Thursday, June 11, 2015


characterized by undue concern for trivialities, 
especially in a snall-minded, spiteful way

showing excessive concern 
with trivial matters or minor details, 

of a narrow-minded, mean, or small-natured 
disposition or character

marked by or reflective 
of narrow interests and sympathies

~ § ~


  1. Would Megyn Kelly asking Ben Carson about his connection to Mannatech during the upcoming debates constitute, petty?

    1. What a brilliant rebuttal!

      You people do it too, so nyah!

      The New York Times is stuffed with dried-up, crabby old socialists who dream of the second coming of Eugene Debs.

    2. Your entire approach to political discourse is quintessentially petty, Ducky. If ever there was a nattering nabob of negativism surely it must be you.

      I would agree, however, that those of us who oppose your Marxian views may be doing ourselves a disservice to adopt the scurrilous tactics long employed by those of your ilk.

      For one thing "our" side doesn't begin to "do nasty" well enough to compete with yours.

      For another, as my mother would say, "Two wrongs don't make a right."

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    1. I'm sorry to have to say the link doesn't work, AOW.

    2. YES! Much better, Thank you, AOW. Too bad Marco Rubio's letter was scanned and posted as "a piece of art," and cannot, therefore, be copied and pasted here. His answers to the absurd, mean-spirited accusations from that most biased of filthy leftist rags were heartening, and ought to be published and republished everywhere possible. No because they were "brilliant," but because they are honest, sensible, unemotional and decent.

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    1. A comment to Mark Seyn's video exposing the hidden story from 2001 of Hillary's chauffeur driving through a checkpoint barrier at 35 mph injuring a police officer in the process sums it up nicely:

      "If a video could surfaced showing Hillary enjoying an appetizer of roast puppy followed by a main course of sautéed infant, the ... mainstream media would write glowing accounts of her elevated culinary tastes."

    How about the campaign to discredit Marco Rubio, because he owns a $80,000. boat?
    Because he has been on a crusade to kill Obamacare?
    First of all, a $80,000. boat is considered to be a small inexpensive boat, and secondly, SO WHAT? It’s his money, he didn’t steal it from anyone! And it’s a Fishing Boat for heavens sake!
    Did these pathetic Progressives complain about Al Gore’s fleet of Exotic Cars, and private Airplanes? Or John Kerry’s Multi Million dollar homes?
    I don’t think so!
    But this is what these DIRT-BAG, BOTTOM-FEEDING SNAKES, PROGRESSIVES do when they are afraid of a Opposing, Winning Candidate.. And Marco Rubio Scares The Hell Out of The Liberals….Marco Rubio has become a major target for the Democrats to destroy.
    You can always tell when the left is afraid about a person or a policy, they start demonizing the policy or person, and thats why they have already started with Marco Rubio's “$80,000. Fishing Boat”.

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  5. Anyone who drives these liberals nuts, is OK in my book. And that’s exactly what Marco Rubio does to these Bedwetting Liberals . Marco Rubio has become a rising star in the American conservative movement, and he scares the crap out of the “Progressive” movement. So they are going to work on digging up as much dirt on him as they can. The problem is, there isn’t any “dirt” to be found. So they come up with this Cockamamy BS about his owning a $80,000. Fishing Boat! Big Deal! So What? Isn’t he allowed to spend his own money on a modest Fishing Boat! This boat is far from the "luxury speedboat" that they are making it out to be.
    Marco Rubio in my personal opinion is an American hero. He did not come to Washington to be changed he came to change Washington. We need more people like him. I believe if we get these comfy cozy traitors who have so far defied the will of the American people. We will be a lot better off than we started. We need more people that will speak their minds and not be afraid to speak out on the issues that matter. The fact is this health care law is a disaster already you can see in the news it is slowly crumbling. I for one feel it is in the best interest of the American people to reject this law fully. I will tell you though the one to blame for most of this happening is not necessarily Obama can you believe this I’m actually saying that this health care law is not all Obama’s fault. Why do I say this because the blame solely goes now to Chief Justice John Roberts. Yes folks! That’s right Chief Justice John Roberts is the one that said America to the wolves. The man should be ashamed of himself for siding with liberal America. He was not thinking about the best interest for America when he made this decision.
    And getting back to this Cockamamy BS about Rubio owning a $80,000. Fishing Boat! This so-called "extravagant purchase" described by the NY Times as a splurge, was made by Rubio after his receiving an $800,000 advance on a book. And many people in Florida who make far less than he does have boats similar to that or even larger and even more expensive ones. So i suggest that these Douche-bags, go Fishing somewhere else.. This is a total non-issue! Maybe a $80,000 fishing boat might seem extravagant to someone living in Iowa, but it's anything but extravagant in Miami!

