Monday, August 25, 2014



  1. Because the POTUS has become the GOTUS (Golfer Of The United States).

    ISIS neither respects or fears the GOTUS.

  2. Gutless? Really? Don't you think the president's destructive approach to American power and prestige at home and abroad is quite deliberate? It's obvious that he hates everything that made this country the enormous success it has been, and relishes this unprecedented opportunity to teach the United States a "lesson." When you look at it that way, I think you have to acknowledge his adroitness, insidious cleverness and strength of purpose in realizing his covert objectives, perverse though they surely be.

    ---------> Katharine Heartburn

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  4. Obama disrespects soldiers on a regular basis. What about the firing of top military? Obama has never worked at a job that involved physical labor or served as a soldier. He has no respect for either. He's a pussy masquerading as a man.

  5. Amzing how the left ruly believes Obama's great foreign policy of leading from someone else's behind.

    The ME is making a mockery of him. I just hope they realize that it is him and not the rest of us.

  6. Very sadly, I think Katharine is probably right. This man is no joke. He has greatly weakened us from within, and is leaving us more and more vulnerable to attacks of all kinds from fiends and mischief makers all over the world.

    The Open Southern Border where thousands of parentless children and teenagers have an open invitation to come in and start nursing at Mother Taxpayer's bosom.

    The IRS being politicized and used by hyper-partisan Democrats to attack, defame and emasculate political opponents.

    The stonewalling over Benghazi to protect the Obama administration and Mme, Clinton from suffering consequences for their deception in refusing to admit terrorists murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens and their complete lack of interest in identifying and punishing his killers.

    The Debt Clock now showing us over SEVENTEEN TRILLION in arrears.

    The bullying tactics used by Democrats to FOIST Obamacare on an unwilling majority.

    The embarrassing display of impotence displayed in standing up to Putin's aggression in Crimea and Ukraine.

    The TRAGIC state of the Economy. Fifty Million on Food Stamps. The TRUE unemployment rate close to 15%. The jobs available today are low level, low paying temp jobs or menial work. Disability Pensions have TRIPLED in the past ten years.

    For a very large percentage of Americans we have been living through The Second Great Depression, even though the Stock Market continues its climb to unprecedented heights.

    The treatment of Ferguson as political Football.

    The complete lack of media attention to the many and varied atrocities visited by BLACKS on BLACKS and on WHITES.

    The utter and absolute lack of BALANCE in reportage by the nakedly, ferociously, unabashedly partisan Enemedia

    What did I miss?

    1. Thank you FT, and Kathryn .
      Is the Left Blind, or just too Stipid not to see this???

  7. I can't believe anyone's mumbling about Benghazi, still.

    But this I know, it's all like Ferguson. We'll decry the aftermath and whine about Al Sharpton or whatever. We'll throw up some completely irrelevant stats about black on black crime.

    But we will never grow up and talk about the root issues.

  8. The duck first states that ignoring problems (Benghazi) is the best way to make them go away... and then complains that NOT talking about their root causes is wrong.

    You sound a bit befuddled, McDuck.

  9. LOL!

    Bravo, Thersites. You saved me a bit of bother.


  10. Sorry try this

  11. I like that too, Lisa.

    Morgan Freeman on ending racism.:


    PERFECT! But LEFTISTS will NEVER sop talking about it, because agitation, and rabble rousing are the TOOLS they use to claw their way to DICTATORIAL power.

    They only PRETEND to be concerned about the plight of the Negro. They USE that issue to further their OWN ends.

  12. I think they are getting exactly what they've wanted all along, Frank. Leftists -- not the same as your average Democrat -- want tp DICTATE to us. They don't believe in freedom and democracy.

    They would have us be subjects instead of citizens.

  13. But quite Suddenly, in the years 1930-5, something happens. The literary climate changes. A new group of writers, Auden and Spender and the rest of them, has made its appearance, and although technically these writers owe something to their predecessors, their ‘tendency’ is entirely different. Suddenly we have got out of the twilight of the gods into a sort of Boy Scout atmosphere of bare knees and community singing. The typical literary man ceases to be a cultured expatriate with a leaning towards the Church, and becomes an eager-minded schoolboy with a leaning towards Communism. If the keynote of the writers of the twenties is ‘tragic sense of life’, the keynote of the new writers is ‘serious purpose’...

    The poets of New Signatures(1), unlike Yeats and Eliot, are emotionally partisan. Yeats proposed to turn his back on desire and hatred; Eliot sat back and watched other people's emotions with ennui and an ironical self-pity. ... The whole poetry, on the other hand, of Auden, Spender, and Day Lewis implies that they have desires and hatreds of their own and, further, that they think some things ought to be desired and others hated.

    - George Orwell, "Inside the Whale" (1940)



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