Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Sunday 2018
Victim Victorious

They took and tried, and tortured, then they killed
Him who sought to heal humanity
Established Evil, drunk with power, swilled
Lava-like liqueur. Then, Vanity
Overcame Compassion with great ease.
Regarding all with cynical disdain
Destructive Self-Protection –– a disease
Inflicting without mercy boundless pain ––
Securing only Insecurity ––
Appeared to stop the Upstart for all time.
Lies, however, spawn no sense of surety.
Immortal Truth stood witness to their crime.
Victim humbled cruelly –– butchered –– He
Emerged to free our lives –– internally.

FreeThinke, The Sandpiper


Baskets filled with flimsy paper grass
Underlying gaudy pastel treats ––
Necromancer’s jellied, jewel-like sweets ––
Nestled next to marvels chickens pass
Youngsters view with wonder all agog.
’Tis the figure of a small brown rodent though ––
Sweetened chocolate hare –– that steals the show.
His melting presence, like the rich eggnog
Older folks think makes their spirits rise,
Loosens all constraints upon the the tots
Insuring Bunny’s sudden swift demise.
Does delighting as we do in such behavior ––
A self-indulgence seen un wholesale lots ––
Yield a greater closeness to the Savior –– 
Strengthen future prospects for the tots?

~ FreeThinke, The Sandpiper

The Choir of St. Paul's Cathedral, London
In John Stainer's sublime, too-often-underrated masterpiece
God, So Loved the World


  1. I see the anagram "The Lord Is Alive."

    1. BUNNY'S HOLIDAYS too.


      Happy Easter to you and yours, AOW!

  2. May you all feel the hope of new beginnings, love and happiness during this joyful Easter holiday.

  3. Sassy Irish LassieApril 1, 2018 at 2:09 PM

    Happy Easter to all FT's fans and even the jackass progressive who's name I'd rather not use as her name was strickened from my vocabulary. . I just returned from my Church from Easter service. For several years my wife and I have participated in the set up the service. They stayed overnight at church, and in the morning set up chairs, and the after service snacks and brought all the equipment for whatever may have been needed.. As the church grew and built, they started to have services in the courtyard, so the we didn't have to haul stuff so far. If weather was a problem, and one year we would have been drowned if not already electrocuted by weather, it would be held in the gym. We always went to that service since we had to pick up the lads anyway, and got to really look forward to it.

    This morning it was a sunrise and full moon service.

    It used to be so uplifting to go to this service. They actually made "Up from the grave he arose" into a dirge today, and they NEVER sing "Jesus Christ is Risen Today". The crap they sing, no one knows, so it's a few people mouthing the words as the dreary guitar and violin drone on. I don't like to go to Easter sunrise and come out bitching, so for several years we looked for another sunrise service, but none were outside, and finally last year we gave up and went to 8:30 inside. Still I missed that magic of being outside and sending my thoughts back a couple of millenia to the day when the women went to prepare the body, and found Him gone.

    So, knowing I'd come home from the service longing to hear real Easter music, I decided to find a YooToob of "Jesus Christ is Risen Today" and play it, loud, before we left for church. It helped. As you can see, I still came out bitching. but I will tell the Paster that people would be able to hear us three blocks away if they'd sing a couple of traditional hymns, using the traditional melodies.

    Anyway, I know that I have been drifting a little so I'll end by withing all my friends a very Happy easter, and a great Holiday to all.

  4. Please do tell, what does the Easter Bunny and The Resurrection have in common.

  5. They don't make Jews like Jesus any more



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