Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Our Flying Faery Fuehrer



  1. This is the sort of thing that makes thinking people shake their heads in frustration. In what universe do conservatives conceive and project such childish simplicity. We can't be the only nation sanctioning Iran. We don't do enough business with them for it to matter. Other nations, big ones, want to do business with Iran. They want Iran to liberalize just like we do, and they do not want Iran to become a nuclear power, just like we do. Obama was able to get Britain, Russia, China, Germany, and France to agree to a way to do that at least for the next decade. One would think that is an amazing feat in itself, but not to the comic-booky mind of the conservative, where Obama is just another made-up bogeyman, a boob, an evil genius, a Manchurian Candidate - pick your villain/foil.


    1. This is the sort of thing that makes powerful people shake their heads in frustration. The Israeli Air Force was perfectly willing to take Iran's nuclear options OFF the table... and KEEP THEM OFF, permanently. So why not let them?

    2. Because it is not built yet, you idiot. That's the whole point. And that gets to another pointless element of the criticism of this deal - does anyone believe Israel would refrain from taking out an Iranian nuclear weapon facility? The point, you blood hungry rabid dog of a man, is to avoid war.


    3. The Iranian nuclear development facilities aren't built yet? Who knew?

    4. The point, you blood hungry rabid dog of a man, is to avoid war.

      “After nuclear negotiations, the Zionist regime said that they will not be worried about Iran in the next 25 years,” Ayatollah Khamenei wrote. “I am telling you, first, you will not be around in 25 years’ time, and God willing, there will be no Zionist regime in 25 years. Second, during this period, the spirit of fighting, heroism and jihad will keep you worried every moment.”

      Gee, maybe we should have avoided war with Hitler, too! You're a Genius, JMJ!

    5. Jersey:

      Thousands of centrifuges spinning, but the Mullahs have no nuclear program???

      Also, you make an excellent case for the international moneyed class who take morality, human rights and everything else off the table in the pursuit of getting even richer.

      Congratulations! But we expect nothing less from a staunch supporter of Hillary, the #1 choice of plutocrats, Wall Street and global corporations.

      Congratulations! You're a naked corporate stooge wrapped in a threadbare flag of "socialist solidarity"

    6. Thersites:

      Stop worrying! Jersey's political heroes assure us those centrifuges are for peaceful, educational purposes only.

      Who are you going to trust? 7th Century throwbacks who sponsor terrorism, spew rabid hate about incinerating Israel and the US and believe nuclear holocaust of their enemies will bring back the madhi;

      Or the college lecturer and community agitator from Chicago?

    7. The Obamessiah is infallible... unlike the Pope.

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    1. Well, my my my! Yodeling Yarmulkes! An obnoxious display of unadulterated fodder for anti-Semites to toss back like a grenade. BOO!

      ...... T. Bosworth Finnan-Haddie

  3. Pete "The Prick" Panne said

    Our skinny sexy prexy as Stinkerbelle!

    WOW! I love it.

    1. Thank you for "Stinkerbelle," Pete. A stroke of genius on your part! I almost died laughing. Then, I incorporated it into the body of the post. Hope you don't mind?

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    1. Please don't forget to use STINKERBELLE in your labeling or caption. };-)>

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  8. I don’t care if you like Donald Trump or not, but there is no way in hell you can argue with the facts that he presents and the words he speaks.
    This country has become a dumping ground for years, allowing all kinds of un-documented, unchecked, monsters enter America to "escape" from their native lands! And in doing so have caused terror, crimes, breaking our laws, turning our cities into a pigs stye, and reducing our cities into conditions found in 3rd world nations. While dumbing down of our country! Does anyone remember this; The Boat People of Vietnam? Or the Criminials that Castro released from his prisons and sent here. Including all those rapists, drunken drivers, thrives, and yes even murderers! Well I do!!
    This is what we can expect once again as Obama is getting ready to let in to this country.

    1. I understand your feelings, and share many of them, sir, but some of your premises are seriously flawed. Basically, there are two kinds of illegal aliens

      –– 1. those who came here to work their butt off in honest hope of living a better life –– just as most of our grandparents and great-grandparents did in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries, and I say, God bless them!

