Monday, May 8, 2017

Sebastian Gorka on Radical Islam 
and the Caliphate
at the
Republican National Lawyers 
Association Conference

Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant to President Trump, gives an eye opening speech at the National Press Club on the reality of the threat posed to Western society by the Islamic State (ISIS).


  1. I thought the Trump admin was getting rid of Gorka. Now I read he's been asked to stick around. I don't understand the appeal of this guy. He creates an impossible argument. Does he want to kill every Islamic person on the planet? Is that the plan? Convert them all to Christianity? He rests all the blame for terrorism committed in the name of Islam on Islam itself, regardless of the fact that the vast majority of the Islamic world has nothing to do with such acts, and that history, and that 'rest of the Islamic world,' shows Islam is just as amenable to civil society as any other religion, for whatever that's worth. His job, it seems, is only to fear-monger, to drum up the nationalism with the ol' 'Us v Them' theme, to make the Terrorism issue a partisan issue - 'the Dems are weak and the GOP is strong' sort of nonsense. He's certainly no expert on the subject, though he says he is. But he has no credentials to back it up. He was practically run out of Hungary. It's possible he's not even legally allowed to be here! We desperately need cool, level, smart heads at this time. Gorka seems to have none of those qualities.


    1. Did you watch the VIDEO, Jersey?

      Which country would YOU rather see shape the future on the world –– the USA? –– Iran? –– North Korea? –– Red China? –– Venezuela?

      Did you understand what he said about the "food fight "over whether to call it ISIS or ISIL? He regards both as equally wrong. The true name of the organization should be AL SHAM?

      What did he mean by that? Do you know? CLUE: It has to do with Islam's concept of ESCHATOLOGY.

      Did you hear him refer to MEGIDDO?

      And finally WHAT DID HE SAY was the ANSWER to this world menacing challenge? Did you hear him say that the current blow up in the Middle East has produced SIXTY-FIVE MILLION REFUGEES to date –– a record that has far surpassed even World War Two?

      He specifically states it would be impossible to KILL enough of these maniacs to turn the tide.

      What IS the solution he proposes?

      Did you hear what he said about Mustafa Kemal Attaturk?

      Do your homework before spouting off next time, please.

    2. Aside from us and China, none of the others will be shaping the world. Gorka is selling BS, and I certainly am quite familiar with him, as he's been a fave of the Right for a few years now. And about that eschatology thing... were it not for our secular, liberal, rational society built on a secular, liberal, rational constitution, you can be quite sure the Christian end-times loonies would be causing just as much havoc in the name of their ridiculous beliefs as these fanatics in the Middle East are now.


    3. WISHING never has and never will make it so, my friend.

      Projecting an equal measure of guilt onto one's own people based on historical events long past –– i.e. the Inquisition, the Star Chamber, Cromwell's Persecutions, the Slaughter of the Huguenots, the Salem Witch Trials, etc. –– has never been a good idea when faced with a real, present and ever-growing source of grave danger and possible destruction of all one holds –– or should hold –– dear.

      In my opinion, Jersey, you are supplanting a good common sense awareness and understanding of grim reality with an idealistic vision based on what YOU, personally, believe OUGHT to be true.

      We could bat that around like a shuttlecock all day and far into the night, and we'd still get nowhere near a true meeting of the minds.

      Such intransigence, Alas! is the nature of partisanship.

    4. Well, let's get on the same terms. What exactly do the Gorkas of the world want to do about 'radical Islam?' I don't see any good options, let alone anything remotely resembling such a thing coming from Gorka. The usual fight fire with fire sorta stuff, showing "strength," keep 'em out, bla bla bla. Nothing new. Talk about intransigence! LOL!


    5. Wanna "bad option"? Pretend there's no problem and then "up" the Moslem immigration quotas on "humanitarian" grounds, ala Obama.

    6. No one is pretending any such thing. That's a typical Gorka/FOX News sort of silly nonsense accusation. What? They won't say, "Radical Islam?" Is that it? You think they're "pretending" something there, or just maybe they're not imbeciles and know better than to attach the religious affiliation these terrorists prize for themselves? And what "Muslim" quota? What are you talking about? More FOX/Gorka "facts?"


