Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Food for Thought


When we strip away all the rationalization, the hypocritical moralizing and simplistic embrace of The Law by all involved, this is what we find:

The Democrats want to legitimatize illegal immigration in order to buy votes to secure a permanent incumbency for themselves and a perpetuation of their power base with its cushy overpaid, make-work jobs that rob average, taxpaying Americans of an ever-increasing proportion of their net worth.

On the other hand the property-owning, employer class is more than happy to have a large number of good-hearted, naturally cooperative people willing –– even grateful –– to work at demanding, low-level jobs for low wages –– NOT out of "Greed," but out of a crying need to restore honest COMPETITION to the work force, which has been spoiled to death, driven out of business, and effectively marginalized by unionization and over-regulation generated by the relentless LEFTIST insurgency.

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  1. Banjaru ChatterjeeJune 28, 2017 at 10:33 AM

    Democrats and their progressive overlords in the Silicon Valley and Global Corporations won't be satisfied until they've reduced the US to Calcutta.

    1. And how could we possibly relate that to the topic of the pros and cons of illegal immigration and how that reflects the chasm between the thinking of Right v. Left?

    2. Banjaru ChatterjeeJune 28, 2017 at 1:33 PM

      Your excellent blog post sums it up nicely, sir!

      I have nothing to add aside from my comment disparaging how the left is hell-bent upon turning this beautiful nation into a stinking pile of garbage vassal state!

    3. Thank you. We love compliments, of course, but you still did not tell us which of the two positios outlined appeals to you more, and why.

  2. If you look at the increase in republican support from union states maybe the union members are not thrilled with illegal immigrants taking their jobs for less.

    Try going to Mexico and get a job, or buy property on the coast. They will take your money as a tourist but have no desire to have you taking a job.
    Illegals in this country are deported several times and if caught with a firearm they get a slap on the wrist room and and board much better than they are use to and allowed to reenter when they want. Get caught with a firearm in Mexico and they will provide you with room and board for a few years but not first class accommodations.

    1. What you say may be true for SOME, Skud, but it is by no means true for ALL.

      I realize the same argument may be applied against DIDADIN –– my persistent advocacy for the INTERNMENT and EXPULSION of ALL Muslims, and the outright BAN on the practice of their so-called religion in OUR country.

      I freely admit that is unfair to the "good" Muslims, if such there be, but it's as plain as the nose on Jimmy Durante's face that Islam is NOT a RELIGION at all. Instead, ISLAM is an AGGRESSIVE POLITICAL MOVEMENT bent on WORLD DOMINATION. At its most extreme ISLAM has no qualms about using VIOLENCE and EXTREME CRUELTY to gain its objectives.

      The problem with mantaining a policy of tolerance toward ISLAM is that we have no way to determine which of its adherents advocate violence and the establishemnt of Shariah Law as a legitimate part of OUR system of governance, and which truly want to assimilate.

      With the exception of gangsters, drug dealers, and pregnant females who come here with the primary purpose of dropping Anchor Babies in order to get on The Dole and milk The System for all its worth, MOST Illegal immigrants come here ready, willing, able –– and EAGER –– to WORK at hard, physically demanding jobs.

      What we would do without them I can't imagine. I know for sure that IF they were all made to vanish without a trace, they wuld be SORELY MISSED –– and not just because they are willing to work for low wages. They would be missed, because the QUALITY of their work is generally excellent, and their Work Ethic exemplary. In my experience they are unspoiled and truly conscientious –– and that is more than you could say about too many natural-born Americans who carelessly lurch and stumble through life, while mindlessly seeking "pleasure" as they refuse to take responsibility for themselves. Taking the paths of least resistance, doing everything they can to get by doing as little as possible, and living at the expense of others does not make for good citizenship.

    2. FT,
      What we would do without them I can't imagine. I know for sure that IF they were all made to vanish without a trace, they wuld be SORELY MISSED...

      We would miss some of them. Not all.

      We need to slam that border shut and start sorting.

      I see that the Trump Administration is really going after illegals who are criminals -- right down to misdemeanors. I favor such action!


    3. Here in Northern Virginia, the sorting should be relatively easy. Use the DMV. Illegal aliens here cannot obtain a driver's license. I'm sure that traffic stops could be used as a dragnet for sorting (clear some for green cards; deport the others, including their anchor babies).

