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  1. Michael Brown could have been a son , or an older brother who played with his little siblings, of the president of these United States. Just as Trayvor martin “could have”.But instead, he took to the streets where he made a lifetime of stealing and manhandling, store clerks. His bad decision or decisions made him who he turned out to be. After all Michael Brown was black, and Blacks are born with 2 strikes against them already. And he was only human and human beings often make bad decisions.

    I understand the negativity of stereotyping, but the fact are facts and these are the facts. OLD RICH WHITE REPUBLICAN PEOPLE may tell you differently, but these ARE the facts.
    I don't care that he smoked pot, face it, over half of the young people in America smoke pots these days, should we shoot them all down in the streets? I think not.
    Let us not forget that the police are required to follow the law themselves.

    The White community can put every spin that they can think of to try to justify the killing of that young man, but they are not probably think Black America is blind to the truth here. we are not a community of useless, free- grabbing, degenerates, and crazy people who need to get a job, a life, and quit tugging, attacking, looting and shooting people. We are for the most part just like you. And the actions of the devil, ( Officer Darren Wilson ) will NOT be rewarded by God.

    1. Wow EzzZee, just wow!!! So frigging profound dude.

  2. As does Ezze and our friend RN. Did I say "our friend"?

    Must have been a typing error .

  3. EzzZee is busy copying and pasting that comment all over the blogs. In fact, "he" did so at my blog earlier today.

  4. BHO is his relevance. The American Legion clearly sees him for what he is: the linchpin for dismantling America.

  5. FreeThinke, America is changing in ways many, especially the older folks, don't approve of. In many respects there are many who feel the country is headed in the wrong direction, for one reason or another. It is impossible to satisfy or make everyone happy. That is where the fine art of compromise and statesmanship are valuable.

    As to the "Dismantling of America", hardly. Our founders gave us a republic, a government of laws guided by the framework of our Constitution and with the flexibility to adapt to change as the people through their representatives deemed neccessary.

    Are system is not working as designed not because of the system itself or the president. It is not working because we the people have allowed, and in many ways encouraged our current dysfunctional situation at the national level.

    IMO we need a functioning multi party system at this point in our history given our diverse population. And, we must have serious and sincerely concerned individuals governing. I mean the type who put the country ahead of party and politics.

    1. Our, not are.

      And Frank Gordon, as long as you view those with differing opinions as not friends or enemies you will forever be part of the problem.

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  6. My comment should read "BHO is losing his relevance."...

  7. On that AOW you are correct. Of course to lose relevance he would have had to have relevance to start with. Many from the get go in 2008 believed he did not. Do you, and if so how so?

  8. Fashions come and go, but the underlying Principles which constitute the Bedrock of Being remain constant throughout Eternity.

    Whenever we desert those principles in favor expedient solutions or "new," seductive-but-meretricious notions that attempt to deny or defy those Principles, violence, misery, chaos, rampant disease and grinding poverty ensue without fail.

  9. Quibbling over petty trifles may be easier than facing facts, but it's almost always a waste of time.


    By the way, there's no need to correct your typos.

    If I did that, these pages would be filled with "Errata" and "Corrigenda."

    Mos of us are reasonably intelligent, and therefore capable of understanding what you "really" meant. And we know full well that you are not illiterate.

    SO, if you really want to correct a statement,why not COPY then DELETE it, then CORRECT it, and REPOST it? It makes for a much neater presentation.

    Perhaps I ought to follow my own advice more often than I do, but I have great faith in YOUR powers of comprehension. I hope it has not been misplaced? ;-)


  10. Our founders gave us a republic, a government of laws guided by the framework of our Constitution and with the flexibility to adapt to change as the people through their representatives deemed neccessary.

    And the Democrats and Progressives gave us the UN as an end-around the Constitution and the ability of Americans to control their own destiny.

  11. ...thereby doubling the rapidity with which to destroy the country as founded, attacking it both from within and from the outside.

  12. Obama has weakened his presidency and has lost all credibility!
    Obama has been revealed himself as a weakling before the whole world. Who will believe him if and when he threatens the Iranian nuclear program, or Syria, or this new Terrorist Group ISIS ? I mean who other than you Liberals?

    Yes my Liberal friends, your loyalty is admirable but your eyesight is clouded and the clouded mind can see nothing.

    And kudos to CNN for engaging in some real journalism. Yes, we have to praise CNN when the network does that because it’s so rare.

