Monday, April 30, 2018


by Congressman Louie Gohmert 

Robert Mueller has a long and sordid history of illicitly targeting innocent people that is a stain upon the legacy of American jurisprudence. He lacks the judgment and credibility to lead the prosecution of anyone.

I do not make these statements lightly. Each time I prepared to question Mueller during Congressional hearings, the more concerned I became about his work ethic. Then as I went back to begin compiling all that information in order to recount personal interactions with Mueller, the more clearly the big picture began to come into focus. At one point I had to make the decision to stop adding to this or it would turn into a far too lengthy project. My goal was to share some first-hand information as other Republican Members of Congress had requested, adding,

“You seem to know so much about him.” This article is prepared from my viewpoint to help better inform the reader about the Special Prosecutor leading the effort to railroad President Donald J. Trump through whatever manufactured charge he can allege. Judging by Mueller's history, it doesn't matter who he has to threaten, harass, prosecute or bankrupt to get someone to be willing to allege something

Anything — about our current President, it certainly appears Mueller will do what it takes to bring down his target, ethically, or unethically, based on my findings. What does former Attorney General Eric Holder say? Sounds like much the same thing

I just said. Holder: “I’ve known Bob Mueller for 20, 30 years; my guess is he’s just trying to make the case as good as he possibly can.” Holder does know him. He has seen Mueller at work when Holder was obstructing justice and acting in contempt of Congress. He knows Mueller’s FBI framed innocent people and had no remorse in doing so. Let’s look at what we know.

What I have accumulated here is absolutely shocking upon the realization that Mueller's disreputable, twisted history speaks to the character of the man placed in a position to attempt to legalize a coup against a lawfully-elected President. Any Republican who says anything resembling,

“Bob Mueller will do a good job as Special Counsel,” “Bob Mueller has a great reputation for being fair,” or anything similar; (A)  wants President Trump indicted for something and removed from office regardless of his innocence; (B) is intentionally ignorant of the myriad of outrageous problems permeating Mueller’s professional history; or (C) is cultivating future Democrat votes when he or she comes before the Senate someday for a confirmation hearing.

There is simply too much clear and convincing information available to the contrary. Where other writers have set out information succinctly, I have quoted them, with proper attribution.  My goal is to help you see what I have found.

Robert Mueller

In his early years as FBI Director, most Republican members of Congress gave Mueller a pass in oversight hearings, allowing him to avoid tough questions. After all, we were continually told, “Bush appointed him.” I gave him easy questions the first time I questioned him in 2005 out of deference to his Vietnam service. Yet, the longer I was in Congress, the more conspicuous the problems became. As I have said before of another Vietnam veteran, just because someone deserves our respect for service or our sympathy for things that happened to them in the military, that does not give them the right to harm our country later. As glaring problems came to light, I toughened up my questions in the oversight hearings. But first, let's cover a little of Mueller's history.


The Boston Globe noted Robert Mueller’s connection with the Whitey Bulger case in an article entitled, “One Lingering Question for FBI Director Robert Mueller.”    The Globe said this:  “[Mike] Albano [former Parole Board Member who was threatened by two F.B.I. agents for considering parole for the men imprisoned for a crime they did not commit] was appalled that, later that same year, Mueller was appointed FBI director, because it was Mueller, first as an assistant US attorney then as the acting U.S. attorney in Boston, who wrote letters to the parole and pardons board throughout the 1980s opposing clemency for the four men framed by FBI lies. Of course, Mueller was also in that position while Whitey Bulger was helping the FBI cart off his criminal competitors even as he buried bodies in shallow graves along the Neponset…”

 Mueller was the head of the Criminal Division as Assistant U.S. Attorney, then as Acting U.S. Attorney. I could not find any explanation online by Mueller as to why he insisted on keeping the defendants in prison that FBI agents— in the pocket of Whitey Bulger —  had framed for a murder they did not commit. Make no mistake: these were not honorable people he had incarcerated. But it was part of a pattern that eventually became quite clear that Mueller was more concerned with convicting and putting people in jail he disliked, even if they were innocent of the charges, than he was with ferreting out the truth.

I found no explanation as to why he did not bear any responsibility for the $100 million paid to the defendants who were framed by FBI agents under his control. The Boston Globe said, “Thanks to the FBI’s corruption, taxpayers got stuck with the $100 million bill for compensating the framed men, two of whom, Greco and Tameleo, died in prison.”

The New York Times explained the relationship this way: “In the 1980's, while [FBI Agent] Mr. Connolly was working with Whitey Bulger, Mr. Mueller was assistant United States attorney in Boston in charge of the criminal division and for a period was the acting United States attorney here, presiding over Mr. Connolly and Mr. Bulger as a ’top-echelon informant.' Officials of the Massachusetts state police and the Boston Police Department had long wondered why their investigations of Mr. Bulger were always compromised before they could gather evidence against him, and they suspected that the FBI was protecting him.”

If Mr. Mueller had no knowledge that the FBI agents he used were engaged in criminal activity, then he certainly was so incredibly blind that he should never be allowed back into any type of criminal case supervision. He certainly helped continue to contribute to the damages of the framed individuals by working so hard to prevent them from being paroled out of prison even as their charges were on their way to being completely thrown out. Notice also evidence of a pattern throughout this article: the leaking of information to disparage Mueller’s targets. In the Whitey Bulger case, the leaks were to organized crime, the Mob.

 One of the basic tenets of our Democratic Republic is that we never imprison people for being “bad” people. Anyone imprisoned has to have committed a specific crime for which they are found guilty. Not in Mueller’s world. He has the reverse list of Santa Claus; and, if you are on his list, you get punished even if you are framed. He never apologizes when the truth is learned, no matter how wrong or potentially criminal or malicious the prosecution was. In his book, you deserve what you get even if you did not commit the crime for which he helped put you away. This is one example, but as Al Pacino once famously said “I’m just getting warmed up!”


During my first term in Congress, 2005-2006, Congressman Curt Weldon delivered some powerful and relentless allegations about the FBI having prior knowledge that 9-11 was coming. He alleged loudly and vociferously that there was documentary evidence to show that 9-11 could have been prevented and thousands of lives saved if the FBI had done their job. My recollection is that he may have even accused them of intentionally turning their heads. He held up documents at times while making these claims in speeches on the floor of the House of Representatives.

I was surprised that FBI Director Mueller seemed to take those allegations without the major response that appeared to be appropriate, at least to me. It seemed he should either admit the FBI made significant mistakes or refute the allegations. Little did I know Mueller’s FBI was preparing a response, but it certainly was not the kind of response that I would have expected if an honorable man had been running that once hallowed institution.

Curt Weldon

You can read two of Congressman Weldon’s speeches on the House floor that are linked below. After reading the excerpts I have provided, you may get a window into the mind of the FBI Director or someone under Mueller’s control at the FBI. The FBI literally destroyed Congressman Weldon's public service life which foreclosed his ability to use a national platform to expose what he believed were major problems in the FBI fostered under the Clinton administration. Here is but one such excerpt of a speech wherein he spoke of the failure of the FBI leadership, then under the direction of the Clinton administration as it ultimately came within Mueller’s control right before 9-11. They failed to even accept from the military any information on the very terrorists who would later go on to commit the atrocities of theWorld Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the plane that landed In Pennsylvania and perhaps saved 3,000 lives and changed the course of world history. (Emphasis added)

Curt Weldon gave speech after speech, recounting what he saw and what he knew,recounting the FBI and the Clinton administration failures in information sharing that ledto 9-11.

Congressman Weldon tried to hold those accountable in the FBI and CIA that he felt mis-handled actionable intelligence which he said could have thwarted the 9-11 terrorists if only top officials at the FBI and others had allowed our rank-and-file law enforcement and military to engage in such a battle. He recounted many examples of how they failed to do so. Understand, I am not a 9-11 denier, nor a big conspiracy advocate. I am simply relaying things for which Congressman Weldon lambasted people at the top of the FBI and other places.

In 2006, the Robert Mueller-led FBI took horrendously unjust actions to derail Curt Weldon’s re -election bid just weeks before the vote—actions that were later described as a “hit job” in this WND article:

“Each of Weldon’s 10 previous re-elections had been by sizable margins. Polls showed he was up by 5-7 points [in the fall of 2006]. Three weeks prior to the election, however, a national story ran about Weldon based upon anonymous sources that an investigation was underway against him and his daughter, alleging illegal activities involving his congressional work. 

 Weldon had received no prior notification of any such investigation and was dumbfounded that such a story would run especially since he regularly briefed the FBI and intelligence agencies on his work.

“People say those kinds of things just don’t happen in America…”

A week after the news story broke, alleging a need to act quickly because of the leak, FBI agents from Washington raided the home of Weldon’s daughter at 7 a.m. on a Monday morning… Local TV and print media had all been alerted to the raid in advance  and were already in position to cover the story. Within hours, Democratic protesters were waving “Caught Red Handed” signs outside Weldon’s district office in Upper Darby.

 In the ensuing two weeks, local and national media ran multiple stories implying that Weldon too must have been under investigation. Given the coverage, Weldon lost the election…

To this day, incredibly, no one in authority has talked to Weldonor his daughter about the raid or the investigation.

There was no follow up, no questions, no grand jury interrogation, nothing.

 One year after the raid the local FBI office called Weldon’s daughter to have her come get the property that had been removed from her home.  That was it…The raid ruined the career of Weldon and his daughter.” (Emphasis added)

Though the WND article blamed the Clintons and Sandy Berger for orchestrating the FBI “hit job,” we can’t lose sight of the fact that the head of the FBI at the time was Robert Mueller. Please understand what former FBI officials have told me: the FBI would NEVER go after a member of Congress, House or Senate, without the full disclosure to and blessing of the FBI Director. Even if the idea on how to silence Curt Weldon did not come from Director Mueller himself, it surely had his blessing and encouragement, though and, at best, his silence and inaction.

The early morning raid by Mueller’s FBI with all the media outside, obviously alerted by the FBI, had achieved its goal of colluding to abuse the federal justice system to silence Curt Weldon by ending his political career. Mueller’s FBI worked it like a charm.

If the Clintons and Berger manipulated Weldon’s reelection to assure his defeat, they did it with the artful aid of Mueller, all while George W. Bush was President. Is any of this sounding familiar?

People say those kinds of things just don’t happen in America. They certainly seemed to when Mueller was in charge of the FBI and they certainly seem to while he is Special Counsel, as well.

It appears clear that President Obama and his myrmidons knew of Mueller’s reputation, that he could be used to take out their political opponents should such extra-legal actions become politically necessary.

To the great dismay of the many good, decent and straight arrow FBI agents, Obama begged Mueller to stay on for two more years than the 10 years the law allowed.  Obama then asked Congress to approve Mueller’s waiver allowing him to stay on two extra years.

Perhaps the leaders in Congress did not realize what they were doing in approving it. I did. It was a major mistake, and I said so at the time. This is also why I objected strenuously the moment I heard Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed his old friend Bob Mueller to be Special Counsel to go after President Trump.

Rod Rosenstein

I was one of the few who were NOT surprised when Mueller started selecting his assistants in the Special Counsel’s office who had reputations for being bullies, for indicting people who were not guilty of the charges, for forcing people toward bankruptcy b y running up their attorney’s fees (while the bullies in the Special Counsel’s office enjoy an apparently endless government budget), or by threatening innocent family members with prosecution so the Special Counsel’s victim would agree to pleading guilty to anything to prevent the Kafka-esque prosecutors from doing more harm to their families. The pattern is there. Are you seeing it?


There is a doctrine in our experiment in self-government mandating that all parts of the government must have oversight to prevent power from corrupting and absolute power from corrupting absolutely. The Congress and Senate are accountable to the voters as is the President. All the massive bloated bureaucracy is supposed to be accountable to the Congress.

A good example would be complaints against the Department of Justice or, specifically,the FBI. If constituents or whistleblowers within those entities have complaints, a Congressman’s office is a good place to contact. Our conversations or information from constituents or whistleblowers are normally privileged from review by anyone within the Executive Branch. It must be so. If the FBI could raid our offices anytime an FBI agent were to complain to us, no FBI agent could ever afford to come forward, no matter how egregious the conduct they are wanting to disclose. Whistle blowing FBI Agents have to know they are protected. They always have known that in the past.