      The school system is another avenue for sorting.

    4. I also think of those who have lined up to immigrate here through legal channels. Are we do disregard them and offer favoritism to those who have immigrated here illegally?

    5. Well, AOW, I have now officially given up hope of ever persuading you –– or anyone else devoted to legalistic thinking –– to see the situation from a more pragmatic, humanistic perspective.

      Please consider this: There is –– or was –– such a thing as "Squatters' Rights." I have no idea whether the concept is still respected or not. It may vary from location to location. I realize the idea originally applied to citizens who occuped property they didn't own –– often for decades, or even several generations –– but the SPIRIT behind "Squatters Rights" should certainly apply to the group or groups in question.

      At any rate the fault is OURS for remaining blind to the ramifications of drifting aimlessly with the current for many decades –– actually since the founding of the republic. This has allowed the situation which you so deplore and which aggravates us all to develop to epic proportions.

      However, the thought of uprooting and tossing out hundreds of thousands –– possibly millions –– who have established themselves here for many years, committed no crimes, performed useful services willingly, and gratefully, bought property in many instances, established successful businesses in some instances, some earning college degrees at times with distinction –– and even serving in the military ––, because they've been trapped in a legal morass largely of OUR making frankly makes my blood boil.

      As I've said at least a dozen times, I am very sorry about the injuries you sustained in that aitmobile accident, but your injuries would have been equally severe if the driver who ran into you had been a natural-born American citizen. That a stupid, liberal JUDGE decided to favor the perpetrator and forsake you, the victim, is NOT the fault of the PERPTRATOR. It is the fault of our corrupt, frankly insane system of governance run amok.

      You were a victim of circumstances NOT of "illegal immigration" per se.

      Having already said my piece on ths issue any number of times I hope never to have to address it again. We think DIFFERENTLY and have no choice but to agree to disagree and carry on as best we can.

    6. FT,
      We've been over and over this.

      We cannot assess all illegal aliens on the basis of my personal perspective nor on your personal perspective. Some sort of sensible sorting is required. And that sensible sorting must have some sort of legal basis.

      I realize that you abhor legalistic thinking. But it is legalistic thinking that provides a great deal of safety for you personally -- and protects your clear title to your home, too, for that matter.


    7. I never said that I have no respect for The Law or that laws do NOT matter, BUT thinking people realize there is an immense difference between GOOD laws and STUPID ones.

      Our system of governance is only as good as the ELECTORATE and the generally venal, weak-minded, greedy, bungling, self-serving opportunists the ELECTORATE puts in offce.

      In other words we get the government we DESERVE.

      Hear the words of THOMAS JEFFERSONL

      "In every government on earth is some trace of human weakness, some germ of corruption and degeneracy, which cunning will cultivate, and improve. Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories. And to render even them safe their minds must be improved ..."

      ~ Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

      Sadly, ever since the well-meaning DO-GOODERS took over and gave us The Civil War, and the MACHINE AGE gave us UNIONISM and MARXISM, and the PROGRESSIVES decided to "Unseat the Rich," and use the power of government to implement FORCED EQUALITY, we've been on the downward path.

      “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

      ~ Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

      "FEAR" in Mr. Jefferson's case is not to be confused with RESPECT which is what we mean when we refer to the Lord.

      Nevertheless, I tend to REJECT bossy intrusions on and interference with personal liberty when they clearly do not serve humane and decent purposes.

    8. Cyril Siegfried Smythe said

      Well, FreeThinke, you told 'em, but no one seems in any mood to listen, does he? Everybody loves to talk, but few want to listen. A major problem in trying to have a civil society, I think. Well, good luck, stick by your guns, keep up the good work, and try to remember it's better to be alone than in bad company.

  3. Replies
    1. I don't know yet. I don't intrude. I don't pry. I just pray, and do my best to be available should anyone involved want to talk with me.

      All will unfold in God's time –– not ours. Ths is one of those terrible situations where we are helpless. Our only hope is to trust and rely on the infinote wisdom of almighty God.

      I feel a great deal of empathy for Jersey, of course, but also his wife. I know what she is going through, and it's probably worse than being dorced to face her own imminent mortality.

  4. All Mexicans are not bad and the same goes for Muslims. The rotten apple does indeed spoil the barrel. Why should we make it difficult for people who want to follow the law on immigration and those that don't get a pass.