    For once, it was refreshing to see this liberal race-based agitator Marc Lamont Hill criticize Hillary Clinton for not saying anything about the shooting, and completely ignore or address the Ferguson Race issue including all the Riots and Looting there.
    When she needed their votes, she was always there supporting the blacks with her “ love” etc. she would even go so far as to identify with black causes, with her cheap, Phoney Fake southern “Black” accent and pretend to identify with the Black struggle and pains that the Blacks have endured ! Yeah Right!

    Hillary ranks up there with Obama, Rev.(?) Sharpton, Pelosi, Maxine Waters & Harry Reid as those who make me want to vomit when listening to or reading what they say. I avoid them like Ebola.

  13. The Bagger reaction to anything the president does is always “IMPEACH”!

    These people who actually have brains see through their stupidity on the subject of impeachment. Baggers consistently look like the fools they already are.

    These FOOLS who are always shouting Impeachment have reached critical state of derangement syndrome!

    Oh and another thing! These Baggers also want to kill immigration reform and jobs, and consequently, as result lead us into another recession . I am quite convinced and confident that Obama made a right decision.. These Rightwinger Brainless, Dolts just hate it that he outsmarts them on every issue. Which I find particularly hilarious. Also I have been giving this Bergdahl situation a lot of thought, as I have the Benghazi issue (another farce). For Bergdahl to become so disillusioned and do the things that the Baggers say he supposedly did. There has to be an underlying cause. I am willing to bet that given the rhetoric coming out from various sides that this could very well turn into another Mai Lai incident. It wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    The Repigs are the most anti-American bigoted and racist bunch of sub-humans this country has ever witnessed. Seditious Treasoners….one and all of them....

  14. Rusty Old Idiot
    Think of this, if your thick skull can absorb it. The United States has now negotiated with terrorists. Do you realize what that means? It means that every American over in the Mid East, in Iraqi, Syria, and all over the world is now a target. People in the Military , people visiting family or on business, or whatever. What is obama going to give up when the wave of kidnaping happens ? Other prisoners , political considerations , cash payouts…then there will be yet more and more kidnappings…I cant stand any of you idiots who have these lame-brain ideas and especially liberals, progressives and whatnot! . Common sense and reasoning seem to be missing entirely from these people. . If people break the law they get charged and go to prison , why is this Bergdahl person that has made one irrational move after another immune? With the list of things that obama has done it is quite clear that he has an agenda that involves destroying liberty and the very country he is president of…and the United States deserves it for voting Obama in twice and doing nothing when he breaks the very laws he is in charge of , i saw your silly post, All I can say is…enjoy the very near future when the United States becomes a 3rd world junk-heap because of people that think as you do..

  15. If you crazy Baggers want to go that route, and believe all you see on Fox News, and what you hear Limburger say. I say let them make fools of themselves. I know that’s redundant but it is what it is nothing but BS and hate .

  16. Rusty,

    FYI: Impeachent is the very last thing any of us in the RIght want to pursue.

    That is a CANARD floated by Leftists like yourself who hope the lie will stick if repeated often enough, lousy enough and in as many places as possible. Using this very old trick you hope to make conservatives, whom you routinely mischaracterize, look bad in the eyes of the "Swing Voters," and thus sway the election.

    If it works, the electorate is even more morally and intellectually challenged than I had imagined. In any event we get the government we DESERVE.

    Representative democracy cannot work if the majority of voters are deliberately kept in woeful ignorance by a corrupt, government run educational system.

  17. Stephanie...

    Are you aware that for years America has negotiated with terrorists?

    We can argue all day as to whether it is a good idea or not, but anyone who believes the US gov't has never done this is just misinformed.

    Are the Taliban terrorists? You tell me, the Bush Admin was negotiating with them. Were the Iranian who took or embassy terrorists? You tell me, the Reagan Admin negotiated with them. The Sandinista rebels in Central America? Saddam Hussein? When he staged a coup of a democratically elected government in Iraq, was that a terrorist act? The Eisenhower Admin helped make that happen.

    Free, I can't agree with you on your post... people who deep down believe that President Obama wants to destroy the United States are as much a pox, in my opinion, as those who believed President GW Bush got up everyday happy that our soldiers were dying in Iraq and that blacks were floating dead in New Orleans.

    Both of those views, toxic as they are, are extreme and harmful to America. The fringes, the extremists, the name callers, the haters of reasonably expressed dissent, from both the left and the right, are the ones calling for the dismantling of America.

  18. I hope that all you leftist are happy now? You have hate coming from the highest office in the world.
    You have a leader that can't send a peon to attend the funeral of one of Americas finest, but we can go to a thugs funeral.

    I say the hell with all you leftist trash, this is the change you voted for.


  19. Dave Miller said:
    Are you aware that for years America has negotiated with terrorists?'

    Dave Miller what has anything that you said have to do with the Brooklyn Bridge?

