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Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, Peter Lawford,  and Sarah Churchill strut their stuff
all over London

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Harry gives Mother England the finger. Bye bye Britain!

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  1. Angus MacSwineburnMay 21, 2018 at 11:08 PM

    What has happened here? There used to be comments.

    1. No one said anything relevant to Royal Wedding yet.

    2. The Truth Has Been SpokenMay 22, 2018 at 10:34 AM

      Maybe because they didn't like the topic!

    3. If a person is thoughtful, reasonably intelligent, fundamentally decent, respectful of others, and has good intentions at all times, that person could ALWAYS find something to say on nearly any subject, even if only to offer a platitude to help keep the pot simmering, as it were..

      Unfortunately, the blogosphere seems over-populated with a vast army of churlish individuals bent on expressing little but disdain, discontent and contempt, so naturally people of that ilk are determined only to find fault, express dissatisfaction, and indulge in verbal abuse and endless recriminations. In other words they appear to have made a personal vow NOT ever to "like" or "approve" of anything.

      This is what happens when a society abandons its long-established norms, rules of etiquette and standards of good conduct by proclaimng them "hypocrisy" at the same time insisting that "honesty" could only mean the open, unrestrained expression of harsh criticism, bilious sentiment, and endless denunciation.

      And that IS "The Truth."

  2. Oswald P. PentagasMay 22, 2018 at 10:33 AM

    Wendy Williams tells Katie Perry “wear some cool clothes and stop with the dumb jokes,"... I guess that Wendy was Pissed off at Katie for criticizing, and her disapproving with Princess’s Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress .
    Well I have news for you Wendy, Katie Perry has every right to express her opinion, makes NO difference if you approve or NOT!.
    You will never fit into Katie Perry’s shoes . Maybe your just jealous of the Big Bucks that she makes, while you sit on your little throne criticizing everyone in site. In fact isn’t that just what your so called “HOT TOPICS” is all about. You are always trying to find the negative and tear people down, from the President on down. Especially if they are white! She makes a living out of bad-mouthing people. But in her eyes Beyonce can’t do anything wrong

    1. How petty and how waspish!

      Why bther to add to the already bulging plethora of worthless trash with which the ENEMEDIA inundates and saturates us 'round the clock?

  3. Very odd how the American media fawns over British royalty these days. Have we progressed to the point that the return of America to the sodden perverts of British royalty can now walk through the door and retake their lost empire and be greeted as liberators today?

    1. Hello, Waylon. We Americans –– at least those of us of a certain class from the bygone era to which I belong –– have always been great fans of the British Royal Family.

      Poor Prince Charles is seven years younger than I. and I remember seeing stories about him and his towheaded baby sister Princess Anne in the popular hournals of my youth. I'm so old i actually remember seeing newsreels at the movies fo then-Princess Elizabeth's wedding to Phillip Mountbatten. I remember too the sadness and frustration surrounding Princess Margaret Rose's ill-fated love affair with "Group Captain Peter Townsend" –– "commoner"she was not perm/itted to wed.

      Observing the Royal Family at a safe distance lent them a storybook quality that appealed to middle-class, and upper-middle-class American women –– and not a few men as well. It was like watching a soap opera only better because the characters were real human beings trapped in an exotic fairy tale existence that seemed both wonderful and extremely challenging at once.

      I do NOT remember the abdication because of the King's untoward romance with twicediviced American adventuress Wallis Warfield Simpson, but I most emphatically DO remember my elders talking a great deal about it. I also remember as a young child feeling a distinct aversion to Mrs. Simpson once I saw pictures of her in Life magazine. Everyone in my family and their circle of friends could not imagine what the King could possobly have seen in "that awful woman."

      I couldn't either, and it still remains a mystery to this very day.

      I have not gotten "good vibes" from this Meghan Markle creature since it first became known that rash, brash, fractious, probably brainless profligate Prince Harry intended to marry her.

      The entire spectacle has had about it an element of farce I, personally, find disquieting.

      As Old Queen Mary is supposed to .have said back in the thirties when The Situation with Wallis Warfeld Simpson arose, "The only excuse for the existence of royalty today lies in the way we BEHAVE. If we cease to BEHAVE like Royalty, we shall soon cease to BE royalty."

      I suspect she was quite correct.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. __________ REMINDER __________

      We welcome Conversation
      But without Vituperation.
      If your aim is Vilification ––
      Other forms of Denigration ––
      Unfounded Accusation --
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      Alienation with Self-Justification ––

    4. She was INDEED correct. Royals, at least the smart majority, comport themselves with dignity and grace.

      Having said that I do wonder what purpose possibly rests in being transfixed even for a short time on spectacles like the Royal Wedding.

    5. If you don't understand that, no explanation could possibly satisfy you.

      Why build temples, cathedrals, churches, capitol buildings, town halls, courthouses, colleges, schools, fine houses, –– why build ANYTHING bigger or better than a wigwam or a tepee?

      Why learn to read?

      Why celebrate Christmas?

