Monday, June 5, 2017

Assuming You Have One 
What’s On 
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Westminster Abbey

Big Ben, Westminster Bridge, the Thames

St. Paul's Cathedral

Tower Bridge

How much longer could these iconic British landmarks expect to survive under Sharia Law in Londonistan? Do you even care? Do the BRITISH still care? If not, Great Britain is over and done with.


  1. The London jihad -- and how the same is coming to us from across the Pond.

    Related...When does the SCOTUS hear the case about Trump's travel ban? I read yesterday that the case has been expedited.

    1. "Jihad" has aready been here for QUITE some time. We don't have to wait for it to cross the Atlantic. It's HERE –– and all over the Western and Middle Eastern, and much of the Asian worlds.

      We have done NOTHING meaningful to STOP the spread of this MENACE, because we refuse to DISCRIMINATE against the OBVIOUS SOURCE of the horror.

      I saw the hidebound, stiff-necked stupidity at your blog earlier today, and I SEE and HEAR it ALL the TIME on MOST TV channels. I am SICK to DEATH of pompous, contemptuous, puffed-up idiots who like to think they know something, when in fact they are imbeciles.

      As long as bigoted, self-righteous, rule-bound JACKASSES insist our Contitution MUST be used to PROTECT te "rights" of our SWORN ENEMIES, we will soon go the say of Ozymandias –– and rightly so.

    2. Can anyone name even one great and powerful nation state, or empire, that didn't eventually lose prominence and receded? I can't.

      Why would one believe the USA will be any different? Eventuality our world prominence and strength will diminish. We are entering an era where our decisions will either accelerate the decline or slow it.

      It seems clear which direction we're heading. Trump's election accelerated it IMO.

      Hope I'm wrong.

    3. FT,
      I am SICK to DEATH of pompous, contemptuous, puffed-up idiots who like to think they know something, when in fact they are imbeciles.

      Same here.

      Trump's election accelerated it IMO.

      Probably. They detect a real threat in Trump, so they're doing pre-emptive strikes. In addition, as ISIS's footprint the footprints of like groups are reduced in the Middle East, they will strike here.

      There is some good news on the horizon, though:

      4 Arab nations cut diplomatic ties to Qatar as rift deepens.

      Possibly some good news.

      From the article: ...Qatar long has faced criticism from its Arab neighbors over its support of Islamists. The chief worry among them is the Muslim Brotherhood, a Sunni Islamist political group outlawed by both Saudi Arabia and the UAE as it challenges the nations' hereditary rule....

      The Trump effect? Looks that way to me.

    4. FT,
      I saw the hidebound, stiff-necked stupidity at your blog earlier today, and I SEE and HEAR it ALL the TIME on MOST TV channels. I am SICK to DEATH of pompous, contemptuous, puffed-up idiots who like to think they know something, when in fact they are imbeciles.

      But it is a valid point to call attention to the erosion of our rights. The Patriot Act put into place all this damn spying on the part of the NSA. They spy on usthe "Islamophobes."

      At the time enacted, I supported the Patriot Act. But I cannot support the NSA's collection of metadata. Yes, the data on you and me: email, phone calls, blogging, whatever we do on the web.

      We have ZERO privacy! Our pseudonyms and avatars do not hide our identity from the gubmint.

      In the hands of hardcore Left Presidents, we who object to the narrative are the "dangerous extremists."

    5. If I had MY way, we would deprive "THEM" of THEIR "rights," take away their citizenship, confiscate their property, and INTERN "THEM" as Prisoners of War till every vestige of ISLAM has been removed and vanished from OUR shores ONCE and FOR ALL.

      I am POSITIVE the FOUNDERS would agree with this. I know for SURE that the America into which I was born 76 years ago –– just EIGHT MONTHS before Pearl Harbor! –– would have had not a single qualm about implementing such a program –– in fact that is just what they DID. The only ones who tried to buck it were The REDS, damn their souls!

  2. The Stupid things that Liberals, and Progressives do and say!
    Like Kathy Griffin, And AlecBalwin!

  3. How Political Correctness is ruining our Country

  4. What a foolish 56 year old idiotic comedian would do to maintain her relevance, especially the Liberals, and the gays and people like the despicable Rosie O’Donnell, Steven Colbert, and Kathy Griffin !