    Does any of that make whay OBAMA said and did and is doing RIGHT? I don't think so, But I'd bet that YOU Blame Bush!

  20. RN,
    From what I can tell, BHO had relevance in 2007-2008:

    1. Opposing our military presence in the Middle East -- Americans were clearly war weary by then. BHO seemed to office an exit strategy. That strategy now appears to have consummately failed.

    2. The run for political office by a half-black man garnered many votes because many Americans wanted to prove to themselves and perhaps to the rest of the world that America is no longer a racist society. "First African-American" POTUS and all that. In fact, new history books, just ready for use this year, make a point of the fact that the election of Barack Hussein Obama was a precedent and something greatly to be lauded -- on the basis of race; I read that information in a short item in today's WaPo.

  21. FT,
    SO, if you really want to correct a statement,why not COPY then DELETE it, then CORRECT it, and REPOST it? It makes for a much neater.

    I have two reasons:

    1. Sometimes I forget about that Blogger feature, which not all blogs have.

    2. Lack of time -- especially when I've already closed the window showing the link URL. I close windows when the laptop battery starts to drop.

  22. Dave, I agree with your low opinion of BOILERPLATE name calling and hate rhetoric no matter what "side" it purports to be on. I try to discourage too much of that here, but I can't conyrol the content of every remark posted.

    For instance, I agree with the thrust of many of Stephanie's opinions, but I writhe every time she -- or anyone else -- habitually and persistently refers to others with whom she disagrees as "idiots"-- or some other term of opprobrium.

    I disagree with you about President Obama. If he has NOT deliberately set about to dismantle America, he is certainly doing a magnificent imitation of someone who is.

    I just think all of us ought to try to state our case in more dignified terms -- or at least use some WIT if we're determined to be nasty.

    All that aside, sometimes it's not too terrible just to let off steam when emotions reach the boiling point.

    Not too long ago I said that our president's mother was a lunatic Communist bitch and his father an African savage. I took a lot of flack for that, but it happened to be the truth, so I will stand by that to my dying day no matter what it might cost me.

    It's hard to think of anyone with a worse background for being our president than Barack Hussein Obama. He was born, and sedulously groomed in a virulently anti-American milieu to be our first anti-American president.

    How he got where he is today is still an impenetrable mystery skillfully shrouded by professional prevaricators in a dense fog of obfuscation.

    Qhatever the truth may be about Mr. Obama it doesn't pass the smell test.

  23. Obuma had no idea what the hell they were talking about when he was supporting the “Muslim Brotherhood . He did exactly as predicted months ago, waiting to take whatever side would benefit them most politically. And the sad part about it is that the worst is yet to come. We are seeing it today with the POS be-heading Americans, slaughtering Christians, burying children alive, the 300 women were taken as sex-slaves, and it goes on and on.
    Right now, there are thousands of Christians in Iraq fleeing for their lives.
    Actually you shitstain Libs....pulling out all US forces in Iraq caused this whole mess in Iraq. ISIS would've had a hard time taking over half of Iraq if US forces were on the ground providing intel and military support to the ISF and Kurds.

    Also, not bombing ISIL in Syria was a mistake by Obama. He chickened out when liberals and losertarians threw a fit over military actions "overseas."
    We fought the Nazis until they were all put into the ground... And let me tell you something, these monsters are just as bad.

    So, what is Obuma going to do? The problem is that Obama doesn't lead, he follows. He can't see beyond his nose, he only reacts and most times with a limp dick response.
    We need to get that clown out of the White House!
    So Why Don’t You Liberals Who Think You Know It All Just Shut The Hell Up.

  24. Yes, Obumbler the clueless one strikes again.
    The CIA has been warning Obama for years about the threat of terrorism in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Libya, Mali, Algeria, Yemen, etc.

    Yet you Obama apologist invent lies claiming nobody knew this was going to happen when we predicted it from day 1 of Obama’s election.

  25. Hey Dave. Miller, for the past 6-1!2 years all I have ever seen you write is about blaming Bush !!
    For. Crist sake , when will you put the blame where it belongs, In Onsma 's hands. His Bloody hands.
    It's about time he takes responsibility for his watch

  26. Frank, stating facts, is not placing blame, no matter how much you, or others like Stephanie wish it were.

    President Obama has much to answer for regarding his time in office. Like a lot of other left leaning folks, I have plenty of issues with him.

    But as bad as you and other conservatives think he is, when you criticize him for doing exactly what many other presidents have done, and fail to acknowledge that, you are not credible.

    Stephanie went on an impressive rant about the evils of Pres Obama negotiating with terrorists. She stated that now, because of his negotiation with them, "every American around the world is now a target."