    We do need a comprehensive immigration and worker policy. Work permits would be a good start and get rid of the anchor baby policy. I am not sure any other country has this law.

    Most Muslims just want to go about their lives but it goes back to the rotten apple. We are so intimidated that instead of denouncing the Muslim terrorist acts we back off because we don't want to offend Muslims yet we have no problem offending conservatives when they act badly.

    1. I don't think any of us could possibky know what goes on in the mind of :most" Musims. As I said, their religion teaches them that LYING to The Infidel –– that's anyne not a Muslim –– is a positive VIRTUE.

      And if you've ever tried to do business with an Arab rug merchant you can't help but learn that straightforwardness, fair and square dealing and honesty, itself, are concepts totally foreign to the breed.


      As for Immigration, illegal and otherwise I am dead set against disrupting blameless lives to slake a thirst for vengeance on personal grievances or to satisfy the demands of an abstract interpretation of the Law, BUT at the same time, we MUST put an absolute STOP to further encrochments on our sovereignty.

      Why we ae NOT building Mr. Trump's "Wall" and putting up other, more sophisticated barriers to potentially invasive forces i can't imagine.but wreaking havoc in the lives of those win-crimnals who've established themse;ves here for years –– even decades –– is morally untenable.

    2. Skudrunner,
      Why should we make it difficult for people who want to follow the law on immigration and those that don't get a pass.

      A valid point, IMO!

    3. I would agree, but I believe that to be a simplistic evaluation of the situation for reasons I have enumerated in several other responses.

      Our handling of Immigration and Naturalization has been a DISASTER since the Immigration Act of 1965 –– a model of VENALITY, INEPTITUDE, POLITICALLY-MOTIVATED THINKING, and a clear intention to DESTROY our WHITE, predominantly PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN MAJORITY.

      Many of the "social problems" that are sinking our Ship of State today stem directly from that ill-considered, poorly-motivated legislation.


      ______ A Wry Memorial ______

      The Evil Ones took over;
      And made weapons of four planes.
      The riders had no cover;
      They suffered dreadful pains

      That ended once their deathtraps
      Burst into roaring fires
      Turning instantly to mere scraps ––
      Cinders –– made of former flyers.

      The burning towers crumpled,
      And fell into the street.
      New York was more than rumpled;
      It briefly knew defeat.

      The nation drew together;
      We felt collective grief.
      Anger broke its tether;
      To express it gave relief.

      But just a short time hence
      We were at each other's throats;
      And built ourselves a fence
      Over which the Devil gloats.

      We've failed to give the orders
      To build a proper wall
      Sealing off our borders
      To the fiends who’d make us fall.

      Instead, we've made division,
      Went to war against ourselves,
      Became mired in derision
      Sparked by partisan elves,

      Who forget this blessed land
      In pursuit of powers lost
      In close elections manned
      By fraud. So, tempest-tossed

      The country’s now in turmoil.
      The Enemy's our own.
      He said ‘twas all for Big Oil,
      And then usurped the Throne.

      The heap of twisted rubble
      Raising toxic fumes for weeks
      No longer gives us trouble
      Because of media leaks

      Designed to throw us off the scent
      Of whom we need to blame
      And encourage ruinous dissent
      That means to break the frame

      That holds us all together
      And preserves our liberty,
      So many now doubt whether
      We really should be free.

      And each rabble rousing louse
      Should 'neath these words be pinned:


      ~ FreeThinke

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. If you want to post HERE, Mrs.P., you MUST address the TOPIC.

      We don't welcome BOILERPLATE –– i.e. generalized broadsides against ANYONE, especially wen not backed up with specific evidence.

      The topic here involves the pros and cons of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION –– and of course concern for the health and well-being of our friend and fellow bloggerJersey McJones who right now is fighng for his life against advanced metastatic cancer.

  6. Replies
    1. I'm all for that, AOW.

      If it were up to me, we would clearly and forcefully DISCRIMINATE between the no-good bums, violent criminals, and the good-natured, helpful, hardworking people who do the heavy lifting –– i.e. pick the crops, lay the bricks, nail the shingles, dig the ditches, weed the gardens, mow the lawns, pick up the garbage, wash the dishes, set the tables, mind the babies and toddlers, clean the windows, sweep the floors and polish up the handles of the big front doors, etc. ;-)

      Over the years I have repeatedly emphasized the absolute NECESSITY of CLOSING the BORDER, and doing everything possible to make further UNINVITED entrance into OUR country a close to being a physical impossibility as may be possible.

