Monday, April 28, 2014

dedicated to
The Surveillance State

We'll be seeing you
In all your very private spaces
Where your secret heart
Embraces solitude.
In each small cafe
And everywhere you stray
The crowd around the Liberty Bell,
Each movie house,
And padded cell

We'll be watching you,
And every golden drop you pee.
You can't escape our scrutiny
It’s all for your security.
Well find you in the morning sun
And follow all day through.
When you're looking at the moon,
We will be watching you!

A parody by FreeThinke (2/27/14)


  1. Truth in verse! And in graphics, too.

    Meanwhile, we continue to attach ourselves to our electronic devices so as to make our own tracking easier.

  2. Once again, FT, you've said a most profound thing in a clever, offbeat fashion, and apparently no one gets it, except me and your faithful friend AOW. It's no wonder conservative candidates don't do very well in national elections. Their constituents are such a bunch of dullards. One of the sad ironies of life is that bright people often tend to be wicked, while decent people are rarely very bright.

    ------> Katharine Heartburn

  3. I have to wonder just why it is that certain blog posts garner loads of comments and others do not.

    It seems to me that a lot of people are stuck on the one note samba and appreciate nothing else.

  4. 'Morning, AOW! It may be difficult for many to see what we try to do here as "relevant." Instead of using the standard, axe-grinding rhetoric, which I very frankly find unbearably tedious, we prefer a subtler, less direct, more imaginative approach, and so use satire, parody, rhyme, genuine poetry, music, religion, quotations from significant figures from the past, grotesque hyperbole, homespun philosophy, and examples from fiction and the monies. In short I use anything to keep from putting myself to sleep -- or getting so het up I can't resist the urge to smash things by throwing them against the wall.

    There's a humorous side to even the darkest, dreariest problems, and a touchingly human one as well.

    Life without laughter or compassion quickly becomes sterile -- even morbid. Either that or -- as we see so often in the blogosphere -- the scene becomes dominated by fear, contempt, loathing, and sneering cynicism all of which produce intellectual stasis -- a log jamb -- an impasse -- hopelessly entrenched polarization.

    Our attempts to fight this my fail, but we shall continue to make them nevertheless. Anything would be better than "going with the flow" leading us ineluctably towards The Falls.

    I am one of those who would rather be right than president. And couldn't that be the springboard for a splendid discussion if anyone had the desire to think instead of opine -- or worse -- lay down clanking, crashing sheets of BOILERPLATE?

  5. Many like the one one note while other's prefer the Texas two step. Still others enjoy the shuffle off the buffalo while appreciating the shuck and jive. There are those who prefer tiddily winks to bridge while still others think chess is all the rage while backgammon takes the stage.

    To the host I say... what a jolly good post!

  6. Why bless your sweet ass, Titan! ;-)

  7. ...only the REAL Titan Uranus 2 has buns like these!

    No flabby imPOSTers, here! ;)

  8. Oooops. Looks like Thersites stepped out of his mind phallus, again! ;)

  9. Donald Sterling, the “Racist”owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, was barred for life from the league and fined $2.5 million by N.B.A Commissioner Adam Silver on Tuesday for racist comments captured on an audio tape that Silver said Sterling admitted were his. Silver said Sterling would be barred from any contact with his team or the league and he will urge the league’s board of governors to force Sterling to sell the team.

    So, let Me get this right. If you dare to say how you feel in the privacy of your own home on your own telephone to who you thought was your girlfriend, you are all but crucified and made to be the laughing stock of the world.
    And Larry Johnson wants to have an ALL BLACK BASKETBALL LEAGUE. Please won’t somebody tell him that we already have an all black basketball league. It's called the NBA.
    Maybe you'd like to enlighten me as to what you think I don't see.

    And the Progressives are dancing on the roof tops. and why not? It's a beautiful spring day. They should be frolicking in a meadow somewhere in the Land of OZ with the Easter Bunny, Captain Kangaroo, and other IDIOTS sent straight up from hell.

    Saladin Allah

  10. Thersites, or Tightass, or whoever you are, that blog post from British TV was downright bizarre. Of course we all have known for years that Sherlock and Watson were undoubtedly "more than friends," but to spell it out so blatantly seems the acme of bad taste -- or would that be the nadir? (;-s

  11. Well, Saladin, I feel much as you do about the Sterling (né Kochowitz, I understand) Affair, but it just proves the adage "There's no fool like an old fool," yet again. I got a gander at the girl friend last night, and anyone who would take up with a slithery piece of demi-black-demi-Chink trash like that deserves whatever misfortune comes his way. Sterling (né Kochowitz, or maybe Kochowicz (is EGHTY-YEARS OLD and ought to know better. I understand it was probably his estranged WIFE, knocked out of her proper role by the darkly exotic Ms Slitherette, who was responsible for this Public Shaming.

