Saturday, August 2, 2014

_________ DIAGNOSIS _________

Stopping Racism is today believed
No harm, but only good could ever do ––
Of Paramount Importance. –– We’ve deceived
Innumerable millions, brought them to
The point where kicking over all the traces
A counterfeit Altruism now prevails:
Zig zags must be viewed as straight, so races
Ill-informed may proudly fill their sails ––
Reject all hope of Mental Elevation ––
Enjoy, instead, White Perquisites unearned ––
Given  –– by “The Rich,” whose education,
Goading them to see all Privilege spurned,
Informed them they should not be what they are.
Now, Prehistoric Depths loom not so far.

~ FreeThinke - 7/30/14


  1. FT,
    A counterfeit Altruism now prevails

    Disguised under various banners and "labels."

    Can't wait to see what kinds of comments this bit of verse garners!

  2. We shall see what we shall see, AOW. I have pretty much given up hope that anyone will see anything beyond what Cultural Marxism has conditioned them to imagine they see.

    We reached the point long ago where we've come to believe Up is Down, Dark is Light, Good is Bad, Truth is Falsehood, Black is White, Morality is Immoral, Excellence is Evil, High Culture and High Achievement are Snobbish, Racist and Morally Untenable, and Envy, Spite, Malice, and the Lust for Revenge are regarded as Virtuous.

    This is what I see, but I pray most earnestly every day that someone will be able to prove me wrong.

  3. No one will be able to prove you wrong, FT, because you are not wrong. What you see, many others, including myself, have seen for a long time. Most, however, are too timid to articulate it. Those few who do deeply offend the orthodox beliefs of our time. Like all heretics in ages past those who question ideas enshrined in orthodoxy are likely to suffer ostracism at best or gruesome torture and execution at worst. Jesus Christ is the handiest and best example of that. What was His crime? He dared to speak "truth to power."

    ----------> Katharine Heartburn

  4. What ever happened with Bozo's Loko Harem over in Africa anyway?

    Wasn't Obama supposed to go get those girls back like Michelle demanded?

    What happened? Did their twitter campaign fail?


    (Excuse me, my wife just updated me.)

    The good leftwing progressives abandoned those poor little African girls and are now on to exploiting the children at the southern border. They have more propaganda value.

  5. Hello, Fred,

    Yes. One of the saddest open secrets is that black people in prominent positions both here and in Africa generally do a very poor job of looking out for one another. Instead, they shamelessly board the Gravy Train and look out for Number One in ways hypocritical and cruelly self-indulgent.

    We should never forget that it was BLACKS who sold OTHER blacks into SLAVERY -- not that that excuses "OUR" exploitation of their lack of cultural and intellectual advancement which led to a belief in their basic inferiority.

    It's been a bad Job all the way 'round that's prodiced a hideous legacy for all concerned.

    However, there can be little doubt in coldly objective terms that being "free" in Sub-Saharan Africa was every bit as bad -- and probably worse -- than being a slave in North America.

    irpnic, isn't it?

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  7. Another installment in your crusade against political correctness?

  8. Why is it that liberals and progressives always side with the terrorists? Why are they always against the First Amendment?

    Why do they always want to shut up their opponents?

    Why do Progressives, liberals, love Islam more than their fellow Americans?

  9. Because they're far FAR away from them. It's our "proximity" to them that liberals hate.

    Nothing contributes to "critical distance" like REAL physical distance.

  10. Yes, Thersites, Marxian-Communist-Fabian-Socialist-Progressive-Liberal-Democratic-Statists proceed on theories dreamt up by "intellectuals" virtually all of whom qualify as anti-social malcontents eager to pervert established values and destroy established norms. They promote what-I-call Hate-Based, Initiatives stemming from their perverse, iconoclastic, generally hideous, frankly demented worldview.

    As a corny old, quasi-religious song popular in my early teen years intoned: "To know know know him is to love love love Him, and I do, and I do, and I do." (;-o

    The reverse is probably a great deal truer when it comes to groups and practices generally regarded as "undesirable."

    Once you know know, know, them, you loathe, loathe, loathe them.

    Nasty? Yes, of course, but it's also very nasty, indeed, to have people who appear desperately unattractive with whom you have nothing in common shoved down your throat and up your fundament by intrusive, coercive, official government edicts that change the character of your life, harm the quality of education in your children's schools, scorn your traditions, insult your intelligence, subvert your values, undermine your parental authority, and devalue or totally wipe out your savings and for WHAT?

    In the real world results are all that matter, and the results of a hundred years of creeping-now-galloping socialism are frankly horrific.

  11. "However, there can be little doubt in coldly objective terms that being "free" in Sub-Saharan Africa was every bit as bad -- and probably worse -- than being a slave in North America."

    Interesting thought -- what do you base this on? I recently read "12 years a slave" and I'm surfing right now. So far I don't think the accounts are consistent with your evaluation, but I'm very unaware of African history in the 17th century, so any references you have would be welcome.

  12. You should read some of the works of Sir Richard Francis Burton.... we can probably ASSume that Africa remained largely unchanged between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries.

  13. ps - Enjoy!

    pps - 12 years a slave was written in the nineteenth century as well.