      In addition to that I favor putting an indefinite STOP to ALL immigration for the foreseeable future. THREE-HUNDRED-MILLION SOULS are more than enough for any government to manage.

      That said, I firmly believe it DEAD WRONG to PUNISH those who've led virtually BLAMELESS LIVES for simply taking advantage of a situation that WE have CREATED through BONE-HEADED STUPIDITY, SHORT-SIGHTEDNESS, and politically-motivated NEGLECT.

    2. FT,
      I favor putting an indefinite STOP to ALL immigration for the foreseeable future.

      Indeed. Same here.

      I firmly believe it DEAD WRONG to PUNISH those who've led virtually BLAMELESS LIVES for simply taking advantage of a situation that WE have CREATED through BONE-HEADED STUPIDITY, SHORT-SIGHTEDNESS, and politically-motivated NEGLECT.

      I agree -- in theory.

      Right now, there are several sob stories about immigrants being deported by the Trump Administrations. But what the Trump Administration is doing is enforcing the long-neglected statutes on the books. Congress needs to enact a law for reasonable sorting of illegal aliens long here; otherwise, these statutes are being rightly enforced. IT IS DANGEROUS IN THE EXTREME FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT TO PICK AND CHOOSE WHICH LAWS TO ENFORCE AND WHICH LAWS NOT TO ENFORCE!


      That may be, AOW, but they do just that all the time. The chasm between Reality and Theory is vast. Always has been always will be. And the fact remains that lots of laws are badly written, badly motivated, petty, stupid, born of prejudice, and in many instances literally unenforceable.

      Dickens intent may have been largely humorous, when he had the Beadle say, "If that be the law, then THE LAW IS A' ASS" in Oliver Twist, but I have always seen A Large Grain of Truth lurking behind the laughter.

      After all, we must remember "Many a true word is said in jest."
      ve always been taken with

    4. FT,
      By picking and choosing I mean something quite different from that which you are saying.

      For example, we have these sanctuary cities in large part certain locales have decided not to enforce certain laws. Kate Steinle is dead as a result of that kind of thinking.

      I'll give you another example....

      In two counties just to the west of us, certain zoning laws are not enforced if a home houses 20+ illegal aliens, who, in the extreme cases, have tents erected on the front lawns and vehicles parked all over the place -- never mind the zoning laws. Down went housing values all around, of course. One of our friends, when they reached retirement age and wished to move to Ohio (where their daughter and granddaughter live) couldn't sell their home for a decent price because of these declining values. Yet, those zoning laws have been enforced if the homes are owned by American citizens. No amount of petitioning the local government made a bit of difference despite those petitions citing the local laws. The HOA was thwarted as well.

      Of those two counties of which I speak, one finally resorted to the draconian thing after Latino gang warfare became norm; ICE was summoned, and mass roundups of immigrants and merciless enforcement of the laws ensued. That county saw a rise in housing values and a reduction of needed additions to the public school facilities.

      Predictably, many illegal aliens fled that county. They moved to the next county to the west. Ironically, another of my cousins lives in that farther-west county. To date, the housing values there continue to plummet -- for the same reasons as cited above.

      I must note the matter of resentment on the part of legal immigrants to those who are illegal immigrants. Those legal immigrants arrived here "the right way" and are irate about how many illegal aliens live in the United States with impunity.

  7. For those coming to FreeThinke's blog for the first time, I am a lifelong Southern California resident. My home county (Orange County) is separated from the Mexican border by 1 county: San Diego County. San Diego and Imperial Counties are the 2 counties that separate Orange and neighboring Riverside County from Mexico. I've noticed many hard working Hispanic people in my area haven't complained about unfairness, but they have been quite upset over the illegals sneaking across the border. As soon as I cross the county line to my northwest, the reaction changes in Los Angeles County. A huge number of Hispanics whine loudly, crying racism against their community. For the Hispanic community, I'm for some mercy because they for the most part are here to make their lives better. I would like to see a bigger crackdown at the border, yet the bald dingbat in Sacramento known as Moonbeam insists on opening the border so that his dingbats can live like kings, off us hard working folks' backs.

    1. "Bald Dingbat" That's funny. Should be the California stat bird!

