Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"Whatever's popular is wrong." ~ Oscar Wilde


The Vatican Rag

First you get down on your knees,
Fiddle with your rosaries,
Bow your head with great respect,
And genuflect, genuflect, genuflect!
Do whatever steps you want, if
You have cleared them with the pontiff.
Everybody prays on
Kyrie eleison,
Doin' the Vatican Rag.
Get in line in that processional,
Step into that small confessional,
There, the guy who's got religion'll
Tell you if your sin's original.
If it is, try playin' it safer,
Drink the wine and chew the wafer,
Two, four, six, eight,
Time to transubstantiate!
So get right down upon your knees,
Fiddle with your rosaries,
Bow your head with great respect,
And genuflect, genuflect, genuflect!
Make a cross on your abdomen,
When in Rome do like a Roman,
Ave Maria,
Gee it's good to see ya,
Gettin' ecstatic an'
Sorta dramatic an'
Doin' the Vatican Rag!

~ Tom Lehrer

Pope Francis dances for me, Holy Gee!


  1. Stick it to those pontiff puffers!

  2. Every religion contains aspects which appear strange or comical to the outsider.

    "Ridicule is the first and last argument of a fool"

    1. Rheinhardt Angers RackleySeptember 23, 2015 at 12:00 PM

      Oh go blow yourself! If you can't have a sense of humor go somewhere else!

    2. Thank you, Reinhardt, had you not made such a pertinent observation, I would have deleted Dali's comment.

      Besides, it is not the POPE or his Church I ridicule so much as the vulgar, agenda-driven spectacle our precious Socialist Regime in tandem with the Enemedia is making of his vaunted visit.

      The Obama Regime is EXPLOITING the Pope's presence in our country –– a cynical, manipulative tactic I most bitterly resent.

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    4. "The Obama Regime is EXPLOITING the Pope's presence in our country –– a cynical, manipulative tactic I most bitterly resent."

      LOL! And pray do tell what strategy this tactic addresses? Some nefarious end? Or perhaps just something that tweaks your ideological nerves?


    5. The "ends" of leftists may not be INTENTIONALLY nefarious, Jersey, but in the REAL world RESULTS are ALL that COUNT.

      For instance I am pretty sure Karl Marx, the infamous ethnic-Jewish Philosopher, –– whom fellow Jews in their fervent desire to disclaim responsibility for any faults on the part of their people ––, laughably insist we regard as a LUTHERAN ––, had the best of intentions while writing his toxic materialistic prescription for the betterment of mankind.

      If Marx had known that his "teachings" would lead to the greatest amount of mass slaughter, widespread poverty, degradation and utter misery in human history, maybe he would have thought twice and stuck to the Lutheranism his father cynically adopted for purely political purposes instead of rejecting it without ever understanding what it really was.


    6. FreeThinke, Marx didn't cause anything. With or without him, great turmoils have and gone. The concept of communism goes back to antiquity. You are mistaking philosophy for history. That's not how the world works.

      And ya' know, all that hoity-toity music you like? Civilization produced that. For good or bad, depending on who you are or were, an elaborate social structure produced those great works and none would be ever heard without it. Your view of all this is simplistic, taking for granted everything anyone has ever done, and insidious, as you take a Social Darwinist philosophical approach to your thinking. And you complain about Marx? The philosopher? I'll take his understanding of things over the horrors of Social Darwinism any day.



      1. partly or nearly blind

      2. lacking in insight or understanding; obtuse

      Definition #2 applies embarrassingly well to you, old dear.

      You only see what you WANT to see. Not to worry. You're hardly alone. The disease afflicts the vast majority of human beings, which is why the world is the Stinking Mess it appears to be in all but a very few rarified enclaves.

      You're right in one sense, however, Civilization did, indeed, make it possible for great symphonies, concerti, opera and oratorios and the like to be written, but in every single case the great works of musical art were created and made available through the efforts of ONE INDIVIDUAL gifted with profound GENIUS.

      I'll turn your thesis around, Jersey.

      It has been the gradual development of Art, Music, Literature, Poetry, Drama, Architecture, Philosophy, Agriculture and Horticulture –– all created or spear-headed in the creatively gifted minds of a series of uniquely gifted INDIVIDUALS possessed of Vision and the Courage of Their Convictions that produced CIVILIZATION –– not the other way 'round.

