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He has much to say that should interest you, but you must be patient while he explains his point of view in a rambling,  informal, 
but very serious style.


  1. The best explanation I've heard for what the term postmodernism philosophy means beyond the arts. At various sites, I've heard the term bandied about for at least eight years.

    Marxism (cultural Marxism) has been plaguing the world since Marx and Hegel blathered in writing to state what will "fix" the world.

    This video is a good find, FT.

    1. Yes. I owe my discovery of Jordan Peterson to Farmer John who wrote about him the other day at Farmer's Letters.

      We will be hearing lots more from the Canadian. psychologist here.


      Hegel begat Marx

      Marx begat the Bolsheviks

      The Bolsheviks begat Antonio Gramsci

      Antonio Gramsci begat the Frankfurt School

      The Frankfurt School begat Cultural Marxism

      Cultural Marxism begat Political Correctness

      Political correctness begat Post-Modernism

      Post-Modernism, which Dr. Peterson explains as just another name for refined Marxian Thought, is the same old "wolf" no longerin sheep's clothing, but in a custom-tailored suit from Brooks Brothers, Savile Row or Armani.

      Twentieth Century "French Thought" too is closely aligned with Marxism –– as is most of French Film.

      Just about EVERYTHING that ails us stems from basic Human Nature, of ckurse, BUT if MARX had not decided to pander to our selfish, greedy impulses and make, therefore, the worst aspects of human nature appear "respectable" –– even "laudable" –– it is unlikely the world would be in the dreadful state it is right now.

    3. I'm glad you're liking Jordan Peterson. I like him a lot, too. He's too much of a modern classical liberal, though. And Marxists ate the "modern" classical liberals for lunch.

    4. If so, then the only for US to do is give THEM one sweet son-of-a-bitch of a STOMACH ACHE.

      WE must become the PARASITES and CANCER CELLS that eat THEM alive from within just as THEY have done to US for the past hundred years.


      After all TURNABOUT really IS fair play, is it not?

    5. Unfortunately THAT practice would violate every tenet that classical liberals hold dear.

      Which is why "conservatives" exist. ;)

    6. The Classical Liberal - It's what Berlin termed "the unavoidability of conflicting ends" or, alternatively, the "incommensurability" of values. He once called this "the only truth which I have ever found out for myself... Some of the Great Goods cannot live together.... We are doomed to choose, and every choice may entail an irreparable loss." In short, it's what Michael Ignatieff summarized as "the tragic nature of choice".

      The Conservative - Euripedes, "Hecuba" - I may be a slave and weak as well, but the gods are strong, and custom too which prevails o'er them, for by custom it is that we believe in them and set up bounds of right and wrong for our lives. Now if this principle, when referred to thee, is to be set at naught, and they are to escape punishment who murder guests or dare to plunder the temples of gods, then is all fairness in things human at an end.

      The Right-wing Conservative - Pascal, "Pensees" - The result of this confusion is that one affirms the essence of justice to be the authority of the legislator; another, the interest of the sovereign; another, present custom, and this is the most sure. Nothing, according to reason alone, is just in itself; all changes with time. CUSTOM CREATES THE WHOLE OF EQUITY, FOR THE SIMPLE REASON THAT IT IS ACCEPTED. IT IS THE MYSTICAL FOUNDATION OF ITS AUTHORITY; WHOEVER CARRIES IT BACK TO FIRST PRINCIPLES DESTROYS IT. NOTHING IS SO FAULTY AS THOSE LAWS WHICH CORRECT FAULTS. He who obeys them because they are just, obeys a justice which is imaginary, and not the essence of law; it is quite self-contained, it is law and nothing more. He who will examine its motive will find it so feeble and so trifling that if he be not accustomed to contemplate the wonders of human imagination, he will marvel that one century has gained for it so much pomp and reverence. The art of opposition and of revolution is to unsettle established customs, sounding them even to their source, to point out their want of authority and justice. We must, it is said, get back to the natural and fundamental laws of the State, which an unjust custom has abolished. It is a game certain to result in the loss of all; nothing will be just on the balance. Yet people readily lend their ear to such arguments. They shake off the yoke as soon as they recognise it; and the great profit by their ruin, and by that of these curious investigators of accepted customs. But from a contrary mistake men sometimes think they can justly do everything which is not without an example. THAT IS WHY THE WISEST OF LEGISLATORS SAID THAT IT WAS NECESSARY TO DECEIVE MEN FOR THEIR OWN GOOD; and another, a good politician, "Cum veritatem qua liberetur ignoret, expedit quod fallatur."43 We must not see the fact of usurpation; law was once introduced without reason, and has become reasonable. We must make it regarded as authoritative, eternal, and conceal its origin, if we do not wish that it should soon come to an end.