As I learned from talking with attorneys who had helped the House previously with this issue, if the FBI or another law enforcement entity needed to search something on the House side of the Capitol or House office buildings, they contacted the House Counsel, whether with a warrant or request. The House Counsel with approval of the Speaker, would go through the Congress Members documents, computers, flash drives, or anything that might have any bearing on what was being sought as part of the investigation. They would honestly determine what was relevant and what was not, and what was both irrelevant and privileged from Executive Branch review. Normally, if there were a dispute or question, it could be presented to a federal judge for a private in-chamber review to determine if it were privileged or relevant. If the DOJ or FBI were to get a warrant and gather all computers or documents in a Congressman’s office without the recovered items being screened to insure they are not privileged from DOJ seizure, the DOJ would be risking that an entire case might be thrown out because of things improperly recovered and “fruit of the poisonous tree,” preventing the use of even things that were not privileged.

However, FBI Director Mueller seemed determined to throw over 200 years of Constitutional restraints to the wind so he could let Congress know he was the unstoppable government bully who could potentially waltz into our offices whenever he wished. In the case of Congressman William Jefferson, Democrat of Louisiana, Mueller was willing to risk a reversal of a slam dunk criminal case just to send a message to the of Congress: you don’t mess with the Zohan, if the Zohan is Bob Mueller.

That Congressman Jefferson was guilty of something did not surprise most observers when, amidst swirling allegations, $90,000 in cold hard cash was found in his freezer. As we understood it, the FBI had a witness who was wired and basically got Jefferson on tape taking money. They had mountains of indisputable evidence to prove their case. They had gotten an entirely appropriate warrant to search his home and had even more mountains of evidence to nail the lid on his coffin, figuratively speaking.

The FBI certainly did not need to conduct an unsupervised search of a Congressman’s office to put their unbeatable case at risk. Apparently, the risk was worth it to Mueller so he could show the Members of Congress who could harass or destroy them whenever he wished. Apparently, the FBI knew just the right federal judge who would disregard the Constitution and allow Mueller’s minions to do their dirty work.

I read the Application for Warrant and the accompanying Affidavit for Warrant to raid Jefferson’s office, as I did so many times as a felony judge. I could not believe they would risk such a high-profile case just to try to intimidate Members of Congress. In the opinion of this former prosecutor, felony judge and Appellate Court Chief Justice, they could have gotten a conviction based on what they had already spelled out in the very lengthy affidavit.

The official attorneys representing the House, knowing my background, allowed me to sit in on the extremely heated discussions between attorneys for the House, DOJ attorneys, and, to my recollection, an attorney from the Bush White House, after Jefferson’s office was raided. The FBI had gathered up virtually every kind of record, computerized or otherwise, and carted them off. I was not aware of the times that the DOJ and House attorneys, with the Speaker’s permission, had cooperated over the years. No Congressman is above the law nor is any above having search warrants issued against them which is why Jefferson’s home was searched without protest. However, when the material is in a Congressional office, there is a critical and centuries’ old balance of power that must be preserved.

The Mueller FBI spokespeople along with the DOJ choir assured everyone that everything was fine. They were going to have some of the DOJ’s attorneys review all the material and give back anything that was privileged and unlawful for the DOJ to see. Then they would make sure none of the DOJ attorneys who participated in the review of materials (that were privileged from the DOJ’s viewing) would be allowed to be prosecutors in Jefferson’s case. If you find that kind of thinking terribly flawed and constitutionally appalling, you would be in agreement with the former Speakers of the House, the Vice President at the time, and ultimately, the final decisions of our federal appellate court system. They found the search to be illegal and inappropriate.  Fortunately for the DOJ, they did not throw the entire case out. In retrospect, we did not know at the time what a farce a DOJ “firewall”  would have been. Now we do!


In federal law enforcement, it takes a new federal agent or supervisor about five years or so after arriving at a newly assigned office to gain the trust and respect of local law officers. That trust and respect is absolutely critical to doing the best job possible. Yet new FBI Director Robert Mueller came up with a new personnel policy that would rid the FBI of thousands of years of its most invaluable experience.  In a nutshell, after an FBI employee was in any type of supervisory position for five years, he or she had to either come to Washington to sit at a desk or get out of the FBI. In the myriad of FBI offices around the country, most agents love what they do in actively enforcing the law. They have families involved in the community; their kids enjoy their schools; and they do not want to move to the high cost of living in Washington, DC, and especially not to an inside desk job.

What occurred around the country was that agents in charge of their local offices got out of the FBI and did something more lucrative. Though they really wanted to stay in, they were not allowed to do so if they were not moving to DC. Agents told me that it was not unusual for the Special Agent in Charge of a field office to have well over 20 years of experience before the policy change. Under Mueller’s policy that changed to new Special Agents in Charge having five to ten years of experience when they took over. 

If the FBI Director wanted nothing but “yes” men and women around the country working for him, this was a great policy. Newer agents are more likely to unquestioningly salute the FBI Mecca in Washington, and the Director, and never boldly offer a suggestion to fix a bad idea and Mueller had plenty of them. Whether it was wasting millions of dollars on a software boondoggle or questionable personnel preferences, agents tell me Mueller did not want to hear from more experienced people voicing their concerns about his ideas or policies. An NPR report December 13, 2007, entitled, “FBI'S 'Five-And-Out' Transfer Policy Draws Criticism” dealt with the Mueller controversial policy:

From the beginning of this year (2007) until the end of September (2007), 576 agents found themselves in the five-and-out pool. Less than half of them — just 286 — opted to go to headquarters; 150decided to take a pay cut and a lesser job to stay put; 135 retired; and five resigned outright.”

In the period of nine months accounted for in this report, the FBI ran off a massive amount of absolutely priceless law enforcement experience vested in 140 invaluable agents. For the vast part, those are the agents who have seen the mistakes, learned lessons, could advise newer agents on unseen pitfalls of investigations and pursuit of justice. So many of these had at least 20-30 years of experience or more. The lessons learned by such seasoned agents were lost as the agents carried it with them when they left.

In the 2007 NPR report, the FBI Agents Association indicated that the Five-Year-Up-or-Out program hobbles field offices and takes relationships forged there for granted. In other words, it was a terrible idea.

The incalculable experience loss damages the FBI by eliminating those in the field in a position to write to or meet with the FBI Director to advise him against some of the mounting judgment errors on his part which were listed in the NPR article. But this was not the only damage done. If an FBI Director has inappropriate personal vengeance in mind or holds an inappropriate prejudice such as those that infamously motivated Director J. Edgar Hoover, then the older, wiser, experienced agents were not around with the confidence to question or guide the Director away from potential misjudgment. I also cannot help but wonder if Mueller had not run off the more experienced agents, would they have been able to advise against and stop the kind of abuses and corruption being unearthed right now that occurred during the Obama administration.

Rather than admit that his Five Year Up or Out Policy was a mistake, Mueller eventually changed the policy to a Seven Year Up or Out Program.

I once pointed out to him at a hearing that if he had applied the Five Year Up-or-Out Policy to literally everyone in a supervisory position, he himself would have had to leave the FBI by September of 2006. He did not seem to be amused.

One other problem remained that will be discussed in more detail later in this article. Before Mueller became Director, FBI agents were trained to identify certain Muslims who had radicalized and become dangerous. Mueller purged and even eliminated training that would have helped identify radical Islamic killers. By running off the more experienced agents who had better training on radical Islam before Mueller, “blinded us of the ability to identify our enemy,” as I was told by some of them, Mueller put victims in harm’s way in cities like Boston, San Diego and elsewhere.


National Security Letters (NSL) are a tool that allows the DOJ to bypass the formality of subpoenas, applications for warrants with affidavits in support, and instead simply send a letter to an individual, business or any entity they so choose to demand that records or documents of any kind must be produced and provided to the sender. The letter also informs the recipient that if the recipient reveals to anyone that the letter was received or what it requires to be produced, then the recipient has committed a federal felony and will be prosecuted. It is a rather dramatic event to receive such a letter and realize that this simple letter could have such profound power and consequences.

The Committee in the House of Representatives that has oversight jurisdiction over the DOJ is the Judiciary Committee of which I am a member. We have grilled DOJ personnel in the past over the potential for NSL abuse, but both the House and Senate Committees were reassured that there were no known abuses of this extra-constitutional power.

Unfortunately, the day came when we learned that there had been an extraordinary number of abuses. Apparently, some of Mueller’s FBI agents had just been sending out demands for records or documents without any probable cause as the Fourth Amendment requires. Some agents were on outright fishing expeditions just to find out what different people were doing. We were told that there may have even been thousands of NSL’s sent out to get documents without following either the Constitutional requirements or the DOJ’s own policy requirements.

 When the Inspector General’s report revealed such absolutely outrageous conduct by FBI agents, some of us in Congress were absolutely livid.  An NBC News report on March 9, 2007, had this headline and sub-headline: “Justice Department: FBI acted illegally on data; Audit finds agency misused Patriot Act to obtain information on citizens.”

 The report went on to say, “FBI Director Robert Mueller said he was to blame for not putting more safeguards into place. ‘I am to be held accountable,’ Mueller said. He told reporters he would correct the problems and did not plan to resign. ‘The inspector general went and did the audit that I should have put in place many years ago,’ Mueller said.”

Some of us Republicans wanted to completely eliminate such an extraordinary power that was so widely abused. Nonetheless, I could not help but wonder that if Mueller had not run off thousands of years of experience though his “Five Year Up-or-Out Policy,”  perhaps young, inexperienced agents would not have been so tempted to vastly abuse the power of the NSL. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales lost his job over the widespread, pervasive abuses under Mueller’s supervision. In retrospect, Mueller probably should have been gone first. It was his people, his lack of oversight, his atmosphere that encouraged it, and his FBI that did virtually nothing to hold people accountable.

Senator Ted Stevens

 With Mueller as his mentor and confidant, is it any surprise that we’re now finding James Comey’s FBI found additional ways to monitor Americans and plot with Democrat loyalists in an attempt to oust a duly-elected President?

and had some mental issues, we are expected to simply accept that he was definitely the Anthrax killer and drop the whole matter. That's a difficult ask after taxpayer money paid off Mueller’s previous victim. Mueller had relentlessly dogged Dr. Hatfill using life-destroying, Orwellian tactics. Either Mueller was wrong when he said it would be a mistake, “to say there were mistakes,” in the railroading of Hatfill or Mueller did intentionally and knowingly persecute an innocent man.


In 2003, during yet another fabricated and politically-charged FBI investigation, this one "searching" for the leak of CIA agent Valery Plame's identity to the media. Robert Mueller’s very dear close friend James Comey was at the time serving as the Deputy Attorney General. Comey convinced then Attorney General John Ashcroft that he should recuse himself from the Plame investigation. At the time, Ashcroft was in the hospital.

After Deputy A.G. Comey was successful in securing Ashcroft's recusal, Comey then got                                                                       to choose the Special Counsel. He then looked about for someone who was completely independent of any relationships that might affect his independence and settled upon his own child’s godfather and named Patrick Fitzgerald to investigate the source of the leak. So much for the independence of the Special Counsel. The entire episode was further revealed as a fraud when it was later made public that Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald, FBI Director Mueller, and Deputy Attorney Comey had very early on learned that the source of Plame’s identity leak came from Richard Armitage. But neither Comey nor Mueller nor Fitzgerald wanted Armitage’s scalp. Oh no. These so-called a political, fair-minded pursuers of their own brand of justice were after a bigger name in the Bush administration like Vice President Dick Cheney or Karl Rove. Yet they knew from the beginning that these two men were not guilty of anything. 

Nonetheless, Fitzgerald, Mueller and Comey pursued Cheney’s chief of staff, Scooter Libby, as a path to ensnare the Vice President. According to multiple reports, Fitzgerald had twice offered to drop all charges against Libby if he would ‘deliver’ Cheney to him. There was nothing to deliver.