      From the Cave Paintings in France to the discovery of The Wheel it has been ever thus.

      YES it take great masses of workmen to produce a temple, a cathedral, a library, a skyscraper, a suspension bridge, a tunnel, etc. BUT their effort would mean NOTHNG –– and would never even have been MADE –– were it not for the VISION of great architects, and engineers.

      A public edifice is, indeed, built by the labor of many men, but without the initial concept, planning and direction of ONE particular architect, or ONE engineering genius like John Roebling mankind would have produced NOTHING but mud huts and wigwams.

    8. Hyper-individualistic teenagerish nonsense. You sound like that horrible little whore Ayn Rand.


    9. Childish nonsense is believing an overweening power can make us all share the goodness equally. History shows that to be balderdash.

  3. That first picture is not funny.

    1. What makes you think I selected it to be FUNNY, Hans?

      The world was much better off wen the Pope was considered "The Prisoner of the Vatican."

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Your remark was deleted, because it was irrelevant to this post, which is about Pope Francis and the ramifications of his his "activist" approach to the papacy.

      But to answer your question: We honest Conservatives –– as opposed to RINO Establishment members of the GOP –– have held George W. Bush Bush in nearly as much contempt as we do President Obama.

      W. is a dunderhead, and his entire family is part of The Oligarchs whom I frequently condemn in these and other pages.

  5. If you repeat a lie often enough, -- in this case, that President Obama is a Muslim -- then you'll allow yourself and others to believe it's the truth. And if you really believe President Obama is a Muslim, all evidence to the contrary, you must be one of those people who call Americans "vermin" and one of those people who want to kick Americans out of their own country because of the religion they practice.

    The Nazis demonized the Jews in the 1930s, blamed them and liberals for everything that was wrong with Germany. There isn't that much difference between what the Nazis said then and what the extremist wingnuts are saying now about Muslims (and libtards). They're just too blinded by their fear, loathing, and ignorance to see it for what it is.

    1. Except in the case of the Jews it was propaganda and they were a convenient scapegoat, more conveniently at hand than the allied powers of WWI which were the ones responsible for the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic. Go ahead, research Jewish terrorism in pre-war Germany. Now I know that all Muslims aren't terrorists just as you know that the majority of terrorist acts committed these days is related to Islam. So, unless you're willing to attempt the argument that all the acts of Islamic terrorism today are either lies or the work of the CIA your false equivalency would it seems be pretty much done.

    2. There's more than one kind of terrorism, Finntann. Try INTELLECTUAL AGGRESSION and LEGAL TERRORISM.

      Not to wax trite, but The Pen really IS Mightier than the Sword.

      I'll use the vernacular at my own blog, though I roundly discourage it in others: Demonically clever hucksters and moral-intellectual-aesthetic perverts, none of whom has ever have followed and never intended to follow "our" rules or adhere to "our" mores, except to get thier foot in the door, have been fucking with our heads for more than a hundred years.

      Their peculiar brand of weaponry has been more powerful than a hundred atomic bombs.

  6. What's so special about this pope and why is Obama spending so much money honoring this religion?

    1. If you thought just a little bit, I'm sure could answer your own question more than adequately.

      HINT: With President Obama his precious MARXIST IDEOLOGY trumps every other consideration.

  7. Francis and Obama: Pope meets Dope

  8. stomp, snort, and gruntSeptember 24, 2015 at 12:20 PM

    What's so special about this pope and why is Obama spending so much money honoring this religion?

    Couldn't be because the President is a Christian and both express the virtues of tolerance. Nope.

    "The Obama Regime is EXPLOITING the Pope's presence in our country –– a cynical, manipulative tactic I most bitterly resent."

    Why? is it because the President agrees with the Pope who is merely speaking to the teachings of Christ?

    Perhaps thee Holy See is wrong? He possibly missed something during his extensive theological education and background?

    t seems the tea party/conservatives are using the Popes visit in a cynical and manipulative way, Just saying...

    1. Can you refresh us on Jesus's discourses on the environment, bloated redistributive bureaucracies and where is his 'borders are evil' sermon again?

