Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Song for November 23, 1963
Thank you, Lee, boy!
Your sacrifice may have been made in vain,
because you gave us LBJ, but at least you tried. I'm sure Marina remembers you with deep affection and great pride.
So do we. I can't tell you how much we wish you were with us today now that your country needs you more than ever.


  1. Big shout out to the crew in Room 101 at Fort George Meade.

  2. How many years has it been since we had a Kennedy as an Ambassador?

    Caroline Kennedy was sworn in as the US Ambassador to Japan today.

    Will she be better than her Grandfather?

    Is this a good thing for the US?

    Answer: They all stank! And She's probably the worst, if at all possible!.


  3. You are correct Free Thinkw Yeah, that pretty much sums up my feelings, they certainly made Kennedy “King” when they made him president, and they kept the aura after he died. Too bad it took this long for the crown to be taken off, but it’s better late than never.
    And btw his father’s Cocaine trafficking business is still legendary in Miami.
    I hope you take Obama’s “crown” off much quicker.

  4. This post may trigger a firestorm of nasty comments.

    I just signed up for comment notification so that I can watch the show!

  5. This is gonna be more outraging than what you did to the First Lady and to Shaw!!!!!

  6. Lee Oswald was just one more "progressive" in the mold of Leon Czolgosz.

  7. Kennedy being responsible for the Vietnam War is bogus, since Lyndon Johnson made up the nonsense about the Gulf of Tonkin. It is the same bogus made-up Weapons of Mass Destruction argument by the Bush Administration. It will be a cold day in hell if you can ever convince me of the responsibility of Kennedy for the Vietnam War. This was a country just itching to get into another war–so we made up some bogus reasons just to run our war machine–just like we did in Iraq. You can find plenty of people who might historically argue that Kennedy was responsible, but I was right there when it happened, right there when history was happening, so it will be difficult to pull the wool over my eyes.

  8. As for Caroline Kennedy being the US Ambassador to Japan. Japan is just about the best country in the world to be appointed to. This was “Pay Back” for her help and donations to Obama. Other than that, she has never achieved any accomplishments aside from her name. She isn't really likely to be doing anything of any importance at all, other than having dinner with the Emperor and with Oprah.
    She is neither a diplomat nor an experienced politician, and she's certainly not an expert on East Asia. Unless you call eating with Chop Sticks an expertise.

    The world is full of crazy people and their crazy theories. So until new evince is presented and I am convinced otherwise, I'm inclined to follow the most likely analysis, that Oswald acted a.lone.
    And no, Kennedy wasn't perfect, and neither was his family,and yes, Kennedy was a philanderer but still I think that all and all he was a pretty good president, but far from what he has been made out to be..

    And by the way, to that liberal conspiracy nutcase who thinks that I am hiding my real identity, my blog CLEARLY states that it was formally called “Just Joanna”.

  9. Czolgosz?

    The great Charlie Poole comments

    Give the fiddler something!

    Doesn't seem too upset does he. Nasty song, actually. Not quite as nasty as Frank Hutchison's take on the Titanic but nasty enough.

  10. i used to shoot a hemmerless iver johnson. ;)

  11. used to spit more lead out it's action than went down range!



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