      Why celebrate birthdays?

      Why celebrate Easter?

      Why take note of the Fourth of July?

      Why Memorial Day?

      Why Veterans Day?

      Why remember the Founding Fathers?

      Why study History?

      Why bother to defend yourself when you are attacked?

      Why bathe?

      Why trim your hair?

      Why brush your teeth?

      Why get dressed?

      Why bother to wipe your butt?

      Why do ANYTTHING, but follow the paths of least resistance, then lie down in the dirt, and wait to die?

    6. There surely are lots of things about the royal family that are far different from the rosy airs of their public relations press releases portray them. I'm not sure where they dug up the name Mountbatten and tagged Phillip with but he actually was a leftover from German royalty that was dealt a crushing blow with its defeat in WWI.

      The reality of this royal family is becoming more widely known as a bunch of pedaephilic perverts. A serious problem hidden by the media here who protect these swine in the upper echelons of American politics as well. Look how Podesta and Pizzagate became the new war on Russia. That's serious stuff.

    7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    8. I know who you are, Anonymous, and YOU know that I know who you are.

      You ALSO know that I regard YOU as ANATHEMA no matter WHAT mealy-mouthed, hypocritical, pseudo-pious platitude you post try to to get in under the radar.

      YOU are NOT WELCOME at this blog, and NEVER WILL BE.

      So kindly GET OUT and STAY OUT.

      And any mischief making fool who tries to NAME you will ALSO be DELETED on contact.

    9. Waylon, you certainly seem "hipped" on the subject of pedophilia. I'd like to know where you get infirmatiin of that kind?

    10. FT, it seems to be common knowledge among those of us that see the swamp clearly, the swamp that President Trump seems to have forgotten about, the swamp he said he would drain.

    11. The wife woke up early to watch the ceremony, so I did watch more that I expected to. I wasn't really offended by the ceremony itself but thought the church looked more than a bit Masonic. I even thought the Bishop that was brought in for the ceremony put some spirit into the whole thing. But I didn't lose sight of the outright criminals that I perceive the British Royal Family to be.

      If you and your folks were offended by British Royalty wedding an American divorcee, then I would have expected you at least to be revolted by the seedy background of Meghan Markle, an American actress specializing in porn scenes, apparently.

      But more than that, I think Alex Jones might help you to get back up on your horse and begin riding triumphantly again. He does get to the crux of the matter in short order, about 8 minutes.

      Secrets of the Royal Wedding Exposed!

    12. Apparently that material has been BLOCKED, Waylon. It tried your link, which failed, then tried google and several other venues featuring the material, and all have kept us LOCKED OUT.

    13. I don't believe in censorship of anything other than belligerent taunts and moronic quips and jibes at THIS blog,

      I would still like to see some DOCUMENTARY evidence, although I admit to having had a distinct aversiin to Markle from the oment she appeared.

      Still, I can't see the Royals guilty of much other than not being very bright for the mst part, and giving flamboyant exhibitions of bad taste every now and then.

    14. FT, you must be under heavier censorship down there than here then. I had no trouble opening the link at 1330 EST. They like to keep the sheeple shielded from from things deemed unfit. And Alex Jones is true blue American, except when the Zio-Cons are involved there he seems to back off. He would disabuse you your mis-persception about the Royal Family if you could access it.

    15. I finally DID get to see the clip, Waylon. I'm sorry but, while I find many of his theories tenable, and don't dismiss his point of view categorially, there's something about Alex Jones's persona I find too off-putting to allow me to accept his word withoiut corroborating evidence from an independent source. Jones has about him the aura of a fanatic.

  4. Which One? Wait a minute, there was only one real Royal Wedding Saturday 5/19/18.

    Watched only maybe 10 minutes and a few clips later. As expected it was typical British Royalty on display. Indecently expensive with the usual fanfare.

    Most impressive was the dispklay of diversity. Quite a leap forward form the British Crown. It's all good.

    1. It certainly was "IMPRESSIVE," we must grant you that.

  5. Alleluia Koruss said

    The Deceiver and the Royal Wedding

    American Thinker,

    by Lewis Dovland

    As a committed Christian, I was happy to see the open presentation of the Christian faith at Saturday´s Royal Wedding. (snip) In a quick moment, Bishop Curry turned to the socialist world message of "Love." It snuck in through the side door of the church and landed on the lectern with hardly a noise. Curry later compounded his mistake by going down several rabbit trails that had nothing to do with a wedding, including a discussion of slavery. Worse were comments on Dr. King, who certainly was rolling over in his grave by that point, including quoting Dr. King´s favorite ...

  6. Royal Wedding, a 1951 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer musical comedy film showcases the talents Fred Astaire and Jane Powell, with music by Burton Lane and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner, made its debut on March 6, 1952 in New York City. Directed by Stanley Donen; it was his second film and the first he directed on his own. the movie was released in Great Britain as "Wedding Bells."

