Friday, August 11, 2017

 Madman with Missiles pointed at US

... ____ Make Kim Toast! ____ ...
Words, words, words!
I'm so sick of words
We get words all day through
First from Kim, now from you 
Is that all you bastards can do?

Don't favor talk with dignity
It’s Kim you must balk, not me!
Tell us no hope Reason prevails 
Don’t be a dope, show me!

Here we are together in the middle of a war
Don't purse your lips, it’s such a bore.
Anyone who's threatened with attack 
will tell you that
There is no time for a chat!

Doesn't your soul long for a win?
That is no sin, show them.
Don't talk of peace lasting through time
Utter instead this harsh vow:
Kill Kim NOW!

THIS is what he thinks of YOU and ALL of US

Don’t say your prayers, waste no more time
More talk’s a crime, KILL Kim!
Stop being nice, don’t give advice
Talk is a vice!

No more do we want to see or hear another word
There isn't ONE, we haven't heard.
While we’re here together 
we should make a battle plan
Shut your damned mouth,
be a MAN.

Let’s use our arms, lay down some mines.
Please don't draw lines,
KILL Kim! KILL him!
Don't wait until our West Coast
Burns down fulfilling Kim’s boast.

One second before the bastard gets incinerated

~ Sorry, Alan Jay, but someone had to do it


  1. I guess that being diplomatic with Kim Fat Dung just ain’t working folks. Somehow the little punk thinks that whatever he has in his fat head is smarter than our President. Well President shot back with a pretty good answer today ( at least in MY opinion he did) he really put the pressure on the little twerp. Once again Warning Kim NOT to make any more threat to us or to anyone else as he and his family has been doing for the past few decades, because he wasn’t going to stand for it, not like the past US Presidents did and that it’s a whole different Ball Game now. And personally I think that what he said was justified !
    And don’t you think that immediately afterwards, the Liberals called his remarks “RECKLESS”
    What is RECKLESS is that the last three administrations allowed this situation to go as far as it has when we have never really had any sort of Peaceful arrangement with North Korea for more than 64 years! Although the fighting had stopped, there really never was any peace between the two of us. I've never understood why we do what we always do in these cases where we sit back and watch as they build up weapons and militaries for the sole purpose of fighting with us and wait as long as possible to do anything about it so that the death tolls on all sides will be as high a single they possibly can be!

    Kim Jung Dung , his father and his grandfather have all been hellbent on our destruction, the destruction of South Korea , the United States, and Japan and they have had no qualms about saying so daily! This guy is a lunatic who threatens to drop a nuclear bomb on a random third party nation all because one of our senators dared to call him "the crazy fat kid", if that doesn't say totally unstable and completely unhinged, well, them maybe the feeding his own uncle to the dogs or having his own brother murdered with nerve agent says it? You would think so but of could liberals only ever hear what they want to hear.
    But what gets MY Goat is that this Loon can threaten to bomb the hell out of us and wipe us ti shreds, and no one on the left says a word, but when our President answers back as he should, our so called Patriotic, or should I say Neurotic Lefties criticize OUR President, and call HIM “reckless'”.I personally fully support Mr. Trump’s getting tough on North Korea and pressuring China to do the same
    When it is very important for the United States to show that we mean business and that we will not stand to be threatened like that and to lay out very clearly how we would act in response to a North Korean attack!
    And you lefties need to ask yourselves as well, what's more important? My political party or MY Country! There's only one correct answer to that. Or are you too busy focusing on Russia?
    I’m sorry but these Liberals in Congress, and in the Senate, and right here on these very Blogs as well as the Liberal media have now reached the point of traitorous with their reckless talk against the Administration during this situation.
    Our President is now faced with correcting the inept actions that occurred all those years under Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Sitting back and appeasing never works., 8 years of pandering didn’t work either. Mr. Trump is facing the difficult task that those others did not know how to handle, and deserves the support of both the Republicans and Democrats. Of course we know that the Progressives and the RINOs are not concerned about the citizens of America, and will just play politics, and sit back and call the President names. Well, lets see how that’s going to work!

    The bottom line is that Slick Willie and the Party President did NOTHING to stop the Boy King so President Trump will have to clean up their mess. And John McCain has proven that he needs a nursing home, more than a Senate seat now more than ever.
    You know, Donald Trump is our President, and the commander of the military. You Libs might have missed that, Unlike Obama, President Trump isn't afraid to make tough decisions.

    1. Miss Lavinia Perkins said

      Young man, you are in desperate need of a few lessons in the art of succinct verbal expression. Your penchant for prolixity is daunting.