    2. Marxian notions of Fairness and Equality have proven themselves to be a Siren Call to a nation's collective suicide.

      Christian doctrine is adamantly opposed to suicide, therefore any superficial resemblance that Marxism may seem to have with the Gospels is entirely false and misleading.

      the Pope is either a SENTIMENTALIST, an utter FOOL, a very powerful DEMON, or a Trojan Horse planted by subversive operatives who long ago inflltrated the upper echelons of the Roman Church governance..

      I prefer to think of him as the first on the list, but RESULTS are all that COUNT in the real world, so in any case it doesn't much matter what motivates this Popeopathic Pontiff.

  9. Who's not surprised that the Pope's Christ-like message today would piss off the righties in this country? They detest Christ and his socialist policies. They don't believe in helping the poor (they call them "moochers," "takers," "thugs.")

    When Jesus fed the thousands, He did not first check to see if they would be His disciples. He did not require them to come to Him for salvation. He simply filled a need by filling empty stomachs. Feeding the poor does not define the Christian; it is part of being a Christian.

    But the conservatives who've captured the GOP cut food stamps that help feed children, the elderly, and veterans. But don't tell those people they've perverted their God's message.

    The Pope's message is the same, and today's self-identified conservatives hate him for it.

    Who was it who said the biggest trick the Devil pulled off was convincing people he didn't exist? That should be changed to the biggest trick today's so-called conservative Christians pulled off is demonizing Christ's Vicar on EArth, Pope Francis --calling him a Commie for doing Christ's work.

    1. Did ya notice that Jesus didn't set up a liberty-sucking bureaucracy that shook everybody down?

      Jesus gave of his own storehouse of treasure, you commie shit-head. Now go and do likewise and stop pestering right thinking, taxpaying citizens who regularly give to charity, you dimwitted boob!

  10. The right is making themselves look petty, bitter and just plain nasty by trashing the Pope just because he disagrees with their ideology. Seriously right wing, grow up! Most people already think of you as children. With this kind of BS, you're making yourselves look like spoiled rotten juvenile delinquents. Enough already.

    1. Ed, like all mindless ideologues you fail to see that "The extremes of Left and Right meet back-to-back on a circle."

      We do our best to avoid posting BOILERPLATE –– stock, cliché-ridden talking points and babbling diatribes expressing intense dislike with no attempt to bridge gaps or find creative solutions.

      More than that we cannot hope to do, since acquiescence to philosophical and political positions we regard as destructive, and therefore wholly untenable, is impossible.

    2. Who do you think you are fooling, FreeT? No 'boilerplate'? That's all you and the other extreme righties spew constantly. You're either obfuscating or delusional if you think you're not doing exactly what you claim to be avoiding. 'mindless ideologue' perfectly describes you.

    3. You need to take a good, long, deeply-searching look in the mirror, Ed.

      This conversation is over, because I refuse to get swept into the endless exchange of insults and studied rudeness that too often characterizes what-passes-for communication in the blogosphere.

      Everything I write, personally, is composed of my own words driven by my personal perceptions ad understanding of of Reality, –– unless I quote a sage or well-knwn authority in which case I always give him or her credit.

      If you have anything to say that might add to our understanding of history and current events, we'll be glad to publish it. Snide remarks, sneering castigation along with cut-and-paste posting of prepared speeches and little set pieces don't count, unless they are uncommonly well-phrased and truly pertinent to the topic at hand.

      Your generally rude, abrasive, condemnatory tone, however, puts you dangerously close to our permanent SPAM box.

      Good day.

  11. Who's not surprised that the Pope's Christ-like message today would piss off the righties in this country? They detest Christ and his socialist policies. They don't believe in helping the poor (they call them "moochers," "takers," "thugs.")

    When Jesus fed the thousands, He did not first check to see if they would be His disciples. He did not require them to come to Him for salvation. He simply filled a need by filling empty stomachs. Feeding the poor does not define the Christian; it is part of being a Christian.

    But the conservatives who've captured the GOP cut food stamps that help feed children, the elderly, and veterans. But don't tell those people they've perverted their God's message.

    The Pope's message is the same, and today's self-identified conservatives hate him for it.

    Who was it who said the biggest trick the Devil pulled off was convincing people he didn't exist? That should be changed to the biggest trick today's so-called conservative Christians pulled off is demonizing Christ's Vicar on EArth, Pope Francis --calling him a Commie for doing Christ's work.

