Thursday, August 17, 2017

Lest We Forget


  1. May this be repeated in 2018 and 2020!

    1. It isn't likely that will happen, AOW, since the VICTORS who won control of congress, have insisted on playing the role of the VANQUISHED.

      "What fools these mortals be!"

    2. Those damn Republicans could fall in a bucket of tits and come up sucking their thumbs...

    3. Auntie Maim said

      How vivid!

  2. A black conservative student attending a liberal arts college in upstate New York faced scorn for attending a vigil memorializing Heather Heyer, the 32-year-old woman allegedly murdered by a white nationalist in Charlottesville last weekend. Caleb Slater, who serves as the president of the College Republicans at Ithaca College, wore a hat with the Young Americans for Freedom logo, causing many attendees to respond intolerantly toward him. He told Legal Insurrection that he "wore the hat to show that conservatives condemn the actions of the alt-right just as much as anyone else in our culture."

    1. Interesting news, Doris, but why say "allegedly?" The woman is dead. Tha's a fact. She didn't drop dead of natural causes, and she didn't commit suicide.

      She really was RUN OVER by a TRUCK driven by a lunatic, whom the ENEMEDIA has insisted on calling a "White Nationalist."

      I, persinally, don't think it matters wheher she was run over by a drunken Irishman, a surned lesbian lover, a black thug, an illegal alien or a little green man from Mars.

      The fact is she is DEAD, poor thing! Whoever drove the truck that killed her must be punished with Life Imprisonment without hope of parole. It doesn't matter WHY he did it. ALL that matters is that he must be removed from society and kept away from decent poeple for the rest of his life.

    2. There are some, FT, who view the videotape and see "road rage" as a protestor bashes the drivers car with a stick and the driver subsequently steps on the gas and careens into the crowd... so perhaps "murder" is inappropriate and "manslaughter" becomes more accurate and descriptive charge.

    3. A rather legalistic analysis, Speedy, but probably correct for all of that. Still, I would insist death by violence is death by violence just as rose is a rose is a rose, and there is no excuse for what that driver did no matter HOW provoked he felt.

      The exercise of SELF-CONTROL is a virtue absolutely essential to the continued existence of a sane, civilized society.

      What we are seeing is a rising tide of out-and-out BARBARISM.

      Claims of "racism" –– even if justified in the legal sense of the term –– are NOT sufficient grounds for kicking over the traces and committing theft, vandalism, arson, mayhem and murder just because certain elements feel aggrieved, affronted, offended and enraged by the sins cmmitted by some of our ancestors.

    4. Did Antifa's mere presence in Charlottesville make a violent tragedy "inevitable"? I know it did.

  3. Dear Democrats/ Liberals/ Progressives/ Socialists/ and whatever elae you wish to be called these days

    You will not erase our history - and yes, the south is part of my history. Even if I am a Yankee, The south helped me and many others like me to become who I am today, a proud American..
    I traveled extensively in through the South, and saw the beautiful county side and a met with lots of wonderful people who are Great Americans. They like myself have our memories and treasures that we love so much and they include the statues and monuments that your ilk are tearing down these days. And by doing so are causing the hatred that we have been seeing and hearing about every minute of the day.
    No one has to tell me to stand up for the playing of the National Anthem, and no one has to tell me who or what to believe in.
    And please don’t tell me about Slavery any longer, I hear about it more than enough from the dingbats on TV. And neither I or any of my ancestors ever owned any slaves and I doubt if yours did either.

  4. Its Official the Democratic Party is now the Biggest HATE GROUP in America Today

    1. One could argue that the title belongs to the ENEMEDIA, DD, but then the DNC and the ENEMEDIA are really one and the same, aren't they?

      Oh, and don't we mustn't forget the EDUCRATS led by the POISON IVY LEAGUE either.

  5. And please don’t tell me about Slavery any longer, I hear about it more than enough from the dingbats on TV. And neither I or any of my ancestors ever owned any slaves and I doubt if yours did either.

