Thursday, May 1, 2014

A la recherche du temps perdu
Those were the days, my friend, 
we thought they'd never end ...

Are you sorry or glad 
they finally did?


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  2. The subject is "CLEWDINSKY "not the Bushes.

  3. Hey! I published a comment here. WHERE DID IT GO?

  4. The video at the link I just left is a must-watch. She has a degree in Sociology -- or something.

  5. As you would say, AOW, "Blogger is burping."

    I'm still irritated from last night, because I'd written a lengthy, detailed, carefully worded answer to a question posed by Jez about why I dislike Benedict Cumberbatch's "contemporary" portrayal of Sherlock Holmes that just VANISHED the second I tried to post it. Maddening -- especially when you've written 700 or more words into which you've poured your heart and soul.

    Still my fault for trusting Blogger and not following my own advice always to compose in WORD, then transfer to this bizarre, undependable medium.

    Or at the very least COPY before attempting to post.

  6. Despite being so noticeably zaftig, having too much hair, and always wearing black, Monica really was a beautiful girl. It's hard to believe she's already FORTY, and that the Oral Office Affair took place early twenty years ago.

    Hell, it's hard to believe I am 73, and left Delaware sixteen years ago.

    Time marches on -- to coin a phrase. ;-)

  7. BTW, Monica's degree is in Social Psychology -- whatever THAT is? She obtained it at the London School of Economics.

    Sounds like one of those modern, "soft" degrees conjured up so rich dimwits, and would-be agitators can claim to have "credentials." Never having heard of the field before, I could of course be entirely wrong.

  8. The discipline of social psychology began in the United States at the dawn of the 20th century.

    However, the discipline had already developed a significant foundation. Following the 18th century, those in the emerging field of social psychology were concerned with developing concrete explanations for different aspects of human nature. They desired to discover concrete cause and effect relationships that explained the social interactions in the world around them. In order to do so, they believed that the scientific method, an empirically based scientific measure, could be applied to human behavior.

  9. At this point, she seems to be avoiding publicity like the plague.

    I wonder if she's worried about her biological clock -- now that she's 40 years old.

  10. I miss Bill Clinton. The man knew how to be president and he charted a pretty good course. He looks especially good in light of what we have now.

    The Lewensky affair was tawdry, but hardly unprecedented. Not making excuses for him, but rather putting it in historical context. And looking at who he's married to, can you really blame him?

  11. "Ye lovers of frolic, who blithsome and gay,
    Resolve to be merry on Tammany's Day;
    I Neddy the Sachem, by some surnamed P—e,
    For a moment would like your attention to call.
    In barbarous days, ere America rose
    The pride of her Friends, and the scourge of her foes,
    Old Tammany bounding o'er valley and hill,
    Every deer that he met would constantly kill:
    So each of his sons in remembrance of that,
    On his birthday displays a Buck's Tail in his hat.
    Now those who this tuft emblematic must buy,
    To me let them come, and their wants I ll supply.
    Since S—dd----S's deer skins I plundered of late,
    I their tails can retail at a moderate rate:
    ‘Tis the joy of my heart all my neighbors to fleece;
    Come buy my fine Buck Tails at six-pence apiece.


  12. _____ On St. Tammany's Birthday _____

    A shame the name of Tammany’s been linked

    With the vilest of politicos named Tweed,

    Who ran New York in manner quite distinct
    Eschewing never any dirty deed.

    The entity still known as Tammany Hall

    Shall live in infamy, and so obscures

    The truth about its namesake, overall
A noble savage, whose good name endures

    Only in the writings of The Sachem,

    Neddy, who on Tammany heaped praise.

    But, kind words today are rare. We rarely watch ‘em,

    Because none restores these days, instead they raze.

    Of Tammany, himself, we should think kindly,

    Not follow false associations blindly.

    ~ FreeThinke (5/1/14)

  13. When did they end?

    Clintoon pushed the country considerably right and finished Saint Ronnie Raygun's job of selling us to the highest bidder.

    Chucklenuts Bush and Obama have done the finishing work.

    And what we remember from Clintoon's time is that he was frisky.
    We are a sorry people who deserve to be sold.

  14. The Cincinnati? I think that every West Point graduate qualifies to become one.

    Me? I'm a lowly USMMA grad. ;)

  15. MMA? Very attractive campus as I recall.

  16. Frida Van der WienerMay 1, 2014 at 2:50 PM

    re: Ducky's comments.

    When will this country get serious and elect a leftwing dictator?

  17. It was the Chrysler estate... with a view to his building in Manhattan. :)



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