Wednesday, April 11, 2018

When Government-Authorized Thugs Break Into An Aattorney's Office to Impound Confidential Files in an Ongoing Politically-Motivated Investigation

must be declared 

SILVER  FIDDLE  Posted the Following 
at Always On Watch Yesterday

Donald Trump became the target of a hitjob conspiracy--planned from inside government--at the time of his nomination.

The conspiracy failed, he became president, and now the conspirators had a big mess to clean up. 

Slow-rolling appointment approvals was one tactic, but the iron-clad weapon of diabolical brilliance was getting Mr. Magoo and the co-conspirator GOOPers to appoint a Special Prostitutor. 

The Special Prostitutor is Comey's BFF and he's staffed up with Hillary voters, but we're supposed to believe he's "beyond reproach."

Besides providing cover for the conspirators, this keeps President Trump tangled up, smothers all good news, and given abusive lawfare prostitutors' proven ability to "indict a ham sandwich," will take down the President and everyone around him.

It is clear: We were not supposed to elect Donald Trump. The Establishment is correcting a voter mistake.

The federal government is shot through with arrogant criminals who think they are above the law, because they are above the law.

We are a nation of men and women, not a nation of laws.

The waters are now permanently poisoned; reason and charity have flown; people will never again believe anything good about their political enemies, suspicion will reign, and all future politicians will be de facto illegitimate in the eyes of the half of voters who opposed them.

The lawyers have made a mockery of the law. It is a sword of Damocles to the powerful: Stay in line, don't defy the cabal, or we will get you.

Donald J. Trump was not supposed to be President--the corrupt cartel that runs this nation is correcting the voters' mistake.

And make no mistake; this also serves as a warning to others outside the political class: 


We will destroy you. No business person can withstand the legal and personal scrutiny. No one. 

The elites pick acceptable candidates for us so we can enjoy our sham elections every four years.

It sickens me to see this happening. See all the rage-filled haters, blood in their eyes, cheering this on? That is our future.

The only consolation is the entire project is fiscally unsustainable and will eventually collapse.


An excellent summation, Silver. It deserves to be the centerpiece of a post all its own.  I would only have said that it seems most likely that Mr. Trump was a target for this sort of Persecution by "Kangaroo Justice" from the moment he made it clear he was serious about seeking the nomination.

I have to say that I saw all this for what it is from the moment all the obviously-fabricated BILGE about "Collusion with Russia" started to dominate the scene.  The unmistakable scent of freshly-laid BS has choked us, and befouled the air ever since.

From the journalistic coup d'etat we call WATERGATE. –– through the spurious, trumped-up fracas over the Iran-Contra Investigation, which was OBVIOUSLY ginned up for the sole purpose of trying to UNSEAT President Reagan, –– through the absurd Carnival-style Pornographic Sideshow of the Moronica Lewinsky Affair leading to B.J. Clinton's Impeachment and Disbarment, but which backfired badly on the GOP, because they refused to CONVICT BJ in the senate –– through the seemingly endless dispute over Hanging Chads, which developed from AL GORE's REFUSAL to CONCEDE the election to George W. Bush, –– to the PRESENT Crisis of Confidence manufactured in a nefarious attempt to GET RID of PRESIDENT TRUMP ––– ALL these unwelcome, unwarranted machinations form a PATTERN:

Those in Permanent Positions of Power (i.e. "The Deep State") now openly bare their fangs and unsheath their claws in a PUBLIC DISPLAY of stubborn UNWLLNGNESS to ACCEPT the RESULTS of an ELECTION followed by a lengthy, often brutal campaign to OVERTURN the RESULTS of that ELECTION by any and all means possible short of an ARMED PALACE COUP –– and who knows when THAT may soon appear in the horizon?

Slowly-but-surely for the past one-hundred years the LEFT in the guise of Progressivism has been chipping away at the CONSTITUTION.  If this monstrous coup d'etat against President Trump is allowed to succeed, the minions advocating DICTATORSHIP by an OLIGARCHY of PERMANENTLY ESTABLISHED ELITES–– many of whom may not even be U.S. CITIZENS –– will have established itself as our NEW form of government.

This means the Representative Republic designed by our Founding Fathers will be forever LOST, and We the People will be rendered powerless.  We will have lost ALL our RIGHTS, and will become SUBJECTS instead of  CITIZENS for the foreseeable future.


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    1. Thank you for the link and the Nunes video with Laura Ingraham [ wish SHE would SHUT UP or at least MODULATE her voice, during her interviews, however, don't you?]