    1. You thought your message was so nice you had to state it twice? ;-)

      Well, at least you used a less offensive false name this time., but what Notaras said to you the first time still goes.

    2. Monsieur FreeThinke,

      Thank you, sir. I notice that the braying leftardians who have suddenly fallen in love with the pope do not give as much to charity as conservatives, none of them have even one immigrant living in their house, so they give nothing of themselves to the poor and downtrodden, yet insist government go pick everyone else's pockets to implement their suicidal agendas that reward law-breaking and sloth.

      They are demented!


      From the CBS News:

      "In the four years that Republicans have controlled the House, they have yet to try to implement their controversial cuts."

      That means they haven't done it retard, so your a liar!

      Here's more from the CBS wing of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:

      "Price is also likely to replicate Ryan's approach to cutting Medicaid and food stamps by transforming them from federal programs into wholly state-run programs that receive lump sum funding from the government."

      These liberals in the Democrap Socialist party have their heads so far up their asses they can't see and can't hear, but their big fat mouths are still sticking out.

      Hay progressive pusbag! Pull your head out and learn the difference between a cut and a transfer, and check up on whether it actually happened or not, f'in liar.

    4. Mr. Slambowski!

      In future PLEASE try to observe our rules for courtesy and good decorum when posting here. We are doing our best to RAISE standards not succumb to the vulgarity preferred by the Lowest Common Denominator –– "common" being the operant word there.

      I'm sure you can express your anger and disapproval without resorting to name-calling.

      As Lucianne Goldberg, who runs the tightest ship in the blogosphere, is fond of saying, "This is a SALON not a SALOON."


  12. What I do know about this stupid Pope is that he believes in redistribution and he sees ,as Obama does, using Climate Change as a means to do that. I really don't believe he would be talking so much about it if redistribution wasn't the end result. I do wish he would stop talking about it like it is our #1 threat though.

    He is still against gay marriage although not civil unions and abortion.

    I have to wonder though where are all the protestors with the child abuse signs? It's like everyone on the left forgave Ted Kennedy for using his money to get away with the death of Mary Jo Kopechne because he advocated for Universal Healthcare and the pope because he is advocating Climate Change. Who's nuts?
    All of a sudden liberals all in with the pope

    1. Lisa,
      Excellent point in the last paragraph of you comment.

    2. Well, Lisa, as most of us should know by now, the hypocrisy of leftist leadership knows no bounds. I prefer to see it as almost humorous rather than let myself get carried away in a tidal wave of rage over it.

      "Life is a tragedy to him who feels, but a comedy to him who thinks." I'm misquoting Horace Walpole there, but, I'm sure, but have the sense of it right.

      That statement is well worth contemplating. I've found it a great help in overcoming an urge to plunge into the depths of despair many times.

  13. A full page "ad" in yesterday's WaPo quoted Pope Francis -- his statements about taking care of the earth.

    The full-page spread ended with these words:

    "Help the Pope save the planet."

    I do believe in taking care of the earth -- God's creation -- but the way that full-page spread struck me as megalomaniacal. God made the earth remarkably resilient and self-sustaining. Neither that resilience nore the earth's ability to renew herself has anything to do with mankind.

    Besides, it won't be a matter of helping the Pope to save the planet. The Pope has called for and supports more governmental regulation.

    And get ready for the cost of energy to soar!

    As our wallets are picked bare, we can all rejoice: "We're helping the Pope to save the planet!"


    1. If that ad truly represents the Poe's thinking –– and we need always to remember how shallow, distorted, and tendentious, the work of "journalists" almost invariably turns out to be –– then the Pope believes in ever-increasing Top Down Control –– i.e. increased Centralized Power –– as the best way to save humanity from itself.

      That seems to me to be the absolute ANTITHESIS of everything Jesus Christ came to show us about achieving Salvation.

      I hate to have to say it, but from the outward signs we have been permitted to see Pope Francis –– for all his humble, amiable, avuncular demeanor and bearing –– is in league with the TYRANNISTS. I find it highly ironic and frankly amusing that most belonging to that element are ardent, unabashed atheists.

      Life at the worldly level is little but a CARNIVAL –– a long series of grotesque, perplexing, deeply disturbing Side Shows designed always to distract us from our true raison d'etre.

      And what might that be?

      To love and serve one another with as much care, generosity and selfless affection as we can muster.

