Thursday, February 15, 2018

Up the crag in 
the screaming wind
Naled and bleeding 
I fought blind.

Then I moved 
towards the Eye of the Sun
Past the Cromlech 
I found a gun.

Then I strayed 
in the cities of men.
In the home of my love 
I found a pen.

And yes this IS a response to the St. Valentine's Day Massacre in a Florida High School. Can YOU spot 
the connection? 

... ____________________ ...

Hllahog skating on thin ice held up by Robert Mueller


  1. KID'S POST today from Di ary of a Right Wing Pussycat:

    So Mad is Watching The News Channels on The Latest School Shooting

    I stopped counting the number of media people who asked "What causes this?" And "How can we stop this?".

    Like they've only had decades to ponder the issue.

    Mass Murder happens in Gun Free Zones. When it is commonly known that schools have no security people on hand they invite the whackjobs.

    How can a school justify paying multiple people 6 figure salaries, call them administrators and define their job description as mostly bringing in the doughnuts, then not be willing to pay much less to have some armed people on hand at tactical locations to put down punks who show up to kill students and teachers. Plus it is job creation.

    Today at least 17 people were killed at the school. If security people were on hand it would have been much much fewer and probably zero because the whackjob would have known there were armed people there and would not even hatched the plan in his diseased brain in the first place.

    The Mayor was on TV multiple times. She sounds like she has about a 5th grade education.

    I'm going to stop here because talking about anything else I saw and heard about this would cause it to devolve into unspeakable absurdity.


    _______ War Crimes, as Defined by Leftists _______

    ________________ ________ or ________________________


    Apparently, it’s AOK
    To mow ‘em down with bullets,
    But don’t dare try to kill ‘em off
    By poisoning their pullets.

    It’s all right too when bombs
    Rain from aloft or on the level,
    But when you kill with poison gas,
    You’re in league with the Devil.

    Lock ‘em in a building,
    Then burn it to the ground.
    By judges at The Hague
    You’ll not be guilty found.

    Go drag them from their cells
    Into a courtyard to be shot.
    The World Court will not chide you,
    Nor tell you “Thou shalt not.”

    Take mothers, babies, toddlers ––
    Grandmas –– anyone who thrives,
    Then hack them with machetes
    And bayonets to end their lives.

    Rape and loot and strangle,
    Garrote or stab at will ––
    Of you The World Community,
    I promise, won’t think ill.

    Set ‘em loose in wood or field,
    Then hunt ‘em down like game;
    Let half-dead bodies lie unhealed.
    You won’t lose your good name.

    Rob and cripple, maim at will ––
    Dislocate their joints.
    Multiculturalists will know
    You must have your good points.

    Gouge their eyes out, slit each tongue.
    Sodomize, impale their young.
    Club ‘em down, then crush with tractors.
    Brussels won’t call you bad actors.

    BUT, urinate upon the corpse
    Who tortured your best buddy,
    And you’ll be tossed in the stockade
    With nose broken and bloody.

    And should you dare to wipe yourself
    With leaves from the the Koran,
    ‘Tis YOU The World Community
    Will call BARBARIAN!

    ~ FreeThinke


    The Left LOVES machineguns –– in the hands of terrorists, dissidents, pirates, thieves, and marauders of all kinds –– ANYONE who UPENDS GOOD ORDER and DESTABILIZES the STATUS QUO –– , but absolutely CAN'T STAND the idea that any decent, law-abiding Americn Citizen should have guns in his home to PROTECT HIMSELF and HIS FAMILY from ATTACK by those very fiends whom the Left so ADORES.

  3. Replies
    1. I have no idea. If I wrote that, it must have been a typo. I don't see it in the poem above or the note that followed, but then I hardly "see" at all anymore. I only get an impression of my surroundings these days. I am also battling arthritis, which accounts for the myriad typos that appear in too many of my "off the cuff" comments for which I no longer apologize.

    2. Nailed would imply crucified? Mauled? Naked?

    3. Maybe. We'll see. If you could quote the sentence in which you found that obvious typo, I'm sure i could tell you the meaning from the context.

      It was probably NAKED. [The L and the K are next to each other on QWERTYUIOP.]

    4. Up the crag in
      the screaming wind
      Naled and bleeding
      I fought blind.

  4. Violence is the tool reached for when language fails?

    I give up.

    1. Never give up. Never give in.

      "Fight the good fight with all of thy might."

      Our STRENGTH comes from the ever-present STRAIN of trying to overcome Evil with Good.

  5. Lord Birthday of CornholeFebruary 15, 2018 at 2:01 PM

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  8. O Frabjous Day, Calloo Callay!

    25,200.44 up 306.95 (23%)

    1. It ended up yesterday over FOUR PERCENT for the week.

  9. If this sicko knew there were Armed Security people there he probably would have looked for another target or he would have not done what he did at all. .

    And if you could remove all the guns, what about cars, trucks, bombs, or thugs would come busting through your door because they now know everyone is disarmed.