      Devin Nunes Delivers 24 Hour Ultimatum: Wray and Rosenstein Deliver EC Origination Documents or Impeachment Vote…

      Posted on April 10, 2018 by sundance

      Giddy up… HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes says either FBI Director Chris Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein give him the “electronic communication” (EC) documents (initiated the counterintelligence operation against candidate Trump in July 2016) or congress will hold an impeachment vote.

      FBI Director Wray and DOJ Deputy Rosenstein have until tomorrow night.

      [*Important Note* The person would know everything there is about this July 2016 EC is FBI Director of Counterintelligence Bill Priestap.]

      SOUNDS GOOD! But does anyone REALLY believe that this request from Nunes will be RESPECTED by that bunch of gangsters, thugs and desperadoes who gotten thei'r filthy hands on the levers of power?

      I doubt it, but STAY TUNED ...

    2. Nunes' own fellow GOOPers will scuttle any impeachment attempt. Trump's BFFs Nancy and Chucky won't even have to lift a finger

    3. Killie Lou Byrd said

      That's what I love, genuine postive thinking.

    4. I have a general rule that rarely fails: Put all you money on the GOOP doing the wrong/stupid/unconservative thing.

    5. Killie Lou Byrd said

      You may be correct, but what possible good could that accomplish?We must at least try to find positive alternatives to the admittedly abominable status quo.

  2. That was just Excellent, my congratulations to both Silver and Free Thinke for putting together an excellent read.
    Thank You Both.

    1. Thank you, DD. You are most kind –– and very smart too I must add. ;-).

  3. This morning, I responded as follows to SF:

    It is clear: We were not supposed to elect Donald Trump. The Establishment is correcting a voter mistake.

    That really is the bottom line in all this, IMO.

    We have lost our republic -- and before DJT ever appeared on the political scene. When did we lose our republic? It must have happened long before now -- although the recognition of that loss seems to have gone unknown for quite a time.

    According to your blog post here, this idea that voter error must be corrected by members of the establishment began with Watergate.

    Maybe so. Nevertheless, Nixon -- an attorney -- should have known better than to destroy evidence before that evidence was subpoenaed.

    BTW, this morning on Morning Joe (Barf!), the show did a segment on the parallels between Nixon and Trump by using various video clips. Creepy! Right down to the term "witch-hunt."

    1. "Nixon -- an attorney -- should have known better than to destroy evidence before that evidence was subpoenaed."

      Didn't you MEAN to say that Nixon SHOULD have destroyed those tapes the very MOMENT the nightmare of Watergate began?

      Hindsight is always perfect. I agree Nixon should have destroyed those stupid tapes, BUT I honestly believe –– don't forget I was a 31-year-old WITNESS to Watergate as it unfolded in real time –– that he honestly believed it was impossble for anyone to do to him what the Kay Graham and Ben Bradlee's Washingon Post utumately DID do.

      Watergate established a horrifying precedent the legacy from which we are suffering from mightily today.

  4. IMO, the powers that be are trying to push President Trump into firing Mueller and/or Rosenstein -- much like President Nixon canned Attorney John Mitchell. May President Trump not fall into that trap!

    1. Of course they are! Could anything be more patently obvious?

      Trump, however, has managed to stay at least two steps ahead of the bastards so far. He's a LOT smarter –– and a great deal stronger –– than most give him credit for.

      HOWEVER, right now he's be'ng cofronted with a virtual LYNCH MOB. That's what our federal governmennt has become –– a MOB –– much the same way the MAFIA unctions as "The Mob."

      What do you do when THE LAW, which is supposed to
      PROTECT you from violence and justice, ITSELF, becomes LAWLESS?

      That really IS the SIXTY-FOUR TRILLION DOLLAR QUESTION, isn't it?

  5. Replies
    1. I'm sorry, AOW, I oved through that dreadful event in real time, and can't bear to revisit the horror of it all.

      But thank you for providing that information to those who may not know –– or choose not to remember.

      What we NEED is more awareness of the ILLEGITIMACY of the despicable POISONOUS elements that brought a good, decent, extremely well-prepared, well-informed, well-meaning, highly capable president to his knees.

  6. Let us not overlook at all this going on with the investigation of DJT is strongly related to influencing the 2018 elections -- and the 2020 GOP nomination for POTUS.

    1. No doubt! There isn't a shred of honesty in any o]f it. It'sll politi[cal
      posturing. A bit like "fiddling while Rime burns."