      God is LOVE. He is not Force nor is He Judgment, neither is He a Punisher, despite the horrible image of Him we are given in the Old Testament.

      LOVE –– and only Love –– is the fulfilling of the Law.

      We suffer "punishment" commensurate with our failure to obey at all times the Golden Rule.

    2. Because you know WaPo wouldn't run a full page ad that read:

      Help the Pope Save Souls!

      Isn't that ostensibly his calling?

    3. FT,
      from the outward signs we have been permitted to see Pope Francis –– for all his humble, amiable, avuncular demeanor and bearing –– is in league with the TYRANNISTS

      This Pope may or may not have good intentions.

      In any case, I'm fed up to my eyeteeth with this ongoing display of Popemania in the media. Furthermore, were this Pope not in agreement with Barack Hussein Obama (climate change, rescuing the hordes of "refugees," etc.), the media wouldn't be doing all this cooing in dulcet tones.

    4. Yup, Finntann. there ain't no doubt about it.


      To that we've come thanks largely to the work of Master Manipulators like Eddie Bernays. I blame the Singular Element we in our ignorance, naiveté and stupid complacency allowed to take over Finance, Education, the Law, Entertainment, News and Information, Publishing and Merchandising.

  14. If the Pope wants to help the poor, let the Vatican lead the way.

    Open the doors, and physically take in hundreds of poor families.

    Sell those priceless works of art to private parties, and donate the money to the poor.

    Sell all the gold, and donate the profits to the poor.

    1. To be fair, AOW, Catholic Charities have been marvelously effective in doing good works. Since Pope John XXIII and Vatican II, however, nuns and priests appear to have become increasingly worldly and independent in an attempt, I believe, to keep pace with the increasing secularization of the culture and the rise of militant Self-Indulgence – Carelessness - inattention to Duty, Disrespect for Tradition, Authority, and one's Elders, etc.

      Instead of drawing people closer to the Church, these "liberal" policies seemed to have done just the opposite. Church membership has dropped alarmingly, church buildings are closing and being sold for "alternative" entirely worldly purposes. At least one in Great Britain has been turned into a NIGHTCLUB where Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll dominate the scene. For all I know they indulge in the ritual deflowering of virgins nightly on what-used-to-be the altar.

      As the Church has striven to make herself PART of the secular world, instead of adhering to her traditional role of providing refuge FROM the material world while helping the faithful do their best to rise ABOVE vanity and gross sensuality, membership in convents and monastic orders has dropped to only ONE-THIRD their pre-Vatican II levels, and American Roman Catholic churches are now forced to IMPORT priests from foreign lands, such as Poland, to serve the needs of the aging, ever-dwindling members of Catholic congregations throughout these United States.

      The Church ceases to BE special when it ceases to ACT special, and panders, instead, to the Lowest Common Denominator.

      What the vulgar populace wants to perceive as haughty, high and mighty, condescending behavior could very well be the ONLY hope they ever had of achieving the fullest possible development of their human potential.

      Politicians, priests and teachers who affect low-class, Ghetto, Country-Boy and Black Preacher accents as a way of "reaching out" to the ill-favored and unfortunate are doing them the vast DISSERVICE of making sure the Under-Privileged and Baseborn are DEPRIVED of EVERY CHANCE ever to RISE ABOVE their station.

    2. FT,
      I do know about the good that Catholic charities has done. But not every aspect of those charities is all sweetness and light because of what you stated: the Church has striven to make herself PART of the secular world. Does everything have to be politics? The Catholic Church's historical record of political involvement wrought some atrocities with which I'm sure you're familiar.

  15. If you Progressive fools cannot see the hypocrisy of MSNBC and CNN fawning all over this pope you are truly hopeless!
    It is truly amazing to suddenly see atheist, socialist, Marxist MSNBC fawning all over this new Pope, never mentioning abortion of coarse, conveniently leaving that out of all discussions, but now they have a tingle up their collective leg over a church they mocked, and vilified just a few years ago, celebrating a crucifix in a jar of urine, endless tirades about the hypocrisy of the shamed priests who molested boys. These Marxist have insulted every religion except Muslim's, the liberal Marxist mind is indeed a strange and conflicted place. Truly a mental disorder.