    7. 10,000 Syrians. Like it didn't happen?

    8. That's not a "Mulsim quota." That was an offer to take in some refugees from Syria. The fact that there are so many Muslim refugees out there has to do with strife in the Middle East. Strife all you "Joe Conservatives" out there seemed content to make 1,000 times worse last decade.


  2. There is a problem within Islam. Honest pious Muslims have written about it at length. The texts leave enough room for hate preachers to justify all kinds of misogyny, horrible punishments and death, and there are high numbers soft-heads in the Muslim world who are stirred to action by hate preachers.

    Yes, we Jews and Christians have Leviticus, but NO Jewish or Christian sect carries out those punishments. Religious scholars of both faiths recognize Leviticus and Numbers as "time and place" dictates that do not apply outside that situation.

    Of course, a radical rabbi or preacher could start preaching violence based upon such OT texts, but we don't see that happening. Even if they did, I doubt more than a handful would listen and carry it out. Our society has advanced past such things.

    Islam has a problem, and no amount of US bombing and invasions will fix it. The Umma needs to heal itself.

    1. One example of a critical difference between Islamic culture and the west:


      We tolerate it. They don't.

      The average Muslim is personally hurt by blasphemy, as enunciated by Muslims themselves in surveys. Many are then spurred to action, they take it so seriously.

      I make no judgment whether this is good or bad. It just is.

      Christians did not burn down MOMA over a crucifix dipped in urine. Christians did not burn down movie theaters over The Last Temptation of Christ.

      I detest blasphemy, do not engage in it myself, but I realize we live in a secular society that does not punish such sins. Anyway, God is big enough, he can handle it himself. He doesn't need me to be his flaming sword

    2. What are you talking about SF? In Western secular society, political correctness is the Islamic equivalent of punishing blashphemy, and the liberals get have you fired and socially ostracised if you don't toe their PC line.

    3. True enough, SIlver, but I would still urge you to take the time to WATCH the VIDEO. I found it informative, stimulating and compelling.

      Despite Jersey's leftist partisan assertions, Dr. Gorka is a MOST impressive figure. Just the sound of his deep, resonant voice, perfect command of English, frankly exquisite diction, and magnificent ability to articulate his position with utmost clarity and eloquence are with forty minutes of ANYONE'S time.

      It is the SUBSTANCE of his arguent, however, that makes him most inspiring.

      The guy is not only BRILLIANT; he's also a Grade-A, Number-One, Four-Star, Blue-Ribbon CLASS ACT –– something to which we poor, deprived Americans are no longer accustomed thanks to the depraved machinations of the ENEMEDIA workung hand-in-hand with the thoroughly rotten EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENT

    4. FJ makes an excellent point about the nature of tyranny.

      Mediaeval theocratic barbarism expressed and enforced through hideous forms of torture and execution –– an horrific chapter in the Secular History of Christianity that should never have been written –– truly HAS been supplanted by the equally cruel, but far more subtle forms of coercion inherent in MARXISM, the godless religion that has spawned Poverty Pimping, Victimocracy, Internationalism, –– and worst of all –– POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, hence the Left's bizarre sympathetic relationship with ISLAM, which is currently THE most dangerous, cruelly oppressive political movement on the planet.

    5. FT: Gorka is a quality individual. How can I tell? The rage-filled left hate him and would march him off to a reeducation camp if they could.

    6. AMEN to that, Kurt!

      Only one thing: Our friend, Jersey, is NOT your typical sour, bitter, hostile, rage-filled, leftist loon. After getting to know him better on a personal level I can't believe he has a single destructive bone in his body.

      Though I wouldn't dare presume to try to explain why Jersey, or any of the many others in his camp, believes what he does, in the past I've attributed it to what-I-am-pleased-tocall MIS-Education.

      In Jersey's case, at any rate, it certainly has nothing to do with either MALICE or lack of IQ.