      43Saint Augustine, City of God, iv. 27. "As he has ignored the truth which frees, it is right he is mistaken."

    7. Pascal, known as a child prodigy with intellectual gifts almost beyond description, made many notable contributions to Civilization, but his personal lfe, apparently, was fraught with the misery that comes from chronic poor health, and sunwose, elf-defeating decisions in his relationships with others –– particularly his family.

      From the confounding, deeply cynical tone of the lengthy quotation given above, I feel compelled to say his time would probably have been much better spent if he'd devoted it exclusively to Mathematics and Science.

      But then I frankly regard "Saint" Augustine as anathema. Asceticism may be all right for those who choose it freely, but it's powerfully destructive to the best interests of humanity when it is IMPOSED,


    8. Was it Nietzsche who claimed that nobility cannot survive the onslaught of basic human nature –– or something of that sort?

      It might be true whoever said it, because "nobility" implies SUPERIORITY and the one thing the hoi polloi cannot seems to tolerate is anything notably refined, exquisitely beautiful, advanced, and excellent beyond comparison.

      Demonstrate manifest excellence, and you will likely be accused of trying to "high hat" your peers –– or worse –– possibly even "crucified.".

      I hasten to add that "putting on airs" –– i.e. snobbish affectation –– is NOT a demonstration of manifest excellence. };^)>

      Nevertheless, Vulgarity is perpetually at war with Nobility –– and thanks to the immense destructive piower of unlimited mass communication –– Vulgarity seems to be a victory lap.

      'Tis not for naught that many in the know used to refer to Communism as COMMONism.

      At any rate no matter what path we choose we are fated to walk a fine line throughout our lives. For those trying to rise above the commonplace in hopes of achieving excellence that fine line too often becomes a burning tight rope over the Abyss,

  2. Peterson is an interesting guy. A self identified Canadian liberal he makes some compelling arguments. I find his views on PC particularly interesting as he acknowledges its existence on both the left and the right.

    His views are worthy of consideration.

    1. You obviously did not LISTEN to the video.

    2. Not yet. But, I did do some basic abbreviated research in preparation for listening. In the process I found several more YouTube videos he has produced.

      I plan to listen to the video this evening after my day is done. When I can relax in the privacy and quiet of my home.

    3. Yes. That's the kind if thing fakers and kids who failed to do their homework always tend to do.

      You may come back –– if and when you have somethng of substance to say.

      We're not interested in "Warm Body Counts" here.

    4. Politically, Peterson describes himself as a classic British liberal. - Source Wikipedia

      The approximately 45 min. segment was indeed rambling. Nonetheless he made several good points that one can easily agree with.

      a) The importance of individualism and that it should hold a place high above collectivism.
      b) Communism under Lenin and Stalin, indeed all communist regimes worldwide were brutal authoritarian regimes interested only in killing individual initiative and power.
      c) Communism in taking control the means of production with the stated intent of creating equity of outcome killed initiative.
      d) The far left (a small percentage actually) has a disproportionate amount of influence (power) in academia resulting in wielding more power in determining policy and setting curriculum.
      e) PC does exit and it has the ability to silence opposing views. On this issue PC IMO exists both in extreme leftist ideology AND extreme right wing ideology. Both are not good and both should be fought.
      f) It is time for folks to wake up, analyze the cultural landscape and its shifting directions. Then respond as an individual in support of your principals. (My words)

      His strongest message is, for leftists, especially the extreme post modernists and cultural Marxists, it is really only about power. This true. It is also true of the more ideological right as well. IMO.

      It would be impossible to respond in real depth to Peterson’s informal chat. There are some things I would take some issue with, but, on balance I enjoyed the 45 minutes. Were I ever to have a chance to sit with Peterson in a question and answer session of say 30 minutes I would thoroughly enjoy it.