    Great Britain has been disarmed forever and they are First in Europe and Second in the world for violent attack crimes.

  10. That is a very unflattering portrait of Michelle Obama. Shame on you.

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    1. Please DON'T spread the word of the heathen or the demins who lead them int the Wildearness.

      The best way to combat ugliness, stupidity and evil is NOT to give it any additional "platforms" on which to spouts it's foolishl nonsense.

      Didn't your MOTHERrever tell you THAT? ;-}

  12. How hard is it for people to understand that if we collect all the guns, the only people who’ll have them are those who hid theirs, who have nefarious reasons to have them?
    How hard is it for people to understand that bad guys will always be able to find guns and use them?

    1. A good point, BUT if they don't use guns, they will use bombs, if not bombs, knives, if not knives, bows and arrows, if not bows and arrows, clubs, if not clubs, hammers, if not hammers, stones, if not stones, fists, if not fists, FIRE, and then there's always the chance they'll use CARS and TRUCKS to mow down pedestrians, etc. They've already used AIRPLANES to destroy huge skyscrapers not s very long ago, remember?

      The root of the probems is not "GUNS" it's the ugly human propensity to perpetrate violence. It's MENTAL and SPIRITUAL sickness to which their is no PHYSICAL solution.

  13. The Pandora's Box of "gun tech" has already been opened. Only an unimaginative Epimetheus believes that he can just put the lid of law back on on it and solve anything.

  14. Author, and Liberal advocate Stephen King apparently thinks that MS-13 (the Gang) is a type of firearm as opposed to the murderous Latino Gang.

    Steven King spends so much time in his fantasy land writing books, he doesn't know what the hell is going on in the real world. It seems that his opinions are scarier than his books!

    1. One single word you might want to say to leftists who start railing on about "Gun Control" and how statistics prove the USA is THE most violent nation on earth, and Trump, and the Republicans in congress are "owned" by the NRA, so all have "blood in ther hands' in this latest school shooting atrocity. Just say this:


  15. Chelsea Handler says Republicans have blood on their hands following Wednesday’s shooting at a Florida high school.

    Here we go again, that dumb crackpot thinks that the Mass Shooters, Criminals and Terrorist would all obey gun ban laws.
    The right to self defense is the most basic human right, and that is what the Second Amendment is really all about. I’m waiting for Nancy Pelosi to blame President Bush!
    But then again, anyone surprised/not surprised? I will keep this post short. There’s no need to explain these typical liberals who immediately go and blame Bush/GOP/and maybe even Trump for any horrific tragedy that happens in the USA, and sometimes overseas on us Republicans...
    For all we know, Chelsea probably thinks that the GOP caused Pearl Harbor.
    Notice that she didn’t say one word about all those shootings during the Obama years.!

    Nikolas Cruz was not under any treatment for Mental Illness when he should have been. One of the classmates of the shooter told local news that Cruz showed a lot of warning signs, but no one seemed to follow up on any of that!
    The useless and politically driven FBI was warned. Where were they? Why did they do nothing? Was it because the FBI made a political decision to not investigate a Hispanic because they would look as if they were racists?

    1. The Law is not permitted to perform "preemptive strikes" against potentially dangerous people., We have to wait until they actually commit a crime before anything can be done to deter further wrongdoing on their part. And we wouldn't want to lose our unique cincept of "INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY.

      Liberty and safety don't always go hand in hand.

      Better to DIE as a free person than LIVE as a SLAVE to the StATE –– or anyone else.

      The Left is uncomfrtable with freedom. Everything they want to do diminishes liberty as it increases their power to DICTATE to the rest of us.

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    3. We don't need any more of your fatuous, unbearably tedious recitals of platitudes, Anonymous.

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    1. TOM said

      Hard-Core lefty social media users have spent the day viciously attacking the father of one of the victims of the horrific Florida school mass shooting over the fact that he wore a Trump 2020 t-shirt during an interview with a local news station.

      That’s right, the new America Leftist is apparently perfectly acceptable to attack and even blame the parent of a teenager who was murdered, all because his political beliefs do not line up with the leftist orthodoxy.

      Both Andrew Pollack and his wife were interviewed outside of Broward Health North hospital, hoping to hear from their daughter hours after the attack that left 17 dead and over a dozen injured. During the interview, Pollack committed the thought crime of wearing a t-shirt for his preferred presidential candidate, a fact that apparently gave leftists on twitter the cover to viciously attack him.

  17. This article is too long, and many who are atheists don't agree. Nevertheless, this part has the ring of truth:

    ...The idea that there is no God with an objective moral standard to whom we will one day give an account for every thought, word, and deed is also an idea.

    Even Ben Franklin, one of our least “religious” Founders, believed this: “I believe in one God, Creator of the Universe. That He governs it by his Providence. That he ought to be worshipped. That the most acceptable Service we can render to him, is doing Good to his other Children. That the Soul of Man is immortal, and will be treated with Justice in another Life respecting its Conduct in this.”