    1. By dwelling on foolish trivialities you and Sal make yourselves guilty of "straining out gnats, while swallowing camels."

      Do you know what that means?



    3. I didn't delete you, Sal, did I? However, this is MY blog, and I reserve the right to make critical observations when I think it appropriate. If you don't like my opinions, you are free either to IGNORE them, or just STAY AWAY. But, lease don't get fresh with ME, because I won't take it in MY place.

  5. There are a lot of things to like about President Trump’s pulling us out of the climate change is one of the best!
    He is also liked for putting Hollywood’s biggest loudmouths in their places.
    Hollywood’s reaction only further demonstrates how out of touch these celebrities are with reality and the things that matter to average Americans.

    Lets remember that we didn’t elect a president to champion Hollywood’s cultish, and leftist agenda. We elected Trump to do the job of properly managing and governing this nation. It’s well known that Hollywood is infested with socialists, and Liberal Marxists

  6. First and foremost is the Illegal Alien’s that are in this Country.

    1. The illegal Alien's what? Did the Alien bring contraband when it landed? Do tell.

    2. Illegal aliens ARE contraband, you ninny.

  7. Shaw's nemesis JoanJune 5, 2017 at 10:03 AM

    Trump is trying to prevent the muslim problem in Europe, from happening here in the US. I guess left leaning politicians don't want him to do that, so we are screwed.

    Thats whats on MY mind!

  8. I think we had comments about Kathy Griffins 's stupidity. Griffin's apology was empty and self serving. Her publicist told her to apologize, then she made her out as the victim. Pretty lame and sad, she should have just walked away. She apologized because decent American's were right outraged by such disgusting behavior, even for a Democrat. So put your tissue away, put on your big boy pants and go to work. You really that stupid?

    And it is okay if a Trump critic does it, it's free speech and the rest of America has free speech to respond.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Hillary Clinton, after going down in defeat to a misogynist vulgarian great ape, is determined to prevent my beloved Democratic Party from moving forward.

    When Al Gore lost the election, he went to Europe, gained weight and grew a beard. Hillary Clinton needs to do the same!

    1. She did except for the going to Europe part but that will come later.

  11. The Democratic ticket for 2020 is all set

    President Jerry Springer
    Vice President Maxine Waters

    1. The Democratic ticket for 2020 is all set

      Possible in this crazy time.

  12. Hillary Clinton!

    Hillary Clinton has been told it's time to "Move on" after she added her own party officials to the list of those she blames for her 2016 election loss.

    Democratic Senator Al Franken said : "I think she has a right to analyze what happened, but we have to move on."

    Mrs Clinton this week faulted Democratic National Committee (DNC) voter data as "mediocre to poor".

    She has also blamed the FBI, Russia the Media and the bad weather

  13. I have to get a word in here, as I think I'll be back off to the hospital again in short order. I think there's going to be an insurgence of ethnic nationalism in Britain, along with a strong build-up of domestic security. They just can't keep up with the sheer volume of possible terrorists among them, and they admit it. War will not be an option, though, as the Brits understand that simply doesn't help things. Rather an expansion of law enforcement and intelligence, with a lot of arrests and surveillance. This is all a consequence of the old British Empire, as their terrorists are usually born in Britain and have had family there for many years.

    I wouldn't expect Britain to fall over this, but I do expect years more of trouble. Tony Blair sure picked the wrong friend in Bush, I can you that!


    1. JMJ,
      I think I'll be back off to the hospital again in short order.

      I hope that it's not an emergency situation.

      Wishing you the best with your health. You're having a helluva go!

    2. JMJ,
      This is all a consequence of the old British Empire, as their terrorists are usually born in Britain and have had family there for many years.

      Valid point which the American Right misses or avoids.

    3. God loves you, Jersey, and so do we! I mostly agree with your REALPOLITIK analysis of Eng;and's situation, but see absolutely NOTHING wrong with what leftists love to deride as "NATIVISM." As a proud, card-carrying Anglo-Italian, Christian Caucasian who think, feels and generally behaves ike a quintessential WASP, I would hate to see my kind "perish from the earth." We accomplished great things for which are now supposed to be ASHAMED. This makes me very VERY angry –– and rightly so.

