Sunday, May 7, 2017

over Le PEN


  1. Apparently the French are smarter than Americans.

    Could it be the turning point that slows worldwide conservatism?

    We'll have to wait and see. Power to the people.

    1. Listen, Gadfly, it is CONSERVATISM that promises to deliver POWER to the PEOPLE. So-called LIBERALISM does the exact OPPOSITE.

      Conservatism strives to make power more DIFFUSE.

      "Liberalism" (i.e. Progressivism, Socialism, Statism, etc.) works feverishly to accrue more and more power to an ever-increasing CENTRAL GOVERNMENT.

  2. There French are definitely more utopian. They still believe in the socialist welfare state.

    1. Could it not just be that Macron is younger and more physically attrractive than the aging Marine Le Pen?

      Macron's image is highly reminiscent of Jack Kennedy, as he was during the 1960 presidential campaign. Nost people realize –– even if they don't care to ackniwledge it, even today, –– that Kennedy squeaked out a victory in that election because he was SEXIER looking than the scowling, blue-jawed, super serious Richard Nixon.

      Very sadly politics has been all about IMAGE ever since, thus introducing the element of FLUMMERY into the process.

      The ENEMEDIA by its very nature cannot HELP but have a CORRUPTING influence on politics.

  3. I think Americans didn't really understand this election. We imagined Le Pen as like Trump and Macron as like a young Bill Clinton, but we've got it all wrong. Le Pen is far more socialistic, for instance, than Macron. Le Pen's "rightism" was really just her ethno-nationalistic position and wanting out of the EU, not necessarily conservative positions anyway. She was more statist than Macron as well. I think the French were being more realistic. They want modern thinking, good jobs, things like that. This wasn't about socialism, but about how to manage a modern nation, and the French chose forward-thinking, new thinking, over the same old tired national socialism that has never shown itself a good thing in the end.


    1. I hope you're right, Jersey, but fear your view may just be a nice bit of wishful –– or hopeful –– thinking. I would, as always, like to know where you got your information?

      The EU represents submission to an UNELECTED, highly-centralized FOREIGN bureaucracy. It, therefore, takes most-if-not-all power to make policy decisions away from The People. It also has had a deleterious effect on the sovereignty of member nations. That meane it also has a destructive effect on the indigenous culture, character, customs, mores and even the actual ethnicity of member nations.

      That's why Britain voted for the BREXIT, which has YET to be implemented nearly a year after the vote to leave the EU was cast. Foot dragging in the part of those in power is reprehensible once a People has spoken.

      Scotland and Ireland voted to stay IN the EU, wouldn't you know, fiercely fractious, rebellious Celtic elements they have always been. ;-)

      For the record: I vigorously oppose ANY policy that even has a TENDENCY to move us toward One World Government, which would certainly be the Last Stop on the Road to Serdom.

      Marine Le Pen may NOT have been The Answer those who think as i do have been hoping to find, but I get the distinct impression from the few bits and pieces of news leading up to yesteday's election that she was defeated by SKULDUGGERY in the part of the Macron Campaign.

      Apparently, numerous emails surfaced sure to be damaging to Macron that the french GOVERNMENT FORBADE their MEDIA to bring to the French electorate..

      If I read rightly, the French Government hastily passed a LAW forbidding the exposure of ANY information that MIGHT effect a change on the EXPECTED RESULTS of an ELECTION.

      Sounds like Dirty Pool to me –– as it should to you. It's tantamunt t what the DNC did to Bernie Sanders –– and what the RNC in conjunction with the ENEMEDIA effectively did to RON PAUL.

      Le Pen was also tarred with charges of ANTI-SEMITISM, always a sure fire way to destroy any prominent person in what-used-to-be-called Christendom.

      Hitler's atrocities towards the Jews certainly boomeranged BIG TIME. The Holocaust has given the Jews more power than they have EVER had in the past five-thousand years. Deserved or not that IS the Way It Is –– and likely to remain for the foreseeable future.

      As far as I am concerned, I would be OVERJOYED to welcome the Jews into The Family of Man –– as EQUALS in every regard to all the rest of us ––, but I frankly abhor the assumption of SUPERIORITY and accompanying ARROGANCE that goes along with having been given TOTAL IMMUNITY from ANY form of derision or CRITICISM whatsoever.

      DERISION (i.e. contempt) we can certainly do without, but to hold ANY identifiable entity –– inckuding our precious selves –– IMMUNE from ANY and ALL forms of CRITICAL ANALYSIS is just plain WRONG, and bound to have a destructive effect on Concord and Good Order.

    2. There was never a chance for Le Pen. Macron was the only choice. He's a banker, a technocrat, and pro-EU.

    3. That AIN'T the way WE have been hearing it, till the most recently reported polls, Kurt. One would think the MUSLIM BARBARISM would have given the electin to Le Pen. SHE was for CLOSING France's borders, against the EU, and presumably pro-French nationalism.

      One would think the recent spate of Islamic atrocities across France and in Germany as well would have moved the French to vote for the best interests of their OWN PEOPLE in their NATIVE LAND, instead of some cockamamie Globalist New World Ordure.

      I feel reasonably sure the election was MANIPULATED –– at least to a certain extent –– by the pro-EU, Socialist Government hand in hand with the French Commie Press –– just as it is right here in the good ol' USA.

      One thing's for sure in our case and that of France, I believe: It weren't them ROOSKIES who loused things up for the Commie-Totalitarian Internationalists.

    4. Marcron was all French. He shows a great disdain for the "lower class". Much like the US politicians he is above the commoner and supports the status quo. The French are more socialistic than the US, but we are catching up, so it is no wonder that Le Pen didn't win.

  4. I largely agree with Jersey's assessment. "Right" in Europe = racist-tinged extremism. They are much further down the path of PC than we are. Leveling criticisms at immigrant communities, even in a non-inflammatory manner can land you in jail, in front of a peoples tribunal or beyond the pale of polite society.

    Also, I do not discount the possibility that reportage of muslim troubles, while real, fail to put it all in larger perspective.

    I'm not saying I agree with any of this, I'm just like everyone else, reading the news, watching, and wondering what to make of it all.



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