    What happens when we unhinge ourselves from the idea that, after we die, we will give an account to the most just Judge with the most unwavering moral standard who ever existed, for every action, no matter how small? Honestly. Do we expect anything good to come from that?

    Stricter gun control laws will not fix what ails us....

    1. God IS "The Objective Moral Standard" to whom we owe unswerving allegiance. To deny the existence of God is to leave oneself OUT of the best way to lead a worthy and fulfilling existence, snd to cast oneself into the WILDERNESS of Doubt, Feart, Envy, Spite, Malice, Greed, Cynicism, Clamoring Dissidence, Powermongering, Unbridled Licentiousness and Corruption.

      I do not necessarily agree that our Primary Concern should be how we are to be judged in an AFTERLIFE. We really do "reap what we sow" in the HERE and NOW.

      Look ar poor Harvey Weinstein right now, if you don't believe me. };-)>

      Look at LINCOLN, HITLER, MUSSOLINI, the CEAUSESCUS, or LARRY FLYNT too for that matter,

      I know, I'm being facetious, but I've learned from long observatiin that there are more honestly happy poor people who love God than there are rich and powerful atheists who refuse to recognkze God's ultimate Authority.

    2. Good article. We are facing a moral crisis.

    3. No doubt about that, but it's nothing new. been giung on for a longer time than you have uved.

    4. Why do I need MY rights taken away because Liberals can't be trusted to exercise theirs properly? 'F them!

    5. You could prevent a LOT of AIDS (more deaths than gun victims) by banning sodomy again.

    6. I think your ideas about stifling and tring to eiminate certain sexual practices are nore than a but naive, FJ,

      TO WIT:

      Lest somehow you could manage
In every bed to be

      There could be no advantage
To banning sodomy.


      THINK about it.

      Lest somehow you could manage
In every bed to be
There could be no advantage 

      To banning sodomy.

    7. Perhaps those who would propose the ridiculous proposition of banning guns should examine their own naivete.

    8. Just because THEY have no use for guns doesn't mean that we ALL don't.

    9. As for banning sodomy...

      35 million dead sodomites can't ALL be wrong.

      20.9 million people were accessing antiretroviral therapy in June 2017.

      36.7 million [30.8 million–42.9 million] people globally were living with HIV in 2016.

      1.8 million [1.6 million–2.1 million] people became newly infected with HIV in 2016.

      1 million [830 000–1.2 million] people died from AIDS-related illnesses in 2016.

      76.1 million [65.2 million–88.0 million] people have become infected with HIV since the start of the epidemic.

      35.0 million [28.9 million–41.5 million] people have died from AIDS-related illnesses since the start of the epidemic.

  18. Someone write to me earlier this morning lamenting all the horrible things that keep on happenung no matter what we do or who is in office.

    I wrote the following:

    The French have a succinct way of putting it:

    Plus ca change, plus ca la meme chose.

    "The more things change, the more they remain the same.”

    I interpret that to mean the fractious aspect of human nature is the only thing we can depend on to remain constant.

    The settings change. The costumes change. The hairstyles change. Technology advances at an ever more alarming rate. Weaponry grows increasingly sophisticated and threatening. BUT human nature seems unaffected.

    As Walt Kelly's Pogo said about SIXTY years ago,

    “We have met the enemy, and he is US!"

  19. When the FBI screws up and they even can't stop a little punk like this one, when they were warned well in advance, then what the hell is more Gun Laws going to do?.

    I believe that President Trump is intent on making a difference here. The Liberals strategy is to have more and more Laws about gun control, and that’ll be just another Useless strategy. When will they realize that Nuts, and Criminals don’t give a damn about Laws!

    We have security people in places you can't take guns like Government buildings, Courts, Sporting events, Concerts, even in Restaurants and Bars. We have TSA - Guards standing around the Airports, so why NOT SCHOOLS?

  20. FT, The saying you cite points to basic facts of human nature: We are earthen vessels, flawed. Human nature tends to our basest instincts, and the most worthy cultures elevate the good, celebrate and reward virtues, and in the process, create peer pressure for us to behave ourselves, and yes, there is a shame component.

    Progs smashed societal norms and deprecated religion, but they didn't replace it with anything we can all rally around as a society. I have said before that schools could simply teach the Golden Rule and use Bill Bennett's "The Book of Virtues," to teach good behavior in a non-sectarian way. Who could disagree these are virtues worthy of a life-long pursuit:

    Responsibility, Courage, Compassion, Honesty, Friendship, Persistence, Faith

    1. SF,
      Who could disagree these are virtues worthy of a life-long pursuit:

      Responsibility, Courage, Compassion, Honesty, Friendship, Persistence, Faith

      As in the McGuffey Eclectic Readers.

      I love Bennett's The Book of Virtues! Are parents using that at home?

    2. We did with our kids, and so far so good. We also read the Bible and pray together daily, an go to church.

  21. To the Liberals - the truth is out there, and if you bend over and take your bias Heads out of the sand it will find you, because I know it’s much too hard for YOU to find it!...
    So take your heads out of the sand, or the plate of Caviar, or whatever your eating at that 5 Star restaurant and try thinking for a change!

