Wednesday, December 16, 2015

As OBAMA Attends Climate Control Conference on Paris


Like Christians haven't killed Muslims, backed up the petro wars, ... +Beautiful Jewish woman ...

Christian Girls Being Gang Raped And Killed By Muslim Boko Haram ... Muslim Gangs Drug ...

. ... News Update 4 Christian children beheaded for rejecting ISLAM ... 12 September 2014 ...

. Sat 7 - Kids (Arabic) channel Myriam, ISIS may have weapons and ... about Islam. because I ...

As many as 350000 Christians in Syria, Iraq, and other areas of the ... ISIL, or simply IS - The ...

Muslims are the ones in these in images committing these gruesome ... Christian children ...

A Muslim man in Egypt killed his wife because she was reading the Bible ... An Egyptian ...

Christians have been persecuted since the Roman Emperor Nero fed them to ... other children ...


  1. I'm not going to visit here any more.


    1. Playing ostrich is not going to help combat evil in this world, Jersey. Do you really believe you can become immune to horror and safe from harm by just by closing your eyes and pretending evil does not exist?

      Your attitude reminds me of the ancient custom of Killing the Messenger sent to deliver Bad News to those in charge –– or persecuting children born out of wedlock, because their biological parents committed a "sin." In other words I think you're being irrational.

      It's as though you were blaming ME for these atrocities, because I dare to expose them in all their grisly horror. If you think I ENJOY this sort of thing, you couldn't be more mistaken, but it's reprehensible NOT to inform the public fully about what is REALLY going on with these vicious, utterly despicable barbarians.

      Not only that, it's just plain STUPID to take a dispassionate, legalistic view of this monstrous behavior, and sit around TALKING IT to DEATH.

      I'm sorry you want to leave us, but it's up to you. You are one of very few leftists with whom I've felt a bond of friendship, and hope for developing a better understanding between us.

      At any rate, "this too shall pass," and in the meantime, I hope you and yours have a very happy and profitable Christmas Season, and may 2016 bring us all great blessings.

    2. FT,
      Well, my friend, denial is longer than the Nile. Or whatever the metaphor or pun may be.

    3. Hooray! Pathetic dhimmi males like you make me sick, Jersey boy!

    4. Like it or not, Jersey has s much right to his opinion as you do to yours, JG, so CUT IT OUT.

      We don't go in for mindless insults around here.

    5. Fine. It's your blog. BIg Jersey comes blustering in here shooting his mouth off like some kinka tough guy, pushing everybody around, shouting us down and calling people stupid. Then you show him what reality looks like and he blubbers like a girl and says he wont come back. don't let the door hit ya, jersey!

    6. Yes, Jersey Girl, but why do you let his antics upset you so? And what makes you think you ought to try to tell me how to rub this blog?

      It would be all right if you expressed curiosity as to why I allow some things and not others, but gratuitous grousing is a waste of everyone's time including yours.

      Why aren't you more concerned, –– as you ought to be –– with the political and social implications of these admittedly gruesome images I've taken considerable pains to share?

      In other words why don't you address the TOPIC instead of complaining about the behavior of our other guests?

  2. Well, this is gratuitous and over-the-top, but I don't know what else we can do at this point. We are twisted up and bent over backwards and forwards, and the 'world leaders' dither.

    How many people know that Chaldean Christians and Yazidis testified before congress last week?

    Nobody cares. Can't find anything in American entertainment media that calls itself 'news.'

    Some are fighting to call this genocide, but thats a hard pull since the victims are Christians and the perps are Muslims.

    The Xbox generation is not equipped to clean up this mess the Baby Boomers have made...

    1. GRATUITOUS, eh? There has been nowhere near ENOUGH unfiltered coverage of the sheer VICIOUSNESS of these Islamists.

      The so-called mainstream media, which I prefer to call the ENEMEDIA for what should-be-obvious reasons, seems determined to DOWNPLAY and WHITEWASH these bastards.

      Intellectuals do entirely too much TALKING, which very frankly amounts to nothing but mental masturbation. The nature of this THREAT to CIVILIZATION is patently obvious IF one stops shilly-shallying and LOOKS straight AT it. It's far worse than the Head of Medusa, but it should stir us to ACTION not turn us to STONE.