  14. Thank you, Thersites

    "Slavery in Africa has not only existed throughout the continent for many centuries, but continues in the current day. Systems of servitude and slavery were common in parts of the continent, as they were in much of the ancient world. ,,,"

    After that the article lapses into the region of TMI. All that detail becomes downright confounding - stupefying in fact. <):-c

    I skimmed it dutifully, however, and despite the PC assertions that AFRICAN slave masters were KINDER to "their" slaves than "we" were to "ours" until the Slave Trade with Europe and the Americas began in earnest, [if I get the inference correctly], it failed dispel my impression that life in The Dark Continent was absolute HELL for the majority of its benighted generally pathetic inhabitants, and remains so today.



    To Robert Mugabe, et al.

    When'er the Brits are driven away
    Black tyrants often come to prey.

    When White Men let their burden down
    Savages will take the crown

    Place it on their nappy heads
    Throw themselves in with the Reds

    Rule their folk with iron hand
    Wreaking havoc o'er the land.

    When blacks rule blacks, no one is free
    Their nature turns to tyranny.

    How much blood might have been saved
    If they'd stayed happily enslaved!

    ~ FreeThinke

  16. But how did you acquire your impression?

  17. I admire your sense of good taste and culture. And I'm looking forward to be reading this blog in the future.

  18. Interesting comment by William O'Malley. I was fascinated by his blog site and wondered why he changed his name from John W. O'Malley to William O'Malley.

    If it was to protect his identity, then why did he post his photo on the blog and here.

    William O'Malley is, actually, according to THIS, John W. O'Malley.

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  19. Just an old sweet loverAugust 3, 2014 at 4:34 PM

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  20. Why hello, Miss Shaw. What a surprise it is to see you! I thought you were at a writer's conference in Vermont -- or would it be that family wedding on the rockbound coast of Maine?

    In any event I can't think why you'd care who's who here in this shadowland of fantasy, dreams, nightmares, rebukes, retorts, homilies, admonitions, rebarbative expression, hyper-judgmenalism and outrageous displays of rudeness, bad taste, withering scorn, backbiting and once in a while an example or two of consummate erudition and fine literary and musical art.

    For all I know some of these people could in real life be the president of Chase Manhattan Bank, Andrew Sullivan, the ghost of Margaret Chase Smith, Xaveria Hollander, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, P. Diddy Coombs, Bill Bennett, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Seymour Hersch, Whoopi Goldberg, Rudy Giliani, Pope Francis, or even the fabled Mrs. Grundy, herself.

    I honestly don't care.

    I am here to wage a One Man War Against Political Correctness, Bad Grammar, Vile Style, and to provoke sincere, heartfelt commentary on issues deemed too "sensitive" to discuss openly and thoughtfully in "polite society."

    I am also here to provide music I think worth hearing for any number of reasons, to share poetry, to present an occasional online movie I think worthwhile, to share family recipes, and wry good humor, burlesque, buffoonery, barbed wit, savage satire, and above all to foster WONDER and CURIOSITY.

    That I am sorely disappointed most of the time in the responses I get doesn't daunt me one whit.

    As I said at your place, I envy your being able to enjoy the unique beauty of summer in New England firsthand. Alas! I can do that now only in the realm of memory.

  21. Why not grace is with an example of your own fine poetry, Miss Shaw? I have come to regard oblique commentary in the form of artistic expression that synthesizes a point of view and presents it with subtle eloquence as more valuable than the bromides and broadsides and endless clichés comprising what passes for political discourse today.

    Join the Anti-Duncfication Movement. Membership is free, and there are no dues or maintenance costs. The only requirement is that we drop denigration of those with whom we disagree no matter how deeply or acutely.

  22. Isn't it high time we stopped letting ourselves be DUMBED DOWN, and worked to get SMARTENED UP, instead?

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  24. And Mr. O'Malley, or Father O'Malley -- or whoever you may be, you are welcome here as long as you express yourself with sincerity. And if rank disguise be your game, as Miss Shaw seems to suggest, you are still welcome here. We don't mind "game players" or would-be Thespians as long as they have something interesting to say, and present themselves with wit and good style.

    We do our best to discourage sneering, but find we must put up with it now and then.

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  26. Oh, we sneer plenty, FT. It's only the subject/ object of the sneer that differs.

  27. ___ To a Room Mate from a Hospital Bed ___

    You’re born to fit the mold; for this you think
    The Lord has made you righteous, fine, “the best.”
    In quiet dignity you watch the rink
    Of life; cheer for your kind –– deride the rest.

    And yet, your way of life shines like the morn.
    Those who cannot join must yearn in pain ––
    Anger for the strong who fight with scorn ––
    Weeping for the weak who dream in strain.

    Anguish for us all, because we hate
    Anything that questions what we are.
    All we know is what we’re taught by Fate
    Keeping us suspicious, wary far

    From joining in the glowing Christian Feast ––
    As distant as the West is from the East.

    ~ FreeThinke

  28. Christina Wethersfield said

    Don't you see the sadness, the childlike appeal for mercy and understanding in those eyes? He wants to look frightening, but it's only a defense mechanism. He's really just a frightened, disillusioned child, himself. If I could, I would take him home and love him.

    And why do you mock native Africans? Don't you think they have a right to express themselves as freely as you do?

    Do you advocate treating people who look primitive to you the way the colonists treated Native Americans? Do you support the horrible injustices ignorant people of English and European descent did to innocent victims who were just minding their own business till the white men came and ruined their lives?

  29. And Lenin was always seen as a man that loved cats and children, not as a man that led massive killings. The killings were done as a duty, his heart was not there....

    Poor Samir...



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