  22. Ask yourself why didn't things like this happen 25 or 30 years ago? And what has changed over the past 30- or so years that made these things happen? ? If you are honest with yourself, the answer will be society’s tolerance for progressive Bull Crap!

  23. The Left LOVES machineguns –– in the hands of terrorists, dissidents, pirates, thieves, and marauders of all kinds –– ANYONE who UPENDS GOOD ORDER and DESTABILIZES the STATUS QUO –– , but absolutely CAN'T STAND the idea that any decent, law-abiding Americn Citizen should have guns in his home to PROTECT HIMSELF and HIS FAMILY from ATTACK by those very fiends

    1. No, Les, he is incredibly wise, benevolent, consructive and utterly truthful –– according to his lights –– in his thinking.

      Now, I'll ask you nce again politely:

      Would you PLEASE stop trying to POLLUTE this BLOG with your asinine, iconoclastic assertions and insufferable plethora of puffed-up platitudinous piffle?

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. We REFUSE to ACCEPT:


      IF you have any logical arguments to make against President Trump or his supporters, we wuld welc]me them, PROVIDED they are plite, devoid of name-calling, emotionally motivated, baseless accusations, conjecture, and mindless repetition of stale, nasty, utterly disingenuous LEFTIST TALKING POINTS.

  25. Th/e Town Crier said

    When Will We Have the Guts to Link Fatherlessness to School Shootings?

    PJ Media, by Susan Goldberg

    Now that the gun control advocates have had their fifteen minutes of fame, let’s start focusing on the real issues impacting the rise in school shootings since that infamous day in Columbine in 1999. Issue number one that no one in the mainstream media or government wants to acknowledge: fatherlessness. Specifically, the impact of fatherlessness on the boys who grew up to become school shooters. Dr. Warren Farrell, author of the new book The Boy Crisis, explains: Minimal or no father involvement, whether due to divorce, death, or imprisonment, is common to Adam Lanza, Elliott Rodgers, Dylan Roof and Stephen Paddock. In the

    1. Lyndonbane said

      When will we have the brains to realize that giving psychotropic drugs to children will addle their brains forever. Virtually everyone one of the school killers are on psychotropic drugs.

    2. I. Owen Cornhusker said

      It´s almost impossibly for a good father to raise a psychopathic kid. Trying to do so would ruin most marriages. Psychopathic kids grow up to be psychopathic men, who leave a trail of broken relationships, failed employment, frequent entanglements with the law, and violence.

      About 1% of all kids are psychopaths. No treatment is effective. we much protect ourselves from their anti-social behavior accurately diagnosing them, tracking them, and by preventing them from handling weapons.

    3. Gloria Skunt said

      We live in a time where free sex and hook ups are the norm. The Kardashians are the role models for our youth. Our entertainment is full of violence and sex and we allow our children to watch and wonder. Men are no longer needed according to the new culture. They are so wrong and we are all paying the price.

  26. PART ONE:

    The Angry Liberal Mob

    by Derek Hunter

    The Angry Liberal Mob

    Have you ever wondered why liberals, particularly activist liberals, are so angry all the time? It’s not that they’re angry people, or at least it’s not just that they’re angry people, it’s for a different, very important reason – anger overrides logic. Anger is kryptonite to logic, and for liberalism to work, to attract a large audience, logic has to be overridden.

    You’ve undoubtedly heard at least some of the news over the past few years coming out of college campuses, the shout-downs and the riots when an Ann Coulter or Ben Shapiro go to a school to commit the sin of disagreeing with liberal orthodoxy. There have been dozens of such events in recent times and not one member of the angry mobs could articulate a reason for it other than they were angry.

    They, of course, didn’t say they were angry, they couched it in buzzwords like “hate speech” and “intolerance,” but none could explain exactly what someone they wouldn’t let speak had said that came anywhere close to these meaningless concepts and got their underwear so tight. But angry they were.

    If you’ve ever broken something because you were angry that it wasn’t working property, or cursed a piece of furniture to hell and back because you caught your pinky toe on one of its legs, you’ve experienced your logic being overridden by emotion. The remote didn’t have its batteries die because it knew you were tired, and the coffee table didn’t jump out in front of your foot because it was mad over the fact that you didn’t use a coaster. Your anger took over and you acted stupidly.

    Now imagine a large percentage of a political party living in that space and you have the Democrats.

    Long before, but particularly since the election of Donald Trump, the political left has turned the rhetoric designed to inspire anger up to 11. March after march of everything from women to science to immigrants, you name it and a faction of the left has taken to the streets over it. None of these things were ever actually under any threat from any action, realized or proposed, taken by the President, but facts no longer stand in the way of a good liberal story…if they ever did.

    And it’s not just political anger the left stirs now, at least not obviously political anger.