    Typical rationale from those who wish to deny institutionalized racism in the USA. No rational sane person wants to erase history. Understanding history and the societal impacts from chosen actions in historys long arc should always be the goal. Unfortunately far too many choose not to learn from history and thereby continue to perpetuate errors of the past.

    It is what is is, it is what it has always been, and it is likely to continue to remain so. It is the pursuit of money, influence, and POWER that is responsible. Especially POWER.

    1. Your second paragraph is nothing but the regurgitation of a typical Leftist Talking Point –– one of an endless series of ATTACKS on the Peace, Well-Being and Security of our nation generated by fiendish rabble rousers who prefer now to be known as Communuty Organizers.

      This frankly fiendish element appeals to a growing army of lazy, shiftless, hopelessly ignorant, good-for-nothing malcontents, ingrates, drug addicts, drunkards and thugs who want to believe the world owes them a living.

      Your third paragraph hits upon the truth –– inadvertently I'm sure, since people of yor wretched il\k are smugly content to remain deaf and blind to anythung and everythung even hints at Truth. .

      The struggle certainly IS about POWER –– nothing more, nothing less. It has NEVER been about anything even faintly resembling JUSTICE.

    2. Objective systemic symbolic violence... tends to result in Subjective physical violence when those upon whom the objective violence is subjected are not given the opportunity to retaliate with objective symbolic violence (protests/marches) of their own. We can thank ANTIFA for ensuring that subjective violence will CERTAINLY be the result.

    3. PLEASE, Speedy! I know you mean well, but we strive to use good STANDARD English here while avoiding the use of "Pedaguese" and other forms of grotesque gobbledygook dreamt up by "intellectuals" whose primary purpose (as far as I can determine) is to make relatively simple concepts appear far more complex, convoluted, abstruse and obscure than they really are in order to make THEMSELVES seem far more intellagent than they probably are.

      It's a kind of game of One Upsmanship academics love to play in the hallowed confines of their small, smug, highly parochial circles.

      Having earned three college degrees I feel I know whereof I speak.

      Why else do you think I've recently taken to referring to our supposedly "finest" insitutions of "higher learning" as The POISON IVY LEAGUE?


    4. w/o theory, there can be no real understanding. And to those with short ears, there will never be. ;)

  6. Its Official the Democratic Party is now the Biggest HATE GROUP in America Today

    That narrative is supported ONLY by opinion. In other words it is FAKE NEWS

    1. Do you REALLY believe that?

      If so, your Blindness to Reality and your capacity for Self-Deception must be considerably stronger than I'd previously thought.

      Now BE OFF WITH YOU, and please DON'T COME BACK. I have no wish to waste time in fruitless argumentation with practitioners of treachery and deceit –– or the deranged and mentally deficient.

  7. Build Your Vocabulary


    1. dregs, sediment of wine at the bottom of the barrel.
    2. the most worthless part or parts of a place or thing.

    Remember the trees.
    Remember the sedges.
    We're controlled by the lees
    Who live 'round the edges.

    ~ Anne Animus

  8. so Prairie dogs and turtles are Pro-Trump?
    lol Had to do it. I hope we see the destruction of the democrat party Real Soon.

  9. These stupid, slimball, -spineless, Democratic CEOs have sided with social justice agitators, Beltway media enablers and Democratic resistance knuckleheads who believe Trump was wrong to condemn violence and hatred on all sides of the political spectrum. Never mind that of the four people arrested after the violent outbreak in Charlottesville, Virginia, this weekend, two were identified with the white nationalist movement and the other two were left-wing "antifa" counterprotesters.

  10. when you have reached the low point of quoting a buffoon who has an IQ lower than a Orangutan , and who has brain rot, and who is a Cheater and a Liar, that screws his own maid , and wants to punch the President in the face like Arnold Schwarzenegger, then you just as much as a FOOL as HE is... ! Seems to me YOUR the one filled with HATE !
    Someone needs to smash Arnold in the face!