    Hell hath no fury ...

    That's why Is support the KKK -- i.e. Die Kinder, Kirche, Kueche Gesellschaft -- founded to see that women resume their proper place in the Social Order. ];-}>

  12. Acme in post-modern speak (Nadir in Modern, proper). ;)

  13. When it comes to V.Stiviano to hell with the beer, I'll take the buns instead.

  14. Pardon my French, but I like my Sherlock Holmes STRAIGHT. ;-)

    All I can say for this parody is that it sure beats Benedict Cumberbatch.

  15. I like the BBC's recent Holmes adaptation, primarily for Martin Freeman's Watson. What irks you about it?

  16. Oh, Jez, it's almost as though you and I belonged to different SPECIES. Our tastes and predilections are so fiercely at odds, I'm sure they could never be reconciled.

    I have seen for a long time the utter futility of trying to argue with you. I make myself abundantly clear, but in what-to-you will always be the moral equivalent of a foreign language. Despite its bearing a superficial resemblance to English, what i say might as well be written in Urdu.

    You are the product of cultural conditioning and a form of education I find frankly abhorrent.

    I know you feel the same way about me, so why you should bother to ask questions when you've dismissed or condemned the answers you're apt to get in advance is beyond my powers of comprehension.

    The Cumberbatch-Holmes series bears no more resemblance to Conan Doyle's immortal character than I do to John Maynard Keynes or Bertrand Russell.

  17. You are not a different species, but if you were that would only make me want to question you more. I am interested, without prejudice, in your critical assessment of the Holmes series, and part of that interest is in light of our differing cultural and educational baggage. I promise I shan't condemn you for your literary opinions.

    You disapprove of departures from the original stories? What in particular?
    Of course there is the modern setting. Notwithstanding that, I was impressed by how many details were retained or adapted. In the end, I reckon that the modern setting is less distracting than the flamboyant Victoriana that clutters up other adaptations.

  18. I'm was a huge Jeremy Brett fan, myself, and never thought that I could accept a "replacement", but I really like the new series with Cumberbatch. I especially like the new Moriarty... as I had never quite realized that he represented Holme's underworld equivalent, the world's first (and best) "consulting criminal".

    And I also enjoy the plot variations much as I would enjoy listening to Bach's Goldberg variations.

  19. It's the attention to detail, like the above, that I find exceptional about the new series.

  20. Well, SHIT!!! I just finished writing a lengthy explanation in answer to Jez's question and the God-damned thing DISAPPEARED without a trace. FUCK!

    That hasn't happened in a long time.

    Sorry, Jez. I made an earnest attempt, but I couldn't possibly reconstruct all that again. Too bad, it was probably one of the best things I've written in the blogs. I suspect my attempt to post coincided with Thersites' last, and somehow his electronically obliterated mine.

    No hard feelings towards YOU, Thersites. It's BLOGGER I could cheerfully knock down, kick the piss out of, stomp to jelly, and pump an entire cartridge of bullets into. ;-)

  21. In case anyone doesn't recognize it, that last is a fine example of extreme HYPERBOLE. ;-)

  22. Dat's de way de kook ye krumbles, Thersites.

    I shoulda followed my own sage advice and written in Word first.

    Mea culpa. Mea idiotus. (:-x

  23. sorry for your loss. Do use an external editor for longer comments, it's better in several ways!

  24. I agree, Jez, and I usually do just that, but this time I started to write a brief response, and then got carried away ...

    I'm sorry too. VERY briefly it was about my decided fondness for ATMOSPHERE over details, and STYLE over content when it comes to "entertainment."

    I've read all of Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes Adventures starting sixty years ago at least, and the series with the late Jeremy Brett came the closest to evoking the mood created by the books and stories.

    Cumberbatch portrays Sherlock as a cold-hearted, anti-social, spoiled brat who enjoys solving problems simply for the sake of exercising his genius. He has no apparent interest in justice per se, the human aspects of the situations in which he becomes involved, or the moral ramifications.

    He's more like a machine than a man. I've felt more warmth from the character on Star Trek called "Data" who IS a machine than from Cumberbatch's Holmes.

    And of course, the horrible noise and cynical detachment of the modern world makes a very poor substitute for the intriguing atmosphere of the Victorian Era in London.



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