Wednesday, January 6, 2016


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More Killed by Autos than by Guns
~ § ~
Gun Deaths Are Mostly Suicides

Margot Sanger-Katz

New York Times

OCT. 8, 2015

When Americans think about deaths from guns, we tend to focus on homicides. But the problem of gun suicide is inescapable: More than 60 percent of people in this country who die from guns die by suicide.

Suicide gets a lot less attention than murders for a few reasons. One big one is that news organizations generally don’t cover suicides the way they do murders. There’s evidence that news attention involving suicide can lead to more suicides ...

Should we restrict access to automobiles, and subject drivers to routine, periodic 
psychiatric examinations? 

Should we ban, or severely limit 
news coverage of suicides?

and be sure to bring your 
favorite statistics.


  1. I'm waiting for the sour, nit-picking progs to swarm in and demand you PROVE that banning bibles and guns was the VERY FIRST thing Hitler, Mussolini and Mao did.

    Of course dictators ban those things. The want a monopoly on power and on control of the hearts and minds. Guns challenge the first, and a belief in a higher power challenges the second.

    The most laughable part of it all, is that the Progressives do not see that progressivism is a religion, complete with orthodoxy and dogma which shall not be challenged. They have a catalog of sins, and they worship at the altar of an eternal and ever-expanding government. If you do not bow down to it, you are a sinner of the worst order.

    1. It's hard for me to find reliable statistics, because most sources are thickly veiled or congested with extraneous agenda-driven data that confuses or obfuscates the issue.

      I do know THIS, however, when the Conquistadors –– namely Cortez –– invaded the Aztec empire, they killed all the priests and scholars, and burned the libraries. That IS a matter of historical record.

      Their excuse?

      Since the Aztecs had not yet been converted to Christianity, it was assumed that everything they had learned and held sacred was born of the Devil, thus wicked and subject to mandatory destruction.

      And we wonder why so much hostility exists towards "Christianity" today!

      Our Number One Enemy, if course, is Aggressive Ignorance and Intolerance stemming from fanatical, unreasoning GroupThink.

  2. “We Are”

    Severely maxed
    Some take sedatives
    to help them
    Others just sit
    and look at the time
    Some just cope
    drinking liquor or wine
    We are WATCHED
    Taped, and video recorded
    by those who’s realities are
    completely distorted
    We are cornered and billed
    with laws
    upon U.S.
    By others who
    are greedily filled
    by their own perversions
    and their own coercions
    and their own conclusions
    and their own seclusions
    we will not go quietly into the night
    and we will not be ushered
    into the light
    We will do what we please
    and drop to our knees
    When we meet you, Thy God
    There are no applause
    and no delight
    there is no fight
    for satans plight

  3. I posted the Erika poem.

    I found it on a Yahoo News thread, posted by someone named Erika. I liked it so much I decided to spread it around.

    1. Thank you.

      You know I love things like that.

    2. I was curious for your professional opinion.

      As with classical music, I don't know jack about poetry, I just know what I like, and I know much of what I like you consider schlock... ;-)

    3. I never accused you of that.

      Where did you take that mind reading course? ;-)

    4. I think it was when I did dedicated a post to Rod McKuen upon his death.

      Maybe you used the word schmalz... or Kitch...

    5. Kitsch most likely. ;-) I don't recall the exchange. Must've been years ago.

      Kitsch by the way i not Schlock. The art of Thomas Kincaid, for instance, is Kitsch, but it has many redeeming features all the same.

    6. That Erika poem was very good

  4. Why nobody come and talk? Where noisy partisans?

    1. We hope for approbation
      But not much for adulation.
      It matters not how others see us,
      Unless by magic they could be us.
      We spread our table with a feast
      If no one eats, we tried at least.
      The lesson we should learn of course,
      Is don't try to persuade by force.

      ~ FreeThinke

    2. Your little cartoons were clever FT.

  5. Wilma Cramball-HuffmanJanuary 6, 2016 at 4:20 PM

    Your little cartoons are not funny, you know.

    1. They are not supposed to funny. They are supposed to make you THINK, and come to a better understanding of reality.

      Instead, you choose to EMOTE, and waste bandwidth with witless denigration.

    2. Why don't you cram it up your huffy cramball hole, Wilma!

      There was a helluva fight in here yesterday. Musta wore everybody out.

    3. I took care of her, Tex. No need to pile on, –– and no need to be so rude.

      The woman may be an ass, but it does no good to tell her that point blank. In fact it only makes "us" look bad, so why do it?

      Did you think it was a "fight?" I didn't. I thought some valuable information was exchanged in considerable detail.

      It was one of the livelier threads we've seen here in months. Can't think why the fun issue has not brought forth a similar outpouring.

  6. A thought after having too little coffee this morning...

    Of all the people you personally know, how many have died by gunshot?

    As far as I can tell, two people whom I personally knew died by gunshot (ruled suicides).

    I asked Mr. AOW, and his response was the same. We knew those same two people who died by gunshot.