      What we are doing right now is supplantung one set of injustices born of ognornce and prejudice with another that is EQUALLY bad.

      SUICIDE us not a legitimate way to atone for the sins of our ancestors, and I won't have it.

      I'm really sorry you are not well. I hope the doctors can get to the bottom of it, and set you on an upward path once again. Meanwhile, KEEP FIGHTING no matter WHAT.

  14. Yay, Ted Cruz!

    Senator Cruz demolishes ignorant Harvard professor!

    A globalist proglodyte disguised as a Harvard history professor whined about President Trump extricating our nation from the disastrous Paris Climate Accord. In her tweet, she stupidly claimed the greatest nation in the history of the planet was created by an international treaty:

    "The USA, created by int'l community in Treaty of Paris in 1783, betrays int'l community by withdrawing from #parisclimateagreement today"

    Senator Cruz--no match for this dim bulb--blasted back:

    "Lefty academics @ my alma mater think USA was "created by int'l community." No--USA created by force, the blood of patriots & We the People"

    "Just sad. Tenured chair at Harvard, doesn't seem to know how USA was created. Not a treaty. Declaration+Revolutionary War+Constitution=USA"

    But here is Cruz's atomic bomb:

    "Treaty of Paris simply memorialized that fact, of our total victory at Yorktown. Her claim is like saying a plastic globe created the earth"


      It's strictly for the WAZOOKS!

      I call it Anti-Truth, because that's exactly what it is,

  15. Good Luck JMJ.

    Now to the question of Britain. You have police that are unarmed fighting criminals who are. Citizens who are far to reserved to voice an opinion and Brexit that is still on hold.

    How can you feel safe in a country who has people on a watch list and does nothing until the kill people, oops I think I just described the US.


  16. These days Socialism is a profitable business for those know how to Bull Shit the masses — just look millionaires and billionaires like The Clintons, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and now the Socialist Bernie Sanders.
    Senator Bernie spent the entire year last year preaching to the the country about all the millions of people how have been shafted by student loan debt, a bad economy, and regulations that prevented their ability at achieving the American dream. While speaking about all bad people who have made all their money by using tricks and preaching about how more socialism will solve all their problems, Sanders netted more than a million dollars for himself quietly . And by writing a book. His book sales along netted Sanders a $795,000 advance for Our Revolution and $63,750 for his upcoming children’s book Bernie Sanders’ Guide to a Political Revolution.
    Not bad for a guy who had been preaching about the ills of Banks, and Financial companies. When it was just last week when he was on his soapbox calling Goldman Sacks all kinds of vicious names.

  17. I think we should use Kathy Griffith's beheading "art" as an invitation for islamic jihadis to take over Hollywood and then machine-gun any celebutard that tries to escape after the ISIS takeover

  18. You are mosty correct, Annymiys, but what you call "Socialism" I believe would be better called CRONY CAPITALISM. That occurs the people in positions of power and advantage band together to profit themselves at the expense of those who stupidly voted for them. It's a very old, very nasty game, but it will never cease until the voters finally realize that "A government powerful enough to give you everything you want is powerful enough to take away everythng you have."

  19. The incredible ignorance and hypocrisy of the left.

    Imagine the group anti-fascist being run by stone cold fascists...

  20. Shaw's nemesis JoanJune 6, 2017 at 8:26 AM

    Hey Brainstorm!
    Wake up, your always calling Donald Trump the laughing stock !
    Yet YOU and your Progressuve ILK praise the likes of Hillary Klintoon, and Susan Rice, and morons like Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and the rest of that old Gang of Knuckle Heads . No Trump is not the "Laughing Stock"!
    The laughing stock is the bung of Lying idiots who are responsible for Benghazi! , the laughing stock is Crook who lost the election with the lowest amount of states won since 1994. The laughing stock are the people who think that the amount of votes won y population is actually the winner. And the laughing stock is people, who think that the voters are nothing but stupid racists. There's a whole middle of this country that sees this stupid Protesting stuff, with all these Pussy Hats and Hollywood Vulgar speakers are trying to act like they know what their doing . Or a few Black Lives Matter wise asses acting tough and cool. These are the jackasses who are the Laughing stock. The same people who want the transgenders using all the Bathrooms and that nonsense, are Laughing stock! The same people who watch campus students loose their mind when someone they disagrees with them comes to speak. Or Liberal Comedians holding up the head of our President and tv shows making fun of all this ridiculousness, and thinking it's funny,they are the Laughing stock. Watch the news or the late night TV shows with Alec Baldwin , and Tina Fey, or Steven Colbert, thats the current stupidity being demonstrated y the talentless clowns prop are watching these days. And by our college kids who are supposed to be receiving higher education. We are producing an generation of morons, and that's not a laughing matter. Maybe You just haven't noticed it yet.
    But that's what we should be concerned about .... not the dumb, and stupid childish pranks we see every night on these dumb TV shows. Like who could make our President look more stupid then the next guy.