    After decades of dividing Americans by race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., various grievance groups now serve as pawns to be kept angry, just simmering and occasionally boiling, until the pressure cooker they’re creating is needed to serve a political end.

    But some of those pressure cookers are on automatic now, beyond the control of their creators. Nancy Pelosi was shouted down by activists for illegal immigrants a few months ago, not over her refusal to push amnesty while she was Speaker of the House, but because they were angry and she was there.

    While Pelosi is stringing the so-called DREAMers along, blaming Republicans, protesters didn’t come to denounce her for her lip-service-only approach to immigration issues, they came because they wanted everything NOW! Even when she tried to tell them what they wanted to hear, they weren’t interested in hearing it.


    1. PART TWO

      The Angry Liberal Mob

      by Derek Hunter(

      The anger over manufactured victimhood among the various interest groups Democrats have herded into different pens is now on automatic pilot, with no affront too slight to bring about outrage. Even competing outrages over the same things.

      The movie Black Panther opened this weekend, which would normally be your average blockbuster superhero movie. But because the majority of the cast and crew who worked on the film were black, it’s been assigned an important meaning because the races have had a wedge driven between them by the left.

      There are white liberals wondering if they should stay away on opening weekend so they don’t deny a black person a seat in the theater. There are people fantasizing about the fictional country of Wakanda, where the movie is set, and proclaiming it this fiction a weird kind of blow to centuries old colonialism. I swear, people are so out of their minds irrational right now that a con artist could sell luxury vacation travel to Wakanda and make a fortune right now.

      But there are others upset over the lack of gay characters in the movie. Yes, you read that right. Gizmodo ran a piece entitled, “Marvel Misses Another Easy Opportunity for LGBTQ Representation With Black Panther.” To save you a click, apparently in one iteration of the comic books there is a lesbian couple and their sexuality is not addressed in the movie. This, like everything else in life lately, has people angry.

      I, in the name of compassion, posited, “It must be an awful existence to wake up, eat breakfast and think, “I can’t really enjoy this because the Trix Rabbitt isn’t gay” or “I can’t eat Cap’n Crunch because I’m not sure his Navy allows transgender people to serve.”

      This snarky joke was greeted with a series of varying, “we just want to be represented on the screen” responses because, it seems, people can’t even enjoy 2 hours of escapism at a superhero movie unless there is someone validating their existence on the screen.

      I know I’m cynical, but if you need your existence, whatever it happens to be, to be externally validated, especially in entertainment, your life is missing something you won’t find looking to others.

      Like a tire fire, the rage rages on. It’s still mostly contained, but it is spreading. We’ve already had one incident of a member of the outrage class try to kill as many Republicans as possible last summer on a baseball field in Virginia and the left didn’t skip a beat. If attempted mass murder didn’t slow them down, that leaves success as the only thing that might. Which is horrifying.

      “Feel, don’t think; just act” is a dangerous mindset, yet it’s what the left is conditioning people to do. Coupled with tribalism and victimhood and there is nothing short of tragedy at the end of this road. I hope I’m wrong, but I see nothing to make me think I am; and I hope the left stops this insanity, but I see nothing to indicate they will.

    2. Liberals are manic because their new god of Government bureaucracy requires their devotion and constant attention. Logic has nothing to do with it. They have "flawed logic" of the paranoiac-critical variety. It's still "logic". It's just "wrong". It's "subjective logic" as opposed to "objective logic". Anger is simply evidence of its' "fuel".

  27. Great post FT

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    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. We do NOT permit derogatory comments aimed at other bloggers ATTACKING and INSULTNG them just for being who they are.

      It's not inly UNKIND, it's STUPID, beause it TEACHES NOTHING, and therefore, adds NOTHING of VALUE to the conversation.

      If you only want to MALIGN others, please go somewhere else.

  29. Our Dear Former President Barack Obama as predicted, has already been on the stump called for Gun Control in the wake of the Wednesday’s Florida school shooting that took17 lives and injured a dozens others, Obama said: “Caring for our kids is our first job,". Well Isn’t that unique, as if we ALL didn’t feel that way!

    Most President have had the decency to let the new President run the country. But no Obama who didn't run it right when he had it for 8 years now he wants to run it while Trump is President. I just wish that he would quit talking and go back to Kenya and take Hillary with him.

    If Obama loved America so much then what was his point of his Iran deal? To help Iran nuke America in 10 years? . What was his point when he released 5 senior Taliban, to help them kill more Americans. He helped kill 4 in Benghazi. Obama bragged to the NY Times how he personally selected people to die with drones. What was his point in watching veterans die on secret VA waiting lists.
    Obama gave guns to Mexican drug cartels to kill American border patrol agents, in Fast & Furious. Now Obama is preaching about the kids who died in Parkland.