  7. Total horseshit. Are we a nation of laws or not? Is the president ABOVE the law or not? Obviously, partisan hacks like you two would be fine with the USA becoming a fascist banana republic so long as your 'team' wins. Luckily, you are a tiny minority of Americans and the more you whine and spread utter bullshit like you did, the more certain that you will remain a tiny minority.

    1. A blind man looks in the mirror

    2. You know who that is, Silver, I'm sure, and I wish you hadn't dignified his belligerent impertinence with a response, because I would have DELETED him forthwith had I seen his remark i'n time.. Now i can't.

      Your response, however, is excellent. Thanks for that much.

      Nevertheless, it is my desire to do all I can to STIFLE, SUPPRESS and eventually ANNIHILATE the overt expression of this sort of mindless, irresponsible, truculent, purely nasty dissension, since it serves no useful purpose, and only distracts us from serious discussion..

      Freedom of Speech may not be raken away, but it should be restricted to Public Parks and Street Corners –– and the fiercely dissident press, which none of US are forced to read if we don't want to.

      No morally responsible owner of any decent means of PUBLIC COMMUNUCATION should provide Intellectual Fiends, Thugs and Louts, and Morons with either a PODIUM or a MEGAPHONE.

    3. Is the president ABOVE the law or not?

      The LAST one wasn't, so "why so serious, NOW?"

    4. HUH?

      Sometimes your penchant for cryptic remarks get OLD.

    5. I wasn't talking to you, FT...

    6. Al right, Thersites, but because this Blogger format is so painfully limiting, I think it woud be best if we always made it clear precisely whom we are addressing.

    7. The quote didn't give it away?

    8. Let's just say I'm not as bright as you, and if I'M not, then a helluvalotta OTHERS won't be able to decipher it either.

      And I STILLdon't understand what you meant, but let's not
      t BELABOR the point. ;-)

  8. FreeThinke,

    Thank you for featuring my off-the-cuff rant.

    The message I garbled is this: Our system of "laws" is a dense, confusing tangle. Good lawyer readily agree there is no way for the ordinary citizen to avoid breaking the law, or as civil libertarian Harvey Silverglate puts it...

    We all commit three felonies a day.

    So, what we have is a Stalinist system of "Show me the man and I will find the crime."

    In this grotesque system of "indicting ham sandwiches" and cocktail hour games of "indict Mother Teresa," the law is a mockery.

    More importantly, the law is a Sword of Damocles hanging over the heads of the power player and elites:

    Go along to get along. Step out of line or threaten The Establishment, and you will be prosecuted.

    "They got five ways to Sunday to get back at you."

    1. Think nothing of it, Silver. I'm glad i was right in assuming you wouldn't object to my featuring what you said here.

      Let me add this, however:

      "Off the Cuff is always better than On the John."

      You may quote me, if you like. };^)>

      I LOVE spontaneity!

  9. From this excellent essay by Andrew McCarthy (dated April 10, 2018):

    The Stormy Daniels scandal could be more perilous for Trump than the Russia investigation has been.

    Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign was caught hiding the sources of 1,300 large campaign donations, aggregating to nearly $2 million. The campaign also accepted more than $1.3 million in unlawful donations from contributors who had already given the legal maximum.


    The Obama campaign did not have a defense; it argued in mitigation that the unlawful donations constituted a negligible fraction of the monumental amount it had raised from millions of “grass-roots” donors. Compelling? Maybe not, but enough to convince the Obama Justice Department not to prosecute the Obama campaign — shocking, I know. During the Christmas holiday season right after the 2012 campaign, with Obama safely reelected and nobody paying much attention, the matter was quietly settled with the payment of a $375,000 fine.

    Is the $130,000 in hush money Donald Trump’s personal lawyer paid to porn star Stormy Daniels on the eve of the 2016 election a campaign-finance violation? Probably, although it’s a point of contention. Even if we stipulate that it is, though, we’re talking comparative chump change.

    Yet, as that lawyer, Michael Cohen, has discovered, what was not a crime in the Obama days is the crime of the century now....


      [T]there is a so-called crime-fraud exception to the attorney–client privilege. If a client’s communications with a lawyer are for the purpose of carrying out a fraudulent scheme, they lose any claim to confidentiality.

    2. Ignorant liberals are salivating over the fact that Trump Towers has had a fire.....
      when any human being displays himself in this type of jealousy and ranting negative things that are president you know these people are terrified of what Trump has done in 2 years and 6 years to go hopefully he can smack these little liberal sons of bitches right off the stage

    3. WHERE DOES THIS NONSENSE STOP! I FIRMLY BELIEVE that the LEFT, IS GOING TO STOP at NOTHING to take our president, his family, our country and us
      THEY will stoop to NEW LOWS that we have NEVER SEEN BEFORE, or EVER thought they were capable of!!!

