Monday, May 19, 2014

Knight Without Armour

A Romance to be Sure, but also a Deeply Affecting Indictment of Militant Despotism

Many thanks to Ducky for identifying this film thus enabling us to find it on YouTube, and share it here.


  1. Not exactly a movie I found interesting or one to recommend.

    It attempts to portray the the Russian Revolution as a popular uprising of the Russian people against the tyranny of Czarism. It has been shown that this is false—it was rather the imposition of the most ruthless form of tyranny ever devised upon the people of Russia by powers from outside the country (those that transported the exiled Lenin and Trotsky back to Russia to expand and control the revolution.

    Both Lenin and Trotsky became extremely wealthy men from the seizure of private property they were able to extort from the captive populace.

    Of course communists of that ilk become braver when they have disarmed the opposition enabling them to slaughter large numbers with impunity while stripping them of their last shred of human dignity while greedily grasping anything of value from each individual.

  2. Did either of you watch the film?

    It is, as I said, a moving indictment of aggressive despotism of any and ALL kinds, but PARTICULARLY of the horrific 1917 Event that transformed the placid poverty of Czarist Russia into the white hot Hell of the neo-barbaric Soviet Socialist Republik.

  3. Karl Marx would be spinning in his grave were that possible. He despised and hated despotism.

  4. I watched the first forty minutes. My remarks were directed towards the ending, and the markings on the hospital train that provided the couples ultimate escape.

    That and the historic relationship between the Masons and "spycraft".

  5. Les, I hope someday you will learn once and for all that "RESULTS are ALL that COUNT.

    Have you never heard "The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions?"

    I often add,

    "And most people are traveling there on their buts." ;-)

  6. Waylon, that may make sense from a purely intellectual-analytical point of view, but drama and cinema depend primarily in touching our EMOTIONS. This film makes no pretense at being an historically accurate documentary, or even a polemic. Drama depends on the playwright or screen writer's ability to evoke EMPATHY for the characters, especially when those characters are victims of circumstances beyond their control.

    At any rate, it certainly affected me most deeply before I was 10 years old, and the message I got from it was that the Russian Revolution was a horrible event that affected everyone involved adversely -- to say the least.

    The romance between Dietrich and Donat is probably a bit silly by today's more "realistic" standards, but it was not the point of the piece. It was the BACKGROUND of the Communist Incursion and the profound evil it perpetrated that stood out as "The Villain" to me as a small boy.

    I don't care whether it's Communism, Naziism, Religious Fundamentalism or just plain old tribal barbarism. Aggression, Murder, Theft, vandalism, Rape and Destruction of Property are NEVER any good in ANY case.

  7. Neither is PERSECUTION I hasten to add.

  8. I certainly did watch the movie and I suppose it may allude to some truths about what happened in imposing communist tyranny on the Russian people—that the Red and Whits factions may well have been controlled by the same people involved in bringing about the tyranny. Interesting that the Read Cross was also introduced at the end of the movie as apparently they were heavily involved in the nefarious imposition as well.

    Since I hadn't seen it before at a younger age, my first viewing would be with "eyes wide open", so to speak.

    The movie does depict tyranny as an evil and shows the loutish bloodthirsty behavior of the communist proles, I guess. And likely if Kerensky had seized the hour not much would have been different.

    But to imply that this Soviet communist "experiment" was just a well-meant trial which went off the rails and should be expected to work much better under the rule of the right people is complete Bee Ess. The system has failed utterly in countries that have been gullible enough to try it again.

  9. Not only that, RN, but he felt Russia was a terrible state for a socialist revolution. Capitalism was much too retarded. He put his hopes in Germany.



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