    GUAM TO RESIDENTS: 'Don't look at flash or fireball'...

    Japanese troops begin joint exercise...

    Crisis pushing South to gun up...



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    1. NOTICE: We are maintaining our pledge to do our best to keep this blog an ASSHOLE-FREE ZONE.

      "Better an empty house than an unwelcome guest!"

      ~ Lieutenant Creed Cardwell, USN, WWII


      It only encourages them when you do.

  4. Why is there no outrage from the left about Kim Dog Dungs threats against the US. We should draw a line in the sand and hope China will pull our ass out of the fire much the same as Russia did for Barry.
    Now the left is saying DJT is doing this because of low poll numbers. This does have merit because Clinton bombed an aspirin factory to divert attention from one of his rape incidents.
    We really need to study how to negotiate from a position of weakness. After all look how well that worked for Barry Homaba. ISIS, mass riots, mass shootings, excusing the murder of a border guard, blaming law enforcement instead if criminals, huge increase in food stamps, ruin our healthcare system, giving away billions for a feel good accord that has no teeth and having the slowest economic recovery in history.
    Yep need to go back and weaken America to appease the feel good crowd.

    1. Even if Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington were suddenly reduced to radioactive rubble by missiles sent by Kim Jong Un, the deadly Red Jackals in the ENEMEDIA would STILL want to tell us it was all the fault of President Donald J. Trump.

      The Left never met an Enemy of the USA they didn't positively ADORE.It's the PATRIOTS the Left can't abide.

  5. They are used to three generations of idle threats from NK. But for a US President?, not so much. JFK had justification during the CMC.

    1. Sorry, but I don't understand your point. Please return and clarify for us what you meant.

      Thank you.

  6. Judge Oliver Wendell BombtheshitoutofthemAugust 11, 2017 at 6:19 PM

    Three generations of fatso North Korean embeciles is enough!

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    2. Tudalulu McSnatch said

      He got rid of you, because we can't stand the smell of rotten cabbage. You stink on ice, pal.

    3. Ah, I get it. No one is allowed to be more witty than this blog's Dear Leader.

  7. The Town Crier said


    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 45% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Fifty-three percent (53%) disapprove.

    A week ago, only 39% approved of the job Trump is doing.

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    2. NOTICE: We are maintaining our pledge to do our best to keep this blog an ASSHOLE-FREE ZONE.

      "Better an empty house than a unwelcome guest!"

      ~ Lieutenenant Creed Cardwell, USN, WWII

  8. The Town Crier said

    Trump Appoints More Judges in 200
    Days Than Obama, Bush, Clinton

    This from the man Newsweek calls "Lazy Boy".

  9. Obama is an example of Modern Democrats now known as Progressives, and has exhibited the Progressive idea of effective leadership for eight years. And that man did more damage to the United States than any foreign despot.

  10. How NOT to deal with North Korea. Exhibited by Obama, and Clinton who's Foreign Policy Establishment Failed and Are Responsible for Current Crisis

  11. This mess we are in today with North Korea is much like Obama's Iran deal. ! We will be playing this exact same game in the not so distant future. And the really pathetic part about all this is that many apathetic people , and I'm talking about the Progressive's and the Liberals of today don't even see the comparison that's right before their eyes... But are so quick to put the blame on President Trump instead of where it actually belongs due to their very short-term memory span.

    And now President Trump is having to deal with and to rectify this huge mess that past piss poor previous administrations created and left on Trump's doorstep. May God give President Trump the wisdom and the fortitude to correct this mess.

  12. Praise be to God and President TrumpAugust 12, 2017 at 8:28 AM

    God, please give our fabulous narcissist President the wisdom, iron will, determination, and clear vision to blow those asshole North Koreans to help. An and if be your infinite wisdom the libs and progs with them. People who don't see things our way are ruining your chosen America.

    1. Lord, give the President the strength to allow North Korea to become a nuclear power and throw it's weight around the Far East. We will all be better off when Japan, the Taiwanese, and the Australians develop nuclear missiles to counter any North Korean first strikes. A world filled with nuclear weapons are what we all need, so that we can discover our capacity to surrender them. and turn the planet into a nuclear weapon free world....


    2. North Korea would never have developed nuclear weapons but for the threat that Donald J. Trump poses to world stability and peace....