      SO, The avenger's director just tweeting the following:

      Donald trump is killing this country. Some of it quickly, some slowly,
      but he spoils and destroys everything he touches. He emboldens monsters,
      wielding guns, governmental power, or just smug doublespeak. Or Russia.
      My hate and sadness are exhausting. DIE, DON. JUST QUIETLY DIE.

      THEN,When Bush and Obama called troops to PROTECT OUR BORDER, they were considered BRILLIANT
      BUT When President Trump sends troops to the border, THE LEFT GOES NUTS, saying it's a political STUNT, it's to change the Russian narrative,
      it's to get the attention from the Stormy Daniels story, and ON and ON, and ON!! Then there are governors that are saying they WON'T send their national guard troops to help guard our border....they just spit right in the eye of our president. HOW DARE THEY!!! Did they do that when
      Obama sent troops??? WOULD THEY DARE to cross THE MESSIAH?

      THEN,Every president has tried to "RESET RELATIONS WITH RUSSIA"

      when the Hildabeast pushed that "stupid red button", saying that's the reset Russia button?
      BUT First it was that Trump was afraid of Putin, Trump won't put sanctions on Russia because he has a "bromance" with Putin, THEN,
      when he DID put stiff sanctions on Russia, they screamed "it was too much".

      THEN,When previous administrations just gave our country away to CHINA, and
      giving the United States a Trade Deficit of $500 Billion a YEAR, with Intellectual Property Theft of another $300 Billion A YEAR.....and our strong "America first" President TRIES to renegotiate so WE ARE NOT THE

      THEN,When Obama used Facebook to gather information on VOTERS for HIS election, he was called, INNOVATIVE, BRILLIANT, CUTTING EDGE,
      BUT When the same FACEBOOK, information was USED by Cambridge Analytica,
      the left screams, THEY ARE CROOKS only meant to TAKE HILLARY DOWN, and
      MAKE SURE TRUMP WON....Trump's campaign didn't even use their
      information, BUT they won't STOP saying it....BECAUSE, as we know, IF
      THE LEFT LIES ENOUGH, OVER and OVER, it becomes FACT in the minds of the LEMMINGS....

      Would Hollywood be calling for him to DIE?
      ANSWER: NO WAY!!!
      WOULD STATES OUTRIGHT DENY any other president THE NATIONAL GUARD to GUARD OUR BORDERS in a time of need??

      NO WAY!!! What's wrong with our country is NOT DONALD TRUMP, it's the SWAMP OF MEN, WOMEN and "IT'S" (that's for those that don't know what sex are on a daily bases) THAT HAVE NEVER CARED about OUR country, THEY ONLY CARE about getting their money from the BIG LOBBYISTS and FORCES that are
      PAYING THEM TO go against the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY,(as we know it),Down.



    4. Frank, you're all right! A teesy bit overzealous, perhaps, but decidedly ALL RIGHT.

  10. When Daniels popped her head back up, Trump should have just shrugged and said, "Yeah, I banged a porn star. So what?"

    As AOW points out, Andrew Mccarthy lays out how this could end up bringing Trump down.

    I said it before, and I shall repeat:

    Donald Trump's election was the equivalent of a firebombing of DC. All that bombast and bluster was guaranteed to threaten The Establishment to its core.

    No way The Swamp was going to sit back and take such abuse (with the threatened concomitant loss of lucrative government-funded deals).

    President Trump disappointed us all when he rolled into power with a team of pisant weakling amateurs.

    If you swagger into a bar full of hardened criminals and start hurling personal insults, you better have a tough crew backing you.

    The death blow was Mr Magoo's recusal and the appointment of a Special Prostitutor with unlimited power and scope.

    Like tragedies throughout history, President Trump sowed the seeds of his demise.

    No one will dare take on The Establishment once this is all over.

    1. SF,
      No one will dare take on The Establishment once this is all over.

      That is the big long-term objective!

    2. I wouldn't be so quick to BOLSTER the ENEMY'S CASE if I were you. I don't recommend LYING, but why go to such extraordinary legnths to ADMIT and ADVERTISE Mr. Trump's perceived DEFECTS when you know darned well the ENEMY would never acknowledge so much as a sub-atomic PARTICLE of evidence against THEIR God-damned ruinous AGENDA.