    In contrast, my father saved an unknown number of lives, both human and animal, when he shot rabid animals (right here in Northern Virginia, back in the 1950s-1970s).

    Of all the people whom I personally know, three have died because of a car accident.

    Both Mr. AOW and I know one person inadvertently wounded by a gun -- Mr. AOW's brother back when he was 11 years old and shot his own foot when he jumped down into a gully and the gun's safety was defective. The bullet glanced off his boot, but bruised the hell out of little toe.

    My cousin Jack shot the ceiling one time when a bullet was chambered, and he didn't know that the round was chambered.

    I can't say how many of our friends and family members were injured by car and motorcycle accidents. Probably around 7.

    1. I don't know my comment proves, but there you have my input for the day.

    2. My goodness, AOW! Your anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that, perhaps, stricter gun control really may BE in order. It sounds a bit like you were raised and lived in the old Wild West.

      I, personally, have never had any experience whatsoever with gun violence from any direction. Neither have any members of my family, and as far as I know none of our friends, fellow church members or our business associates.

      My richest aunt and uncle, who had a big upper-class house filled with lots of fine things, owned a gun and kept it in a nightstand by their bed, but they never had occasion to use it.

      Unless you count my two uncles who saw action in the Second World War, no one I've ever known has been injured by guns or even shot at, for which we all thank God.

    3. FT,
      Your anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that, perhaps, stricter gun control really may BE in order.

      I don't think so. Mr. AOW and I must know at least 1000 people.

      It sounds a bit like you were raised and lived in the old Wild West.

      When I was growing up, Northern Virginia was quite rural. Farms everywhere. And we used to practice target shooting in our back yards because almost everyone not living in a city or a town had acreage.

  7. AOW has seen a lot of gun action in her life...

    I grew up with guns all around and readily available. I had one of those wooden gun racks in my bedroom with a .22 and a 12 gauge on it. I never witnessed any gun accidents and never heard of any.

    My dad and I would go out shooting with uncles and cousins, and there were a few incidents of one of the kids breaking some safety rule, and that resulted in an immediate dressing down, surrender of your weapon (broken open), and a trip to the car to sit out the rest of the day thinking about what you had done.

    I was shot at a couple of times as a teen out in rural areas, stories are too long to get into here...

    When living in Denver, I left a house party with a couple of girls to take a little stroll (they wanted to toke up), and when we returned to the house there were police everywhere. We missed the excitement of a fight breaking out, and one of the combatants went out to his car, retrieved a pistol and fired it at the house.

    I remember when I was in Afghanistan, there were more gun casualties of US military by accidental discharge/friendly fire that by enemy fire.

    1. SF,
      Safety rules for gun safety ruled the day when I was growing up, too. Hell, my father wouldn't even allow me to point a toy gun at anybody -- even at my playmates.

  8. WHEN will we Stop the Madness! Obama wants to disarm Americans but has no problems sending missiles and semi-automatic weapons to Terrorists, and take your rights away!
    Obama is an incompetent, inept, and even DANGEROUS leader that is placing us at risk, and his polices, both foreign, and domestic are a clear and present danger to America ...
    Not only has his “Ideal Deal” with Iran become a threat to us here in the United States, but to Israel and the rest of the Middle East as well. the Obama agreement does absolutely nothing to curb Iran’s development of Intercontinental Missiles … Obama is allowing Iran to develop a delivery system that can target the continental United States, and now we see that North Korea claims that to have tested a Hydrogen Bomb.

    And nobody even asks what if any is Hillary Clinton's platform, or where is she on the issues?
    More proof that our elected officials, and the Democratic front runner really needs a reality check.
    So far, Hillary has the same old strategy, don't offend, and just be vague, and don’t say too much!
    It’s time for a President Trump or Cruz, I don’t care which one it is as long as it’s not Hillary Clinton! She is as much an anti-American sociopath as Obama is.

  9. Obama is not that dumb to outright ban guns. He’s laying the ground work and will ley Hillary do it through the UN. Once the DemocRAT Senate passes it and Obama signs, it and over rules our Constitution. BUT...
    They are basically preparing for worse things that are to come,
    Hopefully before then a group of states will unite to resist the tyranny that always follows a disarmed nation.

    Wise people realize that our liberties are being attacked from within..
    This is how it al began in Germeny. Only today the dictator is called the Lord Messiah!

  10. Wake up America, Unite, before there is a real castrophe in America, a violent one where Obummer can then impliment law and remove weapons on his authority and under the guise fo Homeland Security and jail anyone that refuses. You think this could not happen. then why is he so close to the Muslim community? Why is he again in the Middle East right after his elelction just as he was in 2008' when America is supposedly on a Financial melltown in three weeks. thne gives egypt billions of military aide? iving billions to the Muslim Brotherhood? Wake your neighbor and your famailies up! It is almost set and will be here very soon! Get ready.......set .....go! You will be in the world of the progressive movement supplied by Sorros and his South Ameircan buddies.