    5. "LIBERALISM" has been a MEANINGLESS term for a long time, because the Left APPROPRIATED it to make their essentially MARXIAN Agenda seem more palatable to the innocent, still-ignorant masses..

      This is what the Left DOES –– it foments DISSENSION by creating using LIES, HALF-TRUTHS, VILIFICATION and MIScHARACTERIZATION of their philsophical adversaries and the EXPLOITATION of unsophisticated peoples' basic IGNORANCE and INCURIOSITY.

      Dr. Jordan Peterson explains how this works very well in considerable detail. You ought to LISTEN to HIM.

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    7. Thank you FreeThinke, I believe I did listen to him. TWICE.

    8. What do you want for that?

      Do you expect me to give you a MEDAL?


    9. Only a blithering boob would show up at a blog after pompously and vulgarly denouncing it and its owner as NAZI and racist.

    10. True, Dirk, but WE don't want to emphasize these petty trifles and let them distract form the prmary puroise of this blog which is to discuss the merits and demerits of specific IDEAS and POLICY ISSUES.

      We certainly don't want to do anything that might ENCOURAGE the Attention Whores.

      In the future please le ME do my OWN housekeeping here.


  3. Replies
    1. PS, that video is circa 1984. We have not moved away form this, we have hit the accelerator and pointed the clown car downhill. I see no peaceful resolution. I wonder what Yuri would tell us in this time frame.

    2. Thanks, Kid. That really ties in very well to a lot of Peterson'a message.

      Always good to hear itfrom the horse's mouth and not some horse's ass! ;-)

  4. Brilliant man. I am reading his book right now.
    Just stopped by to see how you are feeling, my friend? Vertigo still bothering you?
    Sorry I was missing in action. Flu for 3 months and double pneumonia.


    1. Andie! I'm awfully glad to hear from you, but very sorry you've been sp terribly ill. Flu, even in its milder forms, is never a good thing.

      I've often wondered at the pace you've kept producing the many wonders you've been so kind to share with us.

      I am better now, myself, but it was a long haul. Knocked out most of November and December then went into January.

      I'll be seventy-seven in mid-April, so I guess I have sme excuse for not beg tiptop all the time, but yOU are still very young, and sould not have to endure so much illness.

      Please take very good care of yourself.

      Thank you again for stopping by.

      Stay well.


      PS: Glad you like Dr. Peterson.

    2. Glad to hear you are better.
      I am better now after spending four days in Cardiac ICU. Seems my "remarkably healthy heart" decided to develop a "fatal arrhythmia. Emergency room doctors saved my life. Ablation failed. However, electrophysiologist says that, since he could not replicate the arrhythmia, it may never come back. I hope he's right.
      Recuperating at home and praying.

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  6. If Donald Trump, and the NRA is Responsible for the Florida School Shooting then so is Barack Obama .

  7. You can thank Barrack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder for neutering local law enforcement and enfeebling and corrupting the FBI. But rather than admit those mistakes, the left wants to blame the NRA!

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  9. Its a very interesting blog that you have here Mr. Thinke!

  10. This is great news.
    President Trump slammed his AWOL Attorney General Jeff Sessions for neglecting his responsibilities as US Attorney General.
    Trump has realized Jeff Sessions is a cuck to the Deep State, namely Rod Rosenstein. Expect Sessions to step down after Trump just humiliated him.

    On Twitter Today

    Donald J. Trump
    Why is A.G. Jeff Sessions asking the Inspector General to investigate potentially massive FISA abuse. Will take forever, has no prosecutorial power and already late with reports on Comey etc. Isn’t the I.G. an Obama guy? Why not use Justice Department lawyers? DISGRACEFUL!

    Finally! Trump is exploding -- he should call that little dork into his office and fire him! Even Judge Judy would do a better job. Fire him and hire some one with some balls!

    1. Jeff obviously still thinks he in the US Senate, and that there was no coup attempt by the Deep State.

    2. There is something VERY wrong with Jeff Sessions in his role as attorney general.

      As Truman (I think) notably said, "If you need a friend in Washington, DC, get yourself a DOG."