      I'll say it AGAIN ––– for the umpteenth time:

      Whether you want to think so or not, WE ARE FIGHTING a WAR.

      As everyone SHOULD know, you should NEVER GIVE the ENEMY the slightest HINT of Aid, Comfort or Encouragement.

      Only AFTER the ENEMY has been BEATEN to a PULP, and is on his knees sobbing while BEGGING for MERCY, could we afford to be the LEAST BIT CHARITABLE.

      This is not a GAME we're playing. We really are fighting for our very LIVES. I don't want to believe for one SECOND that we have ALREADY been DEFEATED, so there's nothing to do but meekly bow our heads, submit to the lash, and RESIGN ourselves to a dreadful fate.

      "Men become heroes if they do not traffic with inevitables."

    3. It is a war, and Trump and his army are handing ammo to the enemy daily.

    4. Not at ALL. The president is being viciously ATTACKED by unprincipled FIENDS.

      It's not HIM who's at fault, it's THEM.

      He's been targeted not for anything he's DONE but simply for who he IS.

      He could turn GRAVEL into GOLD, and they'd STILL go after him.

    5. @ FreeThinke: He's been targeted not for anything he's DONE but simply for who he IS.


    6. Thank you for that, Silver.

      BECAUSE we are fighting a fierce Civil War between conflicting ideas of Governance, I do NOT believe it appropriate –– and certainly not WISE –– to entertain and ackowledge ANY faults at ALL in the man WE the PEOPLE have chosen to Drain the Swamp, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by leading us out of the JUNGLE vicious leftist activists have planted and nurtured –– a JUNGLE that is now choking out and KILLING the beautiful, nourishing CIVILIZED forms of disciplined, lovingly CULTIVATED vegetation that sustained us so well in the not-too-distant past.

      Leftist philosphers and activists are WEEDS in the Garden of Humanity.

      We should PRAY for them, of course, and even LOVE them as individuals, but we CANNOT afford to GIVE them so much as the time of day.

  11. As usual a very excellent prospective. As my new header states "The FBI was warned about a 19 year old psychopath who threatened to murder children in school and they did nothing but felt the need to raid Trump's attorney's office due to Trump having an affair (as a private citizen) with a porn star."
    The dems are quite the laughing stock.Without Porn stars, promiscuous college girls,criminal illegals, abortion clinics, and tide pod eating basement dwellers, they have little left representing their party

    1. Thank you for visiting us, Lisa. It's good to see you in my bailiwick for a change. Very generous of you to participate considering everything you are up against right now.


    The SWAMP is also has an area of QUICKSAND, that the SWAMP CREATURES have placed the president of the United States of America on, to SWALLOW HIM UP AND DESTROY HIM INCH BY INCH......LIMB by LIMB!!!

    TAKE A LOOK at how President Trump is being treated compared to OBAMA....ONLY 5% POSITIVE NEWS across main stream media...

    AND, GET THIS!!!!!!
    The NY Times WON'T RECOGNIZE that the book, 'KILLING THE DEEP STATE: The Fight to Save President Trump" is a runaway bestseller —

    In an interview with Newsmax TV, Corsi said that he's not entirely surprised at his book's exclusion from the high-profile list.
    "They don't want ANY book that will support President Trump, who they detest, to be on The New York Times bestseller list. Even if the book legitimately outsells most of the other books," he said during an appearance on "Newsmax Now."
    "It's completely disgraceful and dishonest. But again, The New York Times is disgraceful and dishonest these days" said
    Corsi, the author, and went on to say, "They're trying to have a suppression campaign to make sure that NOBODY reads 'Killing the Deep State"!!!

    WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!

    CHINA JUST CAME OUT and said, in a statement, to significantly lower import tariffs" for vehicles and "significantly broaden market access"! WOW!!!


    THEY HAVE TO put a CLOUD over him and EVERY MEMBER of his administration BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE!!


    THEY ARE DISGUSTING......our president NEEDS OUR SUPPORT.....please tweet or write on his facebook pages that , WE HAVE HIS BACK!!!

  13. Harvard, Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz exclaimrd that the raid of Cohens office to acquire info about whatever is against his American Constitutional Rights!
    Also Dershowitz, came out with statement that said, like I said what Mueller just did should get him jail time, there is no excuse for it what so ever..
    And as we all know Dershowitz has never been wrong!

    I predict that Mueller will be gone within a week, the crap just hit the fan and most don't even know it

  14. Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

    Possumlady, I can't bring myself to go to Silverfiddle's or Free Thinke's blogs , but I do understand that those folks believe that "The Establishment" has been out to "get Trump" since the beginning of his quest for the presidency.