    2. Mytere,
      As soon as I cross the county line to my northwest, the reaction changes in Los Angeles County. A huge number of Hispanics whine loudly, crying racism against their community.

      Why is that? La Raza? Aztlan? Chicano Nationalism?

    3. doubt any of that, AOW. It's PROGRESSIVISM run amok.

      Leftists INVITE and ENCOURAGE this sort of thing.

      The word TROUBLEMAKER must have been coined to describe the mindset of LEFTISTS.

  8. Recently, there was a story about ICE's visiting a Baltimore Harbor restaurant. The next day, 30 employees quit. The restaurant's owner has gone to bat for his 30 erstwhile employees. We can only hope that Americans or legal immigrants will apply for those vacated jobs. There is certainly much unemployment in Baltimore.

    1. Addendum: HERE is this story. I found this excerpt of interest:

      ...Despite these strong statements of solidarity, not everyone supports the restaurant.

      “This is America where the rule of law means something, not some third world shithole where the law means nothing,” one person wrote on Facebook. “You need to get your act together and figure out how to start actually playing by the rules, like the rest of have to. Disgrace.”...

      That commenter sounds heartless. But it could be that the commenter has teenaged children who cannot find employment because an illegal alien slave class has usurped that employment. I know of several people who cannot "launch" their kids because of this crazy situation.

      We need to slam the border closed and begin a decent adjudication of the illegal aliens here!


      I have repeatedly emphasized the absolute NECESSITY of CLOSING the BORDER, and doing everything possible to make further UNINVITED entrance into OUR country a close to being a physical impossibility as may be possible.

      In addition to that I favor putting an indefinite STOP to ALL immigration for the foreseeable future. THREE-HUNDRED-MILLION SOULS are more than enough for any government to manage.

      That said, –– and I cannot even BEGIN to emphasize this ENOUGH, –– I firmly believe it DEAD WRONG to PUNISH those who've led virtually BLAMELESS LIVES for simply taking advantage of a situation that WE have CREATED through BONE-HEADED STUPIDITY, SHORT-SIGHTEDNESS, and politically-motivated NEGLECT.

      Unless ICE had clear and convincing evidence that one or more of those restaurant employees committed MURDER, RAPE, KIDNAPPING, MAYHEM, THEFT, ARSON, VANDALISM, EXTORTION or was guilty of DRUG DEALING, ICE had NO BUSINESS doing what it did to that retaurant and its employees in Baltimore.

      I call that GGVERNMENT OVERREACH, and OVERZEALOUS Application of the Law. It also defies COMMON SENSE and COMMON DECENCY.

      I despise the WITCH HUNT mentality that gives rise to ruthless DRACONIAN interference and molestation of essentially BLAMELESS PEOPLE just trying to survive in an unfair, stupidly governed, increasingly hostile world.

      This kind of thing is bound to reflect badly on President Trump, and may very well lead to his inappropriate OUSTER by a large number already inflamed beyond reason by the ENEMEDIA, and ready to go so far as to commit MURDER in order to RESIST President Trump's mostly worthwhile agenda.

      The power of BACKFRING as the result of a BACKLASH can wreak havoc and desolation. The lasst thing we need is another CIVIL WAR.

      "The LETTER of the LAW [i.e. Pharasacal thinking] slayeth ..."

      Isn't the rigidity, narrowness, petty mean-mindedness and tyrannical nature of Pharisaical Thinking the very thing Jesus came to root out of human consciousness?

      I think it is.

  9. Recently, it was brought to my attention how many illegal aliens have purchased homes here in the United States.

    How did they do that?

    Don't people have to show ID to get a mortgage?

    Was identity theft involved? I've heard that identity theft is a major problem with illegal aliens. If so, then I can't imagine that people still living have had to cope with identity theft. That process is expensive -- and results in all assets locked down for a long period of time until the identity theft matter is solved.

    What does one do when one's assets are locked down? Do the bills simply go unpaid? Imagine that situation!

    1. Again the FAULT is in the inadequacy and stupidity of THE LAW and the way it is ADMINISTERED –– NOT in those who take advantage of the loopholes it provides, however ill-advised.

      Were I live ANYONE can buy a CAR or a piece of PROPERTY as long as they can come up with the money.

      I hope you are not trying to advocate the establishment and implmentation of a classic draconian POLICE STATE?

