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How Could It Be That Very Smart, High-Achieving People like Jill Stein (Harvard magna cum laude) Could Be So Wrong, And Act So Stupidly?


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  5. She was probably brainwashed from the first day in the cradle.

    1. Thank you, AOW!

      So far you are the only who made an AttEMPT to ANSWER the QUESTION which is the basis of this post.

      I wonder if it possible to give an entire nation a good stiff curse in REMEDIAL READING and READING COMPREHENSION? It appears to be sorely needed.

      If I ask, "What did you eat for breakfast today? "I went out, got into a fist fight with the boy who delivers groceries, and gave hm two black eyes." is NOT an acceptable answer, even if it happens to be true.

      I wonder now many of us may be left who understand that?

      In addition to Reading Comprehension a good stiff curse in BASIC ETIQUETTE might be even more to the point.

    2. Aloda Pupin Yurpantz said

      "She (Jill Stein) was probably brainwashed from the first day in the cradle."

      Okay, but but Why? and By Whom? are questions that need to be answered.

      Does Nature govern these phenomena, or is it Nurture?

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  9. Folks are inclined to often be believe what they want to believe methinks. Regardless of facts to the contrary.

    Me father always said many very smart blokes are short on common sense too. Methinks him right.

    1. "Methinks," eh?

      I'm much more interested in what youthinks.


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    How Could It Be That Very Smart, High-Achieving People like Jill Stein (Harvard magna cum laude) Could Be So Wrong, And Act So Stupidly?

    Statements not specifically directed to this particular question WILL be REMOVED.

    How Could It Be That Very Smart, High-Achieving People like Jill Stein (Harvard magna cum laude) Could Be So Wrong, And Act So Stupidly?

  11. Stein's just keeping herself and the Green's in the news, raising money, etc. It's a way to rally the Left a little coming into this strange new period in history, with President Donald Trump (did anyone imagine?) and a pretty solid GOP one-party-state. I'm not sure what I think of it, but I suppose it makes sense.


    1. All right, Jersey, but it still doesn't explain why very smart pop
      le are so attracted to idiotic, unworkable policies.

    2. I think she's taking advantage of a wave of fear on the Left. They're just desperate for anything at this point. The fear may just be justified. We've never seen anything quite like this before, and we don't know just how much the Right is going to try to do, let alone what Trump is up to. Are we looking at the end of RvW? The Public Accommodations clause of the Civil Rights Act? The profiteering of Medicare and Social Security? Some crazy war? We just don't know. Stein seems to figure this is a way to concentrate that fear into fund-raising for left-wing causes. Judge it as you will, but I don't see it as idiotic or unworkable, but yes, a little misleading, perhaps.


    3. I understand what you're trying to say, Jersey, but why should you or a one else give way to FEAR because our perfectly legal, constitutionally sanctioned method of electing our chief executive WORKED just as it was designed to do?

      Despite the massive, almost monolithic effort put forth by the ENEMEDIA, the ACADEMIC COMMUNITY, the RINO REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT, the DNC, the leadership of most LABOR UNIONS and the POP ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY to demean, defame, denigrate, and destroy Mr. Trump, he still managed to WIN.

      That means the PEOPLE won for a change. Mr. Trump took his case DIRECTLY to the People thus circumventing the bigoted, distorted, mendacious, insular coverage who has presumed to be in control of our electoral process since JFK squeaked out the narrowest of victories over Richard Nixon in 1959.

      I'm taking a Wait and See Approach. If Mr. Trump does well in his first four to six months I shall be glad. If he does not, and turns out to have been a "phony," well better luck next time ... ;-)

      Try to be optimistic, Jersey. It makes the waiting time far less aggravating.

    4. Well, I'm not one of those people sending checks to Stein. I am concerned about some of the early happenings as the Trump Presidency begins to form, but I'm not assuming anything from his future administration. You never know with Trump. I am very concerned, however, with the GOP taking the Senate. Very concerned with the future of the SCOTUS. Very concerned with talk of privatizing Medicare and diverting Social Security into Wall Street. Very concerned with a potential for the rise again of deficit spending and heavier borrowing. This is what to expect from the GOP. Trump is now the firewall. We shall see if he understands that and can manage it.