    They choose to ignore the mountains of evidence of Trump's ignorance, cupidity, immorality, and corruption because that would mean they approved of someone as repulsive as him to lead this country, and they cannot live with that shame. It is much easier for them to blame something else -- "The Establishment" or the "Deep State."

    I have no use for people like that and will not waste my precious time reading their paranoid excuses for the pile of garbage they continue to support.

    1. In no way did I "choose to ignore the mountains of evidence of Trump's ignorance, cupidity, immorality, and corruption."

      I was well aware of it and wrote of it often before and after his election.

      I, like tens of millions of others who don't vulgarly curse out others or cheat on our spouses, considered the alternative and voted for him anyway.

      Furthermore, President Trump's alleged "ignorance, cupidity, immorality, and corruption" are not the stated reasons for this investigation.

      The left is a cacophonous cavern of enraged, hate-blind screamers polluting the air with regurgitated stupidities and logical fallacies.

      Their argument boils down to: "I hate Trump, he's a terrible person, so our justice system should do everything in its power to pursue and punish him."

      What scares me is so few pause to consider the dreadful consequences.

    2. Find me one overturned rock that you won't find something under

    3. Precisely, Les. Thank you for understanding.

      DC Needed its windows blown out way more than it needed another corrupt Clinton in the White House.

      I also understand why others voted differently, I don't think that makes them stupid or evil, and I respect my fellow citizens' right to vote however they damn well please. You progs might try indulging in a little of that yourselves.

    4. She obviously chooses to ignore the writings of Jim Comey's friends at the Lawfare blog...where the Deep State goes to "chat".

    5. Ben Wittes' post (Comeys leaker friend) just before the election are particularly enlightening, since he was a good social friend to many at DOJ and FBI.

    6. How far wa James Comey "in the baag" for Clinton? "In retrospect, however, Comey said he might have handled it differently if he knew Clinton could lose.

      “It is entirely possible that, because I was making decisions in an environment where Hillary Clinton was sure to be the next president, my concern about making her an illegitimate president by concealing the restarted investigation bore greater weight than it would have if the election appeared closer or if Donald Trump were ahead in all polls,” Comey writes in his new memoir.

      “But I don’t know.”

      He obviously doesn't give a sh*t about Trump's "legitimacy".

    7. He even built a feinting couch for Hillary to land on during the e-mail scandal.

    8. PLEASE, Silver. I BEG you –– and everyone ELSE –– NOT to MENTION the NAME or NAMES of our blogging antagonists.

      I don't want to give THEM any kind of PUBLICITY –– bad, good, or indifferent –– at ALL.

      I'd hate to have to start deleting cimments made by FRIENDS, but even friends MUST respect the policies we've set for THIS blog.

      What you do elsewhere, of course, cannot be any concern of mine, –– whether I like it or not.


  15. I'd say it looks like the President is going to be boiled in his own pudding!

    1. I know that you hope so, you Big Olf, But it just AIN'T gonna happen.

  16. _______________ HEADLINES at DRUDGE _______________






    'We All Know I Did Not Seek This Job'...

    Analysts move seat toward Dems...

    McCarthy campaigns for Speaker...

    MSNBC surging ratings fuel left's optimism...

    Notice the senate is moving to protect MUELLER ––– not President TRUMP

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. We do our best to FLUSH turds away as fast as we can. We also do our best to STERLIZE and DEODORIZE the air here at FT'S blog, as we strive to IGNORE the worst elements in the blogosphere. If everyone followed this policy, the trolls and site vermin would SUFFOCATE, and DIE.

  18. Trump should revert to his old TV persona and say "You're Fired" to Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. He's toast if he does that.

      The death warrant on his presidency was signed when Mr Magoo recused himself and allowed that open-ended Special Prostitutor agreement for Comey BFF Mueller and his gang of Hillary voters.

      I said at the time they will dig and dig until they find some shady business deal to hang him with, and it looks like that is indeed what will happen.

    3. What makes you –– and a great many others –– so SURE that would be the case?

      President Trump is NOT President NIXON. And we have learned a great deal about the bully boy tactics the Left employs with ruthless, reckless abandon since the tragedy of Watergate.

      Whether you think so or not, Mr. Trump is very very SMART –– and MUCHL better educated than he appears on the surface. He is nobody's fool, and I think, a REAL Winner – the first and ONLY
      presidential candidate NOT a JERK or a BORN LOSER we've had since RONALD REAGAN..