      –– 2. those who came here solely to drop anchor babies in our midst and to get all the "bennies" that go with that foolish, infinitely corruptive, UNINTENDED privilege by the authors of the 14th Amendment, –– and even WORSE –– those who come here to rob, rape, deal in drugs, kill real Americans at random while milking and bilking the Welfare System of "social safety nets" DEMONRATS have put in place. Welfare on this scale acts a virtual LURE to ALL the Dregs of the Earth in order to buy Democrats permanent incumbency. A great wickedness no one in authority has the will or the guts to address

      Your failure to differentiate between these two kinds of illegal immigrants shows ignorance and want of good common sense, sir. It also does a great disservice to the legitimate Conservative Cause.

      Also, it is not the presence of Illegal Aliens that has "dumbed down" the country, it has been the corrosive influence of Cultural Marxism brought to these shores by powerful Jewish intellectuals with hearts filled with hate for everything most of US held dear. Their long stated aim has been to bring low and lay waste to White, Christian Capitalist ascendancy once and for all. Yet, because these elements wrested control of Entertainment, Communication and Education, We the People have been kept in the dark about this, and have frankly been brainwashed into adopting SUICIDAL policies in the names of Tolerance, Mercy, and Social Justice.

      Your children and grandchildren will NOT have the opportunities to achieve Upward Mobility our parents and grandparents had thanks to the pernicious influence CULTURAL MARXISM has brought to bear on our EDUCATIONAL System, our Self-Respect and our Sense of Values.

      How do you think SEX, DRUGS & ROCK 'n ROLL took possession of our youth in the 1960's and has never lost its powerfully deleterious influence for the past half-century?

      It was certainly NOT because a few hundred thousand poor from Central America crossed our borders –– most of them on airplanes –– to work in our fields, clean our houses, take care of our lawns and gardens, work in our chicken-processing plants, clean and maintain our office buildings, theaters, schools, hospitals, and residences.

  9. Jersey McJones is the spokesman for Low Information Voters everywhere!

    1. Possibly our Jersey sees himself as the spokesman for naive men of good will who fondly hope that it my be possible to fashion a better world without resorting to the mass murder of those who oppose us?

      As such my heart supports him, but my head tells me how foolish it is to put one's head in a lion's mouth in the mistaken belief that –– because one has shown trust and confidence in the lion's "better angels" –– he won't gnaw that foolish head right off its shoulders.

  10. Jersey McJones is the spokesman for all idiots, Jerks, douchbags, and anyothe names you can come up with for FREAKS.

    1. Please learn to speak in more measured, less vehement, less violent tones, Ray. It is very possible our Jersey sees himself as the spokesman for naive men of good will who fondly hope that it my be possible to fashion a better world without resorting to the mass murder or indefinite incarceration of those who oppose us.

      As such my heart supports him, but my head tells me how foolish it is to put one's own head in a lion's mouth in the mere hope –– or mistaken belief–– that, because one has shown trust and confidence in the lion's "better angels" –– he won't gnaw that foolish head right off its shoulders.

      Jersey confuses naive Good Will with Absolute Truth –– a faulty perception that fuels the misguided passions of most on the Left.

  11. And no, the fact that we progressive and others see the Trumpster for what he is -- vulgar, crass, thin-skinned, whining demagogue with nothing of substance to offer -- doesn't mean we're "scared" of him. That's what the Tea Party fans of Sarah Palin said when we criticized her. Where is she now?

    No, we're not afraid of the Trumpster, we're appalled that so many people are supporting this short-fingered vulgarian who promises them everything by saying nothing.

    1. Hey, Tokyo Rosie, I thought you'd been tried, convicted and shot to death at least 65 years ago, and hear you are again.

      Maybe it's a good thing, because your brand of derogatory rhetoric only exposes YOU for the fraudulent, foul-minded FIEND you are. Hey, Tokyo Rosie, I thought you'd been tried, convicted and shot to death at least 65 years ago, and hear you are again.

      Maybe it's a good thing, because your brand of derogatory rhetoric only exposes YOU for the fraudulent, foul-minded FIEND you are.

    2. Titan, you've linked to three videos that have been REMOVED by YouTube for copyright infringements.

      What made you do that?

    3. You make fun of Hillary, and even a commercial site like "Funny or Die" has to consider the legal expenses... so they take down their humour.