      Just imagine, if you can, how YOU would feel if YOUR daughter were seized, held down by a group of these creatures, raped repeatedly, mutilated, and DECAPITATED before your eyes.

      Stop trying to be so God-Damned OBJECTIVE and get in touch with whatever capacity you may have for PASSION and EMPATHY. It's time to infect OUR people with enough FURY, STRENGTH of PURPOSE and RESOLVE to do whatever it takes to ANNIHILATE this SCOURGE.

      The time for playing Word Games, and treating with high-flown Philosophical Concepts and the pious preachings of Prissy Ethicists should have been OVER years ago.

      Arguing over what to CALL this ATROCITY is absurd and a complete waste of time.

      This Thing is purely EVIL and if WE are to SURVIVE, these SPAWN of the DEVIL must be EXTERMINATED –– WIPED OFF the FACE of the EARTH with all the ruthless efficiency we could possibly muster.


      "The tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure."

      ~ Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

    2. OK, I stopped by to lend some support, but you end up attacking me.

      I fought for my country, I served over there. Unfortunately, I was serving an unholy, stupid, blathering government.

      I have blogged on this, and I did not play word games, use high-flown philosophical concepts, and I was not OBJECTIVE.

      Western Hero: Ethnic Cleansing in the Middle East

    3. I'm sorry, Silver. We're all upset, and the worst thing we could do is turn on each other instead of the Enemies –– at home and abroad –– that plague us so.

      I think we agree on the seemingly mindless, limp-wristed ineffectuality and inherent deceitfulness of the ghastly alliance between the enemedia and those who purport to govern us. It seems that THEY are playing some sort of GAME designed not to unite us in hopes of advancing a worthy cause, but to PIT US AGAINST EACH OTHER, instead.

      From the tone here in the blogosphere it appears they have succeeded admirably. Instead of UNITING in OUTRAGE, DISGUST, CONTEMPT and FURY against manifest EVIL, we spend a great deal of time playing I-think-stupid games of one-upsmanship with EACH OTHER.

      "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

      "Men will lie on their backs, talking about the Fall of Man, and never make an effort to get up."

      ~ Thoreau (1817-1862)

      Needless to say none of these complaints and accusations implicit or otherwise has been meant for you, personally.

    4. PS: I must confess that I did find your assessment of this post as "gratuitous" irritating for all the reasons spelt out above, but I did not mean to attack you, personally. Disagreement is not tantamount to an attack. I'm afraid most of us have long ago forgotten that to our mutual detriment and great sorrow.

  3. Donald Trump is NOT the problem. The problem is the Republican base -- an estimated 12 to 17% of the population that dominates every news cycle and seeks to dominate American politics -- and the Republican party itself. This GOP base is comprised of closet segregationists such Jeff Sessions, evangelicals seeking a de facto theocracy, hacks and hatchet men such as Steven King, and moral cowards such as John Boehner who has enabled and legitimized the very worst elements of American politics. The GOP has been trending in this direction for decades -- inherited from the DNA of Joseph McCarthy and Richard Nixon. This lust for power over principle must be discredited at all cost. Frankly, I hope Donald Trump wins the GOP nomination -- and the party goes down in flames. It's the only way to purge nascent neo-fascists from our political life.

    1. Sgt Betty Battles, USADecember 17, 2015 at 2:06 PM

      Oh just shut the fuck up unless you got something new to say. who you votin for? One of the communists from the Democrat party?

    2. Agreed (O)CT(0)PUS. Trump is just one of the more offensive outcomes of that which you describe.

    3. Thus spake a typical perverted leftist who looks at the world with cranio-rectal vision through the wrong end of a telescope from an inside-out, upside-down, backwards position.

      Though I decline to use such vulgar parlance, I'm inclined to agree with Sgt. Betty.

      As for YOU Anonymous, Yes-Man to the Devil, I suggest you take a long walk off a short pier asap.