    What was his point disarming school guards so mass murderers can kill more? Maybe he forgot about Sandy Hook!
    It’s too bad he didn't make the correct calls when he did have the authority . Maybe he should have appointed a more competent FBI when he had the chance! With the FBI we have now, you can’t tell if they are Friends or Foes

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. In Regard to the new Movie "Black Panther"
    Why is an all-Black movie supposed to be a victory for diversity?
    And what was the reason for the Blacks to get so ANGRY, and getting their panties in a wad about a year ago when no Blacks were nominated for Academy Awards? Why were they so pissed when the nominees were all white?
    Growing up I loved watching Superhero shows and movies, but I never questioned anything about race at all.
    And as I was growing up I watched Sanford and Son, the Jefferson’s etc and never felt like Whites were being excluded.
    Today we have a Black History Month, Black News, Black Entertainment Stations, Black Police Organizations, All Black Magazines, A Congressional Black Caucus, and I DO question that? I’m sure that if the above were reversed, there would be hell to be reckoned with.


    ______________ DEFINING the ENEMY ______________


    When we insult, deride, hector, badger, lampoon and defame The Enemy, "IT" fully deserves every bit of Mockery, Derogation, Cruelty, and Nose-Thumbing Dismissal I can muster.

    HOWEVER, when The Enemy attempts to insult, bully, badger or LIE about US, "IT" fully deserves every bit of Mockery, Derogation, Cruelty, and Nose-Thumbing Dismissal we can muster. };^)>

    The Enemy is either The Great Deceiver, Himself, or One of His Ardent Disciples. Therefore, The Enemy deserves NO Consideration, and must be shown NO Indulgence, given NO Quarter, NO Mercy, NO Tolerance, WHATSOEVER.

    Never –– EVER –– forget what The Enemy did to Czar Nicholas and His family in the basement of "The House of Special Purpose."

    The ENEMY still eagerly makes EXCUSES for the Savage Bolshevik Beasts.

    The ENEMY is The BEAST –– the Servant, the Handmaiden, the Henchman, the Toady, the SLAVE and ASSKISSER to everything VILE.

    The Enemy is AWAYS on the attack –– no matter what. The Enemy NEVER approves, affirms, finds Satisfaction, or takes Delight in ANYTHING. The Enemy never Laughs, because “IT” is incapable of appreciating the HUMOROUS side of life. The Enemy can only MOCK, SCORN, DERIDE,COMPLAIN and ACCUSE.

    The Enemy cannot be treated diplomatically; "IT" must be DESTROYED.

    [Just be sure you identify "IT" correctly, and know who "IT" is before you start pumping bullets into "IT." };^]>


    The ENEMY is ever the one to sneer the loudest at every opportunity to denounce, magnify, distort, and condemn even the slightest flaw in others. His high and mighty insolence and perpetually sneering posture betrays a pathological penchant for placing his imaginarily august SELF high above US "The Common Crowd," doesn't it? His Sado-masochistic relationship with the rest of humanity reveals him to be a pathetic, very LITTLE person. Most Scoffers, Scorners, Debunkers, Deriders, Contrarians, Refutationists and other Devotees of Negativism are.

    People of this despicable ilk should be welcome to our pity, but should never hope to win our respect.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  33. Mavis Martindale said

    It´s not the guns, it´s the "culture." The culture has been degraded, very likely beyond redemption. And guess who degraded it? That´s right. The same people clamoring for "common-sense gun laws," which already exist. It seems, curiously, that the areas with such laws have the highest murder rates.

    FTA: "But surely, a culture in which those in authority approve of and argue for things like gangsta rap..."

    Glorified and entertained at the White House by none other than Barack and Michelle Obama.

  34. Harold and Dorothy Beckburger said

    In fourth grade, we started each day with the Pledge of Allegiance and a Bible reading (and in the middle of the year, Psalm 1 was required to be memorized.)
    This afternoon I saw a Sandy Hook mother advocating a new curriculum which teaches social and emotional skills to "love" each other. It sounds worthwhile.
    Yet, instead of 10 short rules, we now have a curriculum.

    There is within each of us a void which can only be filled by God. We can obey His rules, or invent our own curriculum.

    The Left touts Evolution. I can make a stronger case for DEVolution. We are living it now.

  35. Serenity Lowenstein said

    MY culture is still fine, and in my culture, young men are given guns at an early age, taught to use them in a safe and responsible manner, and to protect the weak, not attack them. Guns are used to hunt and to protect, never to harm the innocent, to protect the innocent.

    In THEIR culture, they live in a murderous, criminal, hateful sewer of misogyny, violence, drugs and crime. And they create many, many violent thugs.

    My culture uses concealed carry to protect us from THEM. And nobody is going to take away our guns, NOBODY.

    Read Kurt Schlichter´s "Indian Country", highly recommended.

  36. David Maurice Henbanewski said

    FTA: "The left wants to defend gangstas and "transgressive" art and antifa thugs — but when the shooting starts, they blame the guns.

    The left wants to get rid of feminine modesty and masculine protectiveness and social restrictions on sex — but when the abuse and rape and harassment rise to the surface, they start whining about toxic manhood. Perhaps they should have listened to the Catholic apologist G.K. Chesterton, who wrote about the difference between reforming society and deforming it — a passage that was neatly paraphrased by John F. Kennedy: "Don´t ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up."