    My question is this, since she was unable to grasp it from my comment... maybe you can answer it.

    Was every American around the world a target after Presidents Reagan and Bush negotiated with terrorists, or just after President Obama did it?

    You see, if it is bad for President Obama to negotiate with terrorists, and it compromises the safety of "every American" around the globe, then it must have been true when it happened before right?

    And if it was true then, and you are not as outraged about their doing so, isn't it a reasonable question to ask why, or why not?

    None of this is placing any blame, it is just stating a few facts, and asking some logical questions based on those facts. Facts that are not in dispute.

  27. And Frank... I agree,,, despite the hand Obama was dealt when he entered office, it is, and has been his presidency...

    I doubt history will be kind...

  28. "Despite the hand he was dealt"

    After 6 years the hand he has is ALL his...

  29. Dave Miller was the one who said that "ISIS was seven years in the making and is therefore Bush´s fault."

    What else would we have expected a Obama lover and a Bush Blamer to say?

    The Socialist team of obama's
    and the the world of progressive socialists democrats are to blame up to their ears for this. The whole world is in chaos and the Golf game goes on, while these ignorant,fools sit back and make fun of Fox news for saying it like it is

    I guess that it's ok for the'blacks'and the progressive's to riot over the death of Gentle Giant unarmed "Teen" but don't give a crap about whats going on in Iraq, or Syria, or with Americans getting beheaded!!!!!

    For God's sake at least make it somewhat believable!!!

  30. Dave, I agree that history, when it is written 50 years from now will not be kind to Obama.

    Even conservatives who recognize and criticize other presidents for similar or the same things Obama is now doing get little if any credibility, from either liberals or conservatives.

    Why? Liberals simple view them as unreliable and do not trust their sincerity and conservatives often see them as traitors to the " cause." We are living in partisan and divisive times and the drivers of this are growing in strength and influence where it matters.

    Those of us over 60 are the fortunate.

  31. The Democrats,-Liberals-and especially the Progressives gotta cover their dear leaders ass, no matter what. No matter “What difference does it make”

    So what they lied about Benghazi and blamed it on an American's citizens what they left an American citizen (Stevens) without protection and he and three others died because of it....but they'll crawl all the way back to 80's to do what they can to cover for this man.

    So they want him to go down in “History” as being a “Great” president? You gotta be kidding!

    And they still say that Bush Lied? What a friggen Joke!

    And they have brought up a dead President, Boooooooosh, the tea party, etc ...not one of them will step forward to hold this administration RESPONSIBLE for Benghazi...I find it pathetic

  32. I find this to be just amazing that people will excuse all these lies and cowardness, ineptness, by bringing Bush, Reagan, the Tea Party, etc as excuses for Obama’s lack of leadership. and on AMERICAN CITIZEN’S being Domestic Terrorist’s, when it should be on his stupidity and total ineptness.

    To these FOOLS, it is not the colossal screw ups, which are undeniable to these moron Progressives , it is that Obama and Clinton cannot be blamed, so they guess it must Bush's or Reagan's fault.


  33. And another thing, Why don’t you Libs-Progressives ever think about this before you “Blame Bush”
    It's too bad that your wonderful (Womanizer) Billy Clinton DIDN'T take action when he could have to prevent the FIRST WORLD TRADE CENTER bombing AND then did nothing afterwards to see it didn't happen again
    Had he done so, we might not of had, 9/11

  34. Blaming GWB for ISIS is waaaaay off base.

    Who released ISIS's leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, from Camp Bucca?

    Yes, recommendation for release goes all the way back to 2004, but there was a substantial Coalition presence in Iraq then.

    Whatever the case about his release, ISIS did not become AN ARMY until Obama's administration took charge.

  35. BTW, I don't see Obama as clueless. Rather, I believe that he is following and carrying out his agenda of a new world order (along the lines of Zinn, Choamsky, and Alinsky).

    So, here we are with a mess on our hands in the Middle East -- YET AGAIN. Last night, Obama blew it off and went to yet another fundraiser.

    Fund Raiser in Chief.

  36. Thank You Stephanie You're making me feel better already.

  37. Oh, and one more thing...Upon his release, Baghdadi reportedly told his captors: “I’ll see you guys in New York.”

  38. President Obama: America does not forget. AND NEITHER DO I!

    Another Reagan? How quickly your biases make you forget.

    Ronald Reagan of the "Welfare Queen" meme? Which was wholly made up? Ronald Reagan of the "Strapping young 'bucks on food stamps', and IMO the worst: His kicking off his presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

    You mean Ronald Reagan who, on his watch, lost 240+ Marines when their barracks were bombed (no investigation there, eh skud, on why there wasn't better security). And Reagan's PROMISE to stay in Lebanon, when 3 months later he left?