    4. ________ AN OCTOHEX ________

      Overbearing, brimming with conceit,
      Caustic, condescending, filled with bile,
      This self-styled judge’s mammoth self-deceit
      Overlooks the flaws that prove him vile.
      Tirelessly spoiling for a fight,
      Underrating, scorning those unlike
      Rotten Reds whom he adores on sight.
      Despicable as the predatory shrike,
      ‘Tis but his claim to erudition that saves his
      Sour soul from condign persecution.
      Smart Alecs of his ilk avoid close shaves, as
      Others of his kind shun retribution.
      Unpleasant to a fault he lives to vex
      Lavishly, so he has earned this hex.

      ~ FreeThinke };-)>

  4. SF typed in:

    I don't know what else we can do at this point.

    In my own experience, I often get this response when I show people evidence -- gory or not: "I don't want to think about it."

    The ability to be an ostrich is apparently infinite.

    1. Yes, AOW, and showing disdain for The Messenger by ignoring the message, then diverting the conversation from intelligent relevant debate to spiteful little quarrels over petty trifles is even more pronounced than playing ostrich.

      This may sound cynical or sarcastic, but it is anything but: The only thing we can and should do at this point would be to turn quietly inward and pray earnestly for guidance from Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

      In virtually abandoning Him as "a very present help in trouble," not only do we do ourselves a great disservice, we also insult Our Savior.

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  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. And Ayatollah Obama has earned the No-Balls Prize.

    2. Listen, Rat, I left your response to those worthless remarks, because i disagree with you about the president. I think he has exhibited more stubbornness and colossal effrontery in holding to his perverse agenda than any leader in living memory with the possible exception of Winston Churchill. The difference between Winnie and Obie lies in the aims and objectives they served. Churchill was a strong capable force for Good. Obama is an astonishingly potent, highly effective force for the Destructionist Agenda.

  7. The first link above, Ahmed Fathi,says that Christians have been "cleansed" from Iraq. If you are a neo-con today and supported the invasion of Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein in 2003, you probably don't need to go much further than you r mirror to get a good look at the face of evil, since it was just another step in the Greater Israel project, that was responsible for the destruction of that country and the rise of American created and financed terrorism to spread the chaos from Iraq to Libya and Syria.

    It is evident to most observers of this on going Middle East war that America's war against ISIS was successful not in destroying ISIS but rather in seeing it exposed more and more in the Western media, with the apparent effect of terrorizing the more simple minded among us. If you are hiding under your bed because 30000 to 50000 are committing acts of atrocity against individuals, then why isn't there an effective military action taken against them, at least until Russia stepped up to support the besieged and beleaguered country of Syria? Why was the American action so ineffective? Actually, not only ineffective up to that point, but more the opposite in seeing this supposed enemy become more menacing and stronger? I think the answer is obvious ...

    Are you in favor of the outright insanity today of continuing to push the world to the edge of the abyss of World War III? I suppose that would be the ultimate success story since what would be left of the world would be a more manageable number of what was once the human race.

    IMO acts of terror are useful tactics to bring about this state, and they are state false flag attacks which ar3e commonly employed especially in the wars of the 20th Century.

    1. Those ideas have occurred to me too, Waylon, as you probably know, but let us suppose that the entire mess really has been conjured up in the West by The Oligarchs.

      What do you suppose makes them think that they could continue to control the evil they've set in motion to their selfish advantage forever?

      Like the famous monster created by Dr. Frankenstein such things soon take on a life of their own, develop exponentially with alarming speed, and end by turning on the very individuals who created them in the first place.

      In a worldwide Nuclear Conflagration NO ONE would be safe anywhere on this earth from Death either by direct Incineration or corrosive, inescapable Radiation poisoning.

      What possible good could come to The Oligarchs from that? Quite literally there would be NOTHING LEFT to exploit and control –– and possibly no one who would want to try to do it.

  8. I agree that nothing good would come from a nuclear conflagration. But if an end game comes a scorched earth policy may be the last resort of the criminally demented—and the previous century shows how demented they are with respect to life of all sorts on this planet.

    If the slaves awaken from their slumber before it's too late, this could cause some disruption to the long range plans in motion for the last century at least.

    And I don't think seeking knowledge of our world is a bad thing. But most of the media today is a disinformation and distraction industry to keep perceptions murky and contradictory.

