Monday, June 8, 2015

It’s Time Once again to 
Bash Hillahag
If you want her

You can have her

She stinks out loud to me!

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  1. From the first link:

    In early May, she published a piece in the Des Moines Register. It was uninspired. “Because this campaign isn’t going to be about me, it’s going to be about Iowans and people across our country who are ready for a better future,” she wrote.

    What a phoney baloney Hillary is!

    She is also unlikable in the extreme.

    Jeb Bush couldn't defeat her, however. Do the GOP big boys understand that?

  2. I believe that women could be a president, but it's not Madam Her Thighness Hillary Clinton. Yes, indeed, someday, happily, a woman will be president of the USA. But it will NOT be Hillary Clinton.
    The idea of electing another Clinton to the White House would show that Americans hadn't learned from the Clinton experience and wanted to feel the same pain again. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, remember? I don't think she is able to separate herself from the mainstream policy and show how she is different on most issues. In a nutshell, she'd a bad presidential candidate and she'd be a disaster as a president. So although it has been viewed as almost a given that Hillary Clinton will be the next US president. But, due to her lack of trust and likability I believe that it’s time for Hillary Clinton to retire, so that we would never have to see her ugly face again!

  3. There's only one Republican that Hillary can beat... and THAT is Jeb Bush.

    1. Thersites,
      I agree.

      But I think that the Party of Stupid will make JB the candidate.


    2. Thersites: I disagree. Why do you say that?

      Bush and Hillary are indistinguishable. Hillary wins because people want to say they voted for the first woman president.

      She and Jebby should be on the same ticket.

    3. Thersites: OK, I misread your comment. We agree.

    4. She can beat them all. There are no good options on the GOP side.


    5. She won't get the "minority" or "youth" turnout, Jersey. And THAT is why she'll lose. The (R's) will get the Independents who hate her (unless Bush in on the ballot).

    6. SF: Jeb and Hillahag are NOT indistinguishable. Jeb is MUCH prettier, AND he has a GREAT speaking voice. ;-)

      Jersey: With the exception of Jeb ANY of the Republican candidates would do a better job for the nation than Hillahag.

      My personal favorite right now would be a CARLY FIORNA –– SCOTT WALKER ticket with Fiorina at the top of the ticket.

      Jersey, you need to learn that unlike Democrats, who will unite behind ANY Democratic candidate, Republicans are deeply divided among themselves, and do not function as one party at all.

      In my opinion the GOP Establishment STINKS OUT LOUD. If the GOP runs JEB, I will probably sit it out, and let Her Heinous win by default.

      Jeb is better lookng and a MUCH better speak than Hillahag, but ideologically they are abut the same.

      We must stop thinking Left- v. Right and start thinking about the relative merit of various IDEAS.

  4. Good riddance to her, hope they put Her and Bill inthe same prison cell, that would be enough puninishment for both of them..

  5. Time for Fauxahontas to step up to the plate.

  6. I'm putting my money on Marco Rubio

  7. We don't need anymore Clintons in office enough is enough!!! Please Shut the Barn Door!

  8. The United States of America deserves to be a nation of class, worthy of leading by example.. Having Hillary Clinton as our leader is not the way to achieve that.
    The only thing that she will win is the "Biggest Loser"
    Thank you, America, for FINALLY WAKING UP! And Never forget BENGAZI

  9. Hillary Clinton is the apotheosis of the good ol' boy corrupt crony political establishment.

    We need a clean break. She will drag us backwards.

    Look at Obama: After all the hoopla and hopium smoke, all he's really done is continued Bush's policies while breaking a lot of crockery overseas.

  10. Replies
    1. Both have permanent bad hair days?

      The male equivalent of a frump
      Surely must be Donald Trump.

      His hairdo always makes me frown
      He's just a self-promoting clown.

      I don't think we should move with haste
      To back this icon of bad taste.

  11. It's not so much a question of wanting Hillary personally, but given the political realities in America today, the choice, the only choice, will be a Republican and that just seems unacceptable to me. I would much, much rather have Hillary than another Republican in the White House. There will be so many Americans who are thinking like me in this election, Hillary will win handily.


  12. stomp, snort, and gruntJune 8, 2015 at 11:14 AM

    Hearing crickets working overtime!

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. ........................ . . . . ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!Clintoons und Trannies make Loofah Angry!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hitlary a flabby bag of cow dung, bat guano and pidgeon droppings!

    She a witch devil! She is reincarnation of Mussolini!!!

    Hildabag is old hag who no care people die.

    Hildahag a new Imelda Marcos

  15. My Granny was a Tranny said

    Now don't you see that both Caitlyn Jenner and Christine Jorgensen are much more womanly and much more attractive than Hillary?

    Hill O'Swill looks more like that old drag queen Divine than any real woman I know.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. That was not Ema Nymton. Ema hasn't been seen in months. The real Ema may be disagreeable at times, but she is not moronic. There have been times –– very few to be sure –– when Ema and I have shown each other mutual respect.

      Whoever you were you were not Ema.

    2. Please don't give that POS so much credit!

  17. Lets face it, Hillary is not the Hillary of when she was 30 years old. Hillary is a megalomaniacal lesbian (who wishes she had a penis) She moved to New York with Bill because that’s where the power is and Wall Street but her militarism is absolutely shocking,
    Now lets see if the rest of the democrats have a backbone, and drop this Skunk like a Hot Potato.