  13. President Trump has done exactly what he said he’d do and more. And that is exactly what is bugging the Liberals... Not only that he unmasked Obama’s fascist lefties former thugs, he has the Muslim terrorist’s on the run. He has the Democratic Politicians in a frenzy, he’s got the President of Mexico befuddled and the Pussy Hatters in such a dither that they don’t know what to do or who’s side to root for and against. They are so Bewildered, and Befuddled that they are rooting for the Little Fat Kim Dong Un instead of supporting their own President and Country!
    In Trump’s first few months he has all but wiped Obama’s Legacy and his FAILED policies off the history books. The real issue here, isn’t really that these Lefty Loons hate Trump that much, it’s STILL that they can’t get over the fact that they lost by such a land slide. Both Hillary aid Obama were such Hero’s of theirs and now they are both history.

    The constitution that was stepped on so frequently , is now respected, it has been bent and twisted, and disregarded for the last eight years, and now it is back where it belongs. Followed and obeyed.
    People like Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, and the rest of that ilk have proven they can’t govern, andthey must be replaced.

    Trump is doing exactly what he was put in office to do, take names, and kick ass.
    The failed experiment of electing a l President based on his/her color/gender or sexual preference has thankfully come to an end.
    The Stock market has hit NEW records almost daily, the economy is starting to boom again,
    And the best of all, the worst President of the United States of America is GONE, and Hillary Clinton will NEVER, EVER be President!

  14. The Proncr Of Greenwich VillageAugust 12, 2017 at 12:41 PM

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  15. Praise be to God and President TrumpAugust 12, 2017 at 2:50 PM

    Lord, we pray your guidance leads President Trump in Making America the Great White nation it once was. That he may, by destroying 70-100 million souls make the world safe, and insure America's white capatist vision of democracy is preserved for all posterity. Only by these holy actions can your will be realized. America's white vision should be the vision for all across the globe. Your guidance and invisible hand working through our Great White President Trump will bring the nation of America and the other nations of the world to see the full light of your holy goodness.

    1. Protect President Trump from all enemies foreign and domestic and keep him safe so that he may fulfill your holy promise of America, White. Christian. America. We thank you O Lord for sending us this wise and honest family man to deliver us from the wrong path we have been traveling...diversity. We hope your divine guidance will lhelp us kill every MOslem vermin on earth and then kill every dirty yellow Korean and then the filthy BLMers who've destroyed this country. And God bless the owner of this blog for promoting your will: White Christian America. Amen. Praise Lord Jesus Christ.

    2. Remember folks, it's all pink on the inside!

    3. Do you mean, "If you prick 'em, they'll bleed?

      Sure. Everyone's a sheep, a lamb, a steer, a calf, a pig, a goat, or a chicken, a duick,who may be led to the slaughter at any minute, or a deer n the forest, or a pheasant on the wing who may be shot down to stimulate the jaded palate of a spoiled gourmet.

      The Name of the Game is to keep from BEING slaughtered as a long as possible,n'est'ce'pas?

      What else is there?

    4. No, I'm a sailor. When you pull into a port, like Santos, Brazil and all the prostitutes are walking down the street, from ebony to ivory in color, our First Asst. used to lick his lips and state, "It's all pink on the inside!" before choosing a partner to accompany him for the evening.

  16. Rosie O’Donnell posted a video dressed as pig (is she admitting to be a pig?) where she apologizes to North Korea for President Trump.

    Can you believe that?

    She’s apologizing to a dictator … why don’t she move to North Korea if she like Kim Jong-Un so much?

    1. That woman is nothing but a TROLL with a megaphone spplied by the ENEMEDIA. She is gtreasinus SCUM. The best way to handle the GODDAM BITCH would be to IGNORE her –– i.e. don't even MENTION her filthy name.

      Got that?

  17. China vowed to stay neutral if NK fired first. Please Kimmy Kook. Please pull the trigger.

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  19. If you want to know how the world has managed to become so royally screwed-up that North Korea now possesses the capability to fire a miniaturized nuclear warhead at us, you need to look to the past — namely, to the Obama administration.

    Take former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, for instance, who wrote a column for The New York Times Thursday begging President Donald Trump to stop standing up to North Korea.

    1. Free Pasta FrazooleAugust 13, 2017 at 7:24 AM

      This is the same Susan Rice that stood before the American people and told us that pack of lies about what happened in Benghazi. when the Obama administration failed to make any effort to save U.S. diplomats and security personnel — and then Rice lied shamelessly to the American people, blaming a YouTube video for the attack.”

    2. A long side of Crooked Hillary, the toe of them fed the public a load of Crap and to this very day expected us to buy it.