  9. So now Disneyland and other theme parks will be using metal detectors.

    Because of the threat from jihadists here on our home soil?

    Certainly that is one reason -- now that it has come out that the San Bernardino jihadists were indeed planning to open fire on a school cafeteria full of children.

    Yes, we have non-Muslim homicidal maniacs in our midst.

    But let's not kid ourselves. The jihadists have moved on to another model for their vile carnage: attacking soft targets.

    Have we all seen the news about what happened yesterday in England in a shopping mall in Lancashire? I bet not. Here's the info...Preston shopping centre bomb alert: Police say device was planted deliberately to endanger life.

    1. Sure, and incidents of this sort will be happening more and more and bound to be getting increasingly vicious, larger scale, and ever more deadly, BECAUSE ... well you are better equipped to finish that sentence than I.

      Why do you think I keep preaching DIDADIN?

      If we do NOT destroy this plague at its ROOT, and forbid any part of it –– however innocent it might appear on the surface –– we WILL be overrun, held as prisoners in our own lands and forced to submit to Jihadist Tyranny –– the Rule of the Gun, the Lash, and the Butcher's Knife, and Ritual Stoning.

      People are INSANE if they think they can IGNORE this, PLACATE it, or WISH it AWAY.


  10. from the "you cant make this shit up category"... Trump got a full throated endorsement from Vlad Putin today.Among other things Putin called Trump "smart" and an "absolute leader" So The Trumper's got the white supremacists, the neo-Nazis, the KKKers, and now the KGB Commie Big Ass on his side. WWhat's next? The Pederast Party? Why not? He's got all the swells rooting for him.

    1. It's always a great help in our Ongoing Earnest Search for Truth to see an arrogant Useful Idiot, a typical Toadying Ignoramus to the Left, strut his stuff.

      We learn a great deal more about Johnny and the perverse mentality he represents from what he says about The Donald and his supporters, than we learn about The Donald.

      KUTGW! We love it.

    2. The Dems got the homos and sexual perverts, Johnny, and the dope fiends, too, not to mention the fascist commies, so cram it up your ass.

  11. Well, the RNC is pulling out all stops to get a stooge like Rubio nominated.

    Ain't gonna happen. The inmates are thoroughly in control of the ward.

    I still say look for Cruz to be the nominee.
    But what's really the difference , one idiot is as bad as the others

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  13. Thanks for posting the ugly truth about Islamist fanaticism.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. COMMENTS must be RELEVANT to the TOPIC at HAND, unless they are unusually intelligent or particuarly interesting. Yours, Alas! was none of those things.

    2. "I am a bastard too; I love bastards: I am a bastard
      begot, bastard instructed, bastard in mind, bastard
      in valour, in every thing illegitimate. One bear will
      not bite another, and wherefore should one bastard?
      Take heed, the quarrel's most ominous to us: if the
      son of a whore fight for a whore, he tempts judgment:
      farewell, bastard.

    3. Unless you're waxing jocose, I think you're being much too hard on yourself, Thersites.

      You may call me a coward, if you like, for I do, indeed, shrink from quarreling –– mostly because I do not suffer fools gladly, and much prefer to avoid their company.

      Many, especially in the blogosphere, seem ADDICTED to endless quarreling over nettlesome issues when there is no hope of resolving the dispute. This to me makes no sense. It's too reminiscent of tossing more and more gasoline on a fire. The practice to me seems insane.

      This, of course, is why I delete so many comments.

      Why clutter the board with garbage?

    4. I've always thought of much of my writings as the chippings on the floor of in a sculpter's workshop, and not the masterpieces of the museam. But to each his own. ;)

    5. I shall sooner rail thee into wit and holiness: but,
      I think, thy horse will sooner con an oration than
      thou learn a prayer without book. Thou canst strike,
      canst thou? a red murrain o' thy jade's tricks!

    6. A single smile atop one's lips is the only recompense I seek. ;)

    7. You've had much more of that from me than you could possibly know, good fellow.

    8. Ditto... though its a bit hard to "distance" ones-self from a post like this. Perhaps a good reminder for the likes of Jersey, though. ;)



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