    You mean Ronald Reagan of the Iran-Contra scandal? Where almost all of his team was criminally indicted and he ADMITTED that he didn't think anything that happened was illegal, but since his team advised him it was then maybe it was? You mean that disengaged and clueless Reagan?

    Yes, your memory is selective if you think we need another president who was involved in a REAL national scandal, and not one trumped up by partisan GOPers out to get Mr. Obama. (The GOP's own Congressional committee reported that there was NO COVER UP in the Benghazi tragedy, BTW.)

    And finally the Ronald Reagan who used poor black Americans as pawns to stir up divisiveness and to make sure he got the Southern Strategy vote out.
    Yeah. The Gee-Oh-Pee-ers always accuse the liberals of "worshipping" Mr. Obama, but never see their adoration of Reagan in the same way. You just gloss over all of Reagan's failures, don't you?

    It's all so predictable and wearying.

    You Baggers, and conservative bloggers talk about Mr. Obama being unqualified? Well I have news for you ! Ronald Reagan could not win the nomination of his shrieking republican party base. today, as no other republican can or will!!.

    Shaw Kenawe said...

  39. 1. Nero 'fiddled" while Rome burned.

    2. Hillary Clinton asked, "What difference does it make?" when questioned about her role she and "Team Obama" might have played in preventing the brutal murder by Islamic Terrorists of Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi.

    3. President Obama either attends fundraisers for the Democrats or plays golf WHILE:

    ___ A) Putin's aggression in Crimea and Ukraine remains unchecked [Crimea has already fallen and been lost to Russia]

    ___ B) Libya remains in chaos,

    ___ C) Egypt, thrown into civil unrest, threw out and imprisoned pro-American Hosne Mubarek with Obama’s tacit approval, and subsequently has staged a military coup that threw out democratically-elected, anti-American, Islamist leader Morsi ...

    ___ D) Syria, ruled by the brutal dictator Bashir al Assad, is split into warring factions by ISIS, an even more brutal, fanatical, Islamic Terrorist organization than Al Qaida. ISIS has quickly gathered such momentum it has conquered and now subjects an already-sizable, fast-growing segment of the Middle East to its Reign of Terror, and bellows to the world at large that “Christians must either convert to Islam or suffer Torture, Crucifixion and Beheading,” “Israel shall be destroyed and all her people killed,” and “We will see you in New York. America is next.”


    ___ E) American journalist JAMES FOLEY, held captive by these Islamic terrorists for two years, is BEHEADED on CAMERA reportedly by someone with ”A British Accent” who it turns out is the British-born son of an EGYPTIAN Terrorist, already imprisoned in New York, and the Obama Administration wants to “prosecute” this terrorist-murderer as though he were just an ordinary criminal -- a policy demented beyond description that defies analysis and beggars belief.

    All this while Obama attends endless fundraisers and plays golf on Martha’s Vineyard and other posh watering holes laughing his ass off and high-fiving it with his elitist chums no doubt -- IN FRONT of the CAMERAS.


    ___ E) ONE MINUSCULE INCIDENT in Ferguson, Missouri where a young, feckless, black thief and “amateur” author of obscene “Rap Crap” ran afoul of the law and got himself tragically shot to death DOMINATES the NEWS for over TWO WEEKS, and warrants SPECIAL ATTENTION from the US ATTORNEY GENERAL to make Justice is properly meted out. PLUS the Feckless Thief’s Funeral is honored by the Official Presence of not-one-but-THREE top U.S. Officials, when it should be noted the Obama administration did not deign to send ANYONE to represent the US at the State Funeral of Britain’s MARGARET THATCHER who had been a great friend of President Reagan and one of our staunchest allies.

    Now you tell me whether ANY of our previous heads of state EVER did anything QUITE so wantonly, obscenely, persistently insensitive and maladroit as all THAT.

  40. Tony Gramps... nice try but you'll never find that quote on any of my blogs, or my comments. You're either mistaken, or lying.

    Stephanie, you seem to be unable to read and understand... where did I blame Bush in my comments?

    Progressive Queen, if you have an issue with Shaw, why not post it at her blog? After all, I am pretty sure Free does not want his blog used to discuss other peoples work.

    RN... slow down partner... I'm not 60 yet...

    AOW, who knows where the Bush?ISIS meme came from, certainly not me, it was just something Tony Gramps threw into the mix...

  41. Tony Gramps... nice try but you'll never find that quote on any of my blogs, or my comments. You're either mistaken, or lying.

