rational Nation USA said...
    "I am not a democrat. I an not a republican.'

    Indeed, what you are is full of crap!

  28. Anonymous, You really should stop projecting. It's not good for your health, physical or mental.

  29. Helen Highwater says:

    Most of you really DID accept it as a challenge, didn't you?


    As well as disgusting.

  30. Helen Highwater is correct. Look at it this way... Without the resurrection of Jesus Christ, there is no Christianity. Without Barack Hussain Obama, there would be no The Messiah!
    Hear the word of the Lord, you rulers of Sodom; Give ear to the law of our God, You people of Gomorrah: "To what purpose is the multitude of your sacrifices to Me?" says the Lord. "I have had enough of burnt offerings of rams and the fat of fed cattle. I do not delight in the blood of bulls, or of lambs or goats.
    Since there’s been no rebuttal to an Obama presented as Jesus Christ, some of us assume that the new mantra for the next four years must be making way for the Messiah.

    This means that those in the blogosphere should stop calling Michelle Obama, Moochelle’ and re-christen her ‘Mrs. Messiah

    The world cannot miss the change that is taking place not just in America, but throughout the word reaching into all nations. This is much more than a change in the United States political system. This is a spiritual change taking place. God is doing something through his people. You Barack Obama are God's choice for this time to change the world from the New World Order of creating an elite society where only the elite are allowed to prosper. Barack don't think of your self as some great man because this is not going to be done through you Barack Obama but will be done by the Lord and his Holy Spirit working through you as his vessels on earth.

    George W. Bush Is OUT! FINALLY! President Obama Will Make History!
    After eight years of the most corrupt government in U.S. History, George W. Bush and his criminal regime is gone.
    President Obama offers us new hope that some of the injustices perpetrated by the Bush criminal syndicate can be redressed under his tenure as President.

    Barack Obama deserves the chance to make this country a better place for all Americans; not just the wealthy elite who've enjoyed these benefits all along.



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