    1. Wow, this guy sounds like a Progressive plant to make the Republican's sound like idiots.

      Good try Shaw, but it didn't work.

  11. I was a Marine during the Vietnam war and I would've gladly fought and died for this Country but now today if Obama and his ways continue I'll be more than happy to fight against it ! Obama has gotten by with SO many HIGH CRIMES and our SUPPOSED REPRESENTATIVES let him get by with them. I'm not surprised at all

  12. Constitutional Insurgent has nailed it. He has pointed out, like Wank Files above, that Obama is just laying the groundwork.

    His "solutions" won't work, which will lead President Hillary to tighten the screws, gun registration, etc.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. People are out of work in the Boston area because of the actions by the GOP . People are scared, intimidated by this group and schools are closed out of fear. Life has been disrupted across the towns of Boston Proper and surounded towns.

    1. I'll bet that there are plenty of new government mandated jobs for SJWs, though! Woo-Hoo!

  15. Muslims use our own laws against us and attempts to desensitize Americans to an existential threat that is being run in local Mosques throughout America . Muslims are a danger to all Americans. I have worked with them, yes, some maybe nice, some show visible dislike for the radical population. I couldn’t understand why . But when 9/11/01 came about. I started to really do the research on the web. Jihad Watch is excellent news site.. I encourage anyone who frequents this site to check them out and take advantage of the links to the other sites related to this cult of This is how the left plans to push us into a new world order, through global chaos. It is coming. Maybe not soon, but it will happen.
    The real agenda of CAIR and its ilk, is not to stop bigotry against Islam or Muslims, but to whitewash and obfuscate the truth and propagate a disinformation campaign about, yes, Islamist terrorism, Islamist persecution of religious minorities and Islamist human rights violations, all of which are done in furtherance of the ultimate goal of Islamist Supremacy.

    The real issue here is not to let the Islamist thought police like CAIR remove the arsenal of words from the English language in service of undermining the War on Terror. Words have meaning and it is critical that we accurately use them to identify our enemies. By placating CAIR’s demands, we tie one hand behind our backs in defending freedom.

    1. Thank you. I agree completely, and couldn't have said any better, myself.

    2. Personally I believe that the country is a corrupt shell of the country that was envisioned by the Founding Fathers and I don't believe that Islam or Muslims are responsible for that. It's been going on for much longer that that religion has been asserted to be the biggest block for all those residing here to arrive blissfully in the Promised Land.

      To underline that particular point listen carefully to the media talking heads, especially the Pentagon talking heads discussing the current problems in the Middle East and the state of affairs between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is described as an "ally" in the fight against Islamic terrorism. The problem is that they are four square behind Islamic terrorism—in fact they are terrorism incorporated. They spent billions exporting a violent form of Islam, officially endorsed by Saudi Arabia, bought and paid for by them and exported to every continent on the planet by them. If they are considered and "ally in the fight against terrorism" then the problem is obviously a local and internal problem. And one could even conclude that the fight against Islamic terrorism endorsed the the United States of America is one big fucking farce.

      Now go back to sleep ...

  16. Folks there needs to be a complete house cleaning at the WH the Senate,and Congress to rid our nation of these lairs and fakers.If we depend on our representatives to do the job it will never get done. Other than that, why bother voting anymore?
    Trump or Cruz is the only way out for this country! If we get a president Hillary we may as well kiss our ass’s good-bye.
    There is no voting our way out of this mess anymore.
    The democratic moonbats keep getting worse, what the difference is between a socialist moonbat and a Progressive Democrat moonbat? NONE! Hillary is all of the above.

    Fuck ’em all. screw all the Democrats because they turned Socialist completely and now the Republicans have just given them every, single, thing, they wanted.

    There is absolutely no viable opposition party left in this country. I’m anti-obama that iy’s no longer funny.

    So I say, just Fuck ’em all, let them all burn in Hell, After Obama, It’s obviously every man for himself at this point.

    1. O my liege,
      Pardon me, if you please; if n ot, I, pleased
      Not to be pardon'd, am content withal.
      Seek you to seize and gripe into your hands
      The royalties and rights of banish'd Hereford?
      Is not Gaunt dead, and doth not Hereford live?
      Was not Gaunt just, and is not Harry true?
      Did not the one deserve to have an heir?
      Is not his heir a well-deserving son?
      Take Hereford's rights away, and take from Time
      His charters and his customary rights;
      Let not to-morrow then ensue to-day;
      Be not thyself; for how art thou a king
      But by fair sequence and succession?
      Now, afore God--God forbid I say true!--
      If you do wrongfully seize Hereford's rights,
      Call in the letters patent that he hath
      By his attorneys-general to sue
      His livery, and deny his offer'd homage,
      You pluck a thousand dangers on your head,
      You lose a thousand well-disposed hearts
      And prick my tender patience, to those thoughts
      Which honour and allegiance cannot think.

      Shakespeare, "Richard II" (Act 2 Sc 1)

  17. The ONLY Differences Between Hillary and Barry Is Her Penis Is Probably Bigger.



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