    5. A perfectly reasonable statement,Jersey, although you know we disagree about SCOTUS. But again, we din't really NOW what Mr. Trump will be ABLE to accomplish. ur giver met is set up to challenge and BALK change at every turn in order to avoid rash, impetuous decisions we would later deeply regret.

      A coalition of blacks and Jews in congress and a few "traditional American Deocrats" too no doubt are scheming right now to find a way to abolish the electoral college.

      Let me ask YOU a serious question. Would YOU want to abolish the electoral college if it had worked in the Democrats' FAVOR this time around?

    6. I don't like the Electoral College anyway. I think the Senate provides more than enough Federalism as it is. The EC just compounds it. At least without the EC, the entrenched interests in the small-population ag states may be a little less insular and selfish.




  12. "How Could It Be That Very Smart, High-Achieving People like Jill Stein (Harvard magna cum laude) Could Be So Wrong, And Act So Stupidly?"


    1. Please don't be silly. If I must spell it out for yu, the question tried to explore what reasons there may as to WHY she is "liberal."

      What moves very SMART, –– often very RICH ––, people to endorse policies destructive of their own best interests?

  13. How? Because leftwing progressivism is not just politics to people like her; it is jihad in a black and white world. People on the left are correct-thinking and full of virtue.

    Everyone to their right is the enemy. They are not to be understood, they are not to be reasoned with. They certainly are not worth being heard or trying to reach out a hand of friendship and strike some kind of compromise. People to their right are evil, racists, bigots, homophobes, alt-right, KKK, dominionists, neo nazis.

    Get it? we are not wrong to them. We don't act out of sincere motives. We are hateful, evil racists, so why would they want to have anything to do with us other than round us up and march us off to reeducation camps?

    Politics is their world, and leftwing progressivism is the religion that explains it all to them. As any stultifying religious orthodoxy will do, it has stunted their thinking, dulled their reasoning powers and led them into the tarpits of intellectual retardation and willful obscurantism. They still can't face up to why Donald Trump won, with millions of Democrat and independent votes.

    You bring up George Soros to them, and they knee-jerk spit out "Koch Brothers!!!" and then regurgitated rancid msnbc and Huffer Post lunacy they've filled their soft heads with.

    Of course, there is no comparison. Soros funds violent street radicals from here to Cairo and makes billions tipping over societies and profiting from currency manipulation. Koch Industries employs over 40,000 American workers--many unionized--making products, transporting energy and shipping goods around the nation.

    That right there demonstrates how unhinged and brain-diseased the left is. In any sane world, Soros would be jailed for his global crimes, and the Koch brothers celebrated.

    The left are progressive jihadis, hell-bent on stabbing, raping, slashing and blowing up everyone and everything that clashes with their progressive dogma. Like the jihadis, reality is not their friend--it mocks their outlandish and fantastical belief system--so they must forever battle against it.

    1. Yes to all of that except both of us know leftists (I refuse to call them Liberals or Democrats) on a personal level whom we like and trust. The feeling is often mutual, so there ARE higher more noble and genuinely humanistic considerations that CAN transcend the mere jockeying for dominance that, unfortunately, is the essence of "politics."

      Where we may differ is my firm conviction that the ROOT of all this upheaval comes from the sheer, unmitigated HATRED a tiny-but-immensely-powerful formerly persecuted non-Christian minority feels for the West whose culture, whether anyone cares to acknowledge it or not, is still loosely based on CHRISTIAN values,CHRISTIAN precepts, and CHRISTIAN principles.

      And that is why I define Communist-Socialist-Progressive-Liberal-Statist ideology as a long series of HATE-BASED initiatives.

      So all the Self-Righteous Posturing of False Altruism and Pushy, Obnoxious Bossiness that feeds policies of untoward Interventionism is really nothing but a MASK for a very ancient, –– very EVIL ––, ROOT CAUSE.