    Stephanie, you seem to be unable to read and understand... where did I blame Bush in my comments?

    Progressive Queen, if you have an issue with Shaw, why not post it at her blog? After all, I am pretty sure Free does not want his blog used to discuss other peoples work.

    RN... slow down partner... I'm not 60 yet...

    AOW, who knows where the Bush?ISIS meme came from, certainly not me, it was just something Tony Gramps threw into the mix...

  42. Oh and I'm sorry I forgot to include Obama's now-infamous SWAP that freed THREE high-level ISLAMIC TERRORISTS for Bowe Bergdahl, an American POW of dubious character and confused loyalties, who is said by his fellow soldiers to have DESERTED his post in a COMBAT ONE and DEFECTED to the ENEMY.

    President Obama, of course, used the swap as yet-another self-glorifyng Photo-Op in the Rose Garden with Private Bergdahl's parents -- who have yet to see their son who, apparently, does not want to see THEM.

    Now isn't THAT special?

    The case against Private Bergdahl -- like the case against Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department -- has yet to be proven, but the aura surrounding BOTH of these case has deliberately been kept so hazy and so bizarre it's impossible to know what may or may not be true.

    Neither case passes the Smell Test.

    " ... And we are here on darkling plane where ignorant armies clash by night."

    I often wonder how the nineteenth-century English poet, Matthew Arnold could possibly have known what was to befall Civilisation so shortly after his demise?

    I suppose all he had to do was examine history, for it becomes increasingly apparent that my high school Civics teacher was correct when he told us -- all the way back in 1958, a notable period of peace and prosperity fated not to last -- "The lesson we learn from History is that we learn NOTHING from History."

  43. Dave, you know it's very difficult to post one's opinions at Progressive Eruptions because my friend Miss Shaw, always keeps her blog in Comment Moderation.

    Normally, I do dislike "tattletales" who post BOILERPLATE and quotations from other peoples' blogs all around the blogosphere trying to arouse greater amounts of ill will while stirring up a skirmish or two.

    However, I've kept this thread more open than usual, because -- OCCASIONALLY -- it's worthwhile to allow tangible reminders and concrete examples of the attitudes that keep us from uniting against our REAL enemies. Enemies who are becoming more difficult to know and understand each day.

    Early in the history of this blog I wrote a piece called "ENEMETICS." You might find it worthwhile reviewing.

    Not yet having the ability to post "hot" links, I can't direct you there, but with sufficient interest it should be easy to find among the archives of our first few months in existence.

  44. Mr. Free Thinke, I keep my blog in comment moderation because of the constant barrage of filthy comments I get from a certain element in the blogsphere. I am not always able to monitor my blog every minute of the day, and I do not wish to have the sexual slurs and epithets directed at me and some of my friends who comment at my blog left there.

    I did not have comment moderation two years ago when these sorts of sexual attackers started coming to my blog.

    As you often remind your readers, you run your blog in the way that you see fit. I do the same with mine.

    Having comment moderation on is no reflection on me, but rather on the sick minds from certain view points who necessitate it.

    Our fellow blogger RN USA has comment moderation on as well, and a conservative blogger who is friendly with several of your readers has an exclusive blog that allows only those SHE approves of onto her comment section. I don't see you or anyone else comment on that person's decision to make her blog exclusive to only her think-alikes.

    Your readers come to my blog every day, read it, then copy and paste my posts (see above "Progressive Queen") and comments here. Apparently they believe that what I say is so important and interesting that they've made it their business to do this on several conservative blogs.

    It's a curious behavior, don't you think? These copiers and pasters claim to hate liberals and especially moi, but then they read me faithfully every day and report to you and others on what is written on my blog.
    It's a sort of craziness, to be sure, but one that has given me and my friends hours of hilarity. I thank them all the time for their faithful reading and interest in my blog.

    I hope you have a very pleasant day.

  45. has an exclusive blog that allows only those SHE approves of onto her comment section.

    lol! Are you complaining about yourself AGAIN, pShaw?

  46. EEZZEE, or whatever you all yourself, the tired, cliche-ridden rhetoric you posted at the top exemplifies the typically self-defeating, counter-productive attitude held by White Liberals and far too many blacks.

    Doctor Ben Carson, Condoleezza Rice, Justice Clarence Thomas, Star Parker, John McWhorter, Deroy Murdock, Colin Powell, Jason Riley, and many other American Negroes whose life stories BELY your stale, frankly rancid testimony, stand as living proof that faith, courage, hard work, clean living and perseverance CAN overcome and triumph over poverty, ignorance, stupidity, unkindness, cruelty, unfairness and many other forms of adversity as well.