    The story, set in London in 1947 at the time ofPrincess Elizabeth wedding to Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh also parallels the real life relationship of Fred Astaire to his sister Adele. Astaire and Powell play a brother and sister song and dance team which impending marriage threatens to break up.

    Royal Wedding is one of several MGM musicals that lapsed into public domain on their 29th anniversary due to failure to renew the copyright registration.

    And isn't that a mercy for us inhabitants of the blighted boroughs of bigotry and buffoonery here in Blogistan?

    In this charming movie we can see very clearly how upbeat, effeversscent, stylish, witty, innovative, and full of good clean fun American Popular Culture USED to be before the advent of Rock 'n Roll pushed us into the Abyss.

  7. Since Elisabeth II and I share a birthday (she somewhat older-and no we do not exchange cards) and have been created 25% English, I have been a bit of a sucker for
    anything British..Omdurman, Agincourt, El Alamein etc.
    Not as daft though, as that chap that each English Memorial Day inserts in fond memory Harold Godwinson,
    loser at Hastings in 1066. There is something about the
    tradition, the Gothic cathedrals and familiar singing
    like the great Welsh Hymn that remind me of my long ago youth as head acolyte at an Episcopal cathedral in the Midwest. So color me as 25% for royalty, 74% in favor of Fred Astaire and 1% for poor Group Captain Peter Townsend...

    1. Thanks for that, BB! Cum Rhonda! Hyfrodol! Aberystwyth! I love all the great hyjns of the Anglican and Lutheran traditions.

      As I've written before, I was a paid choirboy –– a boy soprano! –– in a prominent Episcopal Church in the Northeast, and it infected me with a lifelong love of and devotion to great liturgical music. So much so that I served the Church as organist, choirmaster and composer for about 40 years altogether.

      There's much to be said for adherng to the great traditions inherent in Western Civilization –– as long as we keep adding to them –– with NEW growth from the ORIGINAL root stock. That was what I tried with some modest success to do as a composer.

      I too love Fred Astaire –– and Jane Powell too (Jane is pasticularly wonderful in this movie). It's always been hard for me to picture Fred as having come from Nebraska, but he did.

      You haven't ,ived till you've witnessed Fred and Jane perform "How Could You Believe Me When I Said I Loved You, When You Know I've Been A Liar All My Life?"

      Heady stuff for a ten-year-old, and sixty seven years later I'm still not over it. In fact whenever I'm tempted to feel depressed, I think of that number, and SHAZAM! I'm cured instantly. };^)>

      Thanks for stopping by.

  8. What's wrong with Nebraska? That's where Warren Buffet still lives and where Johnny Carson was born.

    Wasn't there also some political scandal involving paedopilia in Nebraska involving higher-ups several years ago that involved politicians in Nebraska and Washington?

    1. With the exception of Buffett, –– who is a unique and very weird combinatiin of genius and blockhead ––, every native of that area who ever made a name for himself is happy to be FROM Nebraska. They don't STAY.

      This may change, but so far I've yet to hear of anyone who has dreamt from childhood of someday being able to LIVE in NEBRASKA.

  9. Conservatives should not pick on the cornhusker state: it is reliably GOP with both senators and all congressmen being Republicans. (Come to think of it, they didn't STAY
    though. :)

    1. I can't help it, BB. I am –– believe it or not –– a native of New York City, born and bred –– BROOKLYN to be exact, and proud of it. ; -)

      We northeasterners have an inborn "superiority complex" which may –– or may not –– be justified. I assure you, however that it's not volitional.

      Instead it's clear proof, I fear, that "inborn traits do, indeed, exist.


      I, of course, am a misfit –– a renegade –– I never have blown with the prevaiing wind wherever I happen to be, and at this advanced age am unlikely to change. Besides, I come from a family of old-fashioned Rugged Individualists. We never want to be what "everyone" ASSUMES we MUST or OUGHT to be.

    2. By the way, BB, I am anything but "a reliable member of the GOP."

      Other than the Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, Lizzie Warren, Charles Schumer and Governor Moonbeam, there are few people I depise more than I do Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and John McCain –– to name but a few.

      I TOLD you I was a renegade. (:-o

    3. I understand..sort of. When I was in college (upper Midwest) I was close to our brand new Episcopal priest. He came from somewhere in the
      uber-urban NYC Big Apple. I taught him to play
      tolerable tennis and he taught me more about classical music than the college course on the topic. Perhaps you can understand that when I decided to study chemistry and phyisics, he was
      concerned, lifted his nose in the air and sniffed,
      "Isn't that a lot like being a plumber?" :) One
      of the plus sides of military service is meeting and working with people from all over the country
      from all walks of life: had an assignment with an
      artillery officer, a St. Johns grad who was much like the priest, a Jewish kid whose father was a physician and a rather wild Italian from up Boston way. Throw in some Texans, VMI and Citadel types and you practically need an interpreter. Perhaps
      would Nebraska needs is a few 'Noreasters' blowing
      through to counter their constant SW tornado problem? Tis good to be ancient- we are comfortable with our character that a long life
      has given us.



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