    1. I don't remember hearing much from Arnold (or many others of those Hippocrapers ) when supporters of the Black Lives Matter bunch murdered 5 police officers in Dallas last year

  11. And a ccording to CNN's self acclaimed genius reporter, Wolf Blitzer, the Barcelona attack was inspired by White supremacists in Charlottesville. So now you know the IDIOTS that we are dealing with..

    1. Funny! I said to a friend on the phone just yesterday that the ENEMEDIA would soon find a way to twist this regrettable incident in Spain into an ATTACK on the United States. I'm frankly surprised that old Vulpinus Schitzer didn't lay the blame for Barcelona directly at the feet of President TRUMP.

      It WILL happen, if it hasn't already. Believe it.

    2. FT,
      I find that I have to limit the amount of time during which I allow myself to be assaulted by the Enemedia.

      Today I turned off everything and took a long bath.

  12. Why don’t we petition the US government to introduce a UN resolution asking Germany, Austria and Poland to take down, destroy, and wipe out, ALL the Standing Concentration Camps! Lets face it, like the Confederate Statues, they are relics of a regime that killed 6 million people. We all know that the Nazis. They kept slaves and gassed them for being an inferior race. All of us are aware of that (excpt of course for Michael Moore.).
    And of course slavery is an open and thriving business widely in many [arts of Africa today still. As is selling women as sex slaves. Why not concentrate and get rid of that? Where are your morals and principles where that’s concerned? I for one would that that those issues are FAR more important than a lousy Robert E. Lee statue!!!

    And the response of silence is no big surprise!

    HISTORY is a lesson ... the bitter goes with the sweet, the good goes with the bad.. .. record it, and learn from it.

    But don't LIE about it as the Progressives do.

    1. The camps make the Germans "nostalgic" for the 30's... (see AoW Post today). LOL!

  13. Political correctness is not new only its current name is recent. Political correctness was trademarked successfully with the epic film Birth of a Nation early in the last century with heroic vigilante figures donning sheets and riding horse-back ostensibly to defend the honor of its origins against interlopers. It was not a proud time for our people but it was nonetheless political correctness-We are good, you are bad-We are right, you are wrong.

    Today political correctness has a new face and it is dangerous .. It drives mobs into communities to blot out their cultural identity and local color if they don’t “play ball” with the bunch of thugs in charge , the you are out! So the hordes start toppling historic statues like invaders with ropes pulling down the likeness of Saddam Hussein.

    Most of those ignoramus don’t even know that black slavery wasn’t started by southern white Americans. It was initiated by BLACK AFRICAN tribal chiefs who were getting wealthy by netting and selling them to slave traders. But no one seems to be letting facts get in the way- All they know is that we are good, you are bad-We are right, you are wrong.

    Political correctness is a difficult animal to kill because its shape is circular. You can’t tell the front from the back or the head from the tail. When crusaders march into southern communities as counter-protesters they are essentially exercising a kind of ethnic cleansing because the vast majority of the community has no dog in the fight of white nationalism. The crusaders are really there to round up the locals and intimidate them to get in line

  14. Trump was set up and he took the bait. In his response on Monday he addressed his feelings and they were rational. The media could not let him get away with this and in a press conference about infrastructure they teed up Charlottesville and he swung for the fences as they knew he would. The media went away victorious and trump lost ground.
    The media spent millions supporting their candidate, millions on polls showing how smart they are and millions on victory parties. All this cam crashing down when their candidate got trashed and they are not going to allow this image loss to stand.
    Did Trump tell the truth that both sides deserve blame, of course but did the media highlight that, nope they just went after him for there were good people on both sides. This was a prearranged violent event. If it wasn't set up to be violent then why did both sides come armed with bats, shields and helmets.
    We have a race problem in this country and it is growing worse.
    We have had two presidents with themes that were brought down because of racial issues.
    I support the Trump agenda but I am not convinced he has the temperament to get anything done. He is to easily baited by the media and they know it. Obama attacked whites the middle class and small business but the media ignored it, after all he won the Nobel. His answer in his infrequent press conferences to a question was to walk off. Trump just wants to express his opinions, many times in attacks on others, and he will always lose.