    It is YOUR sort of thinking, EEZZEE, one that has persistently, vehemently and self-righteously advocated an Officially Sanctioned Double Standard that STOPS Colored People from advancing and turns NEGRO EDUCATION in public schools and institutions of higher learning into the tragic farce it largely has been since the institution of Lyndon Baines Johnson's sadly misnamed "Great Society."

    The greatest "accomplishment" of the Great Society has been to WEAKEN and DESTROY the American Negro Family and discourage the Negro's once-strong faith in Christianity through persistent defamation and denigration of the Christian Ethos via godless, avowedly socialist social workers, the enemedia, increasingly vile forms of so called "popular entertainment" and the general aura of permissiveness forcibly introduced by the pernicious, nose-thumbing Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n Roll, Protest "Youth Kulture" of the Sick-sties.

    The depredations of an arrogant, ultra-progressive, power-mad Supreme Court who permitted the likes of Madelyn Murray O'Hair to grab cherished Tradition by the scruff of its neck, shake the life out of it, then stomp its gasping remains to death with the hob-nailed boots of GOVERNMENT POWER loosened from its constitutional moorings to RUN AMOK didn't help the plight of the Negro either.

  47. Free, if you ever figure out "hot" links, let me know... im in the same boat...

  48. Miss Shaw, did I COMPLAIN about your staying in constant moderation? I don't think so. I merely said moderation makes it difficult for others to post at your place when Dave suggested that someone should do so.

    I undersand perfectly why you stay in moderation, but have to say I do find it frustrating, because it tends to constipate the free flow and exchange of responsibly stated views, s wells the hot-headed, knot-headed nonsense that may blow either with -- or against -- "the prevailing wind." ;-)

    I put up with a lot of garbage that gets dumped here, because I still hope to promote spontaneous dialogue and worthwhile conversation instead of lapsing forever into yet another Stitch and Bitch session or another endless, profitless round of Accusation and Attempted Refutation through Mutual Denigration.

    As for other bloggers, I have all I can do to manage my own life, and no energy -- or desire -- to try to manage the affairs of others.

    My "credo," if I must spell it out once again, is to be the best person I know how to be who stands up for what-he-believes-to-be the truth in a fractious, nettlesome, hopelessly imperfect world. I am certainly opinionated, but only OFFER -- and never try to FORCE -- my beliefs on others.


  49. BTW, Mr. Free Thinke, the clown who's using the name "Progressive Queen" @11:09 attributed statements to me in the above comment that I did not write.

    I don't care if the fool continues to fill up your blog by copying and pasting my blog posts. But "Progressive Queen" is lying by implying I wrote this:


    You Baggers, and conservative bloggers talk about Mr. Obama being unqualified? Well I have news for you ! Ronald Reagan could not win the nomination of his shrieking republican party base. today, as no other republican can or will!!.

    Shaw Kenawe said..."

    I did not write that. It is so poorly written that it would have to have been submitted by a blatherskite who has no respect for or knowledge of simple punctuation or grammar.

    I hope your day went well. The weather here is lovely, and Boston's Public Garden was in glorious bloom with summer's brilliant colors.

  50. Late Breaking News!

    Captives held by Islamic State were waterboarded
    At least four hostages held in Syria by the Islamic State, including an American journalist who was recently executed by the group, were water-boarded in the early part of their captivity, according to people familiar with the treatment of the kidnapped Westerners. James Foley was among the four who were water-boarded several times by Islamic State militants

  51. Yes, AJ, I see it must be said yet again:

    "What goes around, comes around."

    We reap what we sow.

    "Fire will burn you."

    "Water will make you wet."

    Up is not down.

    Down is not up.

    "When will they ever learn?"

    Apparently, never, Bob.

    Lord, have mercy upon us.
    Christ, have mercy upon us.
    Lord, have mercy upon us.

    We should hope He does, because we certainly reserve precious little for ourselves, don't we?

  52. Dave, if I ever learn "The Great Hot Link Secret," I'll be glad to share it with you.

  53. I don't think Ferguson residents would have been to impressed. She stood on the sidelines much to long waiting for the right thing to say.
    Also why did she take so long to break her silence? And two, why did she break her silence at a corporate convention like Nexenta of all places? I don't know, but it seems to me that her real commitment is more to where it could do her the most good, than directly to the America People, what say you?

  54. Miss Shaw, please rest assured I would never confuse anyone who writes in vile style with you.

    Try to remember that often we are best known by the enemies we keep.