  21. "Like who could make our President look more stupid then the next guy." Oh Joanie, no one can make Trump look more stupid than Trump himself, and he's really, really good at it.

    1. We learn more about Greyjoy from what he says about President Turmp than we learn about President Trump.

      And what we've learnt is not the least bit flattering to YOU, sir.

  22. After eight years of the presidency of Barack Obama, it's very refreshing to have a President like Donald J. Trump, We had eight Long and miserable years where we were at the brink of collapse, and disaster Under the progressive socialist democrats where our enemies, both foreign and domestic were literally walking all over us.
    But thank heavens we now have a serious candidate who will indeed MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
    A President that ALL America could respect;
    a President who understands and respects the Constitution;
    a President with American core values;
    a President of knowledge and experience in governing;
    a President with a demonstrated ability to lead;
    a President who says what they mean and means what they say;
    not so much a novelty ego-driven celebrity with name recognition and a personal fortune; but a President who will put our nation before himself , ideology, or his party?

    1. Della Lugosi said

      You live in a world of illusion

  23. Note to..Hillary Clinton,; you lost. Now please pick up your ball and go home.
    Instead of analyzing why you lost to death maybe you should be analyzing why Mr. Trump won. Hint. It wasn’t because of the Russians, or what Comey said, or any “fixed” election, or even Bernie Sander’s followers.... It was bemuse the people didn’t believe you or even like you.

    1. Lorenzo Lollapaluzza said

      Right. Now please tell us smething we haven't already known for months.

  24. You know, I never thought I’d say this, but somebody finally outdid Hillary Clinton when it comes to blaming others for her mistakes.

    Kathy Griffin and her sleazy attorney held their little press conference just a while ago.

    And, trust me, that was really bad.

    I mean, I knew it was going to be bad. But I had no idea it was going to be this bad.

    One thing’s for certain. If holding up that decapitated head didn’t ruin Kathy Griffin’s career, that Sleazebag Attorney did.

    1. Lorenzo Lollapaluzza said

      Small potatoes!

  25. My God, how did we ever come to this?
    Trump is most likely a psychopath and simply CAN NOT process thoughts in a rational manner. His congenital lies, sexual predation, monomaniacal focus on "winning", lack of empathy and inability to even read intelligence reports make him dangerous and unfit for the presidency.

    1. Lorenzo Lollapaluzza said

      If you say so, dear.

  26. Comey will NOT testify taht President Trump asked him to Obstruct the Investigation, and in other Breaking news... Comey is being sued for covering up Obama's spying campaign!

    1. Louis Puktabucketful said

      Comey is a big tall turd.

  27. Lack of PCness does not make him a psychopath. Nothing has even been proven that he is a sexual predator and he is fast catching on to the politicians knack for lying.
    If we are going with rumor rather than fact lets look at WJC. Serial rapist, money laundering, having people mysteriously vanish or die in single car accidents. If it wasn't for that damn blue dress it would all be rumor.

    There are some facts. -H- made a lot of money in trading commodities that she knew nothing about, mysteriously losing law records, knowing nothing about he hubby's infidelities and of course blaming all her ills on a vast right wing conspiracy. There's that dame blue dress again.

  28. La Petite Robe Bleu said

    I should have won a Nobel Prize for Truth Telling, and I should have been placed on exhibit in a glass case spotlighted as the Primary Attraction at the Smithsonian Institution.

  29. Betty Dawson said

    I love those gorgeous pictures of London. I too hope England survives.

  30. You know, I never thought I’d say this, but somebody finally outdid Hillary Clinton when it comes to blaming others for her mistakes.

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