 Is any of this sounding familiar? Could it be that these same tactics have been used against an innocent Gen. Mike Flynn? Could it be that Flynn only agreed to plead guilty to prevent any family members from being unjustly prosecuted and to also prevent going completely broke from attorneys’ fees? That’s the apparent Mueller-Comey-Special Counsel distinctive modus-operandi. Libby would not lie about Cheney, so he was prosecuted for obstruction of justice, perjury, making a false statement. This Spectator report in 2015 sums up this particularly egregious element of the railroading:

 “… By the time Scooter Libby was tried in 2007 it wasn’t for anything to do with the Plame leak —everyone then knew Armitage had taken responsibility for that— but for lying to federal officials about what he had said to three reporters, including Miller.
 It is relating to this part of the story that an extraordinary new piece of information has come to light. After her spell in prison, and with her job on the line, Miller was eventually worn down to agree to hand over some redacted portions of notes of her few conversations with Libby. Several years on, she could no longer recall where she had first heard of Plame’s CIA identity, but her notes included a reference to Wilson alongside which the journalist had added in brackets ‘wife works in Bureau?’ After Fitzgerald went through these notes it was put to Miller that this showed that the CIA identity of Plame had been raised by Libby during the noted meeting. At Libby’s trial Miller was the only reporter to state that Libby had discussed Plame. His conviction and his sentencing to 30 months in prison and a $250,000 fine, rested on this piece of evidence.

 But Miller has just published her memoirs. One detail in particular stands out. Since the Libby trial, Miller has read Plame’s own memoir and there discovered that Plame had worked at a State Department bureau as cover for her real CIA role. The discovery, in Miller’s words, ‘left her cold’. The idea that the ‘Bureau’ in her notebook meant ‘CIA’ had been planted in her head by Fitzgerald.

 It was a strange word to use for the CIA. Reading Plame’s memoir, Miller realized that ‘Bureau’ was in brackets because it related to her working at State Department. (Emphasis added)

 What that means is that Scooter Libby had not lied as she originally thought and testified. He was innocent of everything including the contrived offense. For his honesty and innocence, Scooter Libby spent time behind bars, and still has a federal felony conviction he carries like an albatross. The real culprit of the allegation for which the Special Counsel was appointed, and massive amounts of tax payer dollars expended was Richard Armitage. A similar technique was used against Martha Stewart. After all, Mueller’s FBI developed both cases. If the desired crime to be prosecuted was never committed, then talk to someone you want to convict until you find something that others are willing to say was not true.  Then you can convict them of lying to the FBI. Martha Stewart found out about Mueller’s FBI the hard way. Unfortunately, Mueller has left a wake of innocent people whom he has crowned with criminal records.

History does seem to repeat itself when it is recording the same people using the same tactics. Can anyone who has ever actually looked at Robert Mueller’s history honestly say that Mueller deserves a sterling reputation in law enforcement? One part of his reputation he does apparently deserve is the reputation for being James Comey’s mentor.


 In 2011, in one of the House Judiciary Committee’s oversight hearings, FBI Director Mueller repeatedly testified during questioning by various Members about how the Muslim community was just like every other religious community in the United States.  He also referenced an “Outreach Program” the FBI had with the Muslim community.
 When it was my turn to question, I could not help but put the two points of his testimony together for a purge question:

GOHMERT: Thank you, Director. I see you had mentioned earlier, and it's in your written statement, that the FBI’s developed extensive outreach to Muslim communities and in answer to an earlier question I understood you to say that you know Muslim communities were like all other communities, so I'm curious as the result of the extensive outreach program the FBI's had to the Muslim community, how is your outreach program going with the Baptists and the Catholics?

MUELLER: I'm not certain of, necessarily the rest of that, the question I would say -- there are outreach to all segments of a particular city or county or society is good.

GOHMERT: Well do you have a particular program of outreach to Hindus, Buddhists, Jewish community, agnostics or is it just an extensive outreach program to –

MUELLER: We have outreach to every one of those communities.

GOHMERT: And how do you do that?

MUELLER: Every one of those communities can be affected by facts or circumstance

GOHMERT: I've looked extensively, and I haven't seen anywhere in anyone from the FBI's letters, information that there's been an extensive outreach program to any other community trying to develop trust in this kind of relationship and it makes me wonder if there is an issue of trust or some problem like that that the FBI has seen in that particular community.

MUELLER: I would say if you look at one of our more effective tools or what we call citizens academies where we bring in individuals from a variety of segments of the territory in which the office operates . . .look at the citizens’ academy, the persons here, they are a cross-section of the community, they can be Muslim, could be Indian, they can be Baptists –

GOHMERT: Okay but no specific programs to any of those. You have extensive outreach to Muslim community and then you have a program of outreach to communities in general is what it sounds like.

Congressman Louie Gohmert

We went further in the questioning. The 2007 trial of the Holy Land Foundation, the largest terrorism financing trial in American history, linked the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas. CAIR was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the case. Because of this affiliation, the FBI issued policy and guidance to restrict its non-investigative interactions with CAIR in an effort to limit CAIR’s ability to exploit contacts with the FBI. As a result, FBI field offices were instructed to cut ties with all local branches of CAIR across the country.

GOHMERT: Are you aware of the evidence in the Holy Land Foundation case that linked the Council on American-Islamic relations, CAIR, the Islamic Society of North America and the North America Islamic Trust to the Holy Land Foundation?

MUELLER: I'm not going to speak to specific information in a particular case. I would tell you on the other hand that we do not

GOHMERT: Are you aware of the case, Director?


MUELLER:– n relationship with CAIR because of concerns

GOHMERT: Well I've got the letter from the Assistant Director Richard Powers that says in light of the evidence - talking about during the trial – evidence was introduced that demonstrated a relationship among CAIR, individual CAIR founders, including its current president emeritus and executive director and the Palestine committee, evidence was also introduced that demonstrated a relationship between the Palestine committee and Hamas, which was designated as a terrorist organization in 1995. In light of that evidence, he says, the FBI suspended all formal contacts between CAIR and FBI. Well now it's my understanding, and I've got documentation, and I hope you've seen this kind of documentation before, it's public record, and also the memo order from the judge in turning down a request that the unindicted co-conspirators be eliminated from the list, and he says the FBI's information is clear there is a tie here, and I'm not going to grant the deletion of these particular parties as unindicted co-conspirators. So, I'm a little surprised that you're reluctant to discuss something that's already been set out in an order, that's already been in a letter saying we cut ties in light of the evidence at this trial. I'm just surprised it took the evidence that the FBI had, being introduced at the trial in order to sever the relationships with CAIR that it (the FBI) had that showed going back to the 1993 meeting in Philadelphia, what If a Mueller-trained FBI agent got a complaint about a potential radical Islamist who may pose a threat, the agent must immediately recognize that the one complaining is most likely an Islamophobe. That means the agent should first investigate whether the complainant is guilty of a hate crime. Too often it was AFTER an attack occurred that Mueller-trained FBI agents would decide that there really was a radical Islamic threat to the United States. The blinding of our FBI agents to the domestic threat of radical Islam is part of the beguiling damage Robert Mueller did as FBI Director. That is also the kind of damage that got Americans killed, even though Mueller may have avoided offending the radical Islamists who were killing Americans. As terrorism expert Patrick Poole continually points out in his “Known Wolf” series, the overwhelming majority of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil are committed by those the FBI has interviewed and dismissed as a threat. Here are three of the more high-profile cases:

ORLANDO: The mass killer who attacked the Pulse nightclub in June2016, Omar Mateen, had been interviewed by the FBI on THREE separate occasions.

The open preliminary investigation in 2013 lasted 10 months, after Mateen had told others about mutual acquaintances he shared with the Boston bombers and had made extremist statements.

He was investigated again in 2014 for his contacts with a suicide bomber who attended the same mosque. At one point, Mateen was placed on TWO separate terrorism databases. He was later removed from them.

NORTHWEST AIRLINES: Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab boarded Detroit-bound Northwest Flight 253 on Christmas Day 2009 with 289 other passengers wearing an underwear bomb intended to murder them all.  He was well-known to U.S. intelligence officials before he boarded.  Only one month before the attempted bombing, Abdulmutallab’s  father had actually gone to the U.S. embassy in Nigeria and met with two CIA officers.  He directly told the CIA that he was concerned about his son’s extremism. Abdulmutallab's name was added to the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) database’ However, his name was not added the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database. Or even the no-fly list. So, he boarded a plane.

When asked about the near-takedown of the flight and these missteps, then-Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano remarkably told CNN that “the system worked.”  The only "system" that worked in this incident: a culture that values bravery, already instilled in the passengers who acted.

BOSTON: Prior to the bombing of the Boston Marathon by Tamerlanand Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in April 2013 that killed three people and injured 264 others, the FBI had been tipped off. Twice. 

Russian intelligence warned that Tamerlan was “a follower of radical Islam.”  Initially, the FBI denied ever meeting with Tamerlan. They later claimed that they followed up on the lead, couldn’t find anything in their databases linking him to terrorism, and quickly closed the case. After the second Russian warning, Tamerlan’s file was flagged by federal authorities demanding “mandatory” detention if he attempted to leave or re-enter the United States.  But Tsarnaev's name was misspelled when it was entered into the database.

An internal FBI report of the handling of the Tsarnaev’s case –– unsurprisingly –– saw the FBI exonerate itself.

When I asked at yet another House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing, in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, Mueller himself admitted in response to my questioning, that the FBI had indeed gone to the Boston mosque the bombers attended.  Of course, The FBI did not go to investigate the Tsarnaevs.  The bombers' mosque, the Islamic Society of Boston, was incorporated by known and convicted terrorists. The incorporation papers were signed by none other than Abduram Al-Amoudi who is currently serving 23 years in a federal prison for funding terrorism. One of the members of the Board of Trustees included a leader of the International Muslim Brotherhood, Yusef al-Qawadari, who is barred from entering the United States due to his terrorist ties.
Did Mueller’s FBI go to the Boston bombers’ mosque to investigate the Tsarnaevs? This is from the House Judiciary oversight hearing transcript:

GOHMERT: The FBI never canvassed Boston mosques until four days after the April 15 attacks. If the Russians tell you that someone has been radicalized and you go check and see the mosque that they went to, then you get the articles of incorporation, as I have, for the group that created the Boston mosque where these Tsarnaevs attended, and you find out the name Al-Amoudi, which you will remember, because while you were FBI Director this man who was so helpful to the Clinton administration with so many big things, he gets arrested at Dulles Airport by the FBI and he is now doing over 20 years for supporting terrorism. 

This is the guy that started the mosque where the Tsarnaevs were attending, and you didn’t even bother to go check about the mosque?  And then when you have the pictures, why did no one go to the mosque and say, who are these guys? They may attend here. Why was that not done since such a thorough job was done?

MUELLER: Your facts are not altogether

GOHMERT: Point out specifically.

MUELLER: May I finish my

GOHMERT: Point out specifically. Sir, if you’re going to call me a liar, you need to point out specifically where any facts are wrong.

MUELLER: We went to the mosque prior to Boston.

GOHMERT: Prior to Boston?

MUELLER: Prior to Boston happening, we were in that mosque talking to the imam several months beforehand as part of our outreach efforts.

“Outreach efforts”? Yes. That is apparently Mueller’s efforts to play figurative patty-cake with the leaders and tell them how wonderful they are and how crazy all those Islamaphobes out there are, but they surely got assurance that Mueller’s FBI is after those bigots. Maybe they sat around on the floor and had a really nice meal together.  One thing for certain, they weren’t asking about the Tsarnaevs! But the hearing got even worse:

GOHMERT: Were you aware that those mosques were started by Al-Amoudi?

MUELLER. I’ve answered the question, sir.

GOHMERT. You didn’t answer the question. Were you aware that they were started by Al-Amoudi? 

MUELLER. No . . .