  12. U.S. Progressive's understand Trump is a mile-wide, inch-deep surface appeal. He insists he’s the one anti-political-correctness candidate. “He tells it like it is,” instead of offering stereotypically squishy, over-focus-grouped talking points. He sounds so fearless because he’ll say anything to anybody. Except he’s not.
    All he really is, is a bag of wind!
    He whines and complains when a debate moderator asks him pointed and perfectly within-bounds questions about things he has done or said. When that questioner is a woman, he steps down from the gutter — or wherever — and tries to bully her into silence, then denies what the world understood him to say. Disagree? Well, “stupid,” that puts you among the “slobs,” “fat pigs,” “idiots,” “dogs” or “disgusting animals.” You don’t have to like Rosie O’Donnell or Megyn Kelly to be repelled by such crassness. All you have to be is a human being with a brain and common sense.

    We’re confident such Republican voters still exist. Telling it like it is doesn’t have to mean stooping to the vulgar extremes. Someone actually running for president would know that; someone play-acting as a candidate caricature might not. Or, in Donald Trump’s case, clearly doesn’t. So all you Trump lovers, please vote for him and assure us Liberal's a victory in 2016.

    1. Keep taking, TOKYO ROSIE, –– or is it AXIS SALLY? –– I thought you'd been tried, convicted and shot to death at least 65 years ago, and here you are again.

      Maybe it's a good thing, because your serpent-like brand of hissing, sneering derogation only exposes YOU and all your rancid, vicious kind for the fraudulent, foul-minded FOOLS and FIENDS you are.

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  13. You Republican voters will never admit us liberals are right but aren't they admitting it when none of their superstars can even beat fiorino carson or trump?

    If Paul Ryan Ted Cruz, Chris Christy, Santorum, Walker, kascich, huckabee, Perry ,or Bushie, were ever good wouldn't they be beating 3 non politicians?

    Don't bother arguing it Republicans. You guys won't even admit George Bush sucked. You don't have to. Your telling me all I need to know in your primaries. If he was good Jeb would be your front runner.
    It’s time that you people go to school, and this time stay there past 3rd grade so you will actually learn something other than,
    Obama is a Muslim
    Muslims are evil
    Liberals are stupid
    The media is dishonest
    Government is bad
    Politicians are worse
    America is the best
    Israel is great
    Iran sucks
    I'm rich
    Taxes are bad
    Women are bitches
    Or maybe just on the rag that day
    Gays sucks
    Wetbacks are worse.
    And of cause, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi !
    Is this the best that you have? Your message is generalizations, immature and ignorant.

    1. “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

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    3. Gotta be a rightwing troll trying to make progressives look bad...

    4. Please, Anonymous, you should know by now we don't tolerate FILTHY LANGUAGE of that sort, even when we basically agree with the sentiments behind it.

      I might have let you get away with "bitch" because it is a legitimate part of the English language, but the C-word is strictly forbidden here as it should be everywhere.

    5. Thersites, if Ghandi was correct, doesn't that mean that the DEMOCRATS are certain to LOSE in the end, despite the weakness, flaccidity and ineptitude of their Opposition?

    6. We Retort, You DerideSeptember 16, 2015 at 4:58 PM

      "Proud Progressive" conjures an image of a grinning toddler in a diaper standing next to a wall he's just smeared his poop all over

    7. I see a miserable, dried up, post-menopausal old pussy who hasn't gotten laid in twenty years there, myself. };-)> Probably has a face that would stop clock –– or turn you to stone –– should you have the bad luck to run into her.