      We must remember that POWER CORRUPTS. ANd the stronger that power becomes the more ruthless, insensitive and uncaring of humane considerations it becomes.

      We wouldn't want to end up like Monsieur Guillotine decapitated by his OWN invention, would we?

      Or on a lighter note llke the Sorceror's Apprentice?

      The adage "Be careful what you pray for, you mght just get it," holds true in any age.

    2. FT,
      Were I live ANYONE can buy a CAR or a piece of PROPERTY as long as they can come up with the money.

      Really? Without government-issued ID to register a vehicle at the DMV?

      Here, no ID at the DMV cannot be issued without proof of being legally in the United States.

      I certainly do not advocate the establishment and implmentation of a classic draconian POLICE STATE.

      But immigration laws already on the books are indeed there and should be enforced. As I mentioned before, selective enforcement of the law has problems of precedent.

      BTW, I'm done with this discussion. I'm out of time.

      Guess who's coming to town? WARREN! I won't reveal exact dates, but we need to start getting ready here for special company. Warren has never before visited D.C., so we're going to be running like crazy.

    3. Well, you live in The Belly of the Beast, as it were, so I'm not surprised that laws are far more copious –– and far STRICTER –– than in other parts of the country where Liberty still takes precedence over Safety and Social Control, thank God.

      But ENOUGH of THAT! We each know where the other stands. I'm still hoping, however, that a few OTHER voices will chime in here and BUILD on what has already been said here. If they start posting angry little Set Speeches, I will gleefully DELETE tham.

      I'm DELIGHTED that you will soon have a visit from WARREN! I'm sure it will be a gala occasion for all concerned. It's always enlivening to have god understanding friends mearby. It can also be exhausting too, I know, but in this case I'm sure the positives will far outweigh the negatives.

      Whee are you all ging to SLEEP? I hope you have enough room. July in that afrea is no time to set up a pup tent in the back yard. (Just kidding


      Somebody ought to start a blog called The VENTATORIUM where BOILERPLATE is WELCOME. or how about THE CITY DUMP, "If No One Else Wants to Hear It, Say It here."

    4. FT,
      Either Warren will take the recliner, or I'll bunk with The Merry Widow so that he can have the master bedroom.

      I suspect that Warren will want to sleep in the recliner. He's been sleeping in a recliner for over 20 years because his wife had to sleep in a recliner for health reasons.

      There is always the chance that he'll stay in a nearby hotel. His call.

      In any case, we'll figure this out.

      BTW, part of the DMV-issued ID here as required for everything (including opening a bank account) is related to voting. We show our driver's license to vote.

  10. Tommy Torquemada said

    After reading this entire thread it seems obvious that many think deep down that the only viable solution to the Illegal Immigrant Problem would be a Final Solution.

    By all means let us start rounding up all Illegal Immigrants, house them in tents, feed them maggotty gruel, and force them at gunpoint to start building a series of Extermination Camps where their days will end as quickly and as unpleasantly as possible. That ought to rid us this scourge once and for all.

    Pipe in the cyanide gas. Stoke the fires. Let the Totentanz begin! Pregnant invaders will the first to die.

    1. Your real name wouldn't perchance be Jonathan Swift, now, would it "Tommy?"

      I hope I can still tell when someone is trying to pull my leg!

  11. Have you read the new law that Pres. Trump had put forth?
    It's called Kate's Law. Look it up

    1. Kate's Law is not a new concept, Doris. Conservative-Libertarian forces have been trying to get it implemented ever since 32-year-old Kate Steinle was killed in her father's arms by a stray bullet fired by an illegal alien who had been deported several times, but kept returning. San Fran Sicko, apparently, supports an illegal alien's non-existent "right" to take advantage of this country not only byRESIDING here, but also to commit theft, rape, mayhem and murder at will.

      A depressing, infuriating situation to say the least.

  12. Kate's Law, which would increase the penalties for deported aliens who try to return to the United States and caught, passed with a vote of 257 to 157, with one Republican voting no and 24 Democrats voting yes.

    Kate's Law is named for Kate Steinle, a San Francisco woman killed by an illegal immigrant who was in the U.S. despite multiple deportations. The two-year anniversary of her death is on Saturday.

    President Trump called the bill's passage "good news" in a tweet, adding "House just passed #KatesLaw. Hopefully Senate will follow."