    3. Derrick "Ichabod" Crane said

      PASTA E FAGIOLI is the proper way to spell that, FPF. See that you remember it in future.

  20. The REAL Dave MillerAugust 13, 2017 at 7:34 AM

    Trump realizes that we need a new strategy, but clearly, Susan Rice would prefer that we remain bound to the failed path set forth by her former boss, Barrack Hussein Obama, i.e., the same path that led North Korea into gaining this technology in the first place.

  21. What the hell is wrong with these people these days? Last night there was whole bunch of Idiots are running rampant in Charlottesville. Virginia...
    But to tell you the truth, I thought that this was going to happen when they took down the statue of Robert E. Lee.
    And happen it did. Last night about 200 Neo-Nazi types ( what the press are calling “White Supremacists) decided to march around and carrying torches to mainly protest the removal of Civil War Monuments and Statues thought the South. .
    I guess it’s alright when Antifa burns down Berkekey, when Black lives matter can shut down freeways and bridges, and prevents Ambulances from getting through. When anti Trump Pussy Hat wearers Loot, and burn the stores and break windows , and turn over police cars. Paint swastikas on Jewish homes and on Synagogues. When Black Lives Matter THUGS assassinate Police Officers who are guilty of SITTING IN THEIR POLICE CARS DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! And the leftist media calls them heros!. Who are the hateful, malicious, even murderous ones there?
    Look don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any use for White Supremacists or any sort of Supremacist groups. But lets call it like it is!
    Here we have the White Supremacists, or call them whatever you want, holding a LAWFUL parade/demonstration. Do I appreciate or admire or respect those organizations? ABSOLUTELY NOT. In fact I loathe what they stand for, how they express themselves, and no way in hell do I want them to be in charge of laws and policy'. As I feel about the Black Lives matter thugs as well.

    But however I do feel that they should they have the right to publicly protest for what they believe in.? They absolutely should. And in this case protesting the removal of Civil War Monuments and Statues thought the South. .

    So who is to blame for the violence? In this case you have to blame those who came to deny the Supremacists the right to be who and what they are in peace. Did they burn down or loot any stores in protest? NO! Did they destroy any private or public property? Not that I know of! .Did they shoot any Police Officers? I didn’t hear of that happening either!

    President Trump spoke about it in his speech last night saying that he condemned “hatred, bigotry and violence! And a White House spokesperson later amplified the president’s remarks, saying “The president was condemning hatred, bigotry and violence from all sources and all sides. There was violence between protesters and counter-protesters today.” However the media is on his case because he failed to “single out, and denounce White Supremacists! I guess that saying that he Condemned “Hatred, Bigotry and Violence, wasn’t clear and to the point!
    His exact words were...
    ”We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence, or racism in America. Lets come together as one!”

    As predicted, Chuck Schumer was quick to condemn, and criticize the president for not denouncing, and singling out the White Supremacists!

    The left including Barack Obama NEVER condemned Black Lives Matter, in fact he had invited them to the White House.
    The bottom line is that personally, I don't support Neo Cons, Nazis, Black Lives Matter etc...but these people DID have a permit, the Antifa and other groups did not.
    And I find it to be very disturbing to have our history wiped away by removing Statues and Monuments, so I believe that this was bound to happen.
    I also wonder why Antifa isn't listed as a hate group? When they ought to be.

    This mess has been ongoing for about 18 months after some Black High School Kids petitioned the City to remove the statue of Robert .E. Lee. The Mayor is a lefty, the whole city is occupied by lefties, and it is a Lefty College Town. So it’s no surprise the City Council voted to remove the statue? This has been happening in New Orleans and other Cities throughout the South. And it’s wrong.
    But somehow I know that they would Blame Trump!

    1. The Truth Has Been SpokenAugust 13, 2017 at 8:53 AM

      The “White Supremacists” did have a permit and were marching legally. . the Anti White Nationalists came armed with Very Big Clubs and the Violence Ensued! Now, you can certain the left will blame President Trump and all White people

    2. I don't believe THEY call themselves "White Supremacists." That is a pejorative appellation conjuredup by the ENEMEDIA who is in league with ANYTHING and ANYONE that pits itself against Traditional American Values.

      The ENEMEDIA –– and all these Campus Commies and self-styled crypto-Marxist "Revolutionaries" who besiege us with their carping, cavilling, sniping, sneering rhetoric –– are bound and determined to make Caucasian Christians feel ASHAMED of being who they are.