      To impeach –– and CONVICT –– a president, that president must be GUILTY of having committed "High Crimes and Misdemeanors." An imprecise phrase to be sure, but WHAT "crimes" has Trump committed?

      As I said before, his ONLY offense was having had the collosal effrontery to DARE to WIN the 2016 presidential election, DESPITE the EVIL machinations of HILLABITCH'S vile campaign and the best laid plans of The thorughly corrupt Establishment virtual
      ly all of whim have been suborned by funding from ill-defined "Special Interests" many of whom do NOT have the best interests of the American citizenry at heart –– to put it mildly.

    4. Here in the Untied State of Amreeka, the law is whatever those wielding the power say it is.

      We are witness a grotesque horror show. I still hold out hope for some deus ex machina, but I ain't holding my breath.

    5. "When citizens ask,'What could the business of the state have to do with me?' the state may be given up for lost,"

      ~ Voltaire (1694-1778)

      "Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."

      ~ Thomas Paine (1737-1809)

    6. *sigh* you're back to scolding me, I see. The first quote doesn't fit me, and I guess 25 years serving my country I didn't sufficiently "like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."

      I understand you are upset. We all are, but you can be an insufferable bastard sometimes.

      What the hell are we suppose to do besides vote and write to our representatives?

    7. TOSH! You're not being "scolded," you have been "advised." There's a world of difference between the two.


      We are fighting a fierce Civil War between conflicting ideas of Governance, I do NOT believe it appropriate –– and certainly not WISE –– to entertain and ackowledge ANY faults at ALL in the man WE the PEOPLE have chosen to Drain the Swamp, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by leading us out of the JUNGLE vicious leftist activists have planted and nurtured –– a JUNGLE that is now choking out and KILLING the beautiful, nourishing CIVILIZED forms of disciplined, lovingly CULTIVATED vegetation that sustained us so well in the not-too-distant past.

      Leftist philosphers and activists are WEEDS in the Garden of Humanity.

      We should PRAY for them, of course, and even LOVE them as individuals, but we CANNOT afford to GIVE them so much as the time of day.

      I'm not "UPSET," I am FURIOUS ––– not at you, but at the revolting spectacle –– the disgusting, childsh TRAVESTY –- we are subjected to every day by the traitorous leftist ENEMY AGENTS who formulate and control public opinion through the ENEMEDIA.

      By posting agreement pubicly with ANYTHING said by the Forces of Darkness –– who do NOTHING but hurl INSULTS and BASELESS ACCUSATIONS against our president 24/7 –– you give AID and COMFORT to the ENEMY.

      Hate me all you like, old friend, but I am RIGHT and YOU and your charming, reptilian buddy CI are WRONG on this issue. I've been APPALLED at the dialogues you both indulge in carving up President Turm and raking him over the coals at AOW.

      Sorry, but that's the way I feel, and NOTHING –– short of Trump's ordering the Air Force to nuke Washington, DC, Boston, New York, Philade;phia, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles and San. Francisco ;-) –– will EVER make me change my mind.

    8. I could never hate you, old friend.

      Your last paragraph sounds like the Russian guy down the thread wanting Trump to channel Yeltsen mounting a military attack on the Russian Duma.

      Gotta give ol' Boris some credit. It shut them up and put them in a more cooperative mood. ;-)

  19. It's quite obvious you're an illinformed dufuss

    1. Your remark is an accurate appraisal of the character and disposition of the FOLLOWING poster, Rusty,

    2. I know that, Rusty, and I respect you for it. You ought to
      know that by now, but I had removed the comment you answered, because it was unacceptable to the standards I've set for THIS blog.

      I was just trying to agree with you, since the idiot just below said something that richly deserved your criticism.

  20. Thomas Sinclar Alexander Winthrop the FirstApril 11, 2018 at 8:23 PM

    Three Cheers for Mueller! The TRUTH will be revealed.

    Trump's sweat odor is heavy in the air.

    1. If Mueller's VENDETTA is permitted to succeed, the TRUTH will be largely obscured, and possibly lost forever –– at least where President Trump is conerned.

      Moronic brainwashed BIGOTS of YOUR wretched ilk wouldn't recognize the Truth if it slapped you in the face, kneed yiou in the groin, and kicked you in the shins, knoecked you down and sat in you.

      I KNOW who you are, but I don't want my blog sullied with your name.

  21. Replies
    1. ];^}>

      I can just imagine what you were thinking, Kid.

      Thanks for excercising restraint.

  22. Quite frankly, I think the President should say to hell with it, got to Maralago and play golf everyday. Further he should bar the press and order any reporter crossing the gates be shot on sight! That would show them whose boss!