      In essence, I think it safe to say EVIL BEGETS EVIL.

      It's most difficult to combat when it disguises itself as BENIGNITY.

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  15. Well the, I guess comments are no longer welcome!

    1. Comments most certainly ARE welcome here, but ONLY if they are RELEVANT to the subject at hand, and ONLY if they observe our rules of conduct and decorum –– as I choose interpret them at any given moment.

      As I never cease to say.

      THIS BLOG is NOT a DUMPING GROUND for every rude, inconsiderate, stray, irresponsible, careless, mischievous, self-absorbed remarks passersby may choose to deposit here.

  16. Somehow I believe that the phenomenon of the Jill Steins of the world may lie with the nature of education itself today. Collectivism as opposed to individual responsibility has risen to replace what in times past was basic to living a successful life on Earth. Today an individual that questions the accepted orthodoxy is singled out as a conspiracy-theory-embracing-loner. At one time an individual that questioned the accepted orthodoxy was considered a "rugged individual" or even an individualist.

    The education system today doesn't tolerate any questioning of the orthodox thinking of the establishment in their contrived issues of the day, including, especially, global warming or to cover other contingencies "climate change". This sacred shibboleth of our current collectivist orthodoxy must be defended at all costs, even to the extent of outright destruction of any individual who even questions their "knowledge" in this area.

    Jill Stein appears to be the end product of the current educational programming who was "selected" because she had followed the sanctioned program. She would have been relegated to the depths of insignificance if she had not. Those types are weeded out over time.

    The program of rigid adherence to this orthodox programming can be seen in the attack of the established media on "fake news". This being directed by a media that itself did nothing but create "fake news" and "fake polls" in the recent election won by Donald Trump—this fake news attack orchestrated by this same establishment media was carried it with the intent to perpetuate the idea that to vote for anybody but their selected candidate, Hillary Clinton, would be a waste of time and a waste of your ballot.

    Today their ongoing atrocity being carried out against against those who know well that the establishment media is nothing but a deceitful sham being perpetrated on the entire world, in a manner that would only be embraced by a society that accepts at face value the toxic waste emitted by this media modelled after the likes of Pravda of the USSR or Goebbels of Nazi fame and glory.

    It takes an unusual amount of brazen audacity to accuse your enemies of the perpetrating the evil that you are using yourself to achieve your ends.

    1. Thanks, Waylon. That is the kind of thoughtful answer I was hoping to see.

      As you know, I abhor BOILERPLATE –– irrelevant set speeches contrived in advance that make no attempt to address the specific topic at hand, and make no attempt to recognize, acknowledge or discuss contributions OTHERS have made.

      I don't seek ARGUMENT so much as honest, thoughtful, mutually responsive CONVERSATION –– an polite EXCHANGE of varying points of view.

      Unfortunately, what we get too much of the time is ANYTHING BUT.

      I've often thought that DISINGENUOUSNESS –– the use of honeyed circumlocutions, legalese and "Professorspeak" that attempt to disguise or sugar-coat an essentially VICIOUS agenda –– is far more harmful to genuine human progress than NAKED BIGOTRY.

    2. With Clarity We SpeakDecember 7, 2016 at 8:44 AM

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  18. Regarding Pearl Harbor, today plenty of documented information has been exposed through freedom of information releases which shows that FDR and the elite members of his administration were well aware that Pearl Harbor was to be attacked. They scapegoated the navy to be the fall guys for that.

    It was a desired act since it had the desired result of an act to get the country to enter WW II which was ongoing since September 1939. Today it would be called just another false-flag or "fake news" event.

    Your rancor would be more correctly focused on the FDR administration rather than Japan itself, I think.

  19. The Japanese were vicious barbarians at the time. It took Enola Gay and Fat Boy to tame them, and "train them up in the way they should go."

