Monday, December 28, 2015

Beautiful, Lovable 


  1. Wolves are beautiful creatures. However, they are wild creatures and will "revert" as they mature.

    Years ago, we had friends who had a dog which was half-wolf and half-domesticated canine. They never could housebreak that dog. And the shedding? Sheesh. Nevertheless, they loved that dog-wolf, and he lived to be over 13 years old. And he was fine with the babies, too.

    On the other hand, other friends of ours had a half-coyote. When the couple had their baby, that "dog" became dangerous toward the baby -- the coyote side, I suppose.

    It is my view that wild animals should never be made into pets (exception -- the Eastern Box Turtle). God made them wild creatures for valid reasons, IMO.

  2. Beautiful and noble creatures, but as AOW says, they are still wild beasts. I am also with her that wild animals should not be kept as pets, although I am all for sanctuaries and nature preserves.

    1. Me too, and that's exactly what this post is supposed to be about.

      Since wolves can interbreed with dogs –– they LOOK just like a cross between German Shepherds and Alaskan Huskies –– I think it's safe to say the the wolf ought to be categorized as the FIRST DOG or "URHUND" from which all other breeds have probably sprung.

      I looked it up, and "new data" seems to suggest otherwise, but the capacity to INTERBREED cinches it for me.

      Apparently interbreeding between lions and tigers is also possible and between zebras, horses and donkeys, but this, apparently, does not occur in Nature. All that poses more questions than answers.

      The Doctrinaire followers of Evolutionism, which I regard as a secular religion, know (I hope!) that it is impossible to mate any of various species of apes and monkeys with human beings, despite the Evolutionist's loud insistence that we are descended from "monkeys."

      Many mysteries are yet to be solved. Many questions need to be asked and answered definitively. Many theories have yet to be proven before we could honestly say with any certainty that we truly KNOW the Origin of Our Species.

      Unfortunately Science has becomes so politicized that is is now almost militantly tendentious. That means it is no longer "SCIENCE," but strong opinion that has become a new orthodoxy. As such it promises to be just as large and fierce an enemy of human freedom and genuine human progress as Islamism, Marxism, or the Mediaeval "Christian" church.

  3. I enjoyed the post. Not from the perspective the post was presented but rather from my long held love of the wolf. Like the eagle the wolf signifies freedom and strength. Strength is lacking in many humans and freedom is a misunderstood concept by a majority today.

    Humans can be, and often are as brutal as any other species of animal on earth as we kill for power and glory or simply the sport of it. No other mammal on the planet does so; at least not that I am aware of.

    Those who deny evolution, like those who deny climate change, aka global warming, simply prefer to live with their eyes half open and half closed IMO. Which of course is fine as we still live in a free idea society. I think. Although given the conservative backlash, and often it is ferocious, to any kind of progress it may not be as free for much longer.

    We can learn much from observing the wolf and the eagle.

  4. Did anyone watch the video?

    It doesn't look as though they did.

    A pity! It's very charming, and encouraging in that all involved appear completely devoid of suspicion, resentment, cynicism, fear, and hatred.



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