    My mother and I have both used that passage of scripture many a time in the past few years.

    Mom always says "I am just getting too old" but the truth is no, the young have simply followed the pied piper of the progressive leftism farther and farther down the primrose path of degradation and moral ruin. And then these same leftists whine about what these children they have created with their piping do with the left´s evil lies.

    Mom also said.. "one day these children will grow up".. and they will still believe the lies. God help us all.

  37. Ricardo Palmieri Ingleterra said

    I have seen this coming for the last fifty years. I detest the ideology of the left. They hate more than any group that I have ever known. If you don´t agree and tow the mark then you are hated, blacklisted and scorned. You are called a fool for not "feeling". There is no common sense with them. They will blame anything except the real cause. Guns are no good because they can kill. They can only kill when a person uses them. Hillary lost the election because of Russia, James Comey, misogyny, and white men. Hillary was a lousy candidate, end of story. Grow up lefties and face reality, your ways don´t work. Get over it snowflakes.

  38. Stewart "Jock" Perelman said

    It is quite telling when looking up the definition of liberal. Look at the picture associated with this article. Bill Clinton and Al Franken - the true definition and picture of a liberal. Very sad because people fell for the wrong liberal policies.

    There are times to apply liberality and compassion but it is a fine line. People need to discern those qualities and, unfortunately, too many people are now reaping the consequences of those wrong decisions.

    One thing I have learned from my relationship with God is that I cannot lean on my own understanding. In everything I do, I must seek Him.

    Omarosa was poking fun at Mike Pence because "God talks to him" and she just doesn´t get it. I didn´t for a long time and followed some liberal practices. If you buy into what other people sell and don´t look to God, you will come up empty.

    Such a shame that too many people were sold on empty liberal policies.

  39. 81131TAJOQ said

    You can detect the deception of the left in their language. They must speak in riddles to attempt to be accepted as members of civilized society. Many people buy into it. They are known as democrats.

    Pro choice is the murder of children.

    Common sense gun control is total confiscation.

    Free speech is vile and degrading insults.

    Rap music is the rhyming of four letter words.

    Climate change is giving money to backward civilizations so they can catch up without working for it.

    Public education is government propaganda.

    Transgender is every sexual perversion you can imagine.

    Social Justice Warrior is a rioting thug.

    And of course the most famous, undocumented immigrant is an illegal alien border crasher.

    And so on.

  40. How Can People Not Realize That If We Ban Guns, That Only The Bad Guys Will Have Guns?
    To me it’s only logical that more Gun Laws are not the problem. The real problem is the lack of morals in our populace. And thanks to taking God out of the government, and in our schools, etc .there seems to be less and less of morals in our homes. If they try to ban all or more guns, most or at least many people will just not respond, and they won’t do it.... You can count on that. And you can bet that there will always be a way for the bad guys to still get one if they want to.

    People are blaming Trump, and begging Trump “Why don’t you do something?”
    When Obama was President and he didn’t anything to protect schools. How many of these tragedies happened under his watch! More mass shootings took place during President Obama's administration than that of any other recent President.

    Also, I’m hearing “This happened on Trump’s WATCH!” Did any of you hear any reporter say “This happened on OBAMA’S WATCH?” there were PLENTY of terrible shootings under Obama’s watch.
    Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
    The Pulse Nightclub shooting.
    There was the San Bernardino Community Center shooting
    The Chattanooga Recruiting Center shooting.
    The Charleston Church shooting
    The Aurora Movie Theater shooting
    Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting
    The Tucson Congressional Event shooting
    The Kansas Jewish Community Center shooting
    First Fort Hood shooting
    The Second Fort Hood shooting .
    Navy Yard shooting.

    Why wasn’t the Democrats blamed for failing to act or to strengthen Gun restrictions under the Obama administration then?


      And please don't forget whenever thus tired subject comes up, and THEY" want to use it for another Power Grag, just say "CHICAGO!" loud and clear, then repeat it often.:

  41. Tammy Nielson said

    So-called "liberalism", in individuals, is a mental illness that destroyed the ability to think rationally. In the aggregate it is a social disease that destroys the foundation and structure of civilized society. If Western Civilization, the culture of individual liberty, and the American experiment are to survive the ideology the calls itself liberalism must be exorcized from our public life.

  42. Ivana Havalobotomy said

    I remember a time in this country when all the stores were closed on Sundays except for pharmacies. The “moral fences” of the Judeo-Christian values of our Founding Fathers have been torn down by leftists under the guise that those fences were racist, homophobic and misogynistic. They have taken prayer out of the schools then wonder why such horrible shootings occur. They have ridiculed our military, the Flag, the National Anthem, labeled the Founding Fathers as racists, promoted the murder of the unborn and same sex marriages, promoted the hatred of whites for having “white privilege”, demonize Republicans and our President, leftist college professors call for the genocide of whites and innocent school children have once again reaped the “whirlwind” of the culture the left has made! God help us to rebuild those fences!