    I have no reverence or affection for FDR whatsoever, but it WAS the Japs who bombed Pearl Harbor. 2,403 Americans died and 1,178 were wounded. Eighteen ships were sunk or run aground, including five battleships. All of the Americans killed or wounded during the attack were perfectly innocent victims of circumstance.

    I've never been able to figure out whether the Roosevelts were truly evil or just plain STUPID. I tend to think the latter. Eleanor probably MEANT well, but she was one of those haughty busybodies who assumed SHE knew what was best for all sort of people she knew nothing about. Franklin, of course, feel under the influence of the devilishly clever, Scheming Manipulators against whom no one can ever win an argument. And, as you and I believe, Those People fully intend to become our suzerains someday. Amazing what can be accomplished by those who control the supply and value of currency, isn't it?

  20. It could well be that FDR was an instrument that was used by the "Scheming Manipulators". A lot of scheming and manipulating was done to get the country involved in both World Wars. The country and the world has never been the same since. There's a lot more to the story of what really was behind America's entry into those wars,

    A lot more than the simplified Coles Notes version that most people have learned by rote in the education system.

    1. I'm sure you are probably right, Waylon, but "At this Point What Difference Does It Make? };^)>

      We never seem capable of learning from History, and most flee from Truth as though Truth were their mortal enemy.

  21. Toward the Winter Solstice, Timothy Steele, 1948

    Although the roof is just a story high,
    It dizzies me a little to look down.
    I lariat-twirl the cord of Christmas lights
    And cast it to the weeping birch’s crown;
    A dowel into which I’ve screwed a hook
    Enables me to reach, lift, drape, and twine
    The cord among the boughs so that the bulbs
    Will accent the tree’s elegant design.

    Friends, passing home from work or shopping, pause
    And call up commendations or critiques.
    I make adjustments. Though a potpourri
    Of Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jews, and Sikhs,
    We all are conscious of the time of year;
    We all enjoy its colorful displays
    And keep some festival that mitigates
    The dwindling warmth and compass of the days.

    Some say that L.A. doesn’t suit the Yule,
    But UPS vans now like magi make
    Their present-laden rounds, while fallen leaves
    Are gaily resurrected in their wake;
    The desert lifts a full moon from the east
    And issues a dry Santa Ana breeze,
    And valets at chic restaurants will soon
    Be tending flocks of cars and SUVs.

    And as the neighborhoods sink into dusk
    The fan palms scattered all across town stand
    More calmly prominent, and this place seems
    A vast oasis in the Holy Land.
    This house might be a caravansary,
    The tree a kind of cordial fountainhead
    Of welcome, looped and decked with necklaces
    And ceintures of green, yellow, blue, and red.

    Some wonder if the star of Bethlehem
    Occurred when Jupiter and Saturn crossed;
    It’s comforting to look up from this roof
    And feel that, while all changes, nothing’s lost,
    To recollect that in antiquity
    The winter solstice fell in Capricorn
    And that, in the Orion Nebula,
    From swirling gas, new stars are being born.

    Happy Winter Solstice

  22. When you startle awake in the dark morning
    heart pounding breathing fast
    sitting bolt upright staring into
    dark whirlpool black hole
    feeling its suction

    Get out of bed
    knock at the door of your nearest friend
    ask to lie down ask to be held

    Listen while whispered words
    turn the hole into deep night sky
    stars close together
    winter moon rising over white fields
    nearby wren rustling dry leaves
    distant owl echoing
    two people walking up the road laughing

    Let your soul laugh
    let your heart sigh out
    that long held breath so hollow in your stomach
    so swollen in your throat

    Already light is returning pairs of wings
    lift softly off your eyelids one by one
    each feathered edge clearer between you
    and the pearl veil of day

    You have nothing to do but live


  23. Here are two quotations from V. I. Lenin which I think sheds considerable light on the psyche of Jill Stein and others of her ilk:

    "Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."
    -- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    "Destroy the family, you destroy the country."
    -- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

    The broader meaning of this in combination with Keynes' insight into "debauching the currency to destroy a country" is the most succinct summary that I can find in diagnosing our current malaise.



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