    1. I'm very much afraid our Spineless Senate plans to do nothing that would help support President Trump's Agenda.

      The biggest Open Secret in D.C. is the GOP's stealth opposition to President Trump.

      And of course the de facto coalition among The RINO GOP, the DEMONRATS, the PROFESSORIAT, and the ENEMEDIA will gleefully blame President Trump for THEIR failure to cooperate with him.

      What a Game!

    2. FT,
      I agree about our Spineless Senate.

  13. An important question which remains unanswered...

    WHY aren't our elected public servants of both Parties uninterested in enacting immigration reform that speaks to the present situation?

    Could it be that they are too much in love with their pennies-on-the-dollar maid services and lawn service? If so, then they should change the present statutes, which the Trump Administration is using.

    1. Corporations love their cheap labor as well. Cheap wages and temp employees is all the rage these days. Keeps prices attractive to consumers. BTW, did we mention outsourcing?

    2. Unionism, Marxism, Fabianism, Socialism, Progressivism, Alinskyism, Statism –– whatever you want to call it –– has done everything possible to reduce or eliminate COMPETITION and replace it with a DICTATORIAL Centrally Planned Economy.

      The result has been that American Labor has literally priced itself out of the market by its incessant demands for doing LESS WORK at ever HIGHER WAGES.

      This causes massive INFLATION which means the dollar keeps LOSING VALUE (i.e. Purchasing Power)

      Naturally, anyone eager to work for less is BOUND to attract favorable attention from poten till EMPLOYERS.

      It's both NAIVE and frankly STUPID to think otherwise.

      The stinkin' lousy QUASI-SOCIALIST SYSTEM we've been bamboozled into accepting as normal, right and good is THE reason things are the way they are with illegal immigration and most OTHER social ills and grievances that currently beset us.

      What Aerian LAOBR" has stupidly forgotten is that WORKERS are ALSO CONSUMERS. That means their constant demands for more money to do less work works heavily against their own best interests, because it raises the PRICE of things they want and need beyond their grasp.

      It ALSO means their jobs are liely to be EXPORTED to places where people are GLAD to get work often at ONE TENTH the PRICE of spoiled American Labor.

      So please don't blame those who take advantage of whatever means opportunities they can get to advance their OWN ends. It's the SYSTEM that's at fault.

    3. Interesting arguments. I used em all back in the day I superintended and managed manufacturing concerns. Glad I'm retired. Gives me more time to contemplate things.

      From 1946 until around 1970 the USA was the only game in town so to speak. Then we got supply sided and then the rest of the world begin to catch us. Now here we are and I'm sure the story will not have a good ending.

    4. Maskare Leiner-Kohl said

      Dass ist ganz richtig, Herr FreiDenker. Sie haben recht, und sie sind auch sehr klug. Danke schön.

  14. Related, with two protected groups coming into conflict:

    Leftist Illegalophilia, Not Islamophobia, Killed a Muslim Teen.

    A big story here in Northern Virginia.

    One portion from the above:

    ... Fairfax County’s refusal to investigate illegal aliens made it a magnet for a rising illegal alien population. Its jails have nearly 2,000 illegal aliens and the area has become a magnet for the El Salvadoran MS-13 gang. It’s unknown whether Torres was an MS-13 member, but his behavior matches the extreme brutality and fearless savagery that the group, which has been lethally active in Fairfax, is known for.

    13 MS-13 gang members were convicted of dismembering and burying their own members in a park.

    “This problem is horrible,” Fairfax County Police Chief Ed Roessler had commented at the time. “This is four murders in this park.”

    This year, ICE busted 11 MS-13 members in Fairfax County for, among other things, drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, human smuggling and murder. Ten were arrested for the murder of a 15-year-old girl who had been threatened by MS-13 members. The adults in the case were illegal aliens....

    1. In one of the richest counties in the United States, we are having problems with MS-13, which came from across the southern border.

    2. A classic case of Garbage in, Garbage out.

      Wong-headed thinking begets more of the same. Error compunded.

      No one can make a chocolate cake with mud and steel filings.

  15. See what I mean about selective law enforcement?

    I suspect that the murderer Darwin Martinez Torres was an excellent employee at construction sites. He seems to have been a loving father, too. But he led a double life as part of a gang -- apparently, anyway.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. The subject here is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Please either stick to that, or don't bother to post.


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