  43. Luigi Tagliaferro said

    We must learn to recognize mental illness and see schizophrenia for what it is, but even among experts who agree there is a genetic predisposition, there is a cultural influence.

    The government´s response to the element of inhumane institutionalization of the mentally ill made it a crime to quarantine anyone unless they are a danger to themselves or others, and in my daily experience, there is no effective funding for that kind of quarantine.

    ER docs, state mental health workers, private mental health workers, primary care doctors, psychiatrists, law enforcement officers, protective service agencies are all burned out trying to deal with these difficult cases. The laws are in favor of preventing physical or chemical control of these patients. We can prescribe, but the patient has the right not to take meds. Only with a court order in conjunction with a psychiatrist and with years of history can we even force someone to take long acting injections.

    Our mental health institutions were filled with inhumane practices in the 1960´s, but we had our politicians come up with solutions.

    Until We the People learn how to use common sense in our freedoms, and use our government appropriately, we will continue to have insanity like this.

    - we need effective, humane, compassionate forms of treating, and if necessary, institutionalizing people with dangerous mental illnesses (not the prison system).

    - we need adequate funding for mental health and medical professional to be more effective with these people.

    - we need to have the courage to stand up, create laws, and prosecute people in all forms of media who perpetuate lawlessness, disresptect, dishonor, degrading messages -- or at least make them pay greatly for the "privilege" of what they call "free speech".

    - we need to differentiate free speech for the good of people from cultural war and propaganda.

  44. Hephzibah Liverson-Byaly said

    The left won’t pin the blame on the human perpetrators of serious crimes, when those perpetrators are armed with guns, as most of those perpetrators along with their families and friends are usually members of favored identity based population groups that routinely vote heavily for liberal and socialist Democrat politicians. While those people and Democrat favored population groups can vote, guns are inanimate objects that have no vote. In that respect when talking about those serious crimes the Democrats never use words like murder and aggravated assault, but refer to those crimes as being gun violence, thus again blaming the gun and not the human perpetrator.

    The firearms and related industries in the USA are mainly conservative oriented industries that contribute to and support the Republican political agenda. In that respect the leftists would love to put the US firearms and related industries out of business, which would result in the loss to American workers of a huge number of well paying jobs throughout the USA.

  45. Mirda Pelosi Pupu said

    The Left is losing the culture war that they started.

    "For fifteen years and more, I have been complaining that the right is silenced in our culture."

    The Right, hopefully with Trump at the helm, will finally pull their head out of the ether and become culture warriors in this matter.

    This BOY that did this horrific act is the byproduct of the Leftist culture the Left has created. He was not born into a loving environment and the cards were stacked against him from the beginning. And there´s probably more there than we want to find out about him.

    To hear the hypocrisy on the left pontificate about guns after they´ve produced the filth and terror our young folk have been subjected to, it´s a wonder the culture isn´t worse than it is.

    I hope to see President Trump select a person (no czar) to organize a committee to enforce new procedures to handthe FBI´s blind spot on this issue. We have so many gifted former military and law enforcement people who could do wonders. It´s obvious the FBI has become fat and lazy and are not following up with leads or doing what they are there to do. There are no excuses, they either retrain and do their job or leave. They need to become accountable and report everything they do.

    The party is over.

  46. Carlotta Madalena Valdes said

    It all starts with a person having a total disregard for anyone and anything around them. See it all the time. Add in mental illness, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, physical and mental abuse, isolation, greed, selfishness, the internet, a distorted sense of reality, dozens of other factors, and one ends up with people like Nikolas Cruz.

    This article mentions violent culture, gangster rap and violent video games as causes. Another article mentions fatherlessness. That is over simplistic. There are many factors.

    There are millions of people that are mentally ill, abuse drugs and alcohol, etc, and they do not go out and kill people.

    The main thing is to watch behavior that is viewed as ´warning signs´. That was done with Nikolas Cruz. Unfortunately, law enforcement did not or could not do enough to pursue it. This guy was on the radar, but not enough was done about him.

  47. Sylvia Schoenstein said

    This is utter nonsense.

    This massacre had nothing to do with "culture" or "society" or electronic games. It was the result of untreated schizophrenia.

    Cruz fit the classic profile of a young man stricken with this terrible disease - - a disease which is contained in the human genetic makeup - - and has nothing to do with society or outside stimuli.

    Schizophrenia can be and must be treated. An untreated schizophrenic can cause all kinds of mayhem.

    Anyone who thinks this tragedy has anything to do with "culture" or "society" is dead wrong.

    Learn something about schizophrenia before making ill-informed assertions. Disease is not cultural it is physical.

  48. The Left couldn't frame an actual problem for argument to save their own lives. Why would "guns" ever prove an exception?

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. The main thing is to watch behavior that is viewed as ´warning signs´. That was done with Nikolas Cruz. Unfortunately, law enforcement did not or could not do enough to pursue it. This guy was on the radar, but not enough was done about him.

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