  18. Are gays and gay marriage the most important issue in the USA today?

    Well if you ask the progressive imbeciles, on the progressive boards you would think so!
    Come on people. We have some real problems in this country
    With a 18 trillion in debt
    half the country on some form of govt handout
    deficit spending every year
    no confidence in congress or the president
    the mid east burning
    radical islam killing thousands because or religion
    more americans in poverty than ever before
    hundreds of trillions in unfunded liabilities
    racial violence in our cities, and a president that don't give a crap about any of it.
    And yet these freaks spend hours arguing about gay marriage, and gays in the military???? WTF is wrong with us?

  19. That cockamamie lie about the video didn't hold water for a second. It was obvious she lied from the beginning.

    Hillary Clinton’s Top Aides Knew from First Minutes that Benghazi Was a Terrorist Attack..

    The video lie may have sounded plausible to her depending on how drunk she was the night of September 11th but pretty embarrassing once she sobered up on September 12th.

    She won't be able to shake these released emails. She and her minions will only be able to deflect, lie and site the fake war on women. And she'll still be toast.

  20. My reaction is that we can be thankful that young people have finally woke up and go this lying sack of crap of thier system.

  21. With another shoe dropping in the Hillary Clinton scandal nearly every day, America is witnessing an unprecedented spectacle. Never in modern times has a presidential candidate been so tarnished — and yet also so popular.

    Oops, there was one other time. Actually, two. Those were the times when Bill Clinton ran for president.

    Like her husband, Hillary’s a human Rorschach test. He captured the White House twice without ever winning a majority of the popular vote, and polls paint an eerily similar challenge for her.

    Half the country thinks she is fundamentally dishonest and untrustworthy. The other half is ready to make her president. One recent survey showed her beating each leading Republican rival head-to-head, but never getting to 50 percent.
    The here-we-go-again feeling is so distressing that, in addition to worrying about the future, I find myself second-guessing the past. I wonder whether we would be better off if Bill Clinton had been thrown out over Monicagate.

    Along with most of the country, I thought the Senate made the right decision in 1999 not to convict him on the House charges of impeachment. I believed a constitutional crisis wasn’t worth the candle, and that the long drama involving Lewinsky, her blue dress, the cigar and the impeachment charges were punishment enough.

    Now I’m not so sure. Despite Bill’s apologies at the time, the couple clearly saw his escape as vindication. In hindsight, the experience might have convinced the Clintons that they are bulletproof.

    To recap the lowlights, the president of the United States had sex with a young intern in the Oval Office, lied about it to the public and a grand jury — and basically got away with it.

    Would conviction have served as a cleansing agent for American public life? Would we even be talking about a President Hillary if President Bill had been perp-walked out of the White House?

    The questions matter because history could be repeating itself. Once again, a Clinton running for president is loved for her politics and hated for her ethical depravity in nearly equal measure.

    Remember, too, that neither of them ever gave up the grifter habit. On the way out the White House door, they grabbed goodies like thieves in the night.
    The continuing revelations about their foundation, then, amount to much more of the same old, same old. Serving as a tax-free slush fund and a holding pen for their cronies, the sleazy doings add another black mark against her tenure as secretary of state.

    The overlap of oligarchs, companies and foreign governments that got help while also contributing millions to the foundation and paying one or both Clintons ungodly sums for personal appearances smells to high heaven. Naturally, they’ll turn to many of the same people to fund her campaign.

    All this on top of her use of a private email server, apparently without regard to federal
    rules or cybersecurity. In her first public admission, she lied several times that we know of, including about how many electronic devices and email addresses she used.

    Then there are those tens of thousands of messages she deleted before giving the government the rest, asserting the ones she erased were all about yoga classes and Chelsea’s wedding.

    What, you don’t believe her? Then prove her wrong. Of course, you can’t, because she wiped the server “clean,” according to her lawyer.


  22. It has been 14 months since our Ambassador and the other 3 Americans were murdered in Libya. It was on September 11, 2012, to be exact,

    In 2001, within 4 weeks post-9-11 we were already bombing Afghanistan, because as George Bush said, he was going to bringing al-Qaeda to justice. Because we knew who it was and we wanted to act and quickly. As it sshould have been and as it was.

    This Administration watched the terrorist attack unfold in REAL TIME and did NOTHING. There is video-tape and audio-tape that is being suppressed by this Administration & worse, the Press is ignoring it. Let that sink in: the American Press corps is ignoring this story of National Security importance. With in 3 days after Obama and his stooge Hillary Clinton was out their trying their best to shift the blame to a Video Tape rather than face the truth. And Obama stood there and said, “WE WILL BRING THE ONE(S) RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS TO JUSTICE”

    You can call it whatever you want to but, four Americans were butchered & nobody has been held accountable, that can not be disputed.

    We are STILL waiting Mr. President. I’m hearing Crickets Chirping.

  23. Its totally understandable why Bill has been out chasing pussy for 40 years...I mean imagine waking up and seeing that hag lying there.

    1. The WH, ca. '95:

      Advisor to Bill: 'Mr President: there's a problem abroad!'

      Bill: ' A broad? A broad?! Let's go!'


  24. Bambams Derangement Syndrome + Clintooon spouse Derangement Syndrome + Shrub Jr Derangement Syndrome = (Bambams + Clintooon spouse + Shrub Jr) Derangement Syndrome = Ridiculous, non-classy mess that Big Corp just luuurrves!

    People of The Fine Republic of the US of A: when that Election Circus comes near you, go on General Strike and leave those ballot boxes countable by a blind man with three fingers (with two in the general direction of the Heavens!).

    Down with Crony Capitalism! Down with the Plutocrats! Long Live You the People!




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