Saturday, December 17, 2016

In the Wake of the Leftists' Post-Election Behavior How Could Any Sensible Person Fail to Agree with the Following?

And What Do You Think of 


  1. Why must these WHINING Liberals create false narratives and lie in order to defend what they believe, or what to be true when it actually isn’t .

    The truth is I have NOT attacked neither Hillary or Obama on Lies. I have only written about proven Facts! . I have criticized these two failures for failed policies / actions, spoken out on things I have disagreed with them ,because of failures that they have done.

    But I read things here that certain Bleeding Heart Liberals write about when they find it on those stupid Photo shopped, FAKE NEWS columns like the Democratic, Underground, or that Rachel MadDogs Rag, These liberal Koolaide drinking crybabies nave such thin skin' I recommend that they never go into politics or s showbusiness, because they’d never succeed .

    The Democratic Party did everything in their power to push a faild, and flawed, underperforming, candidate, with a long history of lying to the American public to the front and ran with her... . When even an unknown guy like Bernie Sanders gave a run for her money. A robotic candidate hard to believe or trust, stiff and off putting to the public. A candidate who as a tired old has-been, that didn't campaign enough and whose strategy was to lay low and hope the other guy looks worse. A candidate who passed out and was loaded into a van and who couldn’t even lie straight about it. . I can go on, and on, but I’m sure you heard it all before. .

    Meanwhile Trump was holding a rally every day, he campaigned tirelessly, and he said what needed to be said..

    The fact that she has more of the popular vote, (if she did) doesn't matter. If she was a good candidate it wouldn't even have been close, against a candidate with zero experience.

    Hillary was a TOTAL disaster for the Democratic party from day one, and all that contributed toto her failed outcome.. So you need to get real and learn from your massive mistakes. Tools like Debbie W. Shultz had lead the party to losing elections all over the country, losing the Senate, state governors, etc. And the dumb DNC kept her in charge as long as possible, then when she was fired Hillary welcomed her into her campaign.

    Idiots like these people on Facebook that keep supporting this bullshit are destroying the entire Democratic party

  2. One of the “fake news" stories is that who are those who are trying to convince the public that Climate Contol is a science.

  3. Sounds like your typical Republican today who is aspiring to high office. There are a few exceptions.

  4. There are few absolutes in politics and politicians Red Herring. You know that, right?

  5. Never heard of Chris. Like the images.

  6. Hillary Clinton is corrupt as hell. But thats not why she lost! Granted, the Clintons have corruption down to an art form in ways other politicians can't compete.

    The reason Hillary Clinton lost had very little to do with the sheer level of her corruption, though that didn't help. The real reason she never stood a chance, in my opinion, is because she has the charisma of a rock

    She doesn't have the Charisma for the job. When she talks, it's robotic and uninspired. Her laughs are almost as fake as her creepy smile. There's nothing genuine there, no connection with the people..

    That's why Reagan won by landslides in 1980 and 1984. That's why Obama crushed the competition in 2008 and 2012. It has a lot less to do with the policies, and more to do with the lack of leadership, a load of bad baggage, and charisma. something Hillary lacks. Trump also gave hope to millions of former middle class workers who had great Union jobs in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and other states. Hillary Clinton supported NAFTA and TPP until it became a political liability. The policies that voters in those regions know cost them their jobs to countries with lower labor costs. Of course, those free trade agreements were also supported by Reagan.

    Which brings me to Hillary's last problem; Trust. She simply changed with the wind too much. Not saying Trump didn't do that, but he overcame that by coming off as direct and blunt. But Hillary in 2008 said that marriage was between a man and a woman a SACRED bond created by GOD. then in 2012 she said she was for it all the way.
    Trump knows how to work a crowd, how to get people fired up. Yes, he's crass and blunt. But he gets people excited, he has bold visions.

    What was Hillary's bold vision?. More of the same of the failed policies that Obama had and she wanted to continue and build on that! . Nothing to get people excited. She didn't even have the Charisma to get people to the polls.

  7. Michelle the “Wonderful” was told off yesterday, and told off big time by a woman with at least a IQ that is 30 points higher than hers!

    Yes Miichelle the Moocher Obama's appearance on a Oprah interview where she she hinted that Trump's election was the end of "Hope” for America, saying "now we're feeling what NOT having hope feels like."

    The comments from Michelle have received a lot of backlash over the past two days but perhaps no one has crushed her new "hopelessness" narrative better than Judge Jeanine Pirrodid... Pirro's opening TV monologue last night was full of epic one-liners slamming the First Lady's comments....below are a couple of favorite quotes but the full video is definitely worth a listen.

    "This from a woman, who in 2008, at 44 years old, said for the first time in her life she was proud of her country when her husband was running for president. And now, 8 years later, you're out of "hope," Michelle?"

    "An outrage is when your husband struts up to the microphone at a national prayer breakfast and tells Christians to get off their high horses because Christians are afraid of Muslim terrorists cutting their heads off."

    "Like the 13 hours those heroes were on a rooftop in Benghazi, your all powerful husband never bothered to explain to us where he was and what he was doing that night. All we know is that the only power that he was ready to unleash was Air Force One to fly to Las Vegas for a fundraiser the next morning so that you guys could live the life another four years in the White House."

    It seems as if Mooshell lives in a different America than I do.



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