    1. All rght, Skud, but I don't see that President Trump is to blame for ANY of this.

      Can't you see that "NO MATTER WHAT" our president is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't?

      Every bit of this HORROR we forced to confront is generated and PUSHED like MAD by the ENEMEDIA –– or rather the moguls who own and operate it.

      NONE of it comes from President Trump.

      He is being subjected to a campaign of systematic attacks and totally unprincipled vilification by a formidabe, de facto coalition consisting of the ENEMEDIA, the D'RATS, the PROFESSORIAT, and members of the RINO Establishment in his OWN party.

      I admire him totally for standing up to the vicious, frankly farcical machinations now militating against him.

    2. His constant personal attacks are non productive. Should he call out the republican party as a bunch of hypocrites, absolutely, but he should leave personal attacks to others.
      He has the media against him because their darling lost and made them look like the idiots they are. They make up the majority of the top 1% in wealth for which they do not share and they want to stay as the elite. Both the democrat and republican crookaticians don't like him because he wants to drain the swamp and they are it. He has told them they have to Work for the American people and the word Work is something they have never had to do. Trump has made billions, they have been given millions so they are scared.

      Trump is to blame for giving them the ammunition to attack by his constant attack tweets.
      What the leftists and of course the media don't mention is how long did it take BO to condemn someone when when a black was killed by a non black, or arrested by a white policeman doing his job, seconds. How long did it take him to utter the words radical Muslim for the nightclub massacre, not sure he ever did.
      DJT needs to pick his battles and everything does not need to be a battle on twitter. I support his agenda and want to see him succeed but he keeps getting in the way.

    3. Truth Burns, Again...August 18, 2017 at 4:58 PM

      In other words the intelligent folks.

  15. Hey Mr. Democratic ..your revisionist history is full of holes, and loaded with Bull-Shit!

    The KKK was founded by Southern Democrats primarily to kill Republicans who threatened and took away their "right" to own slaves.
    The states used to be all Democrat and the the Republican party didn't even exist until 1854. More recently the South had gone Republican because they wanted to distance themselves from their past, and they rejected the KKK, and are largely evangelical Christians.

    But if you want proof of the Democrat party's racist roots, just look at the civil rights acts. Every one of them was voted against by the majority of Democrats, the only reason the final one became law was because Johnson was pressured into signing it or face looking like an oppressor. Democrat and KKK member Robert Byrd opposed the Civil Rights Act
    Even though the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would never have passed without 86% of the Republicans in the US Senate and US House voting for it
    Those are the facts. That's it. Period, It's been PROVEN.

    The big question is, are Black Americans better off after 8 years of Obama or not? And the answer is Not! Have Black Americans, backing the Democrats, made the progress they wanted since 1964 or not? The truth is, LBJ bought the Black vote with entitlements that have done little to raise Black Americans up to the American standard of living.
    The Republicans gave Black Americans their Citizenship when they passed the 14th Amendment without a single Democrat vote. Democrat LBJ bought the Black votes by stopping his own Democratic Party in the South, from discouraging Black voting with literacy tests. The entitlement LBJ used to further buy the Black votes was his "Great Society" welfare handouts that have done little to move millions of Black Americans out of poverty.

  16. Mr. Bill from N.H. said

    Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

    Since the US Department of Education was established in 1979, US History has been devalued in favor of a global Social Studies curriculum. The results are obvious. The Snowflake Generation’s ignorance of our history is on full display with the destruction of statues of Robert E. Lee and monuments to Confederate soldiers in North Carolina.

    Robert E. Lee was a fully decorated hero of the Mexican War. He abhorred slavery, and served America after the war by favoring reconciliation and actively urging patience on the part of Americans as the country reconnected.