      President Trump has had no end of trouble finding–– and KEEPING –– personnel of the RIGHT KIND –– to serve him in the West Wing and the Cabinet.

      It's no wonder since all the forces of Hell on Earth have marshalled themseves against him before he could even get started.

      He's done wonderfully well considering the massive resistance he faces every hour of every day, but HOW LONG CAN ONE LONE INDvIDUAL STAND on the PROMONTORY in the TEETH of the GALE BEFORE HE GETS TOPPLED, SMASHED on the ROCKS BELOW then DROWNED in the SWIRLING TIDES?


  11. Now we see the politically correct Progressive bunch lashing out at the NRA, and at President Trump, and at the Republicans in general instead of getting upset at the Sheriff, and his Keystone Cops, the FBI, and the local law enforcement that failed to protect the School children.

    Are we going to allow the politicians and all those Florida mealy-mouthed wannabe Cops like Sheriff Scott Israel help to destroy the Second Amendment and to disarm the law-abiding citizens to create one-way shooting gallery for the bad guys?

    Are we willing to put our lives and the lives of our family and our children in the hands of Sheriff Scott Israel’s bunch of Comedians, and Cowards? . Men who hid behind cars by while innocent children were being slaughtered like cattle!.
    I know that I wouldn’t want that bunch of Keystone Cops, in charge of protecting my family , I believe President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are certainly more responsible for this tragedy than the current president and the NRA..

    And to add to this nonsense we are seeing a bunch of chicken-Shit companies are dropping their support for the NRA because they don't want the backlash from any of these chickenhearted liberals. Who just want to once again take advantage of a tragedy to push their agenda and destroy our constitution. They are calling for the Boycotting of all companies who do business with the NRA. . .Well this is a free society and believe me IT WORKS BOTH WAYS!

    We need a national movement to boycott those who boycott the NRA. A boycott of those who would attack our Constitution. A boycott of those who slander the NRA, and who slander our duly elected president. Just as a terrorist organization. Hell, the NRA was the organization which helped get the background check system in place. So let's get the list going and show these brain dead Progressives you play with fire you get burned. There are 100 million gun owners and 5 million NRA members. So Good Luck With Your Boycott. And when these NRA members stop doing business with these companies, just watch how fast their boycotts will fizzle and die. .

    Remember how their Boycott of Chick Fil-A and Nordstrom, and the companies who boycotted Ivanka’s clothing line went.
    Businesses should stay the Hell out of politics..they will always get screwed in the end.

  12. The Truth Has Been SpokenMarch 2, 2018 at 10:20 AM

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    1. Tha you for the back-handed compliment, BUT we do all we can t prevent our guests from casting aspersions on other bloggers –– however well deserved!


      In other words it may be perfectly true, but if it isn't ENLIGHTENING, we really don't need to hear it.

      There is already far too much negativity in the world. Let us, please, try not to add to it.

      SATIRE, of course, is fine, but humorless BROADSIDES are not.

  13. I believe that Mueller has been completely neglectful in uncovering the real criminals like Hillary Clinton during the Uranium One scandal that saw 20% of America’s uranium sold to Russia as well as having been the former Director of the FBI as a friend of former FBI Director James Comey, and having a significant conflict of interest where he should have recused himself .

    1. True enough, but how could you hope to tie that into the discussion on Dr. Jordan Peterson?

      What IS that makes so many of you always AVOID addressing the designated TOPIC?

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    3. The subject here is DR. JORDAN PEtERSON and the ideas and deals he espouses –– pafticularly in the VIDEO cited.

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    1. The subject here is DR. JORDAN PEtERSON and the ideas and deals he espouses –– pafticularly in the VIDEO cited.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. We hold THIS blog to a higher standard.

      When in Rome ...

    2. The subject here is DR. JORDAN PEtERSON and the ideas and deals he espouses –– pafticularly in the VIDEO cited.

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    1. We are talking about Dr. JORDAN PETERSON today.

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  21. I believe that Mueller has been completely neglectful in uncovering the real criminals like Hillary Clinton during the Uranium One scandal that saw 20% of America’s uranium sold to Russia as well as having been the former Director of the FBI as a friend of former FBI Director James Comey, and having a significant conflict of interest where he should have recused himself ..
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