      The Left will not rest till it reduces "US" to snivelling, grovelling, beggars dispossessed and deracianted in our OWN land.

      That is what ALL this nonsense about "the necessity of removing Civil War Monuments in order to achieve Social Justice" is REALLY all about.

      Of course succumbing to the temptation to cimmit VIOLENCE against those who torment us is playing RIGHT into the hands of the fiends who seek our total destruction.

  22. America’s history MUST be preserved no matter how offended someone might become over it. It’s there to learn from, and not there to re-live it. Nothing that happened during that period should be erased (including Slavery), is to be removed by one group or the other. Anyone attempting the removal of our history should be immediately stopped, and should be arrested.
    And that includes Statues, Monuments and anything else pertaining to America’s history.

    Just how many Movies have been made about Slavery in the past 5 years or so! No one has protested that!
    Tolerance must work both ways. No more removal of Statues, or monuments. There needs to be a bill passed outlawing this bullcrap immediately

  23. The lefties have it all wrong... The blacks, including people like Barrack, and Michele Obama, Oprah, Wendy Williams, and that ilk are looking at the monuments/statue issue wrongfully. They should want them to remain, but they should want to add a plaque that reads about the reason for the war where Slavery was involved, and then leave it up to the readers of history to then understand the history in it's totality.
    The blacks will NEVER let go of their slavery history in which it can be used against the whites of today just like the race card, even if it was abolished in America in 1865.
    Missing such an opportunity is just pure ignorance on those who would rather make war instead of peace by not addressing our history properly, and not making sure that it is told properly. How stupid can people be ? Just watch the Optah, or the Wendy Williams show, and you’ll find out.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. Im justt curious....
    So help me out here!
    Why did the former Narcissist in Chief quote the African Commi Nelson Madela rather than the American Martin Luther King, who actually 'fought' here to end racism, when speaking yesterday?

  25. Men, time to put an end to this shit. Who's up for a nuclear pig roast?

    1. Tudalulu McSnatch said

      I've got a better idea. Why not just jump off the nearest cliff or tall building?

      You go first.

  26. The Following is Dedicaed to Seantor John McCain and the RINOS


    The nature of Establishment protects
    Itself from upstarts seeking sweeping change.
    A groundswell of rebellion projects
    A threat to those whose dully narrow range

    Will seek to serve itself with instincts feral
    Concerned with naught but selfish interests bared
    Caring not that Principle’s in peril
    By selfish drones and not by those who’ve dared

    To challenge each smug wasted senile oaf
    Who’s long outlived his usefulness, yet clings
    To power as ‘twere Divine Right to loaf
    Thwarting those who hope that Freedom rings

    Again to rouse the blighted land
    ‘Gainst tyranny once more to raise its hand.

    ~ FreeThinke

  27. ____________ QUESTIONS ____________

    How does it feel to be cut in half
    _____ by a sudden burst of machine gun bullets?


What does it feel like at the precise moment
    _____ when a bullet enters your eye, and pierces your brain?

    Can you imagine having your lower jaw smashed by bullets
    _____ and then see its bloody, splintered fragments
    __________ drop to the ground ?


What is it like to take a direct hit to the skull?
    _____ Would you know that you were dead?


What sensations must a person feel
    _____ as his body is being consumed by fire?

    What would be the thoughts of someone
    _____ just thrown to the ground and kicked,
    __________ whose hands have been tied behind his back,
    who then gets chained by his heels
    _____ to the rear end of a vehicle
    __________ about to drag his still-healthy, still-unbroken
    _______________ young body over stones, gravel,
    _______________ dirt and thorny stubble?


How does it feel to have the flesh ripped off your cheeks?
    _____ To have all the flesh on your hands torn off
    __________ exposing bones and tendons?

    How does it feel to have grit and gravel
    _____ embed themselves in your eyes?

    How does it feel to be torn
    _____ limb from limb by a jeering mob? 

    Exactly how does it feel to have your head
    _____ stomped to jelly by hobnailed boots?
    Or your genitalia ripped out by the roots
    _____ and stuffed into your screaming mouth?

    How does it feel to be smart enough to realize
    _____ you are suffering and dying for the sole purpose
    __________ of lining the pockets of international bankers,
    _______________ global industrialists and the suppliers
    _______________ of war materiel with gold?


Exactly how would you react to being held down
    _____ and having your teeth kicked down your throat,
    __________ your eyes gouged out,
    _______________ your ears and your nose sliced off,
    _______________ or a glass rod inserted in your urethra
    ____________________ and then broken? 