    You want to dig up dirt? Try Hillary Clinton's involvement in Benghazi!
    Try when Bill Clinton and Hillary used the Internal Revenue Service to harass political enemies. When he targeted Conservative groups, such as the National Rifle Association!
    And how about when the Clinton’s hired private investigators to dig up dirt on their enemies such as Juanita Broaddrick, the woman who was allegedly raped by Bill Clinton, and threaten them.
    Or when the Clinton’s illegally obtained FBI files on adversaries and to discredit those women who were charging President Clinton with sexual misconduct!
    Or how about Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, who has been with Clinton for 20 years, had and still has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist group that has as its goal the complete destruction of Western civilization. And Abedin’s parents are connected with Al Qaeda fronts!! How about that one!
    And I’m not even going to mention that Hillary’s email system was apparently not encrypted and unsecured for months. Consequently, national secrets were easily accessible to enemies of the United States. Or the fact that the Long employed White House Travel office were fired and replaced by Clinton friends and Bill Clinton’s 25-year-old cousin was made the office director.
    How about them apples?

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  6. As for Hillary, every time I think she can't be more corrupt or obviously lying I point it out to my wife and tell her that Hillary can't possibly win with the record of corruption, lies and treachery. My wife lost hope for our country in the last election. She points out that any country that could elect The Emperor Obama twice has already lost it's collective soul.

  7. Conservative and ProudJune 11, 2015 at 10:57 AM

    Hillary only believes in money, and power and in that order. Her corruption and her lying are transparent, just like her Husband... Why else would she spent a decade sabotaging her campaign to earn tens of millions of dollars?
    And she still thinks she is entitled to the White House even though her moment has passed and she has lost the drive, the energy and the health to campaign for it.
    Walker/Rubio in 2016

  8. President Barack Obama is ready to send several hundreds more of Americans to Iraqi to help devise a “counterattack” against ISIS it was said yesterday.
    We have had more losses because 1) Obama was elected on a promise to end the conflict in Iraq and 2) reelected by pulling out troops to the point that the remaining Iraqi troops.
    This is exactly how we lost the war in Vietnam, and we about to repeat it again. . There was a time when Americans were able to destroy their enemies on the battlefield in a matter of days. But that was way back when we fought a war to win it. . Starting back in the war with Korea, we forgot how to do that and we forgot that the purpose of getting into a war in the first place was to win it. And that’s how wars are won. We have the arms, the technology, the manpower and everything else needed. But the one thing that we don’t have is the leader with the will to win! And until we do, we will never win another war, so whats the good of getting into any, if that the way we are going to fight?
    All we are getting are thousands of Brave Americans coming home without arms or legs or both, and frankly, I’m disgusted with that!
    The US has accused Iraqi forces of showing “no will to fight. We cannot continue to arm the Tailban and ISIS thru Iraq, with our arms and equipment! ....they just walk away and leave all the equipment there for the enemy to pick up and use against us....
    It’s shameful and embarrassing, and time to bring our Troops home.

  9. We need to listen to and read Ann Coulter's books. Her latest “ Adios, America” Is a winner, she says it like it is.
    She says, “ I want America to be the 1st world, not the 3rd world”.The problem is our fraud ‘president’ wants America to be a third world country and he’s been quite successful at attaining that goal.

  10. stomp, snort, and gruntJune 11, 2015 at 1:28 PM

    Shaking head.

    Looking for significant answers to real problems.

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