Monday, August 14, 2017

What is your definition of 

White Supremacist?

White Nationalist?

Black Liberation Theology?





Jewish Exceptionalism?

Japan's Immigration and Naturalization Policy?

Hate Groups?


Freedom of Speech?

Multiple Standards?

Do you see any 
among these various terms?


  1. The Town Crier said


    American Thinker

    by Earick Ward

    Those who control the narrative, control the truth. Following Charlottesville, all must understand the broader context of current events -- the conservative movement (not to be confused with media created Alt-Right or White Nationalists) desires the restoration of America´s founding principles, as documented in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. (snip)There is a counter movement that seeks America´s destruction, and the imposition of a new covenant, predicated on the wisdom of man, or more particularly, a select group of men, who seek to manage the affairs of all man ...

    [Complete article available at the following link:]

  2. William Wigmore Hall said

    Answer me this, please: Why should one brand of violence and injustice be singled out as more significant than any other?

  3. Violent extremists on the left and the right have hijacked us, and as often is the case, an innocent woman got caught in the middle and is now dead.

    Did the murderer plan this violence? In conspiracy with others?

    Or was it a case of road rage triggered by people in the crowd taunting him and throwing objects at his car?

    That is no excuse for him injuring and murdering people, but we need to get all the facts.

    1. If that woman was a so-called ANTIFA person, she was anything but innocent. Those people are like Canardo. They have nothing on their minds but causing trouble of every conceivable kind.

      I don't think leftist agitators should be killed, but they do not deserve one iota of "consideration" either, and they should NOT be given a public platform on which to spew their venom either.

      Such types should be limited to showing from atop a soapbox in public parks, or shouting into the wind in busy street corners.

      Any disruption a scheduled, legally sanctioned event should be met and dispersed with overwhelming force.

      Hideous types like Medea Benjamin should be met with the threat of policemen armed with FLAME THROWERS.

      I do not really believe Medea should be incinerated, but if it happened, I assure you I would not shed a single tear. ];^}>

      Study the history of the Bonus Army. Not so long ago we had no qualms whatsoever about putting down insurrection with deadly force –– and the Bonus Army's cause –– unlike that of the verminous ANTIFA rabble in Charlottesville, was JUST.

    2. Early reports say the woman was part of a crowd of counter-demonstrators, but they were not antifa.

      I've seen this too many times. A preplanned demonstration gets infiltrated by violence junkies. This is happening all over the US.

    3. PAID by Soros or his like no doubt.

    4. every counter-protester there was not antifa. Antifa is a very specific group of people who live to commit street violence. She wasn't the type, and if you look at the footage, no antifa activity was going on around her.

    5. If you want to make such fine distinctions, Silver, be my guest, but I stoutly maintain that anything that smacks of leftist ideology –– no matter how, mild, sweet, well-intentioned or reasonable it may seem on the surface –– is rooted in a false, fundamentally pernicious, ungodly misunderatanding of Reality. Leftist teachings are nothing more than SOPHISTRY at its absolute worst.

      Leftist ideology is perverse, demented, wholly destructive and unworthy of any consideration whatsoever. Leftists are a detriment to Wisdom, Understandung, Progress, Peace, Prosperity, and Mental Health. Letist ideology, –– especially when it couched in civil tones of bland sweet reasonableness ––, is injurious, even lethal to basic human Decency.

      Leftist ideology is virtually identical to Naziism, Stalinism, and Islamism, because it–– like all those things–– is a definitive exression of INTOLERANCE, which is another name for BIGOTRY.

    6. It's not a "fine distinction."

      People who take to the streets to counter-protest a white nationalist march are just what they are.

      Antifa is a particular group of Soros-paid leftists who arm up and go do street violence.

      See the difference?

      You can't allow that good people are rightly upset at racists marching through their town, so they decide to peacefully protest that?

      We see everyday how the Infotainment Media Complex smears everyone to their right every day. Let's not commit the same error.

  4. It shouldn't. However, is it not sensible to eradicate the most egregious first? Also, who decides those with the greatest domestic impact? Evil is like metastatic cancer, constant vigilance and treatment is necessary, is it not?

  5. To ALL you Liberals out there, as well as you Stupid Progressive Imbicels! Listen and Read this good. And hopefully your low IQ's are high enough so that you can understand.
    If not, please have your Momma explain it to you.
    The first amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees:

    "the right of the people peaceably to assemble"

    When watching the videos of yesterday's protest and counter protest, a large number of the people at the protest were armed - many had helmets and shields as well as various weapons ranging from clubs to pepper spray to guns.

    It's apparent that these people were at best anticipating violence, and may have intended to incite violence.
    The Constitution does NOT have a right to violent protest. It does note cite a right to gather as an armed mob.

    The violence at yesterdays protest would probably have been a whole lot less if no one on either side had weapons of any type, and if they did not any protective gear.

    Even wearing protective gear shows that they are anticipating violence. Anyone who foes to a protest while anticipating violence has no right to go to that protest.

    It seems that protest groups go far beyond their Constitutional right - if they intend to incite violence or even anticipate violence, they are no longer within their Constitutional rights.

    In the future, if anyone shows up at a protest or counter protest with weapons or protective gear, they should immediately be arrested. If a sizable number have weapons or protective gear, the police should use whatever means necessary to end the protest!

  6. White Nationalist. A person who believes in Political Independence with regard to the rest of the world and happens to be white.


    This is an attempt by the left to paint patriotic Americans as a negative or the same as supremicists - which actually are dipsticks.

    1. Disagree.

      There are White nationalists and there are white Nationalists. I disavow the former and embrace the latter.

    2. Which do YOU prefer, FT, Social justice or social Justice? I'd prefer simple (or just plain) "justice" myself, but then that would certainly violate the principles of ANY conceivable form of "social justice."

    3. I think you must know as well as I, Theresites, that "Social Justice" is just a code term for the complete dismantling, physical destruction, and obliteration of all memory of Western Civilization. That, of course, means deracination of the Caucasian race.

      In truth, if carried to the extenet desired by the Left, establishing "Social Justice" is a form of GENOCIDE.

      I believe those who've been aggressively tarred wuth the pejorative label "White Supremacists" and "White Nationalists" are unsophisticated peple who nevertheless SENSE that "they: are beiung targeted for being relegated to second-class citizenship in theirown lands at BEST, and compete EXTERMINATION at worst.

      Their every attempt to protect and defend their own interests is labeled a "HATE CRIME" by the Left. Is it any wonder that a growing number of these victims of LEFTIST Bigotry and Intolerance are getting nasty –– as ALL victims of OPPRESSION eventually do?


  7. Were there people attending a Klan rally in Charlottesville who love African-Americans and gays and Jews and Roman Catholics and believe they deserve equal treatment under the law? Were there people who listened to marchers uttering horrific anti-Semitic slurs, didn’t agree with them, but stayed anyway? I guess it’s possible. But frankly I don’t care. No one should. They were with the wrong group. They should have known better. Evil comes in many forms—overtly from those who hate, but also by those who stand beside them and do nothing.




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