    This Pope is a product of his upbringing in his socialist home, choosing religion as the only option other than the military to get ahead, and being a born politician he has moved up and now as the ultimate gesture of political correctness to move the church beyond the scandals of the past century the powers in the Catholic religion have suckered you liberals in with this Marxist

  16. About this Pope's rise to the Papacy:

    ...At the launch of the book in Brussels this week, [Cardinal Danneels] said he was part of a secret club of cardinals opposed to Pope Benedict XVI.

    He called it a "mafia" club that bore the name of St. Gallen. The group wanted a drastic reform of the Church, to make it "much more modern", and for Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio to head it. The group, which also comprised Cardinal Walter Kasper and the late Jesuit Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, has been documented in Austen Ivereigh's biography of Pope Francis, The Great Reformer.

    1. Entryism is the Lefty way... cries for "democracy" are ALL for show. They don't really "mean" democracy... UNLESS it keeps them in POWER.

    2. That tactic has been known as INFILTRATION ever since I can remember, Thersites. Infiltration implies subversion. Did we really need to give it an abstruse moniker?

      I frankly detest the way "intellectuals' are forever coining new terms for old established practices. Their primary motive seems to be to make themselves appear smarter than they really are.

      Why indulge in obscurantist rhetoric when good standard English communicates so much more effectively?

    3. Because infiltration doesn't describe "how" (strategy/tactics) they take over (usurp the leadership positions). Entryism does.

  17. For all their Obama-bashing efforts, the far righties have little or no impact on how the world views people like the Obamas, the Pope, and others who do not share the far righties skewed world view. What would anyone expect from a group of people who barely know how to write in their own language and who support a consummate idiot like Trump?

    1. Apparently, you've never bothered to read anything I, SilverFiddle, Always on Watch, Mustang or the multitude of superior conservative intellectuals such as the late William F. Buckley have written. From the bigoted tone of your remark it seems you've read or listened to anyone that does not cater to your pet peeves or mirror your personal prejudices.

      Talking honestly together in a manner determined to be free of name-calling and mutual ritualized abuse might be helpful. Spreading stupid lies and exchanging insults most decidedly is not.

    2. FT: The Free Twinkies dingbat is a pure cut and paste spam job.

  18. Tatalyenta Hellenback said

    Did YOU see what FreeThinke posted at Lisa's blog about the Pope? Look at this!

    "Thank you, KID! Do you realize you are the ONLY ONE to refer to the SUBJECT of Lisa's post?

    "If I were Lisa, I might be inclined to offer you a medal. ;-)

    "Why Lisa chooses to put up with letting her blog be covered daily with an avalanche of stinking, steaming, freshly laid SHIT I can't imagine. Lisa has never struck me in any way as a COPROPHILE, but as I said above, how she runs her blog is HER business and no one else's, though I have to say every so often that I wouldn't put up with it for even one SECOND at MY place –– and neither would YOU. ;-)

    "You're right about the Caner Kids (sic). Obama can't think of any way to EXPLOIT them for his political advantage, so naturally they get the shaft. What a cold-hearted, contemptible BASTARD our First Black President is!

    "His name should be changed to OBAMUGABE just as Francis should be known from here on in as The POLITIPOPE –– or maybe even The SOCIOPOPE.

    Remember Francis the Talking Mule starring Donald O'Connor?

    "I can see a remake on the horizon. This time they'll call it

    "Francis, the Talking Ass!

    My GOD, what vicious BILGE, contemptuous disrespect and smelly self-righteous MANURE FreeThinke spreads. He ought to be silenced.

    1. My my my! What an unmannerly, uncharitable and frankly foolish diatribe! FT is one of the wittiest, most intelligent, most creative, eminently readable personalities in this corner of the blogging world. Not only that more than anyone I've read in these precincts FT tries very hard to be fair and to build bridges. He's been cordial even to some of the venomous snakes on the left only to be badly treated by bigots on both sides who want nothing more than to keep throwing rocks at each other till the end of time. FT may be more than a bit quixotic, but he's also very amusing, and his heart is always in the right place.