Then my time for questioning expired, leaving many questions unanswered. Why was the FBI unaware of the origins of the mosque attended by the Boston bombers? This was arguably the most traumatic Islamic terrorist attack in America since 9-11 because the explosions happened on live television at the Boston Marathon. When did the FBI become an outreach-to-terrorism organization to the detriment and disregard of its investigations? Under Director Robert Mueller’s tenure, that’s when! In Director Mueller’s efforts to appease and please the named co-conspirators of terrorism, he was keenly attuned to their complaints that the FBI training materials on radical Islam said some things about Islamic terrorists that offended some Muslims.  Never mind that the main offense was done to the American people by radical Islamists who wanted to kill Americans and destroy our way of life. Mueller wanted to make these co-conspirators feel good toward Mueller and to let them know he was pleased to appease.

Director Mueller had all of the training materials regarding radical Islam “purged” of anything that might offend radical Islamic terrorists. So, in addition to using his “Five Year Up-or-Out” policy to force out so many experienced FBI agents who had been properly trained to identify radical Islamic terrorists, now Mueller was going even further. He was ensuring that new FBI agents would not know what to look for when assessing potentially radicalized individuals.

When some of us in Congress learned of the Mueller-mandated “purge” of FBI training materials, we demanded to see what was being removed. Unfortunately, Mueller was well experienced in covering his tracks, so naturally the pages of training materials that were purged were ordered to be “classified,” so most people would never get to see them.

After many terrorist attacks, we would hear that the FBI had the Islamic terrorists on their radar but failed to identify them. Now you are beginning to see why FBI agents could not spot them. They were looking more at the complainant than they were at the radical Islamist because that is what Mueller had them trained to do. Michele Bachmann and I were extremely upset that Americans were being killed because of the terribly flawed training. We demanded to see the material that was“purged” from the training of FBI agents regarding radical Islam. That is when we were told it could not be sent over for review because the purged material was “classified.”

We were authorized to review classified material, so we demanded to see it anyway. We were willing to go over to the FBI office or the DOJ, but we wanted to review the material. We were told they would bring it over and let us review it in the Rayburn Building in a protected setting. They finally agreed to produce the material. Members of Congress Michele Bachmann, Lynn Westmoreland, and I went to the little room to review the vast amount of material. Lynn was not able to stay as long as Michele and I did, but we started pouring through the notebooks of materials.

It was classified so naturally I am not allowed to disclose any specifics, but we were surprised at the amount of material that was purged from training our agents. Some of the items that were strictly for illustration or accentuation were removed. A few were silly. But some should clearly have been left in if an FBI agent was going to know how and what a radical Islamic terrorist thinks, and what milestone had been reached in the co-conspirators feel good toward Mueller and to let them know he was pleased to appease.

It was clear to Michele and me as we went through the purged materials that some of the material really did need to be taught to our FBI agents.  For those densely-headed or radical activists who will wrongly proclaim that what I am writing is an Islamophobic complaint, please note that I have never said that all Muslims are terrorists. I have never said that, because all Muslims are NOT terrorists. But for the minority who are, we have to actually learn exactly what they study and learn how they think.

As Patton made clear after defeating Rommel’s tanks in World War II, he studied his enemy, what he believed and how he thought. In the movie, “Patton,” he loudly proclaims, “Rommel, you magnificent ___, I read your book!” That is how an enemy is defeated. You study what they believe, how they think, what they know. Failure to do so is precisely why so many “Known Wolves” are able to attack us. Clearly, Mueller weakened our ability to recognize a true radical Islamic terrorist. As one of my friends in our U.S. Intelligence said, “We have blinded ourselves of the ability to see our enemy! You cannot defeat an enemy you cannot define.” Robert Mueller deserves a significant amount of the credit for the inability of our federal agents to define our enemy.


FBI Special Agent Kim Jensen had spent a great deal of his adult life studying radical Islam. He is personally responsible for some extraordinary undercover work that remains classified to this day. He was tasked with putting together a program to train our more experienced FBI agents to locate and identify radicalized Muslims on the threshold of violence. Jensen had done this well before Mueller began to cozy up with and pander to groups such as CAIR.

Complaints by similar groups caused Mueller to once again demand that our agents could not be properly instructed on radical Islam. Accordingly, Jensen’s approximately 700-pages of advanced training material on radical Islam were eliminated from FBI training and all copies were ordered destroyed. When Director Mueller decides he wants our federal agents to be blind and ignorant of radical Islam, they are indeed going to be blind and ignorant.

Fortunately, in changing times well after Mueller’s departure as FBI Director, a new request went out to Mr. Jensen to recreate that work because at least someone in the FBI needed to know what traits to look for in a terrorist. It still did not undo the years of damage from Mueller’s commanded ignorance of radical Islam.


Robert Mueller had more than one direct conflict of interest that should have prohibited him from serving as the Special Counsel to investigate President Donald Trump. For one thing, President Trump fired his close friend and confidante, disgraced FBI Director James Comey. Mueller had long served as a mentor to Comey, who would most certainly be a critical witness in any investigation of Donald Trump. Mueller and Comey had also been exceedingly close friends beyond the mentor relationship. But Comey’s insertion of himself into so much of the election cycle and even its aftermath in conversations he had with the President himself made him a critical witness in the investigation. There is no way Mueller could sit in judgment of his dear, close friend’s credibility, and certainly no way he should be allowed to do so.

Gregg Jarrett explained one aspect of this situation quite clearly and succinctly at in an article titled,“Gregg Jarrett: Are Mueller and Comey ‘Colluding’ against Trump by acting as co-special counsel?”  A portion of that article said the following: 

The law governing the special counsel (28 CFR 600.7) specifically prohibits Mueller from serving if he has a “conflict of interest.” Even the appearance of a conflict is disallowed. The same Code of Federal Regulations defines what constitutes a conflict. That is, “a personal relationship with any person substantially involved in the conduct that is the subject of the investigation or prosecution” (28 CFR 45.2). 

Comey is that person. He was substantially involved in the conversation with President Trump who may be the subject of an obstruction investigation. In fact, the former Director is the only other person involved. There were no witnesses beyond himself.  A conflict of interest is a situation in which an individual has competing interests or loyalties. Here, it sets up a clash between the special counsel’s self -interest or bias and his professional or public interest in discharging his responsibilities in a fair, objective and impartial manner. His close association with the star witness raises the likelihood of prejudice or favoritism which is anathema to the fair administration of justice.

Mueller has no choice but to disqualify himself. The law affords him no discretion because the recusal is mandatory in its language. It does not say “may” or “can” or “might”. It says the special counsel “shall” recuse himself in such instances.  An excellent post by Robert Barnes, a constitutional lawyer, identifies five statutes, regulations and codes of conduct that Mueller is violating because of his conflict of interest with Comey. Byron York, chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner recounts in detail the close personal relationship between Mueller and Comey which gives rise to the blatant conflict of interest.

Another deeply troubling aspect of Mueller’s conflict of interest is and was his role in the investigation of Russia’s effort to illegally gain control of a substantial part of United States’ precious supply of uranium. That investigation was taking place within the Mueller FBI, which should have had a direct effect on prohibiting Secretary of State Clinton from participating in the approval of the uranium sale into the hands that were ultimately the Russian government.
Of course, then U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein had direct control over that Russia-uranium investigation in conjunction with FBI Director Mueller. It certainly appears that with what they had gleaned from that undercover investigation, they should never have been involved in any subsequent investigation that might touch on potential collusion and millions of dollars paid to the Clinton’s foundation by the very beneficiaries of the Russians' uranium schemes. Rosenstein and Mueller’s failure to warn against or stop the sale reeks of its own form of collusion, cooperation, or capitulation in what some consider a treasonous sale.

Quite the interesting little duo now in charge of all things investigatory surrounding their own actions. In fact, Rosenstein and Mueller are now in a position to dissuade others from pursuing THEM for their own conduct.


 Through it all, Mueller’s modus operandi does not seem to have ever changed. He has hired nine Democrat-supporting lawyers and NO Republicans. Sure, all attorneys likely have political views and that is not a problem so long as they do not affect their job. But not a single Republican was worthy of Mueller’s selection? Were there no establishment Republicans who wanted to join him in railroading President Trump?

Mueller’s hand-picked team of Democrats reveal political views that distinctly conflict with Trump and the conservative agenda, raising questions about Mueller’s bias and his ability to conduct a fair investigation. At least nine members of Mueller’s team made significant contributions to Democrats or Democratic campaigns, while none contributed to Trump’s campaign and only James Quarles contributed to Republicans in a drastically smaller amount than what he gave to Democrats.  Analysis of Federal Election Commission records shows that Andrew Weissmann, Jeannie Rhee, Andrew Goldstein, James Quarles, Elizabeth Prelogar, Greg Andres, Brandon Van Grack, Rush Atkinson, and Kyle Freeny all contributed over $50,000 in donations to Democrats including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s Presidential campaigns, various Democratic non-presidential candidates, and the Democratic National Convention. Mueller also has surprisingly strong personal ties to a number of the lawyers he hired. Three former partners with Mueller at the Boston law firm of Wilmer Hale are on the payroll: Aaron Zebley, Jeannie Rhee, and James Quarles.

In addition to strong personal ties to Mueller, many of the attorneys have potential conflicts in working for persons directly connected to the people and issues being investigated. Jeannie Rhee represented Ben Rhodes, ex-Obama National Security Adviser, and the Clinton Foundation in a 2015 racketeering lawsuit, as well as Hillary Clinton in a lawsuit probing her private emails.

Aaron Zebley, former Chief of Staff to Mueller while Director of the FBI, represented Justin Cooper in the Clinton email scandal as he was responsible for setting up Clinton’s private email server. He admitted to physically damaging Clinton’s old mobile devices. Andrew Goldstein joined the team after working under major Trump critic Preet Bharara in the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York. Bharara became a strong critic after Trump fired him as an Obama-holdover and spoke on ABC News that “there’s absolutely evidence to launch an obstruction of justice case against Trump’s team with regard to the Russia probe.” Does he sound a bit prejudiced?

Andrew Weissman, notoriously a “tough” prosecutor previously accused of “prosecutorial overreach,” has a less than stellar career after various courts reversed his prosecutions due to his questionable conduct and tactics. As director of the Enron Task Force, Weissman shattered the Arthur Andersen LLP accounting firm and destroyed over 85,000 jobs. In 2005, the conviction was reversed by the Supreme Court. In other words, the only true crime in the case was the murderous destruction of 85,000 jobs and the lives they ruined.

Weissman’s next conviction threw four Merrill Lynch executives into prison without bail for a year, only to be reversed by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. Weissman subsequently resigned from the Enron Task Force. A suspiciously timely move, as the public eye had just caught sight of his modus operandi. Additionally, Weissman has unsightly political ties, having attended Clinton’s election-night celebration in New York City. He also sent an email to Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, praising her boldness on the night she was fired for refusing to enforce President Trump’s travel ban. President Trump was trying to enforce the law; Weisman was trying to enforce his bigotry against Trump and Republicans.

Peter Strzok was removed from Mueller’s team after more than 10,000 texts between him and former Mueller investigator Lisa Page were found to contain vitriolic anti-Trump tirades. They were not simply anti-Trump. They were more in the nature of desperate attempts to stop him from becoming President and talk of a nefarious insurance policy to orchestrate his removal if he were elected.


Michael Flynn is a man who was caught up in manufactured controversy from the moment he stepped into his role in the Trump administration. The circumstances surrounding his take-down have become one of the more puzzling aspects of the Trump-Russia investigation. His career took him from three decades in the U.S. Army to overseeing the Pentagon’s military intelligence operation and directing the Defense Intelligence Agency. Flynn was more than qualified to act as the first national security adviser in a new administration. However, his influence and zeal made him a clear target for the Trump-Russia investigation.

As a strong supporter and friend of Donald Trump’s from the onset, he campaigned and publicly supported then-candidate Trump throughout 2016.

 As best I can sort it out through the media hype and hysteria, having no first-hand knowledge like the rest of America: after the successful election, during the transition period, in December 2016, Flynn reportedly conversed with a Russian ambassador. He was “accidentally” swept up in an intelligence foreign surveillance recording. When this happens, the names of American citizens are supposed to be masked in the transcripts. Somehow Flynn’s name was magically unmasked, which apparently allowed the Obama administration to peruse his meetings and conversations.