    8. The Democrats will lose because we will MAKE them lose.

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  14. The other evening a person asked me why I didn't like the Obama's? Specifically I was asked: "I have to ask, why do you hate the Obama's? It seems personal, not policy related. You even dissed (disrespect) their Christmas family picture."
    The truth is I do not like the Obamas, what they represent, their ideology, and I certainly do not like his policies and legislation. I' have never made a secret of my contempt for the Obamas, and I never will.. As I responded to the person who asked me the aforementioned question, I don't like them because they are committed to the fundamental change of my/our country into what can only be regarded as a Communist state.
    I don't hate them per definition, but I condemn them because they are the worst kind of racialist, they are elitist Leninists with contempt for traditional America. They display disrespect for the sanctity of the office he holds, and for those who are willing to admit same, Michelle Obama's raw contempt for white America is transpicuous. I don't like them because they comport themselves as emperor and empress. My dislike and my disrespect for the two of them goes back to the days that thet “sat in Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years and then told us that they “never” heard that “Preacher” say anything bad about America or about the Jews! Just how stupid and gulible did they think the American people are? Well maybe the progressives who kiss their rings and their behinds are that stupid and gullible, but we REAL Americans think that they were full of it then and full of it now. They sat there and listened to speeches that were full of hate for America for 20 year for heavens sake!! . Say what you like, I have the right to my opinion the same as others on this blog. The truth is that we have an egotistical, delusional president who has convinced himself that he is disliked by many Americans because he is black. And that can be no further than the truth. He is disliked because of his Socialist, and Marxist policies. And because he is sending our beloved country down the tubes.
    So no, Mr. Obama, no matter what you may think, we don’t dislike you because you’re black. And frankly that story is getting to be very old.

  15. Replies
    1. Please read my reply to you above, AOWG. Your distorted view of reality and bilious rhetoric is NO HELP to the Conservative Cause. In fact you sound for all the world like a PLANT from the Other Side sent here to make "us" look bad.

    2. Okay, that's it. You're OUT.

      Now GET OUT and STAY OUT.

      I run a tight ship, and YOU don't belong in it. We don't tolerate surly bigots with no sense of decorum here no matter WHAT "side" they claim to support.

      Now, walk the plank like a good fellow. OUT!.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. We don't tolerate Blog Gossip here, neither do we participate in ongoing blog feuds.

      If we despise a fellow blogger, we simply choose to IGNORE him, her or it. There are certain individuals who have proven themselves to be so wayward, so treacherous, so obnoxious and so totally unworthy of respect or consideration we have vowed to treat them as DEAD, because to US that is exactly what they are ––– D-E-A-D.

      We feel the same about anyone who comes here trying to EXHUME them in order to cause trouble.

      Please don't ever try to make me repeat myself again, do you understand?


    1.Obama is a Muslim - There is much evidence indicating that at the very least he is a Muslim SYMPATHIZER. Both his father and stepfather were Muslims. His mother and her family were virulent, anti-American Communists. "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree."

    2. Muslims are evil - If you don't see the grave danger in harboring these alien, backward-thinking, often violence-prone practitioners of religously sanctioned Deception bent on destroying Christendom and annihilating the Jews, you must be mentally deficient.

    3. Liberals are stupid - I would never say that. Many Marxian-Liberal-Progressive-Socialists I know, personally, are extremely intelligent, often gifted, and great company. They just happen to "know" a great many things that are simply not true, that's all. ;-)

    4.The media is dishonest - We hold this truth to be self-evident: The mainstream media is HEAVILY biased in favor of the Left, and patently unfair in its treatment of Conservative views.

    5. Government is bad - It all depends in what KIND of government. A government that wants to micromanage every detail of its citizens lives "for their own good" is WORSE than "bad," it is profoundly EVIL. "The government that governs BEST, is he government that governs LEAST."

    6. Politicians are worse - That certainly seems true of the current crop –– on BOTH sides of the aisle. I despise them all.

    7. America is the best - Oh no! "We" don't believe that –– not anymore. America WAS the best, until Marxian-Fabian-Communist-Socialist-Liberal-Progressive-Statist-TYRANNISTS got their grubby hands on the levers of power. Since then ,we've been sinking like a stone.

    8. Israel is great -The implantation of modern-day Israel in Arab Territory in MY view was a Tragic Error for all concerned –– AND I freely admit it was the result of untoward British and American interference in Middle Eastern affairs. Nevertheless, it seems significant that in sixty short years the modern-day Israelis have, despite insuperable odds against them, done more to develop their tiny little sliver of barren desert soil than the millions of surrounding Arabs have done in FIVE-THOUSAND YEARS. If that doesn't prove the Israeli's VIRTUE as a people, it certainly proves their SUPERIORITY.