      -----------------------> Katharine Heartburn

  19. Pope Yes! Popeye's No! said

    I haven't paid all that much attention to the "Poperama" to which the news media is subjecting us. I've never been a Catholic, although one of my father's sisters married a Catholic and that began a whole new branch of the family. I think Francis is probably a sincere person. He looks like a favorite old uncle or nice old grandpa, but I dislike mixing religion with politics to the extent that appears to be going on this week. As has often been said, "Politics makes strange bedfellows." I find it ironic and wryly amusing that so many atheists and agnostics seem so turned on to this particular Pope because he seems supportive of so many progressive ideas and causes, but not because he is supposed to be God's closest Representative on earth. Many Catholics I know, and evangelicals as well are doing a slow burn over what-seems-to-be the Pope's clubbiness with leftists, etc. As I said ironic and wryly amusing.

  20. Ugh!

    On my morning local news just now: "The Pope has been more popular than a rock star this week."


  21. Most of the Progressive Nut Jobs here on this board, and on their own boards like the Shoe Shine Boy, and the Dumb Ass Progressive don't even believe in the existence of a God let alone believe the credibility of the Pope. Yet when he is on their side all of a sudden he is a scientific genius!

    How weak is someone when they think a false real-life persona like some one who was only a person yesterday and today is a Holy Father, gives them credibility?

    The Pope is incompetent as a expert in world matters, never mind a political or environmental leader.

    He is the same hypocrite that actually defended the terrorists back when the french magazine company was attacked.

    He is a false prophet, not even a religious expert, so the people are right to ignore the foolishness that he is spouting.

  22. Jeb Bush, also known as Brother Schlubb of the Shrub family as I would prefer to call him, says Pope Francis should not discuss climate change because the pontiff is “not a scientist.”

    Brother Schlubb is a politician, not a scientist. Crusty Christy, a Roman Catholic, says the pontiff should “stay away from politics.” Rick Sanctimoniously Stupid Santorum, also a Roman Catholic, says the pontiff should “leave science to the scientists.”

    None of these quack politicians are scientists. Yet, all share these traits in common: All are Roman Catholic who privilege themselves to speak against climate change, but think the Pope has no right to join the conversation.
    Here’s an inconvenient truth: Pope Francis holds a degree in chemistry and worked in a lab before joining the Church. The Pope, more than any of these hacks, has the education, experience and qualifications to understand climate science. Yet, here is another lame excuse by crackpot politicians to marginalize another voice.


    Neither brother Shlub "JEB" Little Ricky, or Crispy Christie should have nothing to say about de-funding Planned Parenthood, since they're not women; they should have nothing to say about cutting food stamps, since they're not poor; and they should, since the profess to be Catholics, brush up on what their Savior says about doing for the least of His flock. HINT TO JEB! Jesus gave away "free stuff" to the hungry: Fish and bread! In addition to free health care, since, IIRC, the NT says he healed the sick, and didn't charge for his services. So there's that.

    Apparently they do not like this Pope, or perhaps anyother Pope.

  23. I’m not as respectful of this Pope as The Dems would like me to be. In fact or of any other Pope for that matter. I am a former Catholic, I was raised in the church until I was 17 years old and went into total rebellion against their teachings and what to this very day I consider to be a sham of a church based on idolatry and praying to those idols.

    I remember once holding the belief that the Princes of the Catholic Church were in the business of forgiveness; that was what we were taught; the only way to forgiveness was to confess your sins to a priest and the priest would then absolve you of your sins and give you a *penance* to pay through the recitation of several prayers.
    Just don't send in a Pope to preach his socialist BS to me or format country men .
    Let the Vatican take in all those people the want other to rescue, we have more than enough problems here without those possible terrorists .
    Thanks anyway Pope, but NO thanks.

  24. A Natural Born AmericanSeptember 28, 2015 at 11:13 AM

    I know “His Holiness” (my tongue is firmly planted in cheek) is supposed to be a virgin?….I have two words for him and the SECOND is “you all!”

    My God was born of a virgin, died and rose again!
    HE is The ONE I worship!

    I care what this Pope, or any other Pope says about as much as I care what Barack Hussein says!

  25. Foreign policy?
    What foreign policy? We don't even have a foreign policy, that is a laughingstock! In order to have a foreign policy , first you have to have a policy. Right now Kerryis running around the world with James Taylor singing "You've got a friend".. Hoping that someone will be our "friend"

  26. The usual disappointing assortment of unpleasant, unhelpful negative comments.

    Don't you get tired of it, Mr. FreeThinke? Why you bother to blog is beyond me. It's a waste of time, if you ask me.

    Esther Harbeson



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