    In his public statements and private correspondenc Lee argued that a tone of reconciliation and patience would further the interests of white southerners better than antagonism to federal authority or the use of violence.

    As President of WashingtonCollege, Lee repeatedly expelled white students from for violent attacks on local black men, and publicly urged obedience to te law, and respect for law and order.

    In 1869–70Robert E. Lee was a leader in successful efforts to establish state-funded schools for blacks.

    So there you have it, lbyall means let’s tear down everything that reminds us of this luminary to American values and others like him!

    And to the MORON in Boston who wants to change the name of Faneuil Hall because Peter Faneuil also traded African Negroes in the Carribean for molasses and rum, and sold foodstuffs internationally, I say the entire WORLD used slaves until Britain outlaws slvery in 1837 and the US followed suit 25 years later.

    Slavery still exist today. It ,ay yet be found in some African and Middle Eastern countries.

    Lets go after that blemish instead of choosing to rehash abuses that occurred more than 150 years years ago and for thousnds of years before that.

    Oh and while we are at it, why not go back to all the borders established in...hmmm when would be the best time? 1939? 1917? 1889? 1647? The Year One?

    Think about that for a minute.

    We can’t judge the past by present day stancards –– instead we must learn from it and use it as the example of why NOT to have slaves.


  17. One must ask why the police allowed the Black Lives Matter Thugs to riot, burn, and loot for days in Ferguson and Baltimore. However, I do not think you can fault the police entirely. You see, the police work for the politicians who control the city, and no doubt they receive orders to go easy. Like the mayor in Baltimore said about giving them a place to destroy. Because the Democrat politicians who control the police want this violence to happen. This latest riot was a set up. Did you see the video in Charlottesville:? Did you see the Man pictured using a homemade Flame Thrower on the “So Called” white supremacists? Ah you won’t believe that there was violacea on Both Sides, and yet you Ignore the Man pictured using a homemade Flame Thrower. He didn’t bring that Flame Thrower to toast Marshmallows, or to light his Marijuana Joint.
    Just like President Trump said, there is hate and violence on BOTH SIDES! We saw it in action again in Charlottesville, VA, and in Durham, N.C.

    These incidents of violence in in Charlottesville, VA, and in Durham, N.C, like at . Berkeley and other university campuses. Are the results of the bloody conflict and vandalism, bythe Democrats and the anti-Trump Republicans and the National press are trying to pin it on Mr. Trump.
    President Trump’s comments on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were truthfully, accurate and appropriate, and as usual the Main Stream Media eagerly condemned the President.
    And it you don’t like President, don’t blame him for things that he had NOTHING to do with, just run a better candidate next time , you pussies

  18. I just got back from a stroll through the Liberal/Progressives cesspool of blogs.
    Though liberals do a great deal of talking about hearing other points of view, it sometimes shocks them to learn that there ARE other points of view.
    Political correctness is a wonderful example of how liberals think. They pull some “offensive” (to them) idea out of the miasma of their minds and put government authority behind it. As a result, colleges are staffed with race relations police who monitor what is said and read body language. Infractions are handled with reeducation or expulsion.

    The fetus is property and just cells.

    Enforcing immigration law is profiling.

    Opposing Obama is racism.

    Tax cuts are only doing the bidding of the super rich.

    Supporting business is crushing the employee.

    Fox News is Faux News.

    And the list goes on. There is no intelligent debate in these nuggets of liberal truth. You just dare not challenge them without proving to the world that you are an idiot.

    Progressives are, at their core, self-absorbed bullcrap artists. They are convinced of their moral and intellectual superiority, and above all, take whatever action they feel necessary to achieve whatever goal they decide needs to be achieved.
    One Progressive Shit House does nothing else but bitch, and moan about our President, but was right there to kiss Obamas Skinny Ass every time SHE had the opportunity to. Oh well that's Progressiveism for you!



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