  23. Yuri KrapemonanoffApril 11, 2018 at 9:43 PM

    Premier Trump must do as Yeltsin did to Duma and attack US Capitol with flame bomb hellish explosions and rumbling tanks.

  24. Hey FreeThinke, love your stuff, especially the poetry. That 4th of July poem, while disturbing, was brilliant.

    Anyways, I see you got cross-wise over some language usage, so I'm here to help you out by rewording the Mooch's profanity-laced rant he unleashed last year:

    “Reince is a fracking paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac…. ‘Oh, Bill Shine is coming in. Let me leak the flapping thing and see if I can crock-pot these people the way I cake-walked Scaramucci for six months.’”

    “I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to toot my own flute … I’m not trying to build my own brand off the (sexual intercourse adjective gerund) strength of the President. I’m here to serve the country.”

    Keep bangin' those keys, kid!

  25. Lois Cramball-HuffmanApril 12, 2018 at 4:40 PM

    It is abundantly obvious to all thinking people that the bloated, corrupt, debauched crook now infesting the White House has brought upon himself an ever-growing pack of problems. This is why we call you deplorables. Mrs. Rodham Clinton would have brought grace, class, superior intellect, and a world-class range of experience to the job. Instead, we have a fat, ice cream-hogging pig of a man who throws tantrums daily and routinely gives vent to blistering foul-mouthed tirades that would make the ghost of George Carlin blush. You deplorables did this, and we the intelligent producers of America's progressivism and GDP, shall never forget it.

    1. Little Billy BatshitApril 12, 2018 at 6:12 PM

      What happened, your batteries went dead? Geez lady, you need to get laid.

    2. So who did you get your "thinking persons" talking points from today, Ms Crambull-Often?

    3. I think, dear Lois, may be pullung our leg with a satirical bit of CARICATURE, Thersites, –– or don't you agree?

      I know it's hard to tell, because the standard anti-Trump BOILERPLATE sounds for all the world like a bizarre form of parody. I mean WHO could POSSIBLY reiterate nonsensical talking points like that, unless they were either INSANE –– or trying (unsuccessfully!) to be FUNNY?

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. TRD,

      Please don't leavs rude personal insults. Criticize the IDEAS and POLICIES n a post if you like –– we encourage THAT –– but insults don't INFORM", ENLIGHLTEN, ENCOURAGE or STIMULATE anything worthwhile,

      If you want to come back and tell us exactly WHY you think Ms. Huffman needs to have her head examined, please BE MY GUEST.

  26. It IS sometimes difficult to separate the Snark from the Boojum, FT...

    1. I love that word, "Boojum." It's fun to say

  27. Oswald P. PentagasApril 13, 2018 at 1:00 PM

    Off Topic, but Noteworthy never the less.

    Free-agent, and putz, asswipe, and UnAmerican Moron Colin Kaepernick was set to tryout for the Seattle Seahawks this week but the tryout was postponed after he declined to stop his kneeling during the national anthem next season.
    So the Seattle Seahawks dodged a bullet by not hiring the Bastard. .

    1. That type usually get their comeuppance. Sometimes ut just takes a while, that's all. I wouldn't worry about that snotty, self-important AFROhead, if I were you.

      He and that self-righteous, pipsqueak anti-gun. activist David Somebody from Parkland, FL are two peas in a pod. Adam Schiff is another.

      With noisy arrogant upstarts like that it's always all ab]ut THEM at root.

  28. Let us not forget Attorney General Eric Holder who side-tracked all of the scandals involving Fast and Furious (gun running to Mexican cartels to influence domestic gun control policy), the Lois Lerner IRS scandal to deprive opposition organizations from tax-exempt status to cripple fundraising, Benghazi, where top-level Obama aids denied assistance to stricken Americans who were eventually killed in the line of action and then covered-up the entire affair – and others.
    And then there is Attorney General Loretta Lynch who infamously met with former President Bill Clinton, himself part of the investigation and the husband of an investigation, in secret aboard an aircraft in a remote location. Her security team attempted to intimidate a local reporter who memorialized the inappropriate meeting on film in spite of being threatened.
    Never before have we seen Communists welcomed into the White House or appointed to high-ranking positions within the government. Never before have we seen such a degree of anti-America derision to the point of directly aiding and abetting our enemies while disparaging and disadvantaging our international friends and allies. Never before have we seen this amount of conspiratorial maneuvering to engage in the most massive cover-up of wrongdoing in our nation’s history.



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