    9. Iran sucks - One of those truths that must be regarded by THINKING people as self-evident.

    I'm rich - I'm sorry. I have no idea what you mean by that, and I doubt that you do either. I will say his. I am happy to say that I know when I am well off, and have the good sense to be satisfied with it. I am also very glad to have the power to use whatever surplus income I may have to give substantial material aid to those less fortunate than I. More than that we should not expected of anyone.



    11. Taxes are bad - Only those taxes not strictly necessary to ensure our defense from enemies abroad, to ensure domestic tranquillity, and to maintain our highways, bridges, tunnels and ability to render aid to the victims of natural disasters and other emergent situations of epic proportions. The rest in my view are the ruinous acts of a CORRUPT, DECEPTIVE, KLEPTOCRATIC, SELF-SERVING REGIME.

    12. Women are bitches - Wherever did you get such a notion? Only FEMINISTS and other snotty, strident, belligerent, trouble-making "activists" qualify for that derogatory appellation. Medea Benjamin for instance is not only a BITCH she is a C-Word. The same goes for the late, not-so-great Cindy Sheehan. The late Betty Friedan, the founderess of NOW was one of the nastiest women the world has ever seen next to isle Koch. I had to be in the same room with her for luncheon at Lutece, one of New York's poshest restaurants day, and a more miserable spectacle of unadulterated, completely gratuitous witchery I've never seen. I felt embarrassed to have to be in the same room with her.

    13. Or maybe just on the rag that day - Not at all. Most women who do qualify –– like l Friedan –– are long past the age when that is necessary.

    14. Gays suck - Well, of COURSE they do! They do it damned well too from all the reports I've ever heard. };-)>

    15. Wetbacks are worse. - No one I've ever known would sully his lips with the use of such a term. You must be projecting ugly thoughts from your own subconscious that you seek to hide even from your highly bigoted, hate-filled self.

    16. And of cause [sic], Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi! - As always the only response your camp can think to make there is to DISMISS and DENY that there is any significance to our Ambassador's brutal and sadistic murder –– and that of several brave American men who tried desperately to come to his aid –– at the hands of vicious savages towards whom he felt a wholly unwarranted degree of kinship and in whom he had a hopelessly naive degree of faith ––, than to DERIDE and SHOWER CONTEMPT on any who would like to see those who were in charge at the time of this terrible event held ACCOUNTABLE for their apparent UNWLLINGNESS even to TRY to come to Ambassador Stephens' aid. If they truly were UNABLE to help him, let them come forward, SAY so and tell us WHY, instead of dodging the issue by telling implausible fairy tales about some absurd amateur video's being the culprit.

    I know I am not alone in resenting such a clumsy attempt to insult my intelligence.

  19. Dorothea Dalrymple said

    Obama as Stinkerbelle!

    Oh FT, I love it. I can't stop laughing. You are really too too much.

    Woo hoo! What a gas!

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  21. In regard to these 10,000 Islamic Syrian refugees that Obama want to let into America... Maybe they’re all a bunch of really great guys that hate war and want to become Americans. Do you think that they want to come here to drink Beer, eat Apple pie and watch Baseball ! Even the Muslim Countries are refusing to take in a single Syrian Refugee, at the risk of Terrorism!

    There are millions of Americans who are sick, homeless and hungry citizens, What about them? What about a good education for American children? What about those millions of Americans that are unemployed and desperately seeking jobs so they can be the ones to support their families instead of the government and the American taxpayers footing the bill.
    We already have a huge problem With Mexican refugees, and with Muslim refugees! We are already taking care of Illegal invaders who are sneaking in to America every day, and now they are wanting you and me to take care the problems Obama created!

    AND what about our VETERANS? Many are sick and homeless; many are suffering from wounds that are not visible to an untrained eye. Many Veterans are dying; according to recent news, who can’t even get into VA Hospitals? And those who have and who may even commit suicide.

    Again I say; America First and I still have no tolerance for those that come here to replace our own.
    We can’t let a Muslim lover like Barack Hussein Obama to just open the door and allow these people to just walk in. I know, it’s a humanitarian crisis! Well we have a humanitarian crisis right here at home, right here in New York City!. And we have a Progressive Mayor who isn’t doing SQUAT about it.
    Yeah tell us again how the illegal immigration argument is only about a humanitarian crisis, and not about BREAKING the Law!



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