    As I've often said, "It would be a positive insult to be liked by a great number of people,"-- and all of them are by no means liberals. };-)>

    Many of my best friends are liberals, and always have been. We are able to disagree without trying to tear each others' throats out. The boorishness and barbarity we find in the blogosphere is as irritating to me as it is to you, but I believe we should take the high road, snub it, and rise above it.

  55. MYTH:
    Barack Hussein Obama's half-brother George lives in Kenya in a miserable patchwork 6' x 9' shack with dirt floors and no indoor plumbing, struggling to get by on less than $10 a year while receiving not a cent from Barack .
    Yes, that is indeed a Myth, because, The miserable shack his Brother lives in is actually 6' x 10'.

    Barack Hussein Obama's Kenyan Grandmother, Sarah, also lives in abject poverty, and her wealthy grandson hasn't given her anything either.
    Yes, that is indeed a Myth, because, Barack recently sent her an autographed campaign poster!

    MYTH : Barack Hussein Obama's biological father, already married in Kenya, impregnated Barack's mother when she was a teenager then deserted the family. He returned to Kenya and married several more times (without getting divorced), fathered at least 8 known children, was a violent alcoholic, and was arrested repeatedly for injuring others while driving drunk. He was finally killed in a drunk driving accident when his foot got stuck on the accelerator.
    Yes, that is indeed a Myth, because, at the time of his drunken driving death, Barack Hussein Obama's father had already lost both legs from previous accidents. Therefore, the cause of the final, fatal accident had nothing to do with his foot, but probably involved one of his stumps!

    MYTH: In his memoir "The Audacity of Hope," when a white basketball teammate empathized that "it must be tough for you at school parties... being the only black guys and all," rather than being pleased at establishing genuine understanding and dialogue, Obama felt an overpowering desire to "punch him." In the same book, Obama says of his antipathy toward white people,"Any distinction between good and bad whites held negligible meaning."
    Yes, that is indeed a Myth, because, neither of these quotes is from "The Audacity of Hope." They are from Obama's earlier memoir, "Dreams From My Father."

    MYTH: One of Barack Obama's friends and political allies in Chicago is William Ayers, an unrepentant former terrorist who set bombs on American soil, causing massive property damage and death, and who was quoted on 9/11 as believing his attacks "didn't do enough."
    Yes, that is indeed a Myth, because, Obama denies that Ayers is really a "friend," and says that he's just a neighbor from whom he can borrow tools, as "Bill seems to have almost everything in his workshop."

    MYTH: Barack's wife, Michelle Obama, has called America a "mean" country, discouraged college students from pursuing careers in business and, despite having received a posh college education and a preposterously high-paying PR job, says that her husband's political success has made her proud to be an American "for the first time in my adult life."
    Yes, that is indeed a Myth, because, actually, Barack's political success made Michelle proud for the second time in her adult life. The first time was when she discovered that American technology created chemical hair relaxer, laser hair removal, and cosmetic surgery.

  56. That will be his legacy for which the American people will remember when this disaster is in every students History book.
    In the next election as well as all the future voters better get serious about demanding candidates with EXPERIENCE and a whole bunch of knowledge in Foreign Policy experience, and understanding of the Military and the smarts to get bills enacted, reforms passed, and work with both houses of congress to get some stuff done.

  57. Speaking of dismantling America...

    I couldn't believe my ears this evening when I heard Obama admit that he doesn't yet have a strategy for dealing with ISIS.


    Imagine if these past leaders had reacted THIS WAY!

  58. Impeachent is the very last thing any of us in the RIght want to pursue.

    Really FreeThink?

    Guess somebody forgot to tell more than a few of the Tea Party loons about it.

  59. "Loons"

    Get a little confused every now and then don't cha RN?

    I think you are referring to Progressives

  60. LOL, those Myths above are hilarious .

  61. American Jihad I agree with your implied assessment of Mme. Clinton. It always has been and always will be entirely about HER. No one and nothing else in the world matters to her but HER. I've seen it in her eyes since the woeful day she arrived on the scene.

    The word "phony" must have been coined primarily to pinpoint the nature of Her Heinous's disposition, character and personality.

  62. Rusty I too enjoyed your recitation of those various myths. A Copy and Pasting of an email you received or an item you saw at another blog, perhaps?

    At any rate as amusing as it is, it would have much greater impact and value if you had been able to back up all those humorous assertions with documentation.

    As it stands right now, it comes under the heading of gossip.

    1. MYTHS, as they say on the Left!

  63. Anything the left dislikes is characterized as a lie, a myth or an urban legend. When they can't refute something they don't want to hear, they'll resort to saying "Well your people did it too," as though that excused stupidity or malfeasance on the part of one of their men. These slinging about of mud pies is not only childish, it's stupid.

    -----------> Katharine Heartburn



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