Parts of the classified transcript of that conversation were leaked to the media by rogue Deep State law breakers (criminals who Mueller seems completely disinterested in). This appears to be what fueled the media-driven narrative of Trump campaign “collusion” with Russia because Flynn had a discussion with a Russian ambassador, which conversation is absolutely legal and advisable. A media-generated doubt clouded Flynn’s reputation, as the discussion was long-reported as having taken place during the campaign (which could possibly be illegal) but was later proven to have been after the election and during the transition which should not have been illegal.

After a complete pounding of media-driven hysteria, in mid-February of 2017, Flynn resigned having served only 23 days as National Security Advisor. Mueller targeted Flynn using illicitly-gathered and leaked foreign intelligence and surveillance as evidence.

Nine months later after Flynn and his family were subjected to Mueller’s usual threats and intimidation, a financially exhausted Flynn entered a guilty plea on one count of lying to the FBI—the result of a Mueller-technique perjury trap as was used on Scooter Libby and Martha Stewart.

What is Flynn guilty of? He apparently misremembered a conversation that took place 33 days previously? The FBI had a transcript of that conversation and already knew what information was there. They went into a conversation with Flynn not seeking answers to questions, but to try to trip him up on exact statements made in a conversation when they were already in possession of the transcript. Flynn's unmasking has become the center of a controversy wherein those transcripts were procured under exceedingly questionable circumstances before a judge who had a questionable and undisclosed relationship with part of Mueller’s team. That judge was appointed to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), the secretive court created by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) that allows federal law enforcement to seek secretive warrants to surveil foreign persons outside of the United States who are suspected of terrorism. But the Obama administration and Mueller seemed to find it much more politically expedient to use the secret court to go after Americans who were part of the Trump team for actions that did not occur while they were part of the Trump campaign team. Strange goings-on. One could argue that Judge Rudolph Contreras, the federal judge who accepted Flynn’s guilty plea, conveniently misremembered that he also served on the FISA court as a judge and conveniently misremembered his friendship with the FBI agent whose interview was used as evidence against Flynn. As it turns out, the FBI interview notes of that very encounter with Flynn may exonerate Michael Flynn, crushing Mueller’s case against him, not to mention the highly questionable hearing before a judge who may well have been recused much too late to save the Flynn prosecution.


The FISA-authorized FISC is built upon the principle that highly delicate cases dealing with government surveillance of foreign agents and officials would be handled in an unbiased and respectful environment where secrecy at all costs was critical. There is supposed to be an added precaution to prevent any potential for bias in a FISA Judge by having a rotation of judges. That is why it is such a shock to find out now that Mueller’s case against Michael Flynn would happen to end up before the “randomly selected” very dear close personal friend of FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok, who hated President Trump with a passion, as evidenced in his text messages with colleague and paramour, Lisa Page.

 U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras, or “Rudy” as Strzok likes to refer to him, should have recused himself from such a highly sensitive case involving the ultimate attempted removal of the duly-elected President of the United States who happened to be despised by the very people who by law were required to prosecute with fairness. He was later forced to ‘recuse’ himself and be removed from the Flynn proceedings, without public explanation.

This forced recusal was an unmistakable indication that he never should have been involved in the Michael Flynn plea agreement. Judge Contreras’ conflict of interest has yet to be explained by the court.

Contreras is one of only three local FISA court judges, and by default, is likely one of the judges who have on four occasions approved the Title I surveillance of another characterin this melodrama, Carter Page. This is the case where the FBI is known to have
intentionally misled the FISA court by using as evidence the illustrious “Steele Dossier,” a sordid opposition research document paid for by Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Oh, what a tangled web of crime Special Prosecutor Mueller’s team appears to have helped weave, and of which Mueller appears to be completely disinterested, all while he searches high and low foran elusive crime to pin on the President.


Strategically timed leaks of selective classified information are being used to target individuals for investigation in order to create the appearance of some sinister crime having been committed. Upon closer scrutiny, the cases fall apart. Yet, slam dunk federal criminal cases of leaking classified material are going on under Mueller’s nose, and by those within his purview and his team. When we think of all the leaks from Mueller’s investigation, it brings to mind Wilford Brimley’s quote from Absence of Malice: “You call what's goin' on around here a leak? Boy, the last time there was a leak like this, Noah built hisself a boat.”

Case in point: Eric Prince. 

As Lee Smith put it in a recent article from, Robert Mueller’s Beltway Cover-Up: News that special counselor Robert Mueller has turned his attention to Erik Prince’s January 11, 2017 meeting in the Seychelles with a Russian banker, a Lebanese-American political fixer, and officials from the United Arab Emirates, helps clarify the nature of Mueller’s work. It’s not an investigation that the former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is leading—rather, it’s a cover- up…

 Mueller is said to believe that the Prince meeting was to set up aback channel with the Kremlin. But that makes no sense. According to the foundational text of the collusion narrative, the dossier allegedly written by former British spy Christopher Steele, the Kremlin had cultivated Trump himself for years. So what’s the purpose of a back channel, when Vladimir Putin already had a key to the front door of Mar-a-Lago? 

Further, the collusion thesis holds that the Trump circle teamed with high-level Russian officials for the purpose of winning the 2016 election. How does a meeting that Erik Prince had a week before Trump’s inauguration advance the crooked election victory plot? It doesn’t—it contradicts it.

The writer goes on to point out that serious crimes have been committed that Muelleris purposefully ignoring. Prince was thrown into the middle of Russiagate after an April 3, 2017, Washington Post story reported his meeting with the Russian banker. But how did anyone know about the meeting?

After the story came out, Prince said he was shown “specific evidence” by sources from the intelligence community that the information was swept up in the collection of electronic communications and his identity was unmasked. The US official or officials who gave his name to the Post broke the law when they leaked classified intelligence. “Unless the Washington Post has somehow miraculously recruited the bartender of a hotel in the Seychelles,” Prince told the House Intelligence Committee in December, “the only way that’s happening is through SIGINT [signals intelligence].”

Prince’s name was unmasked and leaked from classified signals intelligence. Oddly enough, it’s the same modus operandi used in the targeting of President Donald Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

It is a federal felony to publish leaked classified information.

Ask WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange about that particular unequal application of the law.

The Deep State felons who are strategically leaking this information have politically weaponized our justice system and should be brought up on charges of high treason for their attempts, with malice of forethought, to manufacture the overthrow of a duly-elected President of the United States.

The leaks and publication of classified information alone warrant investigation and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law in this matter, yet Mueller is uninterested in those crimes even as they go to the very heart of the credibility of the supposed justification of his investigative mandate.

Yet, as I’ve demonstrated here, the man put in charge of the investigation of this Russia “collusion” case, Robert Mueller, has perfected the art of abuse of the justice system for personal and political gain. He is uninterested in any criminal activity that does not further his cause of damaging this President. If you think that is harsh, consider the criminality of the FISA court abuses by the Obama Department of Justice and FBI.

We have all heard ad nauseum about the infamous “Steele Dossier,” the opposition research document paid for by the Clinton campaign that was used to manufacture the Russia collusion narrative and spark what became the Mueller investigation into our President.  On June 18, 2017, Muller protégé and disgraced former FBI Director James Comey testified in front of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence about the Clinton campaign-funded document, telling Congress that the document was,“salacious and unverified.”

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, created a court called the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) to allow secret warrants to surveil agents of foreign governments, be they U.S. citizens or non-U.S. actors. In October of 2016, the Obama DOJ/FBI successfully applied for one of these secret warrants to surveil Carter Page, a short-time Trump campaign volunteer. Since these warrants against U.S. citizens are outside of the bounds of the Constitution, they have to be renewed by applying to the court every 90 days after the first warrant application is approved. These secret warrants are so serious they have to be signed off on at the highest levels. The applications in question would have been signed off on by Obama administration FBI and DOJ officials including then FBI Director James Comey. At least one of the renewal applications would have been signed off on by our current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. At the time of signing, they all would have had the knowledge and/or the professional and legal duty to know that the dossier was used as evidence and also had the legal duty to know the evidence origins.

The same would apply to the knowledge of the penalty for submitting unverified information to the FISC for the purpose of obtaining a warrant.

 It is a crime to submit under the color of law an application to the FISC that contains unverified information. 50 U.S. Code § 1809m

Comey’s “salacious and unverified” testimony before the Senate occurred eight months after the Clinton campaign-funded dossier was used in the first successful FISA court application to obtain a surveillance warrant against Carter Page, a Trump campaign volunteer for several months. The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence examined the documentation submitted to the court and concluded that the unverified information contained in the Steele dossier was in fact used in the FISC application, without disclosing to the court that it was an opposition research document paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee:

 Neither the initial application in October of 2016, nor any of the renewals, disclose or reference the role of the DNC, Clinton campaign, or any party/campaign in funding Steele's efforts, even though the political origins of the Steele dossier were then known to senior DOJ and FBI officials.

The timing of the applications, the inclusion of material the DOJ/FBI knew to be unverified at the time, and the successful result after this fraudulent inclusion speak to the level of criminal corruption of those who sought to destroy Donald Trump’s candidacy and still seek to destroy his subsequent Presidency when their initial efforts failed.  The widespread abuse of the FISA-authorized court, FISC, was laid bare in a court memorandum of review of these abuses that was declassified in 2017 that went virtually unnoticed by the media because it didn’t fit their narrative.

 These are serious crimes that, left unchecked, lead nations down the path to tyranny at the hands of people who think they know better than we do what is best for us. It’s an age-old struggle America’s Founding Fathers knew well and did everything they could to keep us from experiencing.

 The FISC judges themselves have a duty to police their own courts and call to account these bad actors who, by all facts in the documentation I’ve personally seen, have committed a fraud upon the court. If these judges do not have the integrity to self-police in this matter, we in Congress must hold them accountable. using the power granted to us in the Constitution, Congress has created every single federal court in the country except the Supreme Court. We have the duty to phase out, then disband the FISC, while developing a better solution to address the authorization of this sort of surveillance of foreign agents and actors. We have got to clean up the mess that the Obama administration showed is far too easy to create.

 If you want answers, and you CAN handle the truth, join me in demanding those answers from “Special Counsel” Robert Mueller, along with his resignation. If he were to resign, it could well be the only truly moral, ethical and decent action Mueller has under take in this entire investigation,

________________ FINIS ________________



The out-of-control over-zealous Robert Mueller has virtually BANKRUPTED General Michael T. Flynn –– and turned him and his family out of their home –- and all because General Flynn, who serveed our country honorably and with distinction for more than 35 years in the military, had the unmitigated gall to accept an appointment from our then-new, duly-elected president Donald Trump for whom the D.C. Establishment and their myrmidons harbor an unethical, unprincipled, frankly pathological animus.


Instructions may be found at the following link:



  1. You Trumper skeep praying for Mueller to resign to take the heat off your boy. It's not going to happen and no matter what the well known moron Gohmert says, 99% of people who matter view Mueller as fair, impartial and professional. Suck it up, buttercups. Your criminal fake conservative is going down and going down hard and there's not a god damn thing you pinheads can do about it.

    1. Hey Dummy! Try refuting the information in the article, moron.

      Did you go to any of the linked information? Congressmant Gohmert, whatever you think of him, did not make this up.

      The left has their heads so far up their asses they're eating their own brains.

    2. Thank you, Frank. You spoke truth to blockheaded prejudice, and you did it very well.

      I would have deleted that stupid, ugly, totally unfounded attack, but you answered it very well, so it stays.

      These ardent negativists have NOTHING to offer but lies, ill will, insults and vicious, politically-motivated fantasies.

      Still, I'm sorry this thread began on a note of midless, braying negativity. We always hope for something better.

  2. Thaddeus Cockhammer Stinkfinger Doppelganger VApril 30, 2018 at 7:30 AM

    From where I sit the only people eating their own brains are the ones who FAIL to weigh available information from many sources and then decide for THEMSELVES where to land. In short sheeple.

    1. If you would climb down off your sanctimonious progressive pulpit for a moment and actually peruse this article, you would see Rep Gohmert has made available to you information from MANY SOURCES, including those vast rightwing conspirators The New York Times and Boston Glob.

