Thursday, May 24, 2018

Lest We Forget
The Fiasco Electing 
Has Made It Possible
For Us To Avoid.

~ § ~


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    1. DELETED for being both IRRELEVANT and INCOHERENT.

  2. RU sure we've avoided it? The Deep State is still running interference for Hillary and the former Obama Administration.

    1. Old Ben Franklin had it right. The only things certain in this world are Death and Taxes.


    2. Ilse von Schlesswieg-Kochstein said

      You've gum do de rawng plaze eeff you vant gumfurt, Schatzy..

      Zay deal ownlee mit de TROOT heah. Noddings bud de TROOT.

    3. As usual, FJ, Jordan Peterson hits the nail right on the head. Thank you for that reminder.

      I, personally, have put my money and charted my course by FAITH in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and His Son, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The principles and precepts laid down in Holy Writ really are ALL we NEED to guide us through the briar patches, the mazes, the snares, the pitfalls, the disasters we NEED to encounter in order to have at least a CHANCE of realizing our full, God-given potential as human beings.

      Unfortunately we too eaiy fall prey to the Great Deceiver who assumes an infinite number of guises –– many of them clever, attractive, and seducgtive –– for the sole purpose of making SIMPLICITY seem so complex as to be either FOOLISH or DAUNTING, thus leading us astray off the staight and narrow towards Confusion, Corruption, Consternation, and Chaos (Hell).

      I wrote this poem about it all the way back in 1960:

      The mind of the dreamer
      _____ is a secret storehouse
      __________ wherein may dwell
      _______________ all youthful fond illusion ––
      The embryo of each utterance of Hope ––
      _____ each word of Comfort ––
      __________ and each Song of Joy.

      The mind of the cynic
      _____ is a well-known asylum
      __________ wherein lies Disenchantment ––
      _______________ Destruction and Despair ––
      The insidious, lisping voice of the Serpent!

      O, Foolish Man! Why choose Strife,
      _____ when only what you choose to know
      __________ has life?

      ~ FreeThinke (1960)

  3. A nightmare beyond nightmares FT. My God I'm so thankful for DJ Trump.

    1. We dodged one there, didn't we Kid?

  4. Thank gawd we do not have to awake every day to that shrieking harridan scolding and berating us. Thank you Donald Trump for sparing us a horrible "marriage" with that odious fishwife!

  5. The Registered Nurses' Male LoverMay 25, 2018 at 9:30 AM

    It looks like Rocket Man wants to come back to the table for negotiations !
    And ta\hat Trump keeps on winning..
    It’s called the Art of the Deal.
    And why does this upset our friends on the left? I think that they injoted the fact the the Korean talks were called off.
    In the past week, the leftists have cheered for Hamas, MS13 and North Korea
    Do they have No shame?

    Trumps sanctions are killing the North Koreans and his respect from the Korean people . It all depends on how desperate the Fat Boy is to make it stop. I seriously doubt he's going to pass it up this time. Unlike our past leaders Trump is no chump. He's not going to allow the wool to get pulled over his eyes. His stance only showed Kim Dung that he is playing in our court; we're not playing in his!

    Trump is not only fighting the world , but he’s also fighting both American political parties, but he is going to get it done. Maybe with some bumps in the road, and not without a few concerns about his methods, but in the end, he believes in America and has all the leverage in the world. Nobody owns him

    This is the fourth administration to deal with this country, and the last three failed
    This time we have a very wise President that's going to take a win getting peace through strength; something no Democrat would ever dream of doing. As long as you show your enemy you fear them, it only encourages them to promote more fear

  6. President Donald Trump is owned lock, stock and barrel by the Zio-Cons. They bailed him out when he was going down the tubes of bankruptcy and on the verge of losing his casino properties in Atlantic City years ago.

    And Israel own America. Just try criticizing the Federal Reserve on any television network, specifically its legitimacy and the phony chaff it puts out and for money and the enslaving tax system that ensures this criminal organization will extract its pound of flesh from the taxpayer.

    1. Waylon, please stop huffing paint, it's affecting your critical thinking

    2. Waylon, Israel is God's chosen nation, His Flagship. Nations that bless Israel supernaturally benefit because God Almighty blesses Israel's allies. The USA was Israel's first ally when it returned as a Nation after close to 1900 years of being gone since 70AD. When it returned in 1948, President Harry Truman declared the USA as Israel's ally, knowing God made Israel return as a sovereign nation again.

      And no, Donald John Trump Sr is not owned by anyone. He's had his share of losses and profits doing business, so he knows how things are run. The corrupt rats on all sides of the aisle know this and want him gone, because he's shaking the money tree and making these rats pay things back.

    3. Mystere,
      Israel is God's chosen nation, His Flagship. Nations that bless Israel supernaturally benefit because God Almighty blesses Israel's allies.

      Most of us who accept the Old Testament as the Inspired Word of God believe that.

      That said, I personally know of one person who accepted the OT as such, yet rejected the modern nation of Israel: Stan Rittenhouse, For Fear of the Jews (1982). See these results of a Google search.

  7. Excellent comment that I found at NTK Network:


    Will someone pleeeaassee tell this moronic woman to go away! She's like herpes.