    How would you feel when you are forced to eat
    _____ ground glass or drink hydrochloric acid?


How would you feel if you were sodomized by barbarians
    _____ then buried up to your neck in sand
    __________ and systematically stoned and kicked to death?


How does it feel to be held down
    _____ and deliberately blinded by acid?


How does it feel to be maimed by “Friendly Fire?

    How does it feel to be flayed alive
    _____ and then slowly cut to ribands?

    How? How? How?


But much more important is




__________ WHY?


__________________ WHY?

    ~ FreeThinke

  28. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued what could be called a threat, or a promise and only time will tell if it becomes a promise, as it should be
    What I am refereeing to is Sanctuary Cities! And the withing of funds to such Cities.

    The bill is called “Byrne Grants”, named after a brave Police Officer named Edward Byrne, who was murdered in 1988. The grants which bear his name are intended to assist local Police Departments in the purchasing of equipment, vehicles and specialized training with which those law enforcement entities can better fight against crime in their Cities.

    To be perfectly blunt about it…a sanctuary city is a city where people who have broken our laws, can hide without fear of being arrested for the breaking of those laws…i.e. those who commit a crime by entering our country without proper documentation,
    in which cities are allowed to circumvent federal immigration laws, and not report illegal immigrants convicted of a crime to ICE for possible deportation.
    or who overstay their visas…and yes…that is a crime, which makes those who do it criminals…can live in a sanctuary city free of the fear of being arrested and/or deported for their crimes
    In my personal and humble opinion, there shouldn’t be any sanctuary Cities in America our tax dollars should be used for making America great again instead of using to help illegal’s doing whatever they do. It’s really simple, Don't enforce the laws, you lose the $$.
    Obama's reign of terror and control over the media is over we finally are coming to the end of sanctuary cities. Only a hand full of Mayors and Governors are still for it like the Dumb Ass Mayor of New York City.
    Take California for example, California is drowning in debt...crime is out of control even in rural areas of the state. Governor Brown has copied Obama's every move and the dysfunction of California at the border and everywhere else in the state is on full display. Wake up California! Shielding ANYONE from prosecution is wrong. Can you Imagine elected officials being proud of hiding Criminals?

  29. Getting back to the mayhem of last Saturday night,if I recall it correctly, what President Trump said "from all sides," that includes ALL. Why should he have to “Single Out” anybody? Or Any Group? Where are the calls for him to “Single Out” Black Lives Matter?
    And why hasn’t anyone had anything bad to say about Antifa, who it is becoming clear were protected by the police and who started the riot or Black Lives Matter, another violent, racist, or the Black Panthers, another intolerable group.

    In my opinion. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the Commies hate America and have said so thousands of times.

    Also, i'm having a very hard time following the thinking of someone like this POS mayor who demands Trump renounce "white nationalists" while ignoring the mayhem and violence spread by other groups, because we all know how peaceful Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and while the Pink Pussy Hat wearing women didn't start riots, they most certainly demonstrated violent rhetoric. Wearing an ugly hat doesn't absolve you of being a hate group. It's virtue signaling at its most repulsive.

    This mayor is a fool and has proven it on a national stage. Ditto with our Gov. McAwful, a Clinton hack and enabler. In my opinion they wanted it to happen to reinforce an agenda.

    1. Spor on! Thanks, TOM.

      The Left's reliance on defamatory claims, outright lies, and insults plus their rabid insistence on the virtue of maintaining Multiple Standards renders their approach to discourse worse than useless. It is purely DESTRUCTIVE to the health and strength of a sane society.

      Leftists, thjemselves, may not be evil, but their AGENDA is decidedly so.

  30. FreeThinke, a Mothership affiliate weblog, proudly disseminating white nationalism and overt racism.

    1. Obviously you are either



      3) A MORON

      4) ANY TWO

      5) OR ALL THREE

      Normally, I would delete your drivel as part of my pledge to keep this blog an ASSHOLE-FREE ZONE. However, ever so often an example of the sheer ugliness, ignorance, stupidity and vicious bigotry of the Left surfaces here, and we let it stand as a prime example of what we're doing our best to combat.

      Your post speaks most eloquently against who you are, what you are, and what you think you stand for, and for that horrible example we thank you.

  31. Replies
    1. No. We need a few "horrible examples" to keep us aware of the mentality we are fighting.

      You'd be AMAZED at the number of unwelcome idiotic, rude, nasty remarks I jettison, however.

      If I didn't, the blog would covered neck-deep in you-know-what. (:-o



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