    7. SF,
      Gorka is a quality individual. How can I tell? The rage-filled left hate him and would march him off to a reeducation camp if they could.

      A good criterion to use.

    8. I've listened to Dr. Gorka a good deal, and find him enormously impressive.(see comment to Jersey above)

      If it's a "show" he's putting on, it's a damned good one. Well worth the price of admission. ;-)

    9. And what is the substance of Gorka's argument? ISLAM BAD! How the hell does that help anything? I'm an atheist. I think all religion is irrational and confers that irrationality on the adherents. But I realize, as a grown-up man who is educated and has been around, Islam is not going to suddenly disappear, 1 1/2 billion Muslims aren't going to suddenly be converted to some other religion, or to atheism, or to a comet cult. Islam is a reality, like the mountains and the sea, that must be navigated, but, like the mountains and the sea, we can not just move it out of the picture. Gorka presents no rational argument for actually dealing with the problem of terrorism in the name of Islam. If anything, he's helping the terrorists make the argument that they really are representatives of an entire religion, an argument most Muslims would vehemently deny, and most rational people would say is self-defeating rhetoric at best.

      And here's a little piece of Gorka:

      Don't let this con-man fool you. He's peddling fear, that's all.



    If someone brandishing an axe in one hand and a knife in the other loudly exclaims, "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" would it be wiser to assume he's just making an idle threat as a form of bravado, OR to take appropriate measures to protect yourself because you think there's a strong possibility he could be serious?

    If you think that's a "loaded question," think again. Your answer COULD determine whether you live or die some day.

    1. If he's 10,000 miles away? He'd better have one helluva good throwing-axe arm! ;)


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  6. Ludwig Von Rothsteinbrenner said

    Regarding President Trump´s executive order involving aliens coming to the USA from seven terrorist infested Middle East countries, what the liberal Democrat educated idiots will never let on is that Islam is both a religion and an extreme political ideology. Nobody really cares about the legitimate religious aspects of Islam, the immediate problem is embedded within the politicially ideological aspects of Islam, like them thinking nothing about using terrorist tactics in non Islamic countries to blow up innocent people to further the long term goal of converting in entire world to Islam, including using whatever violent means are necessary to overthrow the US Constitution.

    From the current liberal Democrat point of view as long as the radical Islamist terrorists hide behind the religious aspects of Islam, according to the liberal Democrat reading of the establishment clause in the US Constitution there can be no effective prior restraint by Republican Presidents to keep such suspected Islamist terrorists out of the USA. Of course the liberal Democrat position is based upon identity politics whereby the liberal Democrats consider foreign origin Muslims to be one of their main emerging constituency groups loaded with prospective new Democrat voters. That´s why Hillary Clinton announced that once elected that she intended to up the foreign refugee annual quota by five hundred percent.

  7. To Fire, or Not to Fire, that is the Question!
    Personally, I am pleased FBI Director Comey was fired. He has failed the American people miserably. He should have handled the investigations & let the Justice Dept. do its job. He had no business deciding Hillary should not be prosecuted. He should have given his opinion in private to whoever would have taken the case after AG Lynch recused herself.

    As for the Democrats, first the Democrats and ESPECIALLY Chuckles Schumer the Transgender Bathroom Warrior called for his head on a stake now they are mad because he was fired. And bt the way didn’t Hillary just say that “Comey cost HER the election.”
    So the question of the day is which decision does Chuckles Schumer expect us to believe? Last summer he was pissed off and now that forked tongue Cretin is defending Comey. And some how the media is turning this into a Watergate re-do. Give me a break. This guy should have been fired a long time ago when he gave the Hildabeast a pass after he made the decision NOT go further with Hillary's email after admitting that she was at fault.. That clearly showed that Comey violated FBI tradition by being partial!
    That decision alone proved that he was either corrupt or incompetent. The only question is, Why Did Trump Wait So Long? And Of course the Leftists will claim that he was fired because he was getting close to the Trump/Russian connection. Even though it was said that there was NO connection there at all.
    Nah nah nah nah Nah nah nah nah Hey Hey Goodbye!



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