    Now she's a Constitutional scholar?

    What a losers' loser.

    This nation is blessed that she isn't in our government any longer.

    I suppose that as long as she harbors political ambitions we'll have to put up with her until it's clear that she's done. That happens in November 2018 when the former political party known as the Democrat Party vanishes from the earth...along with this woman!

  8. Look, I'm NOT saying that I Hate Hillary Clinton, but I'd turn off her life support current if I needed it to charge my cell phone!

  9. This is encouraging:

    How Trump is making it easier to say 'You're fired!' to bad federal bureaucrats!


    President Trump has ordered a crackdown on poor performance and misbehavior within the ranks of the federal workforce, senior administration officials said Friday.

    Mr. Trump signed a trio of executive orders that reform civil service rules by expediting termination for cause, revamping union contracts and limiting taxpayer-funded union work at agencies, said a senior administration official....

    More at the above link.

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  11. This weekend as the NFL players are considering new ways to protest, the rest of the country will be flying the American flag, the same Flag that these “Oppressed” thugs seem so hell bent on disrespecting by refusing to stand up for. The same Flag that so many Brave Americans gave their lives for..
    When the NFL owners met in Atlanta and discussed how to handle the National Anthem protests , the owners came up with what I thought was a pretty good compromise! But that until yesterday. Whrn I had time to let this settle in, I now think otherwise.

    The suggestion of having the players that wanted to “Protest” during the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner to remain in their locker rooms seemed to be their answer. .Another suggestion of issuing a 15-yard penalty if any of their players protested during the Anthem came up but was voted down.
    When will this idiotic idea of kenneling instead of standing during the playing of OUR National Anthem Stop? How much more will we have to put up with this generation of ill-advised, misguided, delusional people who are disparaging our country, and think that this is a good idea?
    I believe the fact that protests from the fans that boycotted the game last year is probably behind the NFL’s sudden new rule! It was obvious that the teams of the NFL didn’t do well last year due to the players taking knees, so I’m not heartened at all. Yesterday when I first heard about it I actually thought it was because decency and respect of our Anthem that suddenly made the team owners change their minds. But NO, I now realize that it was all because of the money that was lost Having said that, the fact that some teams are going to absorb the fine and let their players not stand like the Owner of the Jets said is even worse in my opinion.

    For past two seasons several NFL players “took a knee” during the National Anthem prior to games for the express reason as they say, in “Protest to Racial Inequality and Social Justice Issues, such as Police Brutality”.
    This was started by Colin Kaepernick who was the first to Take a Knee during the 2016 season, who is now no longer an active Football player. And has since filed a lawsuit against the NFL claiming that the owners colluded to keep him off of any of the teams because of his past history of protests.
    Many of the fans like myself have also protested. We protested by showing the NFL, and the team owners that if they allow that crap at the games that we the fans who pay to see the games, or spend our Sunday afternoons watching, and DO NOT want to see our Country , Flag, or our Vets dishonored by these Thugs, or “Animals” or whatever you wish to call them. We will not participate in viewing their actions! Did our boycott work? You can bet it did. And that’s why it’s in the news now.

    But keeping them locked up in their looker rooms is not going to work, or solve the problem. AND HAVING THE OWNERS PAY THE FINE IS EVER WORSE!. What I recommend is to fine the Players, cut their pay a full game for their 1st offense and throw them out of the game and cut their pay for the entire season for the 2nd time.

    If these owners are serious, then Get Serious! The Football field is that the place to express any disagreements that they may have with the Police. Let them do it in front of a Police Station and on their own time!
    We Sport Fans don't pay to come to a Football game to watch any of these divisive these phoney Oppressed” Millionaires expressions of leftist gender / racial identity politics..

    Get off of your knees and Play Football...THIS IS NOT THE OSCARS. And you are not our Heros! The Men and the Women who we are honoring this weekend are!

    All that these people know is to Protest at the drop of a hat. Well now we patriotic Americans can Boycott as well.


  12. The Truth Has Been SpokenMay 26, 2018 at 9:43 AM

    "Our immigration laws in this country are a total disaster...We have to have strong immigration laws to protect our country...We are a nation of laws. We have to have borders. [If] we don't have border, we don't have a country." - President Donald J. Trump when speaking about border security during a joint news conference with the Nigerian president.

  13. The Truth has been SpackledMay 26, 2018 at 11:46 AM

    Thus spackled Zatathustra:

    Democramps support: Iran, North Korea, illegal immigration, MS-13 and black criminals.

    1. Jayne Waine said

      It does look that way, but I'm sure the majority don't think that way. The problem is the majority doesn't think at all.

  14. Replies
    1. We should have learned –– and ACCEPTED –– long ago that "SATAN NEVER SLEEPS," AOW.

      Our only true purpose as decent human beings here on earth is to "Fight the Good Fight with All of Our Might."

    2. FT,
      We should have learned –– and ACCEPTED –– long ago that "SATAN NEVER SLEEPS,"

      I know in my head but not in my heart.

  15. Satan never sleeps, but neither does our God. Jesus Christ gives us the necessary strength and wisdom to fight back and claim victory over evil.

    1. Mystere,

      A redhead, I am a fighter. Being a fighter is the way that God wired me.



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