      So, Les, take the stick out of your ass, follow some of those links, and then REBUT THE ARGUMENT, you smug, sanctimonious prick.

    2. PATSY!

      He just said EXACTLY what you are saying. He just used different words.

      You are correct, of course, Patsy, but I think we'd ALL do better to remove ourselves from perpetual attack mode, and actually LISTEN to each other more than we normally do.

  3. I wouldn't put much stock into anything Louie Gohmert. I cringe whenever he steps in front of a TV camera. I always think he should be wearing a tin foil hat while he's waiting for the arrival of the mother shop.

    1. So Louie us a Country Boy from Texas –– not a Northeasterner like us –– you're just not familiar enugh with his personal style to see it as credible. There's plenty of substance beneath that su[erficial aura of naiveté, believe me

      I think you ought to plow through the ARTICLE, Rusty, there's a LOT of solid, well-researched material there from many different sources most of which are conveniently LINKED.

      Always remember, "You can't udge a book by its cover."

  4. Oh Mueller! Dirty Rice, Muzzie Brennan, Kommissar Crapper and all the rest of that corrupt gang of villains, blackguards and slithering conspirators. And their Democrat party followers!

    Fat, dirty farts come billowing out of their backsides! They are an arse full of farts; big fat fellows, long windy ones, quick little merry cracks, and a lot of tiny little naughty farties ending in a long gush of poo sodden wind! Dirty little fartbirds every one!

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    2. Thomas Sinclair Alexander Winthrop the FirstApril 30, 2018 at 9:58 PM

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  5. Sorry FT but you chastise Lisa for allowing uncouth posters yet welcome dopes posting a barrage of flatulent stupidity....just sayin.

    1. Hi Rusty,

      People express themselves in a variety of ways.

      I believe Mr. MacLeer was attempting to amuse this blog's proprietor by channeling James Joyce. Instead of condemning his "stupidity," let's thank heavens he did not post the worst of it!

    2. I can't be here all the time, Rusty. Neither can I control the QUALITY of te COMMENTS that come in most of which range from sub-par to downright abominable.

      I often delete more remarks that I allow to remain.

      By the wayI never chastise LISA. I only go after the worst of the perverts and imbeciles who persist in posting there. If those bastards dare show their faces here, i DELETE them as soon as I spot them.

    3. Mr. MacLeer,

      I'm sorry to have to tell you, but in the words if England's Queen Victoria, "We are not amused."

    4. Thanks FT, I guess after watching that twit Michelle Wolf the other night I'm a bit taken aback by bad attempts at comedy

    5. A Few Words of Advice from an Old Curmudgeon:

      "Don't waste your time with stupid ugly, irritating, morally repugnant things deliberately calculated to offend decent people."

      Enjoy the doughnut. Forget about the hole.

      Enjoy the apple. Eat around, then discard the worm.

      If the window pane is too dirty to let you see the garden or the lake, don't COMPLAIN about it –– get up and CLEAN the WINDOW.


  6. All I know is Trey Gowdy has waned that even though the house Intel has cleared Trump of collusion, the fat lady has not sung as far as mueller is concerned. There is BIG MONEY that wants Trump out of the way. It ain't over til it's over.

  7. ______________________ NOTICE ______________________

    Please TALK about the ARTICLE and NOT TO or ABOUT EACH OTHER.

  8. Sheesh. "The Swamp" indeed!

    How is it that this man kept his jog for so many years and is now frequently declared respectable and a man of integrity by so many on both sides of the aisle?

    1. I think the answer may be because those who've hung around The District of Columbia for many years have a VESTED INTEREST in MAINTAINING the STATUS QUO –– no matter how morally opprobrious and detrimental to the best interests of the populace it may be.

      It should be obvious by now that party affiliation has little to do with the partocualr brand of corruption that dominates American politics today.

      Donald Trump's presence in the Oval Office is rightly p\erceived as THREAT to the statis quo and to the evil ambitions of GLOBALISTS who would transform the USA into a FIEFDOM in a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT run as a MARXIAN DICTATORSHIT by the OLIGARCHS solely for THEIR advantage.

      Can you –– or anyone else –– think of a more logical explanation? If so, I'l be happy to see it.

  9. Replies
    1. _____ On St. Tammany's Birthday _____

      A shame the name of Tammany’s been linked
With the vilest of politicos named Tweed,

      Who ran New York in manner quite distinct

      Eschewing never any dirty deed.

      The entity still known as Tammany Hall

      Shall live in infamy, and so obscures
The truth about its namesake, overall

      A noble savage, whose good name endures


Only in the writings of The Sachem,

      Neddy, who on Tammany heaped praise.

      But kind words today are scarce. We rarely watch ‘em,

      Because none restores these days, instead they raze.

      Of Tammany, himself, we should think kindly,
Not follow false associations blindly.

      ~ FreeThinke (2014)

  10. A Proud RepublicanMay 1, 2018 at 9:27 AM

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    1. ______________________ NOTICE ______________________

      Please TALK about the ARTICLE and NOT TO or ABOUT EACH OTHER.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. ______ OUR RULES ______

      We welcome Conversation
      But without Vituperation.
      If your aim is Vilification ––
      Other forms of Denigration ––
      Unfounded Accusation --
      Determined Obfuscation ––
      Alienation with Self-Justification ––

  12. POSTED in HONOR ot TODAY, the FIRST of MAY:

    _________ Maytime Flowers _________

    Merry, mild and sweet the month of May
    Attests that faith and hope are justified
    Yearnings for a time that's bright with play
    trap us in a sense of trust belied
    In April, which we long to leave behind.
    May fulfills the hopes of early spring
    Embracing life anew, the weather kind
    Frees us. Soon, we feel that everything
    Leaps and shouts and dances just for joy.
    Our gardens bloom again with scented flowers.
    We sail our boats, and shout things like "Ahoy!"
    Enraptured, crazed we kiss in leafy bowers.
    Refreshed, yet daft, we love again to live.
    Springtime is the best that God can give.

    ~ FreeThinke

    1. Thank you, FJ. Now I wish I could find a video of Imogene Coca performing a number on Your Show of Shows, c. 1950-51, called Did I Walk Away from the Maywalk, or Did the Maywalk Walk Away from Me?

      I couldn't have been more than ten at the time, but her performance has stayed in my memory as one of the most delghtfully funny things I've ever seen on television.

      __ x-:) TELEVISION! (:-x __

      It started wonderfully well, and was heralded with HURRAHS and HOSANNAS, then quickly degenerated. Today it's little more than a SNARL, a SNEER, and a LOUD BRONX CHEER.

      Whenever I think of the Great Influuence for Good it COULD and SHOULD have been, I could honestly CRY.

      As TV has gone, so went the nation –– or is it the o
      ther way 'round?

    2. May 1, 1950. That's a long time ago. Couldn't find it on YouTube. :(

    3. In the early days of its existence TV was LIVE. If the things presented were filmed at all, they were preserved by an inferior process called KINESCOPE. The images there were poor, sort of smeary looking, and the sound was decidedly sub par. In addition Kinescope was fragile and didn't wear very well, so unfortunately most of the early achievements of television have been lost to posterity.


  13. Major Headline at the DRUDGE REPORT today (5/2/18)


    The Witch Hunt Continues Unabashed and Unabated

  14. Blastus Sixtus TesticuliiMay 2, 2018 at 12:03 PM

    An epic battle is brewing.

    1. We have been in the MIDST of n "epic battle," ever since Mr. Trump announced his candicacy for the Oval Office.

      I'm surprised you haven't noticed that.

    2. FreeThinke is right, Blastus old boy.

      Either the gangrenous rot of corruption is exposed and excised from this power-mad, dangerous government, or President Trump is removed from office.

      There is no way the two options I have cited may cohabit. I fear this is a fight to the death.

    3. Anginia Pectoralis said

      Cassandra was right too, Lord Hellpuss, but it didn't do her –– or the ancient Greeks –– a particle of good, because NO ONE BELIEVED HER.

      Being "right" is rarely helpful in a world as dedicated to Curruption, Perversion, Depravity and Malfeasance as this one.

      Remember what happened to the temporal life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

      That flippant often sarcastic saying "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" is, most unfortunately deeply rooted in VALIDITY.

  15. Lord Phallus MaximusMay 2, 2018 at 2:01 PM

    Finally, somebody stands up to the Establishment jackals.

    'God damn you to hell!': Former Trump campaign consultant explodes at Democratic Senate aides after he loses his house to legal fees in 'witch hunt' congressional Russia probe

    I pray to God in heaven this conspiracy flips over on those rotten bastards and they end up getting fucked with their own flaming pike pole.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Sreeni SmooklasMay 3, 2018 at 8:45 AM

      That man's blasphemous outburst speaks for at least half of this nation. Indeed may these tormenting, torturing Torquemadas be damned to a flaming hell where devils with large flaming pricks sodomize them for all eternity.

    3. Mon Dieu! Quelle image, M. Smooklas! Nauturellement, J'en suis ravi écouter cela!


    4. Aunt Nettie PottsMay 3, 2018 at 11:12 AM

      The imagery is quite jarring and vulgar, but I believe it is appropriate in this instance.

    5. The imagery is precisely appropriate!

    6. I don't precisely disagree, BUT we all should strive to remember that VENGEANCE belongs only to GOD.

      It's difficult, I know, when our patience is as sorely tried as it is today thanks to the machinations of the ENEMEDIA and Behind-the-Scenes Bastard Billionaire Globalists like George Soros, et al.

    7. We can't begrudge a little "fiery" rhetoric now and then, can we? It blows off steam, I always say!

    8. Of course, Lord H., no doubt about it, but as a blog editor –– and a twenty year veteran of participating at numerous interactive websites –– I feel obliged to do my best NOT to allow this place to become just another cesspit all too typical of the genre. So, we allow ourselves the rare privilege of being highly discriminatory in what we will –– and will NOT –– accept for publication.

      As a Paleo-Conservative-Libertarian I an muchl in favor of reintroducing the power to DISCRIMINATE.

      DISCRIMINATION is not inhlerenty evil, as the Left would have us believe. Instead DISCIMINATION is like Fire, Water, Gunpowder, Sex, New York-style Cheesecake, Alcoholic Beverages, and thousands of other things. It's value depends entirely on the INTENT with which it is applied.

      And as the ancient Greeks sagely advised:



    Not really but it sounds good. I just once again tried to watch Dana Perino on FOX and now absolutely realize that she is unwatchable. She cannot complete a sentence without a minimum of at least ten ah's, in fact she does more ah,ah,ah's then Obama did when he was off the teleprompter.

    1. Now why pick in poor DANA, Rusty? I agree she's not been much help to President Trump, but at least she's good looking nd basically decent. Dana's vice s not the best, but i's downright angelic compared to that slutty Kimberly Guilfoyle, or that screeching harpie Jessica Tarlov. Come to think of it Lisa Kennedy of FBN ain't no beauty and no bargain either in the voice department. However, Kennedy has a good mind, helps us see humor in the "Nighly Blews"and is fenerally on the sde of the angels.

      But surely DANA PERINO is the very LEAST of our worries right now.

      What made you decide to pick on HER?

    2. Well FT, I just wonder how some of these folks get a TV gig. I think Shannon Bream is sharp as a tack and at CNN Brooke Baldwin is good.

    3. I'm astonished to hear that ANYTHING or ANYONE at CINN (Communist News Network) deserves to be called "good."

      Eeeeeeeeeeeeeenterestingk! Varry varry eeeeeeeeeeeebterestingk!


  17. Somebody needs to take that Mueller down a notch! President Donald J. Trump is just the man to do it!

    I hope he takes down those arrogant pricks from the Obama administration while he's at it, including the following people: Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Cheryl Mills, Samantha Power, James Clapper, John Brennan, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, et al

    1. Killie-Lou Byrd said

      Hear! Hear!

  18. Thank God for President TrumpMay 3, 2018 at 11:00 AM

    Hillary Clinton has been destroyed with email hacks and document leaks for nearly two months now, and she will be waking up this morning to another one. In an email released Monday regarding Hillary’s Benghazi investigation, there was one specific message that detailed the exact location of Ambassador Chris Stevens. Because this email was sent through the unsecured server, it is highly probable that terrorists intercepted the message.

  19. The FBI is a rotten house of incompetence, arrogance, lies and corruption. This news comes not from the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy of Hillary's fevered delusions. This news comes from Time Magazine.

    "In January, a federal judge threw out all the criminal charges against renegade Nevada cattleman Cliven Bundy, his two sons and a supporter who had been in an armed standoff over unpaid grazing fees. Judge Gloria Navarro accused the government of “outrageous” and “flagrant” misconduct, citing failures by both prosecutors and the FBI to produce at least 1,000 pages of required documents. The judge said the FBI misplaced–or “perhaps hid”–a thumb drive revealing the existence of snipers and a surveillance camera at the site of the standoff.

    A related case in Oregon, growing out of the 2016 takeover of a wildlife refuge by Bundy’s sons and their followers, has not gone well for the FBI either. An agent at the scene, W. Joseph Astarita, is now charged with five criminal counts after prosecutors say he falsely denied shooting twice at an occupation leader who was fatally shot by police, who said he appeared to be reaching for his handgun during a roadside encounter. The Bundy sons and five supporters who helped in the takeover were found not guilty of conspiracy and weapons charges, in another jarring setback for the government."

    There is much more in the article. I recommend everyone give it a thorough reading.

    Prosecutorial abuse is rampant in our nation.

    1. I've been a BIG supporter of CLIVEN BUNDY ever since that stinkin' mess erupted. The govermen.t has been ABUSING our citizens more and more and more ever since The Welfare State mentaity took hold.

      The government now strives to WEAKEN the STRONG, so it can CATER TO the WEAK, the FECKLESS, the FOOLISH, the USELESS, and the CRIMINAL elements.

      In the guise of "helping" us, the government ha become little more than an increasingky vicious BULLY.

      This is what MARXISM in essence is BOUND t produce.

      Venezuela here we come!

    2. I pisses me off to no end. The FBI criminals gunned down Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, murdered him in cold blood and lied about it.

      Thank God we still have some in government who respect the law, and the rogue FBI murderer is being prosecuted for murdering Finicum.

      Why the hell won't the press outside of Oregon report this?

  20. That is one comprehensive article, FT. An excellent revelation of one Robert Mueller, in my opinion.

    Mueller was the director of the FBI through some critical times in recent American and world history especially that aweful day of September 11, 2001. The article discusses the actions of one Curt Weldon in questioning the "official" version of the story and his ultimate political fate which no doubt was decided by the board of directors of the Deep Date.
    Here's an insightful look into that aspect of the event:

    "Able Danger
    Main article: Able Danger

    A classified military intelligence program known as "Able Danger" was created in October 1999 specifically targeting al-Qaeda. Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer and Congressman Curt Weldon (R-PA) charged before the Senate Judiciary Committee that Able Danger had identified Mohamed Atta, and three of the other hijackers, prior to 9/11.

    The existence of Able Danger, and its purported early identification of the 9/11 terrorists, was first disclosed publicly on June 19, 2005.[33] On June 27, 2005, Weldon stated to the House:

    Mr. Speaker, I rise because information has come to my attention over the past several months that is very disturbing. I have learned that, in fact, one of our Federal agencies had, in fact, identified the major New York cell of Mohamed Atta prior to 9/11; and I have learned, Mr. Speaker, that in September 2000, that Federal agency actually was prepared to bring the FBI in and prepared to work with the FBI to take down the cell that Mohamed Atta was involved in in New York City, along with two of the other terrorists. I have also learned, Mr. Speaker, that when that recommendation was discussed within that Federal agency, the lawyers in the administration at that time said, you cannot pursue contact with the FBI against that cell. Mohamed Atta is in the U.S. on a green card, and we are fearful of the fallout from the Waco incident. So we did not allow that Federal agency to proceed.[34]

    There is no mention of Able Danger in the 9/11 Commission Report. Two 9/11 Commission members, Timothy J. Roemer and John F. Lehman, both claimed not to have received any information on Able Danger.[35] Weldon alleged that intelligence concerning Able Danger was provided to the 9/11 Commission but was ignored.[36]

    Following coverage in the national media of Weldon's claims in August 2005, Thomas Kean and Lee H. Hamilton, former Chair and Vice Chair of the 9/11 Commission, issued a statement[37] in which they stated the Commission had been aware of the Able Danger program, and requested and obtained information about it from the Department of Defense (DoD), but none of the information provided had indicated the program had identified Atta or other 9/11 hijackers.[38][39]

    Curt Weldon issued a response to this statement clarifying the mission of Able Danger, expressing concern over the statements made by various members of the 9/11 Commission, and promising to push forward until it is understood why the DoD was unable to pass the information uncovered by Able Danger to the FBI, and why the 9/11 Commission failed to follow up on the information they were given on Able Danger.[40] "

    1. I remember the Curt Weldon brouhaha very well. For a while it really looked as though the Truth WOULD be revealed, but of course, The Deep State –– or whatever the hell they are –– could NEVER permit THAT to happen, so Weldon first had to be DISMISSED as a mere "Conspiracy Theorist," then when too many did not guy that, Weldi]n HAD to be DESTROYED.

      To this we came –– a LONG time ago,

      Good to see you here, Waylon. Thanks for your contribution.

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Oh, you mean the next Attorney General

    1. Sorry, Rusty. You are always welcime to post here, ––though I wish you'd stay on topic ––, but the :element" you responded to is so low, so
      thick-witted and insensitive –– and so NASTY –– i will never allow any of HIS remarks to remain no matter what he calls himself. I can alawys tell who "anonymous" is by the foul SMELL he emits.


  23. Louise Lewis said

    That Rod Rosenstein looks like a model geek. What a creep!

  24. Lead Headline at the Drudge Report - Today, 5/4/18 as of 10:00 AM:

    ________________ APRIL UNEMPLOYMENT 3.9% ________________

    ___________________TRUMP APPROVAL 51% ____________________

    Our courageous, unflappable, Damn-the-Torpedoes-Full-Speed-Ahead President DONALD J. TRUMP may yet WIN his battle against The Forces of Darkness.

    "Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident."

    ~ Psalm 27:3 (KJV)

    May God continue to bless President Trump, –– as his faith in the Lord –– and ours –– continues to increase and thrive!

  25. Our courageous, unflappable, Damn-the-Torpedoes-Full-Speed-Ahead President DONALD J. TRUMP may yet WIN his battle against The Forces of Darkness.

    His battle is against the forces of TRUTH and LIGHT. A battle he'll surely lose. If he doesn't our nation is screwed. Perhaps for a generation or two.

  26. Headlines just now at Drudge:

    Judge questions Mueller's powers in Manafort case...

    Only interested in president's 'prosecution or impeachment'...

    1. DOW JONES I>NDUSTRIAL AVERAGE UP 1.22% today –– so far






      The number of unemployed black people has fallen to a 17-year low under President Donald Trump.

      As the left works hard to create the caricature of a “racist” president, the numbers suggest he is far better for the black community than his predecessor, former President Obama, was.

      A sharp increase in black unemployment reached its peak of 16.8 percent in March, 2010, about a year after former President Obama’s 2009 inauguration, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.


    4. Cynthia Nugent said

      Unemployment Falls to Lowest Rate Since 2000 Despite Smaller than Expected Jobs Gains in April

      Breitbart Big Government,

      by John Carney

      The U.S. economy added 164,000 jobs in April and unemployment ticked down to 3.9 percent, the lowest since before the bursting of the tech bubble at the end of the last century. Economists had forecast nonfarm payrolls to grow by 192,000 and unemployment to tick down from 4.1 percent to 4.0 percent, according to Thomson Reuters.

      The unemployment rate had been stuck at 4.1 percent for sixth months. April’s employment report showed that hiring has snapped back from a particularly weak March when the economy added just 135,000 jobs, according to the revised figure released Friday. Initially, March was reported * * *


    __________________ Late Breaking News! __________________

    A federal judge on Friday harshly rebuked Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team during a hearing for ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort – suggesting they lied about the scope of the investigation, are seeking “unfettered power” and are more interested in bringing down the president.

    1. Calpurnia Cilantro-Villa said

      Judge in Manafort case says Mueller´s aim is to hurt Trump

      CNN Politics, by Katelyn Polantz & Jessica Schneider

      A federal judge expressed deep skepticism Friday in the bank fraud case brought by special counsel Robert Mueller´s office against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, at one point saying he believes that Mueller´s motivation is to oust President Donald Trump from office.

      Although Mueller´s authority has been tested in court before, Friday´s hearing was notable for District Judge T.S. Ellis´ decision to wade into the divisive political debate around the investigation. "You don´t really care about Mr. Manafort´s bank fraud," Ellis said to prosecutor Michael Dreeben, at times losing his temper. Ellis said prosecutors were interested in Manafort because of ///

  28. Memo to Trump: Defy Mueller

    Creators Syndicate,

    by Patrick Buchanan

    If Donald Trump does not wish to collaborate in the destruction of his presidency, he will refuse to be questioned by the FBI, or by a grand jury, or by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his malevolent minions. Should Mueller subpoena him, as he has threatened to do, Trump should ignore the subpoena, and frame it for viewing in Trump Tower. If Mueller goes to the Supreme Court and wins an order for Trump to comply and testify to a grand jury, Trump should defy the court. The only institution that is empowered to prosecute a president is Congress. If ...

  29. Simon K. Muggeridge said

    Turns Out, Latest Addition to Mueller’s Team Donated to Hillary’s Presidential Campaign

    Daily Caller,

    by Chuck Ross

    The latest addition to special counsel Robert Mueller’s team of prosecutors contributed to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign, according to federal campaign records. Uzo Asonye, an assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, is joining Mueller’s stable of prosecutors to work as local counsel on the case against Paul Manafort, President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman who has been indicted on money laundering and bank fraud charges. Asonye worked at the firm O’Melveny & Myers before joining the U.S. attorney’s office in 2010. Asonye donated $900 to Clinton’s presidential campaign from January to April 2008, according to Federal ...

  30. Mueller’s Perjury Traps Widen

    American Spectator,

    by George Neumayr

    The frenzied discussions about the legal nuances of the Mueller investigation are immensely boring and beside the point. This is not a real inquiry but a raw exercise in power politics, conducted by compromised mandarins on behalf of a corrupt, unelected elite. Mueller isn’t investigating a crime but seeking to create one. He hopes to rattle Donald Trump’s cage sufficiently that he perjures himself. The only answer Trump needs to give to his fishing questions is: See the Constitution. The Mueller investigation is nothing more than the harassment of a chief executive for exercising his constitutional powers. Few of the leaked

    1. Graziella Metalious said

      Mueller has nothing on Trump as far as criminal or obstruction. He also came up empty handed on Russian Collusion. So now he is fulfilling his Democratic cronies Dreams with lying under oath. This is why he wants to question Trump this is a setup to complete his “Witch Hunt”. Mueller couldn’t get Trump on high crimes now he is going for misdemeanor. This is opening the door to IMPEACHMANT.

    2. Fyodor Nicolai Konstantowicki said

      President Trump should hold a 2 hour long Oval Office Address to the nation laying out in detail why the top and mid level ranks of the DOJ and the FBI have just been fired and why the Federal Marshals are, as we speak, kicking in doors, arresting people including Mueller, Comey, Brennan and Clapper, and confiscating records and computers. This Coups attempt is over.

      I can dream can’t I?



    24,262.51 +332.36 (1.39%)

  32. Darius McMurtry said

    Paul Manafort’s defense attorney delivers possible blow to Robert Mueller’s prob

    Washington Times,

    by Rowan Scarborough

    A defense attorney in a court filing says special counsel Robert Mueller has disclosed he has no evidence that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort communicated with Russian government officials. If the attorney is accurate, it delivers another credibility blow to the Democratic Party-financed dossier, which accuses Mr. Manafort of orchestrating Trump-Russia collusion. Kevin Downing, a defense attorney for Mr. Manafort, filed the brief April 30 in the special counsel’s money-laundering case against his client. Those charges are confined to millions of dollars he earned as a political consultant for Ukrainian politicians.


    The ot-of-control over-zealoust Robert Mueller has virtually BANKRUPTED General Michael T. Flynn –– and turned him and his family out of their home –- and all because General Flynn, who serveed our country honorably and with distinction for more than 35 years in the military, had the unmitigated gall to accept an appointment from our then-new, duly-elected president Donald Trump for whom the D.C. Establishment and their myrmidons harbor an unethical, unprincipled, frankly pathological animus.


    Instructions may be found at the following link:


    1. But realize that if you contribute, your data may be collected so that you become a target of the Deep State. Look at what's happening to Michael Caputo:

      ...In Caputo’s closing statement obtained by the Washington Examiner, he said the panel's investigation “forced” his family out of their home and “crushed” his children due to mounting legal costs associated with the inquiry.

      "Today, I can’t possibly pay the attendant legal costs and live near my aging father, raising my kids where I grew up,” Caputo said. “Your investigation and others into the allegations of Trump campaign collusion with Russia are costing my family a great deal of money — more than $125,000 — and making a visceral impact on my children."...


      Caputo called for an “investigation of the investigators” and said he wanted to know who was “coordinating this attack on President Donald Trump.”

      “Forget about all the death threats against my family. I want to know who cost us so much money, who crushed our kids, who forced us out of our home, all because you lost an election,” Caputo said. “I want to know because God damn you to hell."...

    2. An agenda-driven ignoramus like you A-Ninny-Mess, deserves no explanation, because, –– unless you have an IQ below freezing temperature ––, you already KNOW what's REALLY behind this farcical "investigation," and like the vicious, ravening, power-mad wolves you support, you don't CARE how many lives are maimed ro totally destroyed as long as long as it furthers your pathological, hate-driven agenda to use any means fair or foul to OVERTURN the RESULTTS of the 2016 ELECTION and UNSEAT the duly elected president of the United States who happens to be Donald J. Trump.

      Federal Judge T.S. Ellis explains very well what's happening in the followung article:

      Federal Hudge Accuses Mueller’s Team of ´Lying,´ Trying to Target
      Trump: ´C´mon man!

      Fox News, by Jake Gibson

      A federal judge on Friday harshly rebuked Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team during a hearing for ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort – suggesting they lied about the scope of the investigation, are seeking “unfettered power” and are more interested in bringing down the president.

      "You don´t really care about Mr. Manafort,” U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III told Mueller’s team. “You really care about what information Mr. Manafort can give you to lead you to Mr. Trump and an impeachment, or whatever."

      Further, Ellis demanded to see the unredacted “scope memo,” a document outlining the scope of the special counsel’s Russia probe . . .

    3. Oh, and by the way, A-Ninny-Mess, "CONFESSIONS" obtained under DURESS are usually THROWN OUT as INADMISSBLE on APPEAL, –– unless the judge in the Appeals Court has ALSO been suborned by the threats and intimidation tactics of a malicious, over-zealous, far-too-powerful, agenda-driven Special Prosecutor like Robert Mueller.

    4. It amazes me, AOW, that you of all people, –– since you've made numerous sacrifices regarding financial security in your own highly principled teaching career –– would recommend a pusillanimous, self-serving approach in the desperate struggle against encroaching TYRANNY in which we are engaged right now –– whether we realize it or not.

      I have already sent General Flynn a thousand dollars –– not because i believe that could even BEGIN to compensate him for the vicious, unprincipled Stalineque drubbing he's received at the hands of an over-zealous, out-of-control, agenda-driven Special Prosector, but because i puts me in the unassailable position of having stood up for what I KNOW to be right.

      Remember the all-too-famous words of Dietrich Binhoeffer, who paud the ultumate price for havung stod up t the Nazies:

      "First they came for _____" Just fill in the blank.

      The POINT of course, is that NO ONE will be there to STAND UP for ANYBODY, if we let this coup d'état by the Deep State and the Oligarchs to SUCCEED.

    5. Please note the good thing that is happening at Michael Caputo's Go Fund Me page:

      $258,992 of $125,000 goal
      Raised by 5,267 people in 12 days

      The donations are still pouring in!

      Is there some way to see a similar accounting with General Flynn's page?

    6. I must say that what is happening with our republic and "The Deep State" is more than alarming! It's Kafka-esque!

    7. Why do you think "Super-Hero" movies are so big at the box office (Harry Tuttle - not government) right now?

    8. I stopped going to the movies YEARS ago.

      Hollywood –– along with the the merchants of obscenity better known as "Pop Music Industry" –– has for fifty-odd years functioned as a Wellspring of Moral Tupritide and Perverted standards of Taste, Decorum and Decency..

      Hollwood offers little but increasingly vicious, gratuitous Vulgarity, senseless Violence, arrant Stupidity and SMUZT –– i.e. depressing "Sexpolitation" –– that has destroyed romance as it makes a mockery of human love and a travesty of family life,.

      The audiences too today reflect the degneracy that has occurred, largely because of these arrantly vile influences. I can't stand the unruly, inconsiderrate behavior of the hoi polloi who TALK during the film, bob up and down, refusing to remain seated, SHOUT to their friends across the aisle,and even bring iPhones and portable LISTENING devices to their seats. and too often PAY MORE ATTENTION to their GOD-DAMNED CELLPHONES than they do to the movie.

      Not long ago an exasperated senior citizen SHOT one of these fuckin' bastards to DEATH after he'd asked politely several times for them to tone down their disgusting behavior!

      It speaks volumes for how Low, Mean and Corrupt society has become that I couldn't help but find myself in profound SYMPATHY with the GUNMAN!

      THAT's why I stopped going to the movies years ago, and will very likely never go again.

  34. _____ COMBATTING TDD _____

    The secret to combatting TDD
    Lies in taking one thing you adore
    Into splendid isolation where no sounds

    Or sights assault the senses with distractions

    Concentrate on learning to ignore

    Stray thoughts and wayward influences crude
    Self-discipline becomes its own reward
    Examine only one thing at a time

    Pop Culture we must come to recognize

    As the enemy of Reason and good work.

    Learn to cherish silence so you can

    Listen to your heart and see within.

    Monasticism may seem too austere,

    But retreating from the world pays dividends

    It deepens your perceptions as it hones
    Improvement in your character and views,

    Adding substance to your inmost thoughts,
    And aids in helping you learn to eschew
    The tawdriness that saps your strength, and then
    Impoverishes every part of you.

    ~ FreeThinke


    2. What else could it be in conjunction with this article, Anonymous?

    3. Dr. Kwak BangongMay 6, 2018 at 6:52 PM

      I prefer to label this disease Trump Acceptance Rejection Dysphoria, or T.A.R.D., for short.

      Symptoms include uncontrollable purple-faced rage, foaming at the mouth, rabid hatred for the president and anyone who voted for him, inability to confront fact, often accompanied by Tourette's-like streams of vulgarity.

  35. Harold Angel said


    Judge rejects Mueller´s request for delay in Russian troll farm case


    by Josh Gerstein

    A federal judge has rejected special counsel Robert Mueller’s request to delay the first court hearing in a criminal case charging three Russian companies and 13 Russian citizens with using social media and other means to foment strife among Americans in advance of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. In a brief order Saturday evening, U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich offered no explanation for her decision to deny a request prosecutors made Friday to put off the scheduled Wednesday arraignment for Concord Management and Consulting, one of the three firms charged in the case. The 13 people charged in the high-profile indictment – – –

    1. Adiosa Tudalulu said

      Finally, a judge sets some limits on Mueller´s free reign to investigate whatever he wants for as long as he wants.

      The defendants are entitled to get the documents they request but Mueller is looking for ways to refuse providing them.

      The judge called Mueller´s bluff and he must release the documents or suffer the consequences.

      Let the facts come out and let the chips fall where they may.

  36. G. Clement Willoughby, III said

    Mueller Puts Politics Above the Law

    The Hill, by Jonathan Turley

    Donald Trump finally found a federal judge to whom he could relate. Judge T.S. Ellis III on Friday blasted prosecutors from special counsel Robert Mueller’s office as using their case against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort to get at the president for either an indictment or an impeachment. Trump declared Ellis to be “really something very special” in showing that this is nothing more than a “witch hunt.” While reluctant to say so publicly, many lawyers would find Ellis’s comments “special” in the sense of being especially problematic from a federal judge. There is a legitimate concern in how Mueller . . .

    1. Damian Golgothawitz said

      Mueller puts politics above the law? So do the people that are behind him. What is worse, those people are in government. They don´t govern, and they think they are above the rule of law. Our government is facing a crisis of leadership in governing, and a crisis of corruption. Don´t know if its ever been this bad in the history of our country.

    2. Nicolai Yerkenoffsky said

      I´ve never found Manafort to be an especially sympathetic character, but to see any human being being put through this crucible so that Democrat political leaders can undo the 2016 presidential election is revolting. Compare and contrast to Tony Podesta, a well connected Democrat, who apparently was guilty of the same rarely prosecuted crimes as Manafort, and who escaped with his fortune and freedom untouched. Also, Manaforts crimes were looked into previously and the courts chose not to prosecute him. Mueller and his team are indeed on a political witch hunt and it should be stopped.

    3. Dudley Doright said

      We are not looking at Manafort’s guilt or innocence here, or whether he is a sympathetic character. In this instance the Judge correctly determined that his case, the various financial issues, which long predates the presidential campaign and his brief relationship with Donald Trump, had and has absolutely nothing to do do with the investigation Mueller is supposed to be doing. Mueller was hoping to get Manafort so painted into a corner that he would “compose” information to give to the prosecutor to get himself off the hook. Judge Ellise’s use of the word “compose” was another sign of his experience in this kind of a situation.

    4. A. Stableboy said

      Mr. Turley avoids explaining why it is alright to seize a person´s records and go through them in search of a crime. Turley also avoids any discussion of how Mueller can use a Title 1 search, meaning he does not have to get a search warrant because it is a counterintelligence case, in a domestic case. Nor does Turley explain how a special prosecutor can be appointed, and Congress not be allowed to review the appointing documents, which explain the scope of the investigation. Turley, please also explain what crime you are searching for. The President, Mr. Manafort, all would like to know.

    5. Kenneth Mohwinkel said

      Mueller puts politics above the law? So do the people that are behind him. What is worse, those people are in government. They don´t govern, and they think they are above the rule of law. Our government is facing a crisis of leadership in governing, and a crisis of corruption. Don´t know if its ever been this bad in the history of our country.

    6. Andrew Morgenvogelein said

      Turley should have said

      “compose” information detrimental to President Trump to give to the prosecutor to get himself off the hook

  37. Looks as if John Kerry and Robert Mueller were in the same high school class -- probably buddies. Photo HERE.

    1. Prime poducts of Eastern Elitist brainwashing both of 'em. What a pity!

      "A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Pervert."

  38. ________ A Pict Song ________

    Rome never looks where she treads.
    Always her heavy hooves fall,
    On our stomachs, our hearts or our heads;
    And Rome never heeds when we bawl.
    Her sentries pass on — that is all,
    And we gather behind them in hordes,
    And plot to reconquer the Wall,
    With only our tongues for our swords.

    We are the Little Folk — we!
    Too little to love or to hate.
    Leave us alone and you’ll see
    How we can drag down the State!
    We are the worm in the wood!
    We are the rot at the root!
    We are the taint in the blood!
    We are the thorn in the foot!

    Mistletoe killing an oak —
    Rats gnawing cables in two —
    Moths making holes in a cloak —
    How they must love what they do!
    Yes — and we Little Folk too,
    We are busy as they —
    Working our works out of view —
    Watch, and you’ll see it some day!

    No indeed! We are not strong,
    But we know Peoples that are.
    Yes, and we’ll guide them along,
    To smash and destroy you in War!
    We shall be slaves just the same?
    Yes, we have always been slaves,
    But you — you will die of the shame,
    And then we shall dance on your graves!

    We are the Little Folk — we!
    Too little to love or to hate.
    Leave us alone and you’ll see
    How we can drag down the State!
    We are the worm in the wood!
    We are the rot at the root!
    We are the taint in the blood!
    We are the thorn in the foot!

    ~ Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)



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