Monday, May 14, 2018

Do you really CARE whether 
the Israeli Embassy is located 
in Tel Aviv or Jersusalem, 
and if so WHY?

Hero to Jews? Divisive Demon to Arabs? Which is it?

The New-Old Embassy in Jerusalem

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  1. Do I care? Not really. I'm just glad we're finally annoying the 'right' people who do.

  2. I care in the sense that I believe that an established and sovereign nation should be able to choose its place of embassy.

    And I echo what FJ stated above.

    1. I don't disagree with either of you, BUT I don't believe we have even begun to exmine the subject with any degree of DEPTH.

      The ROOT of this deplorable situation goes back at least FIVE-THOUSAND years.

  3. Of course, it's going to "rock and roll" at the hands of Hamas and Hezbollah -- and others. Not that it's not always "rocking and rolling" anyway.

  4. Aunt Agonia said

    Hundreds of Palestinians died today. Thousands more were wounded. These innocent lives would have been spared if Trump had just minded his own business. Trump has blood on his filthy hands because of this stupid embassy move.

    1. You are an idiot. Hezbollah has blood on its hands. It sent those people to breach a UN-recognized border. Given the HISTORY of Palestinian terrorists breaching that border, running to a settlement and blowing themselves up to kill innocent Israeli's, the shootings are justified, you hysterical moron.

    2. Innocent lives.... That's rich. How about stupid hate enraged morons who bring rocks to a gunfight.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. NAME-CALLING does not meet the standards for ADEQUATE commentary.

      Reflexive outbursts of raw emotion without reason is frankly UNCIVILIZED.

      Worse than that it provides FODDER for the ENEMY'S cannon.

    5. FT...Kid...ya gotta wonder where and how these eggplants missed the call when brains were handed out. Not only is auntie factually wrong and can't count... but auntie is your typical road kill "human" stain that the DNC relies on and feeds. can you not hate them?

    6. IMP, How can you not hate them? The only thinig I can think of is that you love ignorance and evil.

  5. Royal Foster DickMay 14, 2018 at 6:30 PM

    Overall, a wonderful day. Finally we have a president who says what he means and means what he said. Congress has voted for this, and he took them at their word.

    The only smirch upon the proceedings was the presence of the evangelical religious right nuts.

    1. I was with you all the way. Dick, until you took that gratuitous swipe at Evangelical Christians.

      You may not appreciagte their 'style," –– it's not mine either –– but they have every right to believe as they do, and to behave accordingly, whereas the Islamic DEATH Cult does not –– and SHOULD not –– have any right whatsoever to exist on OUR shores.


      That is not "name calling" by the way, it is a long-established, historically verifiable FACT

    2. The "religious right" is positively oleaginous. I say that as a lifelong conservative who, like you, has no patience whatsoever for any manner of leftwing "thought."

      A good day to you, sir.

  6. If you didn't know, Congress passed legislation to have the US Embassy located in Jerusalem about this timeframe. Trump just implemented it.

    I support it.

    I support our and any embassy located where Israel says is their capitol. Then there is the added benefit of stuffing it to the moslem savage vermin, especially those idiot Pale's who mass a border fence and throw rocks are the IDS armed with rifles...

    1. PS - main point being that if Israel is going to stake a claim where they are, they should go whole hog. Anything less just emboldens the vermin.

    2. The Jews maintain that Israel has been rightfully THEIR property –– and no ine else's –– since time immemorial. That means since before Noah built his ark.

  7. The legislation to which Kid refers above was passed by Congress in 1995: the Jerusalem Embassy Act.

    1. Yes, but WHY would –– and why SHOULD –– OUR congress pass ANY law effecting change in the INTERNAL AFFAIRS of any OTHER country?

      In other words HOW did that ACT get PASSED? What INFLUENCES were brught to bear on OUR cingressmembers that motivated them t do what they dud?

      From what-should-be OUR standpoint I can't see that such an, "act" makes any sense whatsoever.

    2. This soul does not care where Israel decides it wants it capital.

      FreeThinke cut to the chaise. Our congress ought not to have passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act.

    3. I always want to know WHY things are the way they are, and HOW they got there.

      Whether that be blessing or curse I cannot say, but that' IS the way it is.

  8. This opinion piece appeared in Newsweek last week. Excerpt (emphases mine):

    ...This refusal by the international community to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital helped feed Palestinian rejectionism and delegitimization of the Jewish people's connection to their holiest city. And when you delegitimize the presence of a people, you legitimize violence against them. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and his government’s denial of the Jewish connection to Israel and Jerusalem, as well as their incitement to terror, constitute the greatest obstacle to peace.

    This rejectionism is a key element in official PA rhetoric and propaganda. One week after President Trump's December 2017 announcement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital (without taking a position as to the boundaries of Israeli sovereignty), Abbas declared that Jerusalem is a “Palestinian, Arab, Islamic, and Christian city” and that Israel’s presence is illegitimate. At the same time, Abbas’ Fatah movement began to call for “days of rage,” while the official PA daily printed a cartoon of a Palestinian cutting off the arm of a Jew with a cleaver....

    More at the above link.

  9. Moving the Embassy has been the law since 1999 and each president has deferred action. Obama was great at deferring action this, immigration, closing gitmo, tax reform and a horrid of other issues. How Jews can support him and any democrat is beyond comprehension.
    Peaceful demonstrators do not come equipped with knives and fire bombs to threaten law enforcement and the military. Too many people are not informed like Agonia. Trump is acting on laws that were passed by other administrations and shelved. He has to pick up the pieces from the serial rapist and obama the great.
    As to where it is located, I don't really care.

    1. Re: Skudrunner

      "Peaceful demonstrators do not come equipped with knives and fire bombs..."

      An understated self-evident truth, wisely spoken.

    2. Whatever happened to the ci]ncept if SELF-EVIDENT truths?

      Our Foundung Fathers understood it very well. Why can't we?

      Does EVERYTHING have tp be SPELLED OUT in Big Red Letters today?

      Further proof we have been seriously "dumbed down."

    3. Indeed. It is maddening. Mark Twain was right:

      "Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."

  10. Obama's appointee John Brennan is as usual is siding with the jihad force. This is typical of the leftists who filled the Obama administration. He's another Hitler who knew he could count on the anti-Semites aka Muslims and can always count on the enemedia and leftist government officials such as Brennan to spin, scrub and market Islamic Jew-hatred.

  11. RE: "The ROOT of this deplorable situation goes back at least FIVE-THOUSAND years."
    Indeed, FT: between biblical history and archeology, we
    understand that Jerusalem was a Canaanite village, then
    larger town until 1000 BC. Recent DNA studies place the
    Canaanite progeny among mostly Lebanese and Syrian people.
    David conquered the town and it remained Hebrew until its
    sack by the Philistines (see Sea Peoples) in 700 BC and
    the Nebuchanazer Era. The place has seen Assyrian, Greek,
    Roman, Crusader Christian, Muslim Turkish etc. since. In
    agreement with your historical assessment, I should think
    there be no national embassies there, it being perhaps the
    most Holy City of the Judeo/Christian/Muslim

    1. Graeme CockfosterMay 16, 2018 at 6:58 PM

      Every civilization on the earth first swept away, killed or assimilated whatever cultures were previously squatting on the territory they now occupy. Your little summary is unremarkable and your conclusion facile.

      Jerusalem has been a Jewish city for 3,000 years. Solomon's temple is there, as is his tomb. Israel is an "official" nation now that the International House of UN has signed off on it, and Jerusalem is rightly the capital; indeed there could be no other.

      Christians and Muslims are late-comers; and let us note the infamous Muslim penchant for squatting over the holy sites of other religions, conquering and desecrating them, and then erecting their own satanic mosks over the ruins.

      The Jewish people, in stark contrast to barbarous Muslims, have been faithful custodians of Muslim and Christian holy sites in their possession.

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    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. I'm sorry, BB. I thought your observations were astute and delivered soberly wothout rancor or any sort of vituperative passion or agenda-driven fake outrage. I've been "otherwise engaged" on some pretty seriious personal stuff, so haven't been able to oversee the blog, as I usally do.

      I apologize for those flagrant violations of our rules against intemperate, indecent discourse, and have deleted them, of course, but I wish I'd been here to do it sooner.

      Please return and share your thughtw with us more often. I've always apprecited your style, even when we disagree.

    5. Graeme,

      I just wrote you a lengthy note telling yiy why I disagree with your position. Bkogger "burped," and it went POOF!

      Maybe it's just as well. I can't bother to reconstruct the comment anyway. It's time to prepare dinner.

      I wish we could ir our differences without lapsng not an insulting or accusatory tone, however. I believe I know who you are, and I know you to be a thoughtful, generally mild-mannered guy, so why BERATE BB,who I've knwn to be one of the (few) decent, genuinely thoughtful Progressives out there.

      Have we become SO accustomed to relentless antagonism here in Blogistan that we've FORGOTTEN there are smoother, gentler, more civilized, more appealing –– and ultimatey more PERSUASIVE –– ways to approach a dispute?

    6. Thank you, FT. My observations were based on my interest in the birth and development of civilization; the contributions of the peoples of the Fertile Crescent and the nascent religions of
      start of the Iron Age. No harmful nor partisan content was intended. Your defense is appreciated and I'm thinking that 'honorable' should be added to your reputation for erudition.

    7. Thank you, BB. I've known you to be a serious person of considerable learning, AND –– that rarity of rarities these days –– a sense of humor. Bless yiu for alk of that.

      I'm completely worn uut on acrimony, dennciation and endless complaint.

      Raging diatribes and cnstant aversions are not helpful in solvng problems. In fact nonstop insolence, chastisement and castigation are as tedious as they are counter-productive.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  12. It’s the ONE YEAR Anniversary for Mueller and his team of blooming Idiots, and what are the startling results? A NOTHING burger, Nada, Zilch,
    Same old same old. No actual everdence, Its all politically motivated. Everyone has moved on in light of that except the radical loonbat liberal fringe. They believe the lies. It’s all they have. You have to feel somehow sorrowful for how low, gullible, and unstable they are.
    NO other investigation of one year has ever yielded so little. NO “Russian Collusion” , NO fraudulent activities, NO illegal Campaign activities. So they have moved on to a “Porn Star”, who really isn’t even a “Star”, just another dime a dozen, piece of crap picked up to discredit the President!

    Mueller has being running after the President for a year now after picking up the baton handed to him by the Democratic National Committee who conducted their own investigations for a year, and fell flat on their noses before Mueller entered the picture. And after a year he is no closer to fining non-existent illegal collusion by President Trump than they did! And all we find out is, that the President MAY have banged a Porn Star 12 years ago.
    Bill Clinton’s BJ, Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi, and her thousands of illegal activities, such as the emails, the destruction of everdence, her part in Funding the phoney Dossier .AND NO INDICTMENTS! But all this Mueller investigation has come down to is a Porn Actress’s word in something that happened 12 years ago!
    I wonder how these Moonbats can sleeps at night!
    With all these Hollyweirdos, using all their stupid, disgusting, and what I think should be ILLEGAL things that they have been doing, and saying, about Mr. Trump, and he still goes on WINNING, and WINNING! It's Hilarious! And Ole, drunken, corrupt, crooked Hillary goes on and on...

    The media’s constant Russia, Russia, Russia--meanwhile Trump's approval ratings are improving, the economy keeps on growing, average-middle class Americans' lives are improving, and through your type of hatred. And meanwhile Trump’s Rating’s are higher that Obama’s was at this time in his Presidency!

    Yes, Russia, Russia, Russia, the Russians may be an adversary but they are not the enemy...the left just needs a target because of their awful candidate Hillary getting her ASS kicked by Trump!..


  13. The despicable, NY Daily News' front page on Tuesday, May 15th, pictorially condemned Ivanka Trump as being responsible for the deaths of dozens of Palestinian terrorists who were killed as they attempted to storm the borders of Israel from Gaza. She was referred to in the blazing headlines that accompanied her smiling photo as a "Ghoul." This recycled blend of used Charmin and AngelSoft has sunk to a level whereby its editorial offices belong in the city's centuries old sewer system. Retailing at $1.50 per copy, it's a rip-off.

    But getting back to the front page photo-shopped images; Ivanka had nothing to do with the rioting nor Israel's defense of its borders. She was there to support Israel and to be part of the American delegation there to open up its new Jerusalem Embassy. What supposed connection could there be between the possibly fake photo of a guy being taken away from the conflict and Mrs. Kushner? Only the demented "Hate Trump!" moguls of the Daily Snooze could drum up this disgusting image that intends, as well, to support the Kamikaze like thugs of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

    Within the story itself, buried within its covers, not much of Ivanka was mentioned other than that she and her husband were attendees at the event. She was never questioned about the deadly turmoil outside of Israel's borders miles away from the Embassy. She never glorified the increasing body count of young men who kamikazee-like, fling themselves at the well fortified barriers shouting Allahu Akhbar as they pray to die in the name of Allah.

    And let's get something straight. Ivanka Trump Kushner is a woman and a mother. To disparage her is to disparage all of her sex. Right??? And when she was verbally and nearly physically attacked on a plane by two whacko NYC Democrats while flying with her two babies, on coach, no less, where was the Daily News in its reporting of that event? Nadda, nothing, not even a mention. After this front page horror, making Joseph Pulitzer turn in his grave, we can't expect the News to condemn any tweet of the President as outlandish. They have gone the limit!

    No, the Daily News is on an anti-trump Jihad where they attack anyone who is a supporter of the legally elected President whom they refer to as "Dead Clown Walking." This dreckisher publication is not worthy of being described as a newspaper. Again, it belongs in rolls on supermarket shelves and stored in bathroom